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 Eminem to Battle Lady GaGa?

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PostSubject: Eminem to Battle Lady GaGa?   Thu Nov 26, 2009 6:37 pm

After being both shocked and thrilled by Eminem's long running feud with Mariah Carey many fans are left wondering who is going to be Slim Shady's next victim. According to one music insider it is going to be Lady Gaga and apparently Eminem is now writing lyrics that are not just going to tear the down the twenty-three year old native New-Yorker but shock fans as well.

'This is interesting because these two have shared the stage recently and Eminem handed Lady Gaga her best new artists award at the VMAs: but that's all going to change, a feud between these two should be real fun as they both love to shock' noted one music industry insider.

'Rumour has it that Eminem's attack is going to focus on gossip that Lady Gaga is really a man, basically be full of insulting sexual claims and the idea that Lady Gaga is a something of a freak and a total fake' the insider said.

'Expect some nasty surprises and new lows and expect Lady Gaga to give as good as she gets''

If the nastiness that happened with the Mariah Carey feud is anything to go by we sure can.
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Eminem to Battle Lady GaGa?
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