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 Eminem First Artist to Sell 1 Million Digital Record Copies

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PostSubject: Eminem First Artist to Sell 1 Million Digital Record Copies   Mon Jul 11, 2011 10:48 am

July 10, 2011 03:50 AM EDT
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Eminem has achieved a feat no other artist has thus far. The rapper has become the first to sell one million copies of an album. The record-breaking album is his newly released Recovery.

Wow, what an accomplishment! This news is not surprising, though, as the world continues to move toward an age where nearly any form of entertainment is available digitally. Many singles have passed the 1 million mark in sales, but the rapper's Recovery is the first complete album to cross that milestone.

With the rise in digital album sales which are up 19 percent, physical album sales have died down by 11 percent. Do you think physical albums will ever disappear completely? It's just like the books vs. ebooks debate—some people really like to have something they can actually see and touch. The pro, of course, to the decline of physical albums is freeing up more space in the entertainment room. Digital music just takes up a lot of space on your hard drive.

Anyway, back to Eminem. He may be the first to sell one million digital copies of an album, but others are not so far behind. Adele's album 21 has 992,000 digital sales, and Lady Gaga's sold 900,000 digital copies of her album, The Fame.

Congrats to Eminem for attaining a new record with his new record, Recovery.
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Eminem First Artist to Sell 1 Million Digital Record Copies
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