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 A sick lovestory, or not? (NC 17)

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PostSubject: A sick lovestory, or not? (NC 17)   Tue Apr 27, 2010 11:48 am

Summery: Rory's life is a mess since her 14th birthday and all she ever wanted was to meet her favorite Rapper. When he gives a concert in a town not far form her hometown something happens that she would never ever imaged.

What'd ya say? Wanna read this story? oO

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yellow bird

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PostSubject: Re: A sick lovestory, or not? (NC 17)   Tue Apr 27, 2010 12:48 pm

sounds good. Would like to read it. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: A sick lovestory, or not? (NC 17)   Mon May 03, 2010 10:24 am

Post it! post it! I would read it lol cheers
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PostSubject: Chapter 1   Tue May 11, 2010 3:49 pm

Disclaimer: I don’t own some of the characters and don’t forget: It’s a fanfiction, so everything that happens here, never happened for real or would ever happen for real.
So enjoy and please give me some feedback^^

“How was the wedding?” asked Stacy and turned to her best friend.
“Don’t ask”, was Rory’s only reply. She just saw the ceremony and stayed an hour or two at the party and left then for her sister’s. She was bored the minute she walked into the building. Besides the bride and groom she didn’t know anybody there. So she enjoyed a few shots of Vodka and tried to talk to the best man and the maid of honor. Thought these two guys she thankfully knew.

“You know what’s up next Friday?” Stacy asked. Rory looked like she was in trance. She was so up to her memory of this goddamn wedding that she didn’t realize, that Stacy was talking to her.
“Earth to Rory” Stacy was starring right into Rory’s face, hopping for a response.
“You know what’s up next Friday?” asked Stacy again.
“No, what?”
“Eminem’ll have a concert in Oberhausen and we’re going!” Stacy was hysteric.
The only thing Rory said was: “Great”
“What? Don’t up for it?” Stacy was taken aback. She perfectly knew that Rory was a big fan of Eminem, even bigger than Stacy herself.
“No. It’s just. Dunno. It’s great yeah. We finally can see Eminem, don’t we?” Rory faked a smile. She really was a big fan but she wasn’t up for it. Something happened at the wedding that nearly broke her. If she wouldn’t need to go to school, she would stay at her room, in her bed and wouldn’t come out for the next century.


The Friday came really fast, but Rory was still in a bad mood. The fact that she would meet Mr. Marshall Mathers, well see him on stage is something she ever dreamed of. But now, she’s just going because she would please her friends.

“Wouldn’t it be grade if we could go actually Backstage?” asked Stacy. Rory wasn’t listening. She was again deep in thoughts.
“Yo! Earth to Rory!”
“Sorry Stacy. I wasn’t listening”
They were standing at the main entrance waiting to be let in.

Meanwhile in a changing room:

“You hadn’t had a lay down for a while, Em. That’s why you so pissed, right?”
“Shut up, Dre! That’s not the reason why I’m so pissed!” Em shouted. He was pissed, yes. And it was also right that he hadn’t had sex for a while.
“Look Em, I have an idea”
“Yeah? And what?” Em was a bit curious. Mostly shit came out when Dre was thinking.
“Look. I bring you a chick here”
“What for?” Em asked.
“For a shag?” Dre thought that that was so obvious.
“A shag?” Em still didn’t get it.
“You say you get me a chick so I can fuck her?”
“Well. That’s what I was thinking”
“You’re talking bullshit again, Dre. No girl would want…”
“Stop that Em!” Dre shouted “You perfectly know how many girls would spread their legs for you”
“Whatever, Dre. Whatever.” Eminem was looking at his hands. Yes, he knew that mostly every girl would spread her legs for him. But he had a little problem to deal with.

He won’t be able to fuck a girl, even if he wanted to.

“We’re near, Rory. Image!” Stacy was freaking out already. Why? They were near the entrance.
Suddenly something caught Rory’s attention. Someone was looking at her. Or was she being paranoid?
No, she obviously wasn’t paranoid because this someone was coming over to her.
She nearly panicked. But then Rory recognized the face. It was Dr. Dre himself.

First she thought he’d walk past her but then he stopped right in front of her.
“Hello”, he grinned openly at Rory and she was confused. What would a man like Dr. Dre want from a girl like her?
“Hi”, she said stunned.
Suddenly something was hanging in front of Rory’s face. A backstage pass!
“Will you follow me?” he then asked. She looked first at Stacy then back at Dre.
But before she knew what she was doing, Rory was following Dre into the building.

“Could you do me a favor?” Dre asked. She raised a brow and looked at him.
“It could sound a bit crazy to you but I would ask you if you could…well…please Em”
And again Rory was confused. It seems that it happens a lot to her lately.
So she asked how the hell she should do such thing.
But Dre was quite until they were standing in front if a changing room.
“You’ll find out” he said and left after nearly pushing her into the room.


Em looked up as the door opened and closed. A girl was standing at the door. She was beautiful.
She had long, black hair, a wonderful face. Her breast weren’t big but they weren’t too small either. She had a thin waist and long legs. She was wearing a tight, green shirt with a V neck and a jeans skirt.
He was about to look at her shoes but her hands caught his attention. She was nervous.

“Poor girl. You don’t need to do this” He didn’t want to force himself on her. He wouldn’t be able to. But then she look into his eyes and he melt. She had wonderful, ice blue eyes. He stood up immediately and crossed the room.
The girl found herself dragged between him and the door. He looked in her eyes and then at her lips and she knew what he wanted to do.
He was about to kiss her but pulled away. She didn’t want to so why should he force her?

But then she got closer and kissed him. If was a soft, short kiss and Em was confused. He felt something in his south area, something he thought, he never would fell again. And so he kissed her back.

After they got apart to catch their breath, Em looked with deep desire into the girls eyes.
“What’s your name, love?” he asked.
“R...rory” Rory blushed and tried not to look into Em’s eyes.
But he put a finger under her chin and forced her to look up.
“You don’t need to do this” he said.
Rory was quiet for a few minutes but then she said: “And what if I want to?”

So that was kind of the first chap. So what do you say?
Sorry by the way for the bad grammar. I grew up in Germany so I learned English and not for long^^

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PostSubject: Re: A sick lovestory, or not? (NC 17)   Thu Jul 01, 2010 10:34 am

You should update this. It's interesting, and I wanna read more. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: A sick lovestory, or not? (NC 17)   Sat Sep 11, 2010 11:50 pm

Interesting! You should really update the story =) bounce
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PostSubject: Re: A sick lovestory, or not? (NC 17)   Wed Aug 31, 2011 9:31 pm

I would definitely read something like this. Post more! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: A sick lovestory, or not? (NC 17)   

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A sick lovestory, or not? (NC 17)
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