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 Precise details on the history of Le grand Journal.

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PostSubject: Precise details on the history of Le grand Journal.   Tue May 12, 2009 5:14 pm

Here I have just seen this comment of Mouloud (stimulating on canal +) which specifies what EM came to make in Le grand journal, it does not speak about clash nor even of one be-saying aggressiveness on Em'….
Simply it does not have to wish to come on line (I still do not know why)…
On the other hand the two lives ones would be WMY and 3 AM and according to Mouloud that would have been something of single (I do not doubt it).

alors Eminem a fait deux titres en live qui seront diffusés dans pas longtemps, et c'était quelque chose d'unique à vivre. Par contre, il n'a pas souhaité venir autour de la table pour répondre aux questions, mais j'aime quand il utilise la même voix que sur les maxis d'outsidaz ou infinite !

then Eminem made two titles into live which will be diffused in step a long time, and it was something of single with living. On the other hand, it did not wish to come around the table to answer the questions, but I like when it uses the same voice as on the maxis of outsidaz or infinity!

Two people saw Em' on canal+ (Le grand journal) since they were with him in slides…

Both say that what Em did was a trick of SICK (thus that it was super good) and that one should not miss looking at that…

The first live one will be diffused in step a long time (I do not know exactly when but in May it is on)

And the second during the course of June…

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Precise details on the history of Le grand Journal.
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