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 EMINEM Rapper considered suicide

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PostSubject: EMINEM Rapper considered suicide   Wed May 13, 2009 2:56 pm

EMINEM Rapper considered suicide


The rapper considered suicide during his addiction hell.
Eminem wanted to kill himself at the height of his addiction problems. The ‘We Made You’ rapper – who is set to release his new LP ‘Relapse’ following a three-year-break from music - admits he briefly considered committing suicide while struggling with his alcohol and drug problems. He told British TV talk show host Jonathan Ross: "I just wasn't taking care of myself, at times I wanted to just give it up. I was in a dark place. I wanted to pull back from the spotlight to reassess my whole career. I got sober but it was pretty rough. A couple of years were bad for me
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EMINEM Rapper considered suicide
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