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 Dr Cryme Impressed With Eminem's Come Back

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PostSubject: Dr Cryme Impressed With Eminem's Come Back    Wed Oct 27, 2010 10:14 am

Usually called Tema Eminem or the King of Twipop, the artiste’s exposure party was able to demonstrate the skills due him. Being a front runner for a big label like the Tema based E Jam records pushed him to a more considerable height though his top ten video programme increased his fan base daily.

Not considering it as a coincident, both Dr. Cryme and Eminem have something in common. Checkout the following: voice, style of rap, looks, uniqueness and more. Other speculation shows that Eminem current hits 'I’m Not Afraid' and 'Love The Way YouLlie' have coincided with Dr. Cryme’s 'Kill Me Shy' and 'Mene Woa' hits.

Personal interviews indicates that Eminem’s stunning comeback have influenced Dr. Cryme’s music career positively through a catalyzed inspiration. The attention due Eminem in the states is positively related to Dr.Cryme’s increased recommendation for programme performance and endorsements.

His collaboration with label mates, Da Squad Boys of Holland and Stay Jay is world class. Stay Jay’s “Sue” has enjoyed tremendous airplay throughout the world with what numerous Tema populace term as a real twipop masterpiece.

D-Blacks get-on-the-dance-flour was not spared with his twipop skills and it has apparently become people’s number on on D-Black’s current album. His performance at Miss Malaika Pageant was remarkable with the fans showing immense appreciation through several applauds for a good performance display.

Eminem, born Marshall Bruce Mathers III, 17th October 1973, Kansas City, Missouri, USA.This white rapper burst into the US charts in 1999 with a controversial take on the horror core genre.

Dr. Dre took Eminem on and produced on a full-length debut album on aftermath. Dre’s beats featured prominently on the Slim Shady LP, a provocative feast of violent, twisted lyrics, with a moral outlook partially redeemed by Eminem’s claim on claim to be only “voicing” the thoughts of the Slim Shady character.

Inspiration usually pushes and subsequently becomes a rigid landmark for artistes and other celebrities. A good mapping will be Chris Brown to Michael Jackson, Drake to Lil’wayne, Mase to Diddy dirty money and now Ghana’s Dr.Cryme to Eminem.

Dr. C.R.Y.M.E. in full creative rhymes you most enjoy, believes his performance with sarkodie on big platforms like the UN volunteers day in Accra, Miss Malaika, MTN mobile money show, Busta Rhyme show was a success due to the immense energy and skill he backed the artiste with.

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Dr Cryme Impressed With Eminem's Come Back
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