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 Is Anybody Out There?

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PostSubject: Is Anybody Out There?   Tue Mar 08, 2011 12:08 am

Disclaimer:I in no means own Marshall Bruce Mathers the 3rd, all this is in fun and FICTIONAL. No profit is beig gained and nor do I mean any harm to any of his family or friends. With that said enjoy Twisted Evil :

Is anybody out there? It feels like I'm talkin' to myself.

No one seems to know my struggle and everything I come from.

Can anybody hear me? I guess I keep talkin' to myself.

It feels like I'm going insane. Am I the one who's crazy?

So why in the world do I feel so alone? Nobody but me, I'm on my own?

Is there anyone out there who feels the way I feel?

That there is then let me in and let me know I'm not the only one?

October 15, 2006:

Marshall stared out his bedroom window as the rain trickled down. It had been pouring all day and had done nothing but get worse. All he could hear was the ticking of the clock on his nightstand and it mirrored the pounding of his heart. More like hammering on his ribcage. His brain was clouded and he was dreading what was going to happen in less than an hour. A knock on the door startled him and he spun around.

“Are you even gonna get dressed?” Kim asked folding her arms across her chest.

His ex wife’s hair was blonde and flowing down to the sides. For some reason, she was wearing lip liner again and he hadn’t seen her do that in a couple of years. It was something she only did and he thought of it as trashy because she cheated on him a lot during those years. But right now none of those things mattered. Life was different and he had other things on his mind.

“I—“ letting out a sigh, she rolled her eyes as he looked at the clothes he’d laid out on the bed he’d intended to wear.

“I tried.”

“Really? Because you’ve been standing in the same spot I left you in an hour ago.”

“Can we not fight about this?” he asked with another sigh.

“We wouldn’t have to fight if you were dressed. For Christ sakes, it’s your daughter’s father-daughter dance and she wants you there!”

“Don’t you think I know that!!” he shouted irately, finally letting her get to him.

“I thought so, but here you are—the dance starts in twenty minutes.”

It’s not like I’m a kid.

He knew what time the damn dance was. Hell he was dreading it. All he really wanted to do was throw his rented tux on and waltz out to show his not so little girl that he was a doting father. No matter what anyone thought, he knew he was one.

“And I’ll be ready.” He replied.

“You’d better or you're going to be the one to tell our daughter that you’re not going.” She replied snappily.

“You know sometimes—”

“Sometimes what?!” she asked raising an eyebrow to him.

“Nothing.” He said stalking passed her and out of the room.

God, trying to have a conversation with her was sometimes impossible. Good thing he didn’t have to always do it. He would inevitably go insane if he had to. Strolling down the hallway, he tried to gather his thoughts. Calm, he needed to stay calm. Nothing could ruin this night for Hailie. Jesus, he knew he should’ve been dressed by now, but every time he tried—he fell short. The moment he got to her door, he saw Hailie standing in her mirror, fixing her make-up. Her back was facing him and he was glad for that. Had she saw him, she would have gone postal.
That is the word she uses now right?

Shaking the thought off, he saw how beautiful his teenage daughter was. God how time flied—he still saw her how as the little girl he had tatted on his arm. But as he was always reminded, she wasn’t. Times had changed and he wished he could say for the better.

She looks just like her mother.

Alaina and Whitney joked as they showed her two different eye shadows to match her pink and cream dress. Alaina was dressed as well and even though she had no father to take her, Nate offered to step in. Marshall knew Hailie wanted her father to just be hers for the night. She never minded sharing him every day of the year, but for the father daughter dance, she wanted her father. Alaina’s dress was just as beautiful. It was a sky blue with different colored sparkles everywhere. Hailie spun around and Marshall swore he saw all the color drain from her face.

“Dad, why aren’t you dressed??” she practically shouted, causing him to fidget.

“I—” His answer was cut short by the doorbell.

“Limo’s here.” Kim replied smiling behind him, causing him to nearly jump out of his skin.

“How could you ruin tonight of all nights?!” Hailie shouted irately as they heard feet running up the stairs.

“Limo’s….uh—here.” Nathan replied as he saw his brother. For the life of him, he couldn’t understand why he wasn’t dressed. He knew, Marshall knew how important tonight was for the girls.

“I’m getting dressed right now.” He said quickly. “Gimme five minutes.”

“Marshall you had more than an hour…”

“Zip it Kim!!” he shouted turning to her and she put her hands up innocently with a smug smile on her face.

“Five minutes Hai –that’s all I need.”

“Just forget it dad. I’ll just add this to the list of things you missed. I can’t believe I promised everyone you’d be there.” She nearly cried as she grabbed her pocket book off of her bed.

Those words cut him deep because he’d made it his business to make it to as much of her events as possible to make her feel “normal”. From sitting through boring ass PTA meetings, to allowing her friends to come over and practice for plays, dances, and even cheerleading. He’d even sat through their practices and the crappy Twilight movies. All three. Secretly, he liked New Moon better than the others and he was on Team Jacob, but no way was he ever letting anyone know that.

“Hai I swear—just gimme five minutes—”

“No! I don’t want you there. Just forget it.” She replied pushing pass him, and Alaina and Whitney followed her dragging Nate downstairs with them.

“One little dance Marshall was all she asked.” Kim replied disappointed as she slipped passed him and disappeared down the stairs.

Grimacing, he hustled to bedroom and grabbed his tux.
Pulling his t-shirt off, he tossed it aside and grabbed a fresh one as he heard the girls chattering outside. He hustled to his window and saw her friends peeking through the limo window. After snapping a few pictures, they hustled into the limo to get out of the rain.

They can’t just leave without me!

Grabbing a fresh t-shirt, he threw it on, and then grabbed the white button up of the tux. He stood in the mirror and began to fasten it until he looked up. He moment he did, his hands lost the will to fasten the buttons. His own reflection sickened him. His skin was blotchy and he was pale. His hair was blondish brown and he had a shadow of a beard. There was no way he was gonna embarrass his little girl in front of all her friends. But there was no time to shave or groom and peroxide his hair. He saw the lights from the limo pull off and he groaned. Now he had to have someone drop him off at wherever the hell the dance was.
Shaking off the thoughts, he moved from the mirror and got dressed. There was no way he was missing this dance. After getting dressed, Marshall opened his phone after dialing a number; he put the phone to his ear and listened as it rung. After awhile, someone picked up.

“Yo, it’s Proof, for all my real friends it’s Shaun. Drop me a line and I’ll def call you back. Beeeeep” his voice replied on the answering machine and Marshall smiled a bit as he heard the real ‘beep’ after Shaun’s horrible impersonation.

“Hey Doody…it’s me..I forgot again. I can’t get used to not dialing your number.” He replied staying silent for a moment.

“Call me back—I need you to.”

Closing his phone, he sighed before dialing another number.

Marshall hopped out of his cab and took a deep breath. The whole ride had been torturous. Gripping the collage he had for Hailie, he nearly crushed it. After paying for the cab, he hopped out and hoped he was at the right place. All he knew was that it was somewhere in Plymouth, Michigan. Stalking up to the hall, he went inside and heard the music blaring from each of the rooms. Without realizing, he was breathing heavier with every step. The moment his eye sight grew blurry, he stopped and leaned against a wall.

What the fuck.

Shutting his eyes, he tried to calm himself and focus on the task at hand. Leaning his head back on the cool wall, he couldn’t seem to catch his breath. He grabbed his tie and loosened it, for some reason it seemed too tight and too hot. Suddenly, Shaun’s face flashed into his mind and his eyes shot open.
I can’t do this.

“Are you ok?” he heard someone say and his eyes darted to the female standing near him.

“Fine.” he said quickly, before standing upright quickly and inching away from her.

“O…kay” she said dragging the word before waking off.

“Wait!!” he shouted and she turned back.

“Do you know if this is the place with the father daughter dance?” he asked trying to not to breath erratically.

“Uh…I’m not sure but I did see some men dressed well heading that way. Do you have your invitation?”

He shook his head no as he shut his eyes again. With everything in him, he tried to breathe in and out slowly.

“Ok I know you said you were ok, but you need to sit down.” She said rushing over to him quickly.

“I’m fine!” he shouted pulling away before she reached him and she stopped dead in her tracks.

“You’re having a panic attack.” She warned.

A panic attack? Me? There’s no way.

It was hard to protest when he couldn’t catch his breath and everything was fuzzy. Not o mention the fact that he was shaky.
Why the hell did I come out of the house?? He scolded himself.
He hadn’t been out in months, but he just chalked it up to him becoming a home body. Every part of him knew it was a lie. The mere thought of being out in open space was too much to handle, and this proved it. There was no denying it…he was having a panic attack.
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PostSubject: Re: Is Anybody Out There?   Sun Mar 27, 2011 10:12 pm

Taking a deep breath, Marshall gathered his thoughts before replying. He knew he had to be freaking the girl out because she was staring at him like he was a ghost.

“Look, I’m fine. I’m just a little nervous about screwing this night up for my little girl.”

“If you really want me to, I’ll help you find the hall. It can’t be that far. I’m supposed to meet—”

“Cyndi!!” she suddenly heard her name being called from behind her, so she swirled around.

There stood her friend Jessica. She was holding the door open, causing music to flow into the quiet hallway.

“Yeah?!” she replied with half a smile as she stared at her more than likely drunken friend. They were having a huge party.

“You’re missing all the fun!! What are you doin’ out here!!” she laughed.

“Trying to help him find the hall that’s holding the father daughter dance.”
She smiled back.

“Uh… help who?” her friend asked walking down the hall to her.

At this point, she was wondering how drunk her friend had been, to not see the guy standing in front of her, dressed in a tux.

“This…guy—” she started as she turned around to point towards thin air. Puckering her brow, she searched the hallway to see it was empty. She now wondered if Jessica thought she was crazy.

“Hun, there’s no one there. Just come back to the party!!” she ordered, grabbing her by the arm and carting her off into the hall.
Marshall stood out front of the reception hall and tugged at his tie. For the life of him he couldn’t seem to get the damn thing off and it was choking him. In reality it wasn’t, but everything just seemed so tight. He didn’t mean to bail on the female who was trying to help him, but he needed out. Not being able to catch his breath was freaking him out. Why the hell was he over reacting to being out??

I am not having a panic attack. He stressed to himself.

As much as he wanted to protest, he was damn near hyperventilating. Peering around him, he scanned to see if anyone was watching him fall apart. Good thing was— nobody was outside, so he took off before someone decided to show up. After the whirlwind he’d been thrown into the last year, he couldn’t afford to be snapped by any paparazzi. He was already in the paper looking like a flippin’ overweight idiot.

He cringed at the thought of his weight fluctuating so badly. Yeah, he noticed it during the ‘Ass Like That’ video, but it was a healthy couple of pounds. It made him look buff in the bedroom scene, not to mention Kim stayed all over him. Even though he wanted to believe it was genuine, he knew she was aware of the way fans threw themselves at him. Especially since the tour was coming up.

The tour…

The tour was one of the worst experiences he had as a superstar. Days blurred together, much as they did now, but he would NEVER admit it. Everyone blamed him for the money lost from canceling the tour and somehow—someway, he was gonna have to make up for it. At first he planned to reschedule the European stretch of the tour, but his life turned upside down in a snap. Not to mention the high demand he had on working with his newly signed artist. So there was no way he could reschedule it, especially since he rarely left the house these days.

Two Days Later:

Marshall woke up to the sound of a cell phone. Reaching to his left, while lying flat on his stomach, he found the dresser nearby, even though his head was under his pillow. Feeling around another second more, he finally fumbled around until he finally felt his cell phone.

“Yo?” he asked after tucking it under the pillow with him.

“Hello to you too Mr. Sunshine; Wakey wakey eggs and backey. “ he heard Paul’s voice reply on the other end.

Groaning, he pulled the covers up over him with his other hand.

“Why are you calling me at… the crack of dawn?” he asked in more of a question than anything else.

He assumed it was early and wasn’t about to come from under his comfy covers or pillow to see.

“Nice guess. Now get up and get outta bed.”

“Uh, no thanks—I feel like crap.” He half lied. There was no way in hell he was getting out of his warm bed.

“Don’t make me have to drag you from underneath that pillow and cover.” Paul insisted.

Marshall nearly laughed at how he pegged just the way he was lying, but he held his composer and proceeded to stand his ground.

“By the time you get here, it’ll be afternoon and you can make me lunch.”

Suddenly, he felt the pillow being snatched off of him, and then the covers went next. Flipping over, he started to shout until he saw Paul standing there holding a brown bag in one hand. Paul, being the smug ass that he was dangled the bag at him while talking into his earpiece to finish talking.

“I have breakfast covered. Now get up!!”

“Paul I’m not in the mood for this shit—”

“And I’m not in the mood for your shit! Dre is at the studio waiting on you and you're going.”

Studio? Dre? Uh oh this didn’t sound good. Dre NEVER flew to ANYONE unless it was serious. Marshall sat up and nearly gave himself a heart attack for jumping up so fast. If Paul was yanking his chain, he was going to kill him. Jokes were something he didn’t take well now a days.

“What studio??” he asked hopping to his feet.

“You’re Detroit studio. Now go shower so we can have a good day.” Paul replied nudging him into his bedroom’s bathroom.

Marshall stumbled into the bathroom and closed the door before looking in the mirror. Panic was coursing through his veins and there was no denying it. The last time he had a “meeting” with Dre, he was given an ultimatum. Either check into rehab or take a break. Marshall knew exactly what that meant. When Dre said take a break”, he meant permanently. You were fired. No if and or buts about it and Marshall had seen that happen to many over all the years he’d worked for Dre.
From Shari Watson (aka Truth Hurts) to Jayceon Taylor (aka Game).

He couldn’t afford to take “a break”. Trying hard to pull himself together, he turned on a scolding hot shower and hopped in. He knew he had to do whatever it took to be in Dre’s good graces because dealing with Jimmy wouldn’t turn out pretty. If this issue made it to Jimmy’s desk he would be in deep shit. Trying not think about why Dre was in town, he showered, wishing the water would wash away his doubts and judgments about himself.
Think positive….think positive. He scolded himself.
Marshall paced back and forth in the hallway of his studio, nearly burning a hole in the floor. Everyone was waiting on him, but he was freaking out. Every time he heard a noise, he would nearly bolt and hide in a corner. For some reason, his anxiety was working in over drive. All he wanted to do was go curl up in his bed; to be in the comfort of his own home—alone. Well having his little girls in their rooms would’ve been nice, but he knew that option was off the table. The girls had gone to live with Kim the moment she left him, which was about a month into their second marriage.

Ok, okay—so that wasn’t the whole truth. He picked up and moved out on them, but it was needed. That was neither here nor there right now. The thing was he missed the noise they made in the rest of the house. Atleast he knew he was alive and not in some alternate universe. Or was he?
Shaking that off, he tried to focus on the task at hand. There was no more ignoring it because Dre himself was striding down the hall towards him. Every time Dre seemed to take a step forward, Marshall seemed to unknowingly take a step back. His nerves were shot.

“Damn man, you sure know how to keep someone waiting.” Dre replied flashing a half smile.

The gesture should’ve put Marshall at ease, but to his dismay, it didn’t. All he could think about is why Dre would fly to Detroit.

“You ever gone join us in there?”

Lip quivering, Marshall swallowed before answering.

“I—uh, yeah.”

Dre stepped closer to him, nearly cornering him before putting his arm around his neck and jerkin him forward to nudge him down to the studio. Even though Dre was acting cool, Marshall had the underlying feeling that when he was trapped in the room with him and Paul, they were gonna pounce on him. Dre could feel him shuddering underneath his arm as he headed down the hall. He released him as he cocked his glare towards him.

“Em, you aight?” he inquired, “You look like you seen a ghost.”

“Fine Dre, fine.” he answered quickly as they headed into the room to chat.

Authors notes: Okay so I know I took forever with this updat and I'm sorry. Just been busy. Smile Hope u guys like it so far and please please please leave [smilie=feedback.gif] :yes: that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks 2 others who also read, but dont leave feedback because u just dont post Smile I greatly appreciate everyone who reads even if i dont get a reply :yes: Okay, I'm rambling and I hope u enjoy!! :cutie:
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PostSubject: Re: Is Anybody Out There?   Wed Mar 30, 2011 11:31 pm

I went away I guess to open up some lanes
But there was no one who even knew that I was going through growin' pains
Hatred was flowing through my veins
On the verge of going insane
I almost made a song dissin Lil Wayne
It's like I was jealous of him 'cause of the attention he was gettin'
I felt horrible about myself
He was spittin and I wasn't
Anyone who was buzzin back then coulda got it…

“So, what do you think?” Dre asked leaning back in the leather chair, across the table from Marshall.

Marshall couldn’t believe what was just thrown at him and the mere fact that Dre was taking insight from Paul was a bit sickening. He wasn’t that far gone, nor was he stupid enough to do what they were suggesting. He fidgeted in the chair for the millionth time before trying to respond.

This has definitely got to be a dream. he wanted to scream, but left it floating around in his head.

“Me? Do a song with—” he swallowed hard offended before finishing.
Lil Wayne?”

The moment Dre nodded, bile rose in the back of Marshall’s throat, but he swallowed it rather than gagging. His eyes darted back and forth between Dre and Paul and they both had serious gazes on him. This was no game. They wanted him to collaborate with someone nowhere near his—uh oh here it was he couldn’t hold it in anymore.

"He’s nowhere near my level!! Is this a come up for him or a step down for me?!” he shouted.

Were they trying to say something without actually saying it??—Because Marshall was more than good at reading through the lines. With all the crap that was thrown at him in his life time, he’d learned to pay attention to detail when trying to decipher what people were saying. He didn’t want to believe the people he trusted and felt were family were trying to insult him. What did he look like doing anything like that??

“Em calm down!” Paul shouted trying to keep peace.

God knows that’s what everyone needed because Marshall was always on edge and moody. Well, that’s how they saw it anyway before he secluded himself in his own home.

“Look,” Dre interjected trying to elaborate more. “Wayne is hot right now. There’s buzz on him, he’s dropped...”

“Mix tape after mix tape, I know. He also did a song with Fat Joe, who by the way is beefin’ with 50. Did you think about that?? Did you think about how that would make me look as his boss??”

Dre squinted and looked at Paul who said, “Who you did a remix with by the way. Remember ‘Lean Back’?”

Okay they were fighting dirty and obviously wasn’t gonna take no for an answer. Narrowing his glare at Paul’s snarky remark, he grumbled under his breath. Did no one understand he was struggling to stay afloat?! To dump something like this on him only made his self esteem worse and he thought of the little stash of pills he had hidden at home.

No, be strong. You don’t need that shit. You got Hailie to think about…

But Hailie was gone—and on top of that, she was livid with him. He was mad at him too because he’d done something he’d promised himself and his little girl he’d never do. Against what should’ve been better judgment, he walked out on his family. Just like his dad did to him and his mother.

Some father I turned out to be.

“Em!” Paul shouted snapping him out of his thoughts once again.

“I’m not doing it.” He protested jumping up from his seat. This meeting was done and he was not conforming.

“Uh you kinda are.” Paul said as a matter of factly with a hint of attitude.

He was sick of Em acting like a “baby” as he always said and just wanted him to grow up.
The whole “woe is me” act was getting old and his career was slowly declining. As his manager, it was his job to boost it back up. With Paul being as head strong and controlling as he was, it damn sure was gonna happen. They’d gotten over the rehab hump and now it was time to get back on track.

“The thing is…” Dre replied looking up to Marshall, “We already talked to him and his managers, and we scheduled you to be his special guest at a show he’s doin’ tonight.”

“Without talkin’ to me?!”

Does no one even realize it’s my fuckin’ birthday?!

That was completely unacceptable, but being that his Dre was his boss and not only his friend, he had to go. Paul he could say no to but Dre—He however, signed all of his checks. The fact that it was his birthday seemed to not matter and why should it? The only people who cared to share or remember it wasn’t in his life. He hadn’t even got a freakin birthday call from anyone, so he did what he always did. Stayed in bed, curled under the covers, worrying about what was outside. He seemed to be doing that a lot lately.


“Well you haven’t called me forever Em!” Dre stressed getting out of his chair. “You used to call me full of idea for tracks and beats…but you just stopped.”

“I been through a shitload ok?” Marshall barely said looking down at the shiny hardwood floor beneath him.

Although he wouldn’t admit it, he wanted someone to acknowledge it. Embrace him in the least. After all, everyone of his friends who had done recreational drugs with him one time or another, seemed to turn their backs on him when he got “hooked”. To him, he wasn’t hooked on anything, he just needed a little added push to get through his day and it seemed to help. The only person backing him 100% had been Shaun.


Another thing he hated remembering at the moment.

“I know that much. So that’s why I’m pushing you to do this. We’re gonna record a little, then stop pass your house, you can get dressed and then we’ll slide to the club.”

“Club?!” Marshall nearly shouted.

All of a sudden, his skin began to crawl. The thought of being in a packed club sent chills through him. He unintentionally shook just imagining it.

“Yes, a club.” Dre replied walking over to him smiling as if this was the best idea he’d ever had.

“I can’t—” he started moving to leave but Dre stopped him.

“Em, this is a big move for you right now.”

“Big?! Dre I don’t do music the way he does! I’m not gonna sell out and do this shit!!” he howled.

“This guy does shit with pop stars!! If I do this what the fuck are
MY fans gonna think of me?? Huh?!” he glared over to Paul and shouted, “What’s next?! A fuckin’ love song with Mariah or Rihanna even?!”

After a moment of heavy breathing, he replied, “I won’t.”

“We’re not losing this money. We already signed you on and you’re going.” Paul demanded.

Biting his lip, Marshall slinked down in his chair and placed his face in his palms. There was nothing he could do to back out of this. Why the hell was no one realizing he was silently crying out for attention?! Being locked away in his home had made him a prisoner and as much as he wanted time to himself, he hated the solitude. Drugs and alcohol had become his friend and he couldn’t stop. It took the edge off and right now he could use something because his heart was racing. He could feel his hands trembling and couldn’t stop them.

“I’m gonna fire up the booth and let you hear the tracks I been workin’ on for you.” Dre insisted leaving the room.

“Em, shape up.” Paul said handing him a pen and pad. “Dre came to help you with your music—”

With my music—what about just to help me[b]?!

“After we record a few hits, you’ll feel like yourself.” With that, Paul left and Marshall looked at the pad left on the table.

Him write? Ha!! What a laugh. He had written anything suitable since he finished ‘Encore’ and Shaun helped him finish those tracks. He never even asked to be acknowledged for it, but Marshall knew the truth. His best friend had his back with anything and that was proof. Anybody would’ve outted him saying they ghost wrote the track because Marshall had a terrible case of “writer’s block”. But no, not Proof. He was a true friend. One he needed right now. Grabbing the pen and pad, he open the door to see someone trying to pass in the hall. He quickly shut the door and locked it until he heard the footsteps fade down the hall.

After a few more minutes of calm breathing, he unlocked the door and peeked out again. The hall was empty, so he eased out and nearly ran to the studio. Closing the door behind him, he saw Dre behind the mixing board. The music was already blasting, so he slunk to a corner and sat, trying to write. Man was this gonna be a disaster.

[b]Later that Night:

“Okay…so you have a little dry spell.” Dre replied a bit frustrated.

A dry spell wasn’t it. They’d been sitting in the studio more than eighth hour and they still hadn’t made a decent song. A train wreck was more like it. The haze Marshall had in his head just wouldn’t clear. Everything he’d seemed to write was too depressing or dark to keep. Hell, he’d even cried in the booth a few times on a few songs. Dre was definitely done for today. It was going on seven.

“I think we should just get you ready and head to the club.” Dre insisted.

“Dre I can’t. You just saw—”

“You can perform some ‘Curtain Call’ songs and a little ‘Encore’ you’ll be ok.” Paul demanded cutting him off.

There was no getting out of this, so he shut his mouth and followed them out of the studio. Fighting would just make things worse.

The ride to his house was all talk on how he could “get back on track”. Paul and Dre laughed and caught up while Marshall sat quietly dreading the hell he was heading to. He was gonna be the laughing stock of the night and on his birthday at that. As they pulled into his estate, he hopped out quickly to get some air, but quickly regretted it. His eyes darted back and forth on the property. It was pitched black and for some reason, he felt like someone was gonna jump from the shadows and try and kill him. Suddenly a pair of hands grabbed his shoulders and he tensed up.

“You need to learn to relax.” Dre laughed walking beside him. “Tonight’s gonna be great you watch.”

Ignoring his statement, Marshall darted to his door and fumbled with his keys to get the door open. After finally finding the key, he unlocked the door and pushed it open. Flipping his light on, he stopped dead in his tracks.


Tons of people shouted and he gasped as he stumbled back. Among the faces, he recognized Nathan’s.

“Happy birthday. You know I ain’t fly all the way here just to record.” Dre nudged with a chuckle, but he saw the frown on Marshall’s face. Dre dropped his smile as realized the expression was panic.

“Happy birthday bro. You know we wouldn’t forget about you.” Nate smiled walking over and trying to hug him. Marshall stumbled back out of his reach before replying,

“Why are these people in my house?! This is my house! How am I supposed to be safe with all these people knowing how to get in?!”

With that, he pushed passed Nathan and slinked through the crowd in record time before disappearing upstairs. Confused, Nathan turned to Dre and Paul, who shrugged cluelessly. This had to be a joke to get back at Nate for tricking him right? He had to find out. Turning on the music, he told everyone to resume the party until he brought the guest of honor back.
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PostSubject: Re: Is Anybody Out There?   Tue Apr 05, 2011 11:45 pm

Marshall paced back and forth after closing himself in his room. He was breathing erratically and had the slightest clue how to calm down. Every part of him wanted to be happy that they’d thrown him a surprise party, but he couldn’t be. All he could think about was the people crowding his house downstairs. He had half the mind to go down there and go berserk on everyone, but how would that make him look? With his life, the media would eat it up.

What happened to not giving a fuck?! he scolded himself, but before he finished that thought, he heard a tap on his door.

Squinting skeptically, his eyes darted quickly around the room for a weapon. Another tapping on the door, accompanied by his brother’s voice put him at ease.

A weapon? Really? What the hell Marshall? Get a grip.

“Em can I come in?” Nate asked and the moment he did, Marshall unlocked the door.

Hearing the click, Nathan took it as an “okay” to come in. Opening the door slowly he saw Marshall going back and forth. He’d resumed pacing as his mind darting all over the place. His thoughts were everywhere.

“Are you coming back downstairs?” he asked with his eyes darting back and forth, trying to keep up with his fast moving brother.


“Em, look, I’m sorry if you’re mad that I had Dre and Paul make you work in the studio all day, but I needed to get you outta the house. If you hadn’t noticed, that’s not easy these days.” Nate interjected, not wanting him to shut down the party he had going.

Stopping in his tracks, Marshall sighed. Nathan did have a point. He couldn’t even remember the last time he’d been out of the house himself, besides trying to go to Hailie’s father daughter dance. He’d called her cell phone countlessly to try and apologize, but he knew she was ignoring his phone calls. After calling Kim, she shot him down at speaking to their daughter. Hailie had been more than fuming with him and he couldn’t blame her. But he did try to go.

Didn’t that count for anything?

“Hello?? Earth to Marshall?” Nathan said annoyed.

“Man, you're always acting like you don’t hear anybody.” Nate mumbled, but Marshall heard him and the statement had cut him deep.

It wasn’t his fault that he didn’t hear anyone when they spoke to him. His mind was always going and that wasn’t his fault. For some reason he was always lingering on this thought or another. Ok, so whatever he had been taking did make him process things a little slower, but he would never admit it. As long as he could function through the day, it was fine with him. All he needed to do was make it from one day to the next and his little “magic pills” helped him do that. It kept him from going off the deep end. Being depressed was never something he liked, but this was worse than he’d ever been.

Losing Ronnie was one thing, but now—this dark ditch he was in—he couldn’t seem to get out. He’d dug the hole way too deep this time and he couldn’t get out without help. Back then, having Hailie had brought a little ray of hope in his life, but right now the fact that she seemed to hate him wasn’t helping. Every part of him blamed Kim for turning his little girls against him. Before she came home from rehab, everything was perfect with them. But after, slowly but surely he could see them bonding and etching him out. Work had seemed to be the wedge that would NEVER disappear. But if he didn’t work, who would?

“I’m not— mad Nate…” he started.

He was more like teed off, paranoid—he could go on and on but it would probably lead to him “acting as if he didn’t hear anybody”. But, all in all he didn’t want to yell at his baby brother. He had made the effort to throw him a surprise party.

“Then come back downstairs and we can cut some cake—get drunk. Anything. Just—I don’t know, let’s have fun.” He smiled patting him on the back.

Not wanting to disappoint his brother, he smile and nodded before adding, “Just let me freshen up and change really quick and I’ll be down.”

Acknowledging his brother, he nodded then quickly disappeared from the room. After hearing his footsteps retreat down the stairs, Marshall scolded himself.

“What the fuck am I gonna do?! Why didn’t I just tell him to get rid of everybody?!”

Storming over to his bathroom, he opened the door and froze at the sight of a female. She had the same stunned look on her face as he did.

“What the fuck are you doin’ in my bathroom?!” he shouted irately as she slowly walked into his bedroom.

“Nathan said I could use this one.” She stammered.

She was more than blushing as he stared at her with irritation in his eyes as she clutched a bag full of stuff.

“Why do you look so familiar?” he uttered trying to note her face.

After looking at him for a bit she sighed, “I’m so stupid…” she mumbled. She obviously recognize him.

“Answer me!” he replied annoyed. If that’s what everyone meant by him getting lost in thought, he could see why it was an inconvenience.

“Last night!” she shouted, not meaning to, but she hated being yelled at.

“Last night?” he asked trying to remember and she nodded.

“You ran off on me when I offered to help you find—”

“The dance.” They both said at the same time. He eased up at bit after recognizing her, but he still wanted to know…

“What the hell are you doing in my bathroom?”

“Nathan said I could come up here to shower and change for the party.” She said holding up the bag that was obviously holding the clothes she’d changed out of.

“You know Nate?” he asked cocking an eyebrow.

“Yeah. I helped him decorate all day.” She stressed.

“All day?” he asked feeling guilty about how he came in a little while ago.

“Yeah, he said he wanted to throw you a party like your best friend
Shaun did.” She said a bit confused because she had no clue what Nathan had been talking about.

Whatever she had said though, it hit Marshall hard and she could see it in his face. He stared at the floor heartbroken and the womanly instinct kicked in. She had it in her mind to bolt over and give him a huge hug, but with better judgment, she refrained.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were you yesterday.”

That made him look up confused and she quickly explained what she meant. Hell, she already invaded his space and made him feel overly uncomfortable on his birthday.

“I had no clue you were Nathan’s brother—Eminem.”

What is that supposed to mean?! I really must look like shit if she didn’t recognize me!

“I just mean with the darker hair and in a suit you look different.”

He sat on the edge of his bed as if someone had hit him in the chest and he couldn’t breathe. What she said was obviously adding to whatever was eating at him. An exit strategy was her best policy. She didn’t want to be the one to depress the guest of honor on his day, even though it seemed someone or something had already done that.

“I’m gonna…go.” She nearly whispered as she turned to leave, but the moment he put his face in his hands she stopped.

There was definitely something bothering him and if it was gonna ruin what Nathan had done, she was gonna try and fix it. Hell, they had spent hours fixing and cleaning the house. He had to attend his own party.

“Is everything alright?” she asked butting into his thoughts. He looked up and turned to look at her.

“You heard everything me and Nate were talking about didn’t you?” he asked.

That was all he needed, one of Nate’s young friends judging him and spreading it to everyone else.
As much as she wanted to lie, she knew being truthful was the best policy.

“I didn’t mean to, I was just getting dressed when you came in and then I heard Nate…”

“Look, not to be rude, but I’m not talking to you about—anything.” He said curt.

“Well, that’s fine, but you should really go downstairs and thank your brother for everything he’s done for you tonight. He’s been planning this for like a month and it took a lot to get Dr. Dre to fly here because he’s been busy.” She said remembering Nathan whine about the conversations he and Dre had.

“I can’t—a crowd is not my thing anymore.” He replied and he seemed more nervous than anything.

“It’s just one night. Besides,” she smiled, “it’s your birthday.”

With that, she left.
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PostSubject: Re: Is Anybody Out There?   Fri Apr 08, 2011 1:32 am

Nathan smiled the moment he spotted Marshall in the crowd. Easing through what seemed like a ton of people, he handed Marshall a drink. Taking it willingly, Marshall downed it in a snap. He was breathing erratically, and even though he’d taken something to take the edge off, it wasn’t helping. Or it just hadn’t kicked in yet. Smiling, Marshall tried his best to keep his cool, but something about being surrounded by a ton of people was freaking him out.

“Where’s the rest of the alcohol?” Marshall asked, his eyes darting around everyone who were dancing and drinking.

“Kitchen, but—Em...take it easy…”

“It’s my birthday. I don’t need to be scolded about anything.” he stressed pushing passed his brother and heading to the kitchen.

All this trying to be “normal” wasn’t easy. Everyone expected him to just be crazy, funny, I don’t give a fuck Marshall, but there was just one problem—that wasn’t Marshall. That guy was someone—hell, something he made up to be more confident. To crack jokes when he felt vulnerable or scared, to say the things that flawed him before anyone else could—that was a defense mechanism he learned to have very late in his life.

Deep down, he was a bruised, battered and broken little boy. Yeah, he grew into a man and yeah, he learned to have a tough shell—but fact was, he’d never dealt with the things in his past. The things that made his music so raw and unnerving. The things he called therapy on paper. It made him feel better at the moment, but hearing it back always killed him a little because he was reliving the pain. Shaking his thoughts off, he was relieved to see he’d made it to the kitchen without having a total meltdown. So far so good. Nate’s friend had been right. What was one night? Especially when everyone was celebrating the day he was born.

Grabbing a glass, he poured in some scotch and took it back. Drinking on an empty stomach wasn’t a good idea, so he poured another glass and headed to his cabinet. Opening it, he moved a few no eatable things out of the way and saw a bag or ranch Doritos. A smile swept across his face as he reached up and pulled them out. Walking back to the counter, he pulled out a bar stool and climbed up to sit down. Popping the bag open, the smell enticed him and he immediately grabbed a few and tossed them in his mouth. Taking a sip of his scotch, he nodded.

Who knew this wasn’t a bad combination?

After a few more chips, he downed the scotch and poured another glass.

“You might wanna take it easy on that stuff.” a voice replied scaring him half to death. He jumped as he spun around to see Nathan’s friend again.

“I don’t remember asking your opinion.” He snapped snottily.

“Someone’s grouchy.” She replied standing beside him.

“Mind if I join you?” a voice asked scaring him half to death. He jumped as he spun around to see Nathan’s friend again.

I definitely need to catch her name.

“Actually, I do.” He jabbed a little annoyed. He was finally trying to mellow out and she was interrupting.

“Fine, I just came to grab a drink for Nathan anyway.” She pointed out as she grabbed the tall bottle of vodka and poured it in a red cup.

Afterwards, she grabbed the bottle of cranapple juice and mixed it in before throwing in a few ice cubes.

“Are you two dating or something?” Marshall asked quickly coking an eye to her, trying to note her reaction.

To his surprise, she didn’t even flinch. She nonchalantly shook her head and added, “Nope. We’re just friends.”

He downed his third glass of scotch and she leaned on the counter next to him. As he grabbed for the bottle of scotch she frowned, but grabbed a few Doritos from the bag and he grimaced. Who did she think she was, digging into his bag like that? Before he could say anything she said…

“I don’t think you should—”

“Butt out!” he snapped. “Shouldn’t you be getting that drink to my brother now.” He insisted.

“Fine. Happy birthday to you.” She replied and he raised his glass with his back facing her as she turned to leave, but her cell phone rang.

By her reaction, she obviously knew who the caller was. She scrambled as she dug in her pocket to dig it out. The moment she found it, she flipped it open and nearly slammed it to her ear.

“Hello?! Is everything ok??”

Even though he didn’t move, Marshall’s eyes darted to her from her reaction. After listening for a moment, she relaxed and started pacing the kitchen. A frown stretched across her face as she replied,

“You said you were going to keep them the whole night.”

Another moment of silence before she replied, “You knew I had plans.
Why do you always pull shit like this??”

Stopping, she sat Nate’s drink on the counter the moment he walked in the kitchen. He wanted to know what was taking her so long, but by the look on her face, he didn’t interrupt. Instead, he looked over to his brother.

“Aren’t you supposed to be at your party?” he whispered.

Marshall smiled fakely as he lifted his glass of scotch and the bag of Doritos sarcastically. Nate opened his mouth to protest, but his friend’s conversation stopped him.

“Oh, don’t gimme that crap about working. I know it’s not about that. All I needed you for was one day and you can’t even gimme that.”

Whoever was on the other end was yelling and they could hear it from where they were. Nate grabbed the cup and drank some as she resumed pacing.

“Fuck it Tyler have them ready.” She said hanging up.

The moment she turned around, Marshall’s eye went down to his chips as he took a bite as did Nathan’s as he took a sip from his cup.

“Everything ok?” Nate asked walking over to her.

Taking a deep breath as she put her phone away, she replied, “No, I’m sorry Nate but I gotta bolt. Tyler is being such a dick.”

“Want me to give you a ride?” he asked concerned, but she shook her head, shooting him down.

“No, enjoy your brother’s party. You worked hard on it. I’ll just call you later.”

Digging in his pocket, he pulled out a set of keys and handed them to her.

“Here, take my car. I’ll just get it back in the morning.”

Marshall frowned confused at his brother’s actions, but kept his mouth shut.

“I couldn’t—”

“C’mon, I made you leave your car home. So if I can’t drive you back, take the next best thing.” He smiled.

Sighing, she knew this was her best bet and she didn’t feel like arguing with Tyler for not getting to his place on time, so she agreed.

“Fine.” she said hugging Nate, “You are a life saver. You can come by whenever you want to get it.”

“No problem,” Nate said kissing her on the cheek. “Now go.” He nudged and she nodded before going to leave.

“It was nice meeting you Marshall! Happy Birthday” she yelled, going out into the booming music and disappearing.

Marshall looked over to his baby brother, who was smiling like an idiot and replied,

“Are you fuckin’ her?”

He frowned quickly and said, “No. Cyndi’s not that type of girl.”

Rolling his eyes, Marshall took a sip of his drink, but atleast now he knew her name.

“She sure looks the part.” He mumbled, noting her beauty. She was gorgeous enough to be a video girl, but she was dressed a little classier.

“Man come on. I know I bring A LOT of sluts home, but she’s not one. She has a lot goin’ for herself.”

“And you ain’t fuckin’ her?”

“Noooooooooooo. Jeez.” Nate replied rolling his eyes. “I want to though.” He admitted.

“What’s stopping you?” Marshall asked really curious. Nate never had a problem getting a girl in a snap.

“She’s kinda – sorta….married.”

“Married? As in has a husband?” Marshall asked shocked.

“Yeah. But she’s getting a divorce.”

“That young girl is getting a divorce? You gotta be shitting me.” He replied eating a chip.

“She’s goin’ through what you and Kim are goin’ through.” Nate replied seriously.

“Then why haven’t you slept with her? Kim’s a whore.”

“Fuck you too Marshall.” Kim said storming into the kitchen and Marshall sighed deeply. If his birthday hadn’t already been fucked, it sure was about to be now.

“Can you give me and my husband a moment alone Nathan?” she demanded and he slipped out without hesitating.
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PostSubject: Re: Is Anybody Out There?   Sun May 08, 2011 12:21 am

Pouring a quick glass of hard liquor, Marshall took it back as Kim walked over to the island designed kitchen table that sat in the center of his kitchen. Whatever she was about to say, he had no doubt that it would burn the way liquor he’d just downed had in his chest. They hadn’t really been on great speaking terms since he’d walked out on her, but they had a civil agreement. That was if you called civil a constant back and forth screaming match when the girls weren’t around. But as of lately, Kim was always taking cheap shots at him and he wouldn’t respond.

That tad bit had been odd to her, but in the midst of her anger, she could care less. Although at the end of the day she sometimes regretted the things she said, she was too stubborn and head strong to apologize. Especially if he had the nonchalant attitude he was carrying these days.
The only thing that seemed to matter to him was alcohol and drugs and she wasn’t going to tolerate it. Even watching him now was repulsive. Wrinkling a brow, she started their conversation.

“You know…you’re disgusting.” She snapped, not really meaning to start like that, but looking at him nauseated her.

Swallowing a gasp he refused to let out, Marshall nodded. Hearing that had hurt him though. After all, he was already criticizing himself every day. So hearing it wasn’t something he could stomach—especially coming from her…his family.

“Thanks.” He mumbled with a fake smile, not that she saw it because he was looking down trying not to make eye contact.

“How can you sit here and drink yourself to death?!”

“I’m not drinking myse—”

“Bullshit!!” she shouted grabbing the more than half empty bottle and his eyes finally lifted.

“See?! Look. This is the only thing you care about!! That and drugs.” She sneered disgusted.

“I don’t know what you're talking about.” He protested. “If you hadn’t noticed, it’s my birthday. I’m allowed to drink with everyone else.”

“Wrong!! You are an addict and aren’t allowed anything intoxicating!! Or did you forget your small time in rehab!” she screamed

That in itself was like a kick in the chest. He felt like he had got blindsided by a deer.

“I’m not an addict.” He replied turning to her with an evil glare in his stormy gray eyes.

Hearing that word always pushed him over the edge. And coming from her it made it worst. How dare she of all people judge him??

“Really? Then give me a better explanation on why you would miss Hailie’s father daughter dance.”

Ouch that one hurt too. His not so little girl was his everything, and ever since the last tour, his family had fallen apart. And not just gradually, there was a rapid crumble—and he’d be damned if he took the full blame.

The stress and pressure of holding the whole world on his shoulders was finally setting in. He went from being happy, to—this was more than miserable—this was hell. When had doing everything for the strength of his daughter stop being enough?? That question alone was eating at him. But it was yet another he refused to face.

“It’s my birthday…” he grumbled trying to hold in the anger slowly pumping through his veins.

“And that was the reason I came, but you know what? You disgust me.”

There was that word again. Swallowing his pride he tried his best to let it roll off his back, but it seeped in instead. It was like a lash he wouldn’t or couldn’t get rid of. Of all the years they’d been together and everything that came out of her mouth, she never ever once said she appreciated him for what he did for their family.

“All of this shit…” she replied stalking over to the sink and pouring the alcohol in.

His heart rate quickened at the sight of what she was doing. Standing, he went to leave the kitchen before he said or did something stupid. Before he got a chance to leave the kitchen, he heard something smash. Spinning around, he saw a broken grey goose botte, with the alcohol running all over his floor.

“Have you lost your mind??” he asked with the booming music still going in the next room.

“I am sick of you walking away from me.” She snarled. “Apparently, getting rid of your drugs and alcohol are the only thing you respond to.”


“No! What the hell Marshall?? You left your family!! You even fired House!! House Marshall… and I had to move him to our guest house to protect me and the girls. For Christ sakes he wasn’t just your body guard, he’s your friend.” She tried to drill in his head.

“I don’t need anybody around me.”

“You’re fuckin pathetic. I’m not dealing with this anymore. Those papers you sent—I’m gonna sign them. If you wanna see me or your girls again you need to get your shit together. I’m not waiting.”

Biting his tongue, he stalked from the room and she frowned confused. Usually threatening to take the girls away would get him to atleast yell at her.

He was just being so… weird.

Atleast if he was yelling at her she could somehow get him to apologize and then they’d briefly talk before mending the situation by acting as if nothing ever happened. What the hell was going on? She didn’t wanna sign off on her divorce by any means, but he wasn’t chasing her. He wasn’t caring. What happened to her husband? The fly off the handle guy she’d sorta respected. Okay respect was the wrong word, but she grew to accept it. He went from being mousy Marshall to, pistol whipping “Just Don’t Give A Fuck” Slim Shady, but now he was—

She didn’t know.

Ever since he did Eight Mile, he’d been a little mellower. A mixture of the guy she molded as a teenager, and the strong minded business man who finally got his foot in the door. It was like seeing his life played out again had sorta affected him, but she gave him credit. During those years, she was running around like a chicken with her head cut off and he stepped up and took responsibilities.

He kept their family straight and never let the girls know she was in rehab or locked up. That’s why when he asked her to move back in she did and they started “dating” again.
But this guy in front of her now a days, he was a ghost and she had no clue how to get through to him.

“Yo Em—” Nate said stopping him in the crowded living room.

“Not now Nate.” He replied trying to pull free, but Nate wouldn’t let him.

This party meant a shit load to Nathan and he worked hard planning and decorating. There was no way he was letting his brother miss his own shindig. Whatever was going on with him would surely be washed away with the surprises he had lined up.

“Marsh man come on—it’s your birthday.”

“Try telling someone who cares, cause obviously no one really does. Party’s over Nate.” He said a bit depressed as he hustled downstairs into his studio.

Spinning around, he stalked to the kitchen to see Kim standing over a shattered glass of alcohol.


“What the fuck did you do to my brother?!” he shouted as Dre walked into the kitchen.

He’d saw Marshall retreat into his studio and knew that couldn’t’ve been a good sign. Hell, he came to celebrate and party, but it seemed as though it wasn’t happening. If he had flown to Michigan for nothing, he was gonna flip.

“Nothing! You watch how you talk to me!! You know he’s not himself Nathan. You need to get him some help.” She replied leaving out the patio door and it left Nate believing that Marshall had smashed the bottle on the floor after they fought as always.

If his brother was in trouble, he was gonna need to get it for him.

And fast.

Sorry 4 the delay guys I was wondering if I wanted to finish this story.
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PostSubject: Re: Is Anybody Out There?   Sun Jul 03, 2011 11:32 pm

Another amazing story, it's a pity that you haven't replied yet. Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Is Anybody Out There?   Mon Jul 04, 2011 12:00 am

Here u go cheers

“What the hell is goin’ on in here?” Dre interjected, scaring Nathan half to death.

Spinning around, Nate frowned at seeing Dre’s face. It was more than apparent that he was angry, but being that he was one of his brother’s best friends, an idea popped into his head. He knew Marshall wouldn’t listen to him, but Dre—the person he always referred to as being the guy who saved his life—maybe he could pitch him some wisdom that would sink in. Or set up an intervention if needed. No, it couldn’t be to that point. Marshall was still himself. He was—hell, who was Nate kidding? Marshall hadn’t been himself since Kim came home from rehab a few years earlier. No one saw what Nate did behind closed doors.

He knew his brother and Marshall had done everything to hold himself together during the past few years. But after Encore, when he started touring…his cracks began to show. But now he was walking around like a wraith. Shutting everyone out, and slowly but surely self destructing. No way he was gonna let that happen on his watch.

“Dre I might need your help with something.” Nate replied and the frown on Dre’s face got deeper.

“Before you say no, it’s about Em—”

“First tell me what you two were talking about. What’s up with Em?”

Shrugging, Nate gave him a honest response.

“That’s just it, I don’t really know. He stays in that damn basement all day if possible and he won’t let anyone over here anymore.”

“Well his studio is down there.” Dre said sarcastically, “He could be working on new music like always.”

“I wanna believe that but—“ he looked down at the broken glass and spilled alcohol and Dre could see this was serious.

“He using again?” he asked blatantly.

If Em had a real problem that was effecting his work, that involved Dre a shitload. Being his boss, he had a professional obligation, but as a friend, he wanted to sympathize.

“I don’t know. As much as I wanna say no, I can’t.” he said looking up to see worry lines on Dre’s face.

“Then let’s go ask him.” Dre said turning and leaving the kitchen.

“No!! Wait, you can’t just go ask him!!” he shouted following him into the overly crowded and very loud living room.

Dre hadn’t heard him, but even if he did, that wasn’t gonna stop him from asking. He wasn’t a beat around the bush type of guy. He was gonna get to the bottom of this and get everything back on track. In his world, “what Dre say’s goes”. Nate was on his heels until he felt someone grabbed on his arm and stop him.

“Hey Nate.” A girl replied flashing a smile. He went to brush her off, but he stopped when he recognized her.

“Hey Ash.”

Ashley was her name and even though they’d grown up together, he hadn’t seen her in a little over a year. They had been best friends since elementary school after the whole custody thing with him got solved. She had bleached blonde hair and even though he loved her original brunette, the blonde wasn’t bad. She just sorta reminded him of Kim at the moment.

“Can we go talk—catch up?” she smiled brightly.

“I can’t. I’m in the middle of something really important.” he stressed and she frowned.

She took it as a notion that he didn’t wanna catch up with her and get to know the things they’d missed over time about each other.

“Nate, c’mon—”

“Look, I really gotta go. Maybe later.” He said pulling away and seeing Dre come back upstairs.

Whatever had happened with him and Em happened quickly, or maybe—maybe Marshall wasn’t down there. He was hoping for the latter because he knew how testy Em could get talking about his drug stint. That was a sore spot he hated touching. Dre quickly got lost in the crowd and instead of looking for him, Nate bolted down stairs.

“Please be empty…please be empty.” He muttered praying for no one to be down there.

Peering around the room, he saw Marshall standing over the mixing board with his head down and back facing him.

“I said I don’t wanna talk about it tonight.” He replied softly as Nate walked over and stood behind him.

“Talk about what?” Nate asked and Marshall sighed.

“Nothing. Please just leave me alone.”

Nate could tell by the sound of his voice that he was down in the dumps. This was so not how he wanted Marshall to spend his birthday. Taking all the time and effort to throw a surprise birthday party was stressful enough. Now he had to deal with this.

“No. I’m sick of you doing this.”

Why does everyone say that to me? Marshall asked himself.

“What exactly am I doin’?” he asked nonchalantly.

“Shutting us out... locking yourself in a room by yourself.”

“Why does that affect you? If I wanna be alone—”

“That’s fine. But when it deals with the girls…with Hailie—”

“Now you sound like Kim.”

Nate grumbled frustrated and kept going.

“You need to get your temper under control.”

Frowning confused Marshall asked, “My temper?”

After being attacked by three people in less than a half an hour, he hadn’t so much as raised his voice. Walking away was considered a temper? Who knew? He thought sarcastically. Why couldn’t they just leave him alone? He was walking away from trouble, but it was still following him.

“Yeah. I saw the bottle you smashed after your fight with Kim.”

“I smashed?” he asked confused yet again.

He nodded disappointed that no one cared to get the facts they just blamed him for things. Knowing Kim, she probably spent the story out of control and blamed him. He didn’t care, he’d take the blame willingly.

“Yeah, you need to get your temper under control.”

Marshall nodded again as if he agreed with him but inside he was hurt with the judgment passed on him so much.

“If you need help we can go see a therapist—”

“A therapist? As in a psychologist?? No thanks, I don’t need that shit.”

He felt so insulted and didn’t know how to deal with it. How dare Nate suggest such a thing?

“You need to talk to someone about everything that’s happened. If you don’t—”

“I don’t wanna fight. I don’t wanna argue. I just wanna be left alone.”

“Fine, fuck it. Rot down here. I tried.” He replied bolting back upstairs.

He couldn’t understand how his brother could be so selfish when he went out of his way to throw him a damn party. Fuck begging him to join it, he was party like there was no tomorrow and leave his brother alone just like he asked.
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PostSubject: Re: Is Anybody Out There?   Mon Jul 04, 2011 11:31 am

I love that update cheers I hope Marshall'll accept their help Razz I love you
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PostSubject: Re: Is Anybody Out There?   Mon Jul 04, 2011 12:27 pm

Thanks Mel Razz I know, he does need their help. Tune in to see if he lets them. Question
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PostSubject: Re: Is Anybody Out There?   Mon Jul 04, 2011 6:00 pm

I hope so I love you
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PostSubject: Re: Is Anybody Out There?   Mon Jul 04, 2011 10:12 pm

Grabbing a poker from the fire place, Cyndi slunk through her living room as her heart danced around in her chest. A few minutes earlier she heard a rattling coming from downstairs. It woke her from her sleep and scared the heck out of her. Especially since there wasn’t a male in the house to go see what or who was downstairs. Swallowing her fear, she hopped up after hearing more rattling and headed downstairs.

Normally she wouldn’t investigate, but there was just more than her in the house that she needed to protect. She briefly felt her robe pocket again and felt the cell phone she’d dropped in there in case she needed to dial 911. Tipping to the front door, she saw it was unlocked. Cursing silently, she took a deep breath and pulled out her cell phone. There was no way she was gonna have anything happen to her without calling someone.

Praying silently, she hoped she’d left the door unlocked but she knew herself and knew that wasn’t possible. With the phone in her hand, she dialed 911 and left her finger on send, just in case she needed to call for help. She then heard a crash in the kitchen and nearly screamed as she spun around, but held it in. Her heart had nearly jumped through her chest.

“Shit!!” she heard a male’s voice grumble as she got closer to the kitchen door.

It made her stop and take another deep breath because there was some man in her house. She was a fighter and wasn’t in the mood to be robbed, raped or worse. If she was going out, she was going out with a bang. She touched the swinging door to push it open, but counted to three in her head first to prepare herself. The moment she got to three, the door unexpectedly opened from the other side.

“Aaah!!!” was the first reaction, but she realized it wasn’t just coming from her.

The guy she’d hammered in the ribs with poker had first screamed from fear, then pain as he buckled to his knees on the floor. Peering down at him, she gasped as she dropped the poker.

“Nathan?!” she shouted kneeling and helping him up.

“Uh huh.” He nodded as he clutched his side. She helped him over to her couch in the living room and sat him down.

“What are you doin’ here?” she asked flipping on a lamp.

“I came to get the car.” he replied.

“I coulda brought it to you in the morning.” She replied walking to her window as he leaned back.

“How’d you get here?” she asked peering out into the dark to see her front lawn and a jeep parked in her driveway.

“Umm…” he replied as she spun around a laughed.

“So you’re just gonna drive 2 cars home huh?” she teased.

He was more than busted in a lie. In actuality, he’d come by hoping they could chill the rest of the night even though it was after three in the morning. Ever since they’d started planning Marshall’s birthday party, he’d been sleeping over, sometimes falling asleep in bed with her after a long chat. Unlike anyone he knew, she always seemed to make him laugh and think at the same time. The fact that she was smart was an extra turn on he could get used to. Another huge quality that was drawing him to her was her nationality. He’d never dated a black girl, but he never ruled them out either. He was hoping she would be the one to get him pass that hump.

“Ok, ok I needed to talk and with you bein’ a psych major I thought talking to you would be my best bet.”

She walked back to the couch and sat beside him. Pulling up his shirt, she saw a red mark where she’d whacked him.
Wincing, she felt his much ripped abs as he stared at her. The feel of her soft hand on his stomach instantly made the pain go away. Yeah, yeah, he knew he was gonna have to ice it later, but right now the pain stopped.

“Looks like someone has been working out harder than usual.” She smiled looking up to him and he looked away as if he weren’t staring at her.

Looking back, he nodded as if he hadn’t been paying attention to her soft silky hand stroking his boo boo.

“Well summer will be just around the corner.”

“Nate, fall just barely started.” She chuckled trying to take his mind off the pain that he seemed like he wasn’t feeling.

“Well I like to plan ahead.” He replied cracking a half a smile.

“I’m really sorry I hit you but I thought you were a burglar or something.”

“I’m sorry. I found your keys under your flower pot. Let me tell you that wasn’t so easy with the little buzz I have.” He laughed and she chuckled.

“I bet the party was great.” She sighed as her smile dropped and he hated to see her frown. After all, she was the one who helped him plan everything. Having to skip out on the party must’ve been painful.

“You didn’t miss anything good.” He replied trying to make her feel better.

“Yeah right.” She replied getting up. “I’ll be back.”

With that, she disappeared into the kitchen as he sat confused. After a few minutes, she came into the living room with a bucket of ice and a first aid kit. A smile immediately spread on his face. She obviously cared that she’d clobbered him and he had been hurting. This crush he had on her was growing by the minute. What he’d said to his brother earlier wasn’t a lie. She was gonna be more than a fuck whenever he got the chance to tell her.

Or the courage to.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to, she had just been juggling a lot and he somehow fell into the friend zone. But to be honest, he was catching a very intimate vibe from her when they were alone. He thought she’d sent some very noticeable signals his way and he was gonna act on them soon. Sitting beside him, she began to tape up his side, just in case she’d really injured something.

“Now tell me why you’re here.” She demanded.

To see you. he wanted to say, but when he opened his mouth something else came out.

“The party was a bust.”

Frowning, she looked up to him before asking, “A bust? You paid The Beastie boys to perform. Not to mention your brother is hands down the best rapper alive. You don’t have to say that just to make me feel better.”

“I paid them to go home.” He grumbled frustrated. “See, the only thing you missed was my brother flying off the hinges after a fight with his wife.”

After bandaging him up, she handed him the wrapped ice and he placed it on his side.

“Are you serious?” She asked grabbing a throw pillow and laying it on her lap.

“Mmm hmm.” he replied as she pulled his fitted off and made him lay his head in her lap.

Of course he didn’t refuse. Instead, he looked up at her and kept talking as she stroked his hair. He was in heaven. Every part of him was screaming to sit up and kiss her because it was obvious she cared about him.

“I know they had to be arguing over him missing my niece’s father daughter dance. I can’t believe he did that shit. He’s so fuckin’ selfish; you know he didn’t even try to go.” He spat.

“But he was there.” She interjected as a matter of factly.

“He told you that?” Nate asked confused, but continued before he let her answer. “You know it doesn’t even matter what he says. He’s been lying for awhile now.” He said angrily.

“No, I saw him Nate. He was there.”
Nate sat up frantically and stared at her as if she’d killed one of his dogs.

“You saw him??”

She nodded before replying, “He was dressed and everything. I didn’t even realize it was him. He was nervous. Ok, it was more anxious and panicky than anything. I don’t know— it was like he was worried about something. I offered to help him find the room, but he bolted when Jess distracted me.”

“Fuck!!” Nate shouted grabbing his head briefly. “Now I just feel like an asshole.”

“Why? Nate what did you do?”

He looked at her regrettably and sighed.

“I kinda black balled him after he refused to come to the party. I criticized him for not going to Hailie’s dance…I’m a jerk. But that’s no reason for him to—” Nate sighed before he said anything he regretted.

Yeah, he was pissed that Em had ruined the party, but Nate still let the party roll until now and Em never complained from the noise. Even though he had it turned up to the max and he busted a few speakers, Em didn’t so much as make a peep. But something was still definitely off. Not only was he gonna have to apologize, he was gonna ask why Marshall had skipped out on the dance after making an effort to show. After that, he was gonna have to confront Kim to see what really happened, not to mention try not to yell at her for ruin Marshall’s already sour mood.
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I hope they'll help Marshall, love the update I love you
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please continue!
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The Next Morning:
Nathan heard the kitchen door swing open and not soon after, there was squealing.

“Uncle Nate!!” two voices shouted in unison as they ran over and grabbed him by the legs.

“Sshh…” he replied with a huge smile as he reached down and hugged them both before kneeling to them. “You’re mom is still upstairs sleep and I wanna surprise her ok?”

They each nodded as he stood up. He had just finished scrambling eggs to go with the pancakes he had waiting. Looking at his watch, he sighed.

“I’m gonna get you guys cleaned up and give you breakfast before we go ok?”

“Okay Uncle Nate.” Skylar whispered as she tipped from the kitchen with her twin brother Sam. Nate wasn’t too far behind them as he took them into the bathroom to run their bath water.

2 Hours Later:

Cyndi yawned as she sat up and stretched briefly. Fluttering her eyes, she looked over to the alarm clock on her night stand and stopped dead in her tracks.

“Jesus!!” she shouted as her heart hammered and she sat up.

Scrambling outta bed, she nearly fell on the sheets tangled around her. She couldn’t believe her alarm clock didn’t go off. Now her whole day was gonna be off. Calling Tyler to watch the kids was gonna be a hassle because he was gonna flip that they missed school. Not to mention that if he refused to watch them, she would miss class herself. God, why was it always one thing after another snowballing out of control? Life could never just be simple for some people. All the while other undeserving people skated by. On top of that, most of them had the nerve to be smug because they were born with a silver spoon in their mouth. What happened to the people who worked hard for them to get there? Every family had one. Money wasn’t just given.

Shaking off the annoyance, she ran down the hall to a bedroom and pushed it open, to her surprise it was empty. Going to the next one adjacent to that, it was empty as well. They must’ve been downstairs trying to get breakfast. Hustling to the stairs, she went down them and entered the living room. Nathan was sitting on the couch flipping through the channels.

“Nate!” she shouted. “How come you didn’t wake me up if you were still here?!”

Looking up to her, he smiled slyly, before replying, “You looked so peaceful I didn’t wanna wake you.”

“That’s nice and all but now I have a problem. With them out of school I’ll miss class.”

“Cyndi, everything will be fine…”

“Nate you don’t understand—l”

“Cyndi, would you stop worrying? I gave them a bath and fed them...”

“Thanks, but you really should’ve woke me up.” She replied stalking to the kitchen.

To her surprise it was also empty and with the way it was looking outside she knew they weren’t in the yard playing on the swing or slide set. She spun around to see Nate so heavy on her heels that they nearly bumped into each other.

“Where are Skylar and Sam??”

“I took them to school two hours ago.” He smiled and she let out a sigh of relief.

“Why didn’t you just say that?”

“Because you were too busy freaking out.” he smiled staring into her eyes.

He quickly looked away noting that he was gawking too much. It wasn’t the right time to make a move. She was too riled up already. Atleast hearing that the kids were in school had eased her mind. Being that they fell asleep in her room together again, he’d heard the alarm early that morning and cut it off quickly. He knew their routine down to the wire and was going to ease her work load a bit. Especially since Tyler was supposed to keep them and cart them off to school anyway. What an ass. Nate would kill to wake up to her every morning and have her bare his kids one day. They would be just as beautiful as she was if not more.

“Thanks.” She said leaning over and kissing his cheek. “I’m gonna go shower.”

“Okay, and afterwards, get dressed. We’re goin’ out to breakfast.” He smiled brightly.

“Nate, I can’t make—”

“C’mon please? I made you breakfast but the kids ate everything. I didn’t have time to make enough for everyone.”

“I have class soon.” She replied cutting him off.

His smile quickly turned into a frown as he sighed. Noticing, Cyndi smiled slightly, “Maybe this weekend we can have—”

“Dinner?” he interjected quickly. Then he’d have time to prepare.

“I guess so.” She replied still smiling and he was grateful she didn’t shoot him down.

This was gonna be perfect, he was gonna go all out and definitely win her over.

After hopping out of the shower, Cyndi got dressed, and soon after checked her emails. Looking out of her window, she grimaced. It was raining cats and dogs out there and she wanted nothing more than to crawl into bed under her covers. Scrolling through her mail, there was one from her school. Opening it, she read it quickly and smiled as a knock sounded on her door.

“You dressed?” Nate asked sticking his head in the door hoping to see something.

“Yeah.” She nodded, “Guess what?”

“What?” he asked quickly.

“You know people never guess anymore they just say what.” She chuckled. “Anyway, my classes are cancelled for today!!”

“So now we can get breakfast.” He insisted.

“Nate it’s pretty nasty out there.”

“You are not backing outta this.” He smiled grabbing her by the hand and pulling her out of the bedroom.


“Cyndi, c’mon. This will be worth your wild. You’ll get a little rest before the kids come back later.”

After a minute, a smile spread across her face as she reluctantly nodded.

“Ok, but after this, I’m crawling under my covers.”

“I’ll second that with some hot chocolate and a scary movie how’s that?”

“Sounds perfect.” She agreed.

So they hustled downstairs, grabbed their coats and headed out into the car. Putting the key into the ignition, Nate immediately turned the SUV and cranked up the heat. The rain was pouring so hard that it was hammering on the windshield. Shivering, Cyndi slid down into her seat to try and warm up as she waited for the blast of heat to surface. Throwing the gear into ‘Drive’, he was just about to pull off until he felt his phone vibrate.

Against getter judgment, he fumbled in the pocket of his jeans and pulled out his cell phone. Flipping it open, he saw a text from Ashley. Cyndi looked over to him and the moment she did, they locked eyes. He quickly looked away, feeling guilty before he read the text.

‘Nate, I hope you're not mad, I got this number from Jacob. I was wonderin’ if you wanted to go to Dooley’s for lunch.’

“Gimme one second and we’re outta here.” He smiled at Cyndi and she nodded. All was right with the world to her now that the heat was on.

He quickly texted back, “Can’t. Gonna be busy. Talk to you later.”

Just as he closed his cell, it vibrated again. Groaning, he flipped it open to turn it off, but saw the text was from Paul, not Ashley as he presumed.

‘Down at FBT Studio, meet us there urgent. About ur bro.’

Groaning Nate pounded the steering wheel.

“What’s wrong?” Cyndi asked concerned looking at him.

“Little snag in our plans. I need to hit a really quick meeting and then we can eat ok?” he asked hoping she wouldn’t scrap the whole thing.

“That’s fine. I’m already out so let’s roll.” She smiled buckling her seatbelt.

Without hesitation, he took his foot off the brake and pulled out of her drive way. He could barely see in the mess that was called weather. It was more like flooding outside. What made things worse is that it started to snow so there was slush forming. Good thing it was melting right away. The drive to the studio wasn’t too long, and he parked in the parking lot. There he spotted everyone’s car. From Denaun all the way to Dre. This wasn’t gonna be so quick. The last time something like this happened, they shipped Em off to rehab.

“I’ll be right back ok?” he replied sincerely, even though he knew he wouldn’t be so swift.

“Ok.” She nodded as she flipped the radio to something she liked.

Looking at the digital clock, Cyndi saw she had been sitting for nearly a half an hour. Grumbling she leaned back in her seat. She’d been watching the snow and rain fall steadily on the windshield.

“I coulda been at home in my nice warm bed.” She muttered to herself.

There was suddenly a pounding on the window and she jumped before the door opened.

“Sorry,” Nate replied. “My bro was a no show. Cyndi don’t be mad, but I need to go with Jay to sort some things out for my show tonight.”

“And how am I supposed to get home?” she pouted.

“My truck again. I’ll be by later to make this up to you I swear.” He said regrettably.

He felt horribly about dragging her all the way out of the house for nothing. All of his planning had gone down the tubes anyway.

“Nate, its fine. I know your music is important to you. So just go.” She smiled, but he could tell she was disappointed.

“I really am sorry—”

“Nate shut it and go.” she smiled. With that, he leaned over and gave her a hug. He smelled her hair before letting her go.

“Alright I’ll see you later.” He said slipping from the car. She slid over to the driver’s seat and sat upright as she watched him hustle into the studio again.

Pulling off, she stopped as she saw a figure standing in the lot. The person looked lost and in this type of weather she didn’t feel right leaving them there wandering the parking lot. Getting out, she hustled over to whoever was there and to her surprise it was Marshall. Frowning as she got close enough for him to recognize her, she asked,

“What are you doing out here with no coat on??”

“I..I—I took a cab. It left. I changed my mind, I can’t do this. They’re just gonna—”

As he kept rambling, she tried to interject, “Marshall?”

But the fact was he wasn’t listening to her. Whatever he was trying to say was obviously more important.
“I can’t take that right now.” He replied nearly in tears.

“Ok slow down.” She replied concerned as she grabbed him by the shoulders and forced him to look at her.

He was drenched from head to toe and had obviously been out there for awhile. He was soaked. There was no way she was leaving him alone. Her mind wandered to what Nate had said. They were waiting on him, so the only logical answer was to cart him inside to them.

“C’mon. We’re gonna get you inside to Nathan—”

“No!!” he shouted snatching away. “I can’t go in there with them.”
he said sincerely and she saw the fear in his eyes. The same fear she saw the night they met at the banquet hall.

Hope u enjoy cheers Lemme know what u think bounce
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this is REALLY good !
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I love your update I love you
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Mel, iHitRockBottom, eminemit3317 thanks 4 replying Smile I hope u enjoying this update as well.

After a moment, she nodded.

“Ok.” She replied because the weather was something she wasn’t too fond of standing out in.

Granted this was her favorite season, but not to stand out in. Watching it from a window with a nice warm cup of hot cocoa was a dream. Getting back to the task at hand, she noticed he was cocking an eyebrow at her. No doubt he was studying her.

“Ok?” he asked questionably.

“Yeah. Just get in the truck and I’ll take you anywhere you wanna go.” She offered.

“Anywhere I wanna go?” he asked slowly, reiterating her words once more.

“Why do I keep hearing an echo?” she grumbled sarcastically under her breath annoyed.

Nodding, she saw Marshall grimace at her remark. Letting out a stifle breath, he asked,

“You’d take me anywhere I wanted to go?”

“That’s exactly what I said.” She agreed with a shiver as her teeth began to chatter.

Looking at him and waiting for him to agree, she saw his eyes dart around the gloomy parking lot. It was empty, aside from the cars and SUVs parked in their spots. It had been the third or fourth time she’d noticed him looking around in a matter of seconds. It was like he was waiting for someone to jump out and kill him or something. Hell, being the person he was, she didn’t doubt that he would have enemies in that light.

“And why would you do that?” he asked with more skepticism than before. There was no doubt he didn’t trust her and she didn’t have time to debate.

“Because I’m freezing my butt off out here; I‘d rather have this conversation in the warm truck over there instead of out here in this muck.” She made perfectly clear.

“So if you’re coming I’d suggest you’d do it fast.” she replied turning and hustling to the car.

After a few seconds of looking around, he ran around to the passenger side and hopped in. The warmth of the seat warmers felt good against his back. Settling in, he realized she pulled off. So far she was being good on her word, but he still didn’t trust her. Looking around, he noticed she had a few things that he had in his truck. From the black interior, to the specialized—

“This is my car!” he shouted looking over to her with an accusatory tone.

“Is it?” she inquired, looking around the Mercedes. “Nate drove this over to my house last night.”

“Last night? He took my car?!” he spat.

I’m gonna kill him.

“I’m gonna go ahead and say yeah, seeing as how I’m driving it.” She giggled and he grimaced.

What she took as a joke wasn’t funny to him. This car was his only means of escape from his house in case f an emergency. Granted, he hadn’t driven in more than awhile, that was beside the point.

“Why are you driving it? Where’s Nate?” he asked frustrated because he knew Nate wouldn’t just let anybody drive his car. He had it in his mind that she must’ve taken it.

“He was at the studio for the meeting you just ditched.”

All of a sudden his cheeks went rosy. She had been telling the truth because no one knew about the spur of the moment text he received for the meeting. But that also meant that Nate was probably blabbing to her about his recent drug stint and time in rehab.

That’s why she being so “sympathetic”! he scolded himself.

This ride just got a whole lot more uncomfortable to him. She probably was gonna give Nate a heads up and he was gonna come to him with the cavalry. Fuck him slowly for having bad luck. After a moment of silence,
Cyndi finally spoke.

“So cowboy…where do you wanna go?”

Looking over to her, he didn’t know what to say, although he had only one place in mind.

“Home—I wanna go home.”

Smiling, she nodded in agreeing. “Home it is.”
The rest of the ride home had been quiet. All Marshall could think of was how he was gonna get out of everyone ganging up on him. He had to make sure Cyndi wasn’t gonna call his brother.

“Thanks.” He replied jetting from the jeep and heading inside.

She had hardly any time to reply before he hopped out. Watching him run into the house, she saw he hadn’t closed the door fully. Even if he had closed it, she was gonna go check on him. The whole ride to his house he was fidgeting and on the verge of a full on panic attack. Being the psych major she was, she was into helping people. After parking the car on the driveway near his front door, she hopped out and ran to his door. Knocking, she nudged the door open before calling for him.


There was no answer, so she tipped in. There was no way he had gotten far and she looked down to see mud trackings on the floor. Following them, she saw it led down to his basement.

“Marshall?” she asked trying not to startle him, but there was still no answer.

“How could I freak out like that? Especially in front of her—”

She finally heard him reply as she heard what she thought to be feet shuffling.

“I’m such a fuckin’ idiot. Paul and Dre dragged Nate into this. Again. They have no right…” he mumbled as she got to the bottom of the stairs.

There he was, pacing back and forth just as she assumed he was from the noise. For the life of her she couldn’t understand what was wrecking his brain so much, but she’d kill to be inside it. She’d kill to know why he was so on edge. He stopped abruptly and she realized he’d finally spotted her.

“What are you doin’ in here? How’d you get in here??” he nearly shouted.

“You left your door open. I wanted to make sure you were ok.” After a moment of hesitating, she asked,

“Are you ok?”

Taking a hard breath, he refrained from telling the truth. Even though all he really wanted was someone to talk to. Anyone, who wouldn’t jump down his throat for him being truthful for once, but he couldn’t even trust her. He knew she was just gonna turn around and tell Nate. His palms were sweating, even though he was frozen from being soaked. How much had she just heard him talking to himself about??

“I’m fine. Can you just go?” he asked in a tense tone. There was no doubt that he was on edge. She couldn’t take it anymore, she just had to know.

“I will if you tell me what’s really bothering you.”

Swallowing the lump in his throat, he raked his hand through his hair. It was only then that he felt himself trembling.

“I can’t.” he whispered.

“Why not?” she pushed because it was apparent to her that he really did want to talk, he was just holding back. Being able to read people was a plus for her.

Because you’ll blab to Nathan and—

Before he got to finish his thought she interrupted.

“You know what? Never mind. That was totally rude of me. You don’t know me, so you don’t have to answer.” She said with a smile to show she had no hard feelings. That threw him off more than a bit.

Before he could reply, she said, “Lemme go get you a towel and make sure you're ok before I leave.”

The same smile was still planted on her face as she went upstairs. Marshall just stood alone confused as he heard her feet thumping around upstairs.
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this is really good!
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I love this chapter, please keep updating! Very Happy I love you
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God it feels like I'm goin' psychotic…And I knew it but proof wasn't here to see me through it…I’m in the booth poppin another pill tryna talk myself into it …You're lying to yourself, you're slowly dying, you're denying.Your health is declining with your self-esteem, you're crying out for help

Coming back down the stairs, Cyndi saw that he was standing in the same spot she’d left him in. The worry lines that stretched across his face bothered her. He was shivering and the look on his face made him look like an abused lost puppy. Hustling to him, she immediately wrapped the long caramel colored towel around him.

“Come over here and sit down.” She offered, walking him over to his cream couch.

Sitting him down, she sat beside him as he kept his eyes on her.

“We need to get you out of these cold wet clothes before you catch the flu or pneumonia.” She stressed.

Marshall immediately grimaced at the thought of either because one year he came down with one of them. Which one? He didn’t know because he was not letting a doctor near him. From all the scary hospitals he visited as a kid he refused to see one unless he was dying. Hell, he thought the flu shot was just that…the flu. So he went through a shit load of interviews and performances to promote his album at the time, ‘The Eminem Show’. He felt worst than horrible and the worst thing was he went on Saturday Night Live…he felt awful. Shaking the thought off, he watched Cyndi as she knelt and pulled his sneakers off.

“Why are you bein’ so nice to me?”

Her eyes shot up to him with a tiny smile still teasing her lips. He didn’t get the girl in the least.

“It’s called being a nurturer. You know a female instinct that women have— especially when they have kids.” She giggled.

“Well my mother must’ve been skipped when that instinct was given out. Hell, every person I dated didn’t have that gene.”

“Hmm…” she replied placing his sneakers on the glossy hard wood floors.

“Maybe you dated some people who are exactly like your mom.”

“Never!” he protested quickly as he continued to shiver.

“Just saying.” She giggled as she went to pull his soaking wet socks off but he moved his feet.

The fact that she suggested such a thing was ridiculous— but his mind began to run just about every person he’d been involved with “romantically”, and it started to seem less ridiculous. Starting with Kim, she was his mother to a tee, minus the horrible mother title. She had the drug abuse down pact, the split personality as well. When it came to loving him, she loved him one moment and hated him the next. And she was noted for sleeping around. His mother brought different guys home all the time. Then there was Tara Reid—he shivered even more thinking about what he did with her—eww. Next was Keisha, Brittney, Mariah, Paris Hilton…ok this list was not making him look good. But she had a valid point.

“You don’t look so hot." She replied sitting beside him on the couch.

“Well I feel hot.” He chattered and Cyndi frowned.

Placing a hand on his forehead, he was right. He was more than a bit warm, but he was shivering as well. That wasn’t a good sign.

“You need to go take a warm shower. I’ll grab you a pair of changing clothes if that’s alright with you.”

“Fine.” he replied trying to get up but he felt like a pile of mush.

“Can we just sit here for a minute?” he opted and she nodded in agreement.

“I’ll turn some TV on.” She offered grabbing the remote on the table beside her. Flipping on the huge plasma TV on the wall on, it immediately loaded what was in the DVD player.

‘But PROOF is just actin’ out the party was stoned
Shady made it so my baby’s aint starvin at home
See the devil in ya grin since the ghetto we been friends
Forever real intelligence that’s forever till the end
I peep the hatred in your eyes and the Satan in your lies…’

Marshall’s heart immediately stopped as he saw his best friend on the tube. Snatching the remote, he instantly turned it off.

“Don’t EVER touch my stuff down here. Ever!" he shouted because he was more than frustrated.

“I’m sorry.” She offered, even though she had no clue why he was freaking out over a show that he performed live with his friends.
Swallowing hard, he choked back a few tears as he clutched the remote.

“I didn’t mean to—”

“I’m sorry.” He offered, voice cracking a bit as he cut her off. Only to fall silent, he was at a total loss for words.

“I just—”

“You don’t have to say anything.” She made very clear and he felt like crap because she was being so… nice.

“Why are you being so nice to me?” he snapped, looking over at her.

Something just wasn’t adding up to him. He was being so hot and cold to her and all she could do was apologize for the crap he was doing to her.
Anybody else would’ve given him a mouthful and bailed by now. Nate had to have sent her to sit with him until they all got there. That had to be it.

“I’m a nice person Marshall.”

“Don’t call me Marshall. You don’t know me.” He snapped.

“Fine.” she said without hesitating.

“See?! Right there!! All you have to say is ‘fine’??”

“Marshall, I know what you’re tryin’ to do. If you want me to go away, just say so. But I can tell you wanna—need someone to talk to. Since you refuse to talk I accept that. I’m just gonna make sure you're ok before I go.”

“That’s all?” he asked sarcastically.

“I’m not here to judge you.” She stressed.

“Not even if I said I killed someone?!” he yelled with tears lingering in his eyes and she could tell it wasn’t a real question.

It was as if it were already a fact. It was as if he waiting to get that off of his chest.
She instantly went silent and part of him was afraid he’d scared her away just like he did everyone else.

“What if I said that?” he asked, blinking away the tears and putting up a wall again.

If Nathan had sent her over there to spy on him, he figured that he mind as well give her the dirt they were snooping for. He knew that would shut her up and push her away. Show her real intentions.

“Then I’d ask the essential questions of who, and why. But it would be up to you to answer that. I’m not gonna pry. It’s your business.”

See? That just didn’t make sense to him. She didn’t make an excuse to leave but any sane person would have. This girl was either nuts or—
No. There was no way she really cared. No one had compassion for him, not even his family or friends. Well, atleast that’s how he felt.

“It’s my fault he’s gone.” He mumbled under his breath as he looked down in his lap. The pain he felt was seeping through his very pores.

“Marshall—let’s not do this ok? Why don’t you go take your shower and if you wanna still talk after that I’ll be here. I can make you breakfast…”

She stopped as her cell phone rang and Marshall knew the tone all too well. It was Nate’s ‘Shadow of a Celebrity’. Marshall frowned as his heart shattered a little. Nate never let him hear the song, but he’d accidentally stumbled upon it in his studio one day. It killed him inside that his little brother felt that way, but he never addressed it.

“You take your shower. I gotta take this ok?” she replied and he watched her as she got up and he did the same as she headed towards the stairs.

He started to walk to the bathroom, but his legs nearly gave out. Groaning, he knelt over, using the wall as leverage so he wouldn’t fall. Cyndi immediately spun around, and rushed to him the moment she saw him stumble. Grabbing him by the arm, she felt him trembling and he was breathing erratically.

“Jesus, are you ok??”

“Fine!” he shouted snatching away from her.

There was no way he was gonna be weak in front of anyone— especially a female. He knew exactly what was wrong, but he wasn’t about to tell her. That would be the proof Nate and everyone else needed to get him to go back to the hellhole he’d left just awhile earlier. It’d been a couple of hours since he’d had any pills, so he was just feeling the side effects. He refused to admit the real feeling was withdrawal, because he was in full on denial of being an addict. That word made him sick to his stomach. He wasn't weak enough to be an addict. He wasn’t dependant on the crap he swallowed—it just happened to make the day flow by better.


Made it a blur.

That’s all his days were now. Blurred together so much that he didn’t know when one day ended and when the other began. Shaking the thought off, he slipped into the bathroom. He knew she was gonna tell Nate everything and that was the end of it. He turned the shower on as tipped back to the door as he heard her talking.
“Hey Nate.” She smiled as she looked around Marshall’s studio.

“Hey Cyn, I’m sorry I had to ditch you earlier.”

“It’s fine Nate. I’m actually glad you did. Something important popped up.”

Nate frowned at the sound of that as he looked around the empty club he was gonna be performing in later that night. The only people there were his friend and stage managers trying to get things situated and set up.

“I hope we can reschedule. I can drop by tonight and try for dinner.” He shot out quickly.

"Nate, you know your shows don’t end ‘til after midnight.” She replied stopping at a picture of Marshall and one of his friends in a picture frame. Above it on the wall was a jacket inside of a huge frame. It must’ve been worth a fortune if he saw to preserve it. Maybe signed or something.

“I know." He sighed.

“We’ll have other days Nate.” She chuckled. “This is not the end of the world.”

She looked down at the picture again and saw that his friend was wearing the very jacket in the frame on the wall. Picking the picture up, she stared at it carefully. She saw the guy in the picture on the TV just before Marshall freaked and flipped it off. So he was famous too. The picture was very elegant. She didn’t see him as a suit and tie guy but he was very handsome in one. It reminded her of the suit she saw him in a few nights earlier.

“I can’t believe my brother didn’t come to the meeting.” Nate grumbled and that caught Cyndi’s attention.

“So your brother never showed?” she inquired as if she didn’t already know.

“No. I can’t believe him.” Nate jabbed.

Here we go. Marshall thought. She’s gonna blab.

He groaned briefly as his stomach started to twist into knots. Shutting his eyes, he tried to shake it off, but he heard her talking again.

“Nate, I think you should give your brother a break. I’m sure he missed the meeting for a valid reason.”

Scoffing, Nate replied, “Yeah right. My brother is selfish…”

“Nate you know that’s not true. Your brother has done so much for you and your family. Especially from the things that you tell me.”

Marshall’s mouth gaped open at her comment. She wasn’t selling him out at all. She was defending him.

But why?

Bracing himself, he knew the huge knife that was gonna be used to stab himself in the back was coming next. She was gonna spill the beans any second now. Swallowing, he pressed his ear back to the door to listen again, but everything began to get a bit blurry. He needed to take his daily “medication” and quick or he was gonna topple over.

“Since when did you become my brother’s cheerleader?” Nate chuckled.

“I’m not, but everyone deserves a chance. And like I said I guarantee he has a good explanation on his behavior.”

“Yeah, drugs—“

“Nate!!” Cyndi warned. “That’s not fair.” She said sitting the picture back on the table.

“C’mon he blew off my big party and not to mention Hailie’s dance.”

“No,” Cyndi stopped him. “We already agreed you were gonna apologize for that because he was there.”

“Shit, that’s right. But he—”

“Nate we’re not bashing your brother.” She stressed.

“Ok, ok I know.”Nate replied to someone on his end. “Cyndi, I gotta go.”

“Ok.” She replied and the moment she said that, she heard a crash come from the bathroom.

“Bye Nate!” she shouted closing her phone and running to the bathroom.

“Marshall?” she asked more than timid as she knocked on the door.

After waiting for about a minute and hearing nothing but shower water, she knocked again.

“Marshall, just tell me you’re ok.” She willed.

All she needed to hear was a ‘go away’. Anything, but she heard a faint whimper instead.
Without any further hesitation, she opened the door. Marshall was curled up on the floor thriving in pain. The worst part was that the medicine cabinet was wide open and a bottle of pills was scattered in the sink and all over the floor.

“Oh my God…” she replied rushing over to him and pulled him into her arms, but he shoved her away.

“Marshall let me help you.” She pushed.

“No.” he grunted as he clutched his stomach.

“If you want me to leave after this I will, but tell me what’s wrong.”

After running his very few options through his head, he opted to flat out tell her. But this was gonna be the straw that broke the camel’s back. They’re new “friendship” was gonna be over.

“My pills—” he grumbled pulling himself up and scooping them into his hands before trying to put them back in the bottle.

“I’ll do it.” She offered taking the bottle from his trembling hand and picking the rest of the pills up. Looking at the bottle, she saw that it was a prescription for Ambien.

“I got it.” He said snatching the bottle from her.

He could tell by the look on her face that she was more than done with him. If nothing else, his pill popping was gonna send her running for the door.

“I know you wanna leave now. You can go.” He replied struggling to sit up right. He leaned his head back on the wall he was sitting up against before throwing a pill into his mouth. He couldn’t wait to numb the pain.

“I’m not goin’ anywhere.” She made perfectly clear. “I told you before, I’m not here to judge you. I only wanna help.”

“Bullshit!!” He shouted. “You're just like everybody else!! You want something from me—everyone does!! You’re no different so get out!! Now!!” he shouted irately.

Thank u everyone who commented on this and the last post. I'm glad ure enjoying it and hope u enjoy this section as well Smile :yes:
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PostSubject: Re: Is Anybody Out There?   Tue Aug 02, 2011 12:02 pm

Very good written. I can't wait for the next update! cheers
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this is awesome so far, can't wait for another update!
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PostSubject: Re: Is Anybody Out There?   Sat Aug 06, 2011 4:12 pm

Thanks guys Laughing Another update will be here b4 u know it.
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PostSubject: Re: Is Anybody Out There?   Thu Aug 11, 2011 7:56 pm

“Fine. You want me to go, I’ll go.” She replied regrettably.

If he didn’t want her help, what was she gonna do? There was no way to push it on him without him pushing back.

“But if something happens to you I’m gonna feel horrible because I didn’t get to help you. I hope you're gonna be okay.” She said turning to leave.

Staring at her, he felt his chest burn with guilt. Was she really trying to help him?

“Wait!” he shouted desperately as he struggled to get up off the floor.

Running towards her, they nearly butted heads as she turned back to him. Stumbling back a bit to avoid the collision, he took a breath before talking.

“Stay. I’ll take a shower and if you're still here when I’m done we’ll—”

He hesitated. It had been a lifetime since he’d attempted to trust anyone, but there was nothing else he could say to drag himself more down than he already had. But knowing his luck, he probably could.

“We could talk.” He shot out because he wasn’t one to ever say that.

Especially to a woman—this was just gonna be a bitter pill to swallow.

“Then I’ll be here. I’m gonna make you some breakfast—”

“I’m not hungry.” He replied cutting her off.

That wasn’t the entire truth though. He was starving; he just couldn’t stand the idea of food. Anytime he did eat, he’d damn near eaten every junk food in sight that he could get his hands on, only to throw it up later. Not on purpose, he was just eating unhealthily and his body would reject it. His digestive system must’ve been a wreck because he’d starve himself, hoping to lose weight, but then end up tearing through everything anyway.

“And I’m not hearing it. You have to eat something; especially if you're taking those.”

With that she hustled downstairs as he stood dumbfounded for a moment. Collecting his thoughts, he went and showered.
30 minutes Later:

Marshall walked through the living room and smelled food. So far she had kept to her word and that was saying a lot because all he could think about his whole shower was her telling Nate everything. He envisioned her on the phone begging him to come over to ship his “crazy older brother” off to rehab. Taking in a small breath, he pushed the kitchen door open to see her making two plates. He slid onto the bar stool he had propped to the granite kitchen island.

“You know you barely had anything in your fridge but I found some stuff.” She replied placing a plate in front of him.

On the plate was French toast, eggs and bacon.

“Sorry, I haven’t really been food shopping.” He offered as he stared at the food, which by the way looked delicious.

Had he had a real appetite, he would’ve immediately torn into it.

“Seems like all you shop for is Doritos and Mountain Dew.” She chuckled sitting another plate across from him before she sat down.

So she was planning to eat with him. That made him feel a little better because atleast she wouldn’t be staring at him. Picking up a bacon strip, he bit it and the taste was delightful.

“How was your shower?” she asked as he ate some of her eggs.

“Good.” He replied pushing the whole bacon strip in his mouth and eating it.

Looking up to her, expecting to see her staring at him, he got a surprise. She was genuinely only eating. Not studying him or looking down at him. He wanted to shout and yell at her because every part of him was thinking this was an act, but she was just being her.

So far anyway.

“You feeling any better?” she asked as he grabbed his fork.

Nodding, he replied, “yeah.”

“Good.” She replied finally looking up and smiling.

They both fell silent as they continued to eat.

“I did kill someone you know.” He whispered and she stopped before cutting her eyes at him.

So much for a nice breakfast.

“Marshall you don’t have to—”

“I killed my best friend.” He blurted out because he just had to. He had to say it out loud.

“I mean I wasn’t physically there, but it’s my fault he’s dead.” He replied.

“No. It’s not your fault Marshall. We can sit here and talk about him, but not if you're gonna blame yourself for his death. So just stop.” She said curt.

“You don’t even know—”

“Nathan told me about your friend who died. I don’t know what happened or why you're saying what you’re saying but it’s not your fault.” She made very clear.

He frowned as he looked down at his plate and pushed around food. Just like everyone else she had silenced his grief. He wasn’t allowed to pity himself or express his feelings.

Cyndi sighed as she looked up to him. She hadn’t meant to sound so cruel. Especially when he was trying to talk to her, it was just that her training had taught her to be disconnected from a patient. But he was no patient.

“Marshall, I’m sorry. That came out totally wrong. I get that you’re hurting—”

She was cut short by him getting up and bolting from the room. Immediately getting up, she followed him into the living room. Not letting him express himself had really cut him deep and she was angry at herself for not listening. This subject was obviously a touchy one.


“No, it’s fine.” he shucked out, obviously in tears. She could hear it in his tone.

“I’m so sorry.” She said immediately rushing over and pulling him in for a hug.

To her surprise, he hadn’t pulled away. He had clutched her back and cried on her shoulder.

“I just want him back.” He cried. “I want my best friend back.” He sniffled as she rubbed his back.

Hope you guys enjoyed this update cheers
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Great update! I can't wait for more!!! I am totally addicted to your stories and I think you are a great writer! Smile I have been looking for good eminem fanfiction for quite a awhile and your site is the only one I have managed to find with good stories... Keep up the good work!!!! Wink
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this is getting so good Laughing can't wait for an updare! bounce
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sofia1989 Thank u so much 4 the compliment. I'm so happy ure enjoying this site and my work Razz I created this site 4 people like u and it means alot 2 hear that my work is good. cheers cheers

eminemit3317 Thanks 4 the feedback and the update is coming very soon. What a Face
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Head racing, Marshall felt lost, but to be wrapped in someone’s arms—to be in the clutches of someone who seemed to care— he felt a little at ease. He felt like he had an anchor. Something keeping him from drifting away to sea so to speak. He didn’t want to lose whatever reality he had left. For some reason, he felt that if he let Cyndi go, he was gonna lose himself.

Without thinking, he did the unthinkable.

Looking down at Cyndi, he leaned in to kiss her. Taking a hard breath, she braced herself, and she knew him locking lips with her was going to be a bad idea. Especially because she knew he wasn’t doing it for any other reason but grief.

To stop him or not to stop him?

Rejection was something he didn’t seem to take well, and that was going by the reaction he’d just gave her moments earlier. Aside from that, she didn’t want to give him the wrong signal by letting him kiss her.

There was going to be nothing behind it.

Decisions, decisions…and she didn’t have much time to decide because his lips were brushing hers and his breath was so close on her skin that she started to go with it. She was trying hard to not rationalize it and just let him comfort himself, but that was tough. Her mind was always going.

Good thing she didn’t have to worry about stopping him because the front door interrupted them instead.

Dodging his kiss, she looked passed him to see someone with a hard expression on her face. Three girls were standing behind her, and one had a disappointed glare on her face. Marshall frowned down at Cyndi, until he heard,

“Nice to see the real reason you moved out.”

Definitely Kim’s shrill voice.

Marshall immediately spun around to see his soon to be ex wife and little girls staring at him all with menacing glares.

All except Hailie.

She looked as though she wanted to burst into tears.

“Let’s go.” Kim replied clutching Whitney’s hand and turning and jetting back out to the car.

Without hesitating, Marshall jetted out after them, in nothing but his tank top, sweatpants and socks. Cyndi stood feeling a bit guilty about the ordeal, but there was no way she was sticking her nose in things. It was his business and she knew sticking her nose in would make matters worse.

“Kim wait!” Marshall shouted and he wouldn’t have chased after her, but she had his kids.

No matter what anyone said, he cared about how his children perceived him.

“No Marshall. You’re obviously busy!” she shouted as she got in her car and slammed the door.

“Please!” he shouted as she started the car. Against better judgment, she rolled her window down to give him a piece of her mind.

“You are so fuckin’ pathetic you know that?! If you didn’t wanna be with one woman you shouldn’t have gotten married again!”

“That’s not it!” he cried. “You got it all wrong!”

“No— I think you summed everything up for me!” she shouted and that time Cyndi grew worried.

The shouting was making her uncomfortable. Knowing the grief that Marshall was holding onto, it wasn’t healthy for him at the moment. Walking to the door, she saw as he followed the car like a lost puppy. He was soakig wet and she was about to run out and get him, but didn’t wanna make the situation worse. Kim started shouting more as she watched from the doorway.

“Apparently the fame, drugs, and other women are more important to you than your family!” she replied slowly pulling off and he tagged along side of the car as the heavy rain washed over him, washing away his tears.

“Kim, that’s not why I left and you know it. Just gimme the girls—”

“They don’t wanna stay with you.”

“Let them decide— please...” he sniffled because he couldn’t stop his tears.

He knew when push came to shove his girls would always choose to be with him. No matter what drama was going on with him and Kim, they were never thrown in the middle.

“Tell me why you didn’t come to my dance!” Hailie flat out insisted and he fell silent.

How was he gonna tell his little girl that he felt like he wasn’t good enough to stand by her side? That he was afraid to be in a crowded room? That he was afraid of embarrassing her because he felt disgusting? That despite all his success he was nothing.??

He couldn’t, so he just stared at her not knowing how to answer.

“Have a nice life Marshall!” Kim replied as pulled off and left Marshall standing there in tears.

“Marshall, come inside!” Cyndi yelled as he watched the tail lights disappear.

Falling to his knees, he continued to sob. It was like a scene out of one of his videos, but this was his life. Not smoke and mirrors. He wished it was all scripted or just a dream, but it wasn’t. His life had fallen to pieces and he felt like it was his own fault. He had been the one to walk out of his 2nd marriage and away from his kids. And he was the one pushing his friends and family away.

Not waiting any longer, Cyndi ran out into the hard rain and over to him.

“Come on.” She pleaded grabbing him and pulling him up off of the ground.

“Why are you here?!” he shouted still crying. “It’s your fault she left! If you weren’t here she wouldn’t have thought I was cheating!”

“No” she made clear. “This is not my fault. It was just a misunderstanding.” She said trying to drag him inside.

"All you had to do was come out here and make her understand!!" he shouted.

He didn't know what else to do but blame her for what had happened.
This day just couldn’t get any worse.

Sorry if its short....
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PostSubject: Re: Is Anybody Out There?   Thu Aug 18, 2011 2:12 pm

I really love your updates, they're great and I can't wait for another one!
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“Marshall you're no longer the man”, that's a bitter pill to swallow
All I know is I'm wallowin', self-loathing and hollow
Bottoms up on the pill bottle
Maybe I'll hit my bottom tomorrow…

“Eat.” Cyndi pushed as she stared at Marshall, who was sitting at the kitchen island.

After she dragged him inside, they sat quietly not speaking to each other. He had been going through the earlier events in his head, and blamed himself for everything as usual. While Cyndi on the other hand— had sat quietly to allow him to gather his thoughts. After letting some time pass, she dragged him into the kitchen to try and eat the food she’d made earlier.
But all he could do was stare at his plate.
Mind still racing, all he could think of was his little girl. The look on her face had broken his heart. Even though he vowed to never disappoint her, he was always doing it.

Eyes cutting up to her, he scoffed before pushing the plate aside.

“My daughter hates me.”

“No, she doesn’t.” Cyndi protested staring him in the eyes so he knew she meant it.

“Yeah right!” he interjected. “You know how much I hurt her…I promised I would never hurt her.”

“News flash Marshall—that’s life.” She said truthfully. “You’re never gonna please anyone 100 percent. Not even yourself.”

He grimaced at her, but she could care less, she kept talking.

“You know why? Because you're her parent— we will never be “cool parents” to them because sometimes we do what’s best for them and us.”

He looked away from her, even though she had a point there.

“Even though they won’t agree with it—not until they’re older. Now if you wanna be a pushover and raise a brat or worse, then by all means let your kids get whatever they want.” She finished.

“That’s not that I mean.” He mumbled.

“Oh I got what you meant.” She said as a matter of factly. “What part of “us” didn’t you get?”

He looked at her quizzically and she saw the confusion laced on his face.

“You… for whatever reason left her mother right? In a kids eyes, that’s taboo. You broke up the family. I’m in the same boat ok? My kids—”

“You have kids?” he inquired as he listened more intently now. They had a bit more in common than he thought.

“It’s a long story.” She replied sipping her orange juice.

“I’m listening.” He offered.

She willingly spilled the beans because she wanted him to trust her. To feel comfortable enough to open up to her more than he already had.

“My soon to be ex husband’s sister had twins. She is a horrible example of a mom and we took them in as ours when they were only months old.”

Marshall’s jaw nearly dropped because he’d done the same for Alaina. But he didn’t stop her, he’d let her keep talking.

“We’ve had constant custody battles for them because she wants them back. But the one time she did get them—” she stopped and swallowed a hard breath of anger.

By her reaction, he could tell something horrible happened.

“I love those kids with everything in me— I know what you're feeling Marshall.”

“I don’t doubt that.” He finally said. “But I promised Hailie we’d be happy this time.”

And I hate breaking promises to her

“Hey, all marriages are “promises” to be happy, and stick together. But every marriage doesn’t end like that. Just look at me.” She smiled and he chuckled.

“Aah, he can smile.” She teased and his smile brightened even more.

“I let you in on a little secret,” she stared as she motioned for him to lean over the island towards her as she did the same.

“Divorce is at an all time high here in the US and keeps rising.” She whispered and he laughed as her cell phone rang.

I can’t believe she got me to laugh.

It was nice to know he still could express amusement. He just needed the right people surrounding him.

“Gimme a sec…” she replied pulling her cell phone out and flipping it open.

“Talk to me.” She replied with a smile. After listing for a moment, she hung up without a word.

“Everything ok?” Marshall asked and she nodded.

“Kid’s school. They’re closing early today because they’re scared the streets will flood. Do you wanna ride with me?” she offered and he was caught off guard.


“If you don’t it’s ok.” She smiled getting up to go in the living room to get her coat on.

“I guess!” he shouted unintentionally.

He knew that had most likely made him desperate to go. So, he tried to play it cool.

“I mean I guess I could ride. It is my truck and it’s pretty nasty out there.”

Smiling, she knew exactly what he was trying to do. She could see right through him as if he were glass and even though he seemed like a scatter brain at some points—he was a decent guy

“Then bundle up.” She replied grabbing her coat. “Don’t want you catching a cold.”

Marshall hustled upstairs to grab his keys and coat, but he grabbed his phone and made a call.

“Um hey Kim, I was calling just to let you know the girl’s school may be closing early today because of the weather. Hope everything’s ok with you guys.” He replied, but he’d instantly forgotten that they’d dropped by a hour earlier. The girls weren’t in school.

“Shit.” He mumbling hitting a button, trying to erase it, but he’d accidentally sent it.

I’m such an idiot

“No!” he shouted, realizing he’d look like an idiot to them. Closing his cell phone, he put his coat on.

“Are you ready?!” he heard Cyndi shout from downstairs.

“Yeah!” He replied leaving the room sliding the phone in his pocket.


Marshall sat nervously in the car as Cyndi went to get the kids. He’d watched her sprint across the street to the school as she left the truck on to stay warm for him and the kids when they got in. For the life of him, he couldn’t understand why he was nervous to meet them. It wasn’t like he was dating Cyndi or anything to have to leave an impression. But deep down he knew why. He was just that kind of guy. He loved kids in every aspect. Sometimes, he wished he could go back to those simple times.
But the truth was, every time he recapped his child hood, he remembered it was as simple as the saying said. Despite what his mother said, he had a hard childhood. So much so, that he was forever scarred by it. People were always saying he was lying or making it up, but the truth was:

He didn’t lie about things.

Yeah, he joked and exaggerated certain things up to lighten the mood. But when it all came down to any story he said about his home life…it was sad to say, but it was all true. Shaking those eerie, depressing thoughts off, he focused on the task at hand. Cyndi was running back to the truck with two little munchkins all bundled up in coats. It was raining and sleeting a bit bad out. Closing the school had been a good idea.

The back door opened and both kids climbed in, one after another. A moment later, Cyndi slid into the driver’s seat. Another moment later, they were rolling.

“Sooo,” he heard a tiny male voice start up in the back seat.

Here we go. Marshall thought. They’re gonna hate me

“Who are you?” Sam asked right out.

“This is Uncle Nate’s brother.”

“Brother?” Sam asked.

Marshall looked at Cyndi as if to see if it was ok for him to talk to them. She nudged him to answer and break the ice.

“Uh yeah. I’m Nate’s older brother.”

“So that makes you our uncle too riiight?” Skylar asked dragging the word.

“Right.” Cyndi smiled and Marshall let a smile tease his lips.

He liked the sound of that.

“Mommy, what are gonna do since we left early?” Sky asked, hopping it would be something fun.

“Head to my house.” Marshall interjected and Cyndi looked over to him briefly.

“Your house?” Sam asked skeptical.

“Yeah, I have an in home movie theater, a basketball court, a swimming pool and ice cream!” he smiled looking into the back seat to see them brighten up.

“If that’s ok with your mom I mean.” He quickly added, realizing he hadn’t asked if it were ok.

“Can we mom pleeease?!” they both asked in unison.

“Yeah mom can they?” Marshall teased.

“Of course you can, but we’ve gotta stop at McDonald’s first.” She pushed, knowing Marshall barely had food at his house.

Later that night:

Cyndi smiled as she opened Marshall’s bedroom door to see Sam and Skylar asleep in his arms. The movie ‘Tangled’ was playing on his flat screen TV, but no one was watching it. Marshall had fallen asleep snuggly as well. Tipping into the room, she turned off the TV and put the covers over them. She didn’t wanna wake either of them up.
Tipping from the room, she closed the door slightly and headed downstairs where she was cleaning up. Sitting at the computer in the living room, she started Google-ing something.

Reading what she found, a frown covered her face. Sighing, she hoped to God she was wrong about what she'd stumbled on.
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PostSubject: Re: Is Anybody Out There?   Fri Sep 02, 2011 11:46 am

I love your update and can't wait for another one!
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PostSubject: Re: Is Anybody Out There?   Thu Sep 22, 2011 12:43 pm

The Next Morning:

Marshall opened his kitchen door to see Cyndi place a plate of bacon on his counter beside a full plate of eggs, French toast, and pancakes.

I could get used to this… he thought to himself as she smiled at him.

“Morning sleepy head.” she replied.

“It’s after 12 you know.” He smiled slightly.

“I know.” She nodded, still smiling.

There was no way to deny that he enjoyed the fact that he’d slept through the entire night and then some. He hadn’t slept like that in ages, so he was thankful no one woke him. Keeping his mind occupied had proven to work with his insomnia.

Who knew?

Well, that was the explanation he allowed himself to believe on the surface. Deep down, he knew it was because he missed his family. He missed his kids, his friends, his brother…and even Kim. Having Cyndi and the kids around made his home really feel like a home. It was damn sure something he missed.

“I hope you don’t mind, but I made whatever you had left around here for the kids. We need to go food shopping for you and I’m not taking no for an answer.”

She insisted handing him a plate as he sat down.

“You made all of this for them?” he asked with a sarcastic smile.

Blushing, she replied shyly, “Yeah…”

“Cyndi.” He simply said because she knew his appetite was all over the place.

“I’m sorry, but someone has to take care of you if you won’t.”

Swallowing hard, he felt –important. No one had ever opted to “take care of him”. He was always the one taking care of others. When Kim was in rehab he was by her side, when Nate got arrested --again he was there. Even with his mom—she was sick and he paid her bills. And that was only to name a few. He was always going above and beyond to meet others’ needs.

But now—when he was in his darkest hours…he was alone. That was always his biggest fear.

“Where’s Sky and Sam?” he asked changing the subject.

Realizing he’d woken up alone and there was no noise throughout the house, he was a bit worried.
A smile spread across Cyndi’s face at his concern for them. Atleast something had made him a bit at ease.

“School. Hope you don’t mind that I slipped out and let myself back in.”

“It’s fine.” he uttered and he couldn’t believe he was ok with it himself.

Taking off the apron she had on, she sat on the stool across from him. Looking at all the food, Marshall sighed. She’d taken the time to cook and the least he could do was try to eat it.

“If I agree to eat breakfast—” he said looking at her and she lit up. “You have to eat with me.”

“Deal.” She said without hesitating.

Going to get up, he stopped her.

“Let me get your plate.” He smiled going over to the cabinet and reaching to grab one.

Watching him, she noticed he’d frozen just a bit. He was gripping the plate tightly and his hands were trembling. Not too soon after, he’d dropped the plate and it shattered as it hit the floor.

“Are you ok?!” she shouted shooting to her feet and running over to him as he knelt to pick up what was left of the dish.

“I’m sorry! I just—” he fell silent as he grabbed the plate, nearly slicing his hand.

He was at a loss of words.

“Be careful! Get the broom so you won’t cut yourself.” She replied and he stood up.

“Are you sure you're ok?” she asked again and he nodded.

As much as he wanted to deny that he needed his pills, there was no reason to. She’d already seen him the day before and hadn’t run away. Hell, she introduced him to her children. If that didn’t say he could trust her, nothing would.

“I just need to–well you know.” He said a bit ashamed as he turned to leave.

“How long have you been sick?” she blurted out and he stopped dead in his tracks.

“Sick? I’m not—sick. You know I—” He protested as he turned to look at her.

“Those pills you had yesterday weren’t Ambien.” She said sternly.

“What are you talking about?” he asked getting frustrated.

“You had them in the Ambien bottle but they weren’t Ambien.” She said certain.

“You been snooping through my shit?!” he shouted appalled.

Just the thought that she would betray him like that cut him deep. He was just starting to open up to her. But why was he so surprised? Everyone seemed to stab him in the back all the time.

Why would she be any different?

“No!” she sighed calming down, “Yesterday when I helped you pick them up…”

She rolled her eyes as she continued.

“Look, I’m studying medicine for my field and I’m supposed to know the difference between a shit load of drugs and those weren’t Ambien.”

“Why do you have to ruin things?” he asked hurt.

“I’m not trying to.” She said truthfully.

“Then drop this.” He replied staring her in the eyes. “Please.”

She could see he didn’t wanna lose someone else he’d come to— trust? But she couldn’t just stand by while he was in turmoil.

“If you tell me the truth.” She replied staying strong.

Sighing, he looked down disappointed.

“I’m a drug addict and that’s the truth. Now drop it.” He said.

“No. It’s not. I mean it may be half of your truth but not all of it. I looked it up to be sure. Those pills are some sort of auto immune boosters and I wanna know what for.”

He could see she wasn’t backing down, but this just wasn’t something he was willing to share. She had no right to do this.

She had no right to care.

“I’m not doing this with you.” He said rushing from the room and she caught him by the arm and made him look at her.

“I’m not gonna let you run away from me. I haven’t judged you thus far and I’m not gonna judge you now.” She made perfectly clear.

“I know you're scared. But I will be here for you if you let me.”
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PostSubject: Re: Is Anybody Out There?   Wed Sep 28, 2011 2:23 pm

I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!! cheers
YOU MUST WRITE MORE *VERY* SOON!!!!!!!!!! cheers Laughing
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PostSubject: Re: Is Anybody Out There?   Wed Oct 05, 2011 2:33 pm

I will Twisted Evil
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PostSubject: Re: Is Anybody Out There?   Sun Dec 11, 2011 6:27 pm

Anybody want an update 4 this??
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PostSubject: Re: Is Anybody Out There?   Sun Dec 11, 2011 8:01 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Is Anybody Out There?   Mon Dec 12, 2011 2:06 am

Got u.... the next installment will be dedicated 2 u santa
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PostSubject: Re: Is Anybody Out There?   Tue Dec 13, 2011 10:13 am

Me too!!!!! Please update soon... bounce
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PostSubject: Re: Is Anybody Out There?   Tue Dec 20, 2011 12:54 am

Marshall ran every possible lie he could dish out in his head but there was a dilemma. He didn’t want to lie to her. Out of all the things that had happened in the small span that they’d known each other, she’d managed not to alienate him. She’d treated him like a human being like a real friend should. So, biting the bullet he knew he had to tell her the truth.

And being upfront wasn’t one of his strong points.

Folding her arms across her chest, Cyndi waited for him to answer. There was no doubt that he had been in deep thought. Clearing her throat to get his attention she saw his eyes shoot to hers. There was definitely uncertainty and fear laced in his. Whatever he had been pondering had weighed on his heart way too long. It was time to get out and let go of it.

Opening his mouth to tell her, he was interrupted by her ringing cell phone. Again the tone had belonged to Nathan and the words were like acid ripping through him. Just to know that his own younger brother felt like that about him killed him inside. Especially since he did EVERYTHING for him. He had been like his father.

“Give me one second.” She replied brushing him off and pulling her cell phone out of her pocket.

Standing there feeling like a third wheel, he turned to sweep up the glass plate he dropped.

“Hey Nate.” He heard Cyndi reply, and he could tell she was smiling just by the tone of her voice.

“Don’t worry about it.” She replied answering whatever he said.

“Dinner tonight?” she inquired and Marshall frowned.

There was no real reason he should’ve cared though. Nate told him how into her he was. So, maybe he was finally gonna make his move.

“I don’t know.” She protested a bit.

“No Nate it’s not because of last night. I –“ she hesitated before finishing. “Occupied my time.”

Marshall grumbled at hearing that.

Occupied her time?? What the hell did that mean?? He was a consolation prize to his younger brother? Fuck that. No way.

“Um, I think that’s doable.” She agreed as she shooed for Marshall to stop cleaning.

She just wanted him to rest a bit. He slid away from her angrily and kept cleaning up. Her comment sure rubbed him the wrong way. Here he was thinking he had a new friend & she was just using him to “occupy her time”. Boy was he glad he hadn’t just told her the truth because it would’ve bit him in the ass hard.

“Now? Ok, bye.” She replied hanging up.

“That was—”

“Nate?” Marshall said sullen and sarcastic.

“Yeah.” she nodded. “Tell me what you were gonna say.” She ordered and he shook his head.

“I wasn’t gonna say anything.” He lied.

“Marshall…” she pressed as he stopped and looked at her.

“What’d my brother want?” he asked angrily.

“Actually he’s heading to my place to have breakfast. I should get going.” She answered.

“Really? Sounds fun.” He said drab.

Definitely more sarcasm dripping from his words.

“Maybe we can talk later. I’ll call you later to check up on you.” She smiled as she grabbed her stuff and began to leave.

“Not likely.” He mumbled as he finished cleaning the floor.

He couldn’t believe her. Boy did she play him good and made him feel like she cared. As he heard the front door closed, his heart shattered a little. That hurt more than he thought it would. Teach him to trust anyone again.

Especially a female.

Sitting at the counter with the broom, he sighed as he saw the food she took time to cook. So two faced he thought. She cooked breakfast for them then ran off to have breakfast with his brother.

What the hell?

Taking everything off the table he threw it in the trash. There was no reason for him to try and eat now.
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PostSubject: Re: Is Anybody Out There?   Sun Jan 29, 2012 6:45 pm

please update soon, I love it ! bounce
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PostSubject: Re: Is Anybody Out There?   Mon Jan 30, 2012 1:19 am

Will do. Sorry 4 the delays
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Cyndi freshened up a bit as she heard a knock at her door. Looking into the mirror once more, she primped her hair and smiled before leaving the bathroom. Running downstairs, she stopped at the door and took a tiny breath before opening it. Nathan was standing there, leaned up against her door frame and the moment he saw her a huge smiled teased his lips.

“You look gorgeous.” He replied still taking in the sight of her.

“Thanks.” She blushed a bit.

“Uh..come in.” she said stepping to the side and he hesitated.

“I was kinda hoping we could go out. I do owe you breakfast.” He insisted still smiling.

Knowing he would ask that, she rushed home took a shower, changed clothes and got “pretty”. Nate wasn’t really the type of guy to acknowledge those things though. Not that she was looking for it. He just wasn’t the mushy type. Ever since she’d known him, she’d noticed the “tough guy act” he put on. Similar to his brother, but not the same. Marshall seemed to be the guy trying to shield his real feelings, while Nate was trying to be “Nate Kane” his rap alter ego. But that wasn’t to say he wasn’t a nice guy—because he was.

The more she got to know him the more she saw who he really was.

“Let’s go.” She said grabbing her coat and keys before leaving.

Nate opened the door to his brother’s house and headed straight for the kitchen.

“Marshall?!” he called, hoping he was there.

Looking around the kitchen, he saw the pans had been used and there was food in the garbage.

A lot of food.

Which he assumed meant one thing.

“Yo, Marsh where you at?!” he shouted again before being startled.

“What do you want?” Marshall said bitterly, scaring the hell out of his younger brother.

Nate spun around to see his older brother looking paler than usual.

“You need to get some sun. Seriously.” He scolded as if he were disgusted by his brother’s appearance.

Marshall noted it and bawled his hand into a fist. This whole swallowing his anger thing was becoming annoying and eating him alive. But he did it so everyone thought he was sane. Not that they did anyway. He was constantly being called a dick, prick, asshole—well you get the jist.

“I’ll take note of that.” He said sarcastically.

“So the girls didn’t show huh?” Nate pried.

Cocking a confused eye brow, Marshall asked, “What?”

“I see you cooked and threw everything out. You use to only cook for the girls.” Nate noted.
Marshall wanted nothing more than to shout, ‘No, your backstabbing girlfriend cooked me breakfast, then ditched me.’

But he refrained.

“Yeah, well…” was all he simply said. “What do you want” he inquired curtly.

“Why didn’t you show up to the fucking meeting?” Nate snapped back.

“Excuse me?!” Marshall shouted back.
There was no way he was letting his bratty snot nosed brother talk to him that way. Not after he practically raised him.

“You heard me. First you blow off Hailie’s dance— I’m so sick of you pulling this bullshit!” Nate spat.

“Bullshit?! You have no idea what the fuck I been and go through every day!” Marshall shouted, now digging his nails in his hand to keep from hitting his baby brother.

“We all get it ok? Proof died and it pushed you to do drugs. You're a drug addict! Big fucking deal! Pull your fuckin’ life together and move on!! Everyone else did.” Nate sneered.

That comment tore so deep into Marshall he didn’t know how to react.

“Get out of my house.” He said fighting back tears.

“No. You need to—”

“Get the fuck outta my house!!” Marshall shouted and Nate saw pure rage.

So without another word, he turned and left. There was no doubt he had definitely crossed a line. Breathing heavily, Marshall stormed into the living room and threw over his table, sending the vase shattering to the floor. Going to the coffee table, he then chucked that over as well. Falling to his knees, he began to cry as questions ran through his mind.

What had he done so wrong that everyone hated him?

A tapping on his door startled him from the slump he was in. Nate had some nerve to come back. He probably heard all the crashing and thrashing and wanted to see if he was ok. But he didn’t want that. Nate had no right to throw dirt in his face then try to make him all better.

“Go away!” he shouted, but there was another knock.

Getting up, he stalked to the door angrily and pulled it open forcefully.

“I told you to go away!” he barked, but suddenly went pale.

“I’m sorry. I just—is everything ok?” Cyndi asked standing in his doorway.
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PostSubject: Re: Is Anybody Out There?   Sun Feb 05, 2012 8:31 pm

Thank you so much for updating! cheers
I really love that story and I'd love to read more of it. I love how you write and how you describe everything, I hope Marshall will get better and make up the fight between him and Nate.
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PostSubject: Re: Is Anybody Out There?   Sun Feb 05, 2012 11:47 pm

Thanks and you'll just hafta wait and see Twisted Evil
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PostSubject: Re: Is Anybody Out There?   Mon Feb 20, 2012 6:36 pm

I just read this story the 5th time and I still love it very much!
Please update again, it's really great cheers
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Blinking away fuming tears, Marshall sucked in a hard breath. After what his brother had just said, he definitely wasn’t up for another confrontation. His emotions were boiling inside and there were tons of things he wanted to say and do. Like trash his house and knock his brother’s head off for starters—but like always, he was prone to swallow his feelings, whether good or bad. Something he inherited from his father his mother always spat and drilled into him. This just wasn’t the right person or time to unload his feelings. So instead of fighting he simply said,

“Just leave. There’s no reason for you to be here.”

“What does that suppose to mean?” she asked offended.

“It doesn’t matter!” he shouted turning to leave, after pushing the door for it to close.

Cyndi threw a hand out and caught the door before it shut in her face. Slipping into the house, she stopped abruptly in the living room.

“That was rude.” She spat and he stopped and turned to her.

The look on his face spoke words without him even trying.

‘The nerve of this chick’ he thought. Who gave her the right to barge in here after I kicked her out?

Even though he was thinking that, deep inside, he really liked her valor. Ever since he’d met her, she rarely backed down to him, all while respecting him at the same time. Most of the girls he’d met and dealt with had always done what he wanted just to get laid by a star.

“You're not invited into my home.” He snapped staying true to his word of being alone.

“News flash, I’m not a vampire and saying those words doesn’t make me vanish.” She threw back at him.

“But calling the police will.” He sneered through gritted teeth.

“Which I doubt you’ll do.” She said folding her arms across her chest.

Being too angry to find any humor in her words, he yelled instead.

“Get out of my house!”

The moment he did, he grew lightheaded and saw a searing white light flash. Trying to walk to the couch, he stumbled before buckling to the floor.

“Marshall!” Cyndi shouted running over to him, but he slightly shoved her away.

“I’m fine.” he demanded taking a breath.

Dizzy spells weren’t new to him, but that didn’t mean they were pleasant. They were actually scary to say the least, but he pretended not to care. That was one thing he was good at.


“Atleast tell me what’s wrong.” she pushed concerned.

Marshall was taken aback by her generosity, even though moments before he shouted at her to evacuate his house. This chick damn sure wasn’t like anyone he met. Anyone else would’ve mocked or beat him while he was down. Even Kim and his own mom were known to do that.

But not her.

So far, she had gone above and beyond to meet whatever needs he required without even asking. Staying by him in a tough spot that she didn’t understand. Hell, she even let him meet and stay the night with her children.


He thought shaking his head. She skidded away the moment Nathan called her. She was just like everyone else. Always leaving him alone.

Stupid thought yeah. Did she owe him anything? No, of course not. But so what? She walked out on him and left him alone! Granted, she’d done more for him than anyone had since Shaun died.
But—there was no real but. He was just looking for an excuse to be mad at her just like he had been doing to everyone else.

Although they deserved it.

“Please.” She pried knocking away his thoughts.

“I just got a little—wobbly.” He muttered.

Seeing his cheeks go rosy, she realized he was embarrassed. It baffled her on how mean could see certain things as a weakness.

“Did you eat today?” she probed.

“No.” he replied getting up and sitting on his couch.

“I cooked breakfast for you. Why didn’t you—”

“Because you left me here alone!” he shouted looking at her infuriated.

That was just one thing he couldn’t hold in anymore.

“Sorry.” She simply said and that knocked him off track.

He wasn’t expecting an apology. Everyone always turned things around on him & he ended up apologizing.

“What?” was all he managed to get out.

“I’m sorry. But when Nate called I thought it would be better that I was home instead of here. He would never understand me spending the night with you.” She simply said and he felt the truth in those words.

“You're right.” He muttered. “But thank you.” He replied thanking her for even apologizing. She didn’t get that part, but he knew why he said it.

“So…lunch?” she smiled slightly trying to soften the mood.

Looking at the door, he shook his head.

“I can’t.”

“ You need to eat. You’re hungry, I’m hungry. Let’s just go eat.” She offered again because she knew he was more than low on food.

“You don’t get it. I can’t leave here.” Sucking in a breath he closed his eyes as a tear slipped out of his eye anyway.
Still on her knees, she moved closer to him and wiped the tear dry, causing him to look down at her.

“Why not?” she whispered staring him in the eyes.

“Truthfully?” he asked and she nodded.

“I don’t know what happened…it’s like a flip switched in my brain. But being out there—” he said with a shudder. “I can’t breathe and I just feel restless. I feel like I’m choking and my heart beats so fast—”

“I get it.” She replied and she honestly did. He was giving off symptoms of anxiety attacks. But with so little analysis there was no way to diagnose him. And right now wasn’t the time to push.

“You think I’m a pussy now right?” he asked sarcastically.

“No. You have to stop doing that.” She replied.

“Doing what?!” he snapped.

“Projecting your thoughts and judgments of yourself off on others.” She said clearly.

“I can’t help it. I’m just use to EVERYONE saying shit to me that I try to beat ‘em to it.” He said truthfully.

“We’ll I’m not everybody else.” She made clear as she stood up and he looked at her.

“If we can’t go out…” she smiled grabbing the phone. “we’ll order in.”
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PostSubject: Re: Is Anybody Out There?   Wed Feb 22, 2012 5:23 pm

Thank you so much for updating!
It's really great cheers and even though the chapter wasn't that fascinating I still can't wait to see what's going to happen next! Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Is Anybody Out There?   Mon Mar 19, 2012 10:56 pm

Please update! I just read the whole thing and I love it! I love you
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Is Anybody Out There?
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