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 50 Speaks on Em on 4eva Track

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PostSubject: 50 Speaks on Em on 4eva Track   Thu Oct 22, 2009 8:30 pm

Complex: How do you feel about MTVís Hottest MCs list?

50 Cent: Well, I try to figure out what theyíre looking at and what their criteria is. They pick trying to be aware of the art form. For you to leave off the highest selling rap album of the year in your Top 10, I donít know what the fuck your criteria is. Thatís Emís project. If you donít have a rap record sell more copies, how could you miss that rap record? Itís just peopleís personal preference. Fuck if MTV does a Top 10?, everybody has their own Top 10. As long as youíre on the list, youíre straight. "

Complex: A lot of people felt that Eminem shouldíve been on the list, just off of the strength of his verse on ďForever.Ē You said a few weeks ago that Em didnít even know who was going to be on that recordÖ

50 Cent: He didnít know everyone who was on the record. And it was remixed, they remixed his vocals. When I make records with Em, Dre mixes my vocals in the beat, then sends the beat, and Em sends his vocals until it sounds the way he wants it. Then we wrap it up. So he did his verse on the actual song, they moved it around, put other people on and he didnít even mix his vocals back yet.

Complex: He didnít like that?

50 Cent: Well he doesnít like not being able to hear himself the way he wants to hear himself. So those are somebody elseís ears saying ďthis sounds like good EminemĒ instead of Emís. ... f-destruct
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50 Speaks on Em on 4eva Track
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