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 More Than Friends or Just a Dream? (NC-17)

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PostSubject: More Than Friends or Just a Dream? (NC-17)   Thu Jul 01, 2010 5:29 am

Disclaimer: I DO NOT know/own any part of Marshall Mathers life or his friends/family.

I was walking down the sidewalk in Detroit Michigan, past the Shady Records building, a building that I wish I could just walk right into, but you have to have a special pass to get in. My friend, Megan, and I learned that the hard way back in 2000 when we tried to walk in just to check it out. This large black guy and his stupid friend threw us out the back door, and told us that if we ever did that again they'd call the cops, and we'd go to jail for break in or something, but that was two years ago.

They should have just let us off with a warning, but they didn't, rude bastards! So I won’t be going into the building today, especially by myself. That would be scary and knowing my luck I'd probably get tazed or something. I was just passing by hoping to get a look at Eminem in person. I just love him so much, hes just so sexy, and I wanna touch him. I seriously wish I could just go up to him somewhere and just say hello to him as if he was just a normal human, but I'd probably freak out, and cause some shit.

I stopped my thoughts as I heard a car pull up, I quickly ran behind the garbage can next to me. It smelt bad, but if that was Eminem in that black Tahoe, it was so worth having to smell rotting food, just so I could see him. The door opened, Marshall jumped out slamming the door shut, but in a nice way. He opened the back door reaching in with both arms and pulling out his daughter Hailie, she’s just so beautiful. I watched Eminem carry Hailie into the building...

My trance was broken by a hand on my shoulder, I jumped turning around and slapping the mans hand off my shoulder. He was a scrubby man, stubble on his face, fat like Bizarre but he was white, and he had a cigar hanging out his mouth. He had a large black garbage bag hanging over his right shoulder. "Don't fucking do that shit!" I yelled angry at him. He made no notion of it.

"Sorry," he started, but before he could finish I had already walked away. I was walking back towards my home when I heard the doors of Shady Records open; I looked over and saw Eminem walk out. This time there was no place to hide. I just stood there tears in my eyes with a dorky grin on my face. He looked around stopping when he saw me; he stared at me giving me funny look then proceeded to his car. Once half his body was in the trunk of his car, I slowly walked away watching him, getting out of his site just before he turned around, I could still see him.

I slowly walked home with the same stupid grin on my face as before, thinking about what it would be like to meet Eminem, what would I say to him? Would he like me? Would he just think I'm some stupid fan girl? I sighed as I approached my home, it was a trailer park, but at least it was better than 8 Mile. Megan and I were glad we could afford it too. I opened the door…

“Hello?” I called wondering if Megan was home. There was no answer so I just went to my room, the master bedroom. My room is filled with posters of Eminem, from wall to wall it’s crazy, but I love it! I walked over to my stereo and pressed play, The Slim Shady LP was in there, which made me smile. I lay on my bed smiling just happy I saw Eminem in person and he actually noticed me!

I walked into Shady Records carrying in a box full of papers and other junk Dre needed. I wonder who that chick was who was staring at me from across the parking lot I thought as I watched Hailie play Frogger. Dre swings the door open. “Yo! Get your ass up in here!” he yells. I got angry with him for interrupting this moment but I carried the box in the other room.
“Hey Dre?” I asked as I set down the box.
“What?” he asked handing me a beer.
“You know, I saw this chick, she stared at me, it was kinda odd,” I said as I tried to picture the girl, she was young probably about 20, very pretty, just the right size, not a twig or a ball of walking fat. She had brown hair a bit past her shoulders, she also had highlights. She wore some baggy sweat pants and a Shady sweater from my clothing line, one of my favorite ones too.
“You’re Eminem, of course people are going to stare,” Dre says stopping my thinking.
“Yeah man, you’re probably right,” I said and we got strait to work.

My bedroom door opened about two hours later and Megan walked in, she sat on my bed rollin her eyes at me. “What now?” she asked. “I see you have that stupid grin on your face. You always have that stupid grin when you see something about Eminem,” she added. I sat up and stared at her smiling.
“I saw Eminem, he was at Shady Records!” I cheered loudly, pointing towards where the building would be located.
“Wow,” she said like it was no big deal. I got angry at her reaction, knowing she’d to the same damn thing if she saw Lil Wayne.

“You know, if you saw Wayne you’d do the same damn thing!” I shot back at her she just giggled; I sat up and walked over to my stereo shutting it off. “I'm gonna go to the store,” I said not even asking her if she wanted to come, I was hoping to see Eminem again, and I didn’t want Megan to somehow ruin my chances. Not that she would but I wanna go alone just because I'm cool like that.

She followed me out of my room tho, but went to her room instead of following me out to the car. I hoped into the car and drove to the store. I drove around the parking lot of Rainbow seeing if Eminem was at the store. He could be you never know. I almost gave up until I saw him pull into the parking lot; he parked towards the back of the lot. He got out of his Tahoe along with Hailie, she ran to the front of the store as I found a parking place in the front. I waited for both of them to go into the store before I got out of my car.

I wanna see how long it takes for him to say something to me. Yes! It's brilliant, if maybe he sees me a lot he’ll come say something about it. Hehe I giggled. I still had the thought in the back of my head that was telling me that I should watch myself and stop doing this, just cause with my luck, something bad WILL happen.

I walked though the store looking for Eminem, if I saw him I would simply just stand somewhere by the aisle where he cannot see me, unless he tries, and just stare at him and his sexiness. I got distracted by some man, he was tall, very skinny he had black hair that looked like a bob cut. His name tag read Matt. I stared up at him as he stared down at me.

“You finding everything ok?” he asked in a deep voice. I nodded my head somewhat embarrassed as I backed away. I took about four steps back and ran into someone I immediately turned around and apologized with a simple sorry. Not realizing who I ran into until he spoke.

“It’s ok,” he said. I could feel my face turn red as Eminem stood in front of me. I smiled an embarrassed smile and ran away not knowing what to so say to him. I looked back he stood there looking at me.
“Daddy, why did that lady run away?” I heard Hailie ask as I went down a different aisle.
“I think she was embarrassed, don’t worry about it honey,” he said kindly answering his daughters question.

I didn’t hear her reply as I quickly grabbed a few steaks for tonight then got out of there quickly as possible. I got to my car, I stated shaking again, and I also got tears in my eyes. I was so happy to even touch him! I just wish I would have said something besides sorry then ran away like some little girl. I just felt so stupid just then. I hated myself. “Damn it Meleah!” I yelled at my self slamming my fist on the steering wheel of the car. It’s not just mine, Megan and I share this car until one of us can buy another one. “You lost your chance!” I yelled at myself again.

That was my chance, my only chance and it will never come again. I blew it. I started the car and headed home. I wasn’t happy no more; I was depressed I had lost my chance. I let out a sigh as I pulled into the driveway. I decided not to tell Megan what happened in the store. It just makes me depressed, but yet happy at the same time.

At dinner Megan and I talked about random things, Eminem never even came into the conversation. I went to bed that night after watching BET with Megan for a few hours. I laid there in bed thinking about my ‘magic moment,’ if I could put it that way, in the store. I randomly started thinking positive… Maybe, now that, that happened he’ll say something to me if we see each other again… Hehe I giggled as I closed my eye and my thoughts slowly went away and I feel asleep.

The next day I hung around Shady Records, watching people go in and out the door, I even saw Eminem, but I don’t think he saw me, or maybe he did, and he just don’t care. He probably thinks I'm a freak. No, you know what he thinks? He thinks I'm some stupid girl with no job. Well, it’s true, I quit my last job because of the pervert Cory, he was about my height, black and he sort of looks like Proof, but hes as good looking as Proof is. He’d always hit on me and talk about porn and sex and porn and sex. “Ewww” I whispered getting chills as I thought about all his perverted ways.

The next few days I managed to figure out everywhere Eminem went around Detroit. So I followed him hoping we’d have another ‘moment.’ The other day I made a list of all the places I saw him at. Standing by the garbage can by Shady Records, I pulled out a list from my sweater pocket. At the top of the notebook paper it read ‘Places I sawed Eminem’ then followed by a list. ‘Shady Record just almost every day, Rainbow, Target, the mall and SA.’ this list made me very happy. I wondered why he would be at these places, he’s Eminem. He did have a disuse on, but I could recognize that man anywhere. I put it back in my pocket as I heard a noise behind me.

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PostSubject: Re: More Than Friends or Just a Dream? (NC-17)   Thu Jul 01, 2010 5:31 am

Oh great it’s probably that creepy garbage man again. I turned around anyway, my eyes widened, I felt my face turn red, I couldn’t believe who was standing in front of me. I felt embarrassed. He just stared at me, with a look that just says hello. I opened my mouth thinking I was going to say something. Nothing came out I quickly shut my mouth and took a step back, about to walk away. “No, don’t run,” he said, his voice was so sweet.

“I… Umm…. Em…Eminem…uhh… hello?” I stuttered nervously with a stupid grin on my face, after I knew he wasn’t mad at me.
“Who are you?” he asked. I stared up at him; it was like I forgot my own name. He gave me a funny look and I snapped out of it.
“My name is Meleah,” I said. He smiled, his smile was so adorable, and so rare you hardly ever see him smile in pictures. He held out his hand for me to shake it, I slowly reached for his hand shook it then let go. This whole moment made me get butterflies in my stomach, I was so happy too meet Eminem; it was like a dream come true.

“Pretty name,” he said.
“Thank you,” I replied. Oh my gosh he complemented me! My smile getting larger.
“You smile too much,” he added. I just looked at him still smiling, I couldn’t stop, I couldn’t help it. He shook his head with a slight smile. “Look, have I seen you somewhere before?” he asked. My smile turned to a frown.

Oh great he knows I'm stalking him, I immediately thought. He looked at me like ‘come on answer my question’. I thought for a second.
“Maybe,” I said and giggled, I couldn’t think of anything else to say. We stared at each other for a second…

“I thought so, didn’t we run into each other the other day at Rainbow?” he asked. I nodded. “Yeah, I’ve been seeing you everywhere. Anyway, do you need a job?” he asked. I thought that statement was somewhat rude, if it was to come out of someone else’s mouth, but from Eminem it wasn’t rude at all.
“How’d you know?” I asked.
“Well you been following me around, I just thought maybe you wanted a job,” he said. I nodded with a smile.

“What would I have to do?” I asked getting excited knowing I was going to see Eminem everyday and possibly become friends with him.
“Well, you’d be like a nanny,” he said like he was afraid I’d say no to him. “You’d clean, and watch my girls Hailie and Alaina,” he added.
“Ok!” I said quickly, knowing if I cleaned, I’d get to go to his house. Hehe.

“Oh and don’t worry about the cleaning, my house is pretty much clean, I clean it myself, but when I'm not home, nothing gets done,” he said as we started walking towards the Shady Records building, I was so happy to be with him, and I was going to see the building.
“Where are we going?” I asked. He smiled as he opened the car door for me. I guess there's no Shady Records building for me.
“You’re going to meet my girls,” he says with his cute smile. I liked this lot, he smiled more than I ever seen him smile ever before. He got in the car; he started it and pulled out the driveway.

“Hey, what should I call you?” I asked randomly. He looked at me funny.
“Marshall's good,” he said with a smile…. I smiled and nodded.

Meeting the girls was fun, Hailie was just as I thought, she was just like me when I was her age, she did many of the things I did and she was just so happy and care free. She was very smart unlike me though, I mean I probably am smart I just don’t really care, I probably should have tried harder in school then maybe I could be smart like Urte and actually go to college.

However, if I went then I wouldn’t be here right now, with Eminem. I started to think about how Eminem never finished school, and I was glad I did…. Alaina she was different she was 10 years old, and just as smart as Hailie who’s seven. She was beautiful too… In addition, I'm glad that both of the girls like me.

Later on after Marshall made us lunch, he had to leave for a meeting so I stayed at his house and hung out with the girls. We watched The Hot Chick. When the movie was over, we sat for a few seconds.
“Hey!” Hailie shouted jumping from her seat. I looked over at her. “Do you like my Daddy?” she asked. I didn’t know how to answer that question. I just stared at her. I didn’t know what to say… “I asked you a question,” she said after about 2 minutes.
“Sure,” I said keeping it simple so I didn’t have to say yes or no. She smiled so I think she accepted my answer, and I don’t have to go though that explaining.

On my way home, I took the shortest way possible just so I could tell Megan what happened, and besides it was dark out too. I was so happy! It was the best day of my life I got to meet Eminem, I even hugged him, he smelt good too, some type of cologne but I can’t describe it, you just have to smell it yourself. I got home and I swung the door open. “Megan!” I yelled, she came walking to the back door.

She came from the kitchen, which is in the middle of the house, next to that if you go up towards the front of the house is the living room. Then the front door, a hallway, a small bedroom to the left, a bathroom next to that, and right in the front was Megan’s room. My room was in the back of the house, it somewhat sucked do to the fact that the fridge was right next to my door. But I didn’t mind, this gave me more room for my things.

“What did you do now?” she asked.
“I met Eminem!” I yelled in excitement. She smiled…
“Really!?” shed said excited for me. I nodded with a huge smile. “Did he ask you out?” she asked.
“No, that would be fucking awesome if he did but no, he wants me to work in his home, so I clean and watch his girls,” I explained over answering her question but I didn’t care, this means that she wont ask me a question about what he wanted.
“Sweet, I wanna meet him,” she says with a smile.

“Ok,” I said still smiling like before.
“Hey!” she said as we walked into the living room, I sat in the chair that sat right by the edge of the kitchen line. She sat on the couch to the left of me. I looked over at her after turning on the TV to MTV’s Jackass. “Maybe he could help Hiro get into acting, he made a movie, didn’t he?” she asks. Hiro, Megan’s Japanese boyfriend, she always wanted one, and she found him. Now shes happy she moved to Detroit with me. He had black Asian hair that hung over his forehead, hes 5’ 7”, slim and slender, hes into the same kind of music as Megan, rap, Japanese music and some random stuff, he also likes Eminem. He always dresses nice. Hes studying to become an actor. Hiro and Megan met at work, about 2 weeks after we moved here.

“Yeah, 8 Mile, I think it comes out in November,” I said smiling. “I'm going to wait to ask him though, get to know him better, I don’t wanna just go and ask him tomorrow he might get mad I don’t know,” I explained then turned back to the TV. I smiled, as there was a notice on the bottom of the screen about an Eminem interview that is going to be on tomorrow at 10pm.
“Ok,” Megan said. “I'm gonna go to Hiro’s,” Megan said after about 10 minutes.
“Ok,” I said. I shut off the TV and we both got up and walked towards the door, but she went out of it and I went to my room. I changed my pants and put on some camouflage PJ pants. Then I turned on my stereo, The Slim Shady LP. Then I lay down in my bed and listened. There was absolutely nothing to do. Halfway though the CD I feel asleep.

I woke up to my cell ringing, it was Marshall I answered it and he told me he needed me to come over at 8am. I looked at the clock after I agreed with him it was 7am. I got up went to my dresser and grabbed come clean cloths, a pair of jeans and a t-shirt that was plain light blue. I placed them in on my bed, and then took a shower to wake myself up.

After I finished I got dressed, did my hair like I always do, I leave it down and bush it and put some hairspray in it so its not retarded, I put on some make up. It was 7:35am. I quickly grabbed one of them breakfast sandwiches. I heated it up then walked to Marshall’s while eating it.

I got to Marshall’s, punched a code into a keyboard thing the gate opened; I walked in the gate, went up to the house and knocked on the door. A few seconds later Marshall opened it. “Hello,” he said with a smile staring at me.
“Hey,” I said with a smile. He let me in.
“The girls have gone to school, but could you please clean their rooms,” he asked.
“Sure,” I said. I would do anything for Eminem, so if he asked me to clean his whole house I would. Hehe.

“Oh yeah, Kim said shes going to stop by to pick up these papers,” he said handing me a few papers. “Could you give ‘em to her, she knows you’re here,” he said.
“Yeah no problem,” I said. I didn’t really want to mean Kim, I don’t think she’d like me just because I favor Eminem over her, but duh of course I do. “So what time do you get back?” I asked.

“Probably around 11 or so,” he said. I'm not walking home in the dark. I gave him a look like uhh. “I’ll give you a ride home,” he said with a cute smile.
“Ok, good, Detroit scares me at night,” I said then sort of laughed. He laughed slightly.
“Then why do you live here?” he asked. I thought for a second.
“To make a long story short, I moved here to get away from my crazy ex, Jordan,” I said. He nodded in understanding.
“I gotta go, I’ll see you at 11,” he said, he gave me a hug then went out the door.

I spent the next 5 hours cleaning up the girl’s rooms, but that included stealing Marshall’s water and resting, I organized their things I did everything but move their furnisher.

Once I finished their rooms, I took a tour of his house. I stayed out of his room out of respect, I went down to the basement first, and he had it laid out in a b ball court. It was really cool.

In the room next to it, it was like a major game and TV room. He had so many different movies, some of them I never even heard of before. I didn’t even bother to go though them. I shut off the light then went outside.

He had a pool that was on a upper level of the yard, you had to go up a set of stairs made out of rocks around the rocks were bushes that in the summer they would have really pretty flowers on them. The pool was still packed up do to the fact that it hasn’t been warm enough yet to swim. He also had a hot tub that was closer to the house under a high deck that had a sliding door to an upstairs family room.

There was also an outdoor b-ball court and an area for the kids to play. Off more towards the back left of the yard there was a small pond with a dock, it was very pretty there… I walked around the yard for a while, it was the coolest yard I’ve ever seen. I just loved it.

After about a half hour later Kim came and picked up the papers, she didn’t say much. I didn’t expect her to, and I really didn’t care. I could tell she didn’t like me. She probably thought I was fucking Marshall or something. I mean I wouldn’t mind fuckin him. Hehe. I did skim over the papers; they were child custody papers, something about shared custody. I guess that was fair but still I feel bad for Marshall, when he has to spend so much time away from his girls I can tell he really loves them and he’d do anything to make them happy.

I got bored so I did some cleaning in the kitchen after I made myself a sandwich it was a tuna one it was yummy. I also stole a Mountain Dew. He won’t miss it, haha. Then I went into the living room and watched some TV, there was nothing else to do…I laid on the couch and ended up falling asleep.
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PostSubject: Re: More Than Friends or Just a Dream? (NC-17)   Thu Jul 01, 2010 5:32 am


I woke up to the door being shut. I sat up quickly and stared at the girls. “Oh hi,” I said. “Thought you were someone else for a second there,” I said with a slight laugh.
“Sorry,” Hailie said as she came and sat by me.
“Don’t worry about that,” I said patting her on the head, she looked at me funny but I don’t think she mined my pattingness.

“Anybody have homework?” I asked looking at both of the girls. Laney just nodded and walked towards the kitchen without saying a word, I thought that was a bit strange but I guess that’s just the way she is. I sat there for a few minutes as Hailie watched Sponge Bob. I got up and walked into the kitchen. Laney was staring at her paper; she hadn’t made a mark on it yet. “Need help?” I asked.
“No, I just don’t feel like doing this but I have too,” she said.
“I know how you feel,” I said then walked back into the living room.

A few hours went by and now its 8:30, Hailie is already asleep using my lap as a pillow, and Laney is sitting on the couch looking like shes about to fall asleep. “Ok, I think its bed time,” I said after a about a few minutes.
“Ok,” Laney said getting up, she walked upstairs and disappeared into her room. I stood up, picked up Hailie and carried her upstairs to her room; I placed her on her bed and tucked her in. She rolled over and faced the wall. As I walked back down the hall to go back downstairs I peeked into Laney’s room, she was in bed and asleep, I shut the door then went downstairs.

I sat on the couch watching TV, that MTV thing that Eminem was going to be on, I felt a little strange watching something about Eminem when I was sitting in his house and he could possibly walk in at any moment, but I continued to watch anyway. This interview was very cute. He was talked about how one time he was in a mall, and people started staring at him, and the next thing he knew he was being chased, and that’s how he knew he was famous.

I felt a hand on my shoulder, it scared the shit outta me, I jumped out of my seat and stood right up staring at Marshall. “Ahh, don’t!” I yelled.
“Sorry,” he said softly.
“It’s ok,” I said.
“So, things go well?” he asked as he sat down on the couch, I sat next to him.
“Yep, the girls are in bed, and cleaning went well. I don’t think Kim liked me though, when she came to pick up them papers she kept giving me dirty looks,” I said. He shook his head.
“She’s just jealous, she probably…you know,” he said. I sat there staring at him trying not to smile because, I knew what he meant, and I would love to ‘you know’ with him. Hehe. I have to change the subject, I sat for a second….

“I think I should be getting home,” I said.
“Oh, I’ll drive you,” he said turning off the TV, he stood up and walked out the door, I followed him.
“Are the girls gonna be ok?” I asked. He nodded but that’s all he did, it was somewhat strange to me but I guess it was ok, I got into the passenger seat, by this time I was pretty tired. I let out a yawn which caused Marshall to yawn and that made me giggle. He smiled and shook his head. After driving out of the drive way he looked down, he stared for a second.

“What is that?” he asked pointing to my wrist, I looked at him then looked at my wrist, I covered it up and slid down in my seat a bit. “Are you going to answer my question?” he asked, his voice sounded somewhat mad, but then not really.
“A tattoo,” I said stating the obvious.
“I know that, but why is it like mine?’ he asked.
“I'm a really big fan and I liked it,” I said smiling.
“It’s a bit creepy,” he said. “But otherwise its cool,” he said as he tuned into my driveway,

Megan’s light was on, like usual, shes a big night person, she likes to stay up late then sleep and not wake up for along time cause shes rude.
“Ok,” I said confused, but I didn’t wanna continue on the subject of my tattoo so I just left it at that.

FFW about a month later MARSHALL’S POV>>>

“Yo Em, come here!” Proof yelled from across the room. We’re in the studio working on my All Access Europe Tour that I will be leaving for next month. I stared at him for a second; he looked at me like get yo ass over here. I dropped my pen and pad next to me on the table I stood by. I walked to the booth, he was standing in it so I figured he wanted me to fix something for him, but he had that look on his face, and I knew it wasn’t something about the studio or anything to do with being famous. I walked into the booth and he closed the door.

“What?” I asked. I was busy working on lyrics for Devils Night, our new D12 CD. He didn’t answer me for a second; he just stared at me with that look. I immediately knew what he was thinking, I knew what he was going to say; ‘Em, you’ve been acting weird.’

“Man, you been actin weird for 4 days now,” he said. I shrugged.
“So?” I asked. But, I probably should be doing something about this ‘weird’ thing. I think I'm starting to like Meleah, but it’s odd because she works for me.
“You like that chick,” Proof said. I looked at him mad for a second.
“Her name is Meleah, and no I don’t!” I yelled.
“Yeah you do, come on man, I'm not stupid,” Proof said. I knew he wasn’t stupid; he was actually a very smart guy.
“I don’t like her!” I yelled.

“Don’t fuckin yell, I know you like her, and you should do something about it. You need to stop acting like this. It’s fuckin annoying,” he said. I just stood there.
“Fine, I do,” I said giving in, I hated when other people were right about things like this, and other things for that matter. But that don’t matter at this moment, I was falling for a girl who worked for me.

“Ask her out,” he said, but it was more like a demand, rather than suggestion. I sat down in a chair next to the door, Proof looked around. He picked up a chair, moved it in front of me and sat on it backwards.
“I can’t cause she works for me,” I said trying to make up any excuse to get him to leave me alone about this. I didn’t wanna ask her out. Well, I did but not yet, I don’t know how to ask her.

“Fire her,” he said looking at me as if I was stupid.
“I cant, she won’t wanna be fired. And if I do fire her, she’ll cry,” I said.
“If you ask her out she won’t cry, dumbass,” he said to me. I glared at him. I let out a sigh.
“I don’t know,” I said, yeah I wanted to ask her out, like I said before I don’t know what to say, cause I am stupid, when it comes to girls, but I can be romantic and you know what I mean, but I don’t wanna get hurt again.

My ex Kim cheated on me with this guy, and that’s how I got on probation, I pistol whipped the guy with an unloaded gun. Yeah, mistake but at least I'm not in jail and my probation is over. I must have zoned out cause I saw Proof’s hand waving in front of my face. I looked up at him. He shook his head.
“Fine, be miserable man,” he said then left the booth closing the door behind him.

I let out another sigh. You know what? I'm just gonna wait till I get off tour then I'm going to figure out a way to ask her out. I gotta focus my head on this fucking tour right now. I came out of the booth; I was staring at the floor not paying any attention to what was in front of me. I ran into Proof, who was probably standing there waiting for me to come out and tell him that I was going to ask Meleah out.

“You gonna do it?” Proof asks.
“Do what?” Swift asked as he passed by.
“Nothin man, go away,” I said. Swift looked angry but he walked away to the other end of the studio and sat down with the others to eat lunch. “I don’t know man, ok just give me a while,” I said.
“Damn man, it’s not that hard to ask out a girl,” Proof said as if I was stupid.
“Shes different, just give me awhile,” I said. “Can we just go eat, and focus on the tour?” I asked him. Then I thought that was a bad idea cause hes going to ask me something else.

“How can you focus on the tour if you got Meleah on your mind the whole fuckin time?” he asked. See, I told you, he asked me something else, and I knew it was going to be that. Sometimes I feel like I can read his mind. Maybe I should just watch what I say, and then he won’t ask me stupid questions.
“Just drop it!” I yelled causing the subject to end, I glanced over at the others, they were staring, and then I looked back at Proof he looked at me in shock. “Yeah, that’s what I thought. Now let’s eat,” I said walking away from Proof and going to the table.

“What was that all about?” Swift asked staring at me.
“What was what all about?” I asked pretending I didn’t know what he meant, even know I did.
“You yelled,” Swift said. I gave him a funny look, I yell a lot what’s the big deal whether I yelled now or then? …I kept silent. “Man what’s with you?” Swift said randomly after a few minutes.

“Nothing, every thing is all good,” I said, I was getting annoyed with the guys staring at me; no body would get off my back. For about 10 minutes they kept asking me what the hell was up with me. I ignored them, I just stared at the bucket of KFC chicken that we ordered, it was sitting on the middle of the table.

Meleah and the girls are supposed to come to lunch, so I'm waiting to eat. Five minutes passed by and the guys stopped, and stared at Proof, they must have known he knew what was going on, because he also kept his mouth shut….
“Em don’t know how to ask out girls he likes,” Proof said. I whipped my head over to him. I stared at him pissed off, I kinda wanted to punch him, but I held back.
“What the fuck!” I yelled.
“Em don’t know how to ask out girls,” Bizarre laughed and pointed to me, I stared at him angrily, he just kept laughing; he almost fell out his chair.
“Shut the fuck up fat ass!” I yelled with that pissed off look on my face that everybody is afraid of. All the guys stopped laughing…. “Yeah shut up!” I said. “Now, I'm going to ask her out, just give me awhile, I gotta figure out a good way to do it. I don’t wanna screw this up,” I said then looked down.
“Ok fine,” they all said together.


I walked in to Shady Records with Hailie and Laney. They were excited to go eat lunch with their father. I walk into the room were the guys were. “Hey!” I said as I walked in. They all looked at me, then looked away, Marshall smiled at me. He turned away and whispered something to Proof. Proof looked a little scared. He started to nibble on a bone. I just stared confused.
“Sorry, hey,” Marshall said. “Come sit down,”
“Thanks,” I said and sat down next to Marshall, he moved over closer to Hailie. We at lunch.

We hung out at the studio for a while. After about and hour and a half me and the girls were going to go back to house so Marshall and the guys could get back to work. Marshall walked us out, he carried Hailie, Laney walked beside him, me on the other side. “Girls, go wait in the car, I need to talk to Meleah alone,” said setting Hailie down, he gave them hugs and kisses then looked over at me as the girls ran to the car.

“Hi,” he said like he was nervous.
“Hi,” I said confused, I had no idea what his deal was, hes been acting strange for the past few days, like avoiding touching me, and looking at me. I feel like I did something wrong… “Did I do something wrong?” I asked. He shook his head.
“No, I just wanted to tell you that I’ll be home early,” he said.
“Ok,” I said.

“Yeah, and I have to talk to you more, but I’ll do that when I get home around 8, I gotta go back upstairs,” he said pointing back at the building. We stood there looking at each other, it was awkward then that one guy who kicked me out that one time walked out the building.
“You!” I said pointing to him, Marshall looked at me confused.
“Oh, hi,” he said like he was clueless, but I knew he knew who I was.
“You’re that guy who threw me and Megan out the door two years ago!” I yelled pointing at him still.

“Wait, he literally threw you out?” Marshall asked confused. I nodded. “That’s kinda rude, say you’re sorry,” Marshall demanded pointing at me. He had that look like we were both children. That was odd, why does he care that much, it wasn’t like it was that big of a deal. Strange, I thought.
“I'm sorry,” he said then walked away back into the building.
“Ok well, I’ll see you at 8 then?” I asked ignoring that whole thing with that guy.
“Yeah,” he said. I gave him a hug, he seemed hesitant, but whatever maybe he just is too focused on the CD hes working on.

After sitting and watching TV with the girls, Marshall came home right at 8. He sent the girls to bed then took me into the kitchen.
“I have to tell you something,” he said…..
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PostSubject: Re: More Than Friends or Just a Dream? (NC-17)   Thu Jul 01, 2010 5:33 am


“Huh, what? What did I do?” I asked scared that he was going to yell at me or something. Who cares, it doesn’t matter, when I lived at home I would get yelled at almost everyday, but to get yelled at by the person who I think is the most amazing person in the world would make me cry. He let out a sigh as I stared at him waiting for what he has to say then he looked up like he was thinking.
“Nothing, you did nothing wrong,” he said then looked down. “This isn’t easy for me to say…but,” he paused. He sighed again. “I can’t do this!” he sort of yelled then walked out of the kitchen.

“Hey, you can tell me, come back!” I yelled following him out of the kitchen, he went down the hall and was standing by the elevator. He looked at me, then quickly turned his head like he thought I wouldn’t know he was there. “What’s wrong?” I asked.
“Nothing,” he said quietly. About thirty seconds passed of me standing there staring at him then he sighed again. “Fine,” he bursted out, startling me. “I don’t know how to tell you this, but you can’t work for me anymore,” he said sadly.
“Funny,” I said, he shook his head.
“No really, I’m serious,” he said. I started to feel like I was going to cry so I ran away down the hall, and started to cry. I heard footsteps running after me. “Wait, I’m sorry!” he yelled.
“No!” I sobbed. He hates me, I must have did something wrong, I should have known not to get into this.

“Meleah wait!” he yelled, as I was about to go out the door he grabbed my shoulder and forced me to turn around. I stared at him crying. “I'm sorry, its not you, its me,” he said still holding onto my shoulders.
“That’s what they all say,” I said “Every guy who does something stupid, breaks up with a g…” I started rambling but was interrupted by his lips against mine. He kissed me; I was too surprised to kiss him back. I was just so shocked, I thought he hated me. He pulled away and stared at me, I stared at him in shock.
“That’s what I thought,” he said.
“What was that?” I asked while licking the taste of his lips off mine.
“A kiss,” he said. He stared at me, and then whipped the tears from my eyes. “Now kiss back this time,” he said in a sexy voice he said holing onto my head. He leaned in and kissed me passionately, I kissed back this time, his lips were so soft, and this was the happiest time of my life. He pulled away, I smiled. “I'm sorry I made you cry,” he said. “I didn’t mean for this to go this way,” he said.

“Are you saying that you fired me cause you like me,” I asked hoping he would say yes.
“Well yeah, if I didn’t like you I would have never kissed you,” he said. I smiled, he smiled back. I loved his smile so much.
“You should do that more often,” I said, while pointing to his mouth.
“Smile?” he questioned.
“Yeah, it’s cute,” I said. He smiled again. I win.

We stood there for awhile, it was an awkward silence. “Uh, maybe you should take me home, I told Megan I’d be home around 8:30ish,” I said tying to make the awkwardness go away.
“Yeah, ok, lets go,” he said then we both went out the door we went into his garage.
“Ohhhh,” I said looking at his car. He gave me a funny look I stared at his Mustang. “Can we take the Mustang?” I asked. “It’s my favorite kind of car,” I said smiling up at him, yes he is slightly taller than me.
“Sure,” he said. We got into a black Mustang. It was very pretty and when he started the engine the Mustang purred. Such a gorgeous car! I must have been smiling the entire ride. I’m in a beautiful Mustang with a beautiful Marshall who just kissed me. This day couldn’t get any better.

Once we got to my place, he stopped the car and got out with me. He walked me to the door. “Wanna come in?” I asked.
“Uh sure, I gotta talk to you about something anyway,” he said. I looked at him sadly. “It’s nothing bad,” he said. I opened the door and walked in. Megan was standing by the fridge.
“Hi,” she said smiling while clutching a large onion. I looked at her like what the fuck are you doing. “I'm having tuna,” she said like I was stupid. I shook my head.
“With an onion?” Marshall asks with a vexed look.
“Yeah, I like onions,” Megan said as she took a bite of the onion like an apple. “Are you two going out?” Megan asked with her back to us as we both were about to walk in my room.

“Heh,” is all I could say, cause I didn’t know for sure, I wasn’t exactly sure if that kiss meant that we are going out now or if he was going to ask me out later. I looked over at Marshall who turned red then went into room.
“What’s heh supposed to mean, either you tell me or I’ll find out myself… I know something happened. Tell me what happened,” Megan demanded as she set the onion down.
“Shh,” I said putting my finger on my lips, “I’ll tell you later,” I said……Wait…how does she know that something happened? Was she spying on us? How could she? I’m confused.
“Fine,” she said then continued to make her tuna.

I walk into my room shutting the door behind me. Marshall was sitting on my bed looking around my room.
“Got enough posters?” he asked.
“Its only 5,” I said. He smiled and shook his head. “Come sit,” he said patting the space next to him. I came over and sat next to him on the bed.

“What do we have to talk about?” I asked.
“Well, I’m going on tour in Europe next month, and I wont be back until October,” he said. I felt really sad at that moment. “I know, that’s why I was planning on telling you that I liked you after I got home from the tour, but then I saw you crying and I didn’t wanna see you like that so I kissed you,” he said. I looked down trying to think of what to say. I couldn’t think of anything, me and relationships never really mix. “So we have a decision to make,” he paused. “We either, wait until October to start a relationship, or we start one now, not see each other till I get back, but talk on the phone every night,” he said then I just stared at him…

“I like the second one,” I said staring at him still. He slightly laughed.
“Me too,” he said with a smile. I smiled, he leaned in and kissed me again, I kissed back. “I gotta go before the girls notice that I’m gone,” he said as we still kissed.
“Ok,” I said kissing him still. A few seconds later we pulled away.
“I’ll see you later,” he said, giving me a small hug.
“Bye,” I said as he stood up and went to the door.
“Call you tomorrow, bye,” he said and left… I fell back on my bed smiling the biggest smile ever. I never thought that I would ever have a relationship with Marshall Mathers, Eminem. I’ve never been so happy in my life. A few minutes later my door flung open I sat up like what the fuck, Megan was standing there smiling.
“What!?” I yelled at her.
“What happened? Are you going out now?” she asked. “I saw him leave, he looked happy,” she said.

“…………..hehe,” I said. She looked at me like tell me now or I will hurt you. “Yes, we’re going out!” I said with a huge smile.
“Yey!” she said. “So what happened to make him ask you out?” she said. I look at her sort of confused as to what she meant, it was like she was wondering why he would ask me out.
“Well, he fired me, I started to cry, then he stopped me from leaving and told me it’s not me it’s him, so I was yelling at him, then he kissed me, and it was fun,” I said smiling.
“Wow,” she says.
“What, I liked it,” I said smiling like a little school girl.
“You would,” she said as she got up and left the room.
“What, why wouldn’t I?” I asked. “Gosh,” I said. “I'm hungry,” I said then got up and walked over to the fridge ….


Once I got home I went to check on the girls, they were fast asleep, I gave them both a kiss goodnight, told them that I loved them, then went up to my room. I pulled out my phone and texted Proof: “You better be happy,” … I set my phone on the bed; I took off my shit and threw it over into the hamper. My phone went off; I went over and checked it.
“What did you do it finally?” he texted back.
“Yes, I fired her, she cried, then I fixed it, haha,” I texted back. I put my phone on the dresser this time as I searched my dresser for clean boxers, then grabbed a pair of clean sweat pants, I grabbed my phone then went into the bathroom to take a shower. Proof texted me back just as I was about to get into the shower, which annoyed me, that always happens I text someone, then right when I shut the phone or I’m about to do something else I get a text.

“I don’t wanna know what you did nigga,” he texted.
“Yes, Proof we had kinky sex,” I texted back. Then laughed to myself. I love doing that to him; he thinks it just wrong when I do these things.
“Yo, man I told you not to tell me!!” he texted back.
“I was kiddin, haha. But we’re going out,” I texted back.

I set my phone on the counter then got into the shower. I got out of the shower, dried myself, put clothes on then checked my phone, I had six texts and they were all from the guys. They were all about me askin Meleah out, damn Proof has a big mouth. I didn’t feel like texting back so I just set my phone on my night stand. I went down stairs, warmed up some of last nights chicken then took the elevator back up stairs. Then relaxed and watched TV. About a half hour later to my gate doorbell started going off like fuckin crazy…
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PostSubject: Re: More Than Friends or Just a Dream? (NC-17)   Thu Jul 01, 2010 5:34 am


I sighed loudly. You’re going to wake up the kids, you fucking dumbass. I got up from bed, and went downstairs. I looked into the TV screen, which is sitting next to the door on this small shelf, to see that it was Kim who was at my door, I rolled my eyes, pressed the button and she came running down the sidewalk all pissed off. I opened the door before she had the change to bang on it.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” I asked, trying to keep my yelling down…
“What the fuck are you doing with that chick!?” she yelled back, shoving a printed off picture of Meleah and I walking into her house.
“Shes not a chick, shes my new girl friend,” I snapped. I wanted to shut the door in her face, her jealously was so irritating. She could possibly be the most jealous person I know, everything I do or did with another woman, no matter what it was she got jealous, even if we weren’t together. Like this one time, we were in Florida with the kids on vacation, a fan came up and wanted a picture and an autograph, so I signed it, and took a picture, and she freaked out, yelling at me accusing me of liking that girl and then ran away, locking me out of the hotel room. This fan was probably 11 years old!

“Oh really now!?” she screamed. “How the fuck could you date her, shes too young for you! And she is your housekeeper!” she yelled at me.
“Shes not too young for me, and shes not my housekeeper!” I argued.
“What about me?” she asked pretending to be said like I’m supposed to give her sympathy.
“What about you?” I replied annoyed.
“Don’t you love me anymore?” she asked.
“You’re the one who fucked us up! Cheating on me with that one fucker! It’s your fault!” I yelled. “And no I don’t,” I added trying not to yell.
“Fine I HATE you!” she roared loud as ever. She flipped me off then ran down the sidewalk to her car, and speed off as fast as she could. I shook my head, closed and locked the door; I turned around to see the girls standing on the stairs. Oh shit…

“Is Mommy not gonna come see me anymore?” Hailie asked sadly as if she was about to cry.
“She’ll see you, don’t worry honey, she just got mad at me,” I said picking her up from the stairs.
“What did you do?” Laney asked.
“I did nothing wrong, shes just jealous of me and Meleah,” I said.
“Oh, is she your girlfriend now!?” Laney asked with a big smile, they really like Meleah.
“Yes, so she won’t be our housekeeper anymore,” I said. “Now let’s get to bed,” I said placing my hand on Laney’s back, causing her to walk up the stairs.
“Ok Daddy,” they both said.

I put the girls back to bed then went up to my room. I had a text from Meleah. It said: “WTF, Kim, just came here, and yelled at me…..”
“Kim’s just jealous of us; she came and yelled at me too. If she gives you anymore trouble, just call the cops and tell them that shes not leaving your property even though you asked her to leave,” I texted back.
“Well, ok then. I don’t like her…” she texted back.
“Im sorry, Im not to fond of her either… maybe later I can talk to her and get her to leave us alone…” I texed back.
“Ok,” she texted back…. I couldn’t really think of anything to text back so I lay in bed, before I could think of anything to say I fell asleep.

“Fine, don’t say anything back,” I said out loud looking at my phone. I walked out of my room and went over to the fridge.
“Who was that?” Megan asked me as I was going though the fridge looking for some pickles. She was playing a game on PS2, on our big 48’ TV.
“Marshall's ex wife,” I said as I grabbed the pickles from the fridge, I took a few out and put them in a bowl. “She yelled at me for being with Marshall,” I said. “Shes all jealous,” I added.
“Well you should have punched her in the face,” she said.
“Cause that would go over well,” I said annoyed. She laughed then I went back into my room.

For the rest of the month, we saw each other almost everyday. He took me out to dinner; we discussed a lot of things. He told me about himself, which wasn’t all too necessary because I already knew most of the things he said. He told me about how he never really had a place to live after he turned 16 he left home, stayed with Kim and other friends. Even if he would have gotten a job and could afford a place to live, the house would be broken into or he would lose his job and not be able to live there no more. When Hailie was born it was worse, cause he had to have multiple jobs to support himself, Hailie and Kim. There was a time where Kim wouldn’t let Marshall see Hailie so he tried to commit suicide. But once Dre found his tape, everything got better…money wise. He told me on a happier note, he likes to play old video games like Pacman and Donkey Kong. He also plays Ono.

I told him about myself, about how I lived in a trailer my whole life in the same spot, I moved to Detroit in 2000. My Grandpa died when I was 5, and that’s when everything became seriously terrible. Bruce moved in, and he is nothing but a complete asshole. He was always abusive he yelled, and told me to die. He was just a terrible person. I had a job at Target but then quit cause they suck ass, and I has trouble trying to find another one. Anyway now Marshall hates Bruce and wants to kill him.

~~~Saturday, June 28th~~~ Marshall Leaves for Europe~~~
“Hey, you home?” I got a text from Marshall.
“Yeah,” I texted back. He texted me back telling me that he was coming over, to say bye before he goes on tour all the hell away in Europe. I’m gonna be lonely. Sigh. About five minutes later there was a knock on the door, it was Marshall I saw him walk up the sidewalk and into the porch. I was sitting in the kitchen. “Come in!” I yelled. He walked in; he stopped in the doorway of the laundry room. “I’m over here,” I noted. He came walking in over.

“Hey,” he smile cutely then kissed me, I kissed back. I heard footsteps, but I didn’t care.
“Get a room!” Megan yelled. I pulled away from Marshall and just stared at Megan. Marshall giggled. Which was very cute and it made me smile.
“Fine,” Marshall sassed, then grabbed my hand taking me to my room. He shut the door. I gave him a funny look. “She told us to get a room,” he smiled. He slowly walk over to me, I was standing by the bed. I smiled as he kissed me; he pushed me back on the bed as we kissed. Slowly he pushed me up towards the wall. He stared sliding his hands down to my waist. I stopped him. He stopped kissing me, “What’s wrong?” he asked.

“Nothing, I just don’t think I’m ready for this,” I lied. I wanted to, but not right then and there, not with Megan in the house and not this early. “It’s just that the last time I did this…” I started, but stopped randomly thinking he was going to say something. He looked at me a bit disappointed. I looked at him with concern.
“It’s ok,” he assured, I smiled. “I understand,” he assured again. He gave me a little peck on the lips then got off me and sat next to me.

I sat up and laid my head on his shoulder wrapping my arm around his.
“What time you leaving?” I questioned after a few seconds.
“Not for about three hours,” he answered.
“Wanna watch a movie?” I asked, that was the only thing I could think of to do. I was still thinking about what just happened.
“Sure,” he said with a smile. This made me smile, his smile always made me smile.
“Ok pick one out, I’ll go make some popcorn,” I said the quickly went out the door shutting it behind me.

Megan was in the living room with Hiro playing video games. She saw me, and right away came over to me. “What happened?” she asked with a smile as I turned to grab some popcorn.
“What makes you think we did anything, we were in there for five minutes,” I said annoyed.
“A quickie,” she laughed. I looked at her like what the fuck.
“No, nothing happened,” I said. I didn’t wanna discuss sex with her. This one time when we saw my ex Jordan walking down the street stalking me, she was all like hey look there goes your virginity, so I told her to shut the fuck up and slapped her. Then she hit me back like she always did…does.
“Fine,” she said then went away.

Once the popcorn was done I went back into the room, Marshall was already sitting on the bed comfortable. With the DVD in the player on disk menu. He picked out Transporter, starring Jason Statham. I handed him the popcorn and sat next to him. He put his arm around me and I pulled the blanket up. We held hands underneath the blanket. And put the popcorn on our legs. He pressed play…

“What took you so long?” he asked.
“Megan was askin me what we did, it was annoying,” I said annoyed. He laughed slightly.
“What you tell her?” he asked, as if he was worried.
“I told her nothing happened,” I said. He didn’t say anything back, we just watched the movie. I started to fall asleep about 10 minutes later.

“Honey?” I heard Marshall whisper as he poked me.
“Don’t,” I whined like a child.
“I thought you wanted to watch a movie?” he asked quietly while looking down at me as I laid on him.
“I'm tired. I'm sorry,” I yawned.
“Well I could use some sleep before I go to England,” he said like hes thinking.
“Ok, then shut that off and lets take a nap,” I said smiling. He shut off the TV, set an alarm on his phone, and closed his eyes; I closed mine seconds after, and fell asleep.
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PostSubject: Re: More Than Friends or Just a Dream? (NC-17)   Thu Jul 01, 2010 5:35 am


June 28th 2002 8:30pm
I woke up to Marshall’s phone alarm going off. I slowly sat up. Marshall sat up and rubbed his eyes. “Hi,” I said with a smile yawing.
“Hey,” he said with a slight smile and yawned as well.
“What time is it?” I asked.
“8:31,” he answered while looking at his phone.

“Does that mean you’re leaving me?” I whined looking at him all sad. He looked at me like aww you poor thing. I gave him lip.
“Cute,” he said with a smile and then kissed me. “Oh and yes,” he said pulling away.
“Rude,” I pouted.
“Don’t worry, I’ll text you once I get off the plane,” he assured. I got off the bed and just stood there. Marshall copied me a few seconds later.

“You better,” I said like a warning.
“Or what?” he asked acting all tough.
“I’ll cut you!” I joked.
“Hey!” he raised his voice a bit.
“I was kidding nigga!” I laughed. He stopped for a second, and stared at me, like he didn’t know what I was talking about, he looked confused, and he cocked his head to the left a bit.

“What?” he asked. “Did you just call me a…” he started.
“Yes nigga, I called you a nigga,” I interrupted. He stared blankly at me.
“Stop it!” he demanded. He opened the door.
“What? Me and Megan say nigga all the time!” I said loudly so Megan could hear. “Right nigga?” I asked.
“Yes nigga!” Megan called out over the noise of the video game. Marshall walked out the room and stood by the door to leave. He started to walk away shaking his head.
“That’s not right,” he said under his breath. I giggled a bit then realized that hes walking away.

“Hey!” I cried, and then pretended to cry. He stopped just as he was about to open the door, turned around, and came back over to me hugging me.
“I'm sorry, I'm sorry,” he repeated hugging me.
“Hehe,” I giggled.
“Faker!” he said loudly letting go of me.
“So?” I asked. “What’s wrong with that nigga?” I asked in sort of a demand for an answer.
“Yeah nigga!” Megan yelled from the living room, I looked over at her, she had paused the game. Both she and Hiro were watching us.

“Stop saying that!” Marshall demanded, I think he was getting mad. But it didn’t stop me.
“Why nigga?” I asked. Megan came into the kitchen.
“Yeah nigga why?” Megan asked. Marshall turned to Megan.
“Cause it’s not right,” he said.
“What? You’re not black,” Megan giggled.
“But a lot of my friends are and they wouldn’t appreciate you saying that,” he said all serious. Megan grabbed a coke out the fridge.

“So, they’re not here,” I butted in.
“But still,” Marshall said not even looking at me, he still stared at Megan.
“Well I’m sorry Mr. Nice Guy,” she sassed walking away rolling her eyes. He turned to me.
“You gonna say something?” he asked pissed.
“Yeah, I dare you to say nigga,” I said looking all cutely at him with a grin.
“You’re so childish! I’m leaving!” he shouted then walked out. I sighed loudly then went into the living room. I sat on the couch, next to the chair Megan was sitting in.

“Is he being a jerk cause he won’t say nigga?” Megan asked.
“Yeah, he got really mad. He called me a child,” I said sadly.
“Well you’re practically are a child most of the time,” she said then went back to her game.
“Its not like you don’t act like one either,” I said angrily, then got up and when to my room. I grabbed my phone off my dresser, and went back to the living room. I sat back down on the couch, but didn’t say anything to Megan.

I texted Marshall saying I’m sorry that I acted childish, but that’s just how I am sometimes. Can’t we have some fun once and a while instead of acting like duds? I know you act odd sometimes… I waited a while for him to text back, I watched Megan play a game, I don’t know what it was, and I didn’t feel like asking either. I waited about a half hour and he never texted me back. “Apparently I can’t have fun with Marshall,” I sighed. I got up, and left the room before Megan had the chance to say anything. Sense Marshall was being rude I decided to take a shower then go to bed.

I laid in my bed trying to fall asleep, but I couldn’t. So I decided to finish watching Transporter. It was over about 5 minutes after midnight. My phone started ringing right when it was over, it was a bit creepy. I looked at my phone; it was just Marshall, I was a bit afraid to answer it.

“Hello,” I answered in a mono tone.
“Hey,” he said in the same tone as me. “We need to talk,” he continued.
“Look, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you mad,” I said.
“It’s ok. I shouldn’t have gotten so mad like that. I knew you didn’t mean any harm, I guess the touring thing was on my mind and sort of stressed me out. It’s not like I haven’t said that word before. I'm sorry,” he assured.

“So you’re not mad at me?” I asked just making sure.
“No,” he replied. “Just try not so say it around me,” he said.
“Ok, I’ll try,” I agreed. “Don’t get mad if it slips out,” I added.
“I won’t, unless I can tell it’s on purpose, and you do it a whole lot,” he said. “Just be very careful around the guys, I don’t want them getting pissed at you, then hating you,” he requested.

“Don’t worry about that,” I assured.
“Ok,” he sort of laughed. I pictured him with a slight smile and it made me happy. “Oh and we can act silly sometimes,” he added. I smiled. It was all silent.

“I like kittens,” I said randomly like a child.
“Uh, yeah they pretty cool,” he said sort of confused.
“I'm sorry, it was quiet,” I said. “And plus random is fun!” I giggled.
“Yeah, it kinda is,” he agreed.

“Odie!” I exclaimed as my cat Odie jumped on my bed and meowed at me.
“Uh?” Marshall said confused.
“My kitty!” I said then grabbed Odie and squeezed him, he grunted.
“Ok then,” Marshall said.

“Yep, I don’t know what to talk about,” I claimed.
“Same,” he said. “I’m sitting on a bed in the dark,” he laughed.
“Kinky,” I joked giggling. He laughed.

“I miss you,” he said cutely. I got this huge smile on my face.
“I miss you too,” I replied. “See you should have brought me with,” I said.
“Are you tying to make me feel guilty?” he asked.
“Kinda,” I laughed.
“Its working,” he said. “I should have brought you with,” he said sadly.

“Yeah, but I probably would have said no cause I have to go to this job I was offered,” I said.
“Well, then it don’t matter,” he said.
“Well, fine then,” I said.
“We’re not having a fight are we?” he asked.
“No,” I said.
“Good,” he replied. “But I gotta go, Imma get some sleep before I have to go to sound check and whatnot,” Marshall added.
“Ok, bye bye,” I said.
“Bye bye, sweetie, night,” he said.
“Night,” I replied then hung up after he did.

I laid in bed for a bout an hour then I finally feel asleep. That night I had a dream about Marshall, we just got married and were on our honey moon. It was a really awesome dream… if you know what I mean.

The next day I went to work at a restaurant, as a waitress. I worked form 10am till 5:30pm… Once I got home, I showed cause I smelt like food, I got out and my phone was ringing…
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PostSubject: Re: More Than Friends or Just a Dream? (NC-17)   Thu Jul 01, 2010 5:36 am


(((Friday, June 29th, 2002 6:00PM...12:00AM where Marshall is)))

"Hello," I said answering the phone, I wasn't even dressed yet. But it was Marshall so I had to answer the phone.
"Hey, what ya doin?" he asked. I stood there for a second.
"Standing in the bathroom freezing cause I just got out of the shower," I explained to him.
"Ohh, sexy," he commented. I smiled.
"I'm cold," I whined.
"I'm sorry, I'd warm you up if I was there, but I'm not," he said disappointing himself.
"I'm gonna get dressed. Hold on a sec," I said setting the phone on speaker, and setting it on the counter. "You're on speaker," I told him.

"Ok, so besides being naked what’s up?" he said then giggled. I rolled my eyes, men.
"Nothing. Working at a restaurant sucks," I complained.
"I know," he says.
"Anyway how'd the concert go?" I asked as I put on my pants.
"It was good, Swift spilled water on the stage then fell. It was pretty funny," he said laughing.
"Haha, nice. Tell him hes an idiot," I said puttin on a shirt. I took the phone off speaker then went, and lied in my bed.

"Ok, I will," he said. "Then he stood up like nothin happened. It was great, the crowd loved it," he laughed.
"I bet, so how have you been?" I asked.
"Fine, I still miss you," he said all sweetly.
"I miss you too, Marshy," I giggled.
"Marshy?" he questioned.
"Yep, that’s what I'm gonna start calling you," I laughed.
"Ok, whatever you say," he giggled.

"So when you comin back?" I asked wishing he would come back right this second.
"Umm, its a long tour. I think sometime in October," he said sadly.
"October," I whined stretching out the word. "You better be home for my birthday young man," I said to him as if he were a child.
"Don't worry, I'll be back for your birthday," He assured.
"Ok, I'm gonna take that as a promise," I said even though he didn't really promise anything.
"Ok, make a promise then, I will be home for your birthday," he promised. Hehe I win, like usual.

"What time is it were you're at?" I asked after about a minute of silence.
"Like 10 after midnight," he said.
"Oh! Yey! I was right," I said feeling smart.
"Ha, Why?" he asked.
"I just wanted to see if I was right," I said.
"Well you were I guess, but that can't be proved because you didn't guess the time before I told you," he smarted off.
"Marshy be nice," I demanded.
"Well then!" he sassed.

"Hey, what do you want for your birthday?" he asked randomly.
"Uh, you," I said. He laughed.
"Well you'll get me no matter if its your birthday or not, but what’s something that is not a human that you want, and don’t already have?" he asked.
"A monkey," I giggled.
"Uhh?" he questioned.
"I was kidding. I don't know...uhh surprise me?" I said somewhat as a question.
"Fine then," he muttered, there was about a minute of silence. "Oh! I just got the perfect idea on what to get you!" he said, he seemed all excited. I got really confused. What does he wanna give me that I cant think of to want.

"Ok, what?" I asked.
"Nope! I'm not gonna tell you," he teased.
"Fine. I can wait," I said, actually I couldn’t I really wanted to know what he was going to get me. Hmm...I thought for awhile then I got confused so I stopped.
"Ok have fun with that," he laughed.

"Hmm lets change the subject," I said.
"Why? Cause you have no idea what I'm planning on getting you?" he asked.
"Hmm I could think of something, but you don’t necessarily go out, and buy that," I said.
"Oh, no you can't buy that," he said.
"How do you know what I'm talking about?" I asked him.
"Umm I have an idea, but I'm not gonna tell you," he said.
"Fine be that way!" I said staring up at my ceiling. I tried to make shapes out of the dots, but it didn’t work.

"Im gonna get you a birthday present too, what do you want?" I asked him, I had no idea what to get him.
"I don’t know. I already have the greatest girl ever, the best kids... and everything in-between," he said. Aww isn’t he sweet, he called me the greatest girl ever. Which was the first from any guy, growing up boys always thought I was gross, maybe it was because I looked like a fuckin idiot or it was he way I dressed. I didn’t really care what people thought of me. It was mostly because of this kid Matt, he was the biggest dick ever, asides from Bruce.

"Aww how sweet. But seriously what do you want?" I asked.
"You don’t have to get me anything," he said.
"But, Marshy I want to get you something," I whined.
"I don’t know what I want, I got everything I want," he stated.
"Well I'm gonna find something to get you whether you like it or not!" I indicated.
"Ok, good luck," he laughed.
"You suck," I said.
" I don’t," he said.
"Wow Marshall," I said shaking my head even though he couldn't see it. He started laughing. Which made me laugh too. He just kept laughing.

"You ok?" I asked.
"Yeah, Im dood I mean good," he said. That made me burst out and laugh. "Ok sop...stop," he laughed, this made us laugh more. "Ok," he said taking a deep breath.
"Ok, don’t say anything stupid," I told him trying not to giggle. It was silent for a while.
“Lalala,” Marshall said randomly. I giggled like a little girl.
“That’s not helping my giggling skills,” I told him trying to be serious.

“I'm sorry. I'm good now,” he said.
“Ok. What happens now?” I asked him.
“The guys barging in my room,” he complained. He sighed. I could hear loud noises in the background, they were yelling about video games or something. “Guys I'm on the phone! Shut the fuck up!” Marshall yelled. Then I heard rap music. “Guys!” Marshall yelled.

“You can call me later, or just text me you know,” I said.
“Ok. I'm sorry the guys want me to play games,” he said.
“Its ok,” I said.
“Are you sure?” he asked me. I stared up at the ceiling.
“Yeah, I was gonna get some food anyway,” I told him.
:“Ok, bye bye sweetie,” he said all cutely. I looked at the clock, it was about 6:55pm. Sweet we talked for a bout an hour. Hehe.
“Bye sexy,” I giggled. I waited for him to hang up then I hung up my cell.

I went into the kitchen. Megan was still not home, she must be at Hiro’s or something. I made warmed myself up some left over pasta and chicken. I sat in the living room with it. I turn on the TV, The King of Queens was on, I just left it there. That show was ok, so whatever.

FFW>>> (((Saturday September 30th 2002 5:45pm.)))

The summer went by very fast, which surprised me. It made me happy though, knowing Marshall will be back sometime next month before the 20th. The summer was fun, we got to see Urte, she stayed for a week before she went back home. It was really fun. But I miss Marshall so much, I want him to come back right now! I haven’t heard his voice yet today, and it was making me angry, so I decided to go put in one of his CD’s, The Eminem Show.
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PostSubject: Re: More Than Friends or Just a Dream? (NC-17)   Thu Jul 01, 2010 5:39 am


I was sitting there eating a Popsicle, and listing to The Eminem Show. I got a text from Marshall: “Hey, sexy what u up 2?” he asked.
“Eatin a Popsicle and listening to your CD,” I said back.
“Why?” he asked, after about a minute.
“Cuz I can,” I said back, I set my phone down on my bed then got up an threw away the Popsicle stick in the garbage in the bathroom. When I got back to the bed I had a text.

“Lol ok. U just wanna hear my voice don’t u?” he asked. I rolled my eyes.
“You know what? Maybe I just like your music,” I said back.
“That’s part of it, but u wanted 2 hear my voice. Just admit it” he texted back, he always wants to be right, he gets mad when hes wrong.
“Ok maybe I did.” I texted back.
“I win! Lol,” he texted back. Wow, someone is strange, he stole my ‘I win.’ So the convo when on about missing each other, then after about a half hour of texting he had to go and he said he’d call me later.

FFW FRIDAY OCT 20th 2002 NOON >>>J
So like dude, I was sittin on the couch watching Transporter eating ice cream with Megan and Hiro, cause its my birthday. Tehe. “What should I get for Marshall for his birthday?” I asked turning to Megan.
“I don’t know, get him a watch,” Megan said.
“Yeah, cause he can't buy his own,” I mocked.
“Well then get him a unicorn, he can't get that can he?” she sassed.
“Well nobody can get that,” I replied.

“Get him a teddy bear that he can hug at night when he misses you,” she laughed. I looked at her like what the fuck? “Get him a lap dance,” she advised.
“Umm I don’t know how,” I said confused. Hiro laughed. We both got angry cause he laughed, so we stared at him angrily.
“Make him a string knot bracelet,” she said.
“What colors?” I asked looking at the TV, cause there was a Jason Statham, with no shit.
“Red and blue,” she said.
“Ok, later,” I said watching the movie.

Megan got up from the couch, and I just happened to notice that she looked overweight cause her shirt was tighter. She comes back out of the bathroom. “Why are you fat?” I asked pointing to her.
“Thanks. I'm not fat!” she cried. Then walked quickly to her room. I got up and followed her, to apologize. I walked into the room, she was sitting on the bed with her head down.
“Sorry, I didn’t mean that,” I said. Hiro walks into the room.
“You know, I did realize that you were gaining weight,” Hiro said. “Is that why you wont have sex with me?” he asked.

Umm what the fuck. I looked away this was awkward.
“No I just don’t feel like it!” Megan yelled.
“I don’t need to know your guys sex life, k thanks,” I pointed out.
“No no no, there must be a reason for this,” Hiro said.
“Oh my gosh! Are you pregnant!?” I chimed in.
“No,” Megan whispered.
“Liar!” I yelled pointing at her.
“Why didn’t you tell me?” Hiro asks.
“I was afraid you wouldn’t like it,” she said.
“Are you serious? This is amazing!” he exclaimed. Grabbing her and pulling her up into a hug. They started kissing so I decided to leave.

I went back into the living room. I sat on the couch. I got all sad. “Marshall was supposed to come back today for my birthday,” I mumbled to myself, while looking at the ground. A few seconds later my phone started to ring. It was Marshall, speak of the devil. Haha just kidding. “Where are you?” I asked without saying hello.
“Somewhere,” he answered. “Just go outside,” he said.
“Why?” I asked, I was kinda mad cause he didn’t tell me where he was.
“Just go outside!” he demanded.
“Fine!” I yelled into the phone.

I got up and walked out the back door. There was a blue mustang sitting in my driveway. “Why is there a mustang?” I asked standing in the porch.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he said confused. I pushed the door open, I walked down the sidewalk to the car. There was a card stuck in the windshield wipers. I pulled it out. It said Happy Birthday on it. I smiled. I heard a click on the phone. “Happy Birthday baby,” Marshall said from behind me.

“Ahhh!!” I screamed jumping into his arms, he picked me up and held me. “You got me a car!?” I asked. He nodded. We both smiled at each other. I kissed him, he kissed back.
“Can I have it?!” Megan interrupted.
“NO!” I screamed.
“Well then, shotgun!” Megan yelled loudly I stopped and looked behind me Megan was standing there. Marshall glared at her. She opened the car and got in. Hiro just kinda stood there.

“I thought you weren’t gonna come,” I said hugging him, he set me down and hugged me back.
“I promised, remember?” he asked. I didn’t answer I just hugged him tighter. “I missed you so much,” he whispered.
“I missed you more,” I whispered back. We kissed again.
“Are you two gonna make out all day or are we gonna go for a ride!?” Megan asked while petting the mustang as if it were a cat or something.

“I'd like to make out all day,” Marshall said quite enough for only me to hear, which made me smile.
“Yeah, lets get some lunch,” Hiro said getting into the backseat behind Megan.
“Ok. Gimme the keys!” I said digging in Marshall’s pocket.
“They in the car,” he said pointing.
“Oh!,” I giggled running towards the car and getting in, Marshall got in behind me. “Ok where we go?” I ask after starting the car and turning on the radio, the buttons were already programmed to the local rap stations and one mixed station and one country station. I left the radio controlling to Megan. She picked a rap station.

“I like Taco Bell,” Megan said after buckling her seat belt.
“Me too,” Marshall said.
“Ok sure,” I said pulling out of the driveway.

We went through the drive thru. Marshall paid for it. Duh. We took it home so no one would see Marshall and be like hey! Once we got back we picked out a movie to watch which was The Ring. We ate our food. Then I cuddled up to Marshall by laying on the couch with him. I was so happy to have him back. “I want…blanket,” I said.

“Ok, I’ll go in the room and get one,” Marshall smiled. He got up, which made me sort of fall on the couch cause I was laying on him. He came back a few seconds later with my blanket. We readjusted, and pulled the blanket over us. I set my hand on his chest, he grabbed it with his free hand that was not around me and laced his fingers with mine.

“Later tonight you’re coming over, and Imma make you dinner,” Marshall whispered in my ear.
“Ok,” I said looking up at him smiling. He smiled then kissed me lightly on the lip. A few seconds later, I pulled away and rested my head on his chest and continued to watch the movie.

Later we left to go to Marshall’s place. Once we got there he opened the door for me and I walked in. “Here, sit in the living room. Here’s this, and watch TV,” he told me he said handing me the remote. I sat down on the couch and changed the channel to the news, it was about 6:00, so the 6 ‘o clock news was on. Duh. Marshall disappeared into the kitchen. I sat and watched the news, it was about 6:45pm when Marshall pocked his head out the kitchen doors.

“Do you like wine?” he asked.
“Depends… I guess its ok,” I said.
“Well you’ll like this wine,” He said holding up a bottle, it looked like it would be expensive. “Dinner is almost done, you better be hungry,” he told me with a slight smile.
“I am,” I assured. He went back into the kitchen…

He came back about 10 minutes later.
“Dinner is ready,” he smiled, shutting off the TV. He took my hand and lead me into the kitchen. The table was set up in candle light, he had made chicken, some fancy looking rice, and he had made some sweet corn. He pulled the chair out for me and I sat.
“Looks good,” I said as he sat across from me. He smiled.
“Try it,” he advised. I took a bite of the chicken leg, it was the best chicken I’ve ever tasted.
“Wow! This is amazing! I didn’t know you could cook,” I said in amazement. He smiled.
“Glad you like it,” he said taking a bite. So the later convo went on about, how his tour went, it went well and the girls enjoyed seeing Europe.

“Dinner was amazing,” I said as we finished. He smiled and took my plate. He cleaned up the kitchen, by the time we were finished it was almost 8:30pm. We talked a lot. We went into the living room together. I walked towards the couch.

“Come here,” Marshall whispered grabbing my arm and pulling me into him. He kissed me, I kissed back. “Finally we get to be alone,” he said softly while we still kissed.
“Yes,” I mumbled still kissing him. We kissed for a long time. He pulled away after a while.
“You’re staying the night,” he said in somewhat of a demand. I smiled.
“Well duh,” I said and playfully hit him. He smirked, then gave me a creepy look. I screamed then ran upstairs Marshall chanced after me, I ran into his room. Then ducked behind his bed.

“Come here!” he laughed cornering me in a corner. He picked me up into a hug. I looked around his room while hugging him. His room was huge. He had this huge closet, a bathroom in the corner, a bed underneath the window. A desk in the other corner of the room. And a few dressers. “Oh I have something else for you,” he said with a smile.
“Oh,” I said confused. He walked over to his desk. He dug in a drawer, pulling out a beautiful bracelet.

“Come here,” he said softly. I walked over to him. “Here, hold out your arm,” he told me. I held out my right arm and he wrapped the bracelet around my wrist. “Its real diamonds and 24 carat gold,” he said. I smiled admiring the bracelet.
“Its beautiful, I love it,” I said giving him a peck on the lips. “I had a 14 carat gold ring once, but someone stole it,” I said softly. “My Grandma gave it to me,” I told him.
“I'm sorry, did that Bruce guy do it?” he asked. I nodded. “I bet you’re Grandma hated him,” she said. I nodded again. “I hate him,” Marshall said. “If I ever meet him, I might just have to punch his face in,” he laughed. I laughed too.

“Not a good idea, he’ll call the damn cops and then you’ll go away,” I said sadly.
“I don’t want that,” he said, then kissed me, I kissed back. He pulled away after a while. “What happens now?” he whispered.
“Remember what we talked about that one day?” I asked him. He thought for a bit. Then shook his head. “Forgetter person,” I giggled. He looked confused. “That thing that you can go out an buy,” I said with a smile.
“Ohhhh,” he remembered. I smiled.

He kissed me, we made out as we slowly walked back to the bed. I pulled away and go onto the bed. I did the come here sign, he smiled then crawled onto the bed on top of me. He kissed me. “Damn I missed you,” he said kissing me passionately.
“Im missed you too,” I said kissing him back and wrapping my arms around his neck. I pulled him closer to me. He sat up and slowly moved his hands down to my pants. I didn’t stop him this time. He looked surprised.


“Are you sure wanna do this?” he asked. I smiled and nodded. He smiled then began to unbutton my jeans as he kissed me. I could tell he was getting anxious. He was having problems getting my pants off. So I helped him. He pulled them off and threw them on the floor.

He took off his pants quickly, leaving his boxers on. He kissed my neck then slowly moved down towards my chest while sliding his hands up my shirt and unhooking my bra. I sat up and he slowly slid my bra and shirt off.

He stared at me for a while. I reached up and started to play with the rim of his boxers as he took off his shirt. His body was so hot, hes so sexy. He leaned in and kissed me while he slowly slid my underwear off.

He stared to stare at me again. He took of his boxers, we both stared at each other. I kissed him, he reached down and started to play with my vagina. I let out a moan. He continued to kiss me. I got this urge and pulled him into me. He slid into me I let out a loud moan of pleasure.

He moved slowly inside me at first. We both started to breath heavily. He pushed deeper, I dug my nails into his back and let out a moan. He kissed me, I kissed back, he started to move faster, I pulled him closer to my body, his body felt amazing against mine.

We started to give each other breathy kisses. He pushed hard, I dug my nails into his back and he grunted. He reached down and started to play with my vagina again. I moaned loudly.

We continued to kiss each other, he stuck his tongue into my mouth exploring it. He started moving faster and going harder, we started to breath heavily. We were about to climax, he gave one last push I let out a moan. I felt him cum. He kissed me once more then pushed himself off me, laying next to me and breathing heavily.

“I love you,” he whispered.
“I love you too,” I said moving closer to him. He kissed me and smiled, I did the same.

We cuddled up together. He held me tight. He grabbed the remote off the side table and turned on the TV… We watched TV for the rest of the night, and feel asleep around 1am.
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PostSubject: Re: More Than Friends or Just a Dream? (NC-17)   Thu Jul 01, 2010 5:39 am


(((Nov. 17th 2002))) (((8:00pm))
I was sitting in the living room when my phone rang. We had just moved into a new house with the help of Hiro and Marshall, anyway it was my mother. “Hello?” I answered I haven’t talked to my mom in a while.
“Hey, how are you?” she asked.
“I'm good,” I said with a smile on my face. “You?” I asked.
“Good, what are you doing over Thanksgiving?” she asked.
“Nothing why?” I asked.
“I wanna meet Eminem,” she said.
“Mom, call him Marshall,” I said sort of annoyed. “Uh, ok…I’ll have to see what hes doing, but we’ll come, I’ll make him,” I told her laughing a bit.
“Cool,” she said. “So be here on the 20th cause I miss you,” she said.
“Ok mom, I’ll try,” I said. “I gotta go to Marshall’s in a bit anyway and I’ll ask him,” I said.
“Ok,” she said. “Bye,”
“Bye,” I said then hung up the phone.

I got up and grabbed my bag, and headed out the door. My neighbor Chelsea was out on her porch. It was like she was watching my house. I don’t really know her yet, we‘ve only lived her for about a week, besides that she really likes Marshall. It really pisses me off how she looks at him. I stared at her until she looked directly at me. “Hey!” she waved.

“Hi,” I said trying to be nice. I found her irritating. Every time Marshall comes over she comes over and tries to talk to him.
“Hey are you going to Eminem’s house!?” she asked running over to the fence.
“His name is Marshall,” I said opening the door of my Mustang.
“Lucky!” she said. I just glared at her.
“I gotta go,” I told her then got into my car and drove away.

I arrived at Marshall’s, I punched in the code on the pad to open the gate, when it opened I pulled into the driveway, I parked in my spot. I walked in the house. Marshall was lying on the couch. I slowly walked up to him.

“Boo!” I yelled grabbing him from behind the couch.
“Oh shit!” he yelled jumping and almost falling off the couch. I cracked up laughing. “Not funny,” he said grabbing me, he pulled me over the couch; I landed on top of him.
“Oww, that hurt,” I complained.
“I'm sorry,” he said. “That’s what you get for scaring me,” he laughed.
“Rude,” I pouted.

“Aww is somebody upset,” he said to me as if I was a child. I pouted some more. He gave me a kiss, at first I didn’t kiss back, but after awhile I couldn’t resist. We kissed for a while. He pulled away and stared at me for awhile.
“Oh!” I said remembering something. I sat up sitting on him; he rested his hands on my thighs. “My mom wants to meet you,” I told him. He looked a bit worried.
“Uhh,” I all he could say.

“Don’t worry, she’s cool,” I said smiling at him.
“When is thing gonna be?” he questioned.
“Uh…the 20th through Thanksgiving,” I said.
“Ok, cool we can go then,” he said with a smile. I smiled at him, and then gave him a quick kiss. “Did you tell her?” he asked.
“Tell her what?” I asked confused not really sure what he meant.
“The baby,” he said.
“Oh, no…I was gonna tell her when we go there,” I explained. He nodded.
“Is that Bruce guy gonna be there?” he questioned; I knew he didn’t want to meet Bruce; he just might have to kick his ass. I frowned then nodded. He let out a sigh. We lied on the couch and watched some movies for awhile….

(((November 20th 5:00pm)))

We just arrived at my house; Jason was already there with Leah. We got out of the car; I stood and stared at the house. Terry would be coming later. “What’s there to do here?” Hailie asked.
“My cousin Leah is here,” I said with a smile.
“How old is she?” Alaina asked.
“11,” I said with a smile as we walked into the house…

As soon as I walked into the door, my mom pulled me into a big hug. Not long after Jason and Leah joined in. “Guys chill!” I yelled, and they all let go.
“Ohh Meleah has a boyfriend,” Leah joked with a smile. I gave her a funny look.
“Guys, this is Marshall, Marshall this is my mom, Jason and Leah,” I said. Bruce walked into the room. “And that’s dumbass,” I said in a mono tone pointing to Bruce.

“What?” Bruce yelled.
“You heard me,” I said. “And this is Hailie and Alaina,” I said. Hailie became shy and hid behind Marshall.
“Hello,” everyone said at the same time. It was kinda funny.

I showed Marshall around the house, I looked like my old one in Detroit, but I had the front room this time. And the girls all decided to share the middle room, and Jason and Terry would sleep on the couches.


I was in the kitchen, my mom and Bruce was in her room talking about money, Bruce kept begging for it for drugs, and my mom kept saying no.
“Fine!” Bruce yelled then came out into the kitchen. “Hey! Eminem,” Bruce said loudly getting Marshall's attention.
“Call me Marshall,” Marshall said irritated.
“Can you loan me 50 bucks,” Bruce begged.
“Why the fuck should I give a low life like you money?” Marshall snapped pissed.
“Cause I can get some good shit,” he whispered while putting on a dorky smile. I stood there shocked; he just met the guy and hes asking him for money.

“What!? What makes you think I want that shit!?” Marshall yelled, I could tell he was steaming.
“Just borrow me 50 bucks,” Bruce said trying to get Marshall to say yes.
“No, I'm not gonna give you money just so you can buy shit,” Marshall yelled. “There are children here!” he yelled.
“That’s why you go in the bedroom,” Bruce told him while pointing to the back bedroom. We were in the kitchen, Marshall and Bruce was standing by the stove. I was sitting at the kitchen table. Marshall just glared at him.
“Well too bad for you, I'm not giving you any damn money,” Marshall said tuning to walk away.

“Ha! Its not the money I'm worried about, in fact, I don’t care how much you smoke. I don’t want that shit around my kids. I don’t even care about 50 fuckin bucks. I'm just not gonna give it to you,” Marshall pointed out almost yelling in Bruce’s face.
“Please,” he begged.
“Fuck you man!” Marshall yelled. “Nobody ever handed me money,” Marshall said through his teeth.
“So,” was all Bruce could come up with. “Its just 50 bucks,” he said.
“No!” Marshall yelled walking away; he went back into our room.

Bruce then came up to me. “Why won’t he borrow me money?” he asked.
“Cause, you’re a dumb ass,” I told him.
“Thank you,” he slurred swaying around with a can of beer in his hand. I rolled my eyes at him.
“He doesn’t wanna waist money on drugs,” I told him. Already knowing that he does take some drugs but they are prescription.
“Well hes an asshole,” Bruce said.
“No hes not! He is a wonderful person!” I screamed losing my temper with him.
“Yeah right,” he laughed. “You borrow me money then,” he told me.
“No!” I yelled.

“Well you’re a bitch!” he yelled. “How come no one wants go give me money?” he asked walking around the house like a dork.
“Well you’re a dick,” I replied. I walked away, into the middle bedroom; the girls were playing a game of Sorry. I smiled at them then went into my room where Marshall was laying on the bed.

I went over to him. “You ok?” I asked him.
“No,” he said mad. I got on bed with him laying my head on his chest. He put his arm on my back. “I hate him,” he mumbled.
“So so I. Just try to ignore him,” I told him.
“Yeah,” he said irritated. “I just don’t see how he could do drugs around children,” he said.
“Its cause hes addicted,” I muttered.
“What is he like when hes on drugs?” Marshall asked.
“Hes actually nice, but when he doesn’t get his fix hes a dick,” I said. Marshall shook he head.
“If I have to I will kick his ass,” Marshall said pissed. I sighed. He just stared at me. I started back at him, and then we began kissing till there was a knock on the door.
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PostSubject: Re: More Than Friends or Just a Dream? (NC-17)   Thu Jul 01, 2010 5:41 am


“Hey! Terry’s here come out and say hi,” Bruce demanded. I let out a sigh.
“Fuckin people,” Marshall said softly so only I could hear.
“We’ll be out in a second just wait!” I yelled.
“Fine!” Bruce yelled back in a high pitched voice.
“Can we not go out there and just say we did?” Marshall asked me. I laughed slightly.
“I wish,” I sighed. “I got an idea for later,” I said with a cute smile, he smiled.
“Ok tell me,” he said. I told him my plan, he agreed, and then we got up and went into the living room.

“Hi Terry,” I said to him as I sat down on the couch, Marshall sat next to me. “This is my boyfriend Marshall,” I told Terry while pointing at Marshall.
“Hello Marshall, nice to meet you,” Terry said as he shook Marshall’s hand.
“Nice to meet you too,” Marshall said. I could tell that Terry was already judging Marshall. He’d probably give Marshall the third degree later. We talked awhile then it got silent and we were watching TV.

“Marshall honey, I'm gonna go take a shower, could you go get me a Fargo?” I asked him as I placed my hand on his leg getting his attention.
“Ok, baby,” he say standing up and walking to the door. “I’ll be back in a bit,” Marshall said as he walked out. “I wanna see if they have this one thing,” he said. I went into my room and got some clean clothes then went into the bathroom; I plugged in my iPod to listen to music. I turned on the shower. Then I waited for Marshall to come back.

Not long after Marshall quickly opened the bathroom door, he shut it and locked it. “That was quick,” I said somewhat surprised I thought it would take him longer.
“Well, I wasn’t gonna wait longer than I had to,” he said with a smile while looking me up and down. I just smiled at him. He stared at me.

“Well?” I questioned.
“Oh,” he said shaking off his trance then quickly getting undressed, I was already in the shower when he finished. He got into the shower and shut the curtain. We stared at each other. He slowly walked towards me pushing me up against the wall. He kissed me, I kissed back.

“Can that go any louder?” he questioned.
“The music?” I whispered as we still kissed.
“Yeah.” he mumbled.
“Yeah,” I said. He turned it up a bit.

Then he began kissing me again, I kissed him back. He moved closer to me, our bodies pressed together, so close you couldn’t slide a paper in-between us. He slowly moved his hands down my body, he grabbed my ass. Then he slid his hand and slowly starting to play with my vagina, he slid his finger in causing me to let out a moan.

I slid my hand down, grabbing his penis giving him a hand job. We both started breathing heavily. He began kissing me moving down to my neck. This continued for a bit. He pulled his finger out then lifted me up; I wrapped my legs around his waist. He attempted to slide his penis inside, but it just wasn’t working.

“This isn’t working, lay down,” he said pointing to the floor of the tub.
“But the floor hurts,” I whined. He reached out and grabbed a towel off the thing, and he laid it on the floor of the tub. He adjusted the water then got on top of me.

I placed one leg on the outside of the tub and the other rested on his shoulder. He slid into me; I let out a moan as he went faster and deeper. He kissed me, I kissed back, he pushed hard I let out a loud moan and dug my nails into his back. We both breathed heavy as we gave each other breathy kisses.

He continued to move just as he had been; I pushed my hips up causing him to go deeper inside. He started to go faster. “I … love…you….so…so much,” Marshall said in-between breaths.
“I…love you …too,” I whispered almost breathless. He pushed harder giving one last thrust. “Don’t stop,” I whispered as we kissed. He slowed down a bit. We kissed some more. We were about to climax.
“Babe, I'm gonna cum,” he whispered. I kissed him deeply letting him know he can do whatever. He gave one last thrust and came inside. He kissed me again. He waited a bit then pulled out and stood up. He helped me stand up. We kissed one last time.

“Pretty good idea I had,” I said with a smile.
“Wonderful idea,” he said giving me a kiss. “I better get my hair dry and get outta here before someone knows things,” he said and giggled a bit.
“Ok,” I said. He got out of the shower and dried himself out, he used the dryer on his hair, and it was too loud with the music so no one would hear the dryer, while I was in the shower. I took a quick less than five minute shower. Marshall had left before I got out. I waited a bit then got dressed and went into the living room.

Marshall was sitting on the couch with two Faygos. He handed me an orange one. Luckily he had a fridge with some Faygo in his car. “Thank you baby,” I said taking it from me.
“You’re welcome,” he said with a smile. We held hands and cuddled on the couch as we watched a movie.

After we at dinner, the kids watched cartoons in the middle room. Me, my mom, Marshall, and Terry played Rummy. It lasted for about 3 hours, it was really fun. It was 10pm when we finished. We watched the news, then Marshall and I went and spent some time together in my room we watched Transporter 2.

“Your Uncle Terry gave me the third degree today,” Marshall said. I laughed slightly.
“I knew he would,” I said.
“Yeah, he told me that if I hurt you he’d kill me,” he said.
“Damn,” is all I could think of to say.
“Don’t worry, I’d never hurt you,” he said kissing me. I smiled as we kissed. I pulled away and laid my head on him. He wrapped his arms around me.

“They better not be having sex in there!” I heard Bruce yell.
“They are adults and they can do whatever they what, shut the fuck up man,” I heard Jason yell back.
“We don’t need any damn kids running around here after Marshall walks out of the kid’s life,” Bruce yelled.

I could tell that Marshall was pissed off now. He jumped off the bed and ran into the kitchen. I heard was yelling and a bunch of fuck you’s and other shit. Then I heard a thud. I ran out into the kitchen, Bruce was on the floor, Marshall being held back by Terry. The girls came running out and stood behind me.

“Don’t you ever fuckin say anything about me walking out on any of my children. I would never do that!” Marshall yelled at Bruce, he got up and went in the bedroom slamming the door. “Babe lets get the fuck outta here,” Marshall said, getting out of Terry’s grip.
“We cant, I promised my mom we’d stay for Thanksgiving,” I said.

“What’s going on?” Leah asked.
“Nothing, go back to sleep,” Jason told Leah.
“Why is daddy mad?” Hailie asked looking up at me.
“Its ok honey, go back to sleep. Daddy’s fine,” I told her. She looked at Marshall, he nodded and they went back into the bedroom.

“Don’t take off,” Jason told Marshall as he walked to me.
“Yeah, Bruce will be over it tomorrow, Imma give him 50 bucks just so we wont have to listen to his bitching,” Terry told him.
“Fine, we’re going to bed,” Marshall said grabbing my hand we went back into the room. Marshall was still pissed.

“Babe, its gonna be fine,” I told him. “Bruce will be over it by tomorrow,” I said. He nodded. I kissed him, he kissed back. We cuddled up together then went to sleep after turning of the TV… I woke up sensing that someone was staring at me, I opened my eyes, it was Marshall, he made me jump a bit…

“Morning babe,” he said with a smile.
“Hi,” I yawned. “What time is it?” I questioned.
“Like 9,” he replied. I yawned again.
“You seem in a good mood,” I said sort of confused.
“He apologized for the comment about last night,” Marshall said.
“See told you,” I said with a smile, he smirked. “You’re so cute,” I said then gave him a peck on the cheek. I got up and went into the bathroom, he followed me….we got dressed then went into the living room where the girls were eating breakfast….
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PostSubject: Re: More Than Friends or Just a Dream? (NC-17)   Thu Jul 01, 2010 5:41 am


(((Nov. 21st )))
Marshall nudged me lightly, I looked up at him. “What?” I whispered.
“Tell them now,” he whispered back, I began to feel nervous.
“Uh…ok,” I mumbled. “Guys?” I said softly, no one really paid any attention. “HEY GUYS!” I yelled… Everyone stopped what they were doing and just stared at me.

“What?” Jason asked he sounded like a woman. I giggled slightly.
“Could you all like come in the living room,” I said staring at Bruce and Terry who were in the kitchen. Everyone came in and sat down. “Ok how to say this…” I started.
“Say what?” Bruce said like a child. Ok just go and say it just say it, it will make it easier.

“I'm … pregnant,” I managed to get out. It was silent for a while. I just sat there…
“Oh great!” Bruce yelled. “Another child to run around the house,” he said. Marshall gave him a death glare.
“Shut up dumbass,” Terry said irritated.
“This is great! I'm gonna be a grandma!” my mom said. I was shocked; I thought she’d not like this.

“So you’re happy?” I asked.
“Yes!” she said running over to me and hugging me. I looked back over at Marshall mouthing help me; he just started laughing and joined in on the hug. I sighed.
“Guys! Let go,” I yelled trying to shove them off of me, they let go. “Thank you!” I sighed.
“See that little Santa thing I bought you did end up coming in handy,” my mom smiled. I rolled my eyes.

“Yeah ok mom,” I said as if she was stupid. Marshall smiled.
“Aww honey it sounds cute,” he said with a smile.
“Let’s see it,” Jason said.
“Ok,” she giggle then went in the middle bedroom, she looked childish. I sighed.

“What’s wrong with that?” Jason asked slapping my knee.
“Hey! Don’t hit me!” I yelled then slapped him back. Leah stared laughing. I pulled her in my lap and started tickling her under her knees.
“No stop it,” she laughed trying to get away. I let her go once my mom came back in the room with the suit thing. She held it up at Marshall. He grabbed it and held it himself he stared at I while I stared over at him wounding what he was thinking.

“It’s cute,” he said with a smile.
“Take it home,” my mom insisted. Marshall set it on his lap.
“You’re gonna make my baby brother or sister wear that?” Hailie asked.
“What’s wrong with it?” Marshall asked.
“Nothing…it’s just odd,” Hailie said staring to walk away. Marshall grabbed her and started tickling her.

“You’re odd,” Marshall said tickling his daughter.
“You people are weird,” Bruce said walking away, he went into the bedroom.
“I think it’s cute too,” Jason said.
“You do?” Leah asked.
“Yes,” he smiled. I rolled my eyes.
“What’s wrong with it?” Terry asked grabbing it off the floor; it fell on the floor due to the tickling of Hailie.
“Nothing,” I yawned.

((Nov. 24th 1am))
Marshall and I were still up, and its 1am. For some reason we weren’t tired so we were just holding each other and watching movies. We were watching Once Bitten, because Marshall wanted to see what it was. “Babe, this movie is fuckin gay,” Marshall mumbled.
“You wanted to watch it,” I said looking over at him.

“Well let me choose a different one,” he said sitting up and jumping over me, he slipped a bit and almost fell. I started to laugh. “Haha,” mimicked. I just smiled. He came back with Freddy vs. Jason.

“How’d you get that?” I questioned pointing at it. “I thought that didn’t come out till next year?” I was confused.
“I have my ways, it’s a finished movie, it comes out next year in January, and I wanted it, so they gave me a copy,” he said with a smirk. I shook my head.
“You always get what you want,” I said.
“Yes I do,” he said with a smile, he put the DVD in then came back and we cuddled back up together to watch the movie. He gave me a quick kiss, I kissed back… it ended up turning into a make-out session, for quite a bit till he pulled away and pressed play.

“You’re not gonna get scared are you?” he asked with a cute smile pulling me closer to him. It was like he was scared for some stupid reason.
“No,” I mumbled staring at the TV, very concentrated by then. I never saw any of ‘The Nightmare on Elm St’ movies. So I was listening to the introduction very closely.

“My children, from the very beginning it was the children who gave me my power. The Springwood Slasher, that’s what they called me. My rein of terror was legendary; dozen of children would fall by my blades. Then the parents of Springwood came for me, taking justice into their own hands...

When I was alive I’ve might have been a little naughty. But after they killed me, I became something much, much worse. The stuff nightmares were made of. The children still feared me, and their fear gave me the power to invade their dreams. And that’s when the fun really began! But they figured out a way to forget about me, to erase me completely, being dead wasn’t a problem, but being forgotten, now that a bitch! I can’t come back if nobody remembers me; I can’t come back if nobody’s afraid! I had to search the bounds of hell, but I found someone, someone who’d make them remember. He may get the blood, but I’ll get that glory, and that fear is my ticket home!” Freddy told his story in the movie.

“Damn, you’re really into this aren’t you?” Marshall asked as the movie continued to display the naked whore of a woman who is about to die.
“I like the beginning, I’ve never seen any of these movies really, so I wanted to figure out what this guys deal is,” I laughed. He smirked.
“You’ve never seen any ‘Nightmare on Em St’ movies?” he asked shocked.
“Well, once but I don’t remember it,” I told him. He nodded and we continued to watch the movie. The movie continued…
“Ohh…I like her hair,” I said pointing at the black girl, who’s name is Kia.
“Sure,” Marshall mumbled. I gave him a funny look but he ignored it.

I really was enjoying the last fight scene between Freddy and Jason. I liked Freddy, just because he could talk, and he made me giggle sometimes. I don’t know why but Marshall likes Jason.

“How sweet, dark meet,” Freddy said, I giggled a bit, Marshall gave me a funny look but I ignored it. The movie was almost over, Lori and Will just exploded the gas tank and jumped into the water, now they are getting back on the dock.

“Welcome to my world bitch!” Lori yelled, now Freddy just got his head cut of by Lori. The movie ended with Jason walking out of the lake with Freddy’s head, and Freddy winked.

“Did you like the movie?” Marshall asked as the credits came on.
“Yeah,” I said with a smile. The movie ended at 3:30am…

He stared at me for a bit.
“Now its time for fun,” Marshall said with a smile, as he slowly got on top of me and kissed me passionately, I felt around for the remote shutting off the TV…I threw the remote on the floor then wrapped my arms around him, kissing him back.

Marshall slid his hand up my leg; he started to play with the rim of my underwear. He used his other hand to support himself so he don’t fall completely on top of me and end up hurting the baby.

He started to try taking them off, he was struggling, so I helped him out a bit by pulling them off myself just to make things easier. He sat up a bit and pulled them off all the way throwing them on the floor.

He moved back down towards me, he kissed my neck his hot breath sent chills down my body. He kissed me slightly, and then sat up. He pulled me up so I was sitting too. “Here,” he said pulling off his shirt that I was wearing.

After that he slid his boxers off throwing both them and the shirt on the floor. I laid back down, he quickly appeared in my face, and we kissed passionately before he slid slowly into me. I let out a soft moan as he went deeper. He moved slowly at first as we stared to breathe harder.

“Harder,” I whispered into his mouth. He began to go harder causing me to dig my nails into his back. I pushed my hips up causing him to slide deeper; we both let out a moan.

“Oh god, Meleah,” Marshall moaned almost breathless. I kissed him harder showing how much love I had for him, he kissed back, and we began to get a little tongue action goin on.

“I love you, Marshall,” I moaned as he began to go faster as our climax was coming.
“I love you too,” he moaned as I dug my nails into his back, he gave a few last thrusts, before he came inside me.

We kissed for a while then he pulled out and laid beside me. We laid there breathing heavily before I went and cuddle up with him. It was silent, and it was nice, I listened to his heartbeat go from fast to normal as we fell asleep…
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PostSubject: Re: More Than Friends or Just a Dream? (NC-17)   Thu Jul 01, 2010 5:43 am


“Yeah, I wanna feel the sunshine, shinin' down on me and you,” the radio in the living room blared out Keith Urban’s ‘Somebody Like You.’ Me and Marshall sat up fast.

“What the fuck!?” he yelled.
“Bruce,” I answered.
“Why the fuck does he have to blast music?” Marshall yawned pissed.
“Cause he’s mad that we’re still sleeping,” I said as I got out of bed and put on my underwear and Marshalls t-shit. I looked at my phone; it was 10:30am that’s why hes mad.

Great now hes gonna bitch at me cause hes a stupid ass. Marshall sighed as he got dressed in sweat pants and a t-shirt. I felt like I was gonna throw up, so I took off running into the bathroom slamming the door shut. I threw up in the toilet for a bit, before Marshall swung the door open.

“Babe, are you ok?” he asked looking down at me with a worried look on his face, I sat on the floor staring at him. I nodded.
“Its just morning sickness,” I said flushing the toilet. I went over to the sink and brushed my teeth while Marshall went to the bathroom.
“Are you sure you’re ok?” he asked.
“I'm fine,” I told him as we walked out the door towards the living room.
“Ok,” he sighed…I sat down on the chair. Marshall talked to the girls for a bit.

“Imma help your mom with the food. Need anything?” he asked.
“Could you go get me our blanket?” I asked. He nodded and went into the room, coming back shortly with our blanket, he handed it to me, and I coved myself up…

Bruce walked into the living room shoving the chair forward, I almost fell off. “Fuckin a, don’t do that shit,” I yelled at him.
“It’s not my fault you don’t go to bed,” he yelled.
“Just shut up,” I mumbled.
“No. What the fuck where you two doing last night?” he yelled. I gave him a dirty look.
“None of your fuckin business,” I said, I wanted to punch him in the face. “Fuckin dick,” I added.

“Fuck you bitch,” Bruce yelled.
“Don’t you fuckin talk to her like that!” Marshall yelled loudly at Bruce.
“I can talk to her how ever the fuck I want to,” he yelled back at Marshall.
“Not unless you want your ass kicked,” Marshall said though his teeth; I could tell Marshall wanted to punch him in the face.

“Shes a fuckin bitch man,” Bruce yelled loudly.
“NO SHES NOT!” Marshall screamed getting all up in Bruce’s face.
“Well then you just haven’t seen that side of her, just good luck,” Bruce yelled.
“She only acts like that cause you’re a fucking dick to her, no matter what she did when she was here she got yelled at, she made ice cubes wrong,” Marshall yelled. “How the fuck do you make ice cubes wrong!?” he asked pissed

“Well shes fuckin stupid,” he yells.
“Don’t you fuckin call her that, you fuckin dick suckin faggot!!” he screamed. “Why do you have to be such a fuckin asshole motherfucker!?” he questioned loudly. He didn’t answer he just left the room, slamming the bedroom door.

Marshall sighed frustrated.
“Hun, don’t let him get to you,” I said.
“I fuckin hate him so much,” he said though his teeth. “I swear, if I could I would kill the son-of-a-bitch,” he said. I sighed. He turned to me. “Has he ever hurt you, physically?” Marshall asked trying to remain calm.
“No, he’s tied to throw things at me,” I told him. He shook his head, we looked around everyone was still frozen in their spots.
“Imma kick his ass,” Marshall mumbled looking down at the floor.
“Man, that’s the last thing you wanna do,” Jason said standing up cutting in.
“Why?” Marshall said as if he was gonna pick beef with Jason now.
“Hes not worth it,” Jason said. Marshall took a deep breath then looked at my mom.

“Lisa, has he ever hurt you?” Marshall asked softly.
“In the past yeah,” he whispered.
“Imma get you out this house,” Marshall told her, as if he wouldn’t accept a no answer.
“I…” she started.
“I don’t wanna hear it, I want you to move across the street from me, it’s a really nice place, you’ll like it,” he said calmly.
“But my job,” she said.
“I can work that out, everything will be fine,” Marshall said. “I don’t want you around this asshole, you don’t need him in your life,” he told her. I looked at my mom like do it.
“Fine, I’ll check out the house,” she said. Marshall smiled.
“Good, you’re coming with us home…” he said. “You’ll have to say at my place for a few days before we can move your shit in, cause I got some work to do when we get home, then this weekend we will come back here and get your things,” Marshall explained.
“Ok,” my mom said…

I went to bed not long after dinner. I was tired and I didn’t fell like talking to people, I didn’t feel to well. Marshall was playing a game with the kids when I went to bed. I was woken up to Marshall getting in the bed, I glanced at the clock it was 11pm.

“Hey,” he whispered.
“Hi,” I yawned. He smiled.
“Your mother got some clothes packed,” he mentioned.
“Did Bruce bitch?” I asked quietly.
“He was bitchin with his brothers out on the porch while she was packin,” he told me.
“Oh, I didn’t hear anything at all,” I said, which confused me because I knew Bruce would bitch in the house no matter who was sleeping or who was there. Marshall smirked.

“I told him if he wakes you up I will beat his ass, and he went to bed,” he laughed slightly. I smiled.
“Nice,” I told him. “Time to sleep,” I mumbled as I leaned in and gave him a little kiss, he kissed back.
“I love you,” he whispered in my ear after we cuddled together.
“I love you too,” I said closing my eyes.

“We’re leaving tomorrow at 9am,” he whispered after about a minute of silence.
“Ok,” I hardly said.
“And I already packed our shit while you was sleepin so we can sleep till like 8:30,” he whispered.
“Sweet,” I said quietly and a bit annoyed I wanted to sleep.
“Ok I’ll shut up now,” he laughed a bit. I laughed a bit. About five minutes later I fell asleep.

“Honey, wake up we gotta get ready to leave,” Marshall whispered shaking me slightly. I sat up slowly while yawning. He slightly smiled. “Your mom is ready, already,” he told me. I looked at him funny. I was confused…. “I’ve been up sense eight,” he mumbled walking towards the door as I stood up.

“Oh,” I mumbled as I got dressed in to some sweat pants and Marshall’s shirt that I was already wearing; I put a bra on then went into the living room.
“Hey, where is that kennel for Coco?” my mom asked me before I could sit.
“Probably the garage, I’ll go look,” I said quietly, Terry was still sleeping on the couch snoring loudly.

Jason was up with the girls watching cartoons as they played quietly on the TV. I slipped on some shoes then went outside to find the kennel for Coco, my mom’s cat, shes psycho. I found the cage on a shelf in the garage; it had blankets in it already. I brought it into the house and set it on the floor.

“Coco,” I said quietly looking down at her she was in the hallway. She meowed at me then ran into the middle bedroom as I ran after her. I got her cornered on the corner of the bed. I grabbed her and put her in the kennel.

“When are you coming back?” Leah asked as Hailie and Alaina went into the laundry room to put on their shoes and coat.
“I don’t know,” I mumbled. “I mean if my mom…” I started; she looked down at the floor disappointed. I sighed and glanced over at Marshall who was walking back from the laundry room.
“What?” he asked confused.
“Leah wants to know when I’ll see her again,” I mumbled. He thought for a bit.
“Umm…you know Leah, you can come over to my place anytime you want,” Marshall told her trying to make her feel better.

“Really?” she asked with a smile.
“Yep. Tell you what, this summer, Meleah, Me, you, and my girls will all go up to my cabin by Lake Michigan. Lisa you can come to, so can you Jason,” he said looking at both of them as he said their names.
“Sounds fun,” Jason said. “Wanna do that sometime Lea?” he asked looking over at Leah.
“Yeah!” she said with a smile. “I guess I’ll see you later,” she said.
“Bye,” I said hugging her. Jason hugged me too…it was a bit odd…haha. The girls hugged Leah…

We went outside… “Mom, you can sit in front,” I told her as she was about to get into the back seat, the girls were already in the car.
“No, you sit in the front,” she said. “I’ll sit in the back,” she insisted.
“Mom…” I gave her an annoyed look.
“Lisa, sit in the front, she can sit in the back,” Marshall said pointing at me.
“Nope,” she said getting in the backseat and shutting the door.

Marshall looked at me, I shrugged. He rolled his eyes like whatever and we both got not into the car after placing my mothers things in the trunk along with ours. Coco’s kennel sat in-between me and Marshall on the floor.

As we left Brandondale, Coco continued to meow. As we got to the main highway 212, she stopped meowing…I think she fell asleep or just gave up, I couldn’t see her, she faced my mother. An hour passed…we were still in Minnesota.

“Daddy, I'm hungry,” Hailie whined from the way backseat.
“Ok honey, you’re gonna have to wait a bit,” Marshall said as he turned off on the exit. There was a sign showing food ahead. There was a KFC, Taco Bell, Subway and Burger king.

“What should we get,” Marshall asked everyone as we pulled into an area, all the places were in a cluster.
“I don’t know,” I told him. “We probably should get Burger King if we’re gonna go through the drive thru,” I said.
“Yeah, better for me to eat while driving,” Marshall said pulling into the drive thru.

“I want a happy meal!” Hailie yelled.
“Me too!” Alaina repeated.
“Ok girls,” Marshall said sweetly. Me, Marshall and my mom all got the same thing, a number 1. “Lisa, could you put down the food shelf things for the girls…the thing on the back of the seats,” Marshall asked my mom as we got our food.
“Sure,” she said putting down the trays before Marshall handed her their food.

We stopped for gas about a half hour later. “Any one who has to pee, pee now or don’t pee at all,” Marshall mumbled as he dug through the trunk as he searched for something.
“I gotta pee!” both the girls said.
“Babe, take them to the bathroom,” Marshall pretty much demanded.
“Ok come on girls,” I said as we walked towards the gas station. We all went into the bathroom at once, once finished we walked out, my mom was waiting to us the bathroom, and Marshall was looking at the chips.

“I want beef jerky, honey get me some!” I demanded. He smiled.
“I got it already,” he said holding some up.
“Daddy, can I get candy?” Hailie asked all cutely.
“Yes baby, you and Laney can each pick out one thing,” he said.

The girls ran off in search of their candy. “What kind of chips do you want?” Marshall asked me.
“Dill Pickle,” I said handing him the bag sitting next to me. My mom came out of the bathroom. “If you want a pop get one,” I told my mom. She grabbed a Diet Pepsi. I grabbed a water and one of them cherry on the go shaky things whatever you call them.

“If you want a snack grab one,” Marshall told my mom.
“I'm fine,” she said. Marshall smiled at her, we approached the counter… The young girl standing there, she looked about 18 years old, went into shock, she stared at Marshall…
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“Oh, my, god,” she was officially start struck. I rolled my eyes.
“Yo, just check out my shit not me,” Marshall muttered. She continued to stare. Marshall sighed.
“Meleah, why is that lady staring at my daddy like that?” Hailie asked confused. I got down at her level.
“She must be a fan,” I said patting her on her head. I stood up and stared at the lady, who was still staring at Marshall.

“Look, we have places to be, could you please stop staring at him, if you ring us up, I’ll make him give you an autograph,” I said irritated. Marshall sighed, she still didn’t move.
“This chick is givin me a fuckin headache,” Marshall said turning to me. I looked around, I happened to find a card sitting on the counter, I grabbed it.

“Sigh this,” I demanded looking at Marshall. He scribbled his name on the card. And slid it over to the girl, she slowly picked up; she stared at it for a bit.
“Ahhhhh!!!” she screamed jumping up and down.
“Oh my gosh,” I sighed.
“Would you just ring up our shit?” Marshall yelled at the girl loosing his temper.
“I'm sorry,” she giggled. I glared at her as she checked out Marshall, not the food I mean him. Once she noticed my look she stopped…

“I fuckin hate when people do that,” Marshall said slamming the car door shut. Nobody said anything to him, we all just remained silent, and its best if we don’t piss him off anymore than he is now. Marshall put a CD in the CD player; he put in Dre’s CD ‘The Chronic.’ I knew my mom wouldn’t like it, but I remained silent, Marshall was still pissed. I stared out the window, I let out a sigh.

Finally we arrived at Marshall’s it was 12am, do to stopping for food and shit. The girls were already asleep. I carried Hailie inside while Marshall woke up Alaina; she was old enough to walk in the house without being carried in.

Marshall helped carry my mom’s things into the house. “Ok Lisa follow me. I’ll show you the guest room,” Marshall said going over to the elevator with bags, my mom followed. I went out to the car grabbed Coco and a litter box and the litter, I went into the laundry room with the things. I put the box in the corner and filled it with litter.

I let Coco out to see the litter box, she went to the bathroom right away then ran off to explore. I went up to the guest room, my mom and Marshall was talking with the door shut. I heard my name but I didn’t stay to listen, he must have some kind of surprise for me. I got excited for a bit. Marshall came into the room.

“Go say goodnight to your mother,” Marshall demanded.
“Pushy,” I giggled. He smirked. I walked over to my mom’s room. “Hi,” I said with a smile.
“Hello,” she said as she sat in the bed. I remained in the doorway.
“Umm… goodnight,” I said as if I was guessing on a question.
“Goodnight,” she said with a smile.
“Did Marshall say when we’re gonna go look at the house?” I asked.
“Umm… yeah on Saturday,” she told me.
“Oh ok,” I said shutting off the light and shutting the door.

I went back into Marshall’s room. “Babe, I have to talk to you about something,” Marshall told me. Ohhh here comes my surprise! Yey! I smiled and walked over to him.
“Yeah?” I asked.
“What do you think about moving in with me?” he asked. I thought for a bit, this is my surprise…I like it anyway.
“When?” I asked.
“Well, after your mom moves a cross the street,” he said while brushing his teeth. I went in to brush my teeth as well.
“Ok, I’ll move in with you,” I smiled. He smiled even larger than me. He stopped bushing his teeth and spit into the sink, he turned to me and gave me a kiss, I kissed back, and it turned into a make-out session.

I finished in the bathroom and went into the room. Marshall was standing by the window looking out. I made a slight noise and he turned to me. I walked over to him and just hugged him, it lasted along time. “What’s this for?” Marshall questioned.
“I don’t know, I just felt like hugging you,” I said with a smile pulling way and looking at him. He smiled.
“I think I needed that hug,” he said. “I guess I was still stressed out from that stupid chick at the fuckin station,” he added. I smiled and walked over to the bed, I got comfortable.
“Coming to bed?” I asked him. He nodded; he got into bed, spooning me.

(((FRIDAY!!! 25th 2002)))
I woke up, Marshall was already gone…So were the girls off to school, and they would be staying with Kim for the weekend. I got up, got dressed…then went to the guest room where my mom was.

She was about to walk out the door. “Good morning,” I mumbled.
“Hi.,” she said. “Did Marshall leave already?” she asked.
“I guess, I woke up and he was gone, so I'm assuming he left,” I told her as I walked towards the elevator, I was gonna be lazy today, the girls were gone so it time to be lazy. I still had to go to my house and get Odie and some clothes, Marshall and DeShaun would have to get the heavy shit. My mother followed me.

“I'm hungry,” she said.
“Well he has plenty of food,” I assured as we got of the elevator and headed towards the kitchen. “What do you want?” I asked her as I opened the huge as silver fridge. “I like this,” I said like a child pulling out the container.
“What is it?” she asked.
“Chicken Teriyaki,” I answered. So we ate.

“I wanna see Odie,” my mom whined as we put our dishes in the sink.
“We’ll we do have to go to my house and get some shit, I was planning on getting Odie,” I told her.
“Ok, let’s go,” she said moving towards the door.

Ok then, someone is in a hurry. I followed her to the door; she quickly grabbed her coat and opened the door. I watched her stand in the driveway, she looked confused.
“The blue Mustang,” I said pointing to my car. She went over and tried to open the door; I rolled my eyes and unlocked it with the remote. I locked the house door and turned the security, then went to my car. I got into the car and went to my house.

“Nice house,” my mom said looking up at the house.
“Marshall’s is better,” I giggled. We went in the house, Megan was in her room listening to music, I could hear Lil Wayne playing.
“Is she deaf?” my mom asked.
“No, loud music is fun!” I giggled. “Oie!” I yelled running upstairs after him. He went into my room; I picked him up and handed him to my mom.
“He lost weight,” my mom said.
“Well, he has to walk up stairs so yeah,” I said. I went and packed some extra clothes, then went to Megan’s room. My mom went to go look around….

“Guess what!” I giggled walking into the room.
“What?” she asks.
“I'm just like you now!” I said smiling while pointing to her.
“What the fuck?” she said as if I was stupid, while she looked at me funny.
“I have a baby I my tummy,” I said like a child while patting my stomach.
“You’re a fruit cake, but congratulations,” she said.
“Rude,” I said giving her an evil glare. “Oh, and I'm moving in with him,” I said with a huge smile.

“Bitch,” Megan said.
“Well I'm sorry, but I'm having his baby, and he wants me to live with him,” I said defending myself. “Its not like we’ll be living in a different state,” I continued.
“Bitch, you tell everybody else before you tell your best friend, I hate you,” she said.
“Well excuse me, Marshall has the right to know first, it’s his child thank you very much,” I argued. “And my mom is my mom, and yeah,” I said not really knowing what to say.
“You couldn’t have called me after telling Marshall? So I could be the second to know,” she sassed.

“Hey, at least I told you, nigga,” I said.
“Shut up or I’ll punch your stomach!” she yelled.
“Fuck you! I’ll punch yours back!” I yelled.
“Bitch, I’ll kill you!” she said.
“No, I’ll kill you first,” I said.
“You can’t cause I know kung fu,” she sassed.
“No you don’t,” I said irritated.
“Well…well Hiro does, so he’ll kill you,” she yelled.
“Well Marshall has guns,” I yelled, “So he’ll kill you first!” I yelled.
“Well hes not here and I have a knife,” she said grabbing a knife off the desk.
“Fuck yo feelings,” I said leaving the room quickly.
10 seconds later…. I head footsteps behind me; I turned around trying to defend myself. And then Megan hugs me. “I'm sorry, I was kidding, congratulations,” she cried.
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PostSubject: Re: More Than Friends or Just a Dream? (NC-17)   Thu Jul 01, 2010 5:44 am


(((SATURDAY NOV. 26th 2002)))
“Honey, wake up,” Marshall whispered trying to get me to wake up. I opened my eyes and stared at him sleepily. He smiled. “We gotta get going. Proof is waiting downstairs with your mother,” he told me.
“I need to get dressed,” I yawned.
“Ok, hurry up,” he said giving me a peck on the lips then he quickly left the room. I got out of bed slowly then walked into the bathroom; I stared at myself in the mirror. I got this feeling that I had to barf, I ran over to the toilet…

((LATER 10:00am))

We all crammed into the moving truck, me next to Marshall, then my mom, then Proof. “Yo, how long does it take to get there?” Proof asked trying to look at Marshall, who was concentrated on the road.
“Awhile, we’ll probably be there late, so we’ll get a motel, and then go get Lisa’s things,” Marshall explained. “Is there a motel close by your house?” Marshall asked turning to me for a second.
“Yeah, Motel 8, its downtown,” I said.
“Good, cause I'm not sleepin in that fuckin place again,” Marshall said clutching the steering wheel. “I don’t even wanna look at that fucker,” Marshall said though his teeth.

“You know he’s gonna be there,” I said. He nodded slowly.
“I told him this morning,” my mom said. “Fuck head’s been calling me all morning,” she added.
“Did he leave a message?” I asked looking over at her. Proof began to sing along to the song on the radio which happened to be ‘Lose Yourself.’
“Yeah, he said to tell Marshall sorry, and hes sorry he was such an ass,” she mumbled staring at Proof.
“What?” Proof asked.
“Nothing,” my mom said looking away. I giggled. “I like this song,” my mom said. I looked over at Marshall who was smiling at my mom’s comment.

We finally were out of Michigan by 3pm; fuckin lights were so damn long. “Honey, where do you wanna eat dinner?” Marshall asked as we approached a red light.
“Well I'm not hungry yet,” I told him.
“So, just pick a place,” he demanded.
“Uh… I like Applebee’s,” I said with a smile. He shook his head with a smile.
“I should have known that,” he smiled while looking at me. I giggled.
“Nigga, turn down the heat!” Proof demanded about 10 minutes later. Marshall reached over and shut off the heat.

“Happy now?” Marshall asked.
“Yeah,” Proof said. “I'm bored,” Proof complained.
“Well too damn bad,” my mom joked which was weird, I’ve never really seen my mom act like this around people she don’t really know. I looked at her funny, she smiled.
“Dork,” I laughed.


Finally we got to the motel, we got late because Marshall got pulled over for ‘speeding’ which he wasn’t the stupid officer just wanted his autograph for his teenage daughter. We also stopped and ate twice. We got one room, and ordered an extra bed for Proof. It was about 9pm, and we were all warn out from the long ride over here.

“I'm going to bed,” my mom mumbled getting into one of the beds. Marshall stood by one the bed as she stripped down into only his boxers. I stood and stared at his sexy self, until I was in a daze.
“Babe?” Marshall said. I still stared at him.
“Fuckin fucker!!” I hear Proof screamed,I jumped then quickly looked over at him, he was having some troubles with the fold out bed. Marshall cracked up. I gave him an evil glare and he stopped. My mom stared at us annoyed.

“Sorry,” Proof mumbled with a half smile as he fixed the bed and lied down. I walked over to the other bed. Marshall handed me his shirt, he knows I like sleeping in his shirts cause they are big on me. I changed into some PJ pants then took off my bra, and sat it on the floor next to the bed.

I got into bed…Marshall just stood there, Proof started snoring quietly, it wasn’t that loud so it didn’t bother me, unlike my friend Zach, fuck he snores loud, but not all the time…anyway, Marshall still stood there.
“Are you gonna stand there or go to sleep?” I questioned.
“Yeah, it’s just a bit awkward,” he mumbled looking at my mom who was already asleep.
“So? Its not like we’re havin sex,” I laughed. He looked at me like that was a rude thing to say. “Just come here,” I whined. He rolled his eye and got into bed, we cuddled up together.
“I love you,” he whispered pulling me closer to him.
“I love you too,” I whispered back, closing my eyes…we fell asleep shortly after.

(((SUNDAY NOV. 27th 2002)))

I woke up to whispers. I looked over to see my mom and Proof talking, Marshall’s arms were still wrapped around me. I rolled over and faced him, he looked so cute sleeping, I smiled. “Honey, we gotta get up,” I whispered poking him. He opened his eyes and smiled at me. “Morning,” I said giving him a kiss, he kissed back, we started to make out.
“Ohhhh,” Proof said acting like a child. We pulled away and looked at him and my mom. Then I looked over at Marshall who was giving Proof a death glare.


“Where the fuck have you been?” Bruce yelled as we walked into the house.
“Detroit,” she said like it was nothing as she walked passed him and went into the room. “Need any help?” Marshall asked pushing his way through the doorway past Bruce. Proof stood in the laundry room awkwardly. Bruce’s attitude changed, he stared at Proof for a while.

“What up nigga!” Bruce asked looking at Proof. Oh shit, he just said the wrong thing to the wrong person.
“What the fuck did you call me?” Proof said though his teeth, I didn’t want a part of this so I went to the kitchen and sat at the table.
“Nothing,” Bruce mumbled.
“Yo, ugly fat ass called me a nigga,” Proof yelled. “Don’t you know that, that is racists?” Proof asked. Bruce just stood there like he was gonna start laughing.

“So,” Bruce said shrugging and walking away into the bedroom.
“Where the fuck are you going!?” Bruce yelled at my mom, I stood back.
“I'm moving out,” she said trying to be calm.
“What the fuck!?” Bruce yelled his face was very red.
“Nigga shut the fuck up!” Proof yelled he punched Bruce in the face; he fell to the ground holding his face. “Quick get your shit,” Proof demanded. “Meleah, come help,” he added. I walked into my mom’s room stepping over Bruce lying on the floor moaning in pain, I tried not to laugh. Finally someone stood up to his as and punched him right in the face like he deserved.


We just finished putting away all the things that my mom brought from home into her house. We were all warn out yet again. Proof headed home as so did me and Marshall. We said goodbye to my mom then walked across the street to out house. I sat down on the couch in the living room. “I'm to tired to sleep,” I mumbled turning on the TV, it was almost midnight. Without saying anything Marshall came over and sat next to me on the couch, he put his arm around me, I rested my head on his shoulder, he rested his head on mine as we watched some movie, I didn’t catch what it was called, I didn’t really care…
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A few hours passed and it about 3am in the morning. “When do you plan on sleeping?” Marshall yawned staring at me. I stared at him a blank look on my face.
“When I feel like it,” I said poking him in the arm, and smiling like a child.
“Someone needs sleep,” he said irritated with my poking, he stared at my finger. “Could you quit?” he questioned irritated.
“I sorry sexy!” I giggled stopping and placing my hands in my lap. He shook his head. “I want a sugar!” I yelled as the man in the movie poured sugar into a bowl.
“Excuse me? I think you need to go to bed,” he said.

“NO!” I screamed standing up and running around the room.
“Honey, you need to sleep,” Marshall said calmly as he grabbed onto my arm.
“You ruined my fun,” I whined like a child. As he held onto my arm like he was a cop.
“I don’t care, I wanna sleep,” he said firmly. I pulled my arm away and stared at him.
“You go sleep, and I’ll come up when this movie is over,” I explained pointing to the TV with all four of my fingers.
“Fine,” he yawed walking away towards the stairs, I sat down on the couch…


I woke up, Meleah wasn’t there, and she must have fallen asleep on the couch. I got up yawning, took a piss then went downstairs. I was right she was asleep on the couch curled up in a ball.

I looked at the TV it was till on, I pressed guide to check the time, it was 5am, I shut the TV off and set the remote on the coffee table. “Babe,” I said shaking Meleah. She whined and faced the other why. I sighed and picked her up; I carried her to the bedroom.

“Are you gonna sleep in these clothes?” I whispered
“No,” she moaned turning away. I let out a sigh and undressed her myself, putting my shirt and her PJ pants on her, I pulled her to the top of the bed and tucked her in.
“Goodnight,” I whispered and kissed her on the forehead. I turned off the light, got into bed and held on to her, I fell asleep soon after.

(((MELEAHS POV>>>)))(((1PM)))(((NOV. 28th 2002)))

I woke up, Marshall was still sleeping, I stared at him for a while till he open his eyes. “Go back to sleep,” Marshall muttered. I stared at him for a little while longer. “Come here,” he mumbled pulling me closer to him. “Sleep more, I don’t have anything to do today,” he yawned…shortly after we fell back asleep.

“I can’t sleep anymore,” I whispered, it was about 2:30pm. I knew Marshall was awake and he was just laying there.
“I'm lazy,” he mumbled facing me now, we stared at each other. He leaned towards me, kissing me, I kissed back…
“Well I'm hungry,” I said standing up.
“Warm up pizza,” he said as I was leaving the room.
“Pick out a movie then!” I yelled back. He didn’t say anything back…

I came back with two slices of pizza. “This is all that was left,” I told him.
“Ok,” he said as I sat down next to him handing him his slice.
“What movie did you pick?” I asked.
“Hannibal,” he said with an evil grin.
“Creepy! Don’t do that!!” I yelled shoving him. He just laughed; I shook my head and ate my pizza as he pressed play…

(((NOV. 29th 2002)))

It was about 7pm, we just finished picking out furniture for my Mom’s new house. We were on our way home to drop her off. “You seem happier,” I said tuning back to my Mom.
“That’s because there's no more Bruce,” she said with a smile. I smiled. “I don’t know how to thank you,” she said looking over at Marshall.
“You don’t have to,” Marshall said keeping his eyes on the road.
“Yeah I do,” she said.
“You’ve done so much stuff for me, and everyone else. You deserve this without having to say thank you,” I explained looking back at my Mom.
“Yeah,” Marshall agreed.
“Fine, be that way,” my Mom said acting childish. I shook my head while yawing.

We dropped off my Mom then went across the street to our house. “Imma go to the studio for a while,” Marshall said as he sat in front of the house with the car running. “You gonna stay home or come with me?” he questioned.
“I think I’ll stay home and rest,” I said. He nodded.
“Ok, I’ll see you in a few hours…probably around 9ish,” he explained.
“Ok bye bye,” I said leaning in for a kiss, he kissed me back for a bit.
“Bye,” he said as I opened the car door, I got out then went into the house.

As I walked further into the house, in the living room I saw someone sitting on the couch. He looks familiar, I stood there quiet as possible as I remembered who it was. My crazy ex Jordan. I stood there in fear not knowing what to do. What the hell is he doing here, how’d he find me, and how the fuck did he get in this house?

I was so scared, I knew if I said the wrong thing I would get beat. I tried to move quietly away but I couldn’t move I was frozen in fear. Then he turned around, my heart sank into my stomach and I felt sick. “Finally!” he yelled jumping up from the couch. I didn’t say a word I was too scared. “I found you! And now you’re mine again, I'm gonna take you home,” he said.

“Excuse me?” I muttered.
“Why did you leave me? Why did you fuckin leave me for that fuckin cock sucker!?” he screamed loudly while pointing to a picture of me and Marshall on the wall.
“You’re crazy,” I mumbled taking a step back, he came closer. “Don’t touch me,” I cried.

“I love you!” he insisted.
“Fuck you!” I yelled at him managing to work up some courage.
“Fuck me?” he asked. I didn’t say a word, cause I knew he was pissed and at any moment he would try to hurt me. “Why the fuck did you leave me!?” he asked. I jumped without answering his question; I took a step back as he came closer. “Answer my question!” he demanded loudly stomping his foot as he came closer to me. I began to cry, I was scared to death.

“Don’t you start that shit!” he yelled smacking me across the face, causing me to cry more. He had an angry look in his eyes, I tried to run, I was by the couch when he hit me, and I fell to the ground. I only got one punch in as I almost blacked out. He pushed me on the ground and started hitting me continuously. I just laid there crying.


I got home earlier than I thought I would, something in my mind told me that something at home was not right. I walked into the house…Meleah was lying on the floor in a small puddle of blood crying. What the fuck, I ran up to her and touched her arm lightly she jumped in fear gasping as well. “It’s me,” I said softly. She had bruises and cuts all over her body.

“Marshall?” she moaned in pain softly.
“Baby are you ok,” I whispered. She shook her head.
“He’s still here,” she mumbled pointing towards the kitchen. Whoever he is, is going to die.
“Don’t move,” I whispered kissing her on the forehead, “Everything is gonna be alright,” I added as I slowly stood up and walked towards the kitchen.

I opened the door slightly, there was a man making food. Who the fuck is this guy, and how the fuck did he get in my house. Then it hit me, he looked like a guy Meleah told me about…I think his name is Jordan.

I swung the door open like a mad man and went straight towards the guy, hitting him square in the face; he fell back on the counter.
“What the fuck?” he yelled holding his face where I hit him.
“No, that’s my question!” I screamed punching him again, this time he fell to the ground. I began to beat the shit outta him, till he almost passed out, I didn’t want to kill him, that would not be a good thing to get myself into.

He lied on the floor groaning in pain. I grabbed my cell then went into the living room. Meleah was still on the floor crying. I touched her slightly and she jumped again. “It’s me,” I said softly. “Can you stand?” I asked. She seemed so weak, what a stupid question to ask, of course she can’t stand.

(((MELEAH’S POV>>)))

I heard Marshall talking on the phone, to the cops; he said something about the ambulance he hung up soon after. “Marshall,” I whispered. He rushed over and knelt down by me.
“Yeah?” he asked.
“I just wanted you closer to me,” I told him still trembling in fear, my arm hurt, my stomach hurt, he punched me in the stomach. Marshall ran his fingers through my hair.

“They will be here soon,” he whispered kissing me on the forehead. Not long after they arrived, the paramedics came strait over to me. While a few cops went into the kitchen. “Is she gonna be ok?” Marshall asked in concern as they rushed me out of the house; Marshall was running along side holding my hand lightly.

“Yes, but her right arm is broken, and I have some bad news,” one of the paramedics said. Marshall looked at him frightened. “She may have lost her baby,” he said. “She was bleeding down there,” he said as they lifted me up into the ambulance, Marshall climbed inside and sat on the bench.
“No,” Marshall whispered.
“Well we’re not sure yet, we have to do some tests back at the hospital,” the man explained…..


I paced around the waiting room for hours wondering what was happening in there, waiting for an answer was killing me. I looked over at Lisa who was sitting in a chair looking down at the floor. “She’ll be ok,” I said sitting next to her. She nodded while yawing. I let out a sigh as the doctor came out of Meleah’s room… I stared at her as she walked towards us…
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PostSubject: Re: More Than Friends or Just a Dream? (NC-17)   Thu Jul 01, 2010 5:47 am


I jumped up from my chair and ran over to the doctor, it was almost 1am by the time he came out, I had no fuckin clue what the fuck they was doin in there. “Tell me she’s ok!” I demanded.
“She’s ok,” the doctor said, I let out a sigh of relief.
“When can we see her?” Lisa asked walking up to me and the doctor.
“Right now,” the doctor said going towards the room, we followed.

(((MELEAH POV>>>)))

Marshall and my mom walked in the room behind the doctor. I whipped my eyes and stared at them. Marshall stared at me for a second. “Your eyes are really red,” he mumbled still staring at me. “Is there something you didn’t tell me?” Marshall asked turning to the doctor. The doctor sighed, and looked over at me then back at Marshall.

“I have bad news…she lost the baby,” he said softly.
“What!?” Marshall asked like he couldn’t believe what he was hearing.
“I'm so sorry Mr. Mathers,” the doctor said patting Marshall’s shoulder. Marshall sighed, then he looked extremely pissed. “I’ll let you all talk for a while and I’ll be back in a bit,” the doctor said leaving the room shutting the door quietly.

“Imma kill that motherfucker!” Marshall said angrily though his teeth.
“You almost did already,” my mom said looking up at Marshall; he was still standing at the foot of the bed. Marshall didn’t say anything he just sighed then walked over to me, he grabbed my hand and sat down on the chair next to the bed.

“I'm just glad you’re ok,” he said softly. He kissed my forehead. “We can always try again,” he whispered so quietly that I could barely hear him. I nodded; he laid his head on the back of the chair and stared up at the ceiling. He’s probably plotting revenge on Jordan, I know he won’t kill him, as much as he would like to he wont.

“How did Jordan find you in the first place?” my mom asked after about a minute of silence.
“He’s fuckin crazy I really have no idea,” I mumbled.
“Wait, did you let him in?” Marshall asked suddenly sitting up and staring at me.
“No, I came in and he was just sitting on our couch,” I explained. He looked at me funny.
“How the fuck…” Marshall started.
“I don’t know, nothing was wrong with the door…maybe he came in the window,” I said.
“Fuck, I gotta remember to lock that shit,” Marshall said staring at the floor.


My mom left about a half hour ago. Marshall still sat in that chair like he was glued to it. I just stared at him as he stared at the ceiling; he started to drift off to sleep. “Mr. Mathers?” a nurse asked, I looked up at her. She was a younger lady probably about in her 20’s she looked as if she was in a daze staring at Marshall, I gave her a dirty look and she stopped. Fuckin fans piss me the fuck off.

“Huh!?” Marshall asked sitting up quickly.
“If you need a blanket there's one in the cabinet,” the nurse said. Marshall nodded slowly.
She checked the monitors quickly then started to leave.
“Hey, wait,” Marshall said. She stopped and quickly turned around.
“Yes?” she asked.
“How soon can we have sex again?” Marshall asked being blunt about the whole thing.
“Uh…hold on,” she said. “I'm new at this and I don’t really have an answer for that,” she said with a shy smile leaving the room.

She came back shortly after with a doctor. “Mr. Mathers has a question for you,” she says pointing to Marshall.
“Yes?” the doctor asked.
“Yeah, I was wondering, how soon can we have sex again?” he said as if he was irritated that he had to ask the question twice.
“I would say… about three weeks,” the doctor said. “If that’s all you need, Meleah get some rest, I’ll see you in the morning.” Marshall nodded as they both left the room.

(((DEC. 2ND 2002 11AM)))

We were on our way home from the hospital. The doctor told me that I'm supposed to get lots of rest. Marshall pulled into the dive way, he got out quickly. He tried to help me get out of the car. “I can walk you know, my arms broken not my leg,” I said stating the obvious.
“The doctor said to take it easy,” Marshall said.
“Fine,” I said irritated but let him help me. He walked me into the house and on the couch.

“You want a sandwich?” he asked. I nodded he walked into the kitchen.
“Hey wheres my phone!” I yelled towards the kitchen. Marshall came back in the living room and handed me my phone.
“Here,” he said with a smile. I better call Megan or she’ll get mad cause she has issues.

“Hello nigga,” Megan said.
“Guess who found me?” I said.
“Umm who?…tell me,” she said confused.
“Jordan,” I said in a mono tone. “He got all pissed that I left him, then he beat me…and I lost the baby, and he broke my arm,” I said sadly.
“Imma kill him, Imma kill him. Imma kill him, where my pan at,” Megan said in a black girls attitude.

“Marshall already almost did that,” I said. “Jordan went to jail,” I explained.
“Almost isn’t good enough, neither is jail,” she said.
“Ok, you two team up, kill him, and see what happens,” I said.
“Ok what time?” she asked being all serious.
“Megan…I don’t want you two going to jail,” I whined.
“We won’t go to jail. I'm sure Em knows someone,” she hinted.

“What the fuck? He probably does, but the fucker is in jail,” I said.
“I'm pretty sure he knows someone on the inside,” she said.
“Megan, can we just leave it alone?” I whined.
“What happens next time when he gets out and finds you?” she asks. “This cracker needs to die,” she said pissed.
“There’s a thing called restraining orders,” I said like shes stupid.
“Restraining orders won’t help, people go against them all the time,” she said.
“I guess,” I mumbled.
“Hold on, let me call you back in a minute,” she said rushing like.
“Ok..?” I said confused she just hung up. “What the fuck!?” I yelled staring at my phone.

Marshall walked into the room holding a plate with two sandwiches on it and two pops with his phone between his ear and shoulder. “No… I can’t… as much as I want to I can’t… I'm sorry… no I don’t know anybody… I'm serious… no really…can you hang up now?… Shut up and go away now…umm no, I am not a smelly cunt,” he said irritated. He looked down at me. “Can you hang up the phone for me?” he asked dropping the phone into my lap, I hung it up.

“Let me guess…that was Megan,” I said as he handed me a sandwich and sat down.
“Yeah,” he muttered as he sat the pops on the coffee table. “How’d you know?” he asked. “Cause shes the only one I know who says ‘smelly cunt’,” I explained while giggling. My phone began to ring.

It was Megan. “No!” I said right away.
“Damn it, he don’t know anyone,” she said completely ignoring my ‘no’.
“I know,” I said. “But I gotta eat, so I gotta go now,” I mumbled.
“You stupid cunt whore, I hate you! Go fuck Marshall’s smelly cunt and call me back later,” she yelled.
“Bitch, I can’t for three weeks,” I said trying not to giggle.
“Well go suck his dick, he’ll like it,” she said.
“I know, hehe,” I giggled.

“Quick! I dare you to climb up on top of Marshall and go wheeowheeowhee,” she laughed.
“Umm…what the fuck? No,” I said as if she was stupid.
“No, you have to do it or I'm gonna keep calling you until you do or I’ll come over and make you,” she said.
“Fuck yo feelings, you’re so stupid,” I yelled hanging up the phone. “Megan has so many issues,” I said annoyed staring at Marshall. He just shook his head.


We just finished eating and the buzzer at the gate rang. “I got it!” I said standing up and going to the door. It was Megan I buzzed her in; she quickly came to the door. “What are you doing here?” I questioned opening the door.
“I told you that I would come here and make you do it. So I'm here to make you do it,” she said letting herself in.
“Make her do what?” Marshall asked as he walked over to us.
“Something stupid cause shes a dumb cunt,” I explained.
“Oh,” Marshall said, he seemed interested.

“Oh come on, it’s not as bad as tits though the living room,” Megan laughed, I gave her a dirty look.
“Wait what?” Marshall asked confused.
“I was kinda tipsy and we were playing truth or dare with some friends and she dared me to run though the living room with my boobs hanging out while saying boobies,” I explained.

Megan cracked up.
“When was this?” Marshall questioned.
“Uh… like a few years ago, when I was 19,” I explained.
“Damn I missed it,” Marshall complained, I rolled my eyes.
“I’ll do it for you later,” I joked, Marshall looked at me with a sexy smile. I shook my head.

“Do it or I’ll never leave you alone ever!” Megan demanded.
“I hate you,” I said angrily.
“Do it!” Megan demanded again.
“Do it so she’ll go away,” Marshall said looking over at me, he seem as if he was pleading.
“Ugh. Fine. Marshall sit,” I said pointing over at the couch…he walked over and sat down confused. I climbed up on his lap.

“I like this so far,” Marshall grinned. He stared up at me, he looked kinda creepy. I shook my head; it’s not what you’re thinking.
“Wheeowheeowhee,” I said raising my left arm in the air and moving it around in a circle like a cowboy about to lasso a bull, pretending to be happy about it. Megan stood there laughing. I stopped shortly after annoyed; I still sat on Marshall’s lap.

“Happy now?” I asked.
“Ok bye,” Megan said like a child then left the house.
“That was fuckin retarded,” Marshall said placing his hands on my legs.
“That’s cause it’s Megan,” I said. “What happens now?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” Marshall said. I sighed and got off of him sitting next to him on the couch. I sighed louder this time. “What?” Marshall asked.
“I just started thinking about loosing the baby. I was so happy to be having a baby, and then I loose it,” I said sadly looking down at my lap.
“I know how you feel, but we can always try again,” Marshall said putting one arm around me pulling me into a side hug, I laid my head on his shoulder, he laid his head on mine.


Hailie came running into the living room after Marshall picked her and Alaina up from Kim’s. “Are you ok!” Hailie freaked out.
“I'm fine,” I said with a smile.
“Daddy told me that you lost the baby,” she frowned. I sighed and nodded. “I'm sorry,” she said looking down.
“Its ok,” I said hugging her, Alaina joined in as well. They let go and stood up.

“Dad said that he had to do a thing, he told me to ask you if you need anything before we go upstairs and do homework,” Alaina explained.
“No thanks honey. I can get it myself if I want anything. I think he thinks I'm impaired or something,” I said.
“That’s just dad, when it comes to things like this he overreacts,” Alaina said.
“I can see,” I laughed.
“Yeah this one time when I was a baby, I got a cold and he freaked,” Hailie said. “Mom said that he went and spent all his money on medicine,” Hailie said. I laughed a bit.
“Ok you two, you better get going on your homework,” I told them. They nodded and went upstairs.

I was sitting there watching Transporter when my cell rang….
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PostSubject: Re: More Than Friends or Just a Dream? (NC-17)   Thu Jul 01, 2010 5:48 am


It was Marshall… “Hello,” I said answering with a smile.
“Hey hon, the kids doin homework?” he asked.
“Yep,” I said.
“Good, what you doin?” he asked.
“Being bored,” I mumbled.
“Well I’ll be home soon,” he told me. I smiled at this.

“Dad!” Hailie screamed running into the living room.
“What!?” Marshall freaked, he turned around quickly and split his drink on the floor. “Ah shit,” he mumbled. “What is it Hailie?” he asked looking back over at her bouncing daughter.

“Daddy! They are gonna drop the ball thingy in 5 minutes and I want to see it!!!” she yelled while jumping up and down pointing to the TV. “Turn it on!” she demanded. Marshall calmly turned on the TV. “ALAINA!!” Hailie screamed at the top of her lungs. Alaina darted downstairs and stood by Hailie as they stared at the TV.

“What is so grate about a ball dropping?” Marshall asked confused.
“I don’t know…isn’t it some crystal ball they drop and confetti falls or whatever,” I said trying my best not to swear in the sentence. I don’t like to swear around the girls; Marshall gets irritated for some odd reason.
“I never saw the thing, how would I know?” Marshall asked. I shrugged and looked over at the TV as Marshall walked out of the room.

“Yazmin!” I heard Marshall call out. Yazmin is our maid; she’s an older Mexican woman who can hardly speak English. We think she skipped the country, shes chubby and shes always talking about her grandson who we don’t know the name of because we can understand half the things she says. Which sometimes is nice so we can pretend we are listening.

“Yes Mr. Mathers,” she said coming from the other room. She’s got his name down pretty good. “Where he go?” she questioned looking panicky. I pointed to the kitchen. She nodded and darted in the kitchen fast. She came back with Marshall, he showed her the spill, she quickly went to cleaning it up. It was about a minute to midnight….

“Daddy! Meleah! Sit, pay attention to the TV, they are gonna drop the ball soon!” Hailie yelled.
“Calm down Hailie baby,” Marshall said as he sat next to me. She stared at the TV…finally the countdown was about to begin.
“We all have to count down!” Hailie demanded. No one responded.
“10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... Happy New Year!” we all yelled together, I could tell that Marshall felt like a dork. I giggled to myself. He leaned in and kissed me, I kissed back.

“Whoo!” Marshall said with no emotion as he twirled his finger in the air. “Now get your little butts to bed,” Marshall smiled at the girls, he looked a bit evil. They giggled as they ran downstairs. Marshall let out a sigh.

“What is so great about a new year?” he questioned as he took a drink of his wine.
“Umm… you get old?” I questioned with a giggle.
“I don’t wanna get old,” he frowned.
“That’s life negro,” I joked. He looked at me funny, I just smiled. He shook his head.
“I think its time for you and me to have some fun,” he smiled devilish at me and winked.
“Ok Mr. Sexy,” I giggled. He smiled cutely at me…he pointed to the stairs. I smiled at him. He set down his glass on the coffee table and we headed upstairs together.

We went to the room; he closed the door and locked it with a devilish smile. I screamed playfully and ran over to the bed as he ran after me. I jumped on the bed and hid under the covers like a child. “Cute,” Marshall said.

I felt him crawl up on the bed, he must have changed his mind cause it felt like he got off. He quickly ripped the blanket off and threw it over his shoulder using both hands to get it over his head.
“Cheater!” I giggled loudly.
“Shhh,” he said hushing me. “There’s sleeping children,” he whispered. He crawled up on the bed. I laid back on the bed as he crawled up on top of me. He leaned in and kissed me, I kissed back we started to make out within seconds…..(sorry, no write sex)

He collapsed on top of me breathing heavily, we both were. It was one of the best sexual experiences I’ve had. Not that I’ve had many. “I love you,” Marshall whispered, he kissed me softly before laying down nest to me.
“I love you too,” I whispered turning on my side so we faced each other, I kissed him softly, he kissed back…we moved closer together, and cuddled up together. Soon after we fell asleep.


I just got home from the studio. The girls were back with Kim again. I never get them for more than a fuckin week. Some changes need to go down or I swear I’m going to go over to her house and bitch her out.

I sighed as I opened the front door. The house looked spotless. Damn, Yazmin did a good job. “I’m home!” I yelled, I waited a bit, there was no answer. Weird, her car is still here…maybe she’s just being deaf. I went into the kitchen, opened the fridge, and grabbed a can of Pepsi. I headed out the kitchen door and towards the stairs. I was about half way up….

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!” I heard Meleah scream. I got scared shitless, I didn’t know if that was a bad scream or a good scream. I jolted up the stairs like a fuckin cheetah. I ran into our room, I swung the door open like a mad man. Meleah was standing there jumping up and down clutching a white stick in her hand as she faced me smiling.

“Why’d you scream?” I questioned.
“Guess,” she smiled.
“Well…theres a pregnancy test on the counter…and you’re smiling,” I said. “You’re pregnant!” I yelled pointing at her. She nodded smiling. “See I told you!” I said with a smile, I kissed her and pulled away staring at her. “See I was right? All my good work paid off,” I joked.
“Hey! It’s using my egg,” she said slapping me on the arm.
“I was joking,” I smiled. She smiled and kissed me, I kissed back.

(((MELEAHS POV>>>)))

I looked at Marshall for a moment he seemed really happy, but at the same time sad. “Hey, is something wrong?” I asked he glanced down at the floor then back at me.
“Uh…no,” he said, saying the word ‘no’ quickly.
“Fine. Don’t tell me,” I said frowning and walking away out of the bedroom.
“Hey!” he yelled running after me. “Come back her young lady!” Marshall demanded.

“What?” I asked stopping and turning around.
“You’re rude,” he said sadly frowning.
“You didn’t answer my question truthfully, so I walked away,” I said walking away again.
“You’re being rude,” he said irritated.
“You’re not being truthful,” I said. I wasn’t trying to start an argument, I just wanted him to tell me what his problem was, I could tell something was bothering him, but I didn’t know what.

“Well how can I tell you anything if you keep walking away from me?” he yelled.
“You just told me something,” I smarted off not trying to be a bitch about it either. He sighed. “No, sighing…you need to tell me what’s wrong,” I said.
“What makes you think something is wrong?” he asked giving me a funny look.
“I can see it in your eyes, Marshall,” I told him a bit irritated. He sighed angrily.

“Fine. It’s just…I never get too see my kids, Kim has them on a short fuckin leash and it’s really staring to piss me off,” he explained.
“Why don’t you go over there and put your food down?” I questioned.
“Cause, she’s too much of a fuckin bitch,” he said though his teeth.
“Well is she a good mother?” I asked.
“Well yeah…but she thinks I’m a terrible father and whatever cause I go on tour and swear and …well you know,” he said mumbling the rest of the sentence. I sighed.

“I know…but you don’t do them around the kids,” I said.
“Try telling her that shit,” he said pissed. “She don’t believe a word I say,” he said looking down at the floor.
“Want me to talk to her?” I asked. He looked up at me quickly.
“Ha! Like that would work? That would just make things more worse,” he said. “Do you know how jealous she is of you?” he asked. I nodded. “Exactly,” he agreed loudly. I sighed.

“Well you can’t let this go, you love those girls more than anything,” I said. He nodded agreeing with my statement. “You gotta do something,” I said.
“I know…but it’s fuckin hard, I can’t take them from their mother…and I can’t just not see them,” he sighed frowning more.
“Just talk to her…call her right now,” I demanded. He looked at me funny. “I don’t like seeing you sad!” I yelled stomping my food.
“Well,” he said as he pulled his cell out his pocket….
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PostSubject: Re: More Than Friends or Just a Dream? (NC-17)   Thu Jul 01, 2010 5:48 am

“Yeah…Kim… we…shut the fuck up for one second and let me talk!….We need to meet somewhere and talk….the girls… cause, I don’t see them enough….you always have them… no I am not… I don’t give a fuck, we’re gonna meet tomorrow at my place and talk this shit out!….good you better be…bye,” he yelled pretty much the whole time then hung up. “Fuck my life,” Marshall yelled shoving the phone back in his pocket. I gave him a funny look. “She’s such a fucking cunt bitch,” he said though his teeth.

“Ok,” I said as if I didn’t know what to say. He sighed.
“I'm hungry,” he grunted walking passed me and into the kitchen. I sighed and followed him a few seconds later. “I want some fuckin pizza and there is none,” he said irritated slamming the fridge door.

I didn’t know whether so say something or not so I just kept my mouth shut. “Do you want pizza?” he questioned being rude about it.
“Sure,” I said quietly, I looked at him a bit scared. He sighed.
“Don’t be like that,” he said walking over to me. “I'm not mad at you,” he said.
“I know…its just that…never mind,” I said not wanting to tell him my thought knowing that he would get pissed about it, him…reminding me of Bruce, that would piss him off.

“What?” he asked.
“Nothing,” I said looking down at the floor… he sighed.
“Fine, come here,” he said pulling me into a hug, I hugged him back.

“You looked scared, I didn’t mean to scare you,” he whispered pulling away holding onto my shoulders. I didn’t say anything. I remained quiet that look that he and Bruce both do just makes me so mad; I stared down at the floor. “Hey, stop that,” Marshall said placing his hand under my chin and lifting my head up so I was looking at him, he kissed me, I barley kissed back. “How bout that pizza?” he asked in a happier voice.

“ onion?” I asked.
“I know, no onions or peppers,” he said. I smiled; he smiled back and pulled out his cell to call the dude… We got a medium pizza with pepperoni, black olives, sausage, and Canadian bacon. It was very yummy and it came with garlic sauce which I stole the whole thing, Marshall didn’t seem to care.


A young man walked into the house, I knew who it was, it was Nate, Marshall’s little brother. “Hey,” he said staring at me. Marshall was in the bathroom, and this was a bit odd.
“Hi,” I said with a smile.
“Where’s Marshall?” he asked.
“He’ll be out in a bit,” I said. He smiled then went to go sit on the couch. “So, you must be Nate,” I said trying to start convocation.
“Yeah,” he said.

“I’m Meleah,” I told him. He nodded.
“I know, Marshall to me about you,” he smiled. “He’s really into you. You know, I never seen him so interested in one girl,” he said.
“That’s a good thing,” I laughed. Marshall walked in the room.
“Nate!” Marshall said loudly. “What took you so long?” he joked.
“So long for what?” Nate questioned confused.
“Nothin man,” Marshall said. “What you been up to?” he asked sitting on the couch next to me.

“School,” he said like ‘duh.’
“You doin battles?” Marshall asked.
“Yeah, getting first place,” Nate smiled all proud. “So what are we going to do today, I didn’t come here to do nothing,” Nate said all bored. Marshall sighed thinking he looked over at me.
“Do what you want I’m gonna take a little nap kinda tired,” I said.
“Are you sure? You don’t have you just cause Nate’s here,” he said looking at me.
“It’s ok, I’m tired,” I insisted.
“Ok honey,” Marshall said kissing me, I kissed back.
“Dude,” Nate said. We pulled away and smiled at him; I went upstairs and laid down. It took me only about 10 minutes to fall asleep.

I woke up to the bathroom light turning on, the door shut before I could say anything. I pulled the blanket over my head and tried to fall back asleep. “Meleah,” I heard Marshall whisper.
“No,” I whined.
“I was gonna ask if you wanted to get food,” he said as he pulled the covers off.
“What kind of food?” I yawned.
“I don’t know…go out somewhere,” he answered.
“Is Nate still here?” I asked.
“Yeah, cool if he comes with?” he asked.
“Yeah, just gimme a few minutes to get ready,” I said. He nodded and left the room. I went into the bathroom and stared at myself in the mirror before going to the bathroom.


“Is she coming?” Nate asked as I walked downstairs into the living room.
“Yeah, she’s getting ready,” I told him.
“Ok,” he mumbled while fiddling round with his phone. We waited for a while then she came down.
“You ready?” I asked. She nodded without saying a word.


“Did you find out where we’re going?” I asked.
“No,” he mumbled as we got into the car.
“What am I supposed to do with this?” Nate questioned staring at the bag on the seat.
“Move it over…its just lyrics,” Marshall said as if Nate was stupid. “Remind me to bring them into the house,” he said as Nate got into the car…
“Sure,” Nate mumbled as he shut the door. “Where are we gonna eat?” Nate asked.
“I don’t know, damn…someone just choose a place,” Marshall said, he seemed annoyed.

“I don’t care,” I said. Marshall sighed. “What?” I asked.
“Nothing,” Marshall mumbled staring out the window at a man walking his dog down the street. “Someone just pick some place to go,” Marshall said though is teeth as we went though the lights.
“What’s wrong with you?” I asked.
“Nothing!” she snapped loudly causing me to jump back.
“You don’t have to yell, it was just a simple question,” I said as if I was annoyed.

“I’m not in a good mood right now,” he said irritated. I gave him a funny look.
“What did Nate kick your ass at basketball?” I asked with a smile.
“No,” Nate mumbled in the back like a child. I guess he didn’t win.
“Kim came over,” Marshall said very quiet like, almost to quiet for me to hear.
“What she want?” I asked interested.
“To scream at me,” he mumbled. “Oh and by the way we’re going to Shiro,” he said.
“Umm… ok then?” I question confused.
“It’s Asian,” Marshall replied.
“Oh…I wonder if Megan knows about this place…I’m gonna tell her,” I said.
“Ok,” Marshall mumbled.

We pulled into the parking lot not long after…..I took a picture of the restaurant and sent it to Megan…. She texed back not long after.
“I’ve been there before. Hiro took me. J,” she texted.
“Oh…We go here, and Marshall’s crabby,” I texed back.
“I’m sorry,” she texed back. We went in and got seated right away. Not long after we got to order Marshall and I ordered the same thing; Age-Dashi Tofu. Nate ordered; Ika Sansai. We didn’t talk as we waited for our food.

“Hey,” Marshall whispered touching my thigh lightly, I stopped staring out the window at the passing cars and turned to him. “I’m sorry I was being crabby,” he said softly he said as our food arrived. The lady sat the food down in front of us.
“Anything else I can get for you?” she asked with a kind smile.
“No thanks,” Marshall said smiling back.
“Let me know if you need anything,” she said with a smile. “Enjoy your food,” she smiled and walked away.

“Anyway, it’s just that…” Marshall stopped as he noticed Nate staring at us.
“What?” Nate asked as we both stared back at him.
“Eat your fuckin food, stop that!” Marshall whispered.
“No need to yell,” Nate said taking a bite of his food.
“Ok…anyway, Kim came over a bitched at me about the kids, that’s what pissed me off,” he said. I sat there for a moment.
“Its fine,” I said taking a bite of my tofu. It was yummy, and I liked it. We had normal conversation form then on….I finished my food not long after. “I want more, that was yummy,” I said.

“Pig,” Nate joked. Marshall gave him a dirty look.
“She’s pregnant, what do you expect,” Marshall said.
“No, I’m not hungry, that was just yummy,” I smiled; Marshall shook his head as he finished off his food. “Aww you no save me some,” I said pretending to be sad. He gave me a funny look.
“Wanna lick the place?” he joked.
“Ok!” I said tying not to laugh while grabbing his plate.
“I wasn’t being serious,” he said.
“Neither was I,” I said setting his plate back down. Marshall paid and tipped the waitress and we left the restaurant.

We we’re just about to get into the car when we saw something across the street. There was a bunch of guys fighting. “Get in the car! Both of you!” Marshall yelled.
“Marshall, whatever you’re thinking about doing don’t!” I yelled.
“Just get in the fuckin car!” he yelled forcing me to get in the front seat, he opened the glove compartment and pulled out a pistol, that I didn’t even know he had.
“Marshall!” I yelled he slammed the door shut and locked it.
“Stay in there!” he demanded. He walked away quickly cocking his gun as he went over to the guys, I noticed a young child standing hear by, it looked as if they were holing the child for hostage or something, something told me this was not going to go well… Nate and I watched intensely. “Someone is going to get hurt,” I freaked.
“Marshall told us to wait,” Nate said sitting back. I gave him a dirty look… then I heard a bang and screaming….
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PostSubject: Re: More Than Friends or Just a Dream? (NC-17)   Thu Jul 01, 2010 5:49 am

“Nate don’t be a cunt,” I said opening the door. “And stay in the car!” I yelled slamming it shut after I got out. I ran across the street right in front of cars. I was so afraid that something happened to Marshall. I stopped and stood behind a car, and watched for a second a rent-a-cop came out and grabbed the one guy that was holding the young boy hostage. I couldn’t see Marshall or the young boy. I looked around; I saw 4 bodies kneeling down by the side of the club behind a dumpster. I slowly walked over there. “Marshall!” I whispered loudly running over to him.

“I thought I told you to say in car,” he said looking around. I grabbed him and pulled him into a hug.
“I don’t care about the car, I was afraid something happened to you!” I said hugging him tighter.
“I’m fine,” he said pulling away. A rent-a-cop came up to us.
“What is going on?” he questioned. “Our suspect won’t say anything,” he added.
“He was holding my son for hostage!” the woman said walking in-between me and Marshall. I looked over at the little boy who was snuggled in his father’s arms crying.
“Do you have any idea why?” the rent-a-cop asked.
“We have a lot of money, we own several Taco Bells,” she replied.
“Why are you two here?” the rent-a-cop asked.
“This man saved my sons life,” the woman said pointing over to Marshall.

So they took some more information then told Marshall and I to go home. We did as we were told and quickly ran across the street. “Well that was interesting,” Marshall said as we got into the car.
“No, you scared me half to death!” I yelled punching him in the arm the second in got into the car.
“Oww damn,” Marshall complained grabbing his arm where I had hit him. I smiled at him. He shook his head. “That fuckin hurt, you didn’t need to punch me that hard,” he whined.
“That’s what you get,” I said crossing my arms.
“Baby don’t be like that, I’m sorry I scared you,” he said looking at me with a sorry look on his face. I just stared at him.
“Umm… not in here, thank you very much,” Nate said.
“Fine,” Marshall said starting the car.

We arrived at home around 10pm. Nate went to the guest room. Marshall and I went straight up to the bedroom. “Are you going to forgive me?” he questioned.
“No, you scared me,” I pouted.
“I’m sorry,” he said softly trying to hug me. I stepped back, I was up against the wall he managed to hug me, I didn’t hug back. “Aww come on,” he whined, he sounded like a child, and it was cute. I hugged him back laying my head on his shoulder. “That’s better,” he whispered. I sighed, still hugging it was like we didn’t want to stop. We stood there hugging for the longest time.
“I wanna got to bed,” I told him still hugging him.
“Ok,” he agreed. We changed our clothes, he was in just boxers and I was in his shirt and underwear. We got into bed; Marshall wrapped his arms around me. “I love you,” he whispered.
“I love you too,” I said back, he sat up a little and kissed me, I kissed back. Shortly after we fell asleep.

(((JAN 15TH 2006 FRIDAY)))
I woke up in the morning, Marshall was gone. Sigh, hes so rude. There was a note on the side of the bed that read: “Sorry, I had to go to the studio early I didn’t want to wake you. I’ll see you later tonight. Proof said something about a party, so the guys are going to come over, tell Megan she can come over too if she wants. She can bring her boyfriend too…uh… don’t let that Chelsea chick come, shes too fucked up. The girls are gonna come over after school too… umm I think that’s it, I’ll call you later, love you,”
“Uh ok then?” I said to myself setting down the paper. “Today is going to be boring,” I said aloud as I got into the shower. I was already bored out of my mind, and when I get bored, I take showers. I got out got dressed then stood in the bedroom thinking of something to do while Marshall is gone…..nothing. Ugh.

I was getting pretty tired. We were down in the basement; the guys were free styling while Megan, Hiro and I sat on the couch and watched TV…well music videos. “I’m tired,” I yawned.
“Go to bed then,” Megan said. I didn’t say anything I just stood up and walked over to Marshall.
“Can we talk a second?” I asked.
“Sure,” he said setting his beer down on one of the amps. I took him over by the stairs. “What ya wanna talk about?” he asked.
“I think we should go to bed,” I whined.
“Go ahead,” he said starting to walk away. I stopped him by grabbing his arm. “What!?” he snapped.

“Let’s go to bed,” I whined.
“I told you to go,” he said irritated pulling his hand away.
“Come with me,” I demanded.
“Can’t you go by yourself?” he questioned. “I’m busy!” he yelled.
“Marshall. It’s almost 4am,” I said irritated by his stubbornness.
“I don’t give a fuck!” he yelled.
“Well I do!” I yelled. “And you’re being a dick,” I said not looking at him.
“Well we have friends over, stop being such a crabby bitch!” he yelled.
“We can tell them to leave. It is our house!” I yelled.

“No. It’s my house. I pay for it, not you!” he yelled. “I do everything to make all the money, you don’t do shit!” he yelled.
“I don’t do shit?” I yelled back. “I clean YOUR house. I take care of YOUR kids when their here. I fix food for YOU before you come home. I sit here ALONE for waiting for YOU to come home!” I yelled pointing at him every time I said ‘you’ or ‘your.’ He sighed loudly.
“Whatever, just go to fuckin bed and be crabby somewhere else. You already pissed me off, I don’t need to get even more pissed at you,” he yelled.
“I should have known,” I yelled stomping upstairs. “You are an asshole!” I yelled as I reached the top of the stairs.
“We’ll Bruce was right, you are a bitch!” he screamed. I slammed the door at the top of the stairs, trying not to cry as I headed up to the bedroom.

(((Marshall’s pov)))
“What the hell was that?” Proof yelled at me as I walked back into the main room.
“Nothin,” I said drinking down the rest of my beer.
“Why were you yelling at her like that?” Proof asked.
“She pissed me off,” I said irritated.
“That’s not right man…come on, go apologize,” Proof demanded.
“She’ll be fine,” I said sitting down on the couch.
“What did you do?” Megan asked.
“Nothin of you business,” I grumbled.

“What did he do?” Megan asked turning to Proof.
“They had a fight…and Marshall was being an ass,” Proof explained.
“You’re such a cunt!” Megan yelled at me grabbing Hiro’s hand and leaving the room. I let out a deep sigh.
“Are you going to go apologize or not?” Proof asked.
“No, she needs…” I paused suddenly feeling terrible for what I said to her. Bruce was wrong, she is not a bitch, she is a wonderful person that I love very much. I just got carried away. She understands me…and she does do many things around here that I can’t do. “Look…tell everyone to leave or go to bed…” I said slapping Proof on the shoulder as I ran upstairs to the bedroom…

I walked in our room; Meleah was lying on the bed… “Babe?” I asked softly as I slowly walked over to the bed… she didn’t say anything she just turned the other way pulling the covers over her head. She was crying…and that made me feel even worse.
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PostSubject: Re: More Than Friends or Just a Dream? (NC-17)   Thu Jul 01, 2010 5:50 am

~~~Meleah pov~~~

“Go away,” I whined, barely getting the words out.
“No,” he said softly. He tired to pull the covers off me.
“Fuckin stop!” I screamed.
“Shh…babe, you’re gonna wake the kids,” he whispered. I didn’t say anything.

About ten minutes passed…
“I’m going to stay at my moms,” I said as I got off the bed, I started walking towards the door still crying.
“Don’t…please,” Marshall pleaded stopping me by grabbing my arm.
“Marshall don’t,” I said tying to be firm and hold back the tears.
“I want to apologize to you,” he said softly. “Please don’t leave,” he said looking depressed.

“Fine,” I muttered slowly walking over to the bed, I sat there and stared down at the ground. He knelt down in front of me; he placed his hands on my knees.
“Look, I’m sorry about what happened down there…but I just wanted to have some fun,” he said softly. I didn’t say anything I just remained silent, he sighed. “I never meant to hurt you, I was angry,” he said. “I didn’t mean what I said, this is your house too, and I appreciate everything you do around here with my kids and the cleaning,” he said softly.

“You didn’t have to get so pissed,” I mumbled still staring down at the floor.
“I know, I got carried away. But it’s just a flaw you’ll have to live with,” he said. “And…your quick temper is something I have to deal with too,” he added.
“You’re quick tempered too,” I muttered. He laughed slightly.
“Great just what we need,” he joked. I looked up at him and slightly smiled. “Aww that’s better,” he said smiling cutely. “I’m sorry,” he said again.

“I’m sorry too,” I mumbled.
“For what?” he asked.
“The things I said…about the girls…I didn’t mean it like that,” I said. He shook his head.
“I know you didn’t mean any harm,” he said. “You don’t have to be sorry, it’s my fault the fighting started, I should have reasoned with you,” he said. “Do you forgive me?” he asked looking so damn adorable.

I nodded, he whipped the make-up off my eyes before he kissed me, I leaned back on the bed, Marshall on top of me never breaking the kiss. “I love you,” he said still kissing me.
“I love you too,” I said. I felt him smile, I pulled away. “Gosh I love your smile,” I said smiling, he smiled even more.
“Let’s go to sleep,” he said. Marshall took off his shirt and pants, he stood there for a second, I stared up at him. Damn hes so fuckin sexy. As soon as he got into bed we cuddle up, and fell asleep soon after.

~~~Jan. 22nd 2003 Friday night~~~

I was sitting watching TV when Marshall walked in the house. “You’re home early,” I said. He smiled and kissed me.
“I know,” he said. He handed me a wad of cash. I gave him a funny look, confused as to why he just handed me so much money. What am I supposed to do with this?
“Umm?” I questioned confused.
“It’s for you and your mother, go take her shopping, I have to do something,” he said sweetly. I looked at him confused again.
“You’ll see…now go,” he said pointing to the door.
“Ok,” I said standing up still confused as I headed towards the door.


“So why did Marshall give you 1,000 bucks?” my mom asked.
“I don’t know, but I think he as a surprise for me,” I decided while smiling.
“Ohhh,” she exclaimed with a smile and a wink. I was thinking of something else, nothing to do with sex. I knew she was thinking that, just by that look she gave me.
“Wow mom,” I said as if she was stupid.

My phone stared to ring…it was Megan calling. “Hello?” I said.
“Hey, what are you doing?” she asked.
“About to go shopping with my mom, Marshall randomly gave me 1,000 bucks and told me to go take my mom shopping,” I said.
“Where are you? Can I go with?” she asked.
“My moms. Uhh sure,” I said.
“Ok, I’ll be there in a couple minutes,” she said quickly, then hung up the phone. She hung up on me, what the fuck? Stupid cunt. We sat at the kitchen table and waited for Megan to come.

She arrived, and before she could come and knock on the door we were outside.
“We’re taking my car,” I said as she got out of hers. “We gotta go get it though,” I said.
“Where is it?” my mom asked confused.
“It’s across the street,” I pointed. “Why would I drive across the street to your house when I can just walk in the first place?” I asked her as if she was stupid as we walked across the street.

I punched in the code in for the fence to open….We walked into the garage…

“How many cars does he need?” my mom questioned staring at the four extra cars in the garage. Marshall owned the black Mustang, the black Tahoe, the silver Cadillac and the blue Corvette.
“62,” I joked laughing. “He only has four,” I said as if it was nothing.
“Oh yeah, well I have too,” Megan exclaimed.
“Ohh!” I cheered.
“Well hes a celebrity, and he only has to more cars than me,” Megan said.
“He’s not that into cars, he doesn’t really care,” I said like Megan was stupid, as we got into my Mustang. “He still has more than you, and technically he has five cause he bought this one for me,” I added as we left the driveway.

“Well what the hell else is he suppose to spend his money on? Stuffed animals?” she questioned.
“No…I don’t know. Shut up!” I yelled.
“Where are we going?” my mom asked.
“Umm…a place that is not shit,” I muttered sort of unsure of where to go. We’d have to leave town to find a nice place to go. Detroit is not that pretty with shopping places, you have to leave Detroit to find a good place, which is not full of creepers.

“Let’s just dive around somewhere and find a place that looks nice,” I said as we left the neighborhood. We entered down town Detroit, everything looked pretty much the same as always, run down buildings, abandoned houses, creepers walking down the street, and just things that you wouldn’t see in Chaska Minnesota.

“Oh Target!” my mom exclaimed as we drove down 8 Mile Road.
“Wow…sure,” I said turning into the parking lot. This was for multiple places. There was a Sears, Target, MGM, Lowes, and Walgreens.

“What do you want here?” I asked my mom as we walked into the building, the place looked pretty much the same as the Target back in Minnesota did, but without the food section.
“I don’t know,” she said walking off towards the clothes.
“Might as well go look at the baby stuff,” I said walking towards the baby section. “You know what you should do,” I said looking over at Megan quickly.
“What?” she questioned.
“Fill out one of them things…uh… what the fuck were they called?” I said quietly confused as to what I was trying to name. “The thing…you get this red thing and you go point it at things that you want for your babyness and then people print off this blue paper and then buy you the things on your list,” I explained…badly. Her eyebrows stared twitching, she stared at me confused.

“Aww come on!” I said irritated that she didn’t understand me; I pulled her over to Guest Services at the front of the store where we came in on Green side.
“Can I help you find something?” the lady at Guest Services asked.
“Yeah what is the thing called where people take around scanning things for baby showers and weddings?” I asked confused trying not to laugh at myself.
“Oh you mean Gift Registry?” she asked.
“Yeah! That!” I said stupidly causing the lady to laugh I smiled stupidly as she went to get the scanner.
“Don’t they just do that for weddings?” Megan asked confused.
“No, they do it for Baby Showers too,” I said calmly.
“Oh ok,” Megan said as the lady came back with the scanner.

She handed me the scanner. “Do you know how to work that?” she asked as we stared at it funny.
“No,” Megan and I both laughed at the same time.
“I hardly know how to work a PDT,” I told her. I hardly had to use it in the first place; I only worked there two days a week giving out free samples of food until they decided that Target sampling doesn’t exists anymore.

“Oh, you’ve worked at Target?” she asked.
“Yeah, for like two years back in Minnesota,” I said pointing behind me with my thumb as if Minnesota was right there.
“Oh,” she smiled. “Anyway,” she said beginning to explain how to use the Gift Registry…it was pretty simple, all you did was scan the thing you want and it goes on your list after you enter codes and shit.

“Why didn’t you get one?” Megan asked.
“Because, I’m not even a month pregnant,” I said. “Now let’s go find cute things for your baby,” I said as we headed over to the baby clothes.


I walked into the house at about 7:00p.m. “Hello?” I questioned opening the door. It was dark in the house, I couldn’t see anything.
“Hello,” Marshall whispered placing his hand on my shoulder. I jumped.
“Holy shit!” I exclaimed. Marshall snickered. Finally my eyes adjusted to the darkness and I could see. “Why are you wearing a suit?” I asked.
“Because,” he smiled. “Go put this on,” he said holding up a beautiful red dress, I don’t usually wear dresses but I saw this one at the store and I really liked it. I smiled at him taking the dress. “Meet me in the kitchen when you’re done,” he said walking away. I was confused but I did as told.

I went upstairs quickly throwing the bags on the bed. I changed into the dress, it fit perfectly, hugging my curves, it went down to my knees, and it was strapless.


Marshall’s eyes widened as I walked into the kitchen. “Damn,” he whispered. I smiled twirling around showing off the dress. Marshall stood there staring in a daze.
“Too much for ya?” I questioned with a smile.
“No,” he smirked. “Come sit,” he said pulling out a chair for me; I sat down smiling up at him as he lifted the lid off the table reviling the food.

He made my favorite food; he had steak cut into strips with a garnish. On the side he and mash potatoes with gravy, and mixed veggies. On the left of the plate he had a small glass bowl with barbecue sauce. On the left sat a glass of fake campaign. He had two candles in the center of the table making the whole room flicker.

“Wow,” I said amazed.
“Taste it,” Marshall said pointing to the steak with a smile. I picked up my fork, picked up the steak, dipped it in the sauce, and tasted it. It was wonderful, seasoned perfectly. “Mmm,” I said pleased with the taste. Marshall smiled. “So what made you wanna do this?” I asked curiously.
“Because of the other day, I still feel bad about it,” he said.
“How cute,” I said with a smile. “Honey, you don’t have too feel bad anymore,” I said softly. He slightly smiled.
“Yes I do,” he said. He took a sip of his drink.
“It’s ok, I understand,” I said trying to get him to get off the subject. He sighed.
“No, I really need to learn to not yell at you like that,” he said.
“I already forgave you,” I said while dipping steak into barbeque sauce.
“You just wait,” he muttered. I gave him a confused look. “Nothing, just never mind,” he said trying not to smile.

Ok then, he’s hiding something. I bet I know what he’s thinking, from the moment I put on this dress. He better not rip it, I’ll have to hurt him.

Dinner was amazing, I was full. I sat on the couch as Marshall cleaned up the kitchen. It was almost 10p.m. the news would be on soon. I turned on the TV, waited about five minutes and the news came on. They started talking bout this guy who was shot and killed in downtown Detroit. Oh great another shooting, yey. I sighed. Marshall walked into the living room about ten minutes later.

“What’s goin on? More shit to make this city even worse than it already is?” he asked he seemed annoyed with all the bullshit.
“Yeah, one murder,” I told him. Marshall sat down on the couch next to me. He shook his head while staring at the TV. “This shit is stupid,” Marshall mumbled looking at me, and pointing to the TV.
“That’s cause people are stupid,” I said. Marshall nodded, I yawned while watching a commercial for some kind of juice, the commercial was so damn stupid, just like all the other ones.

“You better not get tired on me,” Marshall said staring over at me; he looked a bit creepy, but at the same time so fucking sexy. Every time he looked at me like that I wanted to rip off his clothes and go crazy.
“I’m just bored,” I assured with a smile.
“I can fix that,” Marshall smirked, he stood up turned off the TV, grabbed my hand and forced me to follow him upstairs…
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PostSubject: Re: More Than Friends or Just a Dream? (NC-17)   Thu Jul 01, 2010 5:50 am

We entered the room, he shut the door slamming it shut. “Come here,” he said pulling me into his arms, his soft lips hit mine, he kissed me passionately. I kissed back pulling him closer to me, our bodies pressed together, we intertwined our fingers.

Marshall slowly stared backing up towards the bed never breaking the kiss. I could feel him getting hard already, I wanted to just rip his clothes off. “I fuckin love you,” Marshall whispered into the kiss.
“I love you too,” I whispered reaching my hands down toward his pants. Marshall pulled away and smiled. He pushed himself up by placing his hands on each side of me, giving me more space to rip his pants off.

I could tell that Marshall as getting impatient, and so was I. He sat up quickly taking off his suit and throwing it on the floor. He ripped off his shirt throwing it across the room. “Stand up quick,” Marshall whispered. I quickly stood up, Marshall behind me. He slowly unzipped the dress. It fell to the ground, I got back on the bed, Marshall instantly on top of me.

Marshall quickly pulled off his boxers and threw them behind himself. He ripped my underwear off, pushing them off the bed. He kissed me, I let out a moan as he slid inside me. He stared moving slowly, causing me to moan again. He pushed deeper, I dug my nails into his back moaning loudly. He pulled away from the kiss and started breathing heavily into my ear sending chills down my entire body.

I pulled him closer to myself, I loved the feeling of his body against mine. I let out another moan as he began to suck on my nipple. “Oh Marshall,” I moaned loudly as he began to move faster. “Don’t…stop,” I barely got out. The pleasure was increasing, our climax was coming and I did not want this to stop. Marshall slowed down, he began to kiss me, I moaned into the kiss.

“Babe, when you.. moan like that.. it makes me… want to go faster,” Marshall whispered in-between breaths. I smiled at him, he smiled back. I tried to hold back my moans to make the moment last longer. It wasn’t working, he kissed me causing me to moan onto the kiss. He began to go faster, deeper and harder. I moaned loudly and dug my nails into his back.

“I love you…so much,” Marshall whispered into the kiss as he gave one last thrust.
“I love you too,” I moaned into the kiss. We continued to kiss for awhile as he came inside of me. He waited until he went completely limp before pushing himself off me. He laid down next to me. We both stared up at the ceiling as we attempted to catch our breaths.

After catching our breaths we cuddled up together. “Wanna watch a movie?” Marshall asked with is adorable smile.
“Sure,” I said with a smile. Marshall turned on the TV, he searched though the channels finally finding a movie. He found Two Weeks Notice, and it just stared.
“Do you like this movie?” he asked.
“I don’t know, I don’t think I saw it before,” I said as we intertwined out fingers under the blanket, I laid my head on his shoulder. “Sandra Bullock is in it, shes my favorite actress,” I added. “Leave it here,” I told him.

~~~Marshall pov~~~

“Babe,” I said looking down at Meleah. She didn’t answer, she fell asleep. She looked so cute, I wasn’t going to wake her. I shut off the TV, adjusted myself causing her to move closer to me in the process. I kissed her on the head. “I love you,” I whispered before drifting off to sleep.

~~~Meleah pov~~~

I woke up the next morning still in Marshall arms, he was awake staring at me. “That’s kinda creepy,” I yawned. He smiled laughing slightly.
“Morning,” he said softly, he kissed me lightly.
“Morning,” I smiled. We laid there for a little bit before Marshall got up. “Where are you going?” I whined feeling cold, I pulled the blanket on me. I looked at him all sad.

“Aww honey, I’m sorry I gotta go to the studio,” he said sadly.
“Its ok,” I assured.
“Why don’t you come with me?” Marshall asked as he walked into the bathroom.
“What would I do?” I asked.
“Hang out,” he said smiling. “Then we could go out with the guys for lunch or something,” he said as he began to brush his teeth.
“Ok sure,” I said getting out of the bed and joining him in the bathroom.


“Can we get seats that don’t involve crazy fans?” Proof asked as the fifth fan came by for Marshall’s autograph.
“It’s not that bad,” Marshall said being all cool with everything in life.
“What is with you man, you’re so laid back,” Kuniva asked confused.
“Yeah man, what you two do last night,” Proof asked smiling and nudging Marshall.
“Nothing of your business,” I said glaring at him, Marshall giggled.

Lunch went well, everyone was cool and laid back, we had a lot of fun those two hours that we spent eating and joking around.

The next few days were great between Marshall and I, I felt nothing could go wrong…

~~~Oct. 11th 2003~~~

We were sitting at home watching TV, it was a Sunday and Marshall had the day off, so we were spending the day with the girls. I was in the kitchen, getting a glass of water, when I felt this sudden pain causing me to drop the glass. Marshall came running into the kitchen.

“Are you ok!?” he asked.
“My water broke,” I said.
“Well I can see that,” he laughed.
“No, Marshall, babe, my water broke,” I said grabbing onto his shirt as he attempted to pick up the broken glass.
“Yeah, and I’m picking it up,” he said keeling down picking up the glass.
“Marshall! You dumbass, my water not that water,” I yelled.
“Oh you mean that water!” he said standing up and pointing to my stomach. I glared at him. “Ok then we gotta get to the hospital,” he said. I nodded.

He slowly walked me though the kitchen doors. “Girls get in the car,” Marshall said carefully holding onto me. “Meleah is in labor!” he yelled as they sat there staring. “Get in the car!” Marshall demanded, the girls quickly ran to the garage…
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PostSubject: Re: More Than Friends or Just a Dream? (NC-17)   Thu Jul 01, 2010 5:52 am

~~~Thee weeks after Mya Makyla Mathers is born~~~

Hailie got to pick the name, she picked out three and I liked this one the best. It was almost 11 when I finally got Mya to sleep. I slowly walked into our room and plopped down the bed about to pass out when Marshall came home from work.

“Hey,” he said softly walking in. I whined annoyed, and tired. “Oh, ok,” he laughed slightly. “Someone’s tired,” he said.
“I never knew taking care of a baby would make me so tired,” I mumbled.
“I’m sorry, I’ll get her when she wakes up in the morning,” Marshall said getting into bed.
“Ok thank you honey,” I yawned as he pulled me into his arms. I fell asleep soon after.

~~~Dec 29th 2005~~~

I entered the Shady Records building to go see Marshall; he wanted to go out to lunch. “Hello Meleah,” Elaine at the front desk said with a smile.
“Hey,” I said with a smile walking past her and heading over to Marshall’s office, the door was open slightly, I head a woman talking.

I stopped and watched. I began to get very pissed when I saw this chick getting all flirtatious with Marshall, and he didn’t seem to care. I continued to watch to see if Marshall was going to do anything about this, but he continued to let her flirt with him.

“What the fuck!?” I yelled loudly causing both of them to look. I stormed off down the hall.
“Meleah wait!” Marshall yelled as I ran out of the building, Marshall behind me. I got into my car and started driving away.
“What the fuck!” I heard Marshall yell before I left the parking lot.


“Where are you going!?” Hailie yelled as I carried Mya out of the house along with some clothes.
“Away, I need some time to think,” I said as I placed Mya in the car.
“Why?” Hailie asked.
“Cause, your father has too many issues,” I said getting into the car.
“You can’t leave!” she yelled stomping her food about to cry. I stopped the car at the end of the driveway, Hailie came running up to the car crying. “Who’s gonna take care of us when dads at work and mom is out sleeping with some guy?” Hailie cried. I let out a sigh.

“I’m not leaving for good, I just need some time to think,” I said calmly.
“Are you sure?” Hailie whined trying to hold back tears.
“Yes, I’m sure,” I said leaning out the window giving her a hug.


“Ok, I’m not going to let you sit there and cry, we’re going out to night, just us two,” Megan said coming into the guest bedroom.
“But…” I stared.
“No, we’re going to go to the club,” she said, “you just need to get away from him, you spend to much time with that shit,” she added. I sighed while looking down at the bed.
“Fine,” muttered.


We arrived at Lush. I was getting pretty drunk within the two hours that we had been there.
“Heeeey,” some hot guy came up to me.
“Hello,” I said with a smile, this guy was very hot.
“You’re Meleah Allford right?” he asked with a smile as he sat down next to me at the bar.
“Yes,” I said giggling.
“I like you,” he said with a smile.

We continued to talk while Megan was off doing something in the bathroom. The guys name was Spencer. And before I knew it his lips touched mine and be began to make out. After awhile I had to push him off me.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.
“I can’t do this,” I said standing up and walking away almost falling over in the process. I ran into Megan on the dance floor. I tripped on my own shoe, Megan caught me.
“Damn,” Megan laughed.
“We gotta go, I wanna leave,” I slurred grabbing onto her hand trying to drag her out of the club.
“Why?” she asked.

“That guy I was talking to, kiss me,” I muttered.
“So?” she questioned.
“We made out, and I started to feel bad, I have to go,” I whined. “I can’t be unfaithful to Marshall,” I added. Megan let out a sigh.
“Fine, you stupid cunt, I was having fun,” Megan complained as we left the club.

I felt terrible for making out with that guy. If Marshall finds out he’s going to be so pissed. I let out deep sigh as we pulled into Megan’s driveway. “Oh shut up, he won’t know,” Megan said irritated as we got out of the car.
“Yeah he’ll find out, he has his ways, then our lives are gonna be fucked up,” I said sadly knowing what I said is true. I wanted to break down and cry; instead I went straight to bed.
~~~Jan 9th 2006~~~

“Marshall?” I questioned softly as I walked into our bedroom. He was sitting on the bed holding a magazine, he glanced up at me then back at the magazine. “Can we talk?” I asked.
“What is there to fuckin talk about?” Marshall asked disappointed not looking at me.
“What is that supposed to mean?” I asked confused.
“You tell me!” he yelled throwing the magazine at me. I held the magazine in my hands, there was a picture of Megan and me dancing with guys at a club.

“So?” I asked as if it was nothing. I set the magazine on the dresser.
“Don’t tell me nothing happened,” Marshall said angrily though his teeth. “Fuckin Gary saw you!” Marshall yelled, Gary was one of Marshall friends.
“Saw me do what?” I asked yelling.
“Kissing some guy!” Marshall yelled. “How the fuck could you do that to me!?” he screamed. “I thought you loved me!”
“I do love you,” I said wanting to cry at this point.

“Well it don’t look like it, you cheated on me,” Marshall muttered.
“What about that chick at your office?” I snapped.
“What chick?” he yelled.
“That stupid cunt that was hitting on you and you didn’t even care!” I screamed. He stared at me like I was stupid.
“I never cheated on you with anybody!” Marshall yelled.

So the fight continued on and on for about an hour, until the worse thing that could ever happen to me happened.


I grabbed a bunch of clothes and Mya and left the house. Marshall broke up with me, it was over. I strapped Mya in her seat, Mya remained silent. I drove to Megan’s, I couldn’t stop crying.


“Can you tell me what’s wrong?” Megan asked after about a half hour of crying.
“Marshall thinks I cheated on him, and now he broke up with me,” I sobbed.
“That stupid cunt,” Megan said pissed. “Can I kill him now?” she asked being all serious about it.
“No!” I cried. I would like him hurt, but I didn’t want him dead, I still loved him.

~~~Marshall’s pov~~~

“Fuck!” I yelled after a while. What the fuck did I just do? I just kicked out one of the greatest thing in my life out of my life. And there was no way she was going to come back.


Two days went by and I tried to call her to apologize but she never answered. I was starting to get pissed. I started to think of stupid things like how to get revenge on her. Proof told me I was being stupid but I didn’t care. And her mom started hating me, not like it matters mothers don’t usually like me in the first place.

~~~Jan 14th 2006~~~

“Megan come look at this!” I yelled loudly. Megan came walking though the kitchen.
“What?” she asked.
“That motherfucker remarried that stupid slut Kim!” I yelled pointing to the magazine article. I was pissed now, yes I still missed him, and I wasn’t over him, but now I was just pissed.
“Forget about him,” Megan said irritated taking the magazine away from me…I let out a sigh as I walked into the other room….

Now, that I think about it, I kinda wish this was just a dream.

NOTE:::::: There is a sequel for this story, I will only post it if you want me too.................tell me what you think... Smile
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PostSubject: Re: More Than Friends or Just a Dream? (NC-17)   Thu Jul 01, 2010 6:20 am

Please post the sequel! Marshall is such a stupid asshole, btw.
I hope for a happy end with the sequel.
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PostSubject: Re: More Than Friends or Just a Dream? (NC-17)   Thu Jul 01, 2010 6:39 am

Lol. Ok... Smile Thanks for the comment!!!
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PostSubject: Can't Go Through It Alone (Sequel to MTFOJAD)   Thu Jul 01, 2010 6:42 am

It’s been almost thee months since I’ve seen Marshall. Actually it’s been two months and 28 days. I couldn’t help but keep track of the days. The crying stopped but to be honest I still miss Marshall. I can live without him; I have for almost three months.

About a month ago Hiro got me a job as a photographer for his movie sets, it’s been really fun. I also kept in contact with Proof, Swift, Kuniva, Bizarre and Kon Artis; they came over almost everyday for a month.

Marshall took Mya every weekend, Proof brought her to him. I couldn’t bear to see his face. I can’t even listen to his music anymore. Funny thing is, he hasn’t been in the news much. Proof did mention something about him taking a break from music. He didn’t know why, but he guessed that Marshall needed some time to think.

Marshall told Proof everything, and I guess Marshall and Kim were having some issues with their relationship. It made me laugh, because if I get to be miserable, Marshall can be miserable too.


“Come in,” I said as there was a knock at the bedroom door. Proof walked in with a smile. I stood up giving him a hug, he squeezed me tight.
“How are you?” Proof asked.
“Doing ok,” I said smiling.
“That’s good. Marshall says hi,” he said a bit unsure about the sentence. I looked at him funny, I was confused, Marshall usually just sent Proof to come get Mya, he never said hi before.

“Oh,” I mumbled. Proof walked over to Mya’s crib picking her up.
“Hey cutie,” Proof said in a baby voice. Mya giggled, she’s almost three now. She’s kinda talking now; I think Marshall is teaching her also. I was glad that Marshall took her every weekend; it was nice that he wasn’t the type of dad to not care.

“Oh,” Proof said setting Mya back down. I stared at him. “Don’t tell anybody but I think Marshall is thinking about divorcing Kim,” Proof whispered.
“Oh, that’s nice,” I said pretending that I didn’t care, but I did care, it made me happy that he was planning on divorcing that bitch. She wasn’t right for him.
“Don’t pretend that you don’t care,” Proof smiled causing me to smile. “See you care,” Proof laughed picking up Mya again. “Gotta go,” he said. “Marshall’s waiting,” he added.

“Ok, bye bye honey,” I said giving Mya a kiss on the forehead. She giggled hugging me. “Bye Proof, thanks for helping out, you know,” I said.
“No problem,” Proof said giving me a side hug.


“You seem happy,” Megan said.
“Well I don’t know, I think I’m finally getting over Marshall,” I said while eating some Ramen. Megan smiled.
“Yeah sure cause you don't love the one person you've been obsessed with your whole life,” she said. She was right, but I just ignored that fact. “Where’s mine?” she questioned.
“The water should still be hot,” I said.
“It better be,” she said walking over to the stove. She filled her cup then came and sat by me. “Where’s Mya?” she asked.

“With Marshall, it’s the weekend remember?” I told her.
“Oh, I forgot,” she said. “Hiro told me to tell you he needs those pictures by Monday,” Megan added as she set her fork on top of the cup.
“I know, I got them done already, I was gonna give them to him today but hes not here,” I said looking around the house like he’s supposed to just pop out.

“Oh Hiro,” I said getting his attention as he walked into the house around dinner time.
“Yeah?” he asked.
“I have your photos,” I said with a smile handing them to him. He smiled and took the photos. He looked thought them smiling.
“Wow, these are great,” he exclaimed with a smile.
“I try,” I smiled. He walked upstairs after that. I continued to cook the cheesy potatoes.

“What are you making?” Megan asked as she walked in the kitchen.
“Potatoes, pork chops and peas,” I said smiling.
“Oh, need help?” she asked.
“Yeah, could you take the pork chops out while I get the plates and shit,” I asked her walking towards the plates.
“Sure, but I don’t want any shit,” she laughed.
“You’re dumb,” I said irritated.

~~~April 11th 2006~~~

I woke up early to my cell phone ringing. I picked it up, squinting at the bright light. Kuniva was calling me. What does he want at 6:30 in the morning? I yawned before I answered the phone.

“Hello?” I questioned. He seemed very depressed.
“Meleah?” he questioned in a mono tone.
“Yeah?” I asked concerned.
“Something terrible happened,” he said as if he was about to cry.
“What!?” I asked freaking out. “Is it Marshall?” I asked.
“No, Proof…he was shot this morning,” he mumbled almost crying. I began to cry, Proof was like the brother I never had.

“What!?” I yelled crying. “Is he ok?” I asked.
“No, he’s…he…was pronounced dead on arrival,” Kuniva mumbled quietly.
“No,” I whispered. “Is there anything I can do?” I sobbed; I couldn’t believe he was gone. I tried not to believe it.

“Well…as of now, I’m not sure, I’ll call you tomorrow and let you know when the funeral is,” Kuniva muttered.
“Ok,” was all I could say, I didn’t know how to take this. “I’m so sorry,” I added at the end.
“We all are,” Kuniva said. “I gotta go,” he added. “Bye,”
“Bye,” I said softly before hanging up…


“Megan,” I said softly knocking on her door. She didn’t answer. “Megan,” I said a bit louder still knocking on her door.
“What the fuck do you want!?” Megan yelled.
“Don’t be rude, can I come in?” I asked.
“Fine,” she said irritated. I opened the door; she and Hiro were sitting up staring at me.

Megan quickly got out of bed and hugged me. “Why are you crying?” Megan asked.
“He’s gone, and he’ll never come back,” I said crying.
“Who’s gone?” she questioned.
“Proof,” I sobbed.
“No,” she said softly.
“He was shot this morning, and pronounced dead on arrival,” I managed to get out.
“How did it happen?” Megan asked quietly. “And who did it?” she asked.
“I don’t know,” I said softly. We both started to cry, Hiro came over and began to consult us.


I couldn’t believe that Proof was gone; I never thought that someone that I was so closet to could die so young. And over something so stupid. Kuniva called me later that day and told me the date of the funeral was April 19th.

Proof died over a pool fight at the CCC club. According to witness, Proof shot some guy, and then the owner who was the guy’s cousin shot Proof in the head. I don’t believe the story; Proof was not the type of guy to randomly shoot someone. Especially, over a pool game. I cried myself to sleep that night.
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PostSubject: Re: More Than Friends or Just a Dream? (NC-17)   Thu Jul 01, 2010 6:43 am

I woke up the next morning around noon. I yawned while sitting up slowly. I stared at Mya who was sitting in her crib staring back at me. I’m surprised she stayed to quiet.

I sighed as I thought about Proof. Marshall must feel like shit, he’s probably wishing he could have done something to stop it. Hell, even I wish I could have stopped it.

Suddenly, I remembered it was Wednesday, no one was home. I got up and walked over to Mya. “Hey honey,” I said kissing her forehead.
“Hi, mommy,” she giggled as I set her down on the floor. She ran off to the toy bin.

I did my thing in the bathroom, and then got extremely hungry. Going somewhere would be good; it would get my mind off things. I went back into my room to get dressed. I dressed Mya, and then quickly dressed myself.

I put on some normal clothes, a par of jeans, and a t-shirt. As I was going though the closet for a sweater, I saw one of Marshall’s that I had on when we broke up. I haven’t touched it since. I stared at it for a moment; it was one of his Shady ones, red and white. Should I wear it? I kinda wanted too. I grab the sleeve feeling the cloth like it was the first time I touched it. I decided to put on, what could it hurt?

I think I’ll just go to the gas station. It was something Megan and I did all the time when we were 19. We’d leave at like 1am and come back at probably 3am, it was great. I like walking around at night. But I can’t do that here, to risky, and it’s scary as fuck. Sometimes I miss Chaska, but only sometimes. The memories of when I was a teen made me smile.


I got what I usually ate, a cheeseburger, Cheetos and a Diet Pepsi. I got Mya some apple sauce and some pine apple. She’ll probably end up eating some of my Cheetos also.

I paid then went to sit at the tables. Megan and I would always look at a magazine while we sat and ate. Something on Star magazine caught my eye. There was a picture of Marshall in court, it read: “Is Eminem Falling Apart? Pg. 32” I grabbed it and went over to the table. I set Mya in her seat, and opened her apple sauce for her.

I flipped though the magazine until I found the article.

“Is Eminem Falling Apart?” it said in big bold letters. I continued to read. “His closet friend shot dead, his marriage on the rocks…. Now friends fear that grief-stricken Eminem will have a major meltdown.”

I sighed and continued reading thought the article, stopping at the words “Double Trouble” It said something about him leaving me for Kim, which pissed me off. “He filed for divorce from Kim on April 5th; sources say that he plans on getting back with Meleah, 25. Friends say that Marshall never really wanted to marry Kim from the start, they say that Marshall didn’t know what he was thinking.”

Oh really now? I looked over to the left after reading the rest of the article. There was a thing that read: “Exclusive: Kim Mathers E-mails Star!”
“Cunt,” I whispered. I read though the E-mail. “Oh shut the fuck up you stupid cunt!” I muttered loudly shoving the magazine away. Some guy using the ATM started at me until I gave him a dirty look.

I got up to leave, I saw someone. “Meleah!” Hailie exclaimed, she was with two of her friends.
“Hey!” I said putting on a smile as I hugged her. “What are you doing here?” I asked her.
“Getting snacks, dad wanted some Doritos and Cheetos,” she told me, I nodded.
“How is he?” I asked.
“Depressed,” she said, I sighed. “Yeah, he misses DeShaun, I think he misses you too,” she added.
“We all are depressed,” I told her, ignoring her statement about him missing me. “Need a ride?” I asked.
“Sure,” she said.

As I drove the girls to Marshalls, it was silent, until we got there. “Do you wanna come in?” Hailie asked as we stopped in front of Marshall’s.
“I…can’t,” I lied.
“Ok,” she said sadly.
“I’m sorry honey,” I said softly.
“It’s ok,” she mumbled as they got out of the car.

~~~Marshall’s pov~~~

I watched Kim gather up the rest of her things. All I could do was think about Proof. Why him? Why? My thoughts drifted to Meleah as Kim began to bitch about her, sayin it was Meleah’s fault we got divorced. And it was, I missed Meleah like crazy, and I’m determined to get her back, but how?

Meleah was the only person I’d want to be around while dealing with Proof’s passing. Thinking about Proof and Meleah made me wanna cry, all the good times with each of them. After Kim left the room I began to cry.

Hailie walked up to my room shortly after. “Daddy?” she questioned.
“You can come in,” I said forcing myself to stop crying.
“Are you ok?” she asked.
“No, but I’ll be fine, don’t worry,” I said sitting up from the bed. “You’re back early,” I added confused.
“Meleah gave us a ride home,” she said handing me the bag.

“What what!?” I asked looking at my daughter.
“Yeah,” she said like it was nothing.
“Did you ask her to come in?” I asked.
“She said she couldn’t,” Hailie mumbled.
“Oh,” I said sadly. “You can go now, I need a minute,” I told her, she nodded and left the room.

~~~Meleah’s pov~~~

I felt bad for not coming in, but I didn’t feel like talking to Marshall right now, I just couldn’t handle it.

I arrived home, put Mya my room then went to take a shower. I was bored, and sometimes when I’m bored I take showers, I’m cool like that.

I began to think about Marshall as I showered. I still loved him, but did he love me? Is what Hailie said true? It hurts me so much knowing he could do what he did. I don’t think I’ll ever get over it, even though, I acted like I did. I guess I’m just good at hiding things. I miss him so much though, his touch, he smell, his kisses, hugs, voice, everything about us, about him, I miss. I began to cry, knowing that he was gone out of my life.


I sat in my room on my bed watching Mya sleep. I was very tempted to reach in that box with Marshall’s CD and pictures. I just wanted to hear his voice so bad. But hearing it would make me cry. Maybe I could put a D12 CD in, less Marshall, but then there will be Proof.

I quietly got up and went to the closet. I grabbed the shoe box and set it on the bed. I opened it and set the stack of pictures to the side. The top one was a picture of Marshall and I kissing, I held back tears, flipping it over so I couldn’t see it anymore.

I pulled out the D12 World CD, and put it in the stereo ‘Git Up’ was the first song to play. Marshall’s voice was the first I heard. I remained silent while listening, it was nice to hear Marshall’s voice, but yet I wanted to cry because this is the only way I could be able to hear his voice.
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PostSubject: Re: More Than Friends or Just a Dream? (NC-17)   Thu Jul 01, 2010 6:45 am

~~~April 13th 2006~~~

I was at the store just browsing, when I saw Bizzy. “Bizzy!” I said getting his attention.
“Meleah!” he said walking over to me. “What up?” he asked.
“Nothin really,” I said. “Thinking a lot about DeShaun,” I told him.
“We all are,” he said. “You look really pretty today,” he said quietly.
“Uhh thanks?” I guessed. “Why are you calling me pretty?” I questioned.
“I like you,” he said as if he was trying to sound sexy, he smiled. It was creepy.
“Yeah, have fun with that,” I said walking away.

“Wait!” he called out stopping me by placing his hand on my shoulder. I turned around and slapped him across his face.
“Damn!” he cried out shocked. “Guess you only love Marshall,” he said disappointed. I sighed, why’d he have to bring up Marshall. This month sucked.
“Well it doesn’t even matter anyway, because he doesn’t love me,” I said sadly walking away, almost crying.

~~~Marshall’s pov~~~

Bizarre walked into the living room after I let him in, I sat down on the other couch and stared at the floor, I wasn’t in the mood to see anybody today unless it was Meleah. But Bizzy said he had to tell me something important. I’ve never been so fucking depressed in my life. Proof’s passing brought me to my knees. What’s next?

“How are you?” Bizarre started.
“How the fuck do you think?” I asked in a mono tone glancing up at him. Bizarre sighed.
“Ok. I get it,” he said looking down. I stared at him for a moment.
“What did you have to tell me?” I asked.
“Oh. Guess who I ran into today?” he asked not looking at me. I looked at him confused; I wasn’t really interested in what he had to say really.
“Uhh?” I said pretending to be interested.
“Meleah,” he said. I immediately became interested. I stared at Bizarre, he remained silent.

“Well…?” I asked.
“She said that you don’t love her,” he mumbled. “She seemed disappointed about it,” he said keeping his eyes on the floor.
“Why did you have to tell me that?” I questioned. “First I lose my best friend, now you tell me that?” I asked pissed. “What are you trying to do?” I asked yelling. “Now I feel even more like shit, thanks,” I yelled. I placed my head in my hands. I felt terrible. I figured she thought I didn’t love her, but for some reason, I kept telling myself that she knew I loved her. I can’t blame her though, who would love me for what I did? Just knowing this made me feel like shit.

“I’m sorry man,” Bizarre said looking down at the floor. I sighed.
“No, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have yelled at you like that,” I said. “Do you think I should call her?” I asked.
“She changed her number for a reason,” he said. I sighed again, right.
“Give it to me, I know you have it,” I demanded.
“Man, she’s gonna be mad,” Bizzy said.
“No she wont, I know that woman,” I said.
“Fine, but you didn’t get it from me,” Bizarre told me as I handed him my phone letting him put Meleah’s number in.

~~~Meleah’s pov~~~

My phone vibrated, it was an unsaved number texting me saying “Hey,”
“Hi?…Who is this?” I texted back.
“Someone who loves you,” they texted back quickly.
“Umm Megan stop joking around and using other peoples phones” I texted back as I went into the kitchen.
“No, I’m not Megan. I’ll tell you later,” they texted.
“No, tell me now…please?” I texted back as I placed some chicken into the microwave.
“On April 19th you will know,” they texted.
“This is not funny, you’re confusing me. Stop it!” I demanded texting back.

“I know it’s not funny, but I promise you, I am not Megan,” they texted back.
“Fine, if this is Megan I will hurt you,” I texed back.
“I don’t have to worry,” they texted. I didn’t text back; I just sat there confused as to was texting me.

~~~April 19th 2006~~~

I was getting ready for the funeral; it was a bit past 9am. We had to be there by 11am. “What time are we leaving?” my mom asked as I entered the living room.
“Probably 10,” I said. I wasn’t sure if I was ready for this, we all sat in the living room, it was silent. Mya and Megan’s daughter Akane played on the floor. Akane is a few months older than Mya.

It wasn’t long before 10am rolled around. We piled in two cars and headed to Fellowship Chapel. We got there around 10:45, we got lost. We were ushered into the chapel by a security guard.

Kuniva came up to us. “Hey,” he said hugging me.
“Hi,” I said quietly.
“Come sit up front,” he said walking us up front. The members of D12 sat in front of us. Marshall was standing up by the casket. I stared at him for a while, while Megan and the others stared at a slide show of pictures. Marshall turned around, tears in his eyes. He stopped when he saw me.
It was the first time we’ve seen each other in person in three months. “Hello,” he said sitting directly in front of me.
“Hi,” I said softly.
“Can he talk after?” he whispered.
“Sure,” I mumbled


The funeral began at 11:45am. There were probably about 2,000 people there, even more outside. As soon as they started speaking everyone started to cry. Even my mom got teary-eyed. Then Marshall’s speech started…

“I can’t… I can’t accept my um…my friend leaving without me saying my peace…and um, I know it’s been really, really tiring on everybody you know?” he said sadly about to cry. He adjusted his position and then he continued…

“Our group, our friends, our loved one’s, everybody. I’m supposed to give you and idea that…of the kind of Proof; DeShaun that I knew, that when I was 16 years old, he took a pair of shoes and he threw em down at my feet… and he said, “put those on” and I said, “put em on for what?” and he said “cause I’m tired of you wearin them dirty ass shoes”…” Marshall said, causing slight laughter among the church. “I apologize for cussing in church,” Marshall added.

He went on… beginning to cry as he spoke, he made me start to cry also. “He taught me how to be a leader,” he said. “I’m sure everybody who has ever met him, even just once, can testify to the fact that he illuminated a room when he walked in it. I believe that Proof loved people and people loved him. He was a magnet. He lured you in. You wanted to learn about him, follow his swagger. Without Proof, there would be no Eminem, no Slim Shady, no D12” he said crying, causing everyone else to cry as we clapped for his speech. He walked back, looking at me before he sat down.

~~~After burial~~~

“Mom, Marshall wants to talk, take Mya to your house, I’ll pick up her and the car later,” I told her.
“Are you sure you want to do this?” she asked me.
“I have too, did you see him?” I asked. She sighed.
“Ok, be careful,” she said hugging me before she left. I hugged Megan and the girls before I walked to Marshall’s car.

He had his Tahoe today. He was sitting with his arms on the steering wheel, head in his arms, I got into the Tahoe, he slowly looked at me, he was still crying. I hated seeing him like this, I wanted to throw my arms around him and hug him. But I had to resist.
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PostSubject: Re: More Than Friends or Just a Dream? (NC-17)   Thu Jul 01, 2010 6:45 am

We arrived at a private park, the whole ride was silent. We got out of the car and walked over to a bench by the lake. Marshall stared down at the ground. I stared at him for a moment.

“How to start,” he mumbled searching for the right words.
“Can I ask you something first?” I asked. He nodded looking at me. “Were you texting me the other day?” I asked.
“Yeah,” he muttered.
“Is it true?” I asked.
“Yes, I still love you,” he said. I opened my mouth as if I was gonna say something. “Shh, let me get this out,” he said hushing me.

“I’m sorry for everything, the break-up, the fight that started it, everything,” he said.
“Why’d you remarry Kim?” I asked. I had to know why he did that. He sighed.
“I honestly don’t know I was mad at you…revenge?” he guessed. “But then I realized how stupid I was,” he said. “And maybe in a way I needed to feel distracted… I’ve missed you so much,” he added.

“Why did you have to go and marry her?” I said wanting to cry. “Do you understand how much you hurt me?” I questioned. He sighed while looking down at the ground. “Hey, answer,” I told him.
“I don’t know what to say, this is hard for me,” he mumbled. “I don’t know why I did the things I did, and yes I realize how much I hurt you,” he said looking at me. “Fuck!” he yelled. “I’m so fucking stupid. Why’d I have to go and fuck us up?” he asked. I stared at him.

“I can’t answer that, it’s your job,” I said. He looked back down at the ground like he was going to start crying.
“Meleah, I don’t know, all I can come up with is that I’m stupid. I made a mistake, I’m so sorry, I still love you, I never stopped,” he said still looking at the ground. I sighed loudly. I looked down at the ground trying to think of the words to say, I wanted to just wrap my arms around him and hug him tight, but I didn’t want to get hurt again. “Do you forgive me?” he questioned.

“I don’t know Marshall,” I mumbled. “How do you know you’re not gonna hurt me again?” I asked.
“I promise I will never hurt you again, what can I do to make you see that?” he asked.
“I really don’t know…but, I’ll know when I see it,” I said.
“What do you mean?” he asked confused looking up at me again.

“Why don’t we just take this slowly, give me time, when I’m ready, you’ll know,” I told him.
“Does that mean you forgive me?” he asked.
“Yes, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to take you back,” I said. I wanted to right then and there, but I had to know for sure that he was truly sorry, and he truly loved me. He sighed as if he was about to start bawling his eyes out. I felt terrible, this is not what he needed but I didn’t need it either.

“You’ll take me back,” he said. I shook my head.
“You’ll just have to wait,” I said. He sighed.
“Can I at least have a hug?” he asked. “I could really use one, and you’re the only one who I’d want one from…the only woman I want to be with. You’re the only person that can make me feel a little bit better while dealing with Proof’s passing,” he explained.

I smiled slightly and leaned in and hugged him. He hugged me tightly. Finally I got to feel his touch; it felt nice to hold him again. But I didn’t want to take him back, not yet that is…


"Ok what did that white negro do?" Megan asked as I walked in the house.
“He apologized,” I said setting Mya down.
“You better take him back; do you remember how obsessed you were with him back in Minnesota? Damn if you don't take him back I will force you two together some how,” she demanded.
“Megan, I don’t know. What if he hurts me again?” I asked.

“I will beat his ass with my pan,” she laughed. I couldn’t help but laugh.
“I told him he has to give me time,” I said.
“It’s a good thing,” she said. “I know you’re gonna take him back,” she said with a smile.
“What makes you think that?” I questioned. Yeah I was planning on getting back with him. He’s Mya’s father, it’s best for her. And I love that man to death.

“Because you always said that you’d never turn your back on him, even if he did something really stupid,” she said, I shook my head.
“Oh shut up,” I said pushing my way upstairs to my room.
“See! I’m right!” Megan yelled as I ran away from her. She was right, I did always say that, I really wanted to go to his house right now and just throw myself in his arms. But I had to be careful.

~~~About a month later~~~

I was in the living room watching Resident Evil: Apocalypse with Megan it was almost 2am. “So when are you going to get back with Marshall?” Megan asked.
“I don’t know,” I said.
“You better get back with him soon,” she said with a firm look on her face.
“I will,” I said, a bit annoyed. “Just cause I can’t stand another moment without him,” I laughed at myself.
“See I was right,” she said smiling.
“You usually are,” I said annoyed as I continued to watch the movie.

My phone rang, who calls this late? “Hello?” I asked.
“Meleah?” Marshall asked he seemed like he was crying.
“Are you ok?” I asked.
“I need you,” he mumbled.
“Do you realize how bad it’s raining outside?” I asked him.
“Please?” he asked. “I need you to come here, I might end up doing something stupid if you don’t,” he said. I let out a sigh.
“Fine, I’ll be there in a bit,” I said hanging up.

“Who was that?” Megan asked.
“Marshall, he said he needed me,” I told her.
“Uh oh,” Megan laughed. I shook my head walking away.
“Watch Mya, I’ll probably end up staying there if this weather gets worse,” I explained, ignoring her ‘uh oh’…
“Sure,” she said. “You better get back with him, now is your chance!” Megan yelled as I walked out of the door, I ran to my Mustang, fuck it was raining so damn hard.


I entered the house; Marshall didn’t change any codes or anything so I got in without him having to open the door for me. “Marshall?” I questioned opening the door. No answer. I walked upstairs to his room.
“Marsh?” I asked opening the door slowly. He was sitting in the dark on his bed looking down at a bottle of split pills on the floor. He slowly looked up at me. I sighed. “Oh Marshall,” I whispered walking over to him quickly, he stood up, I hugged him, he fell into my arms laying his head on my shoulder crying.

After about 20 minutes of this he let go and stared at me. “Thanks for comin,” he said sitting down on the bed. I nodded. “I really needed that,” he said. It was silent; all you could hear is the rain hitting the roof. Then all of sudden a big crack of thunder boomed loudly causing both of us to jump. “Fuck,” Marshall said. “Scared the shit outta me,” he slightly laughed causing me to laugh. He shook his head.

“Oh, there’s a tornado warning. So you’re staying here tonight,” he said. “I don’t want you getting hurt,” he said. I gave him a funny look.
“Oh, I see what you did,” I said pointing at him.
“What?” he asked.
“There’s a tornado, and… I…. I don’t know what I’m trying to say,” I laughed at myself.

“I can see that,” Marshall smiled slightly as he spoke. “I heard about the tornado after I called you, trust me, I wasn’t trying anything,” he said.
“Sure,” I said, I couldn’t help but smile though.

The rest of the night consisted of talking about Proof and also us. He apologized some more, it was nice to talk to him. He seemed as if he was pouring his heart out. I was actually thinking about getting back with him tonight, but how? Maybe in the morning. It was getting late it was almost 4am.

“Marshall, I gotta go to sleep,” I said yawning. He sighed disappointed.
“Ok,” he mumbled. “You can have the guest room,” he said pointing towards it; I already knew where it was.
“Ok, good night,” I said with a slight smile.
“Night,” he said, I walked into the guest room plopping on the bed, almost falling asleep as soon as my head it the pillow.

I was awoken not even 10 minutes later to another huge crackle of thunder. I sat up quickly looking around the room. Then boom! Lightning, the power goes out. I looked out the window. Everything became still, now I was getting scared. I crawled out of bed and went out the room to Marshall’s.

“Marshall?” I whispered opening the door slowly. “Are you awake?” I asked.
“Yeah, thunder woke me up,” he said. “You can come in,” he added. I walked in and sat on the empty side of the bed.
“I don’t like it,” I whined. He gave me a funny look. “Everything went still and it’s scary,” I whined like a child. Marshall laughed slightly at me.

“Aww, don’t worry, we don’t get tornadoes at all really,” he said like I was a child.
“Well I’m staying in here with you,” I said laying down on the bed facing him. He smiled. I could tell he liked this. We stared at each other for a while; gosh I wanted to kiss him so damn bad. We both started leaning into each other, kissing each other passionately.
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PostSubject: Re: More Than Friends or Just a Dream? (NC-17)   Thu Jul 01, 2010 6:46 am

Marshall stopped; he pulled away and stared at me. “Sorry,” he mumbled.
“No, it’s ok…come here,” I said pulling him closer to me. We began to kiss again. “Oh, Marshall I missed you so much,” I whispered into the kiss.
“I missed you too,” Marshall replied. “I love you,” he whispered.
“I love you too,” I replied. I loved him more than he knew.

He climbed on top of me, never breaking the kiss. We continued to kiss; Marshall started reaching his hand up my shirt. He stopped soon after and pulled away. He let out a sigh while holding himself up by his hands on each side of me. “What’s wrong?” I asked. He shook his head and sighed again.
“I can’t do this,” he mumbled. I gave him a funny look. “It… I don’t feel right,” he said sadly moving off of me. “Can we just cuddle and go to sleep?” he asked. I knew what he meant; he was too depressed to have sex.

“Ok,” I whispered.
“Thank you honey,” he said kissing me softly. Marshall began to fall asleep, he was so adorable. I turned around and faced the other way. A few seconds later Marshall wrapped his arms around me pulling me closer to him and pulling the covers over us. I put my arm on top of his arm that was around my waist we laced fingers, not long after we fell asleep.


I woke up and glanced at the clock, it was about 1pm. Shit, I gotta go check on Mya. I sat up and looked at Marshall who was still asleep. “Marshall,” I said poking him.
“Mmm go back to sleep,” he whined keeping his eyes closed as he tried to pull me too him.
“I gotta go check on Mya,” I whispered. He slowly opened his eyes and stared at me for a moment before yawing causing me to yawn.
“Can I come?” he asked.
“Sure,” I said standing up, I went into the bathroom and did my thing.

I waited for Marshall downstairs; he said he needed a minute before we left. A few minutes later he came downstairs changed, he still looked a bit tired. He walked over to me and gave me a hug. “Is Megan gonna get mad at you?” he asked. I pushed away and gave him a funny look.
“No, she yelled at me telling me I had to get back with you,” I told him. He stared at me for a moment. “What?” I asked.

“Is that the only reason you got back with me?” he asked, he seemed mad.
“No!” I said. “I wanted to get back with you for the past three months, Megan had nothing to do with this,” I said defending myself. “Can we please not fight?” I asked.
“Ok, I’m sorry, I just don’t wanna lose you again,” he said softly hugging me tight, I hugged back lightly. We got into my car and headed to my house or Megan’s house. I never really liked to call it my house.


“It’s gonna be the first time in three months Mya gets to see us together,” Marshall said with a slight smile causing me to smile.
“Yep,” I said looking over at him as we came to a stop light. He grabbed my hand that was sitting on the arm rest.


“Finally,” Megan said as we walked into the house. Marshall gave her a dirty look as he leaned against a wall.
“What?” I asked. She used to sleep in all day when we were teens, what’s the difference now? “We didn’t get to sleep until like five,” I said as I headed to the stars. Megan and Marshall followed. Marshall trailed behind Megan.

“Are you two back together now?” Megan asked as we entered my room. Marshall still was proceeding to the room. Marshall glanced at me then back at Megan.
“Yeah,” I answered as I picked up Mya.
“Mommy!” she giggled. “Daddy!” she screamed holding out her arms towards Marshall, I handed her to him.
“So….” Megan said trying to start a conversation. I gave her a funny look as I grabbed a few things out of the closet. She didn’t say anything. What was she trying to say?

“Megan, give us a minute, I need to talk to Marshall alone,” I said motioning her to leave the room.
“Fine!” she yelled walking out. Marshall walked in and shut the door. He set Mya on the bed.

“What do you want to talk about?” Marshall asked. I let out a sigh trying to think of what I wanted to say. I wanted to move back in with him, give Megan and Hiro their house back, but how was I going to ask him? Wait…why would it matter? I know Marshall would love to have me move in with him.
“I want to come home,” I mumbled. I could tell Marshall couldn’t help but smile.
“Really?” he asked, he seemed surprised. I nodded with a smile. He quickly walked over to me, he kissed me, I kissed back. He pulled away after a while and just hugged me. “You don’t know how much this means to me,” Marshall whispered.

I didn’t reply, I let go and continued to pack. “Megan you can come in now!” I yelled knowing she was still standing in the hall wanting to know what we were just talking about, and she was going to find out no matter what cause that’s just the way she is. She walked back in the room.
“So you’re leaving?” Megan asked. I glared at her; she was listening at the door.
“Megan…you’re so dumb listening at the door…and yes, I’m leaving,” I said. She looked a bit disappointed but happy at the same time. “Marshall, play with Mya I gotta talk to Megan,” I said walking out of the room along with Megan.
“I have to leave,” I said. “I wanna go home, I love Marshall. He needs me right now,” I explained.
“Well you better come visit me,” she said pointing to me.
“You’re always welcome to come over,” I said.
“So when are you going to move in with him?” she asked. I thought for a moment, I wanted to leave as soon as possible, I wanted to go home so bad, go back to what Marshall and I had before the break up.

“To be honest, I would love to move in today,” I said.
“Ok. I’ll help!” Megan said walking past me opening my door. Marshall looked up at us.
“What were y’all talking about?” he asked.
“How I’m moving in today,” I said. Marshall seemed to like this. He walked over to the closet and started pulling my clothes out. He stopped when he saw the old shoe box.

“What’s all this?” he asked pulling out the box.
“Your CD’s and our pictures,” I explained as he opened the box.
“You kept this the whole time?” he asked looking at the pictures.
“Yeah, I couldn’t throw away four years of us,” I said. He placed the cover back on the box then continued to grab things out of the closet.


Marshall and I were in the kitchen after putting Mya to bed. “It’s good to be home,” I said. Marshall got up and walked over to me hugging me from behind. Gosh I loved it when he did that.
“Its good to have you home,” he whispered still holding onto me. I was trying to fry us a burger, but Marshall hugging me was to distracting to do anything.
“Honey, if you don’t let go I’m not gonna get these burgers done,” I said. He sighed and let go of me allowing me to continue cooking.

Marshall left the room. I didn’t think anything of it I just continued to cook the burgers.

I walked the burgers upstairs to our room. Marshall was laying on the bed staring up at the ceiling. “Are you ok?” I asked. He didn’t say anything. “Ok. Your burger is done if you’re still hungry,” I said walking over to the bed. He sat up finally after about two minutes.
“Thanks,” he mumbled talking the plate.


“Imma take a shower,” Marshall mumbled after about an hour.
“Ok,” I said softly watching walk into the bathroom and close the door.

Marshall was taking a long time to get out of the shower, 45 minutes passed, the water was still running. I stood up and walked over to the bathroom door. I let my self in. Marshall was standing completely still with his head pressed against the wall underneath the shower head. I slowly walked over to him opening the door. He looked over at me. He had been crying.

“When is the pain gonna go away?” he cried. I sighed shaking my head.
“I don’t know, Marshall,” I whispered. “It hasn’t been that long,” I said.
“I know…I just don’t want to except that Proof is gone,” he mumbled. “And me crying like a bitch is not going to bring him back,” he said. I walked over to him, wrapping my arms around him. He fell into my arms crying again.
“It’s ok to cry, Marshall, there’s nothing wrong with a man crying,” I whispered. I held onto him, my clothes soaking wet, I didn’t care. The more he cried, the more I wanted to cry. I felt his pain, Proof was like my brother I never had. I began to cry also….


We laid in bed; Marshall faced the other way his back towards me. I let out a sigh as I turned the other way pulling the covers up to my neck. Not long after I fell asleep.

That night I had a dream about Proof, Marshall was there too. We were all hanging out at the park with our kids. Then all of sudden we were back at my house in Minnesota. Marshall and Proof were beating Bruce’s ass. Which I enjoyed.
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PostSubject: Re: More Than Friends or Just a Dream? (NC-17)   Thu Jul 01, 2010 6:47 am

I woke up in the morning, Marshall was still sleeping. I got off the bed carefully trying not to wake him, let him sleep. I did my thing in the bathroom, walked out and glanced at the clock, it was almost 10am. I didn’t feel like changing so I stayed in what I was wearing.

I sighed as I entered Mya’s room. She had somehow gotten out of her crib. She made a mess of everything. “Mya look what you did,” I scolded in a childish voice.
“What?” she asked. I shook my head rolling my eyes. I picked her up caring her down into the kitchen. I placed her in her chair. I prepared her a bowl of cereal and gave it to her.

I sat at the table and stared out the window. This house is so empty, lonely. I sighed loudly. Three people living in a large ass mansion didn’t make any sense to me. Yeah the girls came here once and a while, but it still felt empty.

It never was like this before. There’s just this empty hole that Proof took from each and everyone of his friends when he passed. I sighed again.

~~~Marshall’s pov~~~

I woke up, Meleah was gone. I sighed at the empty spot in the bed. I got up and went into the bathroom, I took a piss then stared at myself in the mirror. I looked like shit but I didn’t care. Who do I have to impress?

I opened the medicine cabinet and reached for the bottle of Valium. I grabbed I and stared at it for a minute. Is this worth it? Ah who cares? I poured out about five of them and popped them in my mouth, using a Dixie cup of water to wash it down.

~~~Meleah’s pov~~~

Marshall walked into the kitchen about a half hour later without saying a word. He just opened the fridge grabbed a Mountain Dew and grabbed the chips off the top of the fridge and left the room. What the fuck? He doesn’t even say good morning, how rude. I picked up Mya with her chair and carried it into the living room.

Marshall was sitting there staring at the TV, that wasn’t even on, and stuffing his face with chips. I stared at him for a moment. It was like he didn’t even know I was there. “Daddy!” Mya called out. He still didn’t look.
“Marshall!” I said loudly. He jumped and stared over at us.
“You’re daughter was trying to get you attention,” I said a bit irritated. He looked at me in an apologetic way. He stood up and walked over to where we were.

“Daddy want?” Mya asked holding out a piece of cereal.
“No thanks,” Marshall laughed slightly.
“Marshall, are you ok?” I asked staring at him. He had zoned off.
“Huh? Yes!” he said quickly. I gave him a funny look.
“Maybe you should sit down,” I said pointing to the couch. He nodded and slowly drug himself to the couch. He plopped down on it like he weighed 500 pounds. I placed Mya and her chair next to the couch and sat next to Marshall who had his eyes focused on the TV, that was still not on.

Shortly after I turned on the TV, to MTV… For a whole 30 minutes Marshall just sat there staring off…I don’t think he was even watching the TV. “I’m hungry,” he mumbled getting up off the couch. “Do you want some pizza?” he asked. I gave him a funny look.
“How can you be hungry, you just at a whole bag of Doritos,” I said to him as if he was nuts, while pointing to the empty bag on the floor. He shrugged and walked into the kitchen.

What a damn pig. I’ve never seen him eat so damn much. Usually he doesn’t eat anything, and I have to push him to eat. I walked into the kitchen shortly after. “Honey, are you ok?” I asked.
“I’m fine. I’m just hungry…what’s the big deal?” he asked while shoving a pizza in the oven.
“Usually you don’t eat, now you’re eating like you haven’t ate in days,” told him.
“Can’t a guy be hungry?” he asked. I shrugged. And started walking away. “Hey, where are you going?” he asked. I turned around and stared at him.

“I don’t know,” I mumbled.
“What do you want to do today?” he asked. I was surprised; he was acting different from what he was earlier.
“I don’t feel like doing anything,” I mumbled about to walk away but he stopped me.
“Ok. Then lets just watch a movie,” he said. “We can make it movie day,” he said.
“Ok…I’m gonna go pick a movie then,” I told him, as I got out of his grip and went into the living room to where we had the DVD’s.


I had picked out ‘Prates of the Caribbean’ I watched the previews before Marshall walked in with the pizza. By then I was staring at the disk menu, and I was getting pretty annoyed with the repeating of the music thing.

~~~May 23rd 2010~~~

“Honey, aren’t you gonna get up? You’ve been laying there all morning, its noon now,” I told him. He didn’t move he just laid there staring up at the ceiling.
“I need some time to think. You can go do whatever,” he mumbled. Ok, then.
“What about Mya?” I asked, if I was gonna go anywhere I’d wanna just go with myself and Megan.
“I’ll watch her,” he said finally looking over at me. It would be nice to go for a walk.

“Ok, I’m gonna go away now,” I mumbled.
“Ok,” Marshall barely said.
“Can I at least have a goodbye?” I asked disappointed. He sighed slightly looking back over at me.
“Come here,” he said holding out his arms. I walked over to him hugging him, I lifted away slightly, he pulled me back down and kissed me. “Bye,” he said after he pulled away.
“Bye,” I said with a smile.


“Hey,” I said as Megan finally answered the phone.
“Hi,” she said. I sat down on the couch.
“I was wondering, do you wanna go for a walk?” I asked. “Marshall is being all blah, and he wants to be alone so he said I can go do whatever,” I told her.
“Ok?” she said in a form of a question. “How is he anyway?” she asked.
“He’s not going to be back to normal anytime soon,” I sighed.


“Where are we going?” Megan asked as we met up half way at this park.
“I don’t know,” I mumbled. “I just felt like going for a walk, now I’m thirsty,” I said.
“Ok, let’s go to the gas station,” Megan said. We headed towards the station. It was silent for awhile, we each had our own music like usual. There was some noise of a bunch of guys arguing about a parking spot across the street nothing new.

We kept walking then all of a sudden we were surrounded by paparazzi. They shoved mics and cameras in our faces. They threw out question after question asking about Marshall and Hiro.

“How’s Marshall doing since Proof died?” one of the guys asked.
“When is Eminem planning on releasing a CD?” another asked.
“What is the next movie that Hiro’s gonna star in going to be called?” another guy asked Megan. I couldn’t talk any more of this. How do they think Marshall feels? Why would he put out another CD if it was rumored that he was retiring? Which he wasn’t he just wanted to back away for awhile and produce, that was his plan before Proof passed that is.

They kept throwing questions at us left and right. “Meleah, are you afraid that Eminem will lose it due to Proof’s death?” one of the guys asked.
“Go fuck yourself!” I snapped yelling at them, I was irritated as all hell. Fucking dumb fucks asking me questions they have no business knowing! The man looked at me shocked, I just gave him a death glare and looked down.
“Megan! When is Hiro coming out with a new movie?” one of the guys asked bugging for an answer.

“Like what she said, go fuck yourself!” Megan yelled. “You do not want to make a pregnant girl angry!” she yelled all up in the guys face. I laughed slightly to myself. I like when she does that to people its amusing. “Come on,” Megan mumbled to me pulling me into a private club.

“Oh hello!” the bouncer said with a smile. His name was Curtis he was a big guy… “Getting attacked by paparazzi I see,” he said letting us in.
“Yeah, fuckin cunts,” Megan muttered. We went and sat at the bar…

“Wait you’re pregnant?” I asked as we sat down.
“I was gonna tell you today, but then the fuckin press got in the way,” Megan said irritated.
“Congratulations,” I said with a smile as the bartender walked up to us. Megan ordered a kiddy-cocktail. I ordered strawberry margarita. We sat and had drinks along with the pretzels they had sitting out.

“You know, I’m worried about Marshall,” I said randomly.
“Why?” Megan asked.
“I think he’s getting heavier into the drugs and it scares me, I don’t like seeing him like that,” I mumbled looking down at my drink.
“But didn’t he do drugs before?” Megan asked confused.
“Yeah, while he was on tour not around me,” I sighed taking a drink.
“Talk to him,” she suggested. It’s not that easy to talk to him, he’ll just get mad and deny it all. Instead of telling her that I just shrugged.

I felt so bad for Marshall. All of a sudden I felt bad for leaving him home alone. My thoughts made me depressed. I told Megan that I think we should leave, but she didn’t want to go home yet. I guess a few more drinks couldn’t hurt, get my mind of things for awhile.
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PostSubject: Re: More Than Friends or Just a Dream? (NC-17)   Thu Jul 01, 2010 6:48 am

I drug myself home after leaving Megan’s house. I didn’t say long, I just dropped her off and left. It was about 4pm when I walked in the door. Marshall was standing in the door way like he was waiting for me. I stared at him with a frown on my face, he looked mad.

“Are you nuts?!” he yelled. I gave him a funny look. What did I do? “Don’t look at me like that. You know how dangerous it is to be walking around Detroit,” he scolded.
“I’ve walked around Detroit before I met you. What’s the difference?!” I asked raising my voice. Why does he care all of a sudden? “I’m not a child,” I added quietly at the end, I don’t think he heard what I said.

“Because!” he yelled. “Detroit is getting worse and worse everyday!” he yelled. “Especially if you’re white!” he yelled.
“Well I’m fine aren’t I?” I questioned irritated.
“Yeah, but what about next time?” he yelled.
“What is the difference if I walk or drive?” I questioned. He gave me a blank look. “And how did you know I walked?” I asked.

“You’re safer in a car,” he said. “And I looked out the window, your car was still here,” he explained irritated. I sighed deeply and started walking away. Marshall stopped me by grabbing my arm at my elbow. “Were you drinking?” he questioned in a firm voice like he was talking to one of his children.

“Well I am an adult I can drink, and yes I had a few drinks,” I told him without looking at him, he was pissing me off. “Who cares?” I asked.
“I care,” he mumbled.
“Well I’m fine, I’m not dead, ok,” I said getting out of his grip and running away from him. I heard him sigh as he walked upstairs.


A few hours later Marshall came down to the hot tub. I was sitting relaxing trying to get my mind of things yet again. Marshall made me angry; he doesn’t need to be so over protective, I already got that with my grandma until she passed. If she knew I moved to Detroit and got with Marshall she would probably have a heart attack.

“Can I talk to you?” Marshall said quietly. I turned and looked at him. He stared at me for a moment. “Look, I’m sorry,” he started. “I just don’t want to lose you too. I mean if something happened to you or the girls, I don’t know what I’d do,” Marshall said sadly. I sighed and stared at him. “I know you can be careful, it’s just that you should have told me just incase something did happen,” Marshall explained.

“Well you didn’t have to get so mad,” I said quietly while playing around with the water.
“I know, I’m sorry. I guess ever since Proof was shot, I’ve come to realize how dangerous this city can be. Growing up it was different. I guess something had to happen around me for me to realize it,” Marshall said softly as he came closer to the hot tub.

“It’s ok, I shouldn’t have gotten so mad, I know you’re just trying to protect me,” I said. Marshall smiled slightly. “So I’m sorry too,” I told him.
“Ok you wanna come outta there so we can go eat. I made steak,” Marshall said.
“Can you get me a towel first?” I asked. Marshall nodded and walked off to get one.

I was already out before Marshall came back. He stopped and stared at me, I mean I was naked. He smiled slightly. “Marshall just give me the towel,” I whined. He gave me lip then handed me the towel. I wrapped it around my self. “Hug?” I said in a form of a question while holding out my arms to him.

He came over to me giving me a hug. I laid my head on his shoulder while wrapping my arms around his neck. We hugged for awhile before he pulled away. “I’m so glad you came back,” he said softly. “I love you,” he whispered before kissing me.
“I love you too,” I said into the kiss.

“Let’s go eat,” Marshall said quietly after awhile. I slightly smiled, before going upstairs I grabbed my clothes off the deck railing and headed inside with Marshall. I got dressed in the kitchen before going into the dining room.


We sat up in our room watching the 10 o’clock news. Well Marshall did anyway; I stared out the window thinking. I thought about how my life would be like if I didn’t take Marshall back, or if I didn’t come here. I thought about what Marshall’s life would be like if I didn’t get back with him, what his life would be like if I didn’t come here.

My thoughts drifted off to Proof. He was just too young to go. He was such a good guy, so funny, so sweet, caring, weird gosh I missed him. I know Marshall missed him more. I never met a guy like Proof, so nice, and so laid back. I almost started crying.

“You ok?” Marshall whispered touching my arm slightly. I sighed deeply. “Come here,” he whispered pulling me into his arms.
“I miss Proof,” I said sadly. Marshall held me tighter.
“I miss him too,” he said almost crying, causing me to let a tear slide down my cheek.
“Even though I didn’t know him that long, he was like a brother to me,” I told him.
“Yeah, he was my bother. He did so many things for me,” Marshall said almost in tears.

He sighed deeply as if he was thinking. He shook his head. “I guess they were right, the good really do die young,” he whispered, he started to cry then causing me to cry. “I remember the morning I got that call from his wife, she was hysterical, it took her a long time to tell me what was wrong. I couldn’t believe my ears, I didn’t want to believe it,” he said. “And when I saw him at the hospital, it wasn’t even him there; they had him laid out like a slab of meat. Proof was so full of life man, and when seeing him like that, it just tore me apart,” Marshall said still crying. I sighed hugging him tighter…


“I gotta pee,” Marshall mumbled after about a half hour, I was almost asleep. I let go of him, he went straight to the bathroom. I waited for him to come out, then went in after he did…. I went back in the room and cuddled back up with Marshall.
“Goodnight,” Marshall whispered kissing me lightly.
“Night,” I said kissing him back…shortly after we fell asleep…

~~~Marshall’s pov~~~

I woke up in the middle of the night around 3am. Meleah was sound asleep; I slid out of the bed slowly so I wouldn’t wake her. I went into the bathroom, I needed my fix, it had warn off. I popped a few pills in my mouth swallowing them with out water, I took a piss then went back to sleep.

“What did you do?” Meleah asked sleepily with her eyes still closed about 4 minutes later causing me to wake up.
“Nothing,” I mumbled falling back asleep.
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PostSubject: Re: More Than Friends or Just a Dream? (NC-17)   Thu Jul 01, 2010 6:48 am

“If you say so,” Meleah mumbled. Waking me up again. “Come here,” she whined pulling me closer to her. “I love you,” she whispered.
“I love you too,” I said softly. Shortly after we fell asleep.


I sat up the next morning feeling like shit. My head hurt and I had lost my fix, slept it off…which wasn’t very smart, but it made me feel better when I took the pills last night. I yawned while staring at Meleah, who was still asleep.

I continued to stare at her, she looked so adorable. I sighed as I slid out of the bed trying not to wake her. I needed to get my fix ass soon as possible. I stood on my feet feeling like I was about to pass out, I felt dizzy, which happens to me sometimes in the morning, so I thought nothing of it.

I entered the bathroom shutting the door slightly. I searched though the medicine cabinet to see what I had left. I knew I was running out of drugs. I found a bottle with three Vicodins laying on the bottom of the bottle they looked nice. But it was only three, there was nothing else.

“Fuck, now I gotta sneak out the house to get drugs,” I whispered to myself as I popped the three Vicodins in my mouth. That wouldn’t last me long at all. I was frustrated with it too. I drank some water to wash the pills down, took a piss then left the bathroom.

I stood by the bed for a moment staring at Meleah. I started feeling even more depressed than I did. What would she do if she found out I was doing drugs in the house not just on the road? No, she won’t find out. I won’t let her. Everything will be fine; I lied to myself…believing myself. I know what I’m doing, it’s not like I’ve never done this before…I’ll be fine. Yes, I’ll be fine. Now that I got that though my head I was satisfied.

~~~Meleah’s pov~~~

I woke up to Marshall staring at me. “Stop it, go away!” I whined pulling the covers back over me and turning the other way.
“Fine,” Marshall sighed. He seemed disappointed but, walked away anyway. He’ll get over it. I laid there for about ten minutes, I couldn’t fall back asleep. So I got up.

“Hey,” I said walking up to Marshall who was sitting on the couch with Mya.
“Morning,” he mumbled. “Hey, after the news I gotta go do something,” he said as if he was hiding something from me.
“Do something?” I questioned as I sat down. He smiled shyly. He was hiding something.
“It’s just a little aran,” Marshall mumbled fiddling with his own fingers. I gave him a funny look.
“Ok then,” I said confused. I had an idea of what he wanted, but he told me he only did that shit on the road. Ugh, I don’t know.


A few months had passed and Marshall had been acting very strange. Gone a lot at the “studio.” Hailie has been saying that Marshall has been “pretending not to hear her.” He’s been very distant lately; he won’t let me look at him for a long period of time. His eyes are always bloodshot. And when he comes home he goes right to bed.

It’s sad, Hailie told me that the only reason she comes over is to see me. Just because her farther ignores her. I’m vary disappointed in him. A few months ago he went out to Cali and got a tattoo just like Proof’s it said “Proof” with flames around his name.

But what I don’t understand is that he can go out and make a CD, but he can’t associate with me. This comes out in December which is this month. Actually it comes out tomorrow on the 6th. Now, hes gonna be gone filming a video for one of the songs.

I sort of stopped listing to his music. Having him was better than listing to his music, I might have to go back to that considering the fact that hes been ignoring everyone lately. We don’t talk, and I want to hear his voice.

~~~December 24th 2006~~~

“Are you ok?” Marshall asked softly as he entered the basement, I was sitting in the hot tub. I glanced up at him then looked back down. Tomorrow was Christmas, and this year, Christmas was going to be just another day. Yeah, we have presents for each other and the kids but its not like we’re gonna do anything just because Marshall is being blah.

“No,” I mumbled. I missed Marshall so much, I wanted to cry. There was nothing between us anymore. Just good mornings, good nights, and an occasional small convo about nothing.
“Can we talk?” Marshall asked softly.
“Now you wanna talk?” I questioned. I was mad at him yes, but I missed him more.
“Please don’t act like that, I just want to talk. Not to fight,” Marshall explained quietly.
“Fine,” I mumbled.

He stripped down in his boxers and climbed in the hot tube with me. “I need to apologize to you,” he started off. “And the girls, but I want to do yours alone,” he said.
“Ok,” I said very softly.
“I know I’ve been distant lately, and I’m sorry,” he said looking down at the water. “I’ve just been trying to clear my mind and shit…I don’t really know what I’ve been thinking actually. I feel terrible. I don’t know how to make it up to you,” he mumbled he seemed depressed. He was never good at these kinds of things.

“I know it’s been hard, Marshall but you should at least talk to me about it,” I told him. He nodded slightly.
“I know, but every time I think about him, or hear his name I wanna cry,” he said holding back tears.
“It’s ok to cry, Marshall,” I said. “You should know that,” I added.
“Crying is not going to solve anything,” he whispered.
“Yeah, but it helps…doesn’t it?” I asked. Marshall shrugged.

“I don’t know what even helps anymore. Look at me, I’m letting myself fall apart and I don’t even care, I feel and look like shit all the time,” he said holding out his arms and looking down at himself.
“I don’t care what you look like, Marshall,” I told him. “I love you for you, not for what you look like, or anything else,” I told him. He laughed slightly. “You smiled,” I said pointing at him smiling. He tired to hide his slight smile.

“No, you wouldn’t even know me if I wasn’t famous,” he said sadly.
“You never know,” I told him. He shook his head. “Don’t act like that, you have me now right?” I asked. He nodded.
“I love you too,” he mumbled. “And I promise to be around more for you and the kids,” he said. He better not be lying…

“Come here,” I whispered holding out my arms to him. He moved over to me. I kissed him, he kissed back. We continued to kiss for a while. I couldn’t stay mad at him for too long, I was sadder that I was mad. And this was his way of making it up to me. Which I didn’t mind… I liked it.
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PostSubject: Re: More Than Friends or Just a Dream? (NC-17)   Thu Jul 01, 2010 6:49 am

He sat on my lap for a moment then sighed. “I’m not really in the mood,” Marshall sighed again then got off my lap and sat down next to me again.

“Please Marshall,” I moaned getting really close to him. I started pouting then climbed on his lap and rested my head on his left shoulder. I felt his arms slowly grasp my torso and pull me against him. I might have gotten a little too excited because I lifted my head up and kissed him really hard thinking he was going to agree but he pushed away slightly then shook his head.

“I was only holding you. I really don’t feel like doing anything,” he claimed when suddenly I felt him getting harder by the second. I smirked.
“Stop refusing, I know you want it,” I giggled.
“Get off,” he angered. “I’m not playing around.”
“Is being rapped one of your fantasies?” I asked. My face probably looked quite evil at the moment.

“Really Meleah, stop,” he angered again.
“I refuse to let this perfect opportunity go to waste. I will rape you if I have to,” I claimed. He let out a huge sigh then suddenly lifted me up and sat me down next to him.

“You’re not strong enough to rape me,” he laughed. That is so unfair. I climbed back on top of him before he could leave. “Meleah!” He was very angry now but that didn’t block out the fact that he was still hard as ever. I slid down in the water and grabbed the rim of his shorts. “Meleah, really? What are you doing?” he asked trying to hid a smile.

“I know you want it, you’re not stopping me,” I smiled as I slid his shorts off then threw them out of the hot tub. I grabbed his penis then took a breath and went under water. I sucked on his balls a little before I ran out of breath. When I came up he grabbed me tightly and set me on his lap.
“You can always get a lie out of me can’t you?” He whispered in my ear as he untied my top. He took my top off and threw it away like I did to his shorts.

He placed each hand on my boobs then started sucking on them one by one as I untied my bottoms. I slipped them off then slid my calves under his thighs and locked my feet together so I could get a better grip. I grinded my pussy on his cock which only made everything more heated. I reached down and positioned his cock just right then pulled my waist slowly down. He grunted just a bit then I started to move faster on him.

This has got to be the best workout I’ve gotten in days, also the best sex, scratch that this is the best sex I’ve gotten in the past year, damn actually it’s the only sex I’ve gotten within the past year.

He placed his hands on my waist and pulled me against him and held me there then suddenly stood up while still holding me tight. He gripped my waist really tight to the point that it started to hurt. I know I’ll have bruises tomorrow. He started lifting me up and down on really fast. Damn he is so strong, but that must be so tiring. This only felt amazing.

He stopped suddenly then sat me on the edge of the hot tub and started ramming me. It started to hurt where his body was slapping against mine. He must have seen the tear go down my cheek cause he started to go slower. He slid me off the rim of the tub and I placed my hands on the rim so I wouldn’t fall backwards then he took his right arm and wrapped it around my back and took his other hand and started to play around with my clit. Not long after I felt an orgasm coming on. I started breathing heavily as was he.

He moved fast inside me as well as his fingers moving on my clit. My climax came sooner than his but there was no way I could have held it there any longer. I must have moaned pretty damn loud cause his face was somewhat shocked. He came inside me not that long after my climax.

“See,” I breathed. “I knew you wanted it,” I said with a smile. He smiled back then kissed me sweetly.
“I guess you win,” he whispered.
“I always do,” I said with a smile and continuing to kiss him.


We sat next to each other for a few minutes, it was silent. All you could hear is the humming of the hot tub jets and our breathing. It was a peaceful night, it was very nice out even though it was the middle of winter. I kinda wanted to go for a walk, it was nice enough. I rested my head on the hot tub staring up at the stars.

“Hey,” Marshall whispered breaking the silence. I turned my head towards him. He kissed me quickly then pulled away.
“What? I wanna go for a walk,” I told him with a smile. He gave me a funny look like I was crazy.
“It’s the middle of winter,” he said with the same look on his face.
“It’s nice out,” I told him.

“We’re wet. We can go for a walk in the house,” Marshall laughed.
“No,” I whined. “A real walk,” I continued to whine. He sighed. “Come on, just you and me,” I whined while latching onto his arm. He just stared at me. “Marshall!” I yelled, but whined and giggle at the same time.
“Ok fine…” Marshall gave in.
“See, I win again,” I giggled….Marshall just rolled his eyes. We got out of the hot tub to go get ready.


We walked down the street, Marshall kept looking around like someone was gonna pop out from behind a tree and ask him millions of questions. After awhile I grabbed his hand lacing our fingers together.

“Its nice out and I like it,” I giggled. Marshall smiled down at me.
“You would…” he mumbled…. “I wanna go somewhere,” Marshall said pulling me in a different direction. He pulled me off down a long road.
“Were we going?” I asked him.
“To see Proof, this is a short cut, instead of taking the actual road,” Marshall explained, it was pitch black, and it was a wooded area, but there was a path which people on snow mobiles made so we didn’t have to walk in deep ass snow. I didn’t like the dark road; it scared me a bit, so I moved closer to Marshall.

“I no like this path, it’s scary,” I whined as if I was a child.
“Don’t worry, if someone tried to lay a finger on you I’d kill em,” Marshall assured. I smiled up at him and moved even closer.
“Are you cold?” he asked. I shook my head. I’m not cold, it’s nice, and if it was cold we’d be driving to go see Proof.

“I need to say Marry Christmas to him,” Marshall mumbled after a bit of silence.
“Cute, me too,” I said with a smile.
“Well yeah,” he said and laughed slightly.


We slowly walked up to the grave site. Marshall reached out and touched the wording on the stone. ‘DeShaun Dupree Holton, aka Proof 1973 - 2006.’ Marshall was silent for a long time. I glanced up at him, he had tears in his eyes, he sighed heavily.

“Man I was you were here. It’s Christmas time, which makes it even tougher for me to deal with the pain of losing my best friend. But no matter what you’ll always be my brother. I miss you to death man. I know you’re probably looking down on me wishing I’d be strong. But it’s hard, you should know. Remember how hard it was for me when Ronnie died?” he mourned.

“A big chuck of me went missing when Ronnie passed, and then when I lost you, another big chuck went missing. Having Meleah back helps,” he said. “I wish you were here so I could tell you that you were right about Meleah and I, we belong together. I wish you were here to see us together again, I know you tried to get us back together.” Marshall said trying to hold back tears.

“Detroit is so empty with out you. We all miss you, I miss you. If you saw me right now you’d probably slap me for acting like a pussy and crying,” Marshall laughed slightly. “You know I’ll make it through this though, I just have to remember the good times we had, battling, concerts, hanging out doin stupid shit as kids, hanging out doin stupid shit as adults,” Marshall said softly, laughing lightly at the last part of the list.

“Proof, you will never be forgotten. I love you doody, Marry Christmas,” Marshall whispered, his voice quivering, his eyes still filled with tears. I stared at the grave trying to hold back the tears. Marshall wrapped his arms around me hugging me from behind.

“I know you’re watching over us Proof, keep an eye on Marshall, he’s needs it,” I said. Marshall looked at me funny. “I miss you so much Proof, your laugh, your smile, your biting, the way you punched Bruce out. That was great by the way, I never really thanked you for that…even though he was being rude to you and not me at the time,” I said remembering that day and giggling slightly. “You were like the brother I never had. I always wanted an older brother, for some reason, and you filled that in. I’ll never forget you, Merry Christmas,” I said touching the wording slightly.

We stood there for a moment before heading back to the house. It was almost midnight. We had to get home, get some sleep. Because we know we’ll be woken up at 7am, to “Its Christmas! Wake up!” …

It stated getting cold, it was almost 1am, it takes a while to walk in snow. “I’m cold,” I complained.
“I knew you’d get cold,” Marshall scolded.
“Mmm,” I whined at him stomping my foot.
“Don’t ever do that again,” I said as if I was stupid.
“Gimme your coat,” I whined not caring about what he just said. He shook his head and gave me his coat, leaving him in his sweater.


“Yey, bed,” I said plopping in the bed after putting on pajama pants and Marshall’s t-shirt, that I always wear to bed. Marshall giggled lightly before laying down next to me. For the first time in a long time we cuddled up next to each other. It was nice, I missed this so much, I didn’t want it to end.

“I love you,” Marshall whispered as he pulled the covers over us. I moved closer to Marshall, I wanted to be as close as I could to him. I never knew when he was going to be all blah again and not let me touch him. Before when I tried to touch him he got mad and yelled at me. I no like that, it make me cry. I hope he’s not just being nice just cause its Christmas time.
“I love you too,” I whispered back before drifting off to sleep.


“I’m coming in, you guys better be descent in there!” Hailie screamed from the other side of the door. I moaned sitting up, I looked at the clock it was 7am, yep I knew it. I was still tired, I really wanted to go back to sleep. Marshall sat up slowly and stared towards the door. Before he could answer her she swung the door open, her, Alaina and Whitney came running into the room.

“Daddy, when can we open presents!?” Hailie shouted, causing me to flinch a bit, I was not a morning person.
“After we eat breakfast, now, go downstairs and wait, we’ll get dressed and be down in a bit,” Marshall said. They all sighed at the same time.
“Fine,” they pouted before leaving the room.

“I really gotta pee,” I said loudly rushing into the bathroom. Not caring what Marshall had to say or what he was thinking. I didn’t bother to close the door. Marshall stared at me, he looked confused. He came into the bathroom shortly after. I washed my hands while he took a piss, as he would call it.

“Merry Christmas sexy,” Marshall said in a sexy voice as I dried my hands, he was hugging me from behind, which I really liked.
“Merry Christmas Marshy,” I giggled like a child before turning around. He smiled before kissing me; we kissed for awhile before heading downstairs.

~~~January 16th 2007~~~

“Marshall!” I yelled as I ran upstairs to find him. He didn’t answer, I ran into our bedroom. He was laying down in bed staring up at the ceiling. “Hey!” I yelled plopping down next to him on my stomach. He slowly turned his head towards me.
“Can I help you?” he asked. I gave him a sad look. “I was kidding,” he said pulling me into a small kiss.

“Can I have like 500 dollars?” I questioned. He gave me a confused look.
“What for?” he asked sitting up.
“It’s a surprise,” I told him with a giggle. He still looked confused.
“Just grab my card, it’s over there on the desk,” Marshall told me pointing to the desk.
“Ohhh ok,” I giggled as I went to the desk.

“You better not be getting somethin stupid with no point!” Marshall called out as I was leaving the room.
“Don’t worry, the thing I’m getting is sexy, and I am going to lick it,” I joked. Marshall caught up to me.
“What exactly do you plan on licking?” Marshall questioned.

“Your face, raw,” I growled somewhat like a tiger with an evil grin clawing at him, trying not to giggle.
“You feeling ok?” Marshall asked. I nodded slowly as I walked up to him slowly. He backed up slowly like he was scared or something. I ran up to him, face to face, jumped on him like a crazy person and licked his face. Then got down on my feet. “Really?” he questioned whipping the spit off his face. I giggled.
“You liked it,” I was serious. He liked it, I know he did.

“Don’t stare at me like that!” Marshall said. “Just go get whatever it is that you plan on getting. It better not be some exotic animal that’s gonna eat me,” he said, he looked a bit nervous which made me giggle.
“That’s my job,” I laughed.
“Someone has a dirty mind,” he said like he was talking to a three year old.
“Yes you do,” I said in the same tone trying not to giggle. He shook his head. “You like it! Shut up!” I yelled jokingly. He smirked.

“Ok, I go store now buy big tiger!” I joked skipping away from Marshall down the stairs.
“You are not brining no fuckin tiger up in this house!” Marshall yelled running after me.
“Yeah, I am,” I said pretending to argue with him.
“No, I will throw it outside. Then it will eat the neighbors,” Marshall said trying not to laugh.
“Then I will giggle,” I said bursting out laughing. Marshall just stared at me as if I was nuts. “Wait? You’re gonna throw a huge tiger outside?” I said. He must be really strong.
“I…wha…you know what I meant!” he said smiling.

“Woman what kind of drugs are you takin?” Marshall asked annoyed.
“The kind that makes you stupid,” I laughed, crying now, this was too funny. He shook his head.
“Drugs do, do that,” he said as if he was thinking. “Ok, just go get whatever; lunch will be ready when you get back. Call me when you’re almost home,” Marshall told me before giving me a kiss, I kissed back making the kiss last longer.
“Ok I be back,” I said adding an evil laugh at the end as I walked away…
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PostSubject: Re: More Than Friends or Just a Dream? (NC-17)   Thu Jul 01, 2010 6:50 am

I was heading home with Kuniva and Swift following me in a truck carrying the surprise home. I need them to carry the items in the house since I couldn’t do it myself. I almost forgot to call Marshall and tell him on my way. I picked up my phone and speed dialed his number.

“Hey,” he answered.
“I’m almost there. Could you like prop the door open?” I asked as I pulled into the driveway.
“Why?” he asked.
“To bring the surprise in, gosh. Kuniva and Swift are here to help carry them in,” I told him.
“Ok then?” he said in a form of a question, I could tell that he was confused and it made me giggle. “You better not have gotten a tiger,” he laughed.

“No, but I’m here now,” I told him. I hung up the phone before he could say anything. He came to the door propping it open for the guys to carry the things in.

“Fish?” Marshall asked as Kuniva and Swift carried one 100 gallon tank.
“Man, you way off,” Kuniva laughed.
“No,” I said giggling. “Two snakes and a water dragon,” I said with a smile.
“You like them kind of things?” he questioned confused. I nodded with a smile. “I didn’t know that, where do you think we’re gonna put these things?” Marshall asked.

“Over there,” I said pointing a spot under one of the windows.
“I guess that works,” he seemed unsure about it, but I liked them. So I didn’t care.

We set up the tanks. The whole time Marshall kept bugging me to see the animals. I wouldn’t let him until the tanks were set up. Once we finished setting up the tanks I pulled out the first snake which was a Candy Cane Corn Snake. “He’s pretty,” Marshall said holding him. He was a baby. “What are you gonna name him?” Marshall asked. I shrugged. I suppose the girls could name them.
“Let the girls name them,” I said as Marshall put the snake in his tank.

“What kind of snake is this?” Marshall asked pulling out the other one from its container.
“A Motley Sunglow Corn Snake,” I told him. He put that snake away. Then we took out the water dragon.
“Oh he’s cool, I like him,” Marshall said as I handed him the lizard. I laughed slightly.

So Marshall actually liked the reptiles. It made me happy. The girls would be coming over this weekend. They will be able to name the snakes and lizard then.

Marshall had lunch ready, and I was starving so we went to go eat. He made cheeseburgers with fries. “You would make something fattening,” I said as I sat down at the kitchen table.
“I’m sorry,” he mumbled while chewing on some food. Ugh, men, pigs. I rolled my eyes and continued eating. It seems like every day Marshall gets more and more hungry. He’s gained weight because of it, and he doesn’t care. I do care, I’m worried.


“Daddy!” Hailie screamed angrily as she entered the house, slamming the front door behind her. Marshall was upstairs sleeping; I knew she’d be mad about that. Hailie stormed right past me, going straight upstairs to the bedroom.

“What’s wrong with her?” I asked Alaina as she sat down next to me.
“Mom is being all bitchy about us coming here, so shes mad at her,” Alaina explained. I gave her a confused look. “She said that dad is acting strange and she thinks that he is doing drugs, and she really would rather not have us come here,” Alaina explained. I let out a sigh, Kim was right, Marshall is acting strange and he is probably on drugs. But he never does them around his kids. I didn’t really know what to say to her, she’s a smart girl; she’s old enough to know what drugs are and whatever.

“He is acting strange, I think he’s still worked up about DeShaun’s passing,” I told her. Alaina shrugged as we watched Whitney run upstairs towards a screaming Hailie and her father.
“Dad, I can’t stand it no more, I hate how mom doesn’t want us here!” Hailie screamed.
“Hailie, baby, calm down. I told you I’ll talk to her,” Marshall said trying to calm his daughter down.
“It’s not gonna work!” Hailie yelled. “And you know what else makes me mad?” she asked him, like he’s supposed to know the answer. They walked down stairs, Whitney in Marshall’s arms along with Mya.

“What makes you mad, Hailie?” Marshall asked. I think he was a bit too tired for this. It sort of seemed that he didn’t care.
“She doesn’t like Meleah, and she’s all yelling at me to break you two up and whatever else,” Hailie yelled at her father.
“She’ll get over it,” Marshall grumbled. “I need to talk to her still though,” Marshall said as he sat down next to me.

“Morning baby,” Marshall said kissing me lightly.
“Morning,” I said back.
“Hello dad,” Alaina said with a half smile.
“Hey, you ok?” Marshall asked. Alaina nodded.
“Tired, its mom’s fault,” Alaina explained. She laid her head on the arm of the couch.

“You heard what Hailie said didn’t you?” Marshall asked. I nodded looking down.
“Don’t worry, Meleah, I’m not gonna do anything to hurt your relationship with my dad,” Hailie said with a smile hugging me. “I don’t know about my mom though,” Hailie said sadly. I didn’t say anything, I remained silent.
~~~Marshall’s pov~~~

I picked up my cell phone, while the kids and Meleah swam in our new indoor pool. We had it put in about a month ago, it was an add on to the house. Anyways, I had to call Kim, so I can bitch her out. She shouldn’t be yelling at my daughters for them to break Meleah and I up. Ugh sometimes she can be such a cunt.

“Hello!” Kim’s snotty voice answered the phone.
“Hi,” I sighed.
“What do you want, Marshall?” Kim questioned yelling into the phone, I held it away from my ear a bit.
“What you got Hailie trying to break me and Meleah up for?” I questioned irritated.
“Cause,” was all she could say.
“Fuck, Kim, that’s not an answer!” I yelled into the phone. She’s such a damn bitch.
“Ok, fine, if I have to be miserable, so do you!” she yelled. Oh really? Like I’m not miserable enough as it is.

“Cause I am not miserable right now, you completely do not understand do you!?” I yelled into the phone. “You have no idea what it is like to lose your best friend,” I yelled at her.
“So,” was all she could say?
“You could really care less couldn’t you?” I questioned.
“Whatever,” was all that she said.
“Whatever yourself, Kim. Stop puttin shit into Hailie’s head, go on with life, find someone else and get the fuck over me!” I yelled into the phone slamming it closed.

I sat on the edge of the bed for a moment with my head in my hands. Why does she gotta be like this? Why can’t we get along? Why do I even care? I have Meleah. I sighed as I stood up. I’m supposed to be going swimming with them, but now I really don’t feel like it.

I started thinking about Proof. How could Kim care less about him? After all he’s done for us in the past. Letting us stay at his place, letting us have food, and whatever else he wanted to give us. Even though Proof never really liked Kim, he hid it though. He always told me that she wasn’t right for me. I should have listened to him. But then I wouldn’t have he most wonderful daughter in the world. And I probably would have never met Meleah.

~~~Meleah’s pov~~~

“Are you ok?” I asked walking up to our room, startling Marshall.
“Yeah, I’m fine,” Marshall mumbled looking up at me. “Kim is being a cunt as usual,” he muttered.
“I’m sorry,” I said softly walking over to him. “You gonna come in the pool?” I asked.
“Yeah, just give me a minute,” he said softly.
“Ok,” I said with a slight smile as he stood up. He didn’t move for a moment, he just stared at me. I gave him a funny look but it didn’t phase him. “Marshall!” I almost yelled.
“Oh,” he mumbled jumping in the process.

“You’re so stressed,” I said. He remained in the same spot. I moved closer to him, he still didn’t move. I pressed my lips against his kissing him; he began to kiss back passionately. “I can fix your stressedness,” I said giggling inside cause of my non-existent word.
“Not now, Meleah. The kids are in the house,” Marshall said backing away.
“They will be fine, they’re downstairs in the pool,” I said.
“So?” he said in a form of a question. “They could come up here,” he said.
“That’s why we close doors,” I giggled. He shook his head; I quickly went to go shut the door.

I walked back over to him and began to kiss him. After a while he pushed away. “Mr. Mathers, am I going to have to rape you again?” I questioned him. He scoffed.
“You did not rape me, I let you,” Marshall said. He is so rude. I did too rape him. “Now, lets just go swimming, I’m really not in the mood,” he said. “I’m too stressed and the girls are here,” he said moving away.

I stopped him by grabbing his wrist. “You’re not getting away that easy mister,” I smirked. “And if you’re not in the mood, explain that,” I said pointing to his penis.
“It’s a penis,” he mumbled looking down at his erection that was showing through his swim trunks. I smiled devilishly at him.

“A very nice one,” I said still smiling at him devilishly. He let out a smile, but tried to hid it. “You can’t deny that you want it, now come here,” I said pulling him into a kiss. He kissed back willingly…

He finally took control and unhooked the towel that was around my body. I let it fall to the floor, and he pushed me back onto the bed. He continued to kiss me, me kissing back. I just know how to make him melt, I love it. I reached down to his swim trunks, playing around with the rim. Soon after I quickly slid his swim trunks down to his knees. Marshall pushed them off the rest of the way.

Marshall sat up on his knees and stared down at me before reaching for my bottoms; he quickly pulled them off and threw them on the floor. He took my bra off before slowly moving towards me. Oh my gosh, just hurry up before I go insane. He kissed me, while his penis was centimeters away from entering inside me.

He reached down and started to play with my clit, and teasing me with his penis. “Marshall,” I moaned. “Jus…” I started, before I could finish he entered inside me. I let out a moan as he trusted inside me. He began to suck on my neck. Now that’s gonna leave a hicky, he slowly trailed back to my lips, keeping a steady pace as he moved inside me deeper.
I kissed him passionately, letting out a moan as he started to play with my clit. I wrapped my arms around him pulling him closer to me. He moaned as I dug my nails in my back, he began to move faster, still kissing me.

He began to slow down letting this moment last longer. I closed my eyes clearing my mind of everything. I didn’t want this to end, but I was starting to climax. He pulled away from kissing me, and stared at me for a moment. He smiled. “I love you,” he whispered almost breathless. I smiled back.
“I love you too,” I said, I put my head up kissing him, he kissed back.

I let out a loud moan as be began to move faster, my climax coming back. I couldn’t hold it any longer and I could tell that Marshall was seconds away from breaking. I pushed my hips up against his; he gave one last thrust and came inside me collapsing on top of me. We kissed for a moment before he rolled on the other side of the bed.

We laid there in silence all you cold hear was or heavy breathing. I rolled on my side and rested my head on his chest. He put his arm around me. We laid there for about ten minutes. “We should probably go down to the pool,” I told him.
“Oh, shit I forgot,” Marshall laughed sitting up. “The girls are probably wondering where we are at,” he added.


“What took you so long?” Hailie questioned as we entered the pool room.
“Nothing,” Marshall mumbled trying to hide a smile.
“Yeah sure,” Alaina said.
“We were having a long talk,” I told them.
“About what?” Hailie asked crossing her arms with a look that said, tell me now or I will be pissed.
“Grown up stuff,” Marshall said. “Now come here!” he yelled chasing after his daughter.

He and his girls were so cute together, I couldn’t help but smile. I know, if it was possible, Marshall would have those girls 24/7 but Kim always gets in the way. And so does his job, even though he hasn’t been paying much attention to that. He was always so happy when they are around.

He couldn’t be depressed around them anymore; he said he couldn’t stand to see them disappointed in him. He loved his girls more then ever. He always had to include me; he said that if it wasn’t for me, he probably would have been laying up in a hospital for a long time.

Yes, I know, I act like I don’t know about the drugs. I know, I’m not stupid, I know a high person from a sober one. I’ve been around it long enough. He is good at hiding it though. But I can still tell, I always hated druggies. But I couldn’t hate Marshall. I’ve loved him so much for so long. And I guess he has a better excuse than most people do, they do it just to get high. Marshall does it to get away. I sighed before joining in on the fun.


“Today was one of the most fun days I’ve had since Proof passed,” Marshall said while brushing his teeth. I smiled at him. I was happy for him, he was actually having fun.
“Me too,” I said with a smile.

We were getting ready for bed; it was late, almost 3am. We stayed up late watching movies with Hailie and Alaina, while Mya and Whitney slept, they’ll be up early. I finished doing my thing in the bathroom then crawled into bed.

~~~Marshall’s pov~~~

This is the longest I’ve gone so far without my fix after Proof died. I needed my fix now that I wasn’t distracted with the day. I reached up into the medicine cabinet, glancing at Meleah before pulling out the bottle of Valium. She was turned the other way. Good she won’t see me. I popped a few pills in my mouth before getting into bed with Meleah.

“Goodnight,” I whispered pulling her into my arms.
“Night,” she said softly before drifting off to sleep. I laid there for awhile thinking, my thoughts left my head as I fell asleep shortly after Meleah did.
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PostSubject: Re: More Than Friends or Just a Dream? (NC-17)   Thu Jul 01, 2010 6:50 am

~~~December 16th 2007~~~Marshall’s pov~~~

I was on my way home from another drug deal. The dealer had given me these little white pills that looked some what like Valium. They are similar to Valium except for they are easer on the liver. I don’t know what they are called, he didn’t tell me, and I didn’t ask, because I could really care less.

I just wanted something else other than Valium and Vicodin; I guess you could say that I was bored with what I had at home. I slowly got into the car; I sat there for a moment before I poured out about five of the pills. I popped them in my mouth washing them down with a bottle of water.

I sat waiting for a moment, like something was supposed to instantly happen. I sighed and pulled out the driveway of the mans house. I was about halfway home when I started to feel the pills take over. It was great, this shit was the shit. I found something that could make me feel … normal.

~~~Meleah’s pov~~~

Marshall walked into the house; he reeked of alcohol and pot. It was strange, normally Marshall stays away from pot, and he’s not really a pot person…that I know of. I guess I don’t know much about that part of his life, which frustrated me.

“Babe, where were you all day?” I questioned him. He shrugged sitting down on the couch. “You smell like alcohol and weed,” I told him. He shrugged again. Oh whatever, he could be doing something worse. He stared off into the distance, his eyes bloodshot and it seemed like he was going to tip over and pass out.

“I gotta go to bed,” he mumbled, he slowly stood to his feet almost falling in the process. I rushed to his side grabbing onto one of his arms. He looked down at me irritated. “I don’t need your help!” he growled shaking my hand away from his arms.
“If you don’t let me help you, you’re gonna end up hurting yourself,” I told him.
“Who cares,” he mumbled. “I could really careless about life,” Marshall said walking off. He managed to get upstairs without falling.

I sighed, almost crying. How could he not care about anything? He’s scaring the shit out of me. Doing these drugs, coming home drunk and high. I have a feeling something bad is going to happen soon….I sat down on the couch where Marshall was sitting, it smelt like pot, but it didn’t bother me. I ended up crying myself to sleep worried about Marshall…

~~~Dec. 18th ~~~Marshall’s pov~~~

By this day, I’ve probably taken 15 to 20 pills of whatever this guy gave me. It was three in the afternoon and I still haven’t gotten out of bed. I couldn’t, I couldn’t get up. This has happened before so I didn’t think anything of it. So fuck it, if I can’t get up Imma just lay here. Meleah walked in the room.

~~~Meleah’s pov~~~

“So you’re just gonna lay there all day and night?” I questioned. How could he do that, I couldn’t even sleep this much.
“Why does it matter?” he asked. “I don’t have anything better to do, life sucks,” he mumbled. “I don’t even care if I live or die,” he told me. That hit me in the heart like a knife.

“Oh, I see how it is,” I told him. “You don’t care about us anymore,” I said.
“I never said that. I just don’t care about myself,” he mumbled. I let out a sigh, trying not to cry, was he trying to kill himself?
“Marshall, we need to talk about this, you should care about yourself, you have a problem and we need to fix it,” I told him trying to hold back tears.
“I don’t have a problem!” he snapped causing me to jump.

“Yes you do, I know you’re doing drugs. You’re not fooling me or anyone else. Even Hailie and Alaina know about it,” I yelled at him.
“What did you tell them!” he yelled looking over at me.
“Nothing, they came to me, they’re scared to talk to you, afraid that you might yell at them,” I yelled at him.
“So you still filled their heads with shit?” Marshall questioned.
“No, you did!” I yelled at him.

“Whatever, I don’t have a fuckin problem, just leave me the fuck alone!” Marshall yelled.
“Fine! I will!” I screamed at him leaving the room. I walked into Mya’s room angrily packing up her things into a bag.
“Mommy?” Mya asked softly.
“It’s ok honey, we’re just gonna give daddy some time alone and go over to grandmas house,” I told her putting on a fake smile. She looked confused.
“I heard you fighting with daddy,” Mya said sadly. I sighed deeply. Great.

“Are we gonna leave daddy forever?” she asked as if she was about to cry.
“No, we just need to leave him be for a while,” I said softly picking her up along with her bag.
“I wanna stay with daddy!” Mya screamed. I sighed. She can’t, he’s not in the right place to be taking care of a child right now.
“Daddy is … uhh… sick and he… we’re going to grandmas,” I said carrying her out the door.

“I don’t know what to do, I can’t take it anymore!” I screamed at my mom. “The depression, the dugs, the drinking. It’s like I’m living with Bruce again but I love and care about Marshall so much. I never, not once, cared about Bruce. Yeah sure he was nice sometimes…but that’s only when he was high,” I said sitting down at the kitchen table.
“Well… you fell for an asshole, just like me. You’re just too much like me,” my mom mocked. I hated when she did that.

“Marshall is not an asshole. Everything was perfectly fine until…until Proof … di…passed away,” I yelled finishing off the rest of the sentence slowly.
“Well aren’t you his girlfriend, shouldn’t you be helping him?” she questioned.
“I’ve tried, he won’t let me. He won’t admit that there is a problem,” I told her irritated.
“Yell at him, knock some sense into him,” my mom told me.

“Well what am I supposed to do, hit him in the head with a pan?” I asked. She looked at me as if I was stupid.
“You don’t have to actually hit him with something,” my mom said.
“He’s not gonna listen. Me telling him he has a problem wont work,” I told her. If he doesn’t want to get help, me forcing help on him is just gonna make things worse.

“Well what do you want me to do?” my mom questioned.
“I guess nothing,” I said sighing. I just realized that there was nothing I could do to make him change his mind. He had to do it himself. I only know this because he went into rehab in 2005 and came back home not long ago because he wasn’t ready. He only went because we were all telling him to go, so he did to make us shut up.

I rested my head in my hands. I wanted to help him, but there was nothing I could do. I just had to put up with it. By this time, he was letting himself go; I could tell he was over 200 pounds. He didn’t care, I was concerned… this was not good for his health.

I got up, and without a word went up to the other guest bedroom and shut the door quietly. I laid down, falling asleep shortly…


I woke up in the morning. The house was silent. This was odd. I walked downstairs; my mom was making breakfast for Mya. I slightly smiled as she looked up at me. We still didn’t talk to each other. I didn’t feel like talking to anyone this morning.

How funny, I don’t want to talk to anyone and my cell rings. It was Marshall’s numbed… I hesitated to answer, but I sensed something was wrong. “Hello?” I spoke.
“Meleah…” Hailie’s voice cried on the other end.
“What’s wrong,” I asked concerned.
“Something’s wrong with daddy,” she said crying hysterically.
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PostSubject: Re: More Than Friends or Just a Dream? (NC-17)   Thu Jul 01, 2010 6:51 am

~~~Hailie’s pov~~~

I was on my way to visit my dad and Meleah. I was walking over to my dad’s house…alone. I couldn’t sit there and listen to my mom and Alaina argue about going to dads. I knew I wouldn’t get my say in it so I just left. I don’t care if they like it or not. I wanted to see my dad.

I opened the front door to silence. “Daddy!” I yelled as I shut the door. No answer…this was a bit scary. “Meleah!” I yelled looking though the downstairs of the house. I was just about to go upstairs when I heard a crash. It scared me causing me to jump. “Dad?” I questioned walking up the stairs slowly.

This was scary; I was a bit scared to see what that crash was. What if it was a scary man trying to kill… no. But it wasn’t like my dad or Meleah not to answer me. I reached the top of the stairs and went over to my dad’s room. “Daddy?” I asked. The light in the bathroom was on.

I opened the bathroom door. My dad was lying on the floor. “Daddy!?” I screamed. Tears in my eyes. “Daddy! Daddy!” I yelled shaking him hoping he would wake up. I knew he wasn’t going to wake. I ran over to the nightstand grabbing his cell and calling 911.

“Detroit Police Department,” the woman said. “What’s the nature of your emergency” the lady asked. I ran back in the bathroom and knelt by my dad.
“It’s my daddy; he’s passed out in the bathroom!” I sobbed. “I don’t know what to do,” I cried.
“It’s ok honey, what’s your name?” she asked.
“Hailie!” I replied still crying. I stared down at my dad; he was lying on his stomach. His hand reached out to the rug. I picked up his hand and held it. He was cold.

“Ok, Hailie, we’re sending an ambulance over right now. Everything’s gonna be ok,” she said trying to calm me down, but I was still scared to death.
“Daddy don’t you die on me!” I yelled clutching his cold hand. “Daddy, wake up!” I yelled trying to wake him. He didn’t move. “Daddy!” I cried.

I remembered Meleah wasn’t home. I have to call her. I picked up my dad’s cell off the floor and speed dialed her number…

~~~Meleah’s pov~~~

How funny, I don’t want to talk to anyone and my cell rings. It was Marshall’s numbed… I hesitated to answer, but I sensed something was wrong. “Hello?” I spoke.
“Meleah…” Hailie’s voice cried on the other end.
“What’s wrong,” I asked concerned.
“Something’s wrong with daddy,” she said crying hysterically.
“Wait what!?” I yelled totally freaking out. What’s wrong with my Marshall?
“He’s passed out on the bathroom floor!” she sobbed.
“Did you call 911?” I asked.
“Yes!” she yelled. “Where are you!?” he asked.
“Just across the street, I’ll be there in five seconds!” I yelled hanging up my cell. “Mom watch Mya I gotta go home!” I yelled slipping on my shoes and running out the house without a jacket or sweater. It was freezing but I didn’t care.

I ran up the stairs like a mad man. Hailie was kneeling by Marshall sobbing. I started to cry as soon as I saw my baby laying on the floor. I was scared to death that I would loose him. Hailie finally noticed me; she came up to me throwing her arms around me.


We waited in the waiting room for some kind of news, when my cell ran. It was Alaina. “Hello,” I said trying to hold my sobbing. I had my left arm wrapped around Hailie as she sobbed softly.
“Where are you guys?” she asked. “My mom and I came to see if Hailie was at Dad’s but no one is home,” she said she seemed confused. I sighed.
“We’re at the hospital,” I whispered trying to hold back tears.

“Wait what!?” she yelled. I sighed and closed my eyes for a moment. How was I going to tell her that her father was in the hospital?
“Just come here,” I mumbled.
“Ok,” she said softly. “Mom we gotta go to the hospital!” Alaina yelled before hanging up her cell phone.


Kim and Alaina came running into the waiting room. Sighing in relief, they must have thought it was Hailie. “What happened?” Alaina asked. I closed my eyes and sighed again before answering her.
“He had an accident,” I said trying not to cry again. I was so worried I was going to lose Marshall.
“Have you seen him yet?” Kim asked softly. I shook my head looking down at the floor. I just wish they would come and get us. We could have gone in the room, but I didn’t want Hailie to see him like this…

A few seconds later a doctor walked out of Marshall’s room. He was staring down at his clipboard. We all stared at him till he looked at us. “Tell me he’s alright!” I demanded.
“He’s stable,” we all sighed in relief. “But,” he started. Oh shit, what? “He’s in a coma,” he said quietly. “We’re not sure when he’ll wake, but you guys can see him,” the doctor said.
We all walked into Marshall’s room. I ran to his side. “Why, Marshall, why?” I said crying. I held onto his hand, he was cold. I laid my head on his arm avoiding the tubes in him. Hailie and Alaina on the other side… Kim remained at the foot of the bed.
“Marshall, you better pull though. You cannot leave us,” I cried. I thought maybe if he heard my voice he’d wake up.


I felt a tap on my shoulder; I was dozing off on Marshall’s arm. I looked up at Kim. “I gotta get these girls home,” she said softly. It was getting late. We have been here all day. “You staying?” she asked.
“I can’t leave him,” I told her.
“Can I talk to you quickly?” she asked. I nodded and slowly stood up. We walked on the other side of the room.

“I can really tell that you love him,” she said softly. I nodded.
“You don’t even know,” I told her. She lightly smiled.
“I can tell he love’s you more than anything. You deserve him,” she said. Wow, Kim was actually ok with me and Marshall as a couple.
“Thanks,” I said slightly smiling.

“Look, I’m sorry about things I said about you. I guess I didn’t realize how happy you two made each other. I guess I was a bit… jealous. But, now… I’m happy for you two,” she explained with a slight smile. I smiled at her.
“Thanks,” I said. “And I’m sorry about the things I said…” I said.
“It’s ok,” she said. She held out her hand for me to shake it. I shook my head, at first she looked offended but instead I hugged her.


“Kim and I are cool with each other now,” I told Marshall, even though he was asleep, I believed that he cold hear me. “Marshall, I wish you’d just wake up. You’re scaring me. Come on baby, I love you. Wake up,” I began to cry. I squeezed his hand, like that was supposed to wake him.

A doctor walked into the room. “Hello,” he said slightly smiling. I looked up at him with no emotion of happiness on my face what so ever. “I just gotta look him over a moment, if you need a blanket there’s some in the cupboard and there’s a couch,” he said softly pointing to a couch next to Marshall’s bed. I nodded, slowly standing up and grabbing the blanket. I was going to stay in this hospital until Marshall was awake and aware of his surroundings.

“Can I ask you a question?” I asked the doctor. He nodded. “What exactly did you find in him?” I asked.
“Uhh… they said they found, lots of Methadone,” he told me. I gave him a funny look.
“What is that?” I asked. I had no idea what that was, I never heard of it before now.

“It’s used to relieve moderate to severe pain that has not been relieved by non-narcotic pain relievers. It also is used to prevent withdrawal symptoms in patients who were addicted to opiate drugs and are enrolled in treatment programs in order to stop taking or continue not taking the drugs,” he explained. I slowly nodded. “It looked like he didn’t know what he as taking, because we found a lot… as much as shootin up four bags of Heroin,” he told me. I looked at him shocked.

“Oh my god,” I said shocked. “I had no idea,” I said. I felt bad for not watching him closer. How could he do this? How could he not know what he was taking? “How close was he to dying?” I asked.
“Well, if he was here two hours later than he was, we would have lost him,” he said quietly. As soon as he said that chills ran down my body.
“Oh god,” I whispered, glancing over at him. “Is he gonna be ok now?” I asked.

“He should be,” the doctor assured.
“Good, I don’t know what I’d do with out him,” I told the doctor.
“We’ll he’s a lucky guy,” the doctor smiled. I nodded in agreement.

After the doctor left I said goodnight to Marshall, giving him a soft kiss on the lips before laying down on the couch. I was still worried about him. I was afraid; I didn’t know how long he’d be in the coma. Not long after I fell asleep…
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PostSubject: Re: More Than Friends or Just a Dream? (NC-17)   Thu Jul 01, 2010 6:51 am

Marshall was still in the coma when I woke up. I sighed as I stared at him. He looked so lifeless. Is this what he really wanted? He said he didn’t care. I hope this experience changes his mind. Seeing him laying there killed me, I couldn’t stand to see him like that. I wish he’d wake up so I could slap him, he scared the shit outta me! Well I wasn’t really going to slap him…

Poor Hailie is going to be scarred for life. I glanced at the clock on the wall it was only 9am. Hailie would probably want an update on her father. I should give her a call after the doctor’s check up on Marshall.

The doctors came in and did their thing. They say he’s doing well, but theres no way to tell when he’ll wake up. I picked up my cell which was almost dead. I had no way to get home unless I called Kuniva to come pick me up. He still didn’t know about Marshall, none of the D12 members did yet. I dialed Kuniva’s number…

“Yo! Meleah what up!?” Kuniva asked. I could tell he was driving I could hear cars driving by him.
“Nothing good,” I mumbled.
“Oh,” he mumbled changing his tone. “What’s got ya down?” he asked.
“Marshall,” I said softly.
“What he do? Do I have to kick his ass for ya?” he laughed.
“Nothing, and no. He…umm… over dosed… now he’s in the hospital. In a coma, and I’m worried,” I said trying to hold back tears.

“Whoa! Is he gonna be ok?!” Kuniva freaked
“They say he’ll pull though,” I told him. I hope they were telling me the truth. Kuniva sighed.
“Thank god, I couldn’t bear to loose another friend,” Kuniva said.
“Can you come here…to the hospital?” I asked him.
“Yeah, I’ll be there in a minute, I’m actually close,” Kuniva told me.
“Ok, thanks,” I mumbled before my phone died.

Great. I hope someone doesn’t try to call. Then I remembered I had Marshall’s phone. I grabbed his phone off the window ledge by the couch. His was already dead. Great, two dead phones and no charger.

Kuniva showed up not long after. He ran in the room and tackled me with a hug.
He glanced over at Marshall and sighed. “Oh, Marshall…why?” Kuniva mumbled. He sighed. We stood there for a moment staring at Marshall, he was still very pale, but he looked peaceful.

“Hey, could you give me a ride home. I need to pick up some things. And get changed. I’m not gonna leave him here alone,” I told him. Kuniva slowly nodded to my sentence.
“But if you leave now, you’re leaving him,” Kuniva joked. I glared at him. “Oh…sorry,” he whispered before we left the hospital.
Kuniva waited downstairs while I changed my clothes and grabbed chargers. I grabbed a pair of sweats and a t-shirt. I didn’t care what I wore. Life, at this moment, sucked. I walked downstairs and stood there for a moment looking around the house like I was supposed to bring something else.

“What ya lookin for?” Kuniva asked standing up from the couch.
“I don’t know,” I mumbled confused while looking down at the floor. I looked up at Kuniva he looked confused.
“Are you ok?” he asked.
“No. I’m not; I’m worried sick about Marshall… I don’t know what to do to help him!” I pretty much yelled at him. How could I be ok when Marshall is in the hospital?

“Yo, chill,” Kuniva said. “Everything is going to ok,” Kuniva said like hes trying to convince me. I knew something would go wrong. Nothing ever goes right for Marshall or myself for that matter.
“No, something bad is going to happen…even after Marshall gets out of that fuckin hospital. Something will happen just cause that’s how life is!” I yelled freaking out on him.

“Don’t let Marshall do anything stupid anymore,” Kuniva suggested.
“How? He doesn’t even listen to me anymore,” I said sadly. “Last time I tried to talk to him about it, he screamed at me. That’s why I wasn’t here when he passed out,” I said trying not to cry. Kuniva sighed. “And Hailie, out of all people, had to find her father laying on the bathroom floor,” I said raising my voice.

“The doctor told me that if he would have came two hours later he would have died, what if no one found him. I’m so fucking stupid. I left him…alone… that was the stupidest thing I could have ever done. And if he would have died, it would have been my fault…then he would be gone… and I wouldn’t know what to do,” I cried. Kuniva quickly pulled me into a hug.

“He’s gonna be ok, he got to the hospital in time. Don’t blame yourself,” Kuniva said softly. I didn’t say anything right away; I just hugged him back and cried on his shoulder. “We better get back the hospital. You did say you wanna be there when he wakes up,” Kuniva said. I just nodded before pulling away from him.


We got back to the hospital. Kim was there with the girls. “Hey,” Kim said as we walked in causing the girls to look.
“Hi,” I mumbled. I plugged my chargers in before going over to Marshall. I sat down in the chair after Alaina moved. I grabbed Marshall’s hand and held onto it for a while, while staring at him.
“Come on, honey, wake up,” I whispered clutching his hand. “You just have to wake up, I’m going insane,” I said. Nothing happened. I rested my head on his shoulder crying lightly.
“Daddy’s gonna be ok. He can’t leave us,” I heard Hailie say. I looked up at her and sniffled. Pulled her into my lap.
“I know, Hailie but I’m still worried though,” I told her. She sighed and stared at her father.

I texted Megan and told her what was going on. She came over, didn’t really say much. I don’t think she knew what to say… I also made my mom come too with Mya.


I was laying down on the couch after everyone left. Staring up at the ceiling thinking, about nothing really. I kept looking over at Marshall hoping he would wake up. Every time I looked he was still in the same position. I looked at my phone; it was about two in the morning. I figured that I should try to sleep. I laid on my side facing Marshall, trying to sleep but I just couldn’t. I fell asleep around three in the morning.

~~~Marshall’s pov~~~

“Think of Hailie,” Proof told me….

I slowly opened my eyes. Where am I? What? … Tubes… I was in the hospital. I have no idea what happened. Last thing I remember is being in the bathroom. I looked around the room. I spotted Meleah laying down on the couch. She is probably worried sick. “Meleah,” I whispered loudly.

~~~Meleah’s pov~~~

I could have sworn I head Marshall’s voice. I sat up and looked over to where Marshall was laying. He was awake! Alive! I was so relieved. “Oh Marshall,” I said softly getting up from the couch. I walked over to him giving him a hug.
“I’m sorry,” he whispered. I didn’t want to let go of him. I wanted to hold on to him forever, but I knew I had to get the nurse in here. I let go of him and pushed the call button. “Did you hear me?” he asked.
“Yeah…I don’t wanna talk about it. All that matters is that you’re pulling through,” I told him. He smiled slightly. I smiled back.

I sat back while the nurse took care of Marshall. I was just so happy that he was awake and ok…the nurse walked over to where I sat on the couch. “Ok, well he’s doing ok, but….” she started. But what?
“But what?!” I asked cutting her off.
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PostSubject: Re: More Than Friends or Just a Dream? (NC-17)   Thu Jul 01, 2010 6:52 am

So apparently Marshall has pneumonia, and he has to stay in the hospital for another week or so. I guess pneumonia is very contagious. I gotta head home and be with Mya for the week. I really didn’t want to leave Marshall there alone, but he told me to go be with Mya. Of course I wanna be with Mya, but I rather be with both of them at the same time. He said he didn’t want me getting sick too.

I was on my why home. All I could think about was Marshall, alone in that hospital over Christmas. I felt bad, I felt like shit, because I couldn’t see him on Christmas. I let out a sigh as I pulled into my mom’s driveway to pick up Mya.

“So…how’s he doing?” my mother asked as I picked Mya up and held her, she was asleep.
“He’s got pneumonia,” I mumbled. “So I was told to go home by him cause he didn’t want to get me sick,” I said.
“Oh,” she said like she didn’t know what else to say.

Once home, I placed Mya in her bed. I watched her sleep for a while before going to my room. I did my thing in the bathroom then changed into a pair of PJ pants and one of Marshall’s shirts. I laid down in the bed grabbing Marshall’s pillow and hugging it before falling asleep.


“When’s daddy coming home?” Mya asked as I place a bowl Froot Loops in front of her.
“In about a week,” I mumbled.
“Why is he there?” Mya asked.
“He wasn’t feeling well,” I lied. Well, I guess it was kinda true. Being depressed is like not feeling well. So technically I didn’t lie. She kept throwing questions at me, it was getting annoying. She was too young to know what was going trough Marshall’s head, and why he’s done the things he’s done these past few months…or year. “Honey, how bout we stop with the questions and you eat breakfast. Later we’ll go visit Hailie, Alaina and Whitney and get some ice cream,” I said putting on a smile.
“Yum!” she giggled and began to eat.


“So what really happened to Dad?” Alaina asked as everyone else sat down. We were at Dairy Queen. I closed my eyes and sighed. I don’t know if I should be telling her. I glanced over at Kim and the girls. Kim gave me a funny look, and walked over.
“Are you ok?” she asked. Without saying a word, I pulled her over to the side.
“Do you thing we should tell them?” I asked her…
“About Marshall?” she asked.
“No, about big foot!” I said sarcastically. “Duh, Marshall,” I said. She laughed slightly.

“Maybe just Hailie and Alaina…I know they already know things. Whitney and Mya are just too young,” she said. “Wait…even I don’t know the full story,” Kim added.
I let out a sigh, I knew she knew about the drugs…but she didn’t know about the kind and why he had the overdose.

I explained to her about the Methadone and everything. We decided that we would tell Hailie and Alaina about it later, while Mya and Whitney weren’t around. While we ate, no one really said much. The kids talked, but I kept to myself. As I ate my cone I stared out the window looking up at the sky. It started to snow, which made me angry, I hated snow.


The next few days went by so damn slow. It felt like a month passed, and it’s only been three days. I talked to Marshall today, he says hes feeling a bit better, and he wants to find away to make up the fact that he scared the shit outta me. I told him that he doesn’t have to, just having him alive is good enough. But he says; ‘no, its not…I gotta make it up to you, somehow’…I wonder how that will go.

~~~Christmas day~~~

I spent the day with Mya, we didn’t do much…I just played with her, kept her entertained so she wouldn’t want to open her presents without Marshall. Hailie, Alaina and Whitney spent the day with Kim, probably doing the same thing. When he gets home they will be spending a week or so here.

I felt so bad for the girls, seeing their father like this. I felt as if it was my fault. Thoughts ran though my head that night…what if I was there? Could I have stopped him? Would he be here right now? I felt like a bitch for leaving him, when he needed me the most. What is he gonna think when he finds out that Hailie found him? Not me.

~~~December 29th~~~

I woke up to my cell ringing. It was Marshall calling which made me smile. I didn’t mind waking up to him. It made me happy. “Hello,” I answered with a smile.
“Hey babe, what ya doin?” Marshall asked.
“Laying in bed…you woke me up,” I pretended to be angry.
“Sorry, but could you come here?” he asked. Wait what?
“You’re allowed to leave?” I asked confused.
“Yeah, I’m better now,” Marshall told me. Wow, I didn’t even realize that it’s been more than a week. It seems like after Christmas, time flew by.
“Oh! Yey!” I cheered.

I quickly got out of bed and got dressed after I hung up the phone. I ran into Mya’s room switching on the light switch. “Mya!” I cheered. She slowly sat up and stared at me.
“What?” she asked.
“Time to go get Daddy!” I said. A huge smile spread across her face…

We arrived at the hospital; Marshall was waiting in the waiting room. He smiled when he saw us. “Daddy!” Mya cheered running over to him. He picked her up and hugged her.
“Hey baby girl,” he said giving her a kiss on the forehead.
“Hey honey,” he said looking up at me. He gave me a small kiss before we left the hospital…


“We need to talk,” Marshall said after Mya left the kitchen. We just ate lunch.
“I know,” I mumbled. Marshall sighed.
“I know I scared the shit outta you…and I’m sorry,” he started.
“Marshall, its ok…all that matters is that you’re alive,” I said softly moving towards him. I wrapped my arms around his neck, hugging him tightly, shortly after he wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me closer to him. I rested my head on his shoulder as we hugged. “I love you,” I said softly.
“I love you too,” he whispered squeezing me harder.

I was so happy that he was home, and alive. I didn’t want to let go of him. He pulled away from me, we stared at each other before he kissed me, and I kissed back. I didn’t want to stop kissing…because; inside…I felt something bad was yet to happen…and soon.

“Can I ask you something?” Marshall asked pulling away. Ugh, rude.
“Sure,” I said softly.
“Who found me…on the floor?” he asked. I sighed closing my eyes. I didn’t want to answer him. “Well?” he asked forcing me to look at him. I let out a sigh and shook my head. “It wasn’t you was it?” Marshall asked softly. I shook my head. “Don’t tell me it was Mya?” he asked. I shook my head again. He looked confused for a moment. “Hailie?” he asked. I nodded. I knew he would hate this.

“Fuck, she’s probably scarred for life,” Marshall mumbled. Just then the kitchen door swung open, the girls came running in.
“Daddy!” they all screamed hugging him. Marshall wrapped his arms around all of us tightly.
“My girls,” he said softly. “I’m so sorry I scared all of you,” he whispered.
“I’m just glad you’re ok,” Hailie told him. Marshall looked down at her and smiled.
“I love all you girls so much,” he said.
“We love you too Daddy!” they said at the same time….


Marshall walked out of the shower and just stood there for a moment before grabbing a towel and drying himself off. I stared at him the whole time. Marshall just shook his head before coming into the room and grabbing boxers. He got into bed next to me, it was late and we were tired. We spent the day watching movies and opening presents…plus swimming with the girls. “Come here,” Marshall said softly pulling me closer to him. We cuddle up, and not long after we fell asleep…


I woke up the next morning still in Marshall’s arms. He was awake, watching me sleep. “Stop that!” I demanded whining at him. He laughed slightly.
“I can’t help it, you looked so happy,” he told him.
“That because I have my Marshy back,” I giggled, he laughed slightly.
“You haven’t called me that in a while,” Marshall said surprised.
“Well I’m going to start again,” I said smiling up at him. “Now let me get up so I can pee,” I demanded trying to get out of his grip. Finally, he let go and I went straight to the bathroom. Once I finished, I went back over to Marshall we ended up sleeping a while longer considering the fact that it was only six in the morning when we woke up….
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PostSubject: Re: More Than Friends or Just a Dream? (NC-17)   Mon Aug 02, 2010 11:01 am

it doesn't end here right? Update please!!!
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PostSubject: Re: More Than Friends or Just a Dream? (NC-17)   Fri Aug 13, 2010 2:56 am

“Marshall I…,” started to say as I walked into the kitchen until I saw Marshall passed out in the floor with a chicken leg laying beside him. “Marshall!” I yelled frantically. “Marshall…baby, can you hear me?” I asked kneeling beside him. I touched him lightly, he was cold and his face was pale. “No,” I whispered trying to hold back tears. I grabbed his wrist to check for a pulse, but … there was nothing. I began to panic; I didn’t know what to do… I had no idea how to give CPR. I grabbed my phone and quickly dialed 911.

“Detroit Police Department, what’s the nature of your emergency?” the woman on the other end asked.
“My boyfriend… he’s passed out on the floor, I…I don’t know what to do!?” I yelled.
“Is he breathing?” the woman asked remaining calm. I knelt down hoping he’d be breathing. Thank God he was, his was very weak but he was still breathing.
“He is, but it’s very weak,” I said.
“Ok, I want you to say with him…the paramedics will be there soon,” she assured.
“Thank you!” I said into the phone quickly before hanging it up.

“Baby…you gotta stay with me ok?” I told him. I didn’t move him, I was afraid too. I held on to his hand as he went in and out of conscience. I wanted to cry, I was so afraid I was gonna lose him…like I almost did about a week ago. Finally the paramedics arrived…They rushed Marshall outta the house and into the ambulance, I followed as well as another man.

“Is he gonna be ok?” I asked as the paramedic did some stuff to Marshall.
“Maybe…as of right now, I’m not exactly sure what’s wrong with him,” he told me. I sighed as tears filled my eyes. I grasped Marshall’s right hand and held tight, he was still cold. Come on baby, you gotta be ok.


“Meleah?” a nurse asked as she entered the waiting room. I looked up at her. She smiled. “Marshall wants to see you,” she said with a smile. I sighed in relief thank God he was alive. I smiled and rushed over to the lady.

“Baby?” I said softly as I entered the room.
“Hey,” he mumbled. I sighed. “I’m sorry,” he whispered as I walked over to him and sat on the edge of his bed.
“Marshall, do you remember what happened?” I asked softly. He stared at me for a moment like he was thinking. He slowly nodded.
“I uhh… was eating a piece of chicken when I began to feel too week to hold the damn thing, and I fell to the ground, I had a seizure,” he said.

“Thank God you’re ok,” I said softly. He smiled slightly.
“I really am sorry,” he said.
“I know baby,” I said leaning over and kissing him on the lips softly.
“Oh, and they say I’ma have to say over night…tomorrow I have to have knee surgery,” he mumbled. I knew he hated the fact that he had to have surgery. I gave him a funny look. “Well remember when Fif came over to play b-ball the other night?” he asked. “Well I fucked up my knee even more when I fell off the chair,” he said. I nodded.


“I fuckin hate this damn cast!” Marshall yelled as he attempted to get up off the couch.
“Let me help you,” I demanded.
“I don’t need your help!” he yelled. I frowned disappointed, he did need my help, he just didn’t know it yet. “What I need is some fuckin Vicodin!” he shouted as he finally stood up, he made his way to the basement stairs.
“Mr. Mathers, what do you think you are you doing!?” I shouted at him.
“Fixing this fuckin pain!” he shouted back. “The fuckers at that hospital didn’t give me anything to numb the fuckin shit!” he yelled once more.

“That’s cause you’re not supposed to have drugs!” I yelled as I followed him downstairs.
“I don’t give a fuck! My knee fuckin hurts like a motherfucker!” he yelled as he ripped a VHS tape off a shelf.
“Oh, so you stash your shit down here?” I questioned irritated.
“So? What do you want me to do? Suffer in pain because of my fuckin knee?” he questioned pissed.
“Fine, do what you wanna do. I don’t wanna fight with you!” I yelled walking away from him going back upstairs.
“Whatever,” I heard him grumble loudly before I slammed the basement door shut.


The next few weeks were silent, Marshall and I hardly spoke to each other. This made me depressed. I just wish he’d stop this shit. I wish he’d realize that he doesn’t need drugs to be happy, all he needs is his family, but he just can’t see that.

“What happened to your cast, Marshall?” I questioned as he walked into the kitchen, I was cooking up some hamburger helper. Marshall had mentioned it earlier.
“Nothin, I don’t wanna wear the fucker no more… it fuckin itches and its sweaty as fuck!” he yelled irritated.

“Yes, cause that’s going to make your knee heal faster,” I yelled. He just gave me a death glare. “Dumbass,” I whispered under my breath. He’s so stupid sometimes, always thinks he’s right, I hated it. But I loved him too much to walk away…it was killing me inside to know he didn’t care, and there was nothing I could do.
“Don’t fuckin talk to me like that!” Marshall snapped… I just stared at him, he was pissing me off, plus worrying me. I looked at him as if I was going to cry. His face went from angry to normal… “I’ma go lay down,” Marshall mumbled after a while as he limped up the stairs. I sighed as I watched him disappear.

I sat there for a moment staring at the stairs. I can’t stand the way he’s acting, it’s annoying and selfish. I might as well go check if he’s alright, I do care for him after all. I slowly got up and walked to the stairs. I don’t really want to deal with his bullshit right now but he needs a supervisor, I don’t want him to OD and die. I slowly walked up the stairs and to our bedroom hesitating when I reached for the door handle. I took a deep breath, flung the door open and instantly his head turned to me.

“Are you trying to break the door!?” Marshall yelled.
“No I just wanted to see if you were ok,” I said rolling my eyes about to leave and close the door behind me.
“Wait, don’t go,” he pleaded quietly.
“Why? What do you need from me?” I whined closing the door behind me, then I walked over to the bed where he was laying. “What?” I asked again.

“Stay with me tonight,” he smiled grabbing my wrist. Why is he acting so weird?
“Umm… I’ll come back with some hamburger helper later,” I said trying to release my wrist from his grip but his grip just got tighter. “What the hell are you doing? Let go of me!” I shouted.
“No, I want to you stay with me!” he shouted back pulling me towards him.
“Do you want the house to burn down?!” I screamed at him.
“I don’t care, I need you!! Now come lay down!” he angered.

“No!” I yelled releasing my wrist but instantly after he jumped out of bed and grabbed me by the shoulders then threw me on the bed quickly. It hurt my back like hell. What the hell is this about? I don’t want to be here, he’s hurting me.
“You’re my girl! You have to stay with me,” he mumbled in my ear as he got on top of me and held me down.
“Get off of me!” I screamed in his ear.
“Shut the fuck up and do what a girlfriend is supposed to do!” he yelled in my face. What the fuck is a girlfriend “supposed” to do? Be used for sex? He’s being such a fucking cunt! I love him but I want to stab him right now.

“What the fuck are talking about?! Leave me alone you drugged up bastard!” I screamed. He looked very angry now, I’m scared. He moved his hands that were previously gripping my arms so tight that they left marks to my neck. “Ma…shhhh…all I… can’t….” I attempted to tell him I can’t breathe but the more I talked the tighter he squeezed my throat.

He’s trying to kill me! And I can’t do anything about it. I struggled to push him off me with my hands and legs but the more I tried the more vile he became. He locked my legs in between his own and squeezed my throat even tighter. I swear I was on the brink of blacking out when he suddenly let go of my neck and moved his hands to my waist.

I gasped for air, coughing a hell of a lot in the process. I reached for my throat and started rubbing it. Tears were running down my face like a waterfall. I attempted to talk but my voice wouldn’t escape me so I just laid there. I figure if I resist he’ll just hurt me more.

He eventually pulled all the clothing off my body and shoved his already erect penis inside me. I yelped at his force of entry. This is the most painful sex I’ve ever had, even more than my first time and not just vaginal pain. I hate this so much. I could hardly feel the pleasure over the pain but luckily for me he was done quickly. He didn’t really move from that first position the entire time. I just felt like he was flopping on top of me. When he stopped he let out a huge sigh and laid next to me.


I laid there for a moment waiting to see what he was going to do. I slowly got off the bed. “Where the fuck do you think you’re going?” Marshall shouted sitting up.
“The hamburger helper is…” I started saying the words quietly with a scared tone. I was afraid he was going to get up and hurt me…again.
“Whatever…just bring me a plate,” he demanded.

Why should I bring him a plate? He almost killed me. He doesn’t deserve food service. I left the room and went downstairs to the kitchen. The food was done. I was too upset to eat myself so I just dished up some for Marshall and Mya.

“Here,” I grumbled as I held out a plate for Marshall.
“Thanks,” he muttered and grabbed the plate form my hands. I sighed and went to Mya’s room. She was laying on the floor coloring. She looked up at me.
“Hey baby,” I said softly.
“I heard you and Daddy fighting,” she whispered. I let out a large sigh. “Are you guys gonna leave each other?” she asked sadly. I sighed again and shook my head.

I really didn’t know what I wanted to do. No, I didn’t wanna leave him, but he just almost killed me. Who knows if he’d do it again. What was I gonna tell Mya? How was I going to explain this to my mother and everyone else? I really wanted to cry right now. I always said I’d love Marshall no matter what he did.

“No,” I finally said as she ate.
“Good, I don’t wanna leave. I like it here, and I love Daddy,” she smiled as she chewed on the food. It made me smile, she was so cute. I watched TV with her for a while before we both went to bed.

I went to bed with Marshall just so he wouldn’t get mad at me. He was asleep when I walked in the room, I laid next to him. The last thing I remember is him pulling me into his arms, which I thought was odd, before I feel asleep.
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PostSubject: Re: More Than Friends or Just a Dream? (NC-17)   Fri Aug 13, 2010 2:57 am

I woke up the next morning due to a dream about Marshall trying to hurt me again. I sat up quickly and looked over to where he laid that night. He was gone, thank God. I was now terrified of him, I had no idea what he’d do. I really didn’t want to be in the same house with him right now, but leaving him now could be a mistake. I sighed and proceeded to the bathroom to take a shower. I glanced at the clock quickly, it was only eight in the morning.


I slowly made my way downstairs, afraid I would run into him and he’d stab me or something. I looked around for him, better I find him first before he finds me. When I found him he was in the kitchen drinking coffee. I stared at him for a moment, he didn’t notice me. Finally he looked up at me. He quickly got up and walked over to me.

“Morning,” he said softly. What the hell is going on? He’s acting like nothing happened. He did double take to my wrists. “Babe, what happened to your wrists? Who did this to you?” he questioned trying to grab my wrists. I jumped away and covered them with my hands. “You act like I did this to you,” he whispered grabbing my wrist softly. That’s cause you did do this to me you fucking asshole. How can he not remember? Or was he just being stupid?

“You did do this to me!” I yelled pulling my wrist away from him.
“Huh?” he asked looking confused. “Meleah…I would never…” he started.
“Well you did,” I yelled. “You almost killed me last night,” I muttered.
“Meleah…I …I,” he spoke, I could tell he didn’t know what to say. He sighed about to cry. “I don’t remember anything from last night. And I would never hurt you like that… why would I do that?” he cried.

“I don’t know what to say to you, Marshall. You really hurt me, I can’t talk about this now, I’m leaving,” I said softly before rushing out the kitchen followed by Marshall.
“Where you goin?” Marshall shouted hurt.
“I don’t know right now, just leave me alone!” I yelled crying. I lied. I knew where I was going I just didn’t want to tell him, why would I?
“Baby please come back, don’t do this to me!” Marshall cried.

“Don’t do this to you? What about what you did to me? You almost killed me!” I shouted before leaving the house and slamming the door. I shivered at the coldness, all I had on was a t-shirt and no car keys.


I walked down the street towards the park I took the girls to in the summer. I cleared some snow off the seat and sat down. I wasn’t cold anymore, I had become used to the cold…

~~~Marshall’s pov~~~

“Fuck!” I yelled as the door slammed. How could I let her walk outta my life again? I was so worried that she was going to leave me again. I couldn’t handle that right now, I cannot lose someone else I love so much again. I’ve already lost so many things because of this fuckin addiction and Proof’s passing bringing me to my knees. I still haven’t gotten over his death, its still so hard to accept that his gone. I still don’t want to believe that I will never see my best friend again. And now, I may not see Meleah again.

I really fucked up this time. If what she says is true, I’ll never be able to go on with my life normally. I let out a huge sigh. I couldn’t take it, half of me said to go take some more pill the other half said to get sober. I didn’t know what to do. I stared at the door for about ten minutes hoping Meleah would come through it. She never did, which killed me. I sighed and slowly made my way to the bedroom. In the back of my head I knew I was going to do something stupid, but I didn’t care.

I stood in the bathroom and stared at myself in the mirror before opening the medicine cabinet. I grabbed the pill bottle and stared at it, Valium, I grabbed another, Vicodin. I tried to think of what would be better for me. I was depressed that Meleah had left, also, my knee was hurting. Hmm two excuses that are good enough for me. I opened the bottles and took two of each before going back to bed.


“What do you think your doin?” I heard a familiar voice say as I opened up the pill bottles. I looked over towards the voice, Proof was sitting on the edge of the tub, he looked angry.
“DeShaun?” I asked softly. He nodded.
“What are you doing with those, Marshall?” he asked pointing to the bottles in my hands. I looked at the bottles. What does he think I’m going to do? Take them, duh. What else would I do with them?

“Washing the pain away,” I grumbled as I popped some pills in my mouth.
“That’s not helping you,” Proof said softly. “Just look what you did to Meleah,” he whispered a image of last night was playing as if someone recorded us. There I was forcing her to have sex with me. I began to choke her. I looked away trying to block out her cries. I couldn’t stand looking at that.
“Make it stop!” I demanded trying not to cry. Suddenly everything became silent.

“You need to stop this, admit you have a problem. You’re cryin out for help. Taking these pills is not gonna bring me back. I’m in a better place now. You have to accept that,” Proof spoke.
“I… I don’t,” I couldn’t find the right words to say, Proof’s words killed me. I closed my eyes and shook my head. What the hell is happening to me!? I looked to where Proof was sitting, but he was gone. What? Where’d he go? “DeShaun!” I yelled.
“You don’t need my help to get clean, you’re strong enough. You need to go to Meleah and admit you have a problem,” I heard Proof’s voice again. I looked around trying to find him. He was standing in the doorway this time.
“How? She just left me,” I said tears filling my eyes at the thought of her being gone.
“She’ll come back. She loves you, Marshall. Just wait,” Proof said before disappearing.


I sat up in bed, I was still crying from my dream. Proof was right, this pill popping had to stop. It was killing me, the girls and Meleah. I got out of bed, glancing at the clock before going in the bathroom. It was almost 10am. I walked in the bathroom and opened the medicine cabinet and grabbed the five pill bottles that I had left over. I slowly opened each of them.

I have to pour them out, get rid of them. No more drugs. I have a problem and I need to fix it. Come on say it out loud… “I have a problem and I need to fix it,” I whispered under my breath. Say it louder dumbass. “I have a problem and I need to fix it!” I said in my normal voice. Feeling satisfied I poured each bottle out individually in the toilet. I stood still for a second before flushing them outta my life, for good this time.

This time I was ready, I was ready to take the first step to become clean. Fix things with Meleah, then admit that I have a problem with drugs and go to rehab. I knew going to rehab would be the best for me, and it would make Meleah and all my friends so happy… plus the girls. Even they knew I had a problem and it hurt me to know that they knew, they didn’t deserve to see their father like this or be put though this.

~~~Meleah’s pov~~~

I was now starting to feel cold. Should I go home? All I wanted to do was get outta this cold. I really didn’t feel like talking to Megan or my mom about this. They would freak the fuck out. I rather just keep it to myself, not let anyone find out. With that, I slowly made my way back to the house.
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PostSubject: Re: More Than Friends or Just a Dream? (NC-17)   Fri Aug 13, 2010 2:58 am

I made it home and went straight to the bedroom. I was freezing cold, all I wanted was a blanket. I opened the bedroom door. Marshall was sitting on the bed staring out the window. He turned around and stared at me for a moment. “What happened to you?” he said softly. I shook my head. Who cares? All I want right now is warmth. He slowly reached out and touched my shoulder, I jumped slightly. But I liked it, his hand was warm on my skin. “Babe, you’re freezing,” he said. “Why weren’t you wearing a coat?” he questioned. I didn’t answer.

He walked me over to the bed and wrapped the blanket around me. “We need to get you warm,” he whispered as he pulled me into his arms.
“Don’t hurt me,” I said softly.
“I’m not gonna hurt you,” he whispered. “Can we talk about that?” he asked. No, I really don’t want to. I just wanna get warm and go back to sleep. But I knew saying “no” wouldn’t stop him from trying to talk about it.

I sighed. “How could you do that to me?” I said pulling away from him.
“That wasn’t me….well it was… but I.. I would never do that,” he said his eyes were watery as if he was gonna cry.
“Well you did, you really hurt me this time, Marshall,” I said almost crying myself. This was way worse than the whole thing about me leaving him and him going back to Kim. Its hard to trust him now, and as I sat there with him, I was terrified.
“I’m so sorry, I never meant to hurt you. I,” he mumbled. He was so lost on what to say. He began to cry he looked down trying to hide his tears.

I really didn’t know what to do, I couldn’t leave him. But how did I know he wasn’t gonna do this again? “Just promise me, you wont leave me. You can be mad all you want, but you can’t leave me. I can’t live without you, I love you too much to see you walk away. If I didn’t have you, I wouldn’t wanna live,” he mumbled crying still. I let out a sigh.

“I don’t wanna leave you, but how do I know you’re not gonna do this again?” I asked.
“I wont,” he said whipping his eyes. “You know why?” he asked. I shook my head. No, what could make you anger problems go away? “I’m going to get clean. I finally realized that I have a problem and I cannot do this any more,” he said with a slight smile. I couldn’t help but smile.

“Really?” I asked, he nodded. “Oh, Marshall I love you,” I said leaning forward towards him. Our lips met and we began to kiss. He was gentle, his kiss saying that he was sorry and that would never happen again.
“I love you too,” he whispered into the kiss. After a while we pulled away, and I was back to a normal temp.

I rested my head on his chest for a little bit. “Did you throw away your pills?” I asked.
“Yep,” he said smiling. “Flushed them down the toilet,” he told me. I couldn’t be more proud of him, him getting clean was one of the greatest things he could accomplish ever in his life.
“When you plan on leaving?” I asked him.
“As soon as I can, so probably Monday morning,” he said. Gosh, I’m so proud of him.
“I’m so proud of you, Marshall,” I smiled. Marshall smiled too.
“Yeah, now less talking…more this..” he whispered as he moved closer to me.

We began to kiss, he slowly pushed me back on the bed. I was a bit nervous, I knew he wasn’t going to hurt me but I just couldn’t help it. “Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle. I won’t hurt you,” Marshall whispered.
“I know,” I replied not knowing anything better to say. We continued took kiss and slowly take off each others clothes.

A pile of clothes piled up on the floor pretty quickly. Marshall hovered over me for a moment. We stared at each other. “I love you,” Marshall whispered before kissing me causing me to moan into the kiss.
“I love you too,” I moaned as he slowly pushed himself into me.

He moved slowly at first, I pulled him closer to my body and he began to move faster. I dug my nails into his back and he let out a moan. We parted our lips to catch out breath. We were breathless, it felt like it was 110 degrees in the room. Marshall stared down at me and smiled, stopping briefly.

“Marshall,” I moaned, “Don’t…s…st… stop,” I studded as he began to move again as soon as I said his name. I pulled him closer to me, digging my nails into his back, causing him to moan. As he moved faster the more heavy or breaths became.

This was amazing. Much better than the other night. Gosh this man was amazing in bed, I love him so much. My thoughts were interrupted as we reached out climax. Marshall began to move faster, pushing harder into me causing me to moan his name and dig my nails in his back harder. He gave one last trust before cumming inside me.

He laid on top of me kissing me for a moment before pushing himself off me and laying next to me. We turned and faced each other. He smiled and moved closer to me, we began to kiss again, losing ourselves in each other.


“Baby, wake up,” I heard Marshall whisper.
“Mmmm,” I whined. It was too damn early. But Marshall was expecting me to drive him to the rehab center at the hospital after dropping Mya off at her play date thing.
“You gonna drive me or do I have to go myself?” Marshall asked.
“Yeah, yeah. Just give me a minute or so,” I grumbled.
“Ok sweetie,” Marshall said softly kissing me on the head before he got up.

I was so damn tired. I hardly got any sleep. The thought of not seeing Marshall for about 90 days made me depressed. I was going to miss him. At least the past three nights were amazing. I drug myself out of bed and into the bathroom, Marshall was in the shower. I needed one myself but I was too lazy, too lazy to put on make-up also, so I looked like crap, but I didn’t care.

I slowly made my way downstairs, I was not looking forward to living 90 days by myself. But me walking slowly wasn’t gonna do any help. Marshall already had Mya ready to go.

Why is he in such a hurry? “Ready?” he asked. “I have to be there at eight,” he said so soft, I hardly heard him.
“Yeah… I’m comin,” I mumbled to myself for no reason, he was out the door. I guess it was easier for him to get this over with quickly.

Marshall was waiting with Mya at my Mustang. “Want me to drive?” he asked.
“No, I’ll drive,” I mumbled.
“The days will go by quicker than you think…you know that right?” Marshall whispered as he got into the passenger seat.
“Sure,” I muttered before starting the car. Marshall let out a sigh, I knew he was hurt by the way I was acting but I just couldn’t help it. Yeah, this was good for him but I didn’t wanna be alone in such a large house.


“Can I help you?” he woman at the front desk asked. She was an older woman with grey hair, she stared smiling kindly.
“Yeah, I’m Marshall Mathers here to check into rehab,” Marshall spoke with no emotion.
“Oh… Mr. Mathers…“ she said looking at some papers “Yes, have a seat and Dr. Balzac will be with you shortly,” he said with a smile.

“Ha Balzac,” Marshall laughed. I rolled my eyes, his name did sound like ball sack.
“Very mature Marshall,” I said irritated.
“Why are you being so depressed,” Marshall questioned as he pulled me closer to him.
“I’m just tired,” I lied. I wasn’t tired, I just didn’t want to admit to him that I didn’t want to live alone without him for 90 days… something bad was sure to happen.
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PostSubject: Re: More Than Friends or Just a Dream? (NC-17)   Thu Sep 02, 2010 1:07 pm

Are you gonna write more soon? This story is great. bounce
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More Than Friends or Just a Dream? (NC-17)
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