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 Old 99 Em Interview

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PostSubject: Old 99 Em Interview   Thu May 21, 2009 10:02 pm

Eminem Interview for Black Gold

-- Interview: Debbie Rigaud --

Who would've known that on October 17th 1974 one of today's hottest mcs, Eminem aka Slim Shady would be born? By using virgin tight lyrics, metaphors that flow out of him like genetic material out of a thug after some raw sex, while at the same time manipulating words like a pimp does his ho, His Royal Shadiness has taken the hip-hop world by storm, transporting him from the underground rap scene to mainstream America.

It all started back in the hard streets of Detroit, home of Motown, where Eminem started laying the smack down on mcs all over the city. After garnering the reputation as a battle mc, Eminem entered the Rap Olympics in '97. Although he "lost" the battle and finished in an undeserved second, he still won the war by impressing Sway & King Tech (of 92.3 The Beat) in that they invited him to bless the mic. Super producer Dr. Dre was so impressed by Shady's lyrical prowess that called the show to get in contact with Eminem, and the rest is history...Vinni Vidi Vici. He came onto the scene. He saw, and others saw, that he has the skill to make his mark in hip hop. He conquered the stereotypes that people had about "white mcs" and his skill: A Double Platinum Album and blessing other albums, from platinum artists such as Missy Elliot, to the likes of the Madd Rapper and the High & The Mighty, not forgetting his underground roots. As well as dampening the panties of females worldwide. With topics ranging from baby momma drama (Bonnie & Clyde '97), being pissed off to those that dissed him (Just Don't Give a Fuck), a man fighting within himself (Guilty Conscience), and a Jesse James/Billy the Kid themed collaboration with fellow mc Royce the 5'9 (Tommy Boy Records), Eminem has put Detroit in the Hip Hop Atlas.

While other magazines like to dwell and exploit the obvious, it was time to get down and dirty and ask Sir Shady his views on violence in Hip Hop, negative publicity, and OF COURSE SEX, SEX, and MORE SEX. Now get your hands in the air/and get to clappin' 'em/and like back and forth because/this here is what you thought it wasn't/it be the magazine with the questions by the dozen/ I be the D-E-double B-I-E/and check out the man who goes by the name of...Slim Shady. (FROGG please forgive me!)

How are you feelin' today?

I'm doing good. I'm doing good.

Here's a copy of the Magazine. How ya feelin' the magazine?

I'm feelin' it! I'm feelin it

Why don't you give the readers the 411 on you : name, age, sign, birthday...

Alright. (with a nerdy voice) My name is Marshall Mathers, I'm 24 years old, I was born October 17, 1974, and um I...I'm a Libra. A'ight

I saw you on MTV Spring Break and you were definitely making it happen. How were you feelin' it?

I was feelin' it. I love Cancun. I love Spring Break. That was one of my most funnest part of the tour.

Did you always want to rhyme? Did you ever want to do anything else?

When I was like 12 or 13, I wanted to be a comic book artist. You know, I used draw pictures, but when I was around 14, 15, 16, I knew I wanted to rap. I knew it! I felt it in my heart.

Now your from Detroit. Is it that much different than LA or NY?

Every city's different, ya know. Every city's different, but in Detroit, we got an underground. We got a strong underground and shit, you know? People, they know what time it is, you know.

You say Detroit got an underground, but you ain't really hearing anything from Detroit except for you and Royce (da 5'9), so you'll definitely be putting them on the map.

Right. That's why I say underground. Mainstream ain't heard of Detroit yet. Ya know. Beside me and Royce da 5'9, we the only two cats really doing it on a large scale. Ya know, on a wider scale.

Who are some of your favorite MCs or artists?

My favorite MCs or artists...Um...Jay-Z. I like DMX, LL Cool J, Treach from Naughty By Nature, Nas. I like Redman, Royce da 5'9. Royce da 5'9 is one of my favorite MCs and he ain't even out yet, but I swear to God he's gonna bang motherfuckers in the head when he comes out! I'm telling you!

What do you think is the state of violence right now in Hip Hop? You know, we had Biggie die, Tupac Die, and now Big L...

(With anger in his voice) Shit is crazy! This shit is crazy and motherfuckers need to slow the fuck down! They do not realize that when you do some shit like that, you take somebody's fuckin' life! That shit is uncalled for! Big L?! Tupac?! Biggie?! Those are fuckin' Legends! You don't take Legends fuckin' lives! You don't take ANYBODY'S life like that! That shit is crazy! Hip Hop needs to slow the fuck down! But I don't think that shit that happened with Big L and whoever else it was rap/hip hop related, you know what I'm sayin? I don't think that was hip hop related. Motherfuckers were on some personal shit. But motherfuckers just gotta chill! You never gonna stop crime in America. That's just the way the world is. You're never gonna stop it. It's always gonna keep on, you know what I'm sayin'? As long as motherfuckers are broke and they ain't got nothing to lose, thi
s shit is always gonna happen! Always! I hate that shit!

Who would you like to work with?

I just did a song with Missy, I just did a song with the Madd Rapper, I'm on Dre's Chronic II, but other than that, I'm done with collaborations. I don't want to spread myself too thin.

So if Rakim's calling you, you gonna say "I'm done with collaborations?!

Now I didn't say all that! (laughing)

Well, on a lighter note, you know this is an adult magazine and I have to ask adult questions, so are you down?

I'm down, I'm down.

So you're feeling the magazine and you have your different flavors. You have chocolate, vanilla, your butter pecan ricans...


So, what's your favorite?

What's my favorite? I LOVE ALL WOMEN! Yo, I don't... I don't...I can't say "I want a women to look like this, and this, and this when she comes backstage and otherwise I don't want to talk to her." I'm attracted to all women! I'm attracted to the female species, ya know.

I know you live in a predominantly Black neighborhood, did you date any sistas when you were younger? Was it taboo?

I met a little bit of resistance, but for the most part it was all love. I grew up with people on my block and they knew me, you know. I mean I got jumped, fucked up shit happened to me a few times, but that happens to everybody. I don't think it has anything to do with color or any of that shit. It's just all a part of growing up. So...

So are you lovin' us thick sistas or are you into those boney sistas?

I don't have a look code, I just look at every girl I see, and every girl I meet...

Do you watch any adult movies or porn?

All the time! I watch that shit on the bus!

Say word?! So who's your favorite actress of all time?

Janet Jacme.

Say word?! Stop lying!

Janet Jacme!

Would you ever star in a porno movie?

Hell...(couldn't hear the answer)

Hell no?

Hell shit yeah!!!

Oh hell yeah! (laughter)

Would I star in a porno movie?! (saying it like I was stupid)

I'm saying, represent! Like "A day in the Life of Slim Shady!"

Real soon you'll be seein' a porno by Slim Shady!

Oh for real?!

I got a little movie coming out and then you'll see a porno by Slim Shady.

Say Word?! So I'm saying...

There ain't no shame in my game. NO SHAME IN MY GAME AT ALL.

What would be the concept?

The concept would be me fucking all the girls that dissed me.

So, if you could star with any adult actress, who would it be?

I like Janet Jacme, I like Amber Lynn, I like Ginger Lynn, Shane... Who's that girl...Gina?

Jeanna Fine?

No, no, no! Gina somethin' else, Gina somethin' else...She's older too!

You mean Nina Hartley!

(like we struck gold) Yeah! Nina Hartley! I LIKE Nina Hartley too! (laughter)

What's kind of girls do you consider freaky?

Girls who do girls. I'm not into really freaky shit. I mean, no bottles up into some shit and no animals.

So you wouldn't consider yourself a freak?

Not really. I'm not into really wild shit. No finger in the ass. No finger in MY ass (laughter).

You're not inspired by porn?

Only to try different positions. I saw some wild shit the other day. This girl was standing on her head, with her legs on this guys shoulders. Some upside down shit. I don't like all that extra shit, but I definitely wanna try that upside shit. No pierced clits. That's all pain. Is your clit pierced?


That's good! I don't like pierced clits (laughing).

So no anal sex?

Hell no! I only fuck with one hole (laughing). I mean if it's with my girl, then that's different, but hell no.

That's wild! I figured you'd be a full blown freak!

Not really.

I think everyone is freaky, but the right person has to bring it out. See, I think you have a freaky side, but someone needs to bring it out.

I've been with my girl for eight years, and it still not out.

But your girl ain't me. (laughing)

Oh word (laughing)?! We'll see the next time I come to New York! But that orgy in Pittsburgh was wild, but I don't consider myself a freak. I mean I might grab a girl's hair and kick her a couple of times (laughing). Maybe slap her (laughing).

What are some of your other favorite positions?

Doggystyle, I hate being on top! I like it when the girl is on top. I'm lazy like that. I like to make the girl work. And I like doggystyle!

Do you see a difference between how different girls sex you? Like do Black women do things that white women don't do, etc?

Nah. I don't see any difference. Why?

Because I see a definite difference in how Black men perform and white men perform.

How is that? Like what?

Like a lot of Black men don't perform oral sex whereas a lot of White men do.

I don't eat the cat either.

Word?! What's up with that?! (laughter)

I don't fuck with the cat! You don't know what's been down there!

So you NEVER would perform oral sex?!

I mean if it's with my girl or someone I know, then I would do it. but if it's with someone I just met, I ain't running up in that! But overall, I RARELY, RARELY, RARELY do it. But I'm mostly into having a girl cum. If she don't cum, I can't even stay hard. I'll just roll over and go to sleep.

That's very generous! Most men aren't like that!

I ain't most men.

Do you masturbate?

Hell yeah I do! At least two times a day! (laughing). Nah, it's not like that. I don't know how many times. I don't keep track (laughing). Why do you?


You lying ass! When was the last time you had sex?


You haven't got dick since February. What's up with that? I gotta get to New York (laughter).

What's the freakiest thing you've ever done with someone on tour?

I haven't done really freaky yet. I'm still waiting to do it. I like watching girls do shit in front of me.

What is the freakiest thing you've seen on tour?

Nothing really.

Stop lying! I know about them two girls doing their thing with each other in front of all! Come on! We at Black Gold are all family! What was up with that?!

Oh you heard about that shit?! That wasn't anything. Just some immature girls. See, I like to watch, but every time I meet girls, they always wanna do shit with me, but I'm like "Nah." That Dallas shit was some bullshit. These two girls were eating each other out and as soon as the pants were coming off, it was like "Well, I don't know if I wanna do this." The other girl was wild and down for whatever, but the other was like "I don't know. She's my friend.." The freakiest shit I seen was in Pittsburgh. I seen four girls at once.

Say word?! How the hell did that happen?!

I don't know! (laughing) They all took turns. I had my boys in there and the girls were giving us a show. That shit was wild!

Does your girl know all this shit is going on?

Hell no! (laughing) and you better not print it either! (laughing) But she ain't stupid either, but she don't know all that...

Alright now, on a sentimental note. For all the female readers of Black gold that want you to melt in their mouth, what kind of woman are you looking for? That is if you are looking...

What kind of women am I looking for? One night stands! (laughter)

For real?! (laughter)

That's all. That's all! (laughing)
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PostSubject: Re: Old 99 Em Interview   Thu May 21, 2009 10:10 pm

You aren't trying to get married and have more kids?

Hell no! I got one little girl in this world and that's all I need!

How's your family doing?

How's my family doing? My little girl is doing fine.

Yeah, she made her debut on the Bonnie & Clyde joint on the album. Is she star material?

She's definitely star material! My little girl is beautiful. My little girl is going to be a movie star. She's only three, but she's so smart! Three going on seven.

That's good! Now knowing that you had your daughter, in Bonnie & Clyde, as an accomplice (in her mom's murder), I KNOW your girl must have been trippin'! How did you explain yourself after she heard that shit?

What I told her was like "Look. I was pissed off!" That's all I could say. I really felt that I wanted to do that shit. At one point in time, I really wanted to do that shit. For real. Baby Momma Drama.

That should be the title of your next song! Baby Momma Drama!

That is so typical!

Every more reason to do it!

Nah, I got other songs about her. I finished four songs for the next album, and I have a song called "Kim" which is basically about shit that led up to "Bonnie & Clyde." I gotta few songs. I gotta few. My baby's mother put me through a lot of shit, so she's worth a lot of songs.

(Laughing) You mean before you killed her?!

Yeah. Before I cut her throat. (laughing)

So is she gonna come out with an album about you?

(laughing) That would be funny! That would be really funny! (laughing)

Any R&B sad songs?

(a very quick) No! No, no, no!

You don't like R&B? I mean old R&B?!

I'm not saying I don't like R&B. It's just not my thing. It's not the type of music I get into. I mean I could listen to a little bit of it, but me doing it personally, I can't fuck with that.

So what's up your babymova? (laughter)

Me and my girl have been breaking up and making up so much! Right now it's cool. I just got back with her. But she got an attitude and I can't stand that attitude shit. But shit got worse when my daughter was born.

How is that?

Every time we would fight and we'd break up, she'd say "Well if you don't want to see me anymore, you can't see Hailie (his daughter). She would use my daughter against me.

That's messed up.

Yup. Baby Momma Drama.

Did you want a boy?

It didn't really matter.

But all men want a boy. All men want a little man. You didn't feel that?

I did in the beginning, before she was born. But once she was born, I was like, "I got a little girl."

Were you scared to death?

I wasn't scared. I was changing diapers at 11, when my brother was born. I was a little scared, but when she was born, I was like "This isn't so bad."

So what's up with your brother? Is he safe? You know people are probably on his shit because you're his brother.

Yo, my brother is mad cool. He's the most popular kid in the school! He got like 10 girlfriends!

For real?! (laughter)

Word! He even dyed his hair blond and got his ears pierced! He look just like me! He came to my concert and the girls were all over him! They didn't even want to get with me! He was sitting on this girls lap and she was rubbing all over him! I was like "You go you little pimp!" (laughter)

Have you had women fight over you?

Hell yeah! I had a bunch! One night there was two girls in my hotel room, and I didn't like any of them. So I left the room. I can't remember why I left because I was drunk, but I left. Then I look outside in the parking lot, and these two girls were fighting each other. Each was blaming the other for me leaving. I mean they were scrapping on the floor. Little did they know I didn't like any one of them.

What's the weirdest shit that happened to you with a female?

One time there were two girls in the hotel lobby, and I picked one girl over her friend and took her upstairs, and the other girl was crying!

Word? What was up with that?

She was a manic depressive. I know this because I saw her popping pills and I asked her what she was doing and she told me. She was taking anti-depressants. She was like "I'll be okay as long as I'm taking my medication." And when I picked her friend, she flipped out! She was crying "I'm the Slim Shady fan, not her!" "Why is she up there and not me?!" "My rent is due!"

(laughing) Damn!

Yeah, and I saw her the next day at the show. She was like "Hi, do you remember me? I said "Yeah, and get away from me!" She was crazy (laughter).

(laughing) Oh damn. That mess is wild!

Yeah (laughing)

How do you deal with all the people grabbing all over you?

It's wild because I'm real! I'm a human being like everyone else. You can talk to me because I'm just like you. But motherfuckers can be rude. I mean I'll be eating and a cat will come up to me and be like "Yo, Em. Drop me a freestyle!" "Yo, Em, can I get an autograph," "Yo, can you call my house and leave a message!?" And I'm like "Yo, I'm eatin!"

That's funny because in New York, people don't do that because most rappers grow up with you and live down your block.

That's true. And in California, they're cool too! They ain't star struck. I'll be in a diner eatin', and a cat will be like "Yo, what's up Em" and walk by. But in the Midwest, people lose their mind! I'm like, "You can touch me. I'm real!" Let me give you an example of the funniest shit that happened. Me and Big Nasty (Eminem's bodyguard) were at the airport, bringing back the rent-a-car, and the rent-a-car lady comes running up to the car to check the mileage. I don't think she knew who I was. But then when I stepped out the car, she flipped out! She kept on saying "Oh my God" "Oh my God" over and over again! She was like "What's your name?!" "What's your name?" I said "My name is.."(doing the song), and she flipped out again. She asked for a hug and I gave it to her. She still kept on saying "Oh my God," "Oh my God." Then she turned around to walk away, and I don't know what happened, but she tripped and fell on her face! We were laughing our asses off! (laughing)

Word?! She fell?!(laughing)

Yeah! And when she was on the floor, she STILL kept on saying "Oh my God," "Oh my God!" (laughing)

That shit is wild! How are you dealing with all the media attention?

At this point, I'm like "Come up with something new." I hate the same old questions. But it seems like "white" magazines such as Spin and Rolling Stone focus on my "whiteness" more than Black magazines. Like the Source. They're like, he's white, let's get over it. But when Rolling Stone came out with "Low Down Dirty White Boy" on the cover, I was like "This shit is critical." I liked the article inside, but when I saw the cover, I was like "What the fuck is this?!" But then you have your magazines like XXL that called me a culture stealer and an invader. That's some elementary school shit. Give me a break! It's funny how all the magazines can dwell on my race, but they could NEVER say that my shit is whack because they know my shit is tight!

That just shows how little people know about hip hop, because you have crazy rappers that are white in the underground.

I know! I came from the underground.
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PostSubject: Re: Old 99 Em Interview   Thu May 21, 2009 10:11 pm

Also, some people have a hard time believing that there are poor white people or that they even live in a ghetto. America has crazy white people in poverty.

Why is it so hard for people to believe that white people are poor?! I wouldn't say I lived in a ghetto, I'd say I lived in the 'hood. The same friends I had back then are the same people on tour with me now. I don't want them to be poor. I just lost a friend of mine to some bullshit! He was playing around with some friends and he accidentally sprayed water on this girl's sweater. She went back and told two dudes that he sprayed water, and they went over to him, shot him twice and ran over him with their car. Over some stupid bullshit.

I'm sorry to hear that.

(Very sad)Yeah. He was gonna come out with an album in two weeks. I wish I brought him on with me... But we (white people) have problems too.

Do you plan on making two sets of videos? Like one will be an X-rated version on videotape and one for the networks like Tupac's "How do You Want It"?

I thought about it. But I'm doing a feature film on my life. Me and Dre. Some of it's going to be true, and the other is gonna be some bugged out shit. The other shit is how Dre views my life. How he sees my life, how I was born, how I was conceived, etc. It's gonna be bugged out! It's gonna be released on videotape It's gonna be wild!

Speaking of video, I saw the "Guilty Conscience" video on BET and I heard that MTV edited the hell out of it. What happened?

I sent MTV a copy of the video, and because they are on this anti-violence campaign because of the Columbine killings, they edited the fuck out the video. The Commissioner against Violence wrote MTV and said "How can you say you're against violence when you play Eminem, Korn and Marilyn Manson?" BET is showing me mad love. But I haven't seen the edited video yet.

Why shouldn't BET show you love? You're hip hop too.


Why do you think there is such a connection between Hip Hop and the adult industry?

Because rappers are all freaks! Also Hip Hop is tying into everything!

I heard Dustin Hoffman played "The Mummy" at one of your concerts. How did that jump off?

I was performing at the House of Blues in California, and he was there with his kids. He came backstage and we were talking and I asked him to play "The Mummy." His kids begged him to do it. He was like, "Hey if it makes my kids happy and since you make my kids happy, I'll do it." I was amped. That night, he came onstage as "The Mummy" and everybody was wondering who the Mummy was. Then at the end of the show, I was like "Do ya'll wanna know who the Mummy is?" I ripped off the mask and when everybody saw it was Dustin Hoffman, the crowd went bananas!

See that's messed up because y'all weren't trying to do that in New York when I went to the show!

We didn't have The Mummy idea set up yet. But in every city now we're going to let someone else be The Mummy.

Well, I would've been the Mummy! But Big Nasty said the costume wouldn't fit because my chest is too big!

Yeah, I don't think the costume would fit because your chest is too big (laughter)

(Laughter) Damn! You remember?!

Eminem Yeah, I do (laughing)!

Now why did you feel the need to dis Milkbone, Cage, and everybody? I mean, your shit was hot and it would've still been hot without the dissing, so why did you feel you had to break on them?

Eminem: I didn't know any of this shit was going to happen between Cage and me. I dissed Cage because he said I took his style. I don't even know the motherfucker! I never even heard of it! I never even heard of him! My manager, as a matter of fact, had to send me a copy of his record and he (his manager) was like "Yo, this kid is saying you bit his style..." I was like "Yo, send me his record." I heard his record and I was like "This motherfucker don't even sound like me!" With Milkbone, I wasn't even dissing Milkbone on my album. When I said "I'm on a Serch to crush a Milkbone" (from "Don't Give a Fuck"), I was talking about stereotypes and now I heard he wants to bring it, so he could bring it and look stupid, you know what I'm sayin'!

I think it's on the Death Row "Chronic 2000" album.

Eminem I don't think so, but I heard his shit and his shit is garbage. I wish it is was dope enough for me to respond, but it's not, you know what I'm sayin'? So fuck it. I'm not giving them any more attention.

What about Vanilla Ice? See, I think Vanilla Ice gets a bad rap. I think he was just a puppet in the game. The executives were like "You want to eat? Say you're from the ghetto even though you aren't." He was a puppet.

Eminem: Look, I went to all black schools, and I went to mixed schools. I say be proud of where you come from and represent. Fuck it, if you're from Beverly Hills, be proud. Don't lie! I could never lie! Shit! I'd be too paranoid that people would find out. I couldn't do it, but then again, I'm not in his situation. Did you see what he said about me in Vibe Magazine (June issue)?

Yeah, but I don't think he really means that. I don't think he really hates you, I just think he feels that he HAS to, not because he truly feels that way. It's like, there are few of you so-called "white rappers" out there that he feels he needs to break on you and playa hate. It's all jealousy.

Yeah. When I read it, I felt like he was jealous of me. You could sense the animosity, like he was saying to himself, "That (Eminem) should be me."

But I think Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer were ahead of their time. I mean they were going platinum when a lot of rappers weren't. Hammer had sponsors, a doll, a cartoon before ANYONE else did, and they hated on him. Now everyone's doing the same thing.

Yeah that's true. But I'm sayin' still represent. Isn't Hammer broke?

Not by OUR standards. By the standards of people living in Beverly Hills.


Look at Milli Vanilli. They wanted to expose themselves and say that they weren't singing their own shit. But their manager beat them to it and exposed them as frauds. Ain't that fucked up!

Hell ya!

And you know what? Their manager still kept in touch with the member that died. As a matter of fact, the manager was the one who found him when he committed suicide!


You know that manager is NOT sleeping well at night!

Hell No! He definitely ain't!

I also think the reason that some people have a problem with you is because, you're white, you love rap, you don't want to be black because you're proud of who you are, AND you came from the underground, so you are a part of Hip Hop, whether they like it or not. No one "made" you like they "made" Vanilla Ice.

Exactly, I love Hip Hop regardless, and people from the underground know me. I mean it's not like I wake up every morning, look in the mirror, and say "Boy, I sure am white today." So get off it and move on.

That's why you're talking to Black Gold! We on some other shit!


I mean, MC Serch, I know that brother was praying to be Black before he went to sleep. (laughter) He even dissed white people in his own rhymes.

Yeah that's right. In "Gas Face" he said "Black cat is bad luck/Bad guys wear black/Must have been a white man that created all that." I remember when I heard that, I felt funny, like "Yo, what is he saying?!" I felt uncomfortable. But he is a dope MC and one of favorite MCs.

So do you really smoke all that weed and do all that shit that you say on the album?

Everything I say, 99.9% of that shit I lived. I either lived it or I've seen it. It's better for me tell you what I don't do, than what I do do. I don't do heroin, cocaine, but I do 'shrooms, ecstasy, and I don't really smoke that much weed. I guess because I smoke so much of it, that shit has no affect on me (laughter).

So use something stronger, like crack! (laughing)

(laughing) Yeah right! but nah, I don't smoke crack either. But I do drink Bacardi. I drink that shit like water!

That's wild that you're so honest and you could say "Yo, I drink"

(reciting a line from "Don't Give a Fuck") Well, my name is Marshall Mathers and I'm an alcoholic...(laughing) Why? Do you do drugs?


Not even weed?!


Would you try it?

I never tried and I don't know if I would.

You shouted out Canibus on you album. He was one of our cover stories. Have you ever seen him perform or freestyle?

I never heard Canibus freestyle, but I respect him as a lyricist. I will say that.

Yeah. I have a mixtape and I heard him freestyle and he's on some technological shit. He's real nice. What advice do you have to those who are trying to get into the game?

Keep working! You gotta know that you're dope. You gotta know you have talent. If you know that, keep working and it will happen. If you ain't got any talent, I can't speak for that!

Any advice to our female Black Gold readers who might be feeling you?

Use condoms!

(Laughter) Besides that!

(laughter) Use condoms. Use used condoms if you have to! (everybody's laughing). I don't give a fuck! Use used condoms if you have to! Right?

Do you believe in God?

Yeah I do, but I'm not a religious person. I don't go to church and all that.

Me too, but I know you must have praying everyday! And he definitely blessed you! Very few people can actually do what they love.

Hell yeah I prayed everyday! Before I got my deal, I lost my job. I couldn't even afford diapers. I was like "Something gotta give!"

Well you've definitely been blessed!

Thank you.

Well what's in the future for Slim Shady?

In the Fall, I'm doing another tour, but I don't know who else is on it. And then there the Chronic tour with Dre. I'm gonna be meeting with him, but there is no release date yet for the album or the tour.

Any last words?

Don't ever let anyone try and stop hip hop. Hip hop is gonna be here for mother-fuckin E-V-E-R. Hip Hop is forever. Hip Hopis universal and it will never stop. These motherfuckers tried to stop it in the beginning, they could not stop it.

Well, God Bless you and thank you so much for the interview! God Bless to your family!

Thank you!

Oh by the way, everything I didn't put in here I'm going to put in a tell all book!

You're gonna put all kinds of shit in a tell-all book! Oh word!

I'm saying. You gotta give me the hush money!

Oh word!

Yeah! You went double platinum, you could afford it! I'll give you my bank account number!

A'ight. I'll drop $7 million tomorrow.

I'm gonna call it "The Shady Memoirs." (laughter)

You're an ass! (laughter)
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PostSubject: Re: Old 99 Em Interview   

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Old 99 Em Interview
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