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 Intruders-Rated NC-17 (can be raised if admin wants)

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PostSubject: Intruders-Rated NC-17 (can be raised if admin wants)   Sun Apr 26, 2009 6:41 pm

Hey yall! New poster, had to move this from one forum to this-hope you enjoy! This is a thriller, based in part on the movies Taken, The Dark Knight and the new one coming out with Mark Walberg.

"Why did I decide to live in this city?" Marshall grumbled to himself as he got into his car. "I could be out in Hawaii, on some naked, beach, relaxed, throw anyone who annoys me into a volcano-but no, Im here in Detroit, on the day before Christmas, freezin' my ass off. Yeah, Marshall, you gotta thing for pain or some shit like that.
Speakin' a pain," he steeled himself as he scrolled down his phone to his ex-wife's number. *Please God* he thought, *Spirit a' Christmas now please have visited her and told her not to change out visitation plans."
"Hey Kim, just confirming our plans for this Christmas for the kids."
"Yeah, I was thinkin' about that."
"Oh please God no," Marshall groaned. "*Tell* me your kidding."
"Dont groan Marshall," Kim ordered. "Look, I was just thinking that having them go from your house to mine and back on Christmas Eve is too hectic, so maybe it would be better, if they just spent all Christmas Eve at my house and then alll Christman day at yours."
"Fuck no! Kim, we already decided this, and you know Christmas Eve is the part they like the best and-" Damn it! Marshall thought. Why does she have to pull this shit *now*? He wanted his little girls at his house at Christmas morning-to wake him up too early and open presents. Granted they werent exactly little now, but even at thirteen Hailie still loved presents.
"Its just a stilly way to do it, and technically it *is* my week so-"
"Kim-dont-" Marshall started, really wishing now that he had a volcano. "No-wait! I got an idea. See-"
"My idea," he overrrode her louder. He hated it when she interrupted him. "Is that you come over Christmas Eve, stay in the guestroom, its huge, and then they wake up Christmas morning, get presents, then you get them all day."
"C'mon Kim, ya Mom aint even comin' over till Christmas day, and any friends you want you can bring to my house."
"I still dont know if that's such a good idea-"
"C'mon its okay, you can have em for the rest of the week," he offered. "Dawn is in *jail* Lainie wont wanna be anywhere else. Just say yes."
Marshall waited tensely. "hmm" could mean anything-it could be no, it could mean yes.
"I would get them all this week after that?"
"Yes!" Marshall agreed.
"Well-I guess-okay."
"Great!" Marshall said. "Come over any time after three tomorrow."
"Your helping me sneak in the girls presents when I come cuz I want it to be a surprise," Kim ordered.
"Sure, sure whatever you want."
"Alright," she grumbled, hanging up.
"Yes!" Marshall said aloud. "Fuck yeah! I love winning."
*Fuck. I *hate* loosing,* Kim grumbled to herself. It wasnt so much that she hated the idea, although the idea of spending Christmas Eve at her ex-husbands house plunged her into a sea of conflicted feelings she didnt want to sort out or even think about. It was just that she hated loosing, especially to Marshall, since it seemed lately that he won everything. No matter what she did, he had a whole army behind him now, some of whom were in the store, glaring and sneering at her now.
*Fuck all of you* Kim thought angrily summoning the pride she used when ever she felt like crying. *Think you all know me, do ya? Well fuck all of you*
"That's a beautiful necklace."
Kim turned to see the man who had complemented her on her choice for Hailie's gift. He was fairly tall, maybe young, maybe older, dark hair, dark eyes, nice smile.
"Thanks, its for my little girl," she said. "She loves anything with sapphires."
"Yeah, I gotta little boy too," the man said. "Although now its like, whatever I get him its the wrong thing-hes a teenager now. I know I wasnt that bad at his age."
Kim laughed a little. He was attractive-normally she would turn on her charm and flirt with him, probably take him home. It was like whenever she got off the phone with her ex-ex husband now, she felt like jumping on whoever was nearest her. Partly because she could-seducing people came to her like breathing. *Yeah-great talent* she thought wryly. And partly because she was sure Marshall did the same.
But right now, she judt didnt feel like it.
"Well Merry Christmas-" Kim offered.
"Jose," he supplied.
"Kim." She nodded, and turned to walk off. After a step or two she stumbled, and the package dropped from her arms. She started to dry out when Jose caught it.
"Wow" she said. "Nice reflexes."
"No problem," he said. "Woudnt want to drop that."
"Thank you," Kim said, taking the package, and walking carefully as she went to her car. *He's nice* she thought. *Why couldnt I fall for a *nice* guy once in a while?*
Jose watched her go, as he dialed into his phone one of the many numbers he had memorized.
"Hello" he said, using no names. "I think she just made our job ten times easier. Yes," he said laughing. "Yes we will have to thank her for that."
system to the house deactivated and reactivated, and Marshall jumped off his bed. "Thats them," he sang. He practically ran to the door, and opened it. "Merry Christ-"
He frowned, looking out at nothing.
"Fuck up with that?" he thought. He shook his head, throwing the door shut.
"You dont think he'll suspect something will you?"
The large man laughed, as they watched Marshall walk to the fridge through the camera's that they had installed throughout the house. "No. He's not all that smart-not for this type of thing. No; now *we* can see him, and he has no idea. Shit, Im gonna enjoy this."
Kim parked her car in Marshall driveway and closed her eyes and repeated her mantra. *I am a positive peaceful person. It is Christmas which is a happy time. I am going to be nice. He is going to be nice. We are both going to be nice, and I will not even think about how fun it would be to dump eggnog all over his pretty, black hair. Yeah*, Kim smiled, and turned to the back seat. "Okay girls you go run in and see Daddy."
Hailie and Whitney jumped out of the car giggling. They had been so happy when they heard they were spending Christmas with *both* their parents.
Alaina sat in the back, doing her makeup. "So what about you Moody-Teenager?" Kim asked. "Did Janine send out another memo about how it isnt cool to be excited about Christmas?"
"No," Alaina answered, applying her eyeliner. "This one's about how not to respond when parents try to be cool."
"Ooh. That'll show us. Did she ever get the memo about how tights are not pants, and your shirt should cover your ass when wearing them?"
"No-but she sent out one about dark lipliner being tacky," Alaina countered.
Kim snorted; touche."I knew I liked that girl," she approved. "Are we still pretending its her brother and not *her* you have the crush on?"
"Are we still pretending that its me and not *you* giving Uncle Marshall that bracelet?" Alaina said, smiling.
"Thats enough from you," Kim said, as she watched Marshall swing Whitney above his head through the window.
"Did I touch a nerve?" Alaina probed.
"Ill touch you with Hailie's present-over the head, hard," Kim threatened. "And pull up your shirt before you give your uncle a hernia."
The two got out of the car-Marshall came to the door, Whitney hanging off of his, while Hailie chattered at lightining speed. Kim nodded at the back of the car where the presents were hidden, and Marshall turned to the girls, "Hey, why dont you three got upstairs to ya rooms and see what Santa left early." The three went through the door, Alaina stopping to make a face at Kim, who stuck her tongue out at her niece.
"Real mature," Marshall remarked.
"Im sorry-who's talking here?" Kim countered, opening the trunk.
"I hope you can carry Whitney's present, its heavy."
"Course, I can," Marshall said, picking it up then almost dropping it. "Jesus, what did you buy her, a country?"
"I didnt want you to beat me," Kim shrugged, giggling. "Yeah, your real buff."
"Sorry He-Woman," he mumbled. "Why'd you let Lainie wear that anyway?"
"I tried to tell her not to," Kim mumbled. "Then she pointed out the shirt was from my closet."
Marshall laughed outright.
"Shut up," Kim grumbled. "Damn that girl has got an attitude like her mom."
"Yeah, her mom-thats where she learned the attitude," Marshall said sarcastically, and Kim shoved him. While he stumbled, she slipped a small present in her pocket.
"Hey! At least she aint violent like you," he grumbled, as they carried the presents in. Kim smiled. "Aww, did I hurt you po' wittle arm?" she cooed.
"Your a mean women," Marshall informed her.
Kim raised her eyebrows. "Wow, really? Hello, my name is Kimberley Mathers. Youve known me for almost all my life. We live in Detroit. How many fingers am I holding up?"
"You shouldnt be so proud of it," Marshall said.
"Pride is the only drug left to me," she shrugged. "Kept me alive hasnt it?"
"There are better ways to keep yourself alive Kim," Marshall said, looking her in the eyes for the first time that night.
Kim tried to remember what he comeback was gonna be. "Ima-Ima go hide this downstairs," she said, and walked quickly down them. Marshall watched her go for almost a minute, then realized that he was staring, and made himself stop. *I was staring* he demurred to himself. *I was-was looking into space,*
"And now their all inside," Jose remarked, watching Marshall hide the presents. "We wait until their asleep right?"
"Obviously. A quick job. Sinfully easy. They wont be a problem."

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PostSubject: Re: Intruders-Rated NC-17 (can be raised if admin wants)   Sun Apr 26, 2009 8:56 pm

Marshall closed his eyes.
Then he sighed, and sat up. He wasnt going to be able to sleep much tonight. He wanted to remember every detail of this Christmas Eve, because it had been so perfect. Hailie had put aside her disgust with seeming too young, and gotten so excited with the karyoke machine he bought her, she had sung songs on request for everyone, annoying him in the most perfect way with Britney Spears, and done uncanny impressions of everyone. Whitney bobbled around, giggling and looking for hidden presents, and despite her constantly rolling her eyes and mocking everyone, Marshall had caught a genuine smile every now and then on Alaina's face.
The Christmas spirit seemed to have infected everyone, including Kim, who got as into it as the kids, singing songs (badly), tickling Alaina to force her to laugh, and wrestling with him at one point when he stole Hailie's gift before she could give it to their daughter. They had both laughed and pushed playfully at each other until Kim got the present away from him and they saw Alaina watching them. They stopped and kept a physical distance between them the rest of the night, as if they were nervous what would happen if they even hugged.
*Forgot there for a minute* Marshall thought bitterly.
He rolled over and tried to sleep, but knew it wouldnt happen tonight.
*Sure, then the girls will wake me up early, an' Ima have to drag Kim outta bed cuz she hates gettin' up early an'-*
Marshall sat up, hearing footprints that were too heavy for any of his girls
*I. Am. An. Idiot* Kim thought disgustedly.
*I cannot believe I agreed to this,* she thought. * I cant believe I thought we could pretend to be one big happy family again, and I just-forgot myself for a minute downstairs when Marshall took Hailie's present, which he shouldnt've, ass, so I *had* to try and take it from him and we-We're not all one family anymore, even if I wanted us to be, and I *dont*.
*Do I?*
Kim shook her head. *Dont go that road Kim* she told herself. *Not again. Not this time. I promised. I-*
Kim frowned, hearing footsteps move softly over the floor outside her room. Soft, but there was weight behind them. *Is he up to something?* Kim wondered. *Well Ima catch you, Mr. Slick* Kim thoughtm creeping out her door.
Alaina texted Janine under the covers, glad her uncle had given her her own room.
"Where r u?" Alaina waited early for a response, her heart thumping loud enough for her to hear.
"With my parents." Janine answered. "U?"
"At my uncles."
"Tht u clled him Dad? And werent u were at ur aunts this wk?"
"No. She's here too."
"God save u." Janine texted, and Alaina smothered her laugh.
"Ya, I kno, their actually bein all-sweet to each other."
"Uh oh. Hope ur room is away from thers."
"Ugh no, bad image in my brain! Damn u brain!! But ur right, I lived wit them before, their fukin LOUD."
"Hahah lols"
"can i come over ur place new years?"
"Sure, Brandons gunna be there, you cn meet him!"
*Brandons a used-up user with a frollet, and you only like him cuz you think he's *edgy* Alaina thought furiously. *You-*
She turned at the noise, and pushed aside her covers. She stilled herself as she watched first one figure, then another move towards her cousins room.
She tiptoed after them, wondering what her aunt and uncle were up too, leaving her phone on her bed.
"Lainie? U still there? Hello?"
Hailie smiled, snuggling her nose into her bed. She was having a perfect Christmas Eve. She could put up with a cheesy Christmas with her family if her parents were getting along and Alaina wasnt making fun of her eyeliner.
She turned over again to get comfortable and had no time to scream when the cloth was pulled over her head.
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PostSubject: Re: Intruders-Rated NC-17 (can be raised if admin wants)   Sun Apr 26, 2009 8:57 pm

Marshall moved as quietly as he could as he neared the corner. He stumbled and stubbed his toe.
*Ohmyfuckinjesusgoddamnahooker-* he screamed silently. *That muthafuckin *hurts*!*
Marshall put his foot down gingerly. He looked up to see a tall shadow freeze and his breath caught. Moving as carefully as he could, he slowly inched to the corner, then whirled and grabbed the shadow by the hair and pined its arms behind its back.
"What are you doing in my house?" he demanded.
"You invited me you stupid trigger-happy fucker, let go of me before I beat your ass!"
Marshall reddened as he let go of his prisoner. "Sorry Kim, I thought-"
"No see thats something you didnt do; think," she cut him off. "Ouch my hair. If you just-"
"Well what the fuck are you doin' prowlin' around my house at night?" Marshall said angrily.
"I heard *you* walking around and-*
"Shh-* Marshall silenced her next retort.
"Dont you shh me Marsh-"
"No I hear something," he said. "Think Lainie's sneakin' out?"
*Why would you think she's doin' that?" Kim asked, moving along with him towards her room.
"Cuz she reminds me so much of you that- ow!" Marshall rubbed his arm.
"Its true!" he defended. "You snuck out all the time."
"Yeah but I had reason," Kim said. "What that?"
Alaina looked in on her cousins room-the covers were tucked over her head and her pillow. Alaina frowned. Hailie usually kicked her covers completely off, and she never used a pillow. Alaina walked over to the bed, and tapped her cousin.
She reached out gently and pulled the comforter back.
"Oh fuck," she gasped, stumbling back, while a makeshift dummy stared back at her.
Alaina whirled and ran out the door.
*Why would Hailie sneak out?* Alaina thought. *on Christmas Eve?*
"Hai?" she called softly. Alaina turned into a hallway off from the bedroom.
She heard a sound like a kitten mewling, and followed it. It took a moment for her eyes to adjust to the light and see two men dressed completely in black hoist a large bundle along with them. The bundle moved and whimpered and Alaina gasped again.
The two figures turned towards her and Alaina screamed and ran down the dark hall, heavy footsteps coming fast behind her.
Is that-" Kim began, but Marshall grabbed her hand and pulled her and they sprinted towards the sound of Alaina's scream. As they headed towards the girls rooms a shadow passed in front of them, holding a moving bundle.
"Whitney," Kim knew instinctively. She launched herself at the figure. "Dont touch my daughter!"
"Kim!" Marshall warned, missing her arm as he grabbed trying to stop her. Kim was able to catch the shadow off guard and land one hard punch to his face, before trying to grab for Whitney. She almost had her daughter when the shadow moved unholy fast and pined her arm, forcing her down.
"Fast reflexes, remember?"
Rage filled her whole body, and the fire she had been fighting with since she was twelve gave her the strength to kick back and hit Jose's knee. Marshall was trying to find a way of hitting Jose without hitting either of the girls.
"Help! Dad, help please!"
Marshall's head turned at Alaina's cry, and Jose shoved him off, away from the brawl. Marshall got to his feet, his mind racing, facing the devils own choice.
"Go!" Kim yelled, then coughed as Jose hit her in the stomach. "Ill be fine she needs help"
"Help, they took Hailie, their-Im scared" he heard Alaina cry again.
"Ill come back just hold him till then" Marshall assured Kim, before flying after Alaina's voice.
He turned down one hall and saw her hair dissapperar into another. "Why are there so fuckin many halls?" he screamed. "Why is this house so god damn big?"
He twisted and found Alaina trying to open a door. He grabbed her by the shoulders.
"Let go of me, you fucker Ill-Ill-" and she slapped him.
"Ouch-its me, its me!" he said, making her look at him. "Damn all the women in my family hit like Laina fuckin Ali."
"Im sorry, they had Hailie and I didnt know what to do and-"
"I know I know," Marshall quieted. "S'okay, just stay quiet-"
"Did I lose them?"
"Yeah, yeah, I think so-"
"What do we do?" she cried.
*Think Marshall!* he screamed at himself. *Fuck is my security? Oh-they musta done something to them, or they couldnt a gotten in. Need something fast-faster than pol-*
*My gun*
*Thank god Im off probation, cuz Ima shoot somebody tonight.*
"Downstairs," he said. "To the basement okay?" he informed Alaina. "Try to be quiet, aiight?"
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PostSubject: Re: Intruders-Rated NC-17 (can be raised if admin wants)   Sun Apr 26, 2009 8:57 pm

The big man watched Jose wrestle with the woman.
"Where is he now?"
"I dont know!" Jose said.
"Thats no use to me."
"Hey, Im a bit busy here."
"You cant handle one woman?"
"This bitch-" he said, hand over her mouth, attempting to tie her hands while she used her feet to fight him, "fights like a man."
The big man rolled his eyes, and jerked his head to the men beside him. "Rip, Khalid-give this poor mutherfucker a hand."
Turning away from the screams of rage and pain, the leader dialed his cell phone.
"I need a visual on Em and the oldest girl," he ordered. "Fast, alright-we're already making too much damn noise, someone might here, and I dont wanna kill any more than necessary."
Marshall tried to make his breathing as quiet as possible as they heard footsteps pass above. He held it, closing his eyes and praying. *God, just let them pass. Let em pass by and I will be a good little boy, and not talk back to my mother or curse or yell at people or have sex in a church ever again-look, just help me here, okay? You took my best friend, you owe me somethin'!*
The footsteps passed. Alaina gripped Marshall's hand tightly. "Okay," he whispered, "now all we gotta do is go from the stairs here through the living room, then past the bathroom across the kitchen to the basement."
"Oh, is that all?"
Marshall slitted his eyes at her. "You do get more like your aunt every year."
"Where is she? I didnt see her."
"She-" Marshall swallowed. "She'll be fine. She's the toughest woman I know. And your strong like her; so Ima go first-watch me, stay low to the ground, and then follow." Alaina nodded, and Marshall quietly crouch-ran to the couch on the other side of the hall. He stilled and motioned for Alaina, who followed.
"Aiight, now-" Marshall stopped as steps approached. They sank lower to the ground, as Jose walked into the bathroom, turned the light on, and closed the door.
*This muthafucker breaks into my house, attacks my daughters mother, tries to kidnap my girls, and now he's takin' a shit in my bathroom? Fuck killin' this bitch-Ima cut his dick off, stuff him in a bunny suit and use him as a punchin' bag.*
Alaina gripped his arm, and he turned; she motioned for them to go. *She's right-if we dont go now when he opens the door he'll see us.* He nodded for Alaina to go first. She crawled carefully across the living room floor, then to the hardwood hall, when her foot bumped the door. Both of them froze.
The sound of Jose busy in the bathroom came through loud and clear and both winced.
Alaina continued, crawling across the kitchen floor and making it to the basement. Marshall sighed in relief.
*My turn*
He moved like a salamander across the floor, past the bathroom, and was nearly at the basement when the bathroom light went out, plunging everything into darkness.
The laughter was unfamiliar and deep, and it came from above him.
All of the lights came on, blinding him for a second. The first thing he saw when they returned was a pair of huge boots.
"Sorry man," the booted man laughed, "we woulda caught you soona but we thought it was funny as fuck watchin' you crawl on the floor."

Now the laughter came from all around him.
"Get up Mathers, you embarassin' yourself," the man laughed.
Slowly, Marshall pushed himself to his feet and looked his tormentor in the face.
"Names Ragland," he introduced.
"Where is my family?" he Marshall spat.
"Oh they all right here," Ragland assured, gesturing as a man brought Alaina from the basement, a gun to her head.
"Oh were you lookin' for this?" the man said, indicating the gun.
"Let her go," Marshall demanded. Ragland laughed.
"Wait, lets bring up the rest of the bunch," Ragland said in an announcers voice, walking over as Marshall saw his family brought in.
"We have the beautiful teenager," he said, gesturing to Alaina.
"The gentle little girl," Ragland pulled a bag off one bundle to reveal Whitney bound and gagged.
"'Addy!" she screamed through the bonds.
"Itll be okay baby," Marshall said, his heart breaking down in his chest.
"Of course lovely Hailie," Ragland continued, pulling the blindfold off her head.
Marshall leaped forward, and felt two men grab him from behind, and push him to his knees, forcing his head up to watch.
"And now we cant forget this special woman," Ragland grinned, and he watched as Kim was dragged out by three men, a bruise spreading across her cheek, hand and feet bound, still struggling.
"Damn-she still givin' you attitude?" Ragland laughed, walking over to her. "I must admit Em, I thought you was a bit of a pussy bein' scared a' her, but I understand now. Still," he took her face in his hand. "Not ugly."
Kim, who had been working at her gag, pushed it out and spat in the scarred mans face.
"Wish I could say the same for you, but I guess by the cuts on your face somebody saved me the time," she taunted back.
"Kim," Marshall started, but Ragland drowned it out with his laugh. Without warning there was a silver flash and Kim was bleeding.
"No!" Marshall jerked at his captors so rapidly that they realised him and he jumped for Kim. Raglands boot in his chest stopped him, and the scarred man kicked Marshall onto his back, and put a boot on his chest, and a gun to his face.
"Relax," Ragland smiled. "Its only a scratch, look."
Marshall tilted his head back as far as the floor would let him, and upside down, saw Kim laying with a smooth cut on her cheek.
"Marsh-"she coughed. "It's okay, dont worry about me, worry about-ach-the kids-"
"Awww." Ragland knelt between them and tisk-tisked, shaking his head. "Isn't that sweet. I'd say you should kiss and make up right now, but we really have to be going." Marshall struggled as Kim was lifted off the floor, and felt the cool touch of the gun between his eyes.
"Now look at me," said Ragland as one might to a naughty child. "There is nothing to worry about. Unless, of course, you dont listen to my rules. Bein' that its Christmastime, we thought we'd give you our little present. Its a big one-its lasts for twelve whole days. If, at the end of the twelve days, you done everything right, you get your family back, safe and sound. If not-" Ragland shook his head. "A sad New Years story; Eminem Finally Cracks, found dead along with ex-spouse in house; children missing."
Ragland grinned. "We'll be speaking."
Marshall saw the gun come down before it hit his head and he was in utter darkness.
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PostSubject: Re: Intruders-Rated NC-17 (can be raised if admin wants)   Sun Apr 26, 2009 8:58 pm

Massive fuckin headache*
That was the first thing Marshall was conscious of. It took a moment for the rest of the images to come together, and when they did they hit him like a sack of bricks.
"Hailie?" he called, then coughed in pain. "Alaina? Kim?"
He had failed, he thought, turning on his side to cough up some blood, holding his stomach. His greatest fear had come back to haunt him. He had failed, failed, failed; failed to keep his family safe, failed in his promise to never let anything happen to his daughter, the most important person in his life and he hadnt even been there when she was taken. He had failed little Whitney, the innocent girl who called him daddy, who had worked her way into his heart like she was his own blood.
He had failed Alaina. He had been right there with her, had been jolding her hand, and all because of *his* stupid plan, she wound up with a gun to her head!
Marshall sat up painfully, pushing himself onto all fours, and his eyes drifted from his blood to the stain five inches from it. Kim's blood. He had failed her too; he had run and left her there, fighting all by herself for their children. His veins chilled as he remembered that knife. *Please God Kim* he prayed, *I know this might be impossible for you, but just for once keep your mouth shut and dont provoke em.*
All gone. Marshall bit his lip and sobbed, the tears falling to the floor and mixing the two pools of blood.
*C'mon, get up baby. Get up; Stop cryin' you pussy!* he ordered himself. *Get the fuck up Marshall, your little girls out there, are you just gonna sit and cry feelin' sorry for yourself, or are you gonna do something about it?*
Forcing himself to his feet, he stumbled over and felt for the kitchen phone. His hands touched something and he frowned, fumbling for the light.
The phone had been ripped off the wall. Marshall slammed his hands on the kitchen table. *Fuck!* he screamed, the sound echoing.
"Now hush little baby dont you cry, everythings gonna be alright/
Stiffen that upper lip up little lady, i told ya/
Daddys here to hold ya through the night/
I know mommys not her right now and we dont know why/
We feel how we feel inside/"
Marshall looked at the source of the song; a glowing Blackberry on the table was giving off the plaintive ring.
"It may seem a little crazy, pretty baby/
But I promise, mama's gon be alright."
Marshall reached out slowly and picked up the phone.
"I told you we would be speaking."
"What. Do you. Want," Marshall said through gritted teeth. "You want money? Fine, you-"
Ragland laughed. "I told you man, this is a Christmas present; you dont pay for Christmas presents. This is a wake up call for you, to see just how important ya family really is."
"Why do you give a fuck? They're *my* damn family!"
"No Marshall," Ragland said. "They're everyone's family now. You let everyone in to see, put yourself up on that stage, you let everyone see the show. Now, you just have to play with us-"
"Listen you fuckin' bitch, I'll-"
Ragland clucked. "That's a bad temper you got boy! Better calm that down, gonna need your mind right this week. Oh, and sorry about ya phones-we just cant have you callin' the police, at least not for another minute. Then by all means include them-ya gonna need the help. Makes it just more fun for us. Oh-just so's you know they're all safe, here's a little video. Go sit in front of the TV."
Marshall went to the living room, where the TV was.
"Turn it on," Ragland intructed patronizingly. Marshall did.
Ragland stood beaming at the center of a dark, steel-looking room. Five other men where there as well including-Marshall's heart lurched-Hailie sitting in one chair, shivering uncontrollably, beside Ragland, who had his hand on her shoulder. In his other massive arm he held Whitney, who's face was stained with tears. On the right side of the room, Alaina sat in a chair with a huge guard beside her.
Ragland on camera looked straight at Marshall. "We're makin' our own home video. Everybody say "Hi, Marshall!"
"Hi Marshall!" the other five guards waved. Alaina whimpered. Hailie looked at the camera like she could see Marshall. Tiny Whitney raised her hand and slowly waved hi.
"See em?" said Ragland over the phone.
"Ye-yeah. Where's-"
"Oh she's here too; she's just in the next room," Ragland assured. Marshall frowned, hearing muffled sounds. "She's talkin' wit' the fellas, gettin' some anger management classes."
"Please," Marshall choked, "Man even if you got a problem wit' me, thats my family-"
"Oh dont beg man," Ragland chastised. "Not yet anyway. Now, when it reaches one thirty, you gonna go to the police-not call, go to them-and bring em here, as quiet as you can. Then the three of you are gonna start playin'. Oh and Marshall? Merry Christmas man."
The phone clicked off.
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PostSubject: Re: Intruders-Rated NC-17 (can be raised if admin wants)   Sun Apr 26, 2009 8:59 pm

"I need to speak to a detective right away."
"I'm sorry, could you just wait a minute while I finish this call-"
"No bitch, I need help now, my whole damn family is in trouble!"
The receptionist at the entrance to the police station stared at the hooded figure. "Sir, I'm gonna have to ask to see your face?"
The figure sighed, looked from one side to the other and slowly removed his hood. The receptionist's eyes widened as she stared at Eminem, his face bruised on one cheek, eyes red and tear stained down his pale face.
"I'm sorry Mr. Mathers, what seems to be your emergency?"
"My family, their taken all of em-"
"By who, Mr. Mathers?"
"This man says he's Ragland, but not just him, there was other guy-"
"Why didnt you call 911?" the receptionist said suspiciously.
"He ripped out my phones, my whole security team is gone, look I dont have time for-"
"It's okay Meryl; I can handle this." Meryl looked from her desk to the short Latina officer who had walked over. The woman was dressed in a red shirt, jeans, brown coat, badge and gun.
"Alright Alex," Meryl nodded.
"Alex Rodriguez," the officer introduced. "Narcotics. Walk with me."
"Yo," Marshall began. "You gotta come to my house right away, I know that sounds fucked up but-"
"Your working on a timetable, he's left you a mission to find your family, and we need to be quiet about it," Rodriguez finished.
"How did you-" Marshall struggled to keep up with her pace.
"Ragland. NORagland. One of three names thought to belong to the same man, a drug lord, also known as ShadowKing in the underworld, who extends his influence beyond drugs by using blackmail to force a number of otherwise ordinary people to work for him. If they refuse, they end up dead or missing, which is about the same thing. Turn here."
"I've never heard of him," Marshall panted.
"You wouldnt. Most police dont think he exists." Rodriguez stopped at a door, and took out a key.
"Then why do you think he does?" Marshall asked.
Rodriguez opened the door. "Because I've met him. Inside."

"How are you doin'?" Rodriguez asked as Marshall drove home as fast as possible.
"Well lets see," he said sarcastically. "My whole family has been stolen on Christmas Eve by a sadistic psychopath with a Joker fetish, an' its my fault cuz I invited em over, and now I have only two detectives who believe me to help me find em, and this asshole in front of me just cut me off and now we hit a red light. Yeah, well Merry Christmas to you too bitch!"
"I know how you feel," Rodriguez said.
"Oh yeah," he challenged.
"Yeah," she said firmly.
Marshall bit his tongue as they finally pulled in to the driveway. He rushed to the house. "C'mon, let get inside."
"Just a minute," Martan called. Marshall narrowed his eyes. "Yeah sure," he agreed, then ducked into a shadow to listen and watch.
"Rodriguez," Martan said, putting a hand on her shoulder. "I-"
"Were on a timetable here Martan," Rodriguez said, trying to move. He held her there. "I know," he said calmly. "And I know this case is personal for you. But we need to think first and foremost about the family at stake here. And if that means we have to do some things you might find go against your police instinct-thats what it takes to come up against a man like the ShadowKing."
"What sort of things?" Rodriguez said, eyes fixed on Martan's face, watching every move.
"He has this family," Martan explained. "He wants Mr. Mathers to find them, and he probably wants to use him; thats why he's done this. Having Eminem in his pocket would help him tremendouly with whatever he is planning. So, if he tells us to do certain-tasks? If doing so will ensure the safety of this man's family, we should do so."
Rodriguez waited a moment before she nodded. "Lets go inside."
Marshall moved to join them as they walked to the kitchen. "Yo-shouldnt you guys have crime scene investigation shit wit' you?"
"No," Rodriguez said, her eyes not on him. "Ragland's men have already been here while you were gone and cleaned up the evidence. Now it looks like there was never a break in."
"How do you know?"
"The phone's back in place in your kitchen," Rodriguez pointed out. "This is why he wanted you to go *to* the police, instead of calling. Now the only evidence we're left with is whatever he planted."
"Then what about the blood on the floor?" Marshall said. "My and Kim's blood?"
"There is only one pool," Martan said.
"It's hers," Rodriguez said.
"How do-"
"Call it an educated guess," Rodriguez supplied.
"I didnt cut her," Marshall said softly. Rodriguez finally looked at him. "I know," she said. "You know. She knows. He knows. But no one else knows. Can we see the tape you said he sent you?"
Marshall went into the TV room and turned it on. Surprisingly, the video was still there. Marshall watched, rage filling his body, as Ragland mocked him on the screen.
"Stop," Rodriguez said, taking the remote control and pausing the tape. "Martan?"
"I dont recognize the room," Martan said. "But from the steel walls and the way the sound echoes, Im guessing subterreanean. There are bases like that in the army."
Rodriguez nodded and set the film in motion again. "The film quality is consistent with a handheld home video camera," she noted. "The girls dont look doped, except for possibly the teenager," they watched as Alaina whimpered.
"-anger management classes," Ragland said on the film.
"Stop," Rodriguez stopped. "How do you turn volume up?" Marshall showed her and she rewound a bit.
"She's here too, she's in the next room," Ragland said. Rodriguez blasted the sound, so the sounds of men's shouts and laughter and Kim's higher pitched, muffled screms, whimpers and wrenching cries were audible.
"Oh Jesus," Rodriguez whispered.
"Are-" Marshall swallowed. "Are they stabbin' her?"
"No," Rodriguez said grimly. "Those arent knife thrusts. We-"
The tape skipped and sizzled. Then came a spurt of shocks from the DVR, and the tape cut and went blank.
"Shit," Martan said, "I knew this was gonna happen." he went to the DVR just as it spit out a fried tape. "That was our last piece of evidence."
"Shit," Marshall yelled. Martan shook his head. "You gotta stay calm, you-"
"Is it your family out there?"
"NO, but I am trying-"
"Whats that smell?" Rodriguez cut in.
"What?" Marshall and Martan said together, but she was already walking to the sitting room, where the fireplace and the Christmas tree were. The two men followed.
Rodriguez headded straight for the Christmas tree, a beautiful work by Kim and the girls, decked with ornaments, golden globes, a dusting of white like snow, and tinsle, topped with a star.
Rodriguez sniffed the tree and then brushed the tip of your tongue against a branch.
"Are you sure she's certified as a detective?" Marshall deadpanned to Martan. "I'm crazy, but as far as I've known Ive never licked a tree."
"This isn't sugar," Rodriguez said, turning back to them. "And I know you dont want a white Christmas *this* bad."
Marshall frowned, walking to the tree, where the smell of the white powder finally hit him full on, and he recognized the smell. He could remember the night when Kim would come home reeking of it, bits of it in her hair, the sick sweet taste still in her mouth.
"Shit," he said.
"Is there anything here you don't recognize?" Martan asked. "The tree, the presents?"
"Other than the facts that our tree is covered in coke?" Marshall surveyed the decorations, the presents. There was Hailies to him, his to her, Lainie's to Hailies, some for Whitney, Kim's to Hailie, Kim's to him-"
"That one," he said of a red present. Kim and he hadnt outright exchanged presents since the divorce, although he had picked out presents from Hailie to Kim that his ex-wife would like, that Hailie would never have known otherwise. "The red one. The card is in her handwriting, but it wasnt there last night. I dunno, maybe she put it there when I was asleep, but-"
Rodriguez was already working it open. "Stand back," she said, and both Marshall and Martan did. She opened it, while they held their breath.
"Its coal," she announced.
*Oh thanks Kim* Marshall said to himself. *Way ta hold onto a grudge.*
"Fuck!" Rodriguez pulled her hand back.
"What?" Martan said.
"Its hot." She reached in to touch it again. "Then why are you touching it again?" Marshall demanded.
"There's hair in it." Marshall walked over to kneel beside Rodriguez. Marshall stomach wanted to be sick. Laced in among the hot coals was a long strand of died blonde hair. Reaching in carefully, he pulled it out.
"Is it her's?" Rodriguez asked.
"Yeah," he breathed. "Its Kim's."
"Alright," said Martan. "We need to deduce what this means. Hot coals, obviously, we know that bad children are supposed to get them on Christmas, so it may mean..."
Marshall tuned Martan out as he stared at her hair. His eyes traveled from the strand to the cocaine laced tree, to the hot coals and back around again. It was like lyrics to a song-the pieces rhymed, he just had to fit them together. Kim's hair....cocaine...coal...Kim on cocaine...Kim getting hot coal...Kim's hair in Kim's hair on hot hot coals...
"Hot Rocks."
Rodriguez and Martan turned to him.
"Thats what it means," he said. "The cocaine, Kim's hair, in the hot coals, in *hot rocks*-the Hot Rocks Cafe. That's where she is. Thats where they are."
"Then lets go," Rodriguez said.
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*I never thought I'd end up back here* Marshall thought as Rodriguez showed her badge and they walked through the door. He was wearing a deep, dark hoody that covered his face-Martan and Rodriguez had decided to pass his off as an informant.
*Sure, I can play a junkie* he thought grimly. *Merry Christmas Marshall.* HIs blood boiled just a bit more than it had been-this place plunged him back into a sea of feelings he had wanted to forget. He had been drinking that night, but he was sure he had seen Kim kiss that Guerra asshole, ripping into him like only she could do. He remembered being dragged off to jail, knowing she had cheated, or would cheat-so had he, but he hadnt wanted to think of it at the time-hating her and loving her and hating himself and feeling crushed by the wieght of fame he had no way of preparing for. It took him a whole year to recover from that one, but he hadnt been able to heal himself from that night. Kim had healed him from that night later, like only she could do.
"There's our girl," Rodriguez said, moving in to a tall deeply black skinned woman who sat chatting to another woman.
"Sweetheart everyone loves one dance with the African Queen," she was saying to the brunette beside her when they walked in.
"Hey," Rodriguez said to the brunette. "She tell you it never ends at just one dance with her? Look, I need to talk to her for just a minute, alone."
"Come visit me later honey, Mrs. Officer is flashin' her badge at me, and not the one I like," the African Queen said to the brunette, who walked away. The 'African Queen' was beautiful in an exotic way, her hair a short bob, her long nails scarlet. She was dressed like an extra in a goth Pussycat Dolls show. "I hope," she addressed Rodriguez, "you are going to reimburse me for lost business, cuz that woman was loaded *and* gorgeous. Well, well well-all that time and no call, and now you want me to snitch on someone for you dont you?" Marshall frowned-he felt like he had seen her before, he just didnt know where.
"We came here on a lead on the ShadowKing," Rodriguez said.
"Ooh, you got all kinds of nerve honey," the woman pointed one scarlet nail at Rodriguez, "and you must think me a crazy woman, to help you chase after shadows."
"I know your afraid he'll decide he doesnt need a dyke hooker who has no pimp to run her running around, so dont tell me you dont believe in him, or dont wanna catch him, DeNice," Rodriguez said.
"Okay, firstly," DeNice said, pulling out a cigarette, "I aint no hoe. I am a court-e-sean, and I am a businesswoman-I could retire and have the girls in my place do all the work, but I chose to continue for the love of the seduction."
"And the need for coke," Rodriguez said. DeNice blew smoke in Rodriguez's face nastily, and Marshall remembered where he had seen her. "You used to be at Kim's place," he said softly. DeNice turned to him. "Who do I hear?"
"Keep your voice down," Rodriguez ordered. DeNice raised a brow. "Honey, you know I never raise it higher than a purr," she purred for effect. "Let me see your friend who says he knows me." Rodriguez nodded for Marshall to come forward and she lifted out a nail and pushed under enough to peek at his face. "Goodness," she breathed. "What have yall done now?"
"You used to hang out wit' Kim," he pressed quietly.
"Hmm," DeNice laughed softly, bittersweetly. "That I did. She was some woman," she nodded. "Not alotta women can keep up with me; I had to keep up with her. She got to know *all* my girls back when she was still on the stuff. But a-" DeNice flashed her eyes at Marshall, "she loved her family enough to get clean. How is she since you broke her heart?"
"The last I saw of her," Marshall said slowly, "she was bound, beat up, cut on the face, an' bein' dragged out by Ragland-this ShadowBitch- and his men. Along wit' the rest of my family."
DeNice's eyes moved from Martan to Marshall to Rodriguez and back. "When did this happen?"
"Tonight," Rodriguez said.
"Oh-you dont have to tell me," DeNice said, "I see. He decided to go after Eminem, and yall two-poor Shady spendin' Christmas wit' an Lieutenant even the police thinks is crazy and a dyke cop. But honey, I cant be much he-"
"Are there any underground passages from here?" Rodriguez cut off. "That's all we need from you. We came here on a lead, and we know their underground, we need you to help us."
"Well, I-" DeNice said. "I dont need this man mad at me and my girls, and if I-"
"He'll kill you anyway, cuz you dont benefit him doin' whatchu do," Rodriguez insisted. "And dont forget, I could shut you down-"
"Oh?" DeNice raised her voice. "You was the one championin' helpin' prositutes, stead of lockin' em up. We was the first informants you got remember-"
"Every second yall stand here bitchin'" Marshall whispered furiously, "my family gets closer to never comin' back. You said you liked Kim? She. Will. Die. And it'll be your god damn fault if you dont help us!"
DeNice took a deep breathe. "Jesus help me," she said. She grabbed her purse. "C'mon, follow me. Jesus, what a damn Christmas, all I wanted to do was find some sweet girl to fuck and take to church tomorrow and look what I get. Slim fuckin' Shady and the rejects of the Detroit PD on my ass. Happy freakin' Hanukkah."

“I think you scared her,” DeNice said finally.
“Sh-she was scared of me?” Marshall laughed. “Obviously, you don’t know Kim.”
“Women who come from the bottom and who been hurt by they family, specifically a father figure go one of two ways,” DeNice explained. “Most of em get quiet, soft and make nice wit’ men, and are sweet as a defense. But some of em decide ain’t no one gonna hurt them and they get proud, and tough and angry, like the men who hurt em.”
“You knew her for like a year,” Marshall challenged. “How you know her better than me?”
“I’m a woman,” DeNice said. “No offense boy, but you couldn’t understand a woman if ya life depended on it. Women tell me things, it why I’m so good at what I do.”
“Oh, yeah? What she tell you?”
“She never wanted to be in love,” said DeNice. “She never wanted to end up like her mother, or have a man like her step-father. She likes bein’ free, wild and crazy and not havin’ to answer to no one, am I right?”
“Yeah but-”
“But, but, but nothing boy,” the African Queen said. “I may just be some dyke hooker, but I know women. I *know* women. And I know that *that* woman loves you more than she ever wanted to, and that scares her shitless. She never thought she deserved to have someone love her that much, and she don’t like bein’ weak or vulnerable. But I spent enough time wit’ her to know that your opinion was the only one that mattered to her. That’s why she could put up wit’ more’n half the city hatin’ her, and putting gum in her hair and talkin’ like she was the Devil himself. If she had left you when she had taken your cash the first time and walked away for good, eventually people woulda forgotten her, and left her alone. But she went back with you. Cause at the end of the day, so she said, it was just you two, and you loved her more than she loved herself.” DeNice winked. “S’amazin’ what people will tell you when you shut the fuck up and listen.”
Marshall had nothing to say.
The three of them followed DeNice through the few people who populated the club.
"Yo-who the hell goes to a place like this on Christmas Eve?" Marshall said to Rodriguez.
"Keep your voice down," Rodriguez ordered. "Its so goddamn recognizable, and we dont want that."
"Dont we?" Marshall said. "I mean-dont we want people to know so they could help us-"
"He told you to be quiet about it didnt he?" was Martan's answer. "He has your family, put out a hit on him, he'll decide to kill them straight-away-"
"But then he would have no bargaining chip," Rodriguez countered. "I agree with Mathers."
"Rodriguez can I speak to you for a minute; Mr. Mathers, if you could just walk with DeNice up front."
*Mr. Mathers me again, prick, and Ima ram that badge so far up your ass you-ll-*
"Could walk a little faster?" DeNice interrupted his thoughts.
"I *am* walkin' fast," he snarled. "This is my problem here."
"Well your kids is probably safe," DeNice informed him. "Ragland has a thing about hurtin' kids. But I'm worried bout Kim, cuz he dont have any problem hurtin' women."
"Again-thats *my* family, and I'd say I'm more worried bout her than you," Marshall spat, following her down a flight of steps. "Especially since you had no trouble givin' her drugs."
"And you had no trouble dissin' her and breakin' her heart."
Marshall laughed. "Oh wow-yeah, sure, I broke *her* heart. I tried and tried with that girl, all she did was throw it in my face-" Marshall stopped, not wanting to confide in this woman he barely knew, especially a lesbian hooker, so they walked in silence.
“I think you scared her,” DeNice said finally.
“Sh-she was scared of me?” Marshall laughed. “Obviously, you don’t know Kim.”
“Women who come from the bottom and who been hurt by they family, specifically a father figure go one of two ways,” DeNice explained. “Most of em get quiet, soft and make nice wit’ men, and are sweet as a defense. But some of em decide ain’t no one gonna hurt them and they get proud, and tough and angry, like the men who hurt em.”
“You knew her for like a year,” Marshall challenged. “How you know her better than me?”
“I’m a woman,” DeNice said. “No offense boy, but you couldn’t understand a woman if ya life depended on it. Women tell me things, it why I’m so good at what I do.”
“Oh, yeah? What she tell you?”
“She never wanted to be in love,” said DeNice. “She never wanted to end up like her mother, or have a man like her step-father. She likes bein’ free, wild and crazy and not havin’ to answer to no one, am I right?”
“Yeah but-”
“But, but, but nothing boy,” the African Queen said. “I may just be some dyke hooker, but I know women. I *know* women. And I know that *that* woman loves you more than she ever wanted to, and that scares her shitless. She never thought she deserved to have someone love her that much, and she don’t like bein’ weak or vulnerable. But I spent enough time wit’ her to know that your opinion was the only one that mattered to her. That’s why she could put up wit’ more’n half the city hatin’ her, and putting gum in her hair and talkin’ like she was the Devil himself. If she had left you when she had taken your cash the first time and walked away for good, eventually people woulda forgotten her, and left her alone. But she went back with you. Cause at the end of the day, so she said, it was just you two, and you loved her more than she loved herself.” DeNice winked. “S’amazin’ what people will tell you when you shut the fuck up and listen.”
Marshall had nothing to say. "Why are we in a janitors closet?" he asked, when DeNice stopped.
"Didnt I tell you?" she deapanned. "ShadowKings day job is as a maitnence man." She pushed aside a shelf, revealing a flight of steps. "And his night job is down there."
"You dont have to-" Rodriguez began.
"Yes I do," Marshall said. "Thats my family down there. I-I'm supposed to protect em. I dont want any of em hurt by this fucker" He looked at DeNice. "Any of em."
Taking a deep breath and pushing back his hood, Marshall was the first to descend into the darkness.
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Damp, thick air closed in around them as they reached the bottom of the stairs. The drip of water could be heard, but not felt. They were in darkness.
"Yo," Marshall whispered. "You got a flare or something?"
"Why would we want to announce our presence like that?" Martan argued.
"Well we need some light," Marshall said. "Otherwise we cant-"
"But this way, we have the element of surprise," supplied Rodriguez.
"Yeah, but I'm sorry to say, nightvision aint one a' my superpowers," Marshall deadpanned, as they walked cautiously forward. "They might not know we're here, but-"
Light flared, two on either side of the tunnel they were standing in; the pattern repeated in sequence down the tunnel, illuminating passages further along.
"Oh," said Rodriguez. "They know."
*And if you ask me to/
Daddy's gonna buy you a mockingbird/
Im gon' give you the world,*
Marshall fumbled and found the phone Ragland had left him in his pocket, and put it to his ear. "So you made it."
"Where are they?" Marshall demanded. Over the phone, Ragland tisked. "You followed the trail this far my man-dont stop now. Look up ahead at them two opposite passages, and see if you cant tell which one to go down."
Marshall ran forward, Rodriguez and Martan at his heels. He made it to the two openings, looking first the right-nothing, then to the left. His heart gave a thump that hurt through his whole chest. He practically fell to his knees.
"What-did-dont run away without-" Rodriguez huffed. "What-"
Marshall turned, in his hand another blonde strand. Dashed against the wall was a small dark wet patch. He reached out to touch it, and pulled back, his hand red.
"Thats recent blood," Rodriguez stated. "Very recent."
Marshall didnt answer. He put the phone to his ear. "I swear to God man, if she...if you even *touched*-"
"She's alive," Ragland's voice assured. "The rest depends is up to you."
Marshall got to his feet and walked down the hall. Rodriguez followed him. "Mr. Mathers, Ive been a police for sixteen years, and this has trap wr-"
"Marshall." He whirled and faced her. "My name is Marshall."
Rodriguez rolled her eyes. "Alright Marshall, no-"
"Can I use your gun?"
"What? No," Rodriguez scoffed. Marshall resumed walking down his path.
"I should go first," she explained. "Since I have the gun-"
"Ima straight shot," he said, continuing. "Ive been doin' it since I was ten years old."
"Rodriguez," Martan began.
"Yeah, well Ima cop, I think Im better at it than a man who whips it out at some bouncer and-"
"Dont even bring that shit up like you know me, dyke, I'll-"
"Marshall," Martan started, his feet slapping against the wet ground. "We-"
"Dyke?" Rodriguez laughed angrily. "I help you try and save your family, save the woman you practically treat *like* these men-"
"Dont even *talk* about Kim, not *now*, not-"
"Why? Why am I helping you-" Rodriguez's reply was swallowed up as she tripped and felt into the dark, thick water that had appeared in front of them.
"Alex!" Martan cried.
Rodriguez burst to the surface, shaking her hair. "The waters only a foot high, but god damn does it reek of shit," she spat.
"No!" Marshall screamed in frustration. "Its this way, its where they took her, it's-"
"I was trying to say its a dead end," Rodriguez said, getting up out of the water. "It was a red herring, they-"
"Hey," Marshall said. "Is it me, or is the water higher?"
Rodriguez turned around. The water was indeed rising. The three of them turned toward the sound of spilling water, and saw the waters source; a spout of thick water coming from a concrete sewer hole. The water sputtered. Then it began to come faster.
"Oh no," Rodriguez breathed. "I think its gonna-"
The water shot out of the hole, gushing towards the cop and pulling her under.
"Fuck!" Marshall jumped in and dove for the red that was her shirt, his clothes pulling him under too. He found some thing and pulled, reaching the surface only to be dragged under in the next gush. He felt her hands grab his and pull him deeper-if he let go he could reach air-if he let go she would be pulled under-there was a current under the water that pulled them down...down...
Marshall felt strong hands grip his shoulders and lift him up like a sack of potatoes. He kept his hands on whatever part of Rodriguez he was holding, as Martan pulled them both up into the air.
"Thanks-" Marshall coughed. "Damn, I-"
"Get up!" Martan bellowed. "The waters gunna fill the passage!"
Rodriguez lurched to her feet and yanked Marshall up with her. Forcing him to run, the three barreled back up the passage, towards what they now saw was a steadily closing gate at the opening. They were so close, but it was closing swiftly, getting lower and lower to the ground. Martan reached it first, ducking under it. Rodriguez dove under it to safety, and turned to see Marshall running as fast as his fast feet would take him towards the gate that was now inches from the ground. Gasping, Marshall focused and thrust himself forward, sliding under the falling door, his chin scraping the edge as he passed under.
The barrier hit the ground, and they could hear the pouding of the water hit it, as they lay there, gasping. Marshall didnt need the surely fried phone to know that somewhere, Ragland was laughing at him.
"I told you..." Rodriguez began, then chuckled. "Whatever, chico. You dove after me like you was in the Olympics."
"Rodriguez," Marshall said, beginning to laugh to, "all I woulda did was-"
"Alex," she corrected. "After something like that, gotta call me Alex."
"Well," Martan's laugh was deep and heavy. "Now that we all smell like water rats..."
Marshall stopped, letting the others laugh. *Ratboy* he thought. *I always hated that fuckin' nickname, and she *knew it*. Hell, its probably why she liked it so damn much,* he remembered, seeing Kim's grin as she made her "I-didnt-do-anything-bad" face, remembering how she said the mocking nickname like it was something sweet, like "baby" or "honey". She gave it to him after their first year of going out-because, she said, he resembled a drowned rat.
Marshall stood up. His blue eyes searched the big main tunnel-there were further passages on either side, turning left and right. He stood, his chest heaving, ringing wet.
"Marshall?" Alex asked. "Are you sure your-"
He ran forward and turned down an upper right passage way, the two cops calling after him, following him, but he had to go faster. He knew-he didnt know *how* but he *did*-that time was ticking. And he knew that she was this way. He could feel it, the pull he always started to feel when they had been away from each other too long.
He came across another crossroads, and on one side there it was-a slash of blood, still dripping from where it had been split. He turned down it, running half-blind, further into the tunnels. He was pratically flying, he had always been fast-
"There you are."
Marshall skidded to a stop.
Jose leaned against the wall, casually tossing the blade in his hand. "I thought you would come. Matter of fact, my friend, I bet good money that you would come eventually."
Marshall looked over his shoulder, to the alcove behind him, where he swore he saw something yellow-
"Ah ah ah." Jose stepped in front of him, blocking his view. "Nah, man, you gotta be patient here," Jose drawled. "Take your time. Thats why we get so much right; we take our time. You always rushin' things man-take your time. For example, on your baby momma-we took our *time*-"
Marshall lunged for Jose so fast, he nearly got the taller man off guard. *Nearly*. Marshall felt a stinging rip at his cheek, before falling to the floor, and hearing Jose chuckle as he circled Marshall.
"Now I see I have some things to teach you," Jose said. "I had it on good authority you was quick-now, I know I'm quicker. So Im not gonna use this knife here too much if you impress me. Impress me alot, live up to your reputation as swift and tough, and maybe you get to take the lady lyin' a few feet behind me back home." He circled Marshall as Marshall got up on all fours, blood rushing through his veins, hot and fast. "C'mon man, show me how Slim Shady gets down."
Jose's foot connected with Marshall's rib. He struck out blindly as Jose hurried back, laughing. He was enjoying this.
"Not fast man, not fast. You aint fat no more, I see, but I dont think you really back in-"
Marshall whipped his foot around, catching Jose's ankle. As they man stumbled, Marshall grabbed the hilt of the knife in the other man's hand, and forced it away, pushing Jose hard in the ribs. Like lighting, Jose found Marshall's arm and threw the smaller man away from him.
"Oh yeah!" Jose said, delighted. "This is what I'm talkin' about! Like men, fightin' hard for what we want-" Marshall leaped at Jose, feighnting and then moving in to kick for his chest. Jose caught his knee, and backhanded Marshall.
"Dont make me slap you like a bitch man," Jose begged. "You gotta come at me fast and get out before I get to you, like this-" And he flew in at Marshall, elbowing him in the shoulder, and striking his stomach with the blade, leaving a shallow, painful slash. Jose pulled back, twice as fast.
"See?" Jose explained. "Everytime you make a stupid move, I'ma slash you, see? I-"
Marshall lunged, ducked, and grabbed the blade, holding it away from Jose as he slammed the man into the wall and pounded into him with his fists. "Like that?" he yelled, hitting him hard. "Like that, huh bitch? You like-"
Jose used his legs to kick Marshall off him and onto the ground. This time the taller man was breathing harder. Then he laughed. "Yeah man!" he grinned. "Thats what Im sayin'! Fight like a man, not a boy. Now were partyin'." He ripped towards Marshall, knocking him to the ground. Marshall kicked for Jose's balls to get the stronger man off of him, scratching him with his nails. Jose pulled back spitting. "What the fuck?" he demanded. "Dont scratch me like some bitch, kick me in the tha balls man! Your little niece scratched me when I carried her-dont worry, I didnt hit her no ways hard." He stood above Marshall, who panted. *C'mon Shady baby* Marshall said. *Get up and do this shit, fight him!* Marshall hadnt fought like this since he was nineteen though, and he could feel it. He was tiring, while Jose circled him.
"C'mon man," Jose said. "You gotta be the man here. Man supposed to protect his women, not be outdone by em! Your woman fought back till the end, till we had her *down*," he taunted. "Took four of us to hold her down, while each one of us took our turn on he-"
Marshall didnt think, didnt plan. His body found energy he hadnt thought was there as he threw himself towards Jose, taking the bigger man to the ground. He felt the knife at his shoulder, but he didnt register it. He grabbed the blade in one hand, and wrestled with the bigger man. They rolled on the dirty ground; Jose was bigger and stronger, but Marshall fought like a man possessed. The bigger man's cocky smile was gone as they foughtm both gaining a head to roll over again. Marshall held Jose down and finally ripped the blade from his hand. Jose pushed Marshall off and stepped back, panting.
"Okay man" Jose nodded, eyes furious. "You won this one. Dont think its the end though man," he assured Marshall, backing away, as Marshall held the knife out. Jose was about a foot away, but Marshall kept coming towards him. "Oh, you gonna follow me?" Jose said. He looked to his right, and turned to Marshall. "But you won man; dont you wanna see your prize?"
Marshall frowned and faced the alcove; he saw something move, something red and pale. Jose ran away, into the darkness, but Marshall ignored him. He rushed to the figure lying on the altar like jut under the dim light.
Kim lay, naked, bruised and bleeding from a dozen gashes on her body. A thin line of white powder was drizzled over her like frosting. Marshall knelt over her, touching her matted blonde hair.
"Kim" he said softly, urgently. "Kim, can you hear me?" He touched her shoulder, and she flinched, moaning.
"Kim," he said, rolling her over. "Open your eyes for me girl." Her eyes briefly fluttered open, and then filled with tears, lazed shut, another moan escaping her lips.
"Okay, okay, hold on." He removed his wet hoody and gently wrapped it around her body, putting in on her as best he could. "Kim, baby, can you move?" he asked, them shook his head. *Idiot* "Nah, dont answer that stupid fuckin' question. Here." Carefully, wincing as her body rubbed against his cuts, he lifted her under her legs and back, carrying her so her head lolled against her neck. She whimpered as he lifted her, and her arms wrapped weakly around his neck. "Aright, lets go," he said, mostly so she could just hear his voice. He walked back the way he came, realizing he had no way of knowing how to get back-
"Marshall!" Alex and Martan almost ran into him as he was coming around a corner. "We were looking..." their voices trailed off.
"She's fine," Marshall said defensively in response to their stares. "Can we just get her outta here? How do we get back? I dont know-"
"I left a trail," Martan said. "I can get us back up. I dont think the rest of your family is here; he probably moved em on." Marshall nodded. The two cops stopped talking, and led him back through the tunnels.
*A trail,* he thought. *You just went plungin' on in them passages, wit' no way of gettin; out, didnt you Marshall? Without these two you would be dead anyway. And this is why you aint a cop* he mused, as they ascended the stairs.
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Hey & Welcome. Smile U know I like this story. Just add a rating. cheers queen
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All three winced, momentarily blinded by the light of the Christmas morning. Alex recovered first.
"Thank God its Christmas," she said. "Now we might be able to get out without anyone seeing us; theres no one here, they'll all be home with their families."
"Yeah," Marshall said bitterly. "We're really lucky its Christmas."
"C'mon, lets get to the car," Martan said, leading the out. "We need to get her to a hospital." Kim made a strangled noise, muffled against Marshall's shirt.
The three of them walked to the side door, and opened it.
"Wait," Alex said, as Marshall and Martan walked into the cold Detroit air. "If the place is closed, why is this door-"
"Its' true look! Eminem....what happened? .....Think he did that? Eminem, Eminem over here...get a shot of them! What the fuck happened.? Hey-did she try to kill herself again? Get the shot!"
The press of photographers and laypeople surged in around them, the flashes of cameras from journalists and people with cell phones was stronger than the sunlight.
"Fuck!" Marshall screamed, and the crowd quieted for a second. "Will ya'll get outta the damn way?"
A few people in the crowd shouted out that they loved him, and he heard someone call "Hey, let the man move!" But the journalists and onlookers only moved in closer, pressing them up against the Hot Rocks door.
Someone tried to shove Alex out of the way, and she knocked the man back. A ripple went through the crowd, like a collective whisper, and the mans friends started to push in again.
"That's *enough*, eso es la gente!" Alex called out, and the people near them backed up as she drew down, letting everyone see the gun. It was probably useless from water blockage, but these people didnt know that.
"Marty, you better know where the fuckin' car is," Alex called behind her.
"Its parked on the other side of the place," Martan said back.
"Jodalo," Alex yelled. "People, please, Im Detroit PD, police, and I need you to back up!"
Some of the people pulled back, but the crowd seemed to be growing. Some of the people were starting to heckle Alex. "You gonna fire that gun or just wave it sweetie?" said one man.
"Mutherfucker, you just proved how stupid you are and its gonna cost you!" she fired back, grabbing the man by the neck and pushing him to the ground. The crowd surged again, converging on Alex.
The crowd pulled back, many of them screaming, as a car roared through the mass of people, stopping in front of Alex. The window rolled down.
"Get in you crazy mutherfucker," said one of the two black men in the front seat to Marshall. "How many times we gotta save your pale, pimply ass?"
"Just drive man," Marshall ordered as the four of them piled into the car.
"You betta thank us for this Em," said the driver, as he stepped on the gas and the car flew away.
"How did they know we were there?" Alex demanded. "Who told everyone?"
"Why the hell were you guys there any-" began the driver.
"Yo, get us to a hospital, ask stupid questions later," Marshall said angrily, his temper officially lost.
Von "Kuniva" Carlisle, looked to the man on his right. "Will you tell him that I am doing that, and that if he wants me to keep blowin' red lights he best start talkin'-"
"I'll give you a puppet show of the whole damn thing *Once you get us-"
"Man, we're just tryna figur out why you went missin' on us and now you show up wit'-that's Kim ri-"
"Nah, its Britney Spears, aint I told you? We're datin' now," Marshall said sarcastically. "She started to sing for me, so I had to beat her practically senseless so bad that she needed a *hos-pi-tal.*"
Denaun "Kon Artist" Porter, turned around in the front seat, to glare at Marshall. "Well why did you leave to go on some quest around the city wit'out-"
"I had to find my family! It wasnt for fun! These two-"
"I'm Alex Rodriguez, Narcotics," she said. "I'll explain if you tell us how you found out something was going on."
"How we found out?" Kon Artist said, disbelieving. "The whole city is sayin' Em kidnapped his family and tried to kill Kim and shit like-"
"What?" Marshall screamed. "Why would I kidnap my own family?"
"I dont know!" Kon Artist said, losing his temper. "Why didnt you call us?"
"Because he told me that I needed to go to the police if-"
"Which hospital am I supposed to get us too?" Kuniva asked. "The one on-"No!"
The car silenced. Marshall turned to Kim, who was coughing. "No," she croaked. "No hospitals."
"Kim-we need to get you to-"
"Look I dont know you," Kim said to Alex, "But I heard them talkin"-cough-"talkin' bout how they have people in the hospitals-"
"Who?" Kon Artist asked.
"Theres no way they are that deep," Alex soothed. "I think you-"
"If you *dare* patronize me honey," Kim said, "I *swear* cop or not I will hit you with that gun and"-cough-"shove that badge up your ass so far"-cough-
"Hate to tell you Kim," Marshall informed her, "But you aint really in a position to make no threats now. Just let us-"
"Marshall!" Kim yelled as loud as she could, which wasnt very, "I'm tellin' you, they know we would go there, I heard em-"
"Kim!" Marshall hollered, "You *can* *NOT* start doin' your crazy shit now, your bleedin' and sick and weak-"
Kim grabbed a hold of Marshall's ear and twisted it with her ripped fingernails. "How weak am I now?"
"You-" Marshall pushed her away, furious, to glare at her. "I ju-"
Kim stared at him, tears running fast down her face. "Marsh, *please*," she begged softly, tears stopping her next words. "I-" she errupted into a fit of coughing that shook her body, and when she righted herself again, there was new blood on Marshall's shirt.
"Von-Kuniva right?" Alex broke the silence. "Take 54 to the highway, then let me drive-my apartments close."
Kuniva nodded, and turned the car.
"Here it is," Alex indicated, as they pulled up by a small house like the one, Marshall mused, he had grown up in.
"Alright-we get in and hope that it takes the rest of Detroit at least a few hours to figure out where we are," said Kuniva, opening the car door.
Marshall felt fingertips at his ear. "Sorry," Kim murmured. "I just had to get your attention."
"Yeah, yeah, sure," Marshall grumbled. "You sayin' that now cuz you need me to carry you in."
"Carry me?" Kim snorted, tossing her head proudly. "I can walk myself thanks." She moved to climb over him, and tripped, her knees buckling.
"Okay," she reddened, mumbling. "Maybe I could, ya know-use some help."
Marshall bit back a smile, and pulled her arm over his shoulder. "We'll compromise, aiight?" He helped her out of the car, and together they limped to the house, Martan in front of them. The handsome man tripped and his cell phone fell out of his pocket, making Marshall and Kim almost collide like a stack of dominos. Martan picked himself up and repocketed his cell phone. "Damn, I would trip over my own feet," he laughed. "Here, let me get the door..."
They entered the house, and stopped; Kuniva looked at Kon Artist, who looked at Marshall, who looked back at Kuniva, then to Kim, and they stared again. "Feels like my home, after I had one too many beers," Kuniva joked.
"Your welcome to leave if it aint up to all ya'll high standards," Alex shot back, pushing aside a dirty sweater and bowl of melted ice cream to clear the couch. "We could go to a fancy hotel, Im sure thats more Eminem and his bands style-forgive me for wanting to be subtle."
Kim giggled. "I'm glad Lady Cop is here to help me keep you guys humble," she said, dreamily. "Since I'm a little under the weather here."
"Yeah, you might wanna remember who saved you, and who can let you-oh, look, I think she's slippin'-"Marshall faked letting Kim slip, and she retaliated by digging her nails into the sensitive part of his neck.
"Play nice you two," Kuniva ordered them, then turned to Alex, pointing at the warring pair, "Can you believe them?"
"Lets get inside," Martan said, ushering everyone in.
"Alright," he said, once inside. "Alex, you can take her upstairs, and fix up what you can. Mr. Mathers, explain to your two friends what has happened over the past 31 hours, while I go call my sergeant and give him some bullshit excuse for what has happened today."
Everyone nodded, Alex coming over to Kim. "I'm Alex Rodriguez, Narcotics, and I need to take you upstairs away from los tipos, and see if I can make you feel some better, okay?"
Kim twisted the side of her mouth, like she always did when not very pleased. "That's great, if you can give me some stuff for the bleeding, but other than that-"
Marshall leaned in to whisper to Alex, "Yeah, she's gonna give you some shit bout how she's fine, but make sure you check her out fully or-"
"Excuse me?" Kim said, coughing. "Since when did you get back the right to have any say-" cough-"about my body? I seem to remember you-"cough-" gave that away three *years* ago when you-" cough-"walked out on us."
Marshall turned away from the venom in her voice. *Yeah-dont thank me for savin' your ass Kim* he thought viciously. *Fuckin' bitch, not five minutes ago you was hangin' on my neck, now you wanna start somthin'.*
Alex looked behind her and then motioned for Marshall to lean in. "Look," she said, below a whisper. "I know-I know we gotta stay strong in this, but-theres some things that just dont add up to me and now I wonder..." Marshall felt fear wash over his body, as for the first time he saw real confusion and uncertainty on the cops face. Alex gave a forced laugh, and pulled Kim over her shoulder. "Tell you later or-just forget about it. C'mon girl, lets go upstairs and have you lie down."
As Alex half-carried a protesting Kim up the sloped stairs, Marshall stood inside a center of silence. *None of us knows what we're doin'*he thought, despairingly. *ShadowFucker is the only one who has a clear idea of what to do, and I'm not stupid enough to think he's done with us. Or done with me.* That was the truth that was killing him, slowly, no matter how he tried to ignore it. *Whatever happens to my family, to my little girls, to my friends, to Alex and Martan...Lainie...Whitney...Kim....Hailie. Its all because of me.*
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"You should lie down on the bed, I'm just gonna go in the bathroom and get the First Aid," Alex said, helping Kim to the squishy, low bed in the center of the bedroom. It was the one room in the house that was neat and clean.
"See-this room is all tidy," Kim said, sitting on the bed, trying not to feel helpless. It was the *worst* feeling in the world, she thought. A sick, spinny, nervous feeling in her stomach, and she *despised it*. It was worse than having the flu, or having butterflies, or being in love.
"Yeah, well," Alex said from the bathroom. "That's not my doing."
Kim leaned forward to peer at the dresser, examining herself in the mirror and flinching. Her black eye was still there, as was the cut on her cheek. Much of her body was crusted with dried blood, and what wasnt was filled in with bruises. *They ruined me* she thought bleakly. *Inside
and out. Just like they promised.*
At least she would fix her hair, she determined. She reached for the brush on Alex's dresser, and her hand stopped at a framed picture. Alex sat, her shoulder over a round face black woman, with short braided hair and an infectious smile. Kim pulled the picture closer.
"Alright, so first we clean the cuts, then we handle what else is hurting-you." Alex stopped, and came over to Kim, who guiltily held the picture. "She's beautiful," Kim offered.
Alex reached out and took the picture from Kim's hand. "Yeah," she swallowed. Alex gently laid the picture face down. "She was."
"Could you sit up straight for me?" Alex said professionally, her voice low and soothing. Kim oblidged. "Could you remove the hoodie?"
Kim reluctantly took off Marshall's coat. Even being soaked, it still smelled like him. Alex took stock of the damage.
"Mary Mother, strike down those fucking dickless bastards," Alex said, and Kim gave a smile. Alex's gentle hands moved first to the main cut, on Kim's right hip, cleaning and bandaging it.
"Are there any areas that hurt more than others, where you feel a stabbing pain or persistant ache?" Alex inquired.
"God-everywhere," Kim admitted. "But nothing feels broken. I mean, there are areas where, ya know-it really hurts, but that just makes sense."
"Do you mind if I-examine there?" said Alex, taking the hint.
Kim shrugged. *I dont care* she thought firmly. "Yeah, your the expert."
"How many were there?" Alex's voice probed.
"I think five," Kim said, closing her eyes.
"Did you see their faces?"
"Some of them," Kim murmured. "One in particular. But I would know all of their voices."
"Bastards," Alex repeated in her slightly audible accent. "Five against one. They didnt have to beat you like this as well as-well-"
"Oh yes they did" Kim said grimly, eyes still shut. "Cuz I did my best to beat them back."
"Muchacha resistente," Alex praised, giving Kim an admiring smile. "Not many girls would do that."
"I fight," Kim said simply. "It's who I am, and what I do. Thanks for thinking its a good thing though-most people would say its my problem"
Alex moved up to Kim's eye level. "Well that depends on who you are fightin'."
Kim's eyes were red and glassy. "Let me get you some dry clothes," Alex offered, going to her closet and pulling out a shirt and some jeans.
"Um-" Kim said, and Alex stopped. "You dont like it?"
"I just-you got anything, shirt-wise that's-long sleeved and cover up more? I just-dont want-the guys to see me" Kim said. *Huh-probably the first time in my life I've ever said *that!*
"Sure," Alex said, giving her a black long sleeved shirt. "Its tight fitting, but its soft and covers up everything," Alex said as Kim put it on.
"Now I dont feel so hideous," Kim remarked.
"Mama, you are nothing close to hideous," Alex complemented. "And I say that honestly- I dont give fake complements"
"You have nice taste." Kim responded. "And I dont give complements at all."
"It isnt mine." Alex nodded. "It looks good on you. Okay-you lie here while I go get you some ice, and then you can sleep while I go downstairs and-"
"Nice try-for a cop I thought you'd be smoother," Kim cut her off, picking herself up. "If your goin' down to talke with the boys than so am I."
"You should *really* rest," Alex insisted.
"I should do alot of things," Kim gave her sideways smile. "But Im not very good at doin' what I *should* do."
"Why you think he's doin' this?" Kuniva asked.
"Does it look like I know?" Marshall retorted.
"He was just sayin' Em," Kon Artist demurred. "Its alotta shit to process, what your tellin' us."
"You think I'm lyin'?" Marshall raised his voice.
"Nah, nah," Kuniva put up his hands. "Man, we knew them rumors wasnt true, and your bodyguards? I mean-them fuckers musta been bribed."
Marshall frowned, "I have no muthafuckin' clue what you guys are sayin', but we need to get help from somebody now. We should call all the rest of-"
"No." Martan sat across from them in the LazyBoy. "We need to lay low until we can find a safe place to put your ex-wife and hope that in the meantime the ShadowKing gives us an ultimatum."
"Thats your big plan?" Marshall scoffed. "Alex had me believin' you was some brilliant ex-cop who-"
"I am not an ex-cop," Martan interrupted. "Unless, of course, I get fired for assisting you, which is likely-"
"So lets tell em what's goin' on!" Marshall yelled. "We need everybody's help in findin' this mutherfucker-"
"You dont seem to realize," Martan began.
"What, I dont realize what?"
"That calling in the police would just have you stuck in an interrogation room for hours, until and assuming you prove your innocence."
"*My* innocence?" Marshall's voice cracked. "Why would I have to prove anything?"
"Well, cuz man," Kuniva stumbled. "You kinda like-the main suspect here."
Marshall turned from one man to the other. "Why-these guys break into my house-"
"Ya bodyguards said there wasnt no break-in," Kon Artist cut off. "They said the alarm system was deactivated from inside, and they just said they heard what they thought sounded like a-ya know-"domestic dispute between you and Kim and-"
"And *WHAT*?" Marshall hollered.
"*And*" Kuniva overrode, "They said they saw "*your* Masserati leave about 12:00 at night, so they didnt check, and everybody is sayin' that you musta-ya know-"
"Kidnapped my own family?" Marshall spat. "Kinda sense does that make, anyone with half a brain should know that I would *never* *EVER* do that!"
"Sorry to say," Martan said, looking at Alex and Kim as they came down the stairs, "but there's alot of people who very much think you really, truly *would* do that."
"But" Marshall began, looking from Martan to Kuniva and Kon to Alex and Kim. "But I wouldnt," he pleaded. "You guys know I would never-never hurt my family, right?"
"Let's all just sit and try and figure out what we do next," Martan said calmly, and his voice was forceful enough to influence everyone to do it.
"Now," he said, "I think that the best thing for us to do would be to wait another 14 hours for a clue from the ShadowKing; in the meanwhile, we can get your friends," he nodded to Marshall, "to a safe place, perhaps in police custody, and then ourselves move around, so as to remain-"
"We dont we go search Hot Rocks again-they might be down in them tunnels, like Kim was," Kuniva offered, placing a strong emphasis on the word *we* as if to make sure Marshall knew there was no way he was kicking the out of the operation now.
"By now, there will be people mobbing the place-anything that will be found would be found by police," Martan explained. "But nothing will be found, because Ragland wont take the chance that cops will come swarming down. Tunnels extend around the city-down there is his domain, we will never find him unless he wants us to."
"It seems like he wants me to," Marshall said, hand over his chin. "I mean-he led me to Kim, I just had to work for her. So-he should do the same, for my girls, that's was you sayin'?"
"Yes," Alex spoke up. "But something tells me that this isnt just some test game, where if you play the rules, you win. He doesnt play like that. My intuition tells me-"
"Your intuition," Martan interrupted, "Applies well to normal cases, but we are dealing with a different kind of-"
"You seem to be trusting yours," Kim noticed. "Why shouldnt she trust hers?"
"Whatever we chose to do," Martan said, " we are all running on no sleep, and we need to make sure certain things are taken care of. I know you two are Mr. Mathers friends-"
"Dont even try," Kon Artist headed Martan off. "We aint goin' nowhere now, and we are gonna be a help."
"And even if you think we aint," Kuniva put in. "We're stayin' wit our man here to help him find his family."
"Well we need at least one of you to get Kim to the station and into protective custody," Alex said, "just to be safe."
"Yeah-Denaun, if you or Rondell can get her there," Marshall said, "or call your family and get someone-"
"Excuse me-" Kim said loudly.
"-To take her there, and tell em not to contact us," Marshall continued.
"You have a gun?"
They turned to Kim. "Because," she said, "unless your gonna put a gun to my head, I am stayin' right fuckin' here. These are my kids, I have *more* reason than you two," she pointed at Kon and Kuniva, "to go looking for em."
"No," Marshall overrode. "You have the most reason to be in a hospital, but since you decided to be paranoid about that shit, the next best place your goin' to is a police station."
"Im sorry," Kim put up her hands and laughed. "See, I musta really hit my head, cuz I swear you just told me what to do."
"No you heard right girl, I am tellin' you what to do," Marshall said dangerously. "And I will *make* you do it to."
"See now I know Ragland musta hit you hard," Kim shot back. "Make me do it? Boy, you have never *made* me do a god damn thing in your whole life, and you are *not* gonna start now."
"You already got hurt-" Alex tried to calm her.
"I. Am. Fine." Kim stated through gritted teeth. "Yeah, I got beat up, so what? I'm on my feet, and I can help get these fuckers. They took my children," Kim said, "and I wanna help get them back."
"But I dont need to be worryin' bout you too when tryna get the girls," Marshall tried to explain, tried to keep his temper, as furious as he was with her.
"Well I dont wanna be worried about you accidentally shooting yourself in the foot either," Kim taunted. "So thats why I'm goin'."
"Oh yeah?" Marshall stood up, and Kim, not to be outdone, pushed herself to her feet with the bannister.
"Hey, hey," Kuniva stepped between them, before they really started a fight. Alex and Martan might not realize that this was nothing but a preview, but he did, and he was gonna head off the storm. "We gotta try and work together right? So lets just try and get some sleep, with some of us keepin' watch, aiight? So lets just try that okay?"
Alex, Martan, and Kon nodded okay. "Okay?" He said to Marshall, the to Kim. They both nodded.
The group dispered-the two cops decided to take first watch. Alex smiled at Kon and Kuniva. "Dont worry, you guys are taking second. Everyone gets a watch-and everyone gets a gun," she announced, leading the two men downstairs to help her carry them. "Even if you aint a good shot, Raglands men might not know that."
Kim wished for a second Alex was there to help her up the stairs. *Hey-you said your fine* she thought, mentally kicking herself. *So prove it*
"Kim." She turned to see Marshall bound up the stairs, and watched with envy. He stood face to face with her. "Look, I'm just tryna watch out for you."
"Yeah, I know," Kim said, determined not to wince in front of him. "But these are my kids too, ya know?"
"Yeah but-its *my* job to keep em safe," Marshall insisted.
"Why just you?"
"Cuz, cuz Im the man, and Im supposed to take care of my family, and I couldnt," Marshall looked away, the back, "I cant fail em. I already came late for you-"
"No," Kim argued. "You came just in time." Rolling her eyes and sighing, she said, "And thanks." Marshall laughed softly at how hard it was for her to say it. "But Im here and Im fine," she asserted. "And now *we* WE," she took Marshall's face in one hand and turned in to hers. "We are gonna get our girls back. We are."
Marshall nodded. "Yeah."
"Yeah," Kim looked at him for a minute like she wanted to say something, then turned and walked up the stairs. Marshall was about to point out her limp, but decided not to start it up again.
*She's bein' a stubborn-ass bitch* he reasoned. *But fuck am I glad she's alive to give me attitude.*
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"So are we goin' in to get him?" Jose asked, nursing his side. He heard some noise from the girl a wall away. "Shut up," he ordered.
"No, no," Ragland said, his voice deep and pleasured. "No, he will come to us. That's the idea, remember. Besides, the more he avoids the police..."
"The more they think he's guilty," Jose said, voice hard and angry.
"Its your own fault you got hurt man," Ragland dissmissed Jose's pain.
"Yeah well, these women are gettin' on my fuckin' nerves," Jose ranted. "They're worse than that faggot himself. Now the older girl is acting up, since she realized the big bitch got out, and shut UP," he yelled at the room. "Are we gonna..."
"No," the ShadowKing said definitively. "No, not like her aunt. That wouldnt look right. But do give her a little more something to calm her," Ragland grinned back to where Alaina sat, shooting her mouth off at the guards. He indicated with his hands, and one burly man came forward with the needle. He watched through the glass as she blanched and tried to pull away from the advancing needle. The guards held her in place.
"Yes," he mused. "We just need to see if her doting uncle can pick her out from our uh, "line-up"," Ragland chuckled, striking a match. "And if he even wants to."
Hey, here's the next bit-but I would love to know what you guys think. I mean-*any* kind of posting is great, and I know yall are probably busy, but i love when you guys tell me-oh, i think this is gonna happen, oh i feel bad for this person, oh i really hope that one gets it-stuff like that. Be nice, Im a writer were all insecure!
Alex opened her eyes. Something was wrong. She turned to the side of the bed where Mira lay, and smiling turned to watch her, as she liked to do while her lover was asleep. The woman turned, her pale skin illuminated by the sliver of moonlight through the window, and Alex's heart broke into a million pieces all over again.
*She's gone* Alex moved away from Kim, her knife wounded face seeming hard even in sleep. Then she crinkled her nose, which looked so far from the tough woman Alex had seen during the day, that the cop almost laughed aloud.
It felt wrong, to have another woman in their bed. And the lust Alex had felt when examining Kim burned like a betrayal now, of the memory of the woman she had loved. *Memory* Alex thought. *Is that all she is now? Is that what people you love become, when you can't see or touch or or talk to or kiss them anymore?*
Alex got up, quietly, and moved downstairs, making no sound. It wasnt a result of her police training-it was just something she had always been able to do. She heard a low persistant sound, and drew her gun. It hadnt left her hand, even while she had slept that night. She advanced down the stairs, and looked into the living room.
She rolled her eyes, and put her gun away. "It isnt your watch," she said to Marshall, who sat watching the TV.
"Oh shit-sorry, did I wake you up?" he asked, looking up from the couch.
"No," Alex said, coming to sit on the table near him. "I thought Martan and your friend were supposed to be watching?"
"They are," Marshall said, rubbing his face. "I just been up."
"Uh-huh," Alex observed the cycles under his eyes. "Have you slept at all tonight?"
"Nope. And I didnt last night. And I wont be able to, until," Marshall swallowed. "My girls is all back home. I cant fall asleep, or Ragland might-might get the jump on me again-"
"Hey," Alex said. "That's not going to happen. You are not alone in this, we're all-"
Alex's head whipped up.
"Wha-" Alex put her hand over Marshall's mouth to silence him. She nodded for him to follow her, and he pulled the pistol from under the couch. She led him to her back door, where the screen door was the only barrier between them and the porch door. Alex had argued with Mira about that. Said it wasnt safe. Mira had called it paranoia, and insisted they buy the house.
Alex turned to him again. "But it's alright you know," she said calmly. "Because they are never going to win the series," Marshall stared at her. "Dont believe me?" she continued. "Well believe me when I say-"
Alex rushed through the porch door, catching the dark figure and dragging it inside.
"On your knees mutherfucker," she instructed, holding her gun to his head.
"Jesus Alex, what the fuck, get that gun off of me, Im, Im tryin to help you!" the shadow cowered.
"Sebastian, dont you know not to prowl around my house?" Alex said, standing him up. Sebastian shrugged. "God, you are a crazy woman, I come to help-" He cought sight of Marshall and stopped. "Damn. Then its true."
"Look at me," Alex turned him back. "What is true? What were you coming to tell me?"
"The police are three blocks away," Sebastian said, looking from her to Marshall. "They have a warrant for his," he indicated Marshall, "arrest. And yours too."
"Why?" Alex demanded.
"Cuz, they say he kidnapped his family, and killed his ex-wife or sumthin'-"That's pure fuckin' bullshit," Marshall said loudly. "My family did get kidnapped, but not by me, and who the fuck says-"
"Look, its all over the news," Sebastian put up his hands. "Dont shoot the muthafuckin' messenger."
"How many are coming?" Alex asked.
"Like one undercover car," Sebastian said. "Not many. Most of em are over at his friends houses, think he's there. Some are down over by 8 mile, cuz everyone been sayin' you would show up there obviously."
"Why obviously?" Alex asked, as Kon and Martan came into the room.
"Great fuckin' guards you are," Marshall shot at them.
"Why obviously?" Alex said again.
"Cuz of all the messages up there sayin thats where you'll be-the, the ones you put up," Sebsatian pointed at Marshall. "The graffiti and the burn marks, you know?"
Marshall stared blankly. "Turn on the TV," Sebastian said, pointing to it.
Alex grabbed the remote, and turned it to the news channel.
"More on the developing Eminem story in a minute," the newswoman said.
"Christ," Kon breathed.
"Yo-go wake up Kim and Ron," Marshall ordered. "Tell em to get dressed and get down here."
"How much time do we have?" Alex asked Sebastian.
"I dont know," Sebastian breathed.
"What's goin' on?" Kim said, pulling on her shoes as she came down with Denaun.
"Police coming," Martan said. "We need to move out-"
"And now for more on the developing story that has proved so disturbing especially at this time of the year." All eyes turned to the TV.
"It was just this morning police received an annonymous tip that some kidn of disturbance had happened at the home of rap superstar Eminem. When police arrived, they found signs of a struggle, blood on the floor, and all the members of the stars family gone. Later on Christmas day, people surrounded a Hot Rocks Cafe to see Eminem himself emerge carrying the brutally beaten body of what appeared to be his ex-wife, Kimberly Mathers accompanied by two as yet unnamed members of the Detroit PD. The three were then picked up by two of the rappers friends and members of his rap band D12,"
"Rap *group*, not band *group*" Kon muttered.
"Who dispersed the mob with their car, and carried all three people away.
An arrest warrant has been issued on testimony offered by one of Eminem's guards outside his multimillion dollar mansion, who say that he saw Mr. Mathers fight with, strike, and knock unconscious his ex-wife, and proceed to move all of his children into a Masserati, and drive off into the night."
On the screen, they watched as pics from Hot Rocks were displayed, along with photos of Marshall's house.
"Now, we are receiving some new information I believe Christy?" said the newswoman to a reporter who was apparently standing outside in downtown Detroit. "Christy, what do you have for us?"
"Well, we have some new twists in this story," said Christy. "I am standing along 8 mile road, the one Eminem made famous in his movie of the same name, and behind me you can see," the screen panned off to show a sparwling graffitiied backwards E on the side of a building. "You can see some of the markings downhere, that are written as if by Eminem, although police do not yet know if they are related. Underneath is-Now-one of the things-" Christy stumbled.
"Are you still there?" asked the first newswoman.
"Yes," Christy recovered. "It is just-the graffiti done behind me was not done in spraypaint." The picture panned to show police standing by the artwork, the full workings of a crime scence. "This was done in the blood of a woman who was found dead underneath it, a backward E carved into her front, and on her forehead the letter A was also carved. Police are telling me she appears to be a prostitute, and she did not die from bloodloss, but from an overdose of almost perfectly pure heroin."
"Thank-thank you Christy," the newswoman said. "And I am sorry you had to report such a story on Christmas."
"Oh my god," Kim said, voice cracking. "It's Alaina. He's-he's telling us thats where she is. How-how she's gonna be if-"
"We tell the police," Marshall said. "If we tell em, they can help us, they'll know I'm not guilty, and then they'll help us find Alaina."
"No," Martan said. "You dont get it-youve been framed."
"Yeah, but if I turn myself in, Kim can back up my story and-"
"Meryl," Alex said. "She's dead." They turned to her. "I know it," she explained grimly. "I just do. Without her..."
"But nothing adds up-"
"Who told your bodyguards to say this?" Martan said. "If he can make them lie-and who leaked all this shit to the police? Ragland's making a show of it-he's not worried about police. He knows how long things will take if you get caught up with them. Maybe this was his plan."
"We need to run," Alex said. "We need to get out-"
"How?" Sebastian said. "There are police two blocks-one, maybe less away. You'll get caught if you try to run-"
"I still dont think we should run-" Marshall began.
"Its your choice, but ask Alex how well working with the police gets you when Ragland is involved," Martan countered. "Ask her-she's tried it. Ask-"
"There's no way for us to get out," Kon pointed out. "They know our car, they-"
"How many cars do you have?"
Sebastian turned to Kim. "What?"
"Do you have more than one?"
"What no-wait-my brothers-"
"I know what to do," Kim said, loud enough for everyone to hear. "We can get past the cops. Its not as hard as you think."
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"Hey J," the cop said to his partner as they drove up towards the house. "Man, I'm sorry we have to do this shit on Christmas. I know you wanted to spend it with Georgia. I swear, I'm gonna beat this entitled mutherfucker's head in."
"Its weird though, isnt it?" said the driver as they pulled slowly towards the small house. "I mean, Rodriguez went a little off since her girlfriend killed herself like that, but I always thought she was a good cop, ya know? And about Eminem kidnappin' his family-how does that make sense?"
"Its easy J," his partner responded, as they moved towards Alex's house. "Man has his family over for Christmas, ends up fighting with his ex-wife, big surprise. She finally goes one too far and he kills her. So he panicks right? Then, he dont wanna lose his kids, so he takes them away, puts his ex's body somewhere, and tries to tell the cops that someone else did it. Punk woulda gotten away with it to if three of his bodyguards hadnt seen im-"
"What's that?" the driver said, as a black car pulled out of Alex's driveway.
"Shit, their goin," said J, and reved up the car. The black car stopped."Thats the one that they got in when they busted through that crowd. J rolled down the window.
"Rodriguez, its Joe Hinds," the driver yelled out the window. "Look, pull over so we can-"
The car blared its headlights and zoomed forward.
"Follow em," J's partner ordered, and they sped off after the car.
"And off they run," Alex said, watching the car lights fade down the streets.
"And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the slip," Kim said smoothly, spreading her hands. "Cops just always wanna jump on someone, so you give em someone to jump on."
"Don't keep provoking me, I just might," Alex said to the backseat, carefully pulling the car out of Sebastian's driveway.
"She will," Marshall said to Alex. "She dont know how to shut her mouth-not to cops, not to judges-"
"Shit and you do?" Kon laughed.
"Please, he's just jealous he didnt think of it himself," Kim scoffed. "Marshall's always got on the wrong side of cops, and he always seems to get caught," she said, sing-song. "So he decided to play good-boy and not get in trouble."
"Oh yeah, cuz jail's just so much fun," he shot back.
"I handled it," Kim bragged. "But your right, it wouldnt have been fun for you. Your definately prettier than alot of girls I saw in there, so if *you* went to jail with all those guys...."
"Oh!" Alex laughed aloud. Martan snorted, and Kon and Kuniva pretended not to laugh.
"If you dont mind me askin', where exactly are we goin'?" Marshall interrupted, face turning red. "Cuz my daughter and niece are sorta out there, and kinda in the hands of a madman who just framed me and killed some whore to write a challenge on my name down there, and so I apologize if I'm not laughin'."
He glared at Kim, who shot daggers back at him with her eyes. *If looks could kill she'd be fryin' and boilin' me right now* he thought. *But Oh! They dont, and so you can give me that look all you want girl.*
"You say your mom's a crackhead and Kim's a known slut/
So what's Hailie gonna be when she grows up?"
"What the fuck?" Kon pulled out his cell phone.
"Why the hell is that your ringtone?" Marshall accused.
"Its not it's-I dont know what happened it just-"
"Gimme it," Marshall grabbed, leaning over Kon, Kuniva and Kim, all squished in the back seat, almost knocking the car over.
"Hey hey hey!" Alex called. "Dont fuck up our getaway car, if we have to walk we'll be beyond fucked."
"Nice goin' fat ass," Kim mumbled.
"You shut up," Marshall said, stung. "I weight 160lbs. At least I'm not six feet tall, anorexic, with a Naomi Campbell complex. And my ass is beautiful, in every single way. Your words cant bring me down."
Marshall looked down at the phone.
/Hey man, long time, no talk!
Finally got 2 reach you-hope u not tied up ( lol).
Want u to kno Al is just fine. Might b sleepy. She's wit the girls, over at a big party we throwin, on 8 mile. Sry-we lost her in the crowd. All them girls look alike, dont they? Cm on over to St. Andrews, and give us a performance man-light the place on fire. Yrs truly-/
"Give me that," Marshall saw the scarlet nails too late, and grabbed air. "Yo, Kim-"
"What did it say?" Martan cut it.
"It said-" Marshall tried to grab the phone from Kim, who just held it out of his reach. *Grr. Why did I have to fall for the tallest woman, as well as the bitchiest?* "Take us to St. Andrews, over on-"
"He can't be there," Kon put in. "Police there, remember? They'd see him."
"Not if he's not above ground," Alex said front the front of the car. "Tunnels go out from there as well."
"How did he reach your phone?" Kuniva asked.
"I dont know, he aint on my contact list!"
"The way he talks on here is just-I mean, he's inviting us here," Kim said. "It's like a-"
"Trap," Martan, Alex and Marshall all said. "No shit. But last time once I beat up that little pussy with a hook nose, I found you," Marshall explained to Kim. "What choice do we have?"
"None," Martan said grimly. "Just the ones he gives us."
"There's something we're missing," Kim said stubbornly. "I mean-why is he doin' this, whats the-"
"The motive?" Martan said. "Been tryna figure that out for a long time."
"Guy's brilliant, and crazy," Martan shrugged. "That's all I got."
"Two years and that's all you got," Alex said quietly. "That says something."
"What?" Marshall asked.
"I dont know," she answered. "That all I got for now."
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Yo-this is near where-"
"No it isnt."
"Yes, it is," Marshall said, irritated that Alex thought she knew 8 mile better than he did. "We need to go-"
"We're not going to St. Andrews," Alex said.
"What? Why?" Marshall said, angry.
"Because he'll know if we go there. We're taking the way by a-friend of mine'," Alex said.
"Who?" asked Martan.
"We need to get there fast," Marshall complained. "We cant waste time-"
"Trisha," Alex answered. "We're not, we're getting in a way they wont see, so they wont know we're coming. She has access to some of the-"
"-tunnels under the city," Kim finished. "You mean Trish Johston?"
"Yeah," Alex said. "Know her?"
"I-" Kim, looked away, and mumbled something.
"What?" Alex followed up.
"I used to work for her," Kim said, embarassed.
Marshall frowned. Had he ever heard of a Trish? Who Kim had worked for...around *here*-
"Was that when you was workin' as a hooker?" he realized.
Kim glared at him. "No. I worked as a masseusse.
"Ha-yeah, sure," Alex laughed. "And my dad was a "sanitation engineer, and my ma was a "domestic engineer" and Jenna Jameson is an "adult entertainer." Martan, Kuniva and Kon snorted too.
"Fuck all you guys," Kim spat. "Your all guys, or as good as. You-you dont know-"
"Yeah, cuz God forbid you coulda got a real job, as a waitress or some shit," Marshall said darkly. "Na, you had to suck a hundred different dudes for your money. Probably gave me a disease from all that shit-"
"*You* werent getting it at that time," Kim accentuated back. "You were probably paying for it then. Im surprised I didnt see you in there. Oh wait-you probably would've gone over to the fag joint over on 35."
"Oooh, them's fightin' words," Alex hummed.
"I'm supposta feel bad I wasnt one of a hundred guys gettin' the same washed up, bleached hair bitch you could find anywhere in this city?" Marshall said softly, with poison in his voice.
"No-I guess all those groupies were supposed to feel flattered-" Kim began.
"I dont feel very safe right now," Kuniva said, gripping his seat, wedged between the warring pair who were now starting to get in each others faces.
"-feel flattered," Kim continued. "that they got to screw the biggest dork passing for a gangster who probably couldnt even do it," she said, making a small pinch with her fingers.
"Made *you* scream, didnt it?" Marshall spat back. "You fucked me a hundreds different times when we wasnt even *on*, so obviously kept you comin' back."
"Please," Kim scoffed.
"Please?" Marshall said, moving closer.
"Let me out!" Kuniva begged.
"That wasnt why I kept coming back, dont flatter yourself," she said, now fully angry.
"Oh?" Marshall yelled. "Then what? The money?"
"Oh you-sure, sure!" Kim screamed back at him. "Your gonna think that anyway, so there. Go ahead and believe it now, you fucking-"
A sharp, painful whistle made everyone cover their ears. "Jesus, Mary Mother," Alex said, angry. "Cant we keep it together for one hour people? I feel like I have become an unwilling participant in a threesome tonight. As much fun as it is watching a replay of "When Crazy met Crazier", I would like to keep it professional here. Once we get your girls back you two can go back and have a nice angry fuck, but for now, lets *try* to act like adults."
The car drove on in embarassed silence.
"Umm-" Kim began in a small voice.
"No," Alex shot down.
"I ju-"
No, Alex shot down Marshall too. She stopped the car. "This is our stop. Let's get out, and let me do the talking."
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Kim walked, fuming to the door of the whorehouse. *Massage Parler* she thought furiously. *Its-oh, who am I kidding?* she gave in. *But I never got a disease, ever. He *knows* that, thats my one magic gift. *Ass*hole! He whores himself and our whole *family* for the whole *world* and gets pissed at me! At least I never hurt anyone.* He whole body felt hot, her skin prickled, her breathe was coming faster. They hadnt fought like this for a while now-they had been trying to keep things friendly. That was it, she decided. It had been a while and she was surprised, that was why she felt so tightly wound up. Her heart beat fast and she willed it silent.
Alex touched the door, face frozen. "What?" Kim asked. Alex touched the door, and it opened.
"No lock?" Kuniva said, dissaproving. "That aint smart."
Ignoring him, Alex pulled out her gun. "Woah, Lady Cop has some heat now," Kon said, backing up. She nodded to the others to arm themselves, and they went inside.
The scene was silent now, but the obvious signs of a struggle were aparent in the toppled furniture and broken glass. Alex walked through the room, taking it all in. "They fought hard," she observed, her eyes not in the present. "It didnt help them."
"They would," Kim said, and almost slipped. "Oh," she looked down, then knelt. She put her hand in the pool of blood and narrowed her eyes.
"This dont help us then," Marshall said, irritated.
"It means something," Alex said. "Means we know they need prostitutes for their plan, whatever the hell it is."
"So what? If we..."
Kim zoned them out. The pool dragged on over to the next room, the drops making a little trail. On her knees, so that she could see them in the early morning light, she crawled after them. A splatter here...a splash there...she followed them into the next room, to the carpet, the couch...
"-And if we don't then we'll-"
"Hey," Alex said, walking around Marshall and his flailing arms, completely ignoring him. "What is she doing?"
Kim touched the couch. The blood trail ended here, but their was no blood on it. She ran her hand over the space under it-nothing at a swipe. She twisted her lips to the left. She sat down heavily on the couch, and bounced on it a few times.
"Ummm-does she usually do this?" Martan asked Marshall. Marshall shook his head, eyes fixed on her. "I think they gave her something," he said.
Kim stopped. There it was-a squeak. She jumped again, and heard and thump. Dropping to her knees, she bent over so her head was upside down. A pair of big brown, terrified eyes stared back at her.
"Don't, dont, dont I'm-"the voice whimpered, and pushed weakly back at her. "No, I'm-I dont wanna go, Im no good leave me alone-"
"Calm down, calm down," Kim said, catching the girls arms. "Look at me; do I look like the men who attacked you?"
The girl quieted. "Did you see them too?" she whispered.
"I think so," Kim said gently. "You're hurt; c'mon out." The girl shook her head.
"I promise, we are not going to hurt you-see, I got hurt by them too," Kim assured, pointing to her cheek. "You got nothing to be afraid of, I swear on my daughters life. I wont let anyone hurt you-look in my eyes, and just go on what you see there. If they say trust me, than trust me. If not, trust yourself." The girl closed her eyes, and then opened them. "You wanna come out?" Kim said, slowly. The girl nodded.
Kim took the girls hands and firmly, carefully helped her out. "There..."
The girl started when she saw the others and tried to pull away. "No, no , no," Kim stopped her. "Two of em are police." The girl pulled harder. "They're okay, your not going to get in any trouble," Kim held her. "They just wanna find the people who hurt you."
The girl whimpered, and Alex knelt down beside her as well. "Your bleeding," Alex noted; the girl held her side. "What's your name?"
The girl swallowed. "Shina," she forced out. It was less than a whisper.
"Okay, Shina," Alex said. "We wanna help you out. I know some First Aid, and I can get you to a hospital, but I need your help on something, alright?" Alex asked. The girl nodded again.
"Okay-the people who came and attacked you-did you see who they were?"
Shina took a deep breathe. "They were some-some of these big guys, we thought they wanted drugs," she rasped. "We were'nt gonna be long, we were having Christmas at my aunts, just pick up some stuff, but they knew. They came, cuz Trish had," Shina coughed, and Alex waited. "They said she had refused a business deal, and then they-they...they cut me, but I ran out, then back in....I grabbed the couch and pulled so I was on the bottom of it, above the floor...I heard them." Shina's eyes were wide with horror. "I heard what they did to her. They made her beg. They said if she did all the things they said it would save her life...but they killed her anyway. And Reema. They strangled her. It-it took a-a while..." Shina broke off, shivering in horror.
"Do you know what business deal she turned down?" Alex said insistently.
Shina shook her head. "I know-I dont think she wanted to sell the place. And-she wasnt gonna let her girls go to the party."
"What party?"
"The underground one. She said it didnt feel right. They've been tryna get girls to come there and giving free passes, free drugs, free clothes, free money-she said it didnt feel right. She said-why would they wanna have all those girls there? Who needs all those girls at once? And she was right."
"When was the party?"
"Its tomorrow night," Shina said. "Night after Christmas. But I heard them," Shina raised her voice. "They talked. They said that it was all-all so they could have him come. I dont know who him was, but they said he would come, he would take the challenge to his name, and he would come looking for her. But he would never find her in there, in with all the otha girls. They said she would-be like her aunt and her mom? And would be just like all the hoes there, and they would keep him looking, and since he would never find her, he would burn wit the rest of em, when they lit it up."
Shina opened her eyes. "All them girls-they just gonna kill em."
The two women turned to face the men. Marshall locked eyes with Kim.
"Alaina," they both said.
"Oh no."
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"Well then lets fuckin' go!" Marshall broke the silence.
"She's hurt," Alex said, examining Shina. "We have to-"
"No, we dont," Marshall cut off. "We need to go now, before they-they-"
"Place doesnt open until tomorrow night," Shina said, looking to Marshall, then recognizing him, staring.
"See?" Alex said. "We need to find a way in where they wont see us."
"How?" Marshall yelled.
Alex turned back to Shina. "Shina?" She continued staring at Marshall. "Shina?"
"Yeah," the girl turned back.
"Is there a way in you could show us where they might not see us?" Alex asked. "A backdoor of some kind?"
"The-party's underground," Shina whispered. "Girls are supposed to come to St. Andrews and then they show you down. You meet a guy at the door and you get blindfolded, so you cant see them cuz-" Shina stopped.
"What?" Alex pressed.
"So-so you cant-report them," she said, looking from Alex to Martan. "You know."
"No; not really dulce," Alex said. Kim smiled; it seemed like Alex surpressed her accent, but when it came through it was warm and rich.
"So-so we cant expose them," Shina said. "Its always like that."
"How long have these parties been going on?" Martan asked.
"For a year," Shina said.
"Wait-expose who?" Kim asked.
"The police," Shina said, matter-of-factly. "They the ones who the parties is for."
Alex opened and closed her mouth. "Mi Dios," she whispered.
Marshall stood against the kitchen sink, a Mountain Dew he didnt really feel like drinking in his hand. *This is bullshit* he thought. Alex was tending to the girl upstairs. The plan was to have Alex and Shina pose as prostitutes, with Martan as a cop coming in. Once the girls got inside, they would knock out the bouncer with Martan's help and let him, Kim, Kon and Kuniva down. Shina knew where they could hide and not be seen. They would find Alaina and hopefully get out.
*Hopefully* Marshall thought bitterly. *Hopefully. Thats great thats just fuckin'-*
"There you are." He looked at Kim as she walked in.
"Ive been thinkin'" she began. He frowned *Oh God* "Maybe you shouldnt go-"
"Dont even fuckin' *start*" he cut off.
"-Because you'll get recognized if anyone even catches sight of your pointy nose," she continued, "and-"
"And what about you, huh?" he raised his voice. "People recognize you too! Or do you just want to go in like Alex and that other hoe are, run around with all the police there, see if you can snow somebody else inta payin' you for-"
"I dont do that-"
"Anymore?" Marshall laughed in her face. "Girl, thats all you do. Sleep wit men for money so you dont gotta do any work. It just took me too damn long to realize that was what you was doin wit me."
"That's not true and you know it isnt true," Kim countered.
"I dont know shit, apparently," Marshall said sarcastically. "I dont know keep myself hidden, when I have to do it every time I leave the house. I dont know what my niece looks like, so this fucker thinks I wont be able to find her here. Accordin' to you, I dont know how to fuck-"
"Will you shut the fuck up?" Kim said, whirling around to look at him. "I'm sorry I hurt your *pride* sooo much, but after all the shit you said about me? I guess I figured I had a right to say some stuff too."
"So you go on air and *prove* your a whore," Marshall argued. "I mean-if you sleep wit somebody you dont want to, and you lie and take their money-guess what that makes you? I shoulda known, all them times you did me was just to get somethin from me. You coulda left, but nah-you had to have somebody to fuck on the side, and stay wit me so you could get my cash-"
"That. Isnt.True," Kim yelled. "I cheated on you so you would know you couldnt do it to *me* and get away with it, like you kept doin on the road, and cuz it made you mad and when you were mad at me and you-" Kim stopped, and turned around.
"What?" Marshall walked up behind her, and she turned her face away from him. "When I was mad at you; what?"
"Im not-forget it," Kim mumbled.
*This is new* Marshall thought. He had never really seen her back out of a fight because something embarassed her. "Why would you *want* me mad at 'chu?"
Kim bit her lip and didnt turn. *Fuck-I really dont want to have this conversation* "I-its nothing."
"Why?" she felt him whisper in her ear, his breath hot at her neck. "Explain to me how me bein' mad is good."
"Dont, we shouldnt even be having this conversation when-" she turned to go and he gripped her arms.
"Tell me."
Kim debated hitting him, but that would just start a fight.
"Tell me," he said again, his voice soft, seductive and cruel. "Tell me why me bein' mad at you is good."
Kim looked away from him. "Because-when you were mad at me-and then we' together. You know-have sex, it was like- you were soo mad..." she closed her eyes.
*Just admit it* "And then you would want me, and you-I would look in your eyes and you wanted to hurt me-hit me. But you didnt."
She bit her lip; her chest rose and fell. She could feel him behind her. Feel his body heat, close to her but not touching...his breath was at the back of her neck. "I could feel how you wanted to hurt me, but you never did. You couldnt. Even as mad as you got, you couldnt make yourself hurt me. You wanted me. You loved me. I could see you fightin' it-in your eyes. Even when you-you almost forced me-I still could see you, you just *couldnt* hurt me. We'd fight a bit yeah, but-in the end you gave in. And then you'd take me and it was hard and rough and dark, but it felt good-and it would hurt, and I'd scratch you, and you'd bite me, and you were no boy, you were a man and... but-in the end, you'd kiss me and it would be gentle...soft...cuz that's how you'd kiss was like-fighting and fucking at the same time, it was blending two kinds of heat-and there were times I almost *wanted* you to hit me harder..."
Her breathing was heavy now, but she was so lost in it she couldnt make herself stop. "It was like...I was bad, you were bad and it was so bad...wrong...but we'd just get so caught up in it it didnt matter...didnt matter how big you were or whatever...just mattered was like we were tied up...bound up, prisoner to this thing we couldnt stop. Under it you loved me and I loved you, but sometimes-it was like you were my enemy and I-I need that-I deserved that I..."

She could feel his breath, as fast as hers. She wondered if she touched his skin, would it feel as hot as hers?
"Kim?" She felt him touch her shoulder, and she turned.
She looked him straight in his eyes, and she was scared. Not because they were cold, or cruel or angry-seeing that in them only scared her sometimes. What she saw scared her because she never felt she deserved that look. It scared her because people told her sometimes *she* had it in her own eyes.
Marshall moved close to her, his mouth inches from hers. "I'm not like that," he said, voice soft. Kim frowned. "Wha-"
He shook his head, still near her. "I'm not like them other guys. I'm not like them guys who hurt you, I'm not like my father, and-and I'm not like *your* stepfather-I'm not gonna hurt you. I told you that the first time." Marshall stepped back, backing away from her. "I'm not gonna hurt you cuz you want-but I aint gonna elt you control me neither-that's...not who I am." He shook his head, as if he was scared of something. He raised his eyebrows. "I'm not," he whispered, moving out of the room.
Kim turned back to the kitchen table. *What the fuck did I just do?* She stood still for a minute, then slammed her hand down on the surface. Then she slumped to the floor, as the tears ran, cold down her burning skin.
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"Wait up!"
Marshall hurried after Kim and Alex, as they twisted through the press of beautiful, blindfolded women. Alex stopped.
"Great," he said, "just wait up, I'll be-"
Alex wasnt looking at him. She was staring at a pretty black woman who emerged from the crowd. Alex looked mesmerized; entranced. Marshall watched her be kissed by the woman. Alex looked as if she had recognized someone she hadnt seen for a long time. The woman took Alex's hand and led her into a side room.
"No!" Marshall cried in frustration. "We gotta find Alaina!"
The door shut.
*Fuck* Marshall turned to look for Kon and Kuniva; they would have his back. He pushed through the crowd, as women tried to pull him back.
"There you guys ar-"
His two friends were occupied with four women, who, despite the blindfold's, didnt seem to have any problem finding things with their hands.
"What are you guys doing?" Marshall screamed. "We need to find Alaina!"
Kon laughed, as if drunk. The air seemed filled with gold sand-gold dust.
They ignored him.
Marshall saw a flash of blond hair moving at his right.
"Lainie?" he heard.
He followed the swish of Kim's hair.
"Wait up!" he called. She turned back to look at him. "I cant," she laughed at him. "Why dont you keep up?"
He ran after her, as she turned down a dark tunnel. The tunnels were black and deep purple; she turned into a door, and it shut.
"No!" Marshall tried to open the door. "Kim, open it, please!" He heard the laughter of women inside. Marshall yanked *hard*, and the door opened.
Crimson velvet covered the walls; purple-black roses were everwhere. The bed was covered with

"I have a bad feeling about this," Shina said, for the fifty-fourth time, as they emerged across the street from the side door into St Andrews.
"I dont see why," Marshall responded in a whisper. "I mean-we're just walkin' into a party for corrupt fuckin' cops-sorry," he directed at Alex and Martan, "where we gotta find my niece in wit a bunch a blind hoes-sorry," he said to Shina, "before we all burn to hell wit some fuckin' psycho crazier than me and her," he jerked his head towards Kim. He looked into her eyes. "Sorry."
She shrugged. She had been avoiding him as they ran over how they were to enter. He wanted to talk to her, and he wanted to stay as far away from her as possible. He wanted to help her, because he knew under the tough girl facade she was hurting. He wanted to hurt her for hurting him.
*Okay-focus now. Time to find our girls. Think about my crazy ex-ex-wife later*
He shivered as they walked towards the door. He had been trying to not think about this; it sent a flush of anger and fear through his body. He couldnt lose any of his babies, and Alaina was as much his daughter as Hailie. He didnt care; he realized, if he killed a hundred police and went to jail for all his life. He was getting his girls back.
They were at the door. Shina stopped, and the group bumped into her back. She shivered; under her coat, she was wearing, like Alex, a Christmas colored outfit of almost nothing.
"I just-once I show you how to get down," she requested. "Then can I go? Cuz-ya know, I helped yall then right?"
"But we need you to help show us how to avoid getting seen," Alex said gently. "We'll be with you."
Shina didnt look comforted, but she seemed to realize she had no choice, and she led them through the door. "Stay here," she said, pushing Marshall, Kim, Kon and Kuniva into a shadowy corner. Martan wrapped his arms around Alex and Shina, and led them up to the figure the other four could only just make out. He led them to the wall and got down on his knees to open something. Martan and the two women followed the guard down into the floor.
"Damn, thats a good id-" Marshall began, when he felt an elbow in his chest.
Kim shushed him. "Yo, do that again," he mumbled. "I swear....yo, when do we know when to go?"
"I dunno," Kon said. "Martan said-"
"If you *shut* *up*," Kim said through gritted teeth. "You would be able to hear the signal."
The three men frowned at each other. "What sig-" Kim clamped a hand over Marshall's mouth.
From below them came a thump, and a soft cough. Marshall pushed Kim's hand off his mouth. "That signal," she said, before hurrying over to the trapdoor.
"Yo; why didnt we know this shit was here?" Kon asked the other two as they followed the swish of blonde hair down.
"I guess we just lost track of here when we left," Marshall thought. *Bitter-fuckin sweet aint it?*
Marshall emerged at the bottom to see Martan and the girls standing over the huge guards body.
"Did you-you-" Shina whimpered.
"No, I did not kill him," Martan said. "He's just knocked out."
"I never saw you do that before," Alex said drily.
"Something I learned from my father-in the marines," he explained to the others.
"'Wish I had known how to do that," Kim said, her arms crossed.
"Lucky you have a gun," Alex said.
"Yeah-are you really sure you *reallly* need that?" Marshall laughed uneasily. "Like seriously," his face straightened. "Me and Kon and Kuniva have all got guns. You dont need one too. You'll probably shoot yourself in-"
"In the foot?" Kim offered. "Like, you know, you did one day? I think I can handle a gun, Ive used one before now."
"I was very happy not knowing that fact," Marshall said, looking straight ahead. "I really, really am goin' to pretend that you did not just say that."
Shina, Alex, Kon and Kuniva laughed-Marshall saw Kim's lip twitch in a repressed smile. "So how are we doin this?"
Shina nodded to steel herself. "Well, me and the two police are gonna go straight-the two tunnels to the sides lead down hall ways where there are rooms where the girls or sometimes guys do their business with whoever they pick. Theres a view into each room from the tunnel you go in's side-its so the pimp can check up on the girls, make sure they aint doin nothing wrong, sneakin' anything in."
"How do you know about it then?" Alex asked.
"I know people," Shina shrugged, pursing her lips, and for the first time, Marshall saw a glimpse of character show through her nervousness. "Most of the girls know about it, but they just get hustled down the straight path. Down the right is for girls on girls-"
"What?" Everyone said simultaneously. Shina raised her eyebrows. "Oh yeah. Thats part of why these parties is so popular-its like Vegas, what happens here, stays here, so its like-"
"People who normally wouldnt show their colors feel safe enough to do it," Alex filled in. Shina nodded. "The left is guy-girl and some guys on guys-"
Marshall mimicked projectile vomiting. Kim flicked his ear painfully.
"Guys on guys," Shina said reddenning. "And in the middle, is the main party."
"So we split up," Alex confirmed. "Me, Shina and Martan through the main party; then you four split up on either tunnel."
"I dont like that," Martan mumbled. "Not good odds if we get caught."
"What choice we got?" Kon pointed out. "I think Ima go right," he said, and Kuniva moved with him in that direction.
"No, I'm going right," Kim said firmly. "If Alaina is able to try and get somewhere, if they dont force her, she'll chose that way."
"Why?" Marshall asked. Kim rolled her eyes. "Seriously, Marshall-are you blind?" she said pointedly.
"No, but- are you sayin our niece is a *lesbian*?" Marshall recoiled.
"Dont hold back; tell us how you really feel," Alex said darkly.
"No-Im sorry, I mean-Im just-" Marshall turned from Kim to Alex and back, head spinning. "Im just-" Kim shook her head and started walking down the right. "Hey...."
She stopped and turned. "Well are you coming or not?" she asked.
Marshall turned to Kon and Kuniva who had both backed toward the left. "Shes not talkin' to us man," Kon said to Marshall. "And shes movin damn fast so..."
Marshall growled and turned to follow Kim. "Wait," Alex called. "How will we know if we found her?"
The group froze. "Cell phones dont work down here," Shina said.
"If nobody finds her where they are, then they know she aint there, so they know she has to be where somebody else is looking," Martan said. "Eventually it will be clear she isnt there, so-"
"How bout we find her first, then figure out how to get everyone back?" Kim said. "Cuz if they plan on *burning the place down* were kinda workin on a timetable here. I mean-the place cant go on forever right?"
"Most all this place is concrete," Shina said, frowing. "What they gonna burn?"
Marshall swallowed. *I have an idea* "Lets go," he said. "Lets just hurry already."
Having no better plan, the group split up. Marshall hurried beside Kim.
"Somthing is weird," she said, brow furrowed.
"I mean-one, it seems like the police woulda figured out you aint done it by now," she said.
"Thanks," Marshall smiled.
"I mean-I get suspecting you," she plowed on.
"Thanks Kim," he said sarcastically. "Dont give me credit or nuthin'."
"Two-how did this guy get in so deep with everyone, and no one knew?" she continued. "Three-why the fuck is he doin this, why didnt he just ask for money and four-" she stopped and turned to him. "What do we do about all the girls who'll die?"
"We worry bout our girl first," Marshall said. "We get her out, then we call the police."
"That might be to late," Kim argued.
"Look, I feel for em but-so what?" Marshall said. "They're prostitues."
"So what?" Kim said angrily. "That doesnt mean they're not human. They're not hurtin' anybody. Look at Shina-she doesnt deserve th-"
"Look-its horrible," Marshall said. "But they're still-"
"So what?" Kim said loudly. "I was one two, and you helped me!"
"Yeah, but theres a difference!"
"What? Alot of em probably have kids, and are nice people and-"
"I dont give a shit, they dont matter, they're just hoes, can we keep moving?" Marshall pleaded.
"Why? Why dont they matter? You said yourself Im like em so-"
"Why? Cuz I dont care bout any of them! They aint my family! I dont have a responsibility to them! You and Laine and Hailie-your all my family. I cant-" Marshall stopped. "I cant lose no more people in my family. I-cant lose Lainie, or-Hai-"
"Okay, okay," Kim put up her hands. "Lets find Alaina." They nodded and turned down the hall.
"But Marshall?"
"One more messed up thing thats bugging me."
"Do you think...*he* can see us?"
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*I really dont feel comfortable with a blindfold on my face*
Alex felt Martan's touch at her elbow, and she flinched.
"You'll be fine," he assured. "Ive looked out for us before right?"
"I dont see the point of me coming this way," Alex whispered, as they began to hear sounds ahead. "I'm no good with a blindfold on; you should just take Shina and I'll wait at the crosstunnel part back there, so if any group sees something, I can easily reach the others," Alex said, as the idea came together in her mind. "Yeah, that should-"
"No," Martan said, urging her forward, "its better if you stay with me. It looks less suspicious with you two."
"Ive been thinking," Shina began.
"Sh," Martan instructed. "We're here."
The dark, throbbing beat was complemented by the sound of voices, laughter, and the clink of glasses. Alex felt her body tense, extremely sensitive; when one sense was blocked, her others kicked in. Without her sight, she let her ears and her body's own intuition guide her.
And they both said to run back.
"Hey man; glad you could make it," said a deep, unfamiliar voice. Alex felt hands stop her. She resisted the urge to show these mutherfuckers what she could really do.
"Yeah, I got told by a mutual friend bout this," Martan lied. "Decided to come. I'm new," he said, "but I hope that wont be a problem."
" problem," the man said.
*He's lying* Alex noted.
"See you brought friends," the man noted. "We'll help show em round-"
"No, I'd like it if they stayed with me," Martan said.
"Relax man," the bouncer laughed. "We can bring em back around fo you. But they so pretty-well? They should just meet everybody."
Alex felt hands start to guide her away and she resisted, tapping Martan's hand-one short, one long touch. It was their sign for *Whats our next plan of action?*
Alex held her hand out for Martan, but felt nothing. "Okay-I just wanna see em later. I brought em in after all," Martan said.
*What?* Alex thought, as she was moved away, into the pulsing crowd.
"That is disgusting," Kon mouthed to Kuniva.
"Tell me bout it," Kuniva said back.
"Dudes together is wrong," Kon shook his head.
"Yeaahh," Kuniva whispered. "But they're kinda brilliant inventive though. I wonder if that works with a chick-" He looked to his friend.
Kon stared at him for a second, before walking to look through the next door.
"What is we supposed to do if we find Lainie in here?" Kuniva whispered.
"We bust in, take her out, then run like hell to get the rest of em,"Kon answered. "Damn, looks like somebody wore her out." The prostitute lay naked on a large bed, unmoving.
"Yo-it might be hard to reach Mrs. Officer and the other two, if they in the party," Kuniva pointed out as they moved to the next two-way mirror. This room contained two prostitutes, both, again, apparently asleep. Beside them lay two hypodermic needles.
"Drugs are bad," Kuniva shook his head, as they moved to the next.
""Cept weed," Kon specified. "Weed is from the earth. Ya know," he laughed, hitting Kuniva in the chest as he inspected the next room. "Man?"
"Help me move this mirror," he ordered. "Girl in there's got black hair, and I cant see her face. We gotta get inside."
"Alright," Kon said, when they found something like hinges. "Pull. One, two, three!"
The mirror slid open; it was also a two way door.
"Kinda cool," Kon said. Kuniva walked over to the girl, and turned her head over. It wasnt Alaina.
"Shit," Kon said. "Gotta keep movin'. Von?"
Kuniva looked over at him. "Yo." He backed away from the body. "She's"
"Dead?" Kon supplied. "Overdose on this shit?" He said, pointing to the needle beside her.
"Nah," Kuniva frowned. "Ive seen people die of overdose, they dont look all peaceful like this, she-can you hear that?"
Kon coughed hard. "Wha?"
Kuniva looked around the room. There was something, a faint hissing sound...his eyes searched up...just walls and...
His eyes in the dim light, could make out a ventillation shaft. It was the only place noise could be coming from.
Kon coughed again. "Man, I think-I think-"
The light in the one lamp sizzled. "Oh shit," Kuniva breathed.
It crackled.
Then it burst.
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"How long have you known she was a lesbian?"
Kim rolled her eyes, as they looked into a room. "I dont know if she is hardcore, I just know she has a crush on her friend and prefers women. She's smart like that."
"Oh yeah, great," Marshall said, looking dubiously at the slender prostitute and tough looking woman lying motionless beside her. "Thats all I need; 'Hey Uncle Marshall, I want you to meet my lover Helga.'"
"Marshall, not all lesbian women are butch," Kim said, as they moved down the tunnel.
"I didnt say they were," Marshall countered. This was good; talking. Stupid, idiot talking, that made everything seem normal and okay when it *wasnt*. It kept him from thinking about what might happen, and completely breaking down.
"Its just that with Lainie, she's a real girl, so Im assumin' she'd be the chick. But I dont know," he narrowed his eyes at Kim. "Scott women are pretty fuckin' butch."
"Please; just because I could beat *you* up doesnt make me butch," Kim shot back, as they moved to the next window. "And you didnt seem to mind women who liked other women a few years ago."
"Thats different," Marshall whispered as they stopped. "If she was wit us she wasnt butch-you didnt bring butch women home."
"No-not when it was us," Kim conceeded, as they tried to tell if the girl in there was Alaina. "I didnt want you to feel threatened."
"Fuck. You. I cant see is that her?" Marshall said; his pulse shot up, and he could feel anger and adreneline kick in. He rotated his head, trying to see.
"I dont," Kin frowned, tilting her head. "I cant see-wow thats athletic-I-nope, its not her. Hmm..."
Kim watched the dark skinned woman kiss her companion. She shook, disgusted with herself. *I dont get it-why arent I panicking? I just feel-numb. But my *daughters* are out there, but its like-I've been shot with something..
She stood up to find Marshall's eyes glued to the pair. "Your disgusting," she informed him, pulling him away.
"I feel kinda-I dont know," Marshall said. "Weird like-"
"Sleepy?" Kim said, as they stumbled to the next mirror. "Yeah, like-like-"
"Oh God."
They stared through the mirror for a quarter of a second. Stared at each other for two-quarters. Then they forced open the two way mirror, rushing inside.
They stopped.
The needle was deep in Alaina's arm. The two women who sat on either side of her looked nervous and high. Alaina was wearing some kind of bra and underwear-and the strap on her arm, above the hypodermic needle.
"Dont," she said weakly again. "You-no," she whined. "Why did you come?"
"Lainie its okay," Kim moved forward.
"Stop!" Alaina looked so distressed that they obeyed. "Get" Alaina drifted. "They're coming..."
"We gotta get you out," Marshall said, breaking the spell. He rushed to the bed and pushed the other two women aside. He began to work on extracting the needle. "Kim, help me get her-Kim?"
He heard muffled words. He looked up, and connected with her terrfied, furious eyes, before the white powerdered hand clamped down over his nose. He screamed in rage, and fought back, hands trying to pull away the sweet smelling cloth. Hands like iron held it over his mouth. He pushed back, and he and his attacked toppled to the floor. He tried to reach for his gun. Where was it, where was it? He was..was falling...not asleep no...he couldn..cou...could..nt
He swore, he swore, he heard Alaina sob, as he fell into rough blackness again.
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Marshall felt warm. It was a calming, comforting feeling. Maybe he was in a hospital bed? His eyes felt heavy. If only he could open them. He coughed; he slowly forced his eyes open.
His vison blury, the room came into focus slowly. Dark, concrete...some source of light at the other end of the room...a lamp? No, it was flickering. *Damn, its warm in here* he coughed. *And hard to breathe...smoky...*
"Oh my fuckin' God!" he screamed. The fire at the end of the room moved closer, steadily, spreading into a circle around him.
"God damn" he tried to move, and realized he was sitting, his hands clamped into cuffs behind his back. He was clamped to something...fuck...a pole or some shit. He pushed back into it with his back.
"What the-" Marshall felt a jab right back.
"What is going on?" Kim asked, her voice drowsy, despite her sharp push back.
"We're locked in wit the fuckin damn fire!" Marshall yelled.
"Dont yell, my head is poundin'," Kim pleaded. "Why am I all wet?"
"What are you-" Marshall looked down at himself. His clothes were soaked and heavy.
"Marshall?" Kim said slowly. "Why do I smell like a quarter unleaded from Shell?"
"Hes gonna burn us," Marshall said. He chuckled.
"But-no," Kim said. "No, concrete doesnt burn..."
"Thats why he put the gasoline in a spiral round us," Marshall laughed. "See look at it. It looks so pretty. First its gonna make a circle so we cant get out-look, its almost complete-then its gonna ring closer until..." Marshall looked down, where a liquid line led to where he sat. "Till it gets to us, and we burn up." He gave his weezing laugh again.
"Ohgod," Kim started hyperventillating. "Okay, we just-maybe we could jump over-help me, were cuffed together, back to back, but if we both stand up-on the count of three, one...two...three..."
Kim pushed up, and fell back down. "Why didnt you move?" she demanded.
"You know what I decided?" Marshall drawled. "This isnt real. Cant be see? Cuz...this just wouldnt happen. Its all a joke or a dream...thats why we were jokin before this happened, talkin almost relaxed...cuz its a dream, see and-"
Kim bashed her head against his, hard.
"That feel real, asshole?" Kim screamed. "If my hands were free I would slap your face so hard it would end up backwards! Stop feelin' sorry for yourself and *HELP* me get outta here! I dont-" Kim choked. "I dont wanna...burn..I.."
"Okay, okay okay, its real!" Marshall agreed. "We just-we cant jump over the line, the fires too high, and to close-"
Kim gasped.
"Dont panic, dont panic," he said. "Okay, okay..."
He looked around the room. The one door was locked, and now behind a rapidly encroaching wall of fire. The smoke was filling the room now-they might die of it before burning-that would be mercifull.
*God help me please-what; you take my uncle? My *best* friend? Proof man, if you up there, help be dawg. me.*
Marshall looked up; he never wanted God to be real so bad. He never-
There it was.
"Marsh?" Kim's voice sounded very small. "Maybe-maybe if we-jump-like *fast*"
"Look up," Marshall said, excited, pushing his shoulder back against hers.
"Its up. Thats our way out"
"Marshall, if you tell me that you just got religion, and that we should look to the sky and wait for Jesus-"
"No, no, no," Marshall said impatiently. "Look up, its an escape."
Kim squinted through the rising smoke at the ceiling. She made out a dark latticwork square grate a foot above them. The smoke was escaping through it.
"Must be a ventillation shaft or some shit, whatever the fuck it is, its our way out!" Marshall said. "If we can get through it..."
"Yeah; how exactly?"
"C'mon, lets stand up first," Marshall offered. "I promise, this time Ill stand up too."
"Youd better," Kim began, the coughed.
"Alright," Marshall said quickly. "One...two...three!"
They pushed up onto their feet together-Kim was taller, but Marshall pushed harder, so her back was pulled up almost onto his, and they fell to the floor.
"Fuck, I'm-I'm sorry I, I just-Kim' you okay, I-"
Kim looked up at the ceiling, then down to her feet, then, back to the blocked escape route.
"Do that again," Kim said, mind whirring thorugh her idea.
"Yeah, I know, I'll do it slow this time-"
"No, no , no, just like that," Kim said. "Do it so my back gets onto yours. Look-we'll move so that I balance on your back."
"Be *cause*, then I can kick up at the grate, and maybe break it, so we can get through. Get it?"
"Oh yeah!" Marshall looked up. "Okay, okay-like before? One....two...three"
Marshall lurched up, and then they fell, hard.
"Fuck!" They both said simultaneously. "You need to *balance* me on your back, so I can kick," Kim said, angrily. "You need to bend over and hold it so I get get up to the ceiling, genius."
"How about *you* bend and *I* get on your back?" Marshall spat. "Thats the way its *supposed* to work."
"Cuz your *supposed* to be strong than me, and Im taller and-" Kim was cut off as they both coughed on smoke. The fire circled closer.
"Aiight, aiight, I get it, we'll get it right," Marshall said hurridely. "This time I push and you kick off the ground, kay?" Marshall twisted his head so he could almost see her. She nodded.
"Aright," he said softly. "One...two...three!"
This time Kim kicked off the ground, and Marshall leaned, and then pushed up.
"I got it!" Kim cried triumphantly, her feet hooking into the metal grate.
"Good, now kick it down girl!"
Kim smashed into the metal with her feet.
"Nothing!" she said.
"Try again," Marshall said, struggling to support her weight. "Keep tryin, it aint gonna give all at once!"
Kim kicked again, and felt the metal rattle a bit. Marshall started to stumble.
"Dont fall!" she screamed.
"Then *hurry*!" Marshall yelled. "We aint got much longer!"
*Break you god- damn- mutherfuckin* Kim hooked one foot into the latticework and banged with her other foot, again and again, enraged. Again and again and again...
Marshall's legs started to buckle....shake..."I cant hold it any more, Kim!"
Marshall fell to his knees, and felt Kim fall back on him, then something hard clatter beside them.
"Yes!" Marshall said. "Kim, Kim you did it!"
"Yeah-I know-" Kim drew in heavy shaking gasps. "But-how the fuck are we supposed to get *up* there?"
Marshall looked up. The hole in the ceiling was open-hanging just a tantalizing too far above them.
"Okay, okay-" Marshall looked around. "Well-maybe we could-"
"No." Kim was shaking now. "I can-can almost get my hands out-its like an inch of useless skin keepin' my hands in-"
"Well maybe we-" Marshall said, the stopped. "We could-could-jump up?"
"No-move over with me, over to the metal," Kim said, pulling as she moved towards the fallen barrier, dragging him with her.
"Why?" Marshall asked, although he moved with her.
"Close your eyes," Kim ordered, as she positioned herself by its sharp broken edges.
"Why?" Marshall said.
"Cuz whatever you say bout violence, you still faint at blood," Kim said grimly.
"What? Why? Are you-" Marshall began, trying to turn.
Kim shrieked in pain.
"Kim! What, what are you-what happened?"
Kim pulled through the now bloody cuffs. "I'm out," she said, gritting her teeth. She moved over to Marshall's front and pulled him to his feet, her wrists bloody from a huge, thin gash of stripped skin. Marshall wretched.
"Shut up," Kim said, tears stinging her eyes. "You gotta help me get up there."
"I could throw you, if-" Marshall stumbled-with his hands still cuffed behind his back.
"Not likely," Kim said. "Unless you wanna get out how I did you-fuck!"
Kim jumped in closer, burned by the fire, now only a thin gasoline ring from touching them.
"I cant get on your shoulders and pull you up," Kim said.
"No-wit your hand like that?" Marshall said. "You wouldnt be able to..."
"Then what do we do?" Kim hollered. "We cant get this close and-"
"Yo-I can jump up there," Marshall realized, speaking fast. "I'll get in and then pull you up, I know I can." Marshall looked up. "Step back a bit." Kim backed away, watching him, stopping an inch from the enclosing circle of fire.
Marshall licked his lips, and jumped in place twice. The he lauched himself.
He reached the hole, his fingers scrapping the edge. But held by cuffs, he could grip, and slipped, falling down and almost bumping Kim into the line of fire. She screamed, and he yanked her up against him. The fire had them trapped in a tiny circle, smoke obscuring everything.
"I'ma try again," Marshall said, looking at Kim, who nodded, and inched as far from him as possible.
Marshall closed his eyes for a millisecond. *Please man-if you up there, if you hear me-help me now, or Ima be up to see you soon.*
Marshall jumped. He couldnt even see where it was. His hands found the rim of the hole, and he clung on hard. Bitting his lip he pulled himself up-just an inch more.
*Yeah baby!* He clambered inside. He lay inside the cool ventillation tunnel. Good. Safe. Alive. He-
*Oh shit* Marshall looked down, where Kim stood, the fire heading straight for her.
"Kim, grab my hands!" Marshall cried, holding the out.
"I cant reach!" she screamed. "I cant see either!"
"Jump girl; Ill catch you!"
Marshall felt air by him-grabbed hard, his hands finding one of her arms. "I got you-I got-" He started to slip, and braced himself against the tunnel walls.
"Help me-I'm slipping, I'm gonna-"
"No!" Marshall growled, and pulled hard. "You are *not* gonna fall-c'mon wit me, Kim-I cant help you unless you fight wit me"
Kim grabbed onto his hand and Marshall lurched forward. Pulling furiously, he drew her up, bit by bit.
"Oh God," he heard her whimper. "I think Im on fire!" She kicked at her feet to put it out.
"NO!" Marshall pulled, and Kim scrambled roughly up his arm-he felt her hair by him, just a little further. Sweating from the smoke and the exertion, he moved deeper into the tunnel, and Kim dug her nails in, climbing up him. Ignoring the pain of her nails, he found her waist with one last great heave, he hauled her inside the tiny ventillation shaft.
The fire roared high, almost touching them.
Marshall lay for a minute, his loud breathing mingling with Kim's, as she lay on his chest. Marshall weezed-the smoke was starting to fill the tunnel.
"Yo-lets not do that again," Marshall offered. Kim snorted and looked up at him, eyebrows raised, and started to laugh. Marshall joined in, and the unbelieavableness of everything, which had a moment ago been deadly, now seemed ridiculous.
"Do you," Kim said, gasping, "do you think that theres still time-that Lainie-"
Marshall pushed himself into a sitting position and hit his head. "Shit", he swore. He looked down both sides of the tunnel. "Which way do we go?"
They paused for a second, and then-
"That way."
They stared at each other, each pointing in an opposite direction.
Marshall groaned, and Kim sighed. "Maybe we could split u-"
"No," Marshall shot down instinctively. "Hell no. What if one way is blocked? Then one of us might not make it back in time-look at the smoke." The smoke was filling the tunnel. It drifted over Kim's face, seeming to Marshall that at times she might drift away with it.
"But if we both go the wrong way, then we *both* die, and who gets to Lainie?" Kim asked.
"I. Am. Not. Loosing. *Any*one in my family," Marshall said angrily. "We're gonna go one way together, so fuckin' *pick* *one*."
Kim looked into his eyes for a minute, mouth open. "Pick one or I do," Marshall ordered.
"Behind you," Kim nodded. Marshall swallowed and turned. "Yo we gotta stay low," he said. "Or-"
"Yeah, I know," Kim said.
"I know, I know, I know," Marshall mimicked in his nauseating high pitched girl-imitation voice. "Im Kim, and cant nobody tell *me* what to do. I havent done anything I dont wanna that wasnt court ordered since I was thirteen"
"So says Mr. Dont-Give-a-Fuck," Kim said, as they moved through the tunnel. "And its twelve. Twelve I stopped listening."
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PostSubject: Re: Intruders-Rated NC-17 (can be raised if admin wants)   Sun Jul 05, 2009 7:55 pm

"Yo dawg-dawg, wake up," Kuniva said to Kon, whos head lay drooped on his chest. Kuniva kicked with his foot, since his hands were bound. Kuniva hit him in the chest.
"What?" Kon said, as he woke up.
"Good; you two are up," said a smooth, deep voice. The two men turned to see a large, imposing black man, face scarred, walk into the room, smiling. Behind them, through the door, Kon spotted a figure sitting, shaking.
The figure looked up. Ragland turned, bemused.
"Lainie, its us-Uncle Rondell and Uncle Denaun," Kuniva called. "Everythings gonna be okay. Ya-Ya Uncle is somewhere wit ya Aunt, and they're gonna come get you-"
"Woah now," Ragland laughed. "One of the most important things to do wit kids-neva promise em somethin you cant give em."
"We are gonna get her out," Kon said. "I dont see Marshall here, so you aint got him yet."
The men flanking Ragland chuckled to eahc other. "Oh man," Ragland shook his head ruefully. "Yeah, him and uh-the former Mrs. Mathers-yeah, they like to play wit fire, them two. But uh-I like this time it was too much for em."
"You mutherfucker!" Kon said, pushing himself to his feet, depsite his hands being cuffed.
The men clapped and wooped.
"Alright then," Ragland cried, clapping his hands slowly. "You go first."
Kon twisted, as two men advanced on him.
"Relax," Ragland instructed as they grabbed him. He struggled as they worked the cuffs on his hands. Then they moved away. Surprised, he realized they had realeased him.
Kon looked up. A lean amber skinned man stepped out of the crowd, tossing a knife from hand to hand.
"C'mon my friend," said the man, circling Kon. "What would you fight for? Fight for your friend, who is now ashes?" Kon clenched his fists, but still watched the knife, as it moved up and down. Jose followed Kon's gaze.
"Oh this?" he laughed, pointing the knife at Kon. "Its okay; I only use it if you dont impress me fightin'. You can ask your friend Mr. Mathers, he fought me wit-well," Jose laughed, "I guess now you cant."
Roaring in rage, Kon ran at Jose, toward that deadly gleam in his hands, in his eyes.

He needed air.
Marshall forced himself to keep moving, crawling, but he was beginning to think they were walking towards a dead end.
"Oh shit," he said.
"What?" Kim asked behind him.
"Theres a fuckin two way," Marshall said. He stared down the right then the left turn.
"We cant *have* this," Marshall railed. "God, we needa get- we need-" They needed air, an opening, light, Lainie. They had to find a way out before...before... Marshall stumbled, and paused, gasping.
"Marshall?" Kim pushed his foot. He coughed. "Its okay," he weezed, "I, I-I just-"
*I just cant breathe*
"Fuck-I forgot you get asthma," Kim swore. "Marshall?"
"I'm-okay, I just-" he gasped, again and again, his chest heaving.
"Marshall?" Kim called, panicked. He voice echoed around his head; his vision expaned then contracted. "Wait up." He felt heavy movement over his body. It passed over her head and he felt Kim prop him up, and he focused in on her blue green eyes.
"You have to stay with me," Kim said. "I cant carry you if you black out on me. Okay?" Marshall 's eyes fluttered. Kim slapped his face.
"Hey!" he coughed, furious, looking at her.
Kim was breathing almost as hard as him. "Stay awake damn it!" she yelled, eyes terrified. "You can*not* conk out on me. OKay-" she looked behind her to the two tunnels. "Wait here-Ima go down one, and see if it leads anywhere-I think I can hear noise. So-wait here.Alright? Alright."
*Where does she think Ima go?* Marshall thought, laying his head down, trying to just breathe. Kim shimmied down the tunnel and he tried to listen for the sounds she said she heard, but he couldnt hear anything other than his hearts erratic beating.
He couldnt hear her now. *How far is she gonna go?* Marshall wondered. His heart dipped. Of course. She wasnt coming back. She saw that he wouldnt make it, and so she was going to save herself. Of course. She was going to leave him.
Marshall laid his head down on the cold metal and let the depression eat him. He was never going to save Lainie. Maybe Kim would. He couldnt decided which was worse-if she didnt make it out, or if she did. If she did she would be with his girls and he-he would never seen Lainie or Whitney or Hailie...oh Hailie. His little heart and soul. He wondered if Kim would tell the girls she had abandoned him. That he had been too weak. No, she would make herself look good. Pretend she had tried to save him.
He just wished she had told him. He wouldnt have blamed her if she wanted to live. Well, okay he would, but eventually he would be dead so-
Kim crawledback through. "I'm sorry," she said, pulling him up by his shirt. "I-I think thats just a dead end. But I *know* I hear something, so I'll go the other way, okay?" And she crawled off.
*Get up you pathetic piece of shit* Marshall said to himself. *You gonna lay down and die? With your girls out there? Hell no. Hell. No. One thing I aint is a quitter* Marshall forced himself onto his hands and knees, and turned to go down the right tunnel.
He ended up face to face with Kim.
"Its this way!" she said excitedly. "There's light!"
"Lets go," Marshall said.
"Are you al-"
"Lets. Go."
They moved fast down the tunnel. Now Marshall could see the light.
"Quiet," Kim said. "Listen."
Still moving, Marshall listened. He heard whoops and yells-the kinds of sounds that came from the audience during a battle.
They came to a grate that opened downwards. Kim moved over it and motioned for Marshall to come look.
Below them he could see a cluster of men forming a circle. They were watching something...two men came into the center...two men and a knife...
"Sh-" Marshall put his hand over Kim's mouth to stop her. Below them, Jose and Kon fought. Marshall watched his friend strike at Jose and miss. Kon was tired. He was hitting sloppily. Jose laughed.
"C'mon man; for your friend. Your poor, dead Eminem," Jose taunted. Kon launched at Jose and tackled him.
*Yeah* Marshall thought, *Get him, get-*
Jose threw Kon off. Jose's hand no longer held his knife.
Kon looked blankly at the knife in his side, and pulled it out. He stepped towards Jose, then waved, and collapsed into a heap.
The men below looked up at Marshall's scream, searching for the sound.
Marshall slammed his feet into the grate-one-two-three-
The grate broke, and Marshall fell with it, landing in a crouch in the middle of the circle.
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There was silence in the ring.
Jose looked at Marshall, completely frozen. Marshall grinned viciously, and stood up.
"Whats up man?" he said in his smoothest voice to Jose. "You look like you seen a ghost." Jose stepped back.
Marshall marched over to Kon and picked up the bloody knife. He knelt by his friend and put a hand on him. Kon rasped, coughing blood. Marshall was able to breathe again. He turned to the others, rasing the knife.
"All you," he said, his voice harsh and cracking. "Stay the fuck back. Your going to tell me where my niece is right now, and then your going to let us walk outta here."
Hey Cherry! Welcome and Im *so* glad your interested-I promise to try and deliver every time! Wink You guys make me a very happy girl!
There was silence in the ring.
Jose looked at Marshall, completely frozen. Marshall grinned viciously, and stood up.
"Whats up man?" he said in his smoothest voice to Jose. "You look like you seen a ghost." Jose stepped back.
Marshall marched over to Kon and picked up the bloody knife. He knelt by his friend and put a hand on him. Kon rasped, coughing blood. Marshall was able to breathe again. He turned to the others, rasing the knife.
"All you," he said, his voice harsh and cracking. "Stay the fuck back. Your going to tell me where my niece is right now, and then your going to let us walk outta here."
Behind him, Marshall heard that deep full laugh, and the hairs on his neck rose. He turned, still holding the knife, to face the ShadowKing.
Ragland grinned, and Marshall blanched. Ragland looked actually pleased that he was here-and he didnt look surprised. His blue eyes met the larger man's brown ones, and Marshall realized that a thick dark ring surrounded his iris, and the man didnt seem to feel a need to blink. He clapped.
"Wow man," he said. "I must admit, I was worried for a minute that you couldnt do it. Only half the people in that situation make it out; kinda hard ta think wit smoke chokin' ya. Isnt that right boys?" Ragland addressed to the men circling Marshall. They nodded.
"Yeah see, thats a bit of a tradition wit us," Ragland explained. "The fellas who wanna join up wit us get locked in the Panic Room-ones who make it out, we figure they man enough to join us. The ones who dont..." Ragland shrugged and sighed, then smiled.
"Well I aint tryna join you," Marshall spat. "So why dont you *reward* me by givin' me my niece and I'll be on my merry fuckin' way."
The men around him mumbled. Ragland shook his head.
"Now see, if it was up to *me*," Ragland touched his chest, "I would prolly do that. But see, we got 'nother tradition says the guy who wants to join gotta fight it out wit the fellas already in. I woulda told ya," Ragland said, giggling. "But the first rule is, you dont talk bout it." Ragland looked over Marshalls shoulder, and he watched Jose strip off his shirt and receive a knife from one of the other men.
"This is bullshit!" Marshall protested, and the other men sniggered.
"I already got im scared," Jose boasted. "He remembers me from our last meetin' I guess. But then I guess we all knew you was all talk-big mouth and big nuthin' else. But dont worry-I'll make it quick like I did for ya pal there," he pointed with his knife to Kon, who lay moaning on the floor.
"Bitch," Marshall snapped. "The last time I saw you I beat your ass. You- fine, fuck it." Marshall pulled off his own shirt and flipped the knife to his left hand. "You wanna go? We'll go. I fear *no* man, so bring it on little girl."
Jose leaned back to nod arrogantly to his friends, then swooped in to cut for Marshall's chest. Marshall jumped back, but couldnt Jose adding a new cut to his still young scars. Marshall staggered, and began to fall.
"Out already, I mean damn," Jose shook his head. "He just ca-"
Marshall swerved in like lightning; he had been faking, and he slashed, aiming for the larger man's neck. Jose pulled out, so Marshall took off a bit of his ear instead.
"Yeah," Marshall panted, eyes glittering cruelly. "Not so fuckin' easy huh?"
Jose didnt bother responding; he just jumped for Marshall. Each man caught the others dagger with an opposite hand, and they tumbled to the ground, struggling to overpower each other.
Marshall felt cool metal at his throat, and gritted his teeth, trying to stop the knife from ending his life. He felt his hands weakening-Jose was stronger than him. There had to be another way out. *Think Shady* Marshall though. *You dont gotta fight fair-this fucker wants ta kill you; that knife aint no joke.*
Jose bore closer to Marshall's neck, thinking he was winning. Marshall put both of his feet on Jose's chest and kicked him off and over his head. Marshall rolled away and into a crouch. He looked up at Jose, who waved two knives at him.
Marshall turned down to look at his own empty hand. *Fucker* Jose cut at him, and Marshall was forced to twist and dodge, his eyes constantly on the two knives.
"Man," Jose pulled back for a second, able to tease him. Jose stood on his toes. "I can do ballet too, see?"
Marshall leaped forward and grabbed both knives with his palms, ignoring the searing pain as he kicked Jose in the chest. Jose swept back, and for the next ten seconds the two men were a blur of blows.
When they pulled back each was panting hard, but Jose clearly still had energy. Marshall tried to breathe, and found he couldnt. *Fuckin' asthma* he swore inwardly. Sweat poured down his face, into his eyes, soaking his chest, burning his open cuts.
"Oh no," someone from the ring said. "He looks like he cant catch his fuckin breathe."
"C'mon Marsh!" Kuniva cried. "You tough man, you can beat him!"
Marshall tried to pull up and find Jose, but the man was circling him fast. Jose dove in and cut Marshall on his arm, before pulling out.
*Shit this fuckers fast* Marshall thought despairing. *I think this bitch might end my life*
"C'mon Mathers," he heard Ragland laugh, and the cry was echoed by the members of the group, mocking.
"C'mon Em," Kuniva repeated.
Then, weakly from further away, "You can do it Dad!"
Marshall whipped his head around at Alaina's voice, giving Jose an oportunity to dive in, knocking him back into the ring, his mouth bleeding from the knife hilt. Rough hands pushed him back in. Jose advanced, but Marshall had fire in him now.
The larger man was almost surprised when Marshall dove in, but this time Jose knew that game. Marshall kicked and punched, twisted around the knives Jose fought him with. Marshall smiled evily-now the fight was in his blood, and he would make this mutherfucker pay.
Marshall bloodied Jose's nose, and cut under him with a kick, knocking the man to his feet. Marshall stomped on the mans leg hard, and then down on his chest, so Jose grunted and spit blood. Marshall stomped violently again. The rage was exhilerating, perfect-he would end this fucker, kill him. Another stomp-
Marshall felt a sting at his ankle and fell back. A solid punch to his face sent him down. Jose was now on his feet, and his face was ugly with hate. Without warning he stomped into Marshall chest now.
"Feel good?" Jose screamed. "How bout this?"
Marshall felt a crushing pain at his manhood, and then a stinging blow to his face. When his eyes cleared he saw Jose holding two blades.
"No more games-time for you to die punk," Jose said. Marshall crawled backwards, but the pain kept him from moving much.
The knife raised and there was a flurry of motion. Marshall closed his eyes, not wanting to see it.
There was a gasp around the circle.
"What the fuck?"
Marshall opened his eyes. Jose lay on the ground, facedown. Kim was on all fours on his back.
"Who has fast reflexes now *punk*" she said to the unconscious Jose. She looked up to meet Marshall's eyes, and shrugged. "Couldnt let him beat you up-thats my job." Marshall smiled, and snorted a laugh.
"Ah hell no."
A short, stocky black man from the circle stepped in. "I was really hopin' that bitch died."
"Sorry to disapoint you," Kim said, standing up. "And sorry to interrupt you guys watchin' two sweaty guys fightin'-I know how much fun that is."
"And here I thought we taught you some manners last time we met cunt," said a large black man in red. He waved cheekily at Kim. "But I guess you just *beggin* for another go," he said, to dark chuckles by the men.
Kim snarled, and started to move towards them. This time Marshall caught her before she could do anything rash.
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Amazing story Razz , it's a pity that I'm 2 years too late No
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Intruders-Rated NC-17 (can be raised if admin wants)
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