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 Mercy (Beyoncé/Four Brothers Fanfiction) 9/21/10

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PostSubject: Mercy (Beyoncé/Four Brothers Fanfiction) 9/21/10    Mon Sep 20, 2010 9:37 pm

Tragedy brings all the Mercer brothers back home; even Bobby who left town and abandoned his family for mysterious reasons. His return will shake up everyone's world, including his ex girlfriend who is hiding a secrete of her own. Lives are changed forever when the truth behind their loved ones death comes to a head. Will the four brothers that are bonded by choice not blood pull together as a family or will revenge tear them apart? Bobby/OC

Rated NC-17 : For extreme violence, language, and strong sexual content.

Main Characters:

The Four Mercer Brothers

Bobby Mercer: The eldest of the four brothers and their number one protector. A real hard ass that never really thinks about the out come of his actions and doesn't have much of a conscience. He's probably the craziest out of the group. Don't let his “take no shit exterior” fool you. He loves very few but those that find their way into his heart share an unbreakable bond. He's not very big on relationships but has always had a special connection with Baby. Before he left town they had been in a relationship for over a year. No one knows why he woke up one day and just picked up and left.

Jeremiah “Jerry” Mercer: He use to run the streets with his brother Bobby but has changed a lot over the years mostly due to getting married to his wife Camille and settling down. He's the second oldest but often tries to take on the role as the “big dog.” Now a days he's a family man and is all about raising his two young girls the "right way." He struggles with keeping his past in the past and being the voice of reason for his brothers. He's known as the responsible one or as Bobby would say the “saint.”

Angel Mercer: He takes after his oldest brother bobby in the crazy department. He's a army vet and has the temper to go along with it. He's usually down for whatever Bobby's down for but has a little more of a conscience. He's had an on again off again relationship with Sofia for years. Their relationship has never been very stable or healthy for that matter. But he does love and want to spend the rest of his life with her no matter how dysfunctional they are.

Jack “Cracker Jack” Mercer: The youngest of the brothers and is usually the butt of their jokes but it's all love. He wants to be just like his older brothers Bobby and Angel but is never aloud to follow in their foots steps due to their over protectiveness of him. Although he's growing up in the hard streets of Detroit he keeps to his rocker image. His older brothers have moved on and out of his mothers house but he still resides there and is very much a mama's boy.

The Women

Evelyn Mercer: A kind hearted mother with spunk and always tells it straight up. She adopted and raised Bobby, Jerry, Angel and Jack from young boys. She's what links them all to together.

Karina “Baby” Jenkins: She grew up with the Mercers and received the nick name “Baby” from Evelyn Mercer for being the youngest in the group; next to Jack that is. She's often told that she has a mother's heart and is very nurturing. Although she carries the title of being the “baby” well she's always had her eye on the oldest brother. They were a hot and heavy couple for a while and was known to have great passion for one another. To this day she doesn't know why Bobby vanished from his loved ones and is still very much hurt by it. She still lives in Detroit and now works at a group home with Evelyn Mercer.

Camile Mercer: Married to Jeremiah Mercer. Worries that Bobby will pull Jerry back in to his old ways and is extremely vocal about it but never allows her insecurities to come in between his brothers. She has a good friendship with Baby but can't really stand Sofia.

Sofia Vergara: A spunky wild loud mouth Puerto Rican with attitude, who's been madly in love with Angel Mercer for years. She's a down for the cause type of girl and isn't afraid to take charge and go get what she wants. She and Baby are best friends.

Other Characters:

Terrence Green aka Lt. Green: Grew up playing hockey with the Mercer boys and was their childhood friend, but his life went in the opposite direction as theirs when he enrolled himself in the Detroit police academy. He's currently dating Baby and is constantly questioning her true feelings.

Detective Fowler: He's Lt. Green's partner. Anything Mercer related disgusts him. His character will develop over time.

A/N: There are many other characters but I like surprising my readers.

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PostSubject: Re: Mercy (Beyoncé/Four Brothers Fanfiction) 9/21/10    Mon Sep 20, 2010 9:40 pm

Gonna post the first Chapter now, after I receive comments I'll post again. Arrow
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PostSubject: Gone Baby, Gone   Mon Sep 20, 2010 9:48 pm

Gone Baby, Gone

The queen size bed creaked as Karina dug her nails in to Terrance's back. She bit down on her bottom lip to silence her cries as her orgasm ripped throughout her body still forcing a grunt from her lips.

Sweat from his brow dripped on to her bare chest as he looked down to lock eyes with his lover, but found them shut tight like always during their love making. “Open your eyes Rina!” He encouraged through labored breathing but to his disappointment they remained shut. She was in her own world.

Terrance felt as if her mind had gone to another place. He pumped in and out faster. His hands found there way into her long golden brown locks as he pushed deeper in to her core trying to find the spot to bring her back to his reality. His movements became faster and erratic as his own release approached.

Karina tightened her legs around his waist and prayed that he would hurry the hell up! After she came down from her orgasm that she had to work so hard to achieve she drifted off to another place. She seemed to do that more and more these days. It was beyond her control. She knew Terrance was working extra hard to try and please her but it just wasn't happening. It wasn't him; it was all her. For reasons unknown to her, she couldn't give all of herself in intimate moments anymore. Whether it be physically or mentally.

Now she found herself thinking about the next day and what time she was suppose to be at the center. Was she suppose to open or was it Ms. Evelyn's week? Her mind was so far gone that she actually tried to reach for the cordless phone on the nightstand to find out until she felt a lot of weight on top of her. Had he just done his business?

Terrance tried to pulled Karina into his arms while kissing the base of her neck but was stopped by two small palms pushing him away. He glanced down at her with his brows furrowed in confusion. “What the !” He shouted a little louder then intended.

Karina continued to struggled to get him off of her. “I can't believe you just did that shit! After I told you not to!” Terrance rolled over releasing her from his strong embrace. She got up in a hurry; grabbed her silk night gown off the floor, and pulled her arms through to cover her nakedness.

His eyes trailed down her curves as she pulled the gown over her breast. He picked up a pack of cigarettes off the nightstand. “How you expect me to remember that Rina... huh! when you were laying under me like a in' dead fish!?” He asked, bringing the lighter up to light his cancer stick.

She gave him a death stare. “Fuck you Tee!”

He exhaled a cloud of smoke. “That's the problem you won't!”

She crossed her arms. “I'm not keepin' you here Tee! And I definitely ain't beggin' you to me with that piece a shit dick!” She spun on her hills and stomped toward the bathroom.

Terrance was up in a flash. “What are you doing?!” He shouted after her.

Karina flung open her medicine cabinet and continued ignoring him.

When his feet hit the cold tile floor he through his cigarette in the toilet and grabbed her wrist to spin her around. “I asked you a in' question?!”

She held a pill in the palm of her hand. “What does it looked like I'm doing?” She jerked her arm away, and turning back to fill up the glass on the side of the sink. “I told you to pull out! But you can't follow simple instructions!” She tossed the pill in her mouth and it hit the back of her tongue.

“I thought you were on the pill!”

“I told you I ran out a few day ago! You never listen to shit I say!”

“You're that worried about getting' pregnant? Would it be so bad Rina?”

She swallowed hard and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. “Are you serious!” She asked not really expecting an answer. Usually he wasn't much for arguing, but tonight he wasn't backing down.

“No, are you serious Rina! I Love you... and yes I want children!”

She blew out a deep breath as she walked around him headed to the living room. Why did it always have to come to this conversation with him? She sat on her black leather couch and crossed her legs. Of course he was right there standing over her. “I told you, I”m not ready for children Terrance. Plus certain things should come before that.”

“Like what!”

“I don't know... maybe trust for starters. And I definitely don't trust you!”

“Are you ever gonna get over that shit Rina?” He asked backing up a little to see her face.

“It's only been three months. That's not exactly enough time to get over you lieing to me about being married!”

“We were separated! None of that matters now because the divorce went through!”

“It matters! You still lied to me!”

He knelt down so his arms were resting in her lap, to make sure she was following. “Is that why things are so stranded between us Karina?” He brung up her right palm and placed a gental kiss there. “You barely talk to me anymore." He uttered, focusing in on her eyes. "You keep pushing me away... even when we make love you're not with me... A few months ago I couldn't keep up with you. Now you just lay there like it's a in' chore-”

She pushed him off her and stood up. “Everything goes back to that!”

“I can't f**k my self!” He shouted.

“Yes you can! Trust me. I do it all the time!”

He stood up right along with her towering over her shorter frame. “You're damn right it goes back to that! I know what it's like to really be with you, and I know something's wrong here Rina!” He paused to turn away and gather his thoughts only to face her again seconds later. “Maybe we should get married.” He murmered.

She looked at him like he had lost his damn mind. “Are you kidding me! You just went from something's wrong, to maybe we should get married! Do you see the problem?”

“Well... maybe we should!” He choked out.

“You're looking at marriage as a way to fix things! That's not what it's for!”

“I don't know what you want!”

“It's not this! I'm twenty-two Terrance! I'm not ready for marriage!”

“Don't throw your age at me like it's explaining anything! You keep saying you don't' want kids and marriage! I've seen the way you are with those kids at the center! You were born to be somebody's mother Rina!”

“I do want children... Just not right now! Would you drop this shit and move on!” She walked around the coffee table to the kitchen.

He stopped her by grabbing her upper arm. “Don't walk away from me!” He ordered.

She snatched her arm away. “Don't in' grab me like that!" She snapped. "I'm not your child!”

“No apparently I'm not good enough for those!” He snapped back. “Why don't you say what you really mean Rina? You want children! Just not mine!”

She furrowed her brow, completely confused. “What? Where the hell is that coming from!”

“He's not coming back Karina! He left you and he's not coming back!”

She balled up her fists and pushed him in the chest, forcing him away from her. “Get out! She shouted. “You always use that to hurt me, when it's you that worry about what I would do if he did! So stop coming at me like I'm the wone with the problem! Now get the outta my house!”

He grabbed for her again. “I'm sorry Baby!”

“Now I'm Baby?!” She kept trying to pull a way. “Leave!”


They continued to struggle until Karina's cell phone vibrated on the coffee table.

Terrance looked at it while still holding on to her. “Who's calling you at two in the morning?” He asked with a questional brow raised.

She didn't know. Something most be wrong. She reached for her cell , but Terrance got to it first. “Bastard!” She grunted.

He smiled and flipped the phone on. “Hello?”

Karina watch the smile he wore quickly drain. It was obviously someone he didn't like.

He handed her the phone. “It's Jeremiah.”

She looked at it strangely before placing it to her ear. “Hello.”

“B..Baby.” He stuttered out.

She knew instantly something was terribly wrong. “Jerry what's wrong?”

He tried again. “Baby...I...I” But failed again.

Loud sobbing could be heard through the receiver. “What is it Jerry!” She had never witnessed him this up set before and it frightened her. Then seconds later it sounded as if the phone had been dropped.

The next voice that was heard was a little more calm, but still held great pain. “Baby...It's Camille.”

Karina relaxed a little. “Camille what's going on?”

Terrance walked up beside her. “Something happen?” He asked, placing his hand on her shoulder as a way of comforting her.

She moved away quickly. “Just say it Camille! Did Jackie get in some more trouble?”

Terrance started to cut into her conversation but his pager suddenly went off, grabbing his attention. It was his night off... and he was being paged? That was odd.

“I”m so sorry Baby!” Camille stopped to collect herself. “Ms... Ms. Evelyn was killed tonight.” She forced out.

Karina stopped breathing, and everything became still. Her chest tighten up. This couldn't be true. “You're wrong!” She shouted.

Camille couldn't hold herself together anymore. “No Baby! She's gone!” She cried.

Tears pricked Karina's eyes and threatened to fall. “I just saw her Camille! I just saw her!” She held on to the mantel over the fire place for support as she broke down. A sharp pain shot throughout her as she shook from uncontrollable sobs.

“Baby! Baby! You still with me?”

She swallowed hard to answer. “Yeah... yeah I'm still here.” She sniffled. “What happened Camille?”

“We don't know yet. The police just got here.”

“Wh... what can I do?”

“Could you stay with Jackie tonight... I would go get him but Jeremiah's not doing to well right now. There's police with Jack but he should be with family. Could you please do that for me?”

“Of course... Of course.”

“I love you girl.”
“I love you too.”


...two days later

“We are gathered here to say our final farewell to Evelyn Anne Mercer.”

The cold Detroit breeze nipped at Karina cheeks, and a single tear dropped from her eye. She felt Terrance's hand on the small of her back giving what little support he had to offer.

“Lord our God, you are the source of life. In you we live and move and have our being.”

Jack laid his head on Karina's shoulder allowing his tears to soak her black dress while he tried to find the will to let his mother go. She had always been there for him, and love him no matter what. He couldn't remember his life before coming to her home, now he couldn't image much of one without her.

“keep us in life and death in your love , by your grace, lead us to your kingdom, your Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord.”

Jeremiah held on to his wife in fear of his knees buckling under him. Everything felt surreal. Like at any moment he would wake up from this nightmare with a crazy story to tell his mother. She would scold him for thinking such thoughts and then turn it into a joke. But none of this was funny, and he certainly would never wake up from this nightmare.


He tore his eyes away from the black casket, and observed all the individuals that had come to say their goodbyes to Evelyn Mercer. She had touched so many people during her time on earth. Most of them had known her as children, but were now grown. So many different ethnicities and backgrounds.

“From dust you came, to dust you shall return. Jesus Christ, is the resurrection and the life.”

Jeremiah watched as the priest scattered three hand fulls of earth on to the coffin bringing the service to a close.

“Everyone bow their heads and let us say the Lords prayer.”

Our Father, art in heaven.
Hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come
Thy will be done earth as it is in heaven.
Give us today our daily bread
and forgive us our trespasses we forgive those
who trespass against us,
and lead us not into temptation
but deliver us from evil.
For thine is the kingdom,
the power and the glory,
for ever and ever.

Karina lifted her head after she finished the prayer and turned toward the sound of a car door closing. Someone was getting out of the passenger side of an old car. She slightly smiled to herself as Angel's face came into viewing distances. It was just like him to be late. He would most likely be late to his own funeral.

She watced as Angel looked back like he was waiting for something or someone. She shifted a little to get a better view as the door to the driver side swung open knocking snow off the roof of the car.

Karina tightly squeezed Jack's hand when her eyes locked with the prodigal son's. She felt like she couldn't breath as her heart rate sped up.

Jack followed her gaze and stopped on Angel then continued on to Bobby.

He wore his famous scowl on his features, forcing both brows together as if he were in pain. He used this to mask whatever strong emotion he was feeling at any given time.

Jack couldn't help but feel joy through his own grief. His two brothers had returned home. He bumped Jeremiah excitedly with his elbow informing him of his discovery.

Although Jerry's immediate feelings was of anger he couldn't help but smile at the sight of them. He hadn't seen or heard from his oldest brother in three years. Pulling his leather coat tighter around him he took one step in their directions but was stopped by a hand on his shoulder. He looked over his shoulder at his wife.

“I thought you said he wasn't coming.” Camille questioned.

“No, I said I didn't know if he was coming or not.”

Bobby walked along side his brother Angel but never broke eye contact with Karina. Everything felt like it was in slow motion and he couldn't force his eyes away, not that he wanted too. She looked exactly how he had imagined her throughout the three years he was gone. Still so beautiful. She looked like the same nineteen year old he had left behind; except there was something slightly different in her eyes, although they glistened with tears; there was a pain in them, and he knew instantly he had put it there. Karina's gaze was pulled away by someone behind her. Was that Green?

They walked hand in hand up to the casket and Karina scatter dirt over it's surface.

Bobby felt a tap on his shoulder and looked away, but quickly diverted his focus back and she was gone. He was then tapped again.

It was Angel. “You with us?” He asked. “Jerry's been talkin' to you and yo ass day dreamin'!”

Bobby gave him a menacing look. “Get the f**k outta here with that bullshit!” He told Angel, eyeing Jeremiah. “Is it all love Jerry?” He asked his brother. “Or you got somethin' else you gotta tell me?”

“I'm always happy to see my family. I just don't want no shit Bobby. I ain't part of that life no more. I got Camille and the girls to worry about now.” He looked at Angel. “That goes for you too.”

Angel raised his hand in surrender and backed up slightly. “I'm just here to be with my family.” He paused a second and gave Jeremiah a serious look. “They find out what happened to mom yet?”

Jeremiah shook his head. “Naw... they say it was a routine hit at a drug store... period.”

“That's all they got?” Bobby asked. “Cops around here ain't good for nothin'! Looks like we're gonna have to jump in this shit.”

Angel nodded in agreement.

“Bobby!” Jeremiah warned. “I said no shit!”

“Aw what Jerry! I ain't come home just for no funeral!”

Angel jumped in to defend his older brother. “It's not gonna hurt to find out the truth for ourselves. And if nothin' comes up smellin' fowl there won't be any shit Jerry.”

Jeremiah didn't believe that for a second. “Well this is neither the time nor the place. Let's just get through the day. We need to go on to mom's house. I'm sure it's packed to the rim by now.”

“Where's Jackie?” Bobby asked searching the area he last saw him standing with Karina.

“He left with Baby. He's not really handlin' all this well... Shit, he ain't really handlin' it at all.” Jerry looked down at his hands as he slid on his leather gloves and tried to swallow down the lump that formed in his throut when his mind had taken him back to his mother. He cleared his throat and zoned back in on Bobby. “We can catch Baby at mom's if we hurry. She and Camille did most of the cooking. I'm hoping she's one of the reason you came bac-”

Bobby interrupted him. “I came back to bury our mother Jerry... Among other things. Once I take care of business I'm gone.”

“Just like that?” Angel asked.

Jeremiah jumped in. “Yeah... you good for cuttin' out on all of us... aren't you? Was Angel the only one you kept in contact with... Huh? I guess you feel like you blessed us enough by doin' that! At least he was able to let us know you really woke up in the middle of the night and in' vanished... Right!”

Bobby looked away clearly a little aggravated. “Here we go.” He knew this was bound to come up a few times, and he was prepared.

Jeremiah kept on. “Baby woke up thinkin' one of your boys on the street had ed you over! Whe-”

Angel cut in. “Hey!” He shouted. “Remember we just said this was not the time for this shit! Mom just f**kin' died Jerry! She's gone man! She wouldn't want us fighting! We need to start acting like a family... mom would want that! Whatever the reason Bobby left is not important right now! Let's just be happy he's home now... and worry about the rest lata! Aight! Now hug each other and say I'm happy to see you!”

Bobby and Jerry looked at each other and couldn't help but smile. Bobby pulled Jerry in for a brotherly embrace.

Jeremiah patted his back. “I'm happy to see you man.” As he pulled away he caught sight of Lt. Green and Detective Fowler walking up. Everyone else had gone. He alerted his brothers to their presents with a slight nod in their direction.

“Hey man, it's good to see you.“ Terrance told Angel as he pulled him in for a quick pat on the back. He looked at the eldest brother as he backed away. He simply addressed him with. “Bobby”

“Green” He replied back as he stared him down. He never liked Green, but now he liked him even less by the way he had pulled Baby away.

“Sorry for your loss.” Green said.

Bobby ignored him. “You got anything new on mom's murder?” He countered.

“Nothing solid yet... but when we do we'll let you know.”

Bobby snorted. “Sure you will.”

Fowler watched him with disgust.

Bobby glared back. “You look like you got somethin' on your mind Fowler.”

“You just make sure you leave this investigation to the big boys.” He told him.

Bobby laughed sarcastically. “You mean leave it to the Detroit police?” He asked. “You couldn't find your in' balls if I pointed them out to you.! Not to mention most of y'all are so in' crooked you can't walk straight! My mother always told me. You want shit done right do it ya self... Man y'all take that bullshit and get the f**k outta here!”

“I'm warning you Bobby!” Fowler said. “You stay the away from my investigation or I'll hall your ass in!” He threatened, stepping towards the bigger man.

“Don't in' threaten me! Arrest my ass right in' now!” Bobby challenged.

Green pulled his partner back. “Fowler we're leavin'!” He ordered.

“That's right you better drag his skinny ass away or you'll be arresting me for assaulting!”

“let it go! Think about this Bobby!” Jeremiah warned, trying to defuse the situation. "Think!"

“Oh! Now you're threatening me!” Fowler shouted as Green continued to pull him away.

Bobby smacked his lips. “Man! You ain't bout shit! Green let his skinny ass go so he can see how much of a threat I am! I will FUCk his shit up!”

Green didn't say anything just shoved his partner into the police car.


Karina threw a pot inside the sink making a loud banging noise.

Sofia looked at the sink. “What did the sink do to you?” She asked her best friend.

“Can you believe he just showed up like nothing happened? Like he hadn't abandoned everyone he calmed to love!”

Sofia felt bad for her. Seeing him again must really hurt. “You think you should tell him?” She questioned.

“There's nothing to tell!”


“No! His mother just died Sofie! I don't need to make this visit about us! He'll be gone in a few days anyway... there's no need to bring up the past.” She said as she dried the dish she held.

Sofia put both hands up surrendering. “Okay! I won't bring it up again.”

Karina placed the dish in the cabinet “Sure you will." She mumbled.


Bobby walked into the front door of his childhood home with his brothers. He was careful not to look around in fear of his mind drifting to his Evelyn. There would be time to grieve alone later.

He greeted some of Evelyn's friends with each step he took. His eyes soon found Jackie. He was sitting off to the side staring into space obviously in his own little world. He walked up him. “Cracker Jack! Give ya brother a hug man!” He said holding his arms out.

Jack stood up to hug him. “Bobby don't start with that Cracker Jack bullshit!”

Bobby rustled his already messy hair. “What... you to good to be called Cracker Jack now that you packin' a lil' fudge?”

Jack gave him a look. “Man I'm all about the ladies!”

“Yeah whatever Jackie.”

“Speaking of ladies... you got a lot of explaining to do. You might as well get the shit over with. She's in the kitchen.” He smiled. “Alone.”

Bobby sighed. “Aight... We'll talk some more lata aight. It's gonna be you, me and Angel here. I'ma take mom's room. How you holdin' up anyway?” He asked truely concerned.

“Just about as good as you." Jack told him. "Only you hide it better.”

Bobby nodded. “ Yea... " He looked down and glanced back up. "You know I love you... right?”

Jack nodded his head. “Yeah...I know.”


Karina washed the last remaining dish. She had finally calmed down from her almost meltdown earlier. She could do this, she told her self. She could carry on with her life like nothing had changed. Like the love of her life hadn't walked back into it. She huffed. Who was she kidding? She was already coming apart and was mostly mad at her self for him still being able to do this to her. It had been three years and she thought she moved on long ago. “Hmm... he really looked good today.” She thought. “He had a body on him then but it looked like he had doubled in size.” She bit her bottom lip. “I wonder-” She quickly scolded herself. She needed to focus stay focused on the facts. It was the only thing she could count on to get her through. The facts were he left her with out so much as a goodbye. Without so much-


She closed her eyes tightly at the familiar voice that rung through the kitchen. God wasn't on her side.

“You gonna turn around and look at me, or are you gonna stare at the sink all night?” Bobby asked with a chuckle.

Karina took a deep breath as she forced herself to turn and look at him.

Bobby's eyes softened at the site her. She always had that affect of him. She was right in front of him. So close he could touch her if you wanted too, and he did want too. How had he spent three years away from this woman? “I missed you Baby.” He licked his lips. “ You look goo-” His words were cut short as her petite hand connected with his right cheek causing a loud smack! He took a second to collect himself. He clenched his teeth.“I guess I deserved that.”

“You damn right!” be continued.

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PostSubject: Re: Mercy (Beyoncé/Four Brothers Fanfiction) 9/21/10    Mon Sep 20, 2010 9:49 pm

Comment & I'll post again
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PostSubject: Re: Mercy (Beyoncé/Four Brothers Fanfiction) 9/21/10    Tue Sep 21, 2010 2:27 am

I just read this n omg good. Keep goin'. Twisted Evil
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PostSubject: Re: Mercy (Beyoncé/Four Brothers Fanfiction) 9/21/10    Tue Sep 21, 2010 5:30 pm

Adding! Adding!
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PostSubject: Love Me,Or Hate Me   Tue Sep 21, 2010 5:36 pm

Love Me,Or Hate Me

Karina washed the last remaining dish. She had finally calmed down from her earlier meltdown. “I can do this.” She told her self. She could carry on with her life like nothing had changed, like the love of her life hadn't walked back into it. “Who am I kidding?” She was already coming apart, and was mostly mad at her self for him still being able to do this to her. It had been three years. She thought she moved on long ago. “Hmm... he really looked good today.” She thought. “He had a body on him then, but it looked like he had doubled in size.” She bit her bottom lip. “I wonder-” She quickly scolded herself with a shake of her head. She needed to stay focused on the facts. It was the only thing she could count on to get her through. And the facts were, he left her with out so much as a goodbye. Without so much-


She tightly closed her eyes at the familiar voice that washed over her. God wasn't on her side.

“You gonna turn around and look at me, or are you gonna stare at the sink all night?” He asked with a hint of laughter.

Karina took a deep breath and she forced herself to turn and look at him.

Bobby's eyes seem to soften at the site her, she always had that amazing affect on him. She was right in front of him. So close he could touch her if you wanted too, and he wanted too so badly.

How had he spent three years away from this woman? “I missed you Baby.” He licked his lips, taking every inch of her in. “ You look goo-” His words were cut short as a petite hand connected with his right cheek, causing a loud smack! Bobby was stunded, and it took a second to collect himself. He clenched his teeth. “I guess I deserved that!”

“You damn right!” She snapped.

He chuckled. “Baby, you remembered I like it rough? Huh?” He said as he rubbed the side of his face trying to relieve the pain and the odvious tention in the room.

Karina wiped her hands off with a dish towel on the counter top and tossed it to the side. “Fuck you Bobby!” She stepped to the side and tried maneuvering her way around him; expecting him to move, but of course he reached for her hand, spinning her around forcing their bodies to collide.

He tilted her chin up with the tip of his finger and met her brown eyes. “I like the way you think. I've never been fond of the bedroom... you know that Baby.” He murmured, never braking eye contact.

Karina quickly backed away realizing their close proximity. “You can wiped that sadistic smirk of your face now!” She bellowed in a hurry, to cover up her nervousness. But it was her heart that told the truth, and at that very second it felt as if it were coming through her chest. Just a simple touch from him and she would go weak in the knees. He shouldn't still have the ability to do that to her.

Bobby stepped closer, giving him the chance to inhale her delicious scent. “Why, when I wear it so well Baby?” He asked, bringing his hand up to touch her soft skin. He just couldn't seem to help himself. “It's good to see somethings don't change.”

Karina's breath caught upon feeling the back of his hand caress her cheek. She could kick her own ass for letting him touch her again. “Somethings do.” She said, mentally begging her legs to stop betraying her and move! She bit her bottom lip and prayed Sofia would come and saver her from herself.

Karina's eyes trailed over his face. Everything was the same and for a spit second she allowed her mind to travel back three years to when they were happy. Well, at least she thought they were, but it was all lost when she remembered the cold night she woke up alone and scared. His hand suddenly felt like fire, giving her what she needed to get away. “Now is not the time Bobby.” She said retreating from him.

He closed his hands stuffing them in the pockets of his jeans trying to push the familiar feelings out of his mind. It was almost to much to take. “When then?” He asked her, his voice coming out in a rasp.

His question stopped her retreat. “Oh, I would have to say... about three years ago! Maybe even two! Trust me! You don't want to hear what I have say!”

Bobby walked around her and blocked her exit. “I think I do!” He challenged. His taller frame towered over her shorter one. Anyone else would have been intimadated.

Karina looked up, and blew out a loud breath. He still knew how to tick her off like no other. She focused back on her target.“Fine!” She crossed her arms. “You walk up in here, like nothings changed!” She said walking closer to him. “As if you didn't walk out on your entire family... on me!” She hesitated in fear of the guests hearing her heated lecture, but only for a second. Her rage out weighed her caution by a ton. This by no means was her doing. Bobby had pushed her to it, and she was going to give him what he deserved. “You're not the head of the Mercer family any more Bobby! When you skipped town we had to learn how to take care of our selves! Don't think just because Angel! or Jerry! or Jack aren't being as vocal about it as me doesn't mean there not just as equally pissed as me! I'm not your brother! I'll tell you the truth whether you like it or not! You're a big boy Bobby! But I-am-soooo mad right now, I could beat the shit outta you... if I were provoked!”

Bobby took a couple of steps back. She was really fired up. He knew she would be hurt. Who wouldn't? But he never anticipated so much anger from someone usually so kind hearted. He was a grown ass man, but he had to admit he was a little intimidated, and he liked it. “Are you done yet-”

“Hell no! I'm just getting' started!" She shouted, silencing him in the process. "Let's just pretend for a minute that I wasn't even a factor in any of this!" She poked him in the chest. "That you didn't make promises to me about out future together!" She poked him again. "Let's talk about Evelyn!” She noticed his eyes softened just by the mention of his mother's name. She knew it was a sensitive subject and that Bobby didn't do sensitive, but she wasn't going to back down. She couldn't. He needed to hear this. “Every day! Every single day, for the past three years she never lost faith in you! Never gave up hope! Even as the months started rolling by and she hadn't received one phone call... not one! Did she ever doubt you! She always said you were her first son and you could never be away from her for two long!” Her eyes burned and her bottom lip trembled as she wiped at her angry tears. “You know... for a while I was right there with her." Her left hand clenched her chest like she was in pain. "I knew what kind of person you were Bobby! What everybody was saying about you! That you weren't good for me! How much of a hard ass you were! You lived the street life Bobby I knew it! But no matter what they said I knew that you loved me... I knew that you cared... even though it was always hard for you to tell me, I knew that you did!”

He tried to to confirm her statement, but she silenced him with a raise of her hand.

“Don't say anything! I'm not don yet! Every day she would say He love's you Baby... He gave up street boxing for you Baby... He'll be back for you BABY!” She screamed. She wiped at her tears again and looked down at her hands. They were shaking. She laced her fingers together and looked back into his haunted hazel eyes. “Like I said I believed her," Her voice was much lighter now, "believed you for awhile but then I started to see the truth. Not Evelyn though. She waited to hear from Angel that you were coming home. Everyday that passed still no Bobby! But that Evelyn's faith in you never faltered....”

Bobby listened to her every word, and those words heightened the guilt and fear he had masked for three years. The guilt quickly began bleeding through his barrier. These emotions had been carefully tucked away for a long period of time, he didn't know how to react to the pain they brung, and he started to shut down.

He had left that night to protect his family; that in it self was a huge step for him. Not that he was a selfish man, he wasn't; not when it came to his family that is. He had given up a lot for them... for Baby. He could have thought only of him self and stayed just to be with her, and let everything play out naturally. To hell with the repercussions!

In his mind it was all good tensions, and till this day it was the hardest thing he ever had to do. He didn't leave that night thinking that he would never see his mother alive again. The weight of Karina's words were sinking in deep, straight to the gut, forcing his breathing to become shallow and erratic. Blood roared through to his ears like a train. He would never see his mother's face, or hear her calming voice again. He let three long years go by that he could've spent with her. The realization was overwhelming.

Swallowing hard he tried focusing on Karina's voice, but she sounded miles away. Sweat rolled down his forehead. Why did it suddenly feel like Jeremiah had set the heat on hell? Bobby braced both hands on the counter top to help support his weight and knocked a few knifes over in the process.

Karina continued on with her rant not noticing his struggle. “He'll be home she said! He always comes back when I need him! I'll see him again she said! I bet she didn't know it would take her own funeral for it to happen! Why were you so selfish Bobby! Why we... were...” Her words trailed off as a dripping sound caught her attention . She darted her eyes towards the sink, but it had been turned off properly. She scanned the white tile floor. “Red? Blood?” She traced it up to a hand tightly gripping the blade of a kitchen knife. “Bobby?” She murmured, freighned of what she was witnessing.

He was staring off in to space completely unaware.

“Bobby?” She tried again. She had never seen him like this, and on the real it was a little spooky. “Bobby?” She said again taking his uncut hand into her own.

He looked at the hand that held his, and then glanced at his other hand. “Fuck!” He shrieked releasing her and dropping the knife. “What the !” He shouted, stunned at the scene he had caused.

Karina watch him closely. He didn't know what he had done. “Let me help you!” She tried reaching for him.

He moved away with lightening speed. “No! I... I got it!” He walked around her and turned the sink on letting the water run over his bleeding hand. It stung instantly.

Without hesitation Karina was at his side washing it for him. “I know you don't like letting people take care of you.” She kept her eyes locked on her task. “But just this once you're gonna shut the hell up, and let me.” She grabbed a clean kitchen towel from a near by draw and wrap his hand in it. “Sit down at the table.” She ordered. “I'll be back.”

Bobby didn't say anything as she left. He couldn't muster up an ounch of rebellion. What in the hell was going on with him? He didn't let anyone boss him around, it wasn't his style. Well, it was Baby so it was alright to give in a little. Nobody had to know.

He sat in one of the kitchen table and waited.

Karina returned a few minutes later with a first aid kit. She was surprised and pleased he had done what she told him, but was sure to keep her emotions from reaching her face. She placed the kit on the table and pulled out a chair for herself. “So you can follow directions.” She said as she took a seat directly beside him.

“Don't tell anybody.” He told her, not looking up.

She gave him a stern look. “Yeah sure.”

“I'm serious Baby." He looked her in the eyes. "Don't say shit about this. About me cuttin' my self.”

She opened her hands to him. “Let me see.”

“Especially to Angel... or Jackie. I'll never live the shit down.” He let his hand rest in her's with his palm facing up.

Karina winced. “Oh Bobby!" She gasped. "That looks real bad!” She hadn't realized it was cut so deep. “You might nee-”

“I ain't goin' to no hospital Baby! Do what you can do. I'ma be aight.”

“Stop being such a baby! Look at it! You need stich-”

“It ain't happenin'!”

“Fine!" She huffed. "Don't come cryin' to me when your shit falls off!” She opened up the kit to get started. At least it wasn't bleeding as much anymore. She glanced up and saw that far away look in his eyes again. “Bobby?”

She pulled him out of his thoughts and he focussed back on her. “Huh?”

“What I said before... About Evelyn... I'm not gonna say I didn't mean it. Because I did. But I shouldn't have come at you like that.”

“Don't worry about it.”

“No... I was wrong. You just lost your mother. I know that's really hard on you. No matter how much you try to hide it. You might not care to admit it but, in your own way you're grieving just like the rest of us. I'm sorry for being insensitive to that.”

He looked away from her trying to blink away the stinging in his eyes. Now was not the time.

Karina picked up on it immediately. “Bobby it's okay to feel what ever you're feeling.” Not thinking about the complications of touching him would bring, she dropped the kit on the table and wrapped her arms around his much larger frame.

At first he didn't know how to respond, still trying to keep everything locked down.

“What happened to Evelyn wasn't your fault.” She rubbed his back soothingly. “No matter what happened she knew you loved her Bobby.”

The dame broke, and here came Niagara Falls. He pulled her closer to his chest and bared his face in the crook of her neck. To him no man should every be this vulnerable but Baby broke all his barriers and he couldn't help himself.

Karina continued to rub his back as his body shook. She felt the warmth of his tears on her neck. “Just let it go... let it go. It's okay.” A few minutes passed and she continued to hold him, letting him get it all out. She pulled back and wiped his tears away with both thumbs. She smiled. “I promise not to tell anyone.”

He returned it. “To the grave?”

“To the grave.”

Bobby looked deep in to her beautiful brown eyes and she held the stare. Their faces were inches away from each other and he pulled his eyes away only to study the lines of her face. Her light brown porcelain skin was flawless. Something within him stirred, and he suddenly had the need to touch her.

When he walked into the kitchen he had gotten an eye full and ol' girl was looking damn good. Everything just as he left it. Her thick thighs still made his mouth water and she had back that went right along with them. He had memorized every curve and missed the days when he had the right to considered all of that his for the taking.

His eyes traveled down to her full lips that were begging for him to kiss. He licked his own and inched closer, about to end their separation and give into what he knew they both wanted.

Karina turned away, hastily picking back up the kit. “I should really bandage that up” She nervously spewed.

Bobby smiled to himself. She wanted it just as much as he did. He knew. He could tell by her reaction and how she was breathing like she had just ran up a long hill.

Karina applied some ointment to his cut and he winced in pain. “Sorry.”

“It's all good... you're pretty good at this.”

She looked up at him. The anger had returned back into her eyes. “Well don't think much of it.” She continued nursing his hand.

“How angry are you?”

She paused for a few seconds thinking about his question and her answer. “Well before today I thought the anger was gone.”

He chuckled. “How wrong you were!”

She squinted her eyes annoyed. This wasn't a laughing matter. “Honestly though, it's hard for me.”

He sobered up quickly. “I'm sorry.”

Karina's eyes just about popped out of her head at his apology. “The infamous Bobby Mercer does know the word sorry!”

“Yea... don't tell nobody that either.” He grumbled.

“Well as much as it brings me great joy to finally know you can form the words it's... it's not what I want.”

He watched her closely as she worked. “Ms. Jenkins what do you want?”

“The answer to the one question that's plagued me."

He raised his brows waiting. "And that is?"


Bobby shifted a little nervously. This wasn't going where he wanted it to. “Why?”

“Yes why! Why did you leave?”

“Baby I can-” Karina pressed down hard on his wound and he tried to jerk is hand away from the pain but she held it in place. "OUCh! I see you still have a drop of BITCH left in you!"

She was pleased with the odvious pain she had put him in and decided to ignore his "BITCH!" comment. “Don't you think I deserve to know?”

“I don't think you could understand.”

“Try me!”

“Does it matter? Would it change anything Baby? Can't we just start from now?”

“Does it matter!" She asked increduiously. "Hell yes it matters! The only reason I'm able to sit here with you now! And not rip your head completely off your shoulders, is I'm trying damn hard to separate our friendship from what I thought we had!”


“I realized now I must've felt what I wanted to back then. You odviously had other ideas!”

“Baby you probably know me better then anyone now that mom's gone. You know I would never leave unless it were truly important I go.”

“I use to believe that, I did. But I'm not sure of anything when it comes to you anymore.” She through her hand up and shook her tears off. She was done crying over him. “It's whatever... you don't wanna tell me that's fine. I've moved on anyway.”

He scrunched his nose up. “You and Green, right?”

“Why gotta say it like that?”

He furrowed his brows. “Say it like what?”

She narrowed her eyes at him. “The way you said it!”

“And what way was that?”

“The way you said it!”

He shrugged. “What way?!”

“With that tone!”

He had to laugh at that. She was clearly uncomfortable with the relationship. “What tone?!”

A smile tugged at her lips. “Don't you laugh at me! You know the tone I'm talking about!”

His eyes widened. “No I don't!”

“Like he's diseased, or some shit!”

“Maybe you're so in' paranoid because you gotta problem being “to-gether” with Green!”

She motioned towards him. “See there you go again!”

Bobby chuckled. “Okay! Now that's just in' ridicules!”

“Oh! Come on, the way you said 'to-gether' you're tryna be funny!”

“Eh! I just asked you a simple question. A matter of fact, it wasn't even a question and you're flippin' the out on me!”

“I”m not flippin' out! I just know you!”

“Oh so now you know me? Two minutes ago it was.” He paused and cleared his throat to prepare his best Karina voice. “I'm not sure of anything when it comes to you anymore.”

She rolled her eyes. “Bobby be honest. What do you truly think?”

He stilled. “He's a cop. That's what I think.”

“I knew that was gonna be the first thing you said!”

“What... what! I had to point that out because I know you hate cops! Not to mention most of'em around here are crooked!”

“Bobby Mercer you're not such a model citizen yourself!”

“Hey! I ain't pointin' no fingers! I'll be the first to admit my dirt to you! I'm just sayin'! What about his age?”

“What about his age!”

“He's 32!”

“He's the same age as you!”

He gave her a cheeky grin. “I'm special.”

She rolled her eyes again. “Oh! Please!”

“Can we go back to he's a cop!”

“I think we covered that!”

“And he ain't even ya type!”

“And what's my type?”

“It ain't the good guys that walk the straight and narrow! Defending the "oh-so" dangerous streets of Detroit!”

“Well maybe I've grown up!”

He raised his hand surrendering. “Okay, let's move away from the cop issue. You're a cop lover now. I get it! But he's boring and you know it!”

She smacked her lips. “He is not boring Bobby!”

“Yes he is! Admit it!”

“He's not!”

Bobby let out a exaggerated huff. “Fine! He's not boring! But you gotta admit he's lacking some serious street swag! Come on Baby!”

She giggled. “Whatever white boy!”

“Oh! That's real cute! I'm Italian!”

She snickered. “Bobby Mercer you're not Italian!”

“Baby! You know he ain't hard enough for you! That boy so soft his mama shoulda name him Poindexter!”

Karina tried to keep from laughing. “Whatever you say white boy!”

“That's white chocolate to you... I think I'ma little more down for the cause then he is!”

“Oh, you're a mess!”

"He probably plays golf on the weekends, doesn't he?"

She couldn't help but laugh.

"Come on! Golf. In Detroit? That's lame as hell Baby!"

She continued to laugh as she looked back down at his hand to finish wrapping it.

“Do you love him?” He asked softly pushing all jokes aside.

Karina looked, a delicate brow raised in surprise. "Pardon Me?"

"Do you love him." He repeated.

Did I? No one had ever asked her that. Before she knew it her and Bobby were in a staring match again. She couldn't think straight when he looked at her like that.

“Rina you ready to go?”

She tore her eyes away and they met an irritated Terrance standing in the kitchen door way. “You ready?” He asked again with a little more authority while taking in her and Bobby's close proximity. She was even holding the bastards hand.

Karina quickly smiled. “Yeah, I'll meet you outside.” She told him sweetly.

Bobby was bitting his tongue the entire time trying not to make any snide comments.

Terrance wasn't liking this situation one bit. “I'll wait and walk you out.”

“There's no need for that... I know my way." She urged. "I'll meet you at the car Tee.”

Terrance gave Bobby a warning look before reluctantly exiting the kitchen.

As soon as the door closed the kitchen filled up with Bobby's loud cackling. “Damn! Baby, are you breast feedin' his ass!”

She crossed her arms over her chest. “Ha, ha, ha, very funny.”

He continued to laugh uncontrollably. “No seriously Baby! He looked at me like I had sucked down the last of that shit!”

Karina playful hit his shoulder. “You need help!" She stood up. "You're hands all bandaged. If it starts bleeding again don't call me! Because you most definitely need Jesus! I'm out!” She spun on her heals toward the next room.

Bobby stood with her. “I'm gonna take after my role model and walk you out.” He said sarcastically still snickering.

She waved him off. “Whatever.” She walked off fully intending to leave him behind.

He followed her out in to the living room.

It was dark out and all of the guests had gone. Jackie and Angel were playing the Wii, while Jeremiah laid on the couch laughing at them trying to hula hoop.

Karina interrupted. “People I'm leaving." She announced. "Try not to completely trash the house and kill each other.”

Angel paused the game and got up.

Jeremiah walked up to Karina. “Thanks for everything Baby.” He gave her a hug and kiss on the cheek.

She returned both and pulled back to look at him. “No thanks necessary... that's what families do, support each other." She moved to hug Jack. “Call me tomorrow, okay.”

“I will.” Jack told her.

Angel smiled at her. “Don't forget about me.” He pouted.

“Never.” Karina said as she embraced him. “I'm assuming Sofia's upstairs already. Tell her bye for me.”

Bobby glared. “La Vida loca ain't stayin' here Angel!”

Angel rubbed the back of his head. He knew this fight was coming. “Why not Bobby?”

“She's not stayin' here! This ain't no homeless shelter!”

Angel glared back. “You wrong for that!”

Karina laughed at them. They were bickering like brothers already. “Bobby, let the girl stay.” She said touching his arm in away to calm him. “She hasn't seen him in weeks.”

“That ain't my problem! Angel y'all back together or somethin'?”

He nodded. “I guess we are man.”

Bobby shook his head. “I thought you were a tough guy. La Vida loca is loud! Disrespectful! She ain't stayin' here! Shit! If all you wanna do is give her the dick! Give it to her and send her ass on!”

Karina decided to let them argue it out. She was way to tired to play referee. “Night boys!”

Bobby stopped and gave her his full attention, letting Angel off the hook. “I wasn't playin' about walking you out Baby.”

She looked at him strange when he grabbed her coat and started helping her put it on. “Okay, fine.” She said pulling her hair from underneath as he put it on.

“Can't believe I'm living with a bunch of fairies!” He grumbled to himself.

Karina and Bobby were almost out the door when Jeremiah yelled for her. “Hold up! I forgot to tell you, mom's lawyer said you need to be there tomorrow for the reading of the will.”

Karina looked at him strangly with a puzzled expression. Sure, Evelyn loved and treated her like one of her children, but Karina never considered being included in her last will and testinment. “Why?”

Jerry shrugged. “I don't know. He just said you did.”

She slowly nodded. “Okay, night.” and they were out the door. As soon as the cold air hit her face she turned around remembering something. “Bobby you don't have a coat...” Her words trailed off as she bumped in to him. She backed away immediately. She couldn't take being that close.

Bobby tilted her chin up. “You can't help yourself can you?” He said wearing a devilish smirk while caressing her cheek that the winter air had chilled. His touch warmed it immediatly.

Karina removed his hand and swallowed hard as she looked around to see where Terrance had parked. A sigh of relief escaped her lips as she remembered it was in the back. “Bobby” She said looking back at him. “I'm really glad you're home... really, but out of respect for Terrance you can't touch me like... like you want something more than I can give... like you want to kiss me.”

He licked his lips trying to minimize his smirk. “Good thing I don't respect him.”

“I'm serious!” She shierked with a stomp of her foot. She was getting really exhausted having to keep going back and forth with him.

“Me too!” He fired back with almost as much frustration.

“Bobby, even if there wasn't a Terrance, there couldn't be anything between us. We share to much history. A lot of it was good but most of it was bad. There's to many unanswered questions between us for me to ever go there with you again!”

“Trust me-”

“I can't! I trusted you three years ago and I got ed! I'm not gonna make that mistake again! The best you can hope for is my friendship and even that maybe pushing it!”

“Well I don't do well with friends!" He snapped. "You either love me, or hate me! Choose!”

“Bye Bobby!”

He grabbed her hand before she could leave. “You didn't answer my question? Do you love him? I wanna know.”

“I don't have to tell you anything, and I definitely don't owe you anything... and I damn sure don't belong to you!”

That familiar smirk spread across his face again. “I've always considered you mine Baby.”

Her eyes sparkled with tears, but she kept them from falling. “You never quit do you!”

“Why are you so afraid to answer the question?!

“I”m not afraid to answer it, I just don't want too!”

“Answer the question Karina!”

“Yes! You happy? I. love. him.”

He shook his head. “Now you know you just lied!”

“There's no winning with you! While you're here, stay the hell away from me!” She ran down the steps not giving him enough time to respond.

A grin spread across Bobby's face showing his pearly whites as he watched her disappear into the night. “You don't love him... your heart's still mine.” He chuckled. be continued.

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Im loving this story. Check out this Beyonce fanfiction sit.
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Mercy (Beyoncé/Four Brothers Fanfiction) 9/21/10
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