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 Bizarre - Blue Cheese & Coney Island Review

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PostSubject: Bizarre - Blue Cheese & Coney Island Review   Tue Feb 12, 2008 3:28 pm

Bizarre - Blue Cheese & Coney Island Review
Posted by Patrick Robinson on 10.26.2007

Koch Records call this a "must get for hip-hop fans across the country". Can the shower-capped one really have produced a groundbreaking album?

Ask any casual rap fan who the members of D12 are and chances are they’ll know Eminem, Proof and Bizarre. Bizarre isn’t exactly the most talented rapper in the group, but he is certainly the most recognizable with his distinctive shower caps and large size.

Bizarre released his debut album, Hannicap Circus in 2005 after the success of D12’s albums in 2001 and 2004. The album was not really a success, debuting just inside the Top 50 on the Billboard charts despite the lead single, Rockstar receiving fair airplay.

With the loss of Proof and Swift’s incarceration early last year, the third D12 album has been delayed but in order to keep the D12 name in the public eye, Bizarre has released his second solo album, Blue Cheese & Coney Island on Koch Records.

According to a Press Release from Koch Records,

”Bizarre’s larger than life persona and one-of-a-kind flow is sure to make Blue Cheese & Coney Island a must get for hip-hop fans across the country.”

Are we really to believe that the sophomore album is a “must get” for us hip-hop fans? On the other hand, will it simply be an acquired taste, much like the Coney Island hot dogs the album title refers to?


1. Rock Out Ft. King Gordy
2. Knock ‘Em Out Ft. King Gordy & Tech N9ne
3. So Hard Ft. Monica Blair
4. Sex Tape
5. Animal Ft. King Gordy & Razaaq
6. How I Hustle Ft. 7 Nation & KB
7. Welcome 2 The D Ft. Young Miles, Kuniva & Stretch Money
8. Get This Money Ft. Maestro
9. Got This Addiction
10. Wicked Ft. King Gordy & Twiztid
11. She’s Homeless
12. Start A Mosh Pit
13. Cakin Ft. Dub, Gam, Scarchild & King Gordy
14. G-14
15. Da Fat Boy Dance Ft. KB
16. Fat Boy Ft. King Gordy

Rock Out features the first of six appearances by King Gordy and we’re already off to a poor start. Much like Eminem’s attempts at humor on recent releases (Encore and Curtain Call) Bizarre’s raps that are meant to shock or entertain largely fall flat. Furthermore, King Gordy’s singing on the hook becomes aggravating after more than one listen whilst both rap about living the ‘rock star’ life.

Next up is Knock ‘Em Out and again, King Gordy is singing on the hook. The best way to describe his singing would possibly be T-Pain in 20 years time with throat cancer. Typical thug posturing which just sounds ridiculous coming from Bizarre as you cannot take this kind of stuff from him seriously. Tech N9ne drops by with a decent guest verse but it isn’t enough to save the song.

So Hard pops up out of nowhere and is actually a good song. Monica Blair sings a soulful chorus as Bizarre raps about his poor beginnings and how hip-hop has saved him.

”Without this rap shit,
I don’t know what I’d do.
I’d probably carry a gun,
Point it at you”

It’s complimented by Bizarre’s unorthodox flow and simple yet thoughtful lyrics. It’s not the greatest “coming up from poverty” song I’ve heard but it was certainly a surprise coming from Bizarre.

It’s pretty much downhill from here. Sex Tape is an attempt at humor and features names of females in the entertainment industry as Bizarre describes his imaginary sex-capades with them. Admittedly, there is a halfway amusing line about Martha Stewart but that’s about it.

Animal features yet another chorus from King Gordy who is just unnecessary at this point. The beat is fair though, with a chilling feel to it with chanting overlapping with King Gordy’s “singing”. The song is a poor attempt at horrorcore as the trio describes abducting women to have sex with them but it’s so offset by the ridiculously overdone hook that the whole song sounds like they’ve just discovered the concept of horrorcore.

Welcome 2 The D suffers from an overly produced beat which drowns out the lyrics from all four artists. The song features the only D12 related appearance on the album and serves as a passable effort for a hometown anthem. Think, Welcome To Detroit City off Trick Trick’s album, just without the lyrical ability, the energy or Eminem.

Bizarre tries his hand at singing on Got This Addiction, I think we have an un-credited appearance by King Gordy here on the hook again so you can imagine how the end product sounds. Had somebody less irritating performed the hook we could have had a decent song here as production and the actual lyrical content are stronger efforts that what’s been previously heard on the album.

She’s Homeless is a song about Bizarre idolizing a prostitute and wanting her to take her away from the hard life. However the concept is similar to that of T-Pain’s I’m In Luv (Wit A Stripper) which was ridiculous the first time around and still is this time.

The last two songs, Dat Fat Boy Dance and Fat Boy feature slightly better production and the trademark off-kilter flow from Bizarre. The first is something I would never thought an artist signed to the Shady/Aftermath umbrella label to resort to, a song with accompanying dance. It really seems like a reach for airplay but given the nature of the market these days, I guess it’s not such a surprise after all.

The second song, Fat Boy is also the lead single for the album. Opening up with an irritating British accent the song blends into the hook which features the questionable line, ”He’s a fat boy…but he’s moving like Beyonce”. However, it’s the closest thing you’re going to get to the Bizarre we saw on D12’s debut album with the random topic jumping and inoffensive attempts at humor which work compared to the “shove it down your throat” approach that’s been seen so far. There’s a skit towards the end of the song, which kills any real momentum that the song had, and King Gordy again provides a hook (albeit a less irritating one this time) so it is again, mediocre at best.

The 411: D12 displayed moments of irreverent and crazy humor on their debut album with Bizarre attracting a cult following based off his mostly effective attempts at shock-humor. Blue Cheese & Coney Island however, really isn’t for anyone, as longtime fans of Bizarre and D12 will be disappointed based on the lack of D12 appearances and Bizarre himself seems “watered down” in many songs. New fans to Bizarre will be put off immediately due to irritating hooks, poor subject matter and an even poorer execution. Avoid at all costs.
Final Score: 2.0 [ Very Bad ] legend queen
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Bizarre - Blue Cheese & Coney Island Review
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