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 The Other Side of 8 Mile Rated R

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PostSubject: The Other Side of 8 Mile Rated R   Mon Mar 23, 2009 2:41 pm

This is a new story I have been working on for about 2 weeks now, while I had writer's block on my other story. This one seems to just flow out & I was gonna post it, but was a bit timid of the feedback...or no feedback at all. I just posted on my own site to be safe, but here's a snippet. Tell me what you think.

Marshall sat in the back of his classroom and stared at Alicia. She was so genuinely beautiful to him. He watched her damn near everyday while the teacher babbled on about the stupid Literary bs on the board. He never payed attention to anything, seeing as how it wasn't important to him. Maybe it would've been if he were in school 5 days out of the week except for the occasional 1 or 2. He only did that just to get away from his daily routine though. Seeing her always brightened her day.
He stared at her long glossy hair that fell down passed her shoulders. She was twirling it around her index finger as she scribbled something down on her notepad. She really love their literature class. Anytime ther was an assignment she'd be the first to jump at the task & her presentations were amazing. She was definitely gonna be something.

The bell rang & he groaned as everyone gathered their things & scrammbled from the class. Everyone except for Alicia that was. She was always the last one to leave, so today he lagged behind just to stare at her a bit more. He threw on his black hoodie of the sweatsuit he was wearing as he strode up through the aisle she was in.
"Mr. Mathers?" the female teacher inquired trying to make him out & he stopped abruptly with a growl. He hated being stopped by the authorities. He looked up a bit as Alicia threw her bookbag over her shoulder.
" you do grace us with your apperance today. You do realize you're failing don't you?" she inquired as she took her reading glasses off & stared at him. She was a petite woman & looked to young to be confined to a classroom. She looked like she should've had a t.v. job or something. She had long blode hair, with hazel eyes & always wore the lastest fashion.

"Yes." he mumbled embarrassed as he saw Alicia look their way breifly. He rolled his eyes & put his head down a bit more to hide his face.
"Don't you wanna graduate?" she inquired and he knew that wasn't in the cards for him. It couldn't of been.
"Graduate?" he inquired. "I don't even know how I got this far." he mumbled & she sighed. "Is everything alright at home."
"Fine." he said nervously as he looked up. "Peachy." He hated when people brought up his personal life.
"I think you just need a tutor." she smiled as she looked at Alicia.
"Alicia do you mind doin' me a favor?" "Sure." Alicia smiled "Anything."
Marshall's eyes widened as he stared at Ms. Schmidt unbelievingly.

"I don't need a tutor." he protested trying hard to let Alicia hear him.
"Look, I wanna pass you. Every senior deserves to graduate. It's still early. All you have to do is come to school more & study." she smiled genuinely. "Would you mind tutoring him?"
When those words left her mouth, he nearly fainted. There was no way to retract that statement.
"Of course." Alicia smiled as he turned to look at her. She was so beautiful that his heart skipped a beat for a moment before starting back up. "I...I can't..." he said rushing from the room & damn near knocking her down. She frowned confused before following after him.

"Exscuse me!!" she shouted & he stopped dead in his tracks.
I'm bein' a total jerk to her right now. Jesus, I shoulda stayed home.
He turned around slowy as his heart pounded on his rib cage. He couldn't just blow her off. Not her. "Yeah?"
"Did I do something wrong?" she asked staring at his shadowy profile.
God no. "No." he muttered.
He was a timid guy without any friends. He was a loner who kept to himself. "Do you wanna take me to lunch?" she inquired smiling. She knew that was the best way to approach someone who wasn't use to attention. Be nice & friendly. Easy going was the way to go.

How could she ask me that? I'm not like any of the the guys she talks to.
"Lunch?" he asked as she walked up to him & other people rushed to their lockers or down te hall to class, while others either went to the caf or left for lunch. "Yup. I'm in the mood for pizza."
"I don't have a car." "I'll drive." she offered.
How can I say no? "Ok." he obliged following her out of the building.
"So," she said sipping her Pepsi. "I don't see you too much at school."
He shifted in his chair uncomfortably as he held his vanilla milshake tight.
I uh..." he said nervously. "I...I..."
"It's cool." she smiled. "You don't have to explain anything to me."
He smiled as he let out a sigh of relief.
"There's just 2 things I want you to do." she smiled coyly.
"What's that?" "Take that hoodie off so I can see your face." she chuckled and so did he. He easily took it off & awaited her other demand.
"And let me tutor you." "You're not gonna let that go are you?"
"Not until you say yes." she replied looking at the bill.

"I'll think about it." he said grabbing the bill. "I got it." he replied sliding out of the booth. He walked up to the cash register as Alicia followed. He handed the bill to the cashier & dug his hands in his pocket to feel a bunch of crumbled up bills. He pulled out one & opened it only to see dried blood on it. He panicked as Alicia stood right beside him & sipped the last bit of her soda. He crumbled the it & threw the money back into his right pocket, while pulling out another bill from the opposite side.
"Here." he said nervously handing the female cashier a bill.
"Keep the change." He hustled out of the store & Alicia followed after tossing her can in the garbage. The female cashier stared at the $50 bill in awe.

"Everything ok?" she asked stopping him as they headed towards the school.
Besides the fact that I almost screwed up big time?
"Yeah." he smiled fakely, but he had gone flush thinking about what happened. "So will you let me tutor you?" she insisted as she grabbed his hand & scribbled something.
"Marshall?" he heard a familiar voice ask behind him & he took a hard gulp as if he got terrified. He turned around slowly as Alicia's eyes stared at the taller male stalking over to them.
"Hey dad." he smiled fakely as he looked up to him. Bruce stared down at his son, then Alicia before replying.

"I thought that was you." he said dryly.
"Where were you this mornin'?" he asked smiling through clenched teeth.
This is bad... Marshall thought as he stood between his father & Alicia. "School." he mumbled.
Bruce took a breath as he stared at his splitting image more than a tad furious. "School?" he asked narrowing his eyes on Marshall.
"Yeah..." "You forgot our little talk last night huh?"
Marshall shifted as he stuck his hands in his pockets awkwardly. He was so embarrassed that he was nearly ruby color.
"Would you like a ride to school?" he asked looking towards Alicia.
"She's fine dad." Marshall interjected.
"Don't be rude." Bruce spat. "You go get in the truck."

"What he means is I have a car." she smiled politely.
"Ok miss. Marshall won't be back to school today. He's had buisness to tend to." he said looking back at his son who was still standing in the same spot. As soon as his father glared at him, he hustled to the truck & jumped in the passenger side.
"See you later." Bruce replied stalking back to the double parked SUV & hoping in the driver's side. An eerie feeling washed over her as she watched Marshall stare at her before the truck rolled off.

Leave feedback please. Smile queen cheers I love you
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PostSubject: Re: The Other Side of 8 Mile Rated R   Mon Mar 23, 2009 7:35 pm

omg soo good cant wait to see what happens next
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PostSubject: Re: The Other Side of 8 Mile Rated R   Wed Mar 25, 2009 5:16 pm

"What did I tell you about talkin' to people?" Bruce inquired agitated as they walked into their hotel room. The room was decent because they had the money to pay for it. There were only two beds & a couch, which Marshall had to sleep on. The carpet on the floor was a wine red color. The curtains in the room were a goldish color, with the wine red colored mixed in. The walls were a cream color, complemented with a bit of the same colors so nothing would clash. Their clothes were sprawled all over the chairs & floor. Marshall stared down at the rug with hoodie over his face. He was totally embarrassed by what happend infront of Alicia. The first time he spoke to her had turned out to be a total disaster.

"Answer me!" Bruce snapped and Marshall fidgeted a bit as he stepped back from his father.
"Never to." he spit out trying to avoid conflict. He knew the rules his dad instilled were never to be broken, but after what happened the night before he just needed time away. "That's right." Bruce replied staring at his son. He'd wished he was just more aggressive like him. He knew him wearing his heart on his sleeve like he did would get him hurt or worse. "We can't afford to have people in ur buisness or askin' questions."
"Alicia's not like that." Marsh mumbled and that made Bruce even angrier.
"What did you say to me?" he asked walking to his son & staring down at him. He was rather tall, and hated when anyone gave him back talk. He was a no non-sense kind of guy.

He knocked the hoodie off of Marshall's head, then grabbed him by the shirt & pushed up against the wall, hard. Marshall groaned in pain as he felt the wall nearly crack behind him. He flinched as his breathing grew rapidly & he looked up at his father's rage filled eyes more than terrified.
"Nuthin' dad." he protested as his father pushed him even harder into the wall as if there was somewhere else 4 him to go. There was alright---through the wall into another room. The bathroom door suddenly opened, but neither of them turned to look.
"Dad!!" they both heard Michael's voice yell. After hearing that, Bruce took a deep breath. "You listen to me ok?" he said releasing Marshall & smoothing his clothes down for him.
"Don't let everything we've done get screwed up because of a piece of tail." he looked over to his younger son who was still standing near the bathroom doorway, but Marshall kept his eyes on him.
"I goin' out. You boys behave youselves while I'm gone."

With that said, he turned to leave & Marshall watched him grab the black glock out of the dresser. He stuck it in the back of his pants & covered it before leaving.
"Why'd you have to go & leave?" Mike asked stalking over to his older brother. He was only 15 while Marshall was about to turn 18 in a matter of days. "I needed some air." he said stumbling over to the couch because he as still shaken & his knees were trembling.
"You know better than to get him mad like trhat." Mike said plopping down on his full size bed & grabbing the remote. He flipped on the t.v. & rummaged through the channels before stopping on something to make him laugh. Marshall just laid on the couch & thought of what happened the night before.

12 Hours Earlier:

"Dad, I'm tired. I wanna go home." Marshall grumbled s he sat back in the old Corsica. It was a little passed 12 midnight & here they were sitting in a dirty car waiting for his father's friend.
"We will..." he said as a car pulled up. "See, here's Johnnny now."
He watched as the headlight went off & Johnny got out of the car. He was wearing a black leather jacket & his black hair was slick back.
"Come on. We'll be in & out."
Marshall groaned as he followed his father out of the car.
"You made it." Johnny smiled as they gave each other a friendly handshake. "Of course. Man, you doin' good for yourself." he smiled as tey walked to the condo. Johnny unlocked the door & they all went inside.

"Don't tell me this is Marshall?" he replied looking him up & down with a smile. "Yup. He's all grown up."
Marshall just stood awkward as he smiled back breifly. He didn't remember the guy from a can of paint.
"Man the last time I saw him, he was a baby." he replied grabbing a glass & pouring scotch in it. The condo was nice & elegant & Marshall wished they'd lived in something like it.
"Yeah, u left so fast after you missed him grow up."
Johnny gulped nervously & smiled with a nod.
"My mom's was sick. She died"
"Aw man..." Bruce replied walking over to Marshall. "Hold this for me." he whispered before placing something in his hands .
"Why do I need this?" he asked nervously as he stared at the black gun his father had just given to him.

He stalked over to Johnny & decked him so hard that he fell to the floor, sending his glass sattering as it hit the wood.
"What the hell man?!" he yelled, but Bruce kicked him in the ribs.
"You fuckin' lyin' bastard." he replied through clenched teeth as he looked down at him. "I spoke to your mother yesterday. Nice lady."
"Aww come on Bruce!!" he yelled with his hands up, but Bruce punched him in the mouth anyway, knocking some of his teeth out. He spit out blood as he pleaded for him to stop.
"Dad!!" Marshall yelled wanting him to stop. He didn't understand what was going on.
"Why'd you steal from me Johnny?!" "I don't know what you're talking about!!" he shouted as Bruce pulled him up & slammed him face first into a table, making him bleed.

"Jesus...O.K.!!O.K.!! You were makin' so much!!"
"And you fucked that up for me!! You caused me to lose my credability!!"
"Dad stop!!" Marshall yelled once more. Bruce looked up to his shaken son & sighed. "Show me where my money is." he demanded ignoring Marshall. "Bruce..." "Show me!!!!!!" he said tossing him to the floor.
"Fine." he complied crawling over to the desk in his office & pressing a button. A picture slid open from the wall & Bruce stalked over to grab the small safe that was inside.
"Open it." he demanded handing the box to him. After a moment of fidgeting, he popped the safe open & pulled 3 bundles of cash out.
"What the fuck is that?!!" he shouted. "Bruce...."
"I had $500,000!! Where the fuck is the rest?!!" "I spent it." he nearly cried fearing fort his life. He knew how Bruce had been in earlier years, ruthless wasn't the word to use. He was worse. "Marshall?" Bruce inquired. Marshall looked over to his father s he held the gun & it shook in his hands.
"You remember I taught you how to use that?"

Marshall nodded but knew there was no way he was gonna ask him to use it. "Good. Shoot him."
His jaw dropped as he shook his head "No" profusely. Bruce groaned & stalked to his son after kicking Johnny in the ribs once more.
"Shoot him!!" he said trying to help him aim the gun at the guy.
"NO!!" he yelled, pushing it to his father & he mumbled something angrily.
"Ok...we're goin' home. Let's go." he said as they turned to leave. Once Marshall was out of the room he heard 2 gunshots go off & he nearly leaped out of his skin. He turned back & stood frozen for a few moments before his father ran from the room.
"Fucker hit the silent alarm." he replied pushing Marshall from the house. He was totally traumatized & in shock. They'd hopped in Johnny's truck & sped off.

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PostSubject: Re: The Other Side of 8 Mile Rated R   Wed Mar 25, 2009 8:31 pm

omg marshall is in love with Alicia
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PostSubject: Re: The Other Side of 8 Mile Rated R   Tue Mar 31, 2009 12:21 am

I'll try 2 update this 2morrow. Too tired 2day Sleep
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PostSubject: Re: The Other Side of 8 Mile Rated R   Mon Apr 06, 2009 7:22 pm

Will update soon. I haven't 4 gotten Smile
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PostSubject: Re: The Other Side of 8 Mile Rated R   Wed Apr 08, 2009 6:08 pm

"Do you think dad'll let us go to the movies?" Mike asked, startling Marshall out of his deep thoughts as he looked over at him. They'd been in the same spot for hours waiting for their father to return. Marshall had dozed off a bit & Mike had continuously flipped through the channels. Marshall knew their dad well enough to know never to ask him to go out. Anytime he did, he was denied. If he even thought about going out alone his father would smack the thought out of his head. "No." Marshall grumbled as he spotted the number scrolled on his hand. He nearly smiled as he saw Alicia's name, but his thought was interupted as they heard keys jingle the door lock. Marshall sat upright as the door swung open & their father held a case of beer.
"Hey dad." Mike smiled as Bruce walked to the bed & sat down.
"So what'd you two do while I was gone?" "Well," Mike started as Marshall looked down at the carpet. "Marshall was just sayin' how me & him should go to the movies." he smiled & Marsh's eyes shot over to him wide with surprise.
"No I didn't!!" he protested. He didn't want to get in anymore trouble than he was already in.
"Movies huh?" Bruce asked looking over to his oldest son who was avoiding his eye contact. "Yeah, so can we go dad?" Mike asked jumping up off the bed excited as if his father had already said yes. He knew he would though because unlike Marshall, he always got his way.

"Why not?" he smiled looking towards Michael. "I told you he'd let us go!!" Mike replied putting his sneakers on.
Bruce looked over to Marshall once more & caught his eye as Mike went into the bathroom to freshen up.
"Did you put that idea in his head?" he asked getting up & walking to Marshall, who stayed planted on the couch.
"No, sir. I told him we'd be better off stayin' here." he replied quickly.
Bruce sighed because of the fear he saw in his son's eyes. He hated that he was afraid of him. He only wanted respect from his children. Not fear. He loved his sons deeply & would kill anyone who dared touched or thought about touching them.
"You ok from last night?" he asked under his breath as he stared down at him. He didn't want Mike hearing their conversation.
"Fine." he said seriously because he knew his dad thought he was weak. He hated that, he wanted to prove him wrong. He was damn near 18 & wanted to prove he was a man. "Look, you watch your brother ok? I don't want nothin' happenin' to him. Seein' as how u wanted to take him out."
"Dad, I swear it wasn't my idea." he protested & Bruce gave him a hit to the chest that knocked the wind out of him.
"Don't you dare lie to me ok? You're a man." he replied angrily as Michael opened the door. "If u want to go out just ask."
Marshall clutched his chest as Bruce walked over to Mike & handed him some money. "You boys have some fun."

"So what do you wanna see?" Mike asked as they walked down the street to the huge multiplex. They'd just hopped off of a bus & walked a few blocks. Bruce didn't trust Marshall to drive the truck yet, seeing as how they'd just stole it off a dead guy.
"Anything you want." he said with his hand shoved into his pockets. "Cool, I wanna see the new Fast & the Furious!!"
Marshall heard his little brother, but he wasn't really listening. He was feeling down about himself because of the events that happend only a little while ago. He was tryna think of a sure fire way to make his father see he was a man & not just a boy. But the roadblock in his mind kept flashing.
How was he gona do that without killing someone? He'd witnessesd his father beath the hell out of a guy, then shoot him.
"Loosen up Marsh. Jeez, dad let us go to the movies & he gave us 100 bucks to get what we want." he smiled as they got in line.
"I'm fine Mike. I just wish you didn't tell dad that this was my idea."
"Well, I'm younger. I thought it'd sound better coming from you. Sorry jeez." he said crossing his arms over his chest frustrated. Marshall sighed as he glanced at his baby brother. "You're right." he smiled trying to make Michael feel better. He hated when his brother was upset. "He let us go."
"See, now you're gettin' it." Mike smiled pushing his brother & he stumbled into someone behind him.
"Sorry." he replied laughing as he turned around.

"It's ok." Alicia replied and he immediately froze as her friends sneered at him. She was the last person he expected to be standing there.
"Marshall?" she inquired & he nodded slowly. He gawked at her beauty and made her blush. She was wearing her long hail pinned up with a bit of makeup to go with her white & sky blue sweater. He stared down & saw she was wearing form fitting skinny leg jeans & he had to turn away. He was a teenage boy with raging harmones.
"Watch wher you're going next time creep." one of her friends replied rolling their eyes.
"Denise, don't. I know him." she smiled. The were always taking up for her because she was the quiet one.
"Whatever." Jamillah replied. "We're goin' 2 get the tickets." Her three friends headed to the front as Michael waited impatiently on the side.
"I was waitng for you to call me. Maybe we could've come out together." she smiled brightly.
"I was a bit...busy." he replied looking away as he fidgeted. He was so nervous & that attracked her to him. She was sick of over the top guys always so sure of themselves. "Well, what are you gonna see? Maybe we'll see the same thing." he replied desperate to keep more company with her.
"Marshall!!" Michael yelled frustrated as he watched other people hop in front of them in line.
"A Haunting In Conneticut." she replied as her friends flagged her on. "I gotta go."
With that, she strolled inside with her friends & Marshall gt back in line. "Sorry. " he replied to Mike.

"You took long enough. I hope the tickets aren't sold out." he frowned.
"Mike, do you think we could go see The scary know... movie in Conneticut?"
Mike shot a glance up to his older brother as if he'd lost his marbles. There was no way he was chinging his mind.
"No!! I been waitin' to see this movie since it came out!!" he yelled & Marshall groaned as he saw Alicia standing inside at the concession stand.
"Please? I'll owe you big." he pleaded as he stopped once more.
"No!! You said I could see whatever I wanted!! Besides, you didn't even wanna come to the movies in the first place!!"
"Michael come on. I never ask you to do anything for me." "No." Mike protested.
"Fuck!" Marshall yelled startling the older couple behind him. He took in a breath & pleaded again.
"Please?" Mike just stood with his arms folded acrossed his chest furiously. "Please Mike?"
Still no answer. "Sir, you're holding up the line." the young girl selling tickets replied.
"I'll let you kep the hundred bucks." he bargained, but Michael refused to answer.

"Sir?!" "Ok!!" he shouted. "2 for that scary movie in Conneticut."
Micheal let out an angry sigh as he stormed into the movie theater. Marshall paid for the tickets, grabbed them & hustled inside after him. He couldn't afford to lose him in the crowd. "Mike!!" he shouted looking around for him, but he didn't see him.
"Don't you let nothin' happen to him." he heard his father's voice echo in his head. He knew his father would kill him if anything did happen. He'd blame him regardless of the situation.
"Mike!!" he yelled again until he spotted him in line at the concesion stand. He let out a sigh of relief as he pushed through the crowd to him.
"Leave me alone." he grumbled. "Don't be mad. I'll bring you back tomorrow night ok?"
Mike thought for a moment as they moved up in line. "You promise?"
"I swear on my life." he smiled as he put out his pinky. "I'll hold you to it." he smiled linking their pinkies in the pinky swear Marshall had initiated.
"Go find us some good seats, I'll get us some popcorn. You want Goobers too right?" he teased because he always knew what to get him.
"Yeah. I want some Reese Cups too!!" he shouted heading towardsd the theater the movie was playing on.

"So, I take it that's your brother?" Alicia inquired as she moved over to him as her friends waited.
"Yeah." he said startled as he ordered. "Nice, he's handsome just like you." she smiled & he blushed.
"Looks like we're seein' the same movie." he replied holdin' up the ticket. "Ahh. So we are." she giggled. "Wanna sit together?"
She wants to sit with me. he thought as he grabbed the snacks. "Of course."
"I'm gonna see you guys later." Alicia replied to her friends as they walked towards the theater. They walked inside together after someone took their ticket stubs. She picked a spot in the middle of the theater as he spotte Micheal sitting near the front.
"I gotta get this to my brother ok?" he inquired as she stared eating her popcorn. "Ok." she nodded with a smile.
He quickly moved down the aisle & sat next to his brother as the lights went down & everyone began quieting their chatting.
"Here you go." he replied handing him everything but a soda he brought for himself. "I'll be right back ok?"
"Where are you going?!" Mike asked confused. "I promise I'll be back." he replied sliding passed other people & back up the aise as the movie started. Micheal sipped his soda as he looked up to the huge screen.

Marshall eased into the seat beside Alicia & she smiled at him again. He smiled slightly as he took his hoodie off & tried to relax.
I can't believe I'm sitting next to her at the movies.
"Do you want some popcorn?" she offered as she moved a bit closer to him. She pulled the armrest up & slid close to his chest, causing him to shift uncomfortably. He'd never been so close to a girl before. "Su...sure." he replied reaching for the popcorn & throwing it in his mouth. She smiled as she laid her head on his chest & heart his heart pounding.
After watching the movie for awhile, she grabbed his arm & placed it around her.
Micheal sighed frustrated as he looked back for his brother once more. "I can't believe he's missing this." he mumbled. "I hope he's ok."
At that moment, every girl in the theater screamed, making him jump & turn back to the movie.

"Are you ok?" Marshall asked softly as he clutched Alicia tight. She'd scramed & clutched to him for dear life & that made him feel strong, like her Superman. "Fine." she replied looking up to him and staring into his beautiful blue eyes. She moved closer to him & pressed her lips to his. He stopped breathing for a moment as her lips moved against his so gently.
I'm havin' my first kis...and it's with her. He finally let out his breath & tried his best to catch the rythm with no luck, but she didn't say anything.
Micheal looked back once more & tried to see the faces of people in the dark crowd as the light from the screen hit their faces. Hre then spotted Marshall in a lip lock with a girl. He bawled his hand into a fist as he turned back & looked at the screen. There was no way he was gonna forgive him for this.

Marshall smiled like a fool as they got back to the hotel room. He was on cloyd nine. Micheal on the other hand hadn't spoken a word to his brother since they'd left the theater. They walked into the hotel room & sawe their father watching t.v.
"You boys had fun?" "No." Mike replied angrily as he walked to his bed & plopped down on it. Marshall looked over to him strangly as Bruce frowned and shot a glance at Marshall.
"We did." he protested. "No, you did!!" Mike shouted as Bruce looked back at him.
"What happened?!!" Bruce shouted, waiting for Mike to answer. He always told his father the truth.
"Marshall was..."
Marshall looked at him & gestured for him not to tell what was going on. He was afraid of his father finding out. Mike hesitated as he looked at his brother. He thought he should pay for leaving him alone the way he did. And for a stupid girl, but he saw Marshall looked scared. But he always looked scared of their dad. He didn't know why. He just did.
"Mike..." Bruce insisted. "Tell me." He shot a glance at Marshall, then looked back at his younger son.
"He was with some girl." he replied firmly. Bruce just grumbled as he looked Marshall angrily.
"A girl?" he asked as a matter of factly. Marshall quivered as he stood by the door.

"So he had you sitting with a girl?" "No, I was alone. He was sitting with a girl."
"Mike go get somethin' to eat." he replied bawling his hands into a fist. He hated when Marshall didn't listen to him.
"Dad.." "You left him alone?!!" he shouted as Mike left the room.
"I saw him from where I was sitting." he replied trying to plead his case.
"I told you to leave those fuckin' girls alone!! He could've been hurt!!" he yelled closin' in on Marshall.
"But he wasn't." he said hurt by the fact that his father seemed to never care about his well being.
"You're gonna strt listenin' to me." he said backing him into the wall.
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PostSubject: Re: The Other Side of 8 Mile Rated R   Wed Apr 08, 2009 9:29 pm

can't wait till next update soo good alicia and marshall should be together
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PostSubject: Re: The Other Side of 8 Mile Rated R   Sat Apr 18, 2009 1:49 pm

LOok out 4 an update. Smile I love you
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PostSubject: Re: The Other Side of 8 Mile Rated R   Sun Apr 19, 2009 1:02 am

"So who was the mysterious guy you ditched us for at the movies?" Melissa inquired as her & Alicia headed outside. School had been over for the day & it damn sure had seemed like hell with all of the midterms.
"I didn't ditch you guys...I just..." "Ditched us." Jamillah laughed as people brushed by them quickly.
"So," her friend Carol inquired. "He you're new boyfriend."
"No!!" she protested quickly as she began to blush. "Marshall is just...afriend." She immediately smiled at the thought of his face.
She was so into Marshall that she couldn't understand why. It was like love at first site & that was only in fairy tells.
"Yeah he is." Carol replied with a toothy smile. "Now ya'll know her father wouldn't go for that." Melissa replied as they made it to the school parking lot.
"That's why she had him meet her at the movies so her dad wouldn't find out." Jamillah teased as she nudged Alicia.
"He's not my boyfriend. " she replied looking down and wishing he was. All she could do was think of the kiss they'd shared the night before & it was everything she could ever dream of. Hell, it literally had her dreaming of him.
"Hey Alicia." she heard his sexy voice reply with a rumble & she looked up immediately. She clutched her books tight as her girlfriends looked on with goofy "I told you so" grins.

He was standing there with a dark hoodie shading his face & denim blue jeans.
"Hi." she said dreamily. She was glad to see him because she'd looked for him all day in school, but he never showed.
"Can we talk?" he asked looking at her & her friends breifly before staring back at the ground.
"Of course." she replied moving over to him.
"See you later girl." Jamillah replied giving her a thumbs up. Melissa stared at Marshall as if she knew him. His face was so familiar to her & she couldn't place it. "Girl, come on!!" Carol practically yelled pulling her towards the car.
"Something about him is creepy." Mel replied as she looked back again.
"No it isn't, it's just your imagination." Jamillah scolded as they climbed into the car.
"I'm serious. Cyndi should really stay away from that guy."
"Girl let her get a real boyfriend for a change." Carol laughed because Alicia's father was so strict that she rarely had a real everyday boyfriend.

"What's up?" Alicia smiled as they headed deeper into the parking lot to get to her car. Everyone else had already hightailed it because school wasn't a place to stay too long. Especially after a test. He took in a breath & looked over to her just to take in her beauty for a moment before continuing. She looked so happy that she was practically glowing. He didn't want to ruin the moment just yet.
"I can't see you anymore." Ass soon as the words left his mouth, her smile dropped & she looked as if she were gonna cry.
"Why not?" she asked choking back her emotion as she stopped in her tracks. She thought he was really into her the way she was into him. Their chemistry was just so...powerful it was hard to deny. She knew he had to feel the sparks flying between them. He was making her feel like she was projecting the feelings she always wanted to explore on the first guy that walked by. I.E.---him.
He thought about what transpired from being out with her & flinched a bit. His father meant buisness & he knew better than to defy him & step out of line.
"I...I...We're not good for each other." he said searching his brain for an answer. In reality, he longed to be with her since he could remember. She was his perfect girl.
"How is that? Did I do something wrong last night? Was it the kiss?" she asked embarrassed & hurt.
"No." he said quickly as he looked at her & she saw he as holding his side.

She looked up to him & gasped in disbelief. His lip had been obviously busted because it & the left side of his face was slightly bruised. She hadn't noticed that he was liming the hold time & holding his weight to one side. She was just worried about why he was "dumping" her even though they weren't together.
"What happened to you?" she asked concerned going to pull his hoodie off, but he pulled away.
"Nuthin'." he replied embarressed. "I fell."
His whole body, including his ribs were aching so bad. If he had taken his shirt off, she would've seen that he was bruised badly around the back & torso.
His father had beaten him badly to teach him a lesson.
"Marshall...." "Look. We just have to stay awy from each other ok?! It's for the best!!"
It was killing him to end things with her, but he had no choice.
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She held back her tears as much as she could because she thought he was different. She stayed up all night swooning & dreaming of him being such a gentleman. He saw her nearly cry & it hurt him more than words could say. He'd only dreamed of ever being with her& here he was throwing it away because of his dad. He had no choice though.
"I thought you were different." she sniffled as a tear finally fell from her eye.
"Now I know why my dad won't let me date. I'm glad he keeps me away from guys like you." she said wiping away the tear & turning to walk to her car. He grabbed her & spun her around, catching her in his arms. Something she'd said hit a sensitive nerve in him.
"Get off of me!!" she shouted trying to him him, but he pulled her in & planted a kiss on her. The kiss was more than intense. She tried to push him off at first, but fell into it because it was nice.
He ended the kiss & they stared at each other---breathing heavily---in passion.
"What was that for?" she asked as he held her in his arms.
"I really like you Alicia." "Then why'd you say those things to me?"
She asked hurt looking down at the ground.
He hesitated & thought of telling her the truth but he thought he was too old to be told what to do.
"I feel like you can do better than me. I think I'm trouble." he said letting her go.
She looked up to him & saw the gentleness in his eyes. There was no way he could possibly be trouble.

"Are you trouble?" she asked still being cautious because he afterall had said it about himself.
He looked at her & felt like anything he'd ever done meant nothing. "Not if I'm with you."
She blushed as she looked down. He was gonna let her walk away, but what she'd said about her dad not letting her date made him feel like she could relate to him. He couldn't just let his dream girl walk away. Not like that.
"Good. Because I really like you." she said pullinhg him in for a hug & he winched.
"What happened to you?' she asked angrily remembering the bruise she saw on him.
He rolled his eyes & sighed before saying, "I fell. I was helping my dad & I ---fell off a---a ladder."
She looked at him skeptical, but let it go. She had no reason not to trust him.
"I gotta get goin'." he said as he looked at his watch.
"You sure you don't wanna chill?" she asked disappointed.
"I would love to..." he said & she brightened a bit. "But I can't. My dad would ki...he wants me home to watch my brother." he smiled fakely.
He wasn't even supposed to be out. He had to get back to the hotel before his little brother Mike & their father did.
"Not even for a soda?" she pleaded. "I'm already late. I gotta go." he said kissing her cheek as he began walking off.
"Do you want a ride?" she offered dangling her keys infront of him with a smile planted on her face. He sighed & nodded in approval. It would definitely get him back quicker.

"Same fuckin' guy." Andre replied looking down at Johnny's body. He was the detective in charge of the case. Apparently a bunch of guys that had a common contact were being offed left & right. He'd been following the case for months. He rubbed his eyes because he was tired & had been pulled out of his bed to see this.
"Det. Young...there's a serveillance camera we found that over looks the whole office."
"That's fuckin' great. Maybe we can nail this guy & get on with our lives." he said with a bit of hope. He was tired of finding dead bad guys. He would've rather locked them up. They found a vcr & hooked it up to the plasma tv in the room. Pressing play the other officer discovered something.
"Apparently there are two guys."
"Same like the other heist around town?" Dre inquired looking at the tape & trying to look at the guys faces, but the quality of the video was shitty.
There was also cases of robberies around town. Big shit being hit left & right, but he'd hoped they weren't linked, but by the looks of things they were..
"We have to catch these guys." he said getting a look at Marshall's face partially on camera holding the gun. There was no sound but the vid was there. Atleast it was a start.
"Rewind that!!' he shouted trying to look at his face again to memorize it. It'd look more than familiar to him.
The officer hit the rewind button & the the machine began to devour the track.
"No!!" he said pushing the guy out of the way & pressing the stop, but there was no help. He tried to eject it, but it came out desintigrated.
"Fuck!!!" That was his only lead & it was now gone.
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"Thanks." Marshall smiled opening the door & nearly climbing out 'til Alicia caught his arm. It had begun rainin really hard out on the drive over.
"Wait!!" she ordered & he looked over to her confused.
"Did I forget somethin'?" he asked timid as he searched the front seat frantically. He wanted to hurry inside before his father knew he's snuck out.
"Yeah." she smiled as she leaned over & kissed him ever so gently on the lips. "Are you gonna call me?"
He smiled speechless as he stared at her. She'd taken his breath away & he was lost in the moment, but quickly came back to reality. He knew using the hotel phone wasn't an opion because his dad would know.
"I don't have a phone." she frowned because she wanted to talk to him every chance she got. She fumbled around in her pocketbook for a moment and he watched. "Here take mines." she smiled handing her pink cell phone to him.
"Now u can call me whenever you want & vice versa. The house number & every number I know is in there." she smiled & he slipped it into his pocket as he got out. "Thanks." he replied leaning back into the car & kissing her cheek. He then hustled off after slamming the car door & ran to the hotel door trying to avoid being soaked. He fumbled in his pocket for the hotel room key & finally found it in his back pocket. He pulled them out & unlocked the door before pushing it open. He hustled inside & closed the door before turning around to see his father standing there with his arms folded acrossed his chest. He was so wrapped up in Alicia that he'd failed to see his father's truck out front. Marshall swallowed hard as he looked up to his dad who was definitey pissed.

"Did I not tell you not to leave this room?"
Marshall nodded quickly, pulling the hoodie off of his head. "Why the fuck don't you listen to me?!!" Bruce yelled raising a hand at him.
"I do!!" Marshall flinched trying to cover himself from a blow but it never came.
"Then why were you with that bitch?" When that word left his mouth, Marshall frowned angrily. He had half the mind to sock his father in the mouth. No one had the right to call her that. She was one of the nicest people he'd ever met.
"She's not a bitch." he mumbled as he looked down & Bruce shook his head disappointed. He wanted to punch Marshall in the mouth because he was jeopordizing the plan he had for them by talking to a local.
"What the fuck were you doin' with her Marshall?!!" he yelled & Marshall backed away into the wall.
"Telling her we couldn't be friends!!" he shouted. He was already hurting from the beating he'd given him the night before & couldn't take anymore.
"So why would she give you a ride home if you said that?" he inquired narrowing his eyes at him.
"Because she's a nice person. She understood." he mumbled barely looking up.
"So you think it's wise that she know where the fuck we're stayin'?!" he yelled cornering him again & Marshall looked away ashamed.
"No---I just---I wasn't---" "You weren't thinkin' right?!! Even though our faces might be plastered all over newspapers or tv?!!"
"They're not..." Marshall mumbled & his father bawled his fist to keep from hitting his oldest son. He loved him but felt like he was an idiot sometimes. He knew his son had the potential to be what he was but he just hadn't tapped into it just yet. He had too much compassion. He needed something traumatic to make him turn around. He saw it happen to people like him before. Mike on the other hand---He was definitely his father's boy. He honestly didn't want them to be like him but in the world they were living in, he had to train Marshall to be. Mike was too young & he was trying to set it up so that he wouldn't have to be a hard ass. He didn't want him to be a felon or worse. Marshall had no choice. He had been with his father since the day he was born---unfortunately, that was when hell had broken loose.

He walked over to the dresser & opened it before pulling out a gun. Marshall just watched cautiously as he stayed planted near the wall.
"Where's Mike?" Marshall inquired afraid to be alone with his dad.
"At a friend's house." he said walking back to him. "Take this." he said handing Marshall the cold steel. It was heavy & Marshall had a worried look in his eyes. He knew what that meant. They were going on a "errand" as his dad called it.
"Everybody get the fuck down now!!" Bruce yelled as he aimed his shot gun at every bystander in the bank on 7 Mile. He needed to make some quick cash & this was it. He was gonna get a clean get away. Marshall let out a deep breath as he held the silver Desert Eagle that his father had given him. They were both wearing ski masks & black body suits. Women screamed as they compliantly fell to the floor, and the men in the bank tucked to the floor with out a sound.
"Lay face down!!" Bruce shouted as Marshall secured & locked the door.
The security guard at the door was already lying face down with his hands on his head. Marshall grabbed the gun he had & removed the bullets. He grabbed the keys & held them as his father moved to the pretty brunette cashier who was in tears behind the desk. The bank only had about 12 people inside & there was no way for them to get caught. It was damn near closing tme.
"Fill the fuckin bag..." Bruce ordered shoving it at her as he looked up at the camera & gave it the finger. He chuckled & looked back at Marshall.
"Go to the back & open a few safty deposit boxes."
Marshall nodded approvingly as he moved through the crowd lying on the floor. One lady looked up to him in tears & he felt terrible. He didn't wanna be there as much as she didn't.
His father tossed him a pair of keys he'd taken from the woman & Marshall disappeared into the back. There were tons of boxes & the vault was wide open.

He ushered over to a few boxes & opened then effortlessly with the keys marked with the same numbers. Everyone of the boxes had a small steel box inside & he grabbed them throwing them into a bag he had without a second thought.
He knew his father like to be in & out within a matter of a minute. He suddeny felt a hand pull on his shoulder forcefully, so he spun around as he squeezed the trigger accidentally. The loud blast startled him & he dropped the bag as he saw a body fall to the floor. He gasped in horror as saw it was a female. She was dressed in a security outfit & her blonde hair was pulled back into a ponytail. She'd been hiding in the back because she'd heard the commotion. She was a tiny young girl, most likely in her late twenties. Her blood was seeping out all over the floor & he was stunned. He'd never shot a person before & hadn't planned on it. She reached up to him for help & he couldn't refuse. He pulled the mask off his face as he dropped to his knees in front of her grabbing her hand.
"Please help me..." she uttered as he dropped the gun to the floor beside the bag of whatever his father had him take.
He held her tight as his father ran into the room.
"What the fuck are you doing?!!" he shouted. He'd thought someone had shot Marshall & by the looks of things, she would have. Her black glock was lying beside her on the floor, but Marshall hadn't spotted it.
"I shot her dad!!" he cried as he tried to help her, but she was long gone.
"Let her go." Bruce ordered, but Marshall refused.
"I can't leave her." he cried as he clutched her as tight as he could, still not wanting to belive she was dead. He couldn't of killed someone.
"Get the fuck up!! Let's go!!" he shouted grabbing Marshall & pulling him up forcefully. He then made Marshall grab the gun & bag of goodies. He'd left his mask behind accidentally as they ran from the back.
"You did good." Bruce encouraged as they pulled up to a huge mansion styled house. Marshall had cried halfway there & sat quiet for the rest. He was in total denial of the whole ordeal. It just wasn't real to him.
"Where are we?" Marshall asked looking at the huge house. He didn't want to address the situation.
"Our new home." he smiled as Marshall looked over to him confused. "I told you we'd be livin good real soon & this is it."
"Are you serious?" Marshall asked looking back at the place.
"Let's go see." he replied & they both hopped out of the truck. Marshall hustled up to th door & heard loud music playing. He opened the door & there was a huge party going on. There was also a huge banner with "Happy Birthday Marshall!!" on it.
His eyes were wide with surprise because he just couldn't believe it.
"I know it's early, but your birthday's comin'" Bruce replied walking up beside him. "I think you deserve it." he smiled as everybody cheered for him & Mike ran over to Bruce for a hug.
"Now go have some fun." he said nudging him into the livingroom.

"Hey." a girl walked over to Bruce & replied.
"Hey Kim, glad you could make it. You still gonna get with my son?"
"Of course." she smiled sinsterly. She was a girl from the rough crowd & Bruce liked that. He wantd his son to be with his kind of crowd & she was it.
"Give him a good time." he said nudging her over to Marshall & she smiled with pleasure.
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The classroom door opened & Marshall saw Alicia walk out. He smiled slightly as he walked over to her. She hd stopped at her locker to put her books away.
"Hey." he said leaning over & kissing her cheek.
"Hi." she smiled slightly as she looked up to him. "Why didn't u answer the phone?" she asked
He sighed as the night before tried to play back in his head but it was a bit fuzzy.
"I was..." "Hey Marshall baby. " Kim said walking up to him & kissing him breifly on the lips. His eyes widened in surprise as Alicia frowned heartbroken.
"Last night was great. I'm so glad you're dad invited me." she replied pulling him closer to her & rubbing her hands through his hair.
"Alicia!!" he shouted as she slammed her locker & stormed off. He pushed Kim aside and chased after her. He grabbed her arm & she snatched away as she spun around & slapped him across the face.
"If you really didn't like me all you had to do was tell me!! I didn't need your pity." she sniffled wiping the tears off of her face.
"I didn't pity you." he asid rubbing the right side of his cheek. "I really like you."
Alicia scoffed as she looked down. "I'm serious." he said putting his index finger under her chin & making her look at him.

"My dad threw me a surprise party & tried to fix me & her up."
"So why didn't you call me? Am I'm not good enough to meet your parents?"
In reality, he would've liked nothing more than to have her with him the whole night, but kim had been around him the whole night. She gave him a drink & he couldn't really remember the rest of the night. It went by like a blur.
He would never bring her around his dad willingly, he was just too unpredictable for that. Alicia was too nice to get mixed up with them. As for his mother, he never knew her.
"You know that's not true." he reassured. "I never got a chance to call you is all ok?" he asid sincere.
"You have to believe me. I would never intentionally hurt you. That girl means nothin' to me."
She sighed as she looked into his eyes & knew he was being truthfull. His eyes seemed to tell everything.
"Ok." she sighed. "Ok?" he smiled & she nodded, so he pulled her in & kissed her passionately. He knew if it were anyone else, he'd have gone through hell.
"Are we gonna go study?" she inquired breaking the kiss & looking up to him.
"This shit sickens me." Dre replied looking at Brenda the dead security guard of the Bank that had been robbed the night before. They hadn't gotten word of the robbery 'til about a hour earlier because the hostages were tied up. One managed to get free and push the alarm for the police to arrive.
He hated seeing bodies pile up. Especially innocent ones.
"From the looks of it, she's been dead for a couple of hours & it was a single gunshot wound."
"We have something!!" another cop yelled making Dre turn around to see them put a ski mask in an evidence bag.
"I want every little piece of evidence pulled off that thing. Sweat, hair, anything!! I want this fucker brought in."
He looked up to see a servailence camera over head & replied "I want that now!! I want the tapes & everything else done by 8 2morrow morning!!"

Dre watched as the coroner placed the body in the body bag & zipped it. He then stormed out of the vault & into the room all the hostiges were held in. He saw reporters outside & grimaced. Things were getting harder & harder to stop leak from the press. He didn't need the town in a panic.
He was gonna have to address them, so he took in a huge breath & headed outside.
"Detective Young!!" they shouted extending mics to him & the three officers around him.
"Is it true this bank was hit by the same man you are hunting for other murders?" a male asked seriouly & Dre cocked a brow. The truth was easing out slowly so he figured he should just get it out of the way.
"I'll have a formal statement as soon as possible, but right now, yes there is a suspect out there & we will catch him. We're close."
The cameras were filming him & he wanted to instill fear into the culprit.
"Can you tell us a name?!!" another reporter shouted.
"That's all!!" one officer replied blocking one side of the reporters as the corenor wheeled out the body & Dre stormed to his car. He put th key in the ignition & pulled off. The drive home was for the most part torture. He couldn't get the young girl out of his mind. She died for nothing but money.
He parked the car in his garage & pulled his wedding ring out of his pocket. He never wore it to work so no one he arressted or wrong would look for his family. He wasn't gonna let anything happen to them.
He went into the house & saw his wife cooking dinner. He'd been out all day.

"Hey baby." he replied walking over & kissing her as he pulled her in for a hug. He relaxed in her arms & she held him back.
"Rough day?' she asked as he let her go. "You know it." he sighed as he took off his suit jacket & placed it on one of the kitchen chairs.
"Well go get freshened up. We have a guest." she warned.
"A guest?" he inquired cocking an eyebrow as he heard footsteps & laughing. He turned to the kitchen door to see his daughter & a male standing beside her. "Hey daddy." Alicia replied as her smile faded a bit once she saw the frown onher father's face.
He analyzed the boy standing near her that was fidgeting a bit.
"Be nice." his wife whispered as she walked passed him with dinner.
He grumbled as he walked over to Marshall & sized him up. "Hi Mr...Mr. Young." he said nervously extending a hand to shake his.
"Dre looked at his hand, then at Alicia & sighed as her eyes pleaded for him to shake Marshall's hand. He grabbed it & tightened the grip to make Marshall winch in pain. He smiled as he let it go & said, "So who r you & why are you here?"
"My name's Marshall...I...I..." he studdard. "I tutor him daddy." she tried to reassure & Dre eased a bit as he stared at Marshall. He looked so familiar to him.

"You guys ready for dinner?" Her mother smiled.
"I'm sorry Mrs. Young but I can't stay. I have to get home." he replied humblely.
"Oh, but I cooked..." "Sorry." he frowned he hated disappointing people.
"I'll just take him really quick." Alicia replied.
"The hell you will." Dre replied after knowing what was going on. He was scared for his little girl & it was late.
"Daddy, It's just a few blocks away." she frowned.
"I'll take him." he demanded. Marshall saw her father was strict like she warned.
"Andre, you neeed to get ready for dinner." his wife replied. "You two go & hurry back. I'll wrap u up a plate." she said to Marshall & he smiled. He hadn't had a home cooked meal in years.
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Leave Comments Please. Smile lol! queen
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PostSubject: Re: The Other Side of 8 Mile Rated R   Wed Jun 10, 2009 7:38 pm

this is gettin' really interesting...
but I have a bad feeling about this whole kim thing he can't remember
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Marshall watched Alicia drive off as before he opened the door to the house. He'd eaten the food her mother given to him in the car because he didn't want his father knowing where he was. He knew he was gonna be in deep shit once he went inside because he was supposed to be home. He was glad that her mom showed him more than enough trust & hospitality because he wasn't used to it. It made him feel like there were more people out there like him & not his dad. His father had only seemed to take him around criminals & sluts & since he rarely went out, he hardly saw "real" famalies. He'd only saw them on tv & his heart yearned to have a mother. Sure his dad's wife was in his life for awhile when he was a kid, but she never treated him like a son. She seemed to ignore him all together & treat him like shit. She was Micheal & Sarah's mom---not his. She would never let him forget that. His mother never wanted him.

He hustled inside, then closed & locked the door. He looked in the livingroom & Micheal was there watching tv sprawled on the couch. He looked over at Marshall, then back at the tv.
"Where were you?" Mike asked a bit peeved & sounding like their dad.
"Out." Marsh replied looking towards the stairs to make sure their dad didn't hear them. He wanted to slip in his room unnoticed, which was gonna be a bit of a challenge even though their new house was huge.
"Where's dad?"
"I dunno. He never came in." Mike shrugged & Marshall nearly smiled.
"so he's not upstairs?" he asked giving a half smile because that was one confrence he could stand to miss.
"What part of he never came in don't u understand?"

Yes!! Now I can go call Alicia.
He turned to run upstairs, but Mike stopped him.
"Marsh, you wanna play the XBox 360 wit' me?"
Marshll looked back & immediately shot the idea down. He was gonna finally call Alicia with no interupptions & he was gonna do it.
"Not tonight Mike." "But you promised last night!!' Mike pouted as he sat up.
"I did?" Marshall asked trying to remember.
"Yeah. You & that Kim girl was in your room & she said to get out. I didn't listen I just asked to play with you & you said we could play all day today."
His father had brought marshall both a new xBox 360 & a PlayStation 3.

Marshall frowned as he tried remember the nights events but he kept drawing a blank & that was worrying him. He really hoped he hadn't done anything he'd regret because he was still a virgin. Well now he hoped he was.
"Just go on & play Mike. I gotta do somethin'." he said running upstairs & Micheal frowned as he sat back on the couch disappointed. He'd waited all day for him to come back & it was a waist of time. He didn't even wanna play anymore, so he just flipped the channel.

Marshall rushed in his room & looked around. He took his jacket off & tossed it on the bed, making the cell phone Cyndi had given him fall to floor.
"No..." he replied softly hustling over & going to pick it up. He grabbed it & saw a bra underneath the bed. His jaw nearly dropped as his heart rate quickened. He gulped hard as he grabbed the red lace bra & stared at it.
I couldn't of...
He exhaled defeated as he took the bra from his room. he was gonna get rid of it & not think of the situation again.

Marhall closed his eyes as he let the water from the shower head pour over him. He was leaning on his left arm that was propped up against the wall. He felt terrible about the night before, but how was he gonna tell Alicia? She nearly walked out on him earlier when Kim had made moves on him. She was definitely gonna be crushed if she knew the real reason he hadn't answered her calls or called her was because he was tied up with a more than premiscuous girl.
He couldn't tell her & nothing happened. Right?
Hell, he wasn't so sure.

After throwing on his t-shirt & sleeping pants, he ran downstairs to see Mike still glued to the t.v.
"Go get your bath." he ordered and Micheal just ignored him.
"Come on." Marshall nearly begged. "It's after 11 & you have to go to school in the mornin'."
"Leave me alone." Mike spat as he rolled his eyes.
"There's no way I'm gettin in trouble for you. You know how dad gets."
Micheal knew how their father stuck it to Marshall if he was up past his bedtime. He always got in trouble for anything Micheal did.
"Dad never punishes me." mike teased.
"I know. He punishes me" Marshall mumbled.
"Get up." he replied walking over & grabbing the remote. He flipped the tv off & Mike growled furiously.

"Give that back!!" he shouted trying to snatch the remote from Marsh, but he gripped it tight.
"It's time for you to take a bath & go to bed!!!"
"No. it's not!!" Mike shouted as he tugged harder, but so did Marshall.
"Yeah---" Marshall replied tugging harder as they moved through the huge livingroom. "It is!!"
"Now stop bein a brat!!" Marshall shouted getting the remote free from Mike as bruce walked into the livingroom.
"What the fucks goin' on?!!" he shouted looking at his two sons who were staring at him.
"Marshall wouldn't turn the tv off when I was ready to go to bed."
Marshall stared at his yuonger brother who licked his tongue at him.
"You made him stay up?" Bruce inquired angrily.

"Dad no---I--I--" "Mike go get your bath & head on to bed. I'll be up in a minute."
Micheal pushed Marshall & ran passed him out of the livingroom before jetting upstairs. He felt Marshall deserved it, leaving him alone all day, then coming home to be a jerk.
"You know he has to go to school in the mornin'." he replied angrily.
"I know---"
"Do you have a mental block or somethin'?"
"Dad no. I swear Mike was lyin'. we were fightin cause he wasn't ready to go to bed." he replied.
"Then how come you're just now askin' him to go to bed?"
Marshall opened his mouth to answer, but he couldn't think of a good explaination. He definitely wasn't telling him how he'd snuck out & saw Alicia.
"No answer...." Bruce replied advancing towards Marshall. "Like I thought."

Micheal closed his ears as he heard Marshall scream. He hated when he could hear it, but this time he felt Marshall deserved his punishment. He closed his door, which blocked out the other sounds of the house and ran to his bed, lying down. He turned over & stared out of his bedroom window.

This is dedicated to yellowbird cheers Keep the replies commin' people. Smile
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i like it!!!!
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Shady_Aftermath_Girl wrote:
i like it!!!!

Thanks. I do too. Smile just wait til u see what will happen next. queen Twisted Evil
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PostSubject: Re: The Other Side of 8 Mile Rated R   Sun Jun 21, 2009 6:38 am

I don't like mike. I really don't
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PostSubject: Re: The Other Side of 8 Mile Rated R   Mon Jun 29, 2009 5:56 pm

"Mr. Mathers, you're doing better." Ms. Schmidt smiled as she walked passed & gave him a pat on the back. he smiled slighty as he looked over at Alicia. She'd been tuitoring him hard for only a week & he caught on veery quickly. He was actually a bright kid & if he put effort into school, he would most likely be an honor student. Ms. Schmidt knew that complementing her students in any way when theey showed improvement would encouraged them to keep pushing forward. Marshall had been to school the whole week & he seemed a bit happier than before. He wasn't always covered in a dark hoodie. He was actually showing his face & answering questions. Finishing homework & tryna make friends. Ms. Schmidt liked that & knew her setting him up with Alicia would make him strive to be what he wanted to be becausee she saw how he "admired" her when he did come to school.

The bell rang & all the students grabbed their things before leaving the classroom. Marshall grabbed his books, then went over to Alicia's desk.
"Let me get 'em." he smiled as he grabbed her bookbag & flung it over his shoulder before grabbing her books.
"See you guys Monday." Ms. Schmidt smiled as she grabbed the eraser & erased the board. She was just as tired as the students & couldn't wait to get home.
"See you Ms. Schmidt." Alicia smiled walking to the door.
"Hold on." Marsh ordered as he walked over to the teacher. "Thank you."
He blushed & she smiled just knowing he was really making the effort to change.

"It was already in you Marshall. You just needed to know it." she smiled looking at him & he blushed even more.
"Hey, would you two like to help me with decorating for a party Monday?"
"Me?" Marshall asked astonished that she would trust him with something so important.
"Yes. You." she laughed. "It's something for the student commity."
"Well then you know I'm in." Alicia smiled because she was gonna be valedictorian.
"Me too." Marshall smiled proud.
"Great see you guys early Monday & I'll give you extra credit."
With that, they headed out.
Dre sat inpatiently at his desk. he'd been waiting for a week for the results of the forensics test to come back because it'd been delayed. Not only was he waiting for that, his leads were running dry because the suspects he were seeking mysteriously stopped. There had been no robberies or murders since the bank heist, which was a great thing, but he wanted them behind bars.
"Everything alright Det. Young?" his protege' officer Jackson inquired. He was a rookie & eager to go on a job, but everything had diied down & he was stuck with giving tickets.
"Fine. Why do you ask?" Dre asked looking up from his deep thought.
"You just been a bit timid all week sir." Curtis replied looking down at his mentor.

"Well it could be the fact that my daughter is spending way too much time with a boy. I know it's more than tutoring even though she says differently." He replied leaning back in his leather chair while placing his hands behind his head. he had noticed the closeness between them the little bit of time they'd been together. It was like they were attached at the hip & he could tell the boy was in love by the way he gawked at her. It wasn't just lust because he tried way too hard not to look at her assessts so to speak. He seemed like a shy kid but Dre didn't trust him & his insticts were always right. He just looked so fucking familiar, but he couldn't place his finger on it.

"Well she is a beautiful girl." Curtis replied because he'd had the pleasure of metting her. Dre shot an evil glare at him & made him back track.
"I mean, she's 17 sir & she's growing up. Boys are just a step she has to go through."
"Not on my watch." he grumbled as his phone rang & curtis waited patiently as he answered it. he hoped to God it was a job.
"Mom, we're going to the movies." Alicia smiled as Marshall stood behind her in the livingroom. This would be their first official date outside of studying. He was nervous as all hell because they hadn't been out since they'd made their relationship official.
"Are you gonna take care my little girl?" her mother teased & Marshall shook his head as he replied" Yes ma'am."
"Alright. I want you guys back by 12." she repled because she trusted them & they'd be graduating this year.

"I'll have her back before then ma'am." he smiled. He loved being trusted by others because it let him express his other side. the side his father was fighting hard to bury. Alicia's mother liked that about him. He knew how to treat & respect people.
If you only knew my past was all he could think. Anytime people gave him lead way he would usually draw back, but not now. he was learning to trust people. His father always told him not to, but he had no reason not to. The world wasn't as cold as his dad painted it out as or atleast he refused to see it like that anymore.
"Alright then. You guys have fun." she smiled watching them leave.
"And Happy Birthday Marshall!!" she shouted making Marshall smile. He was glad someone remembered.
"Where's your brother?" Bruce asked storming into the house.
"I don't know." Mike shrugged as he played the xBox 360 he'd just taken as his own.
"I'm gonna lock that boy in the fuckin' basement!!" he shouted because he was tired of him sneaking out. He was going to school & hanging out with someone. He knew it had to be a girl. That was the only thing worth him getting an ass whuppin' over.
"I'll be back Mike alright?" he inquired as he stared at his youngest son.
"But dad..." "Don't open this door for nobody ok?"
"Ok." "Did you finish your homework?"

"Yes." he replied frustrated because he was tired of saying in the house alone.
"Alright. I love you & if Marshall comes home you tell him he's in trouble."
he replied walking out & slamming the door.
"I got the results back & we got one of the suspects." Dre's friend in the lab replied as he listened intently.
"great." Dre smiled as he sat up.
"I'm shooting my information over to you in an email. There's not a picture of the guy in the system, but there is one of his father that may interest you."

Dre clicked his computer & downloaded the file. He waited for a minute & his eyes grew wide with surprsement as his face lost color.
"Sir---what's wrong?" Curtis asked as Dre hung up & dialed another number.

"Hello?" Nikki replied answering the phone.
"Nik, babe---where's Alicia?" he asked a bit frantic.
"Andre don't get mad..." "Where is she?!"
"Her & Marshall went to the movies." she replied as she sstopped washing the dishes. "Andre, what's wrong?" she inquired a bit nervous. Him being a cop always had them moving because his suspectss always wanted revenge.
"Sweetheart I want you to keep her away from him you hear me?"
"Boss there's a robbery downtown, we need to go!!" Curtis shouted as he grabbed his things & headed out.
"If they come back there, you don't let him in ok?"
"Why?" she inquired nervously.
"I can't talk right now baby. I gotta go, but you promise me that."
"I promise." she replied before he hung up.
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PostSubject: Re: The Other Side of 8 Mile Rated R   Tue Jun 30, 2009 2:28 pm

good update!!!
i can't wait to see what happens.
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PostSubject: Re: The Other Side of 8 Mile Rated R   Tue Jun 30, 2009 3:14 pm

oh... thats not good. Poor marshall... I see so much drama for him coming...
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Marshall stared at Alicia as she ate her brownie. They'd had dinner & were heading to a movie afterwards. She was treating him because it was his birthday. He didn't want her to, but she wasn't listening. The restaraunt was beautiful inside & there was a local band playing & the female singer was pretty good. He looked away as Alicia stared over at him. She smiled slighty because he was so bashfull. She liked that. He wasn't like every other guy out there. He was shy.
"So, is everything ok so far?" Alicia smiled as he looked back over to her.
"Fine." he smiled slightly & she sighed a bit. She loved his smile, but he rarely wore one. Only when they were alone in her room joking around. She just wished he'd smile more & instead of hiding it or half smiling--let it shine. He was like a broken angel in her eyes.

"Alright, I have to go to the bathroom. I'll be right back." she replied as she slipped from her seat & he looked around uneasily. He expectd his father to burst into the restaraunt & strangle or beat the hell out of him.
He was extremly paranoid because he'd been sneaking out all week & was undoubtablly gonna get caught soon. He knew his father was gonna put a hurtin' on him that was most likely gonna leave him bed ridden for awhile. He shook the thought from his head as he saw the female singer, who was sitting at the bar, staring at him. he turned away & stared towards the bathroom area hoping Alicia would return quickly. He hated being out in the open because wasn't supposed to be--especially alone.
He looked back at the bar once more and saw she was still staring as she put out a cigarette.
He turned away nervously as she got up & headed his way.

Please come on Alicia
"Excuse me..." the woman replied touching his shoulder & he looked up to her. He really didn't feel like being hit on by anyone unless it was Alicia--and this was no Alicia. the woman over him had to be in her late 20's & had brunette hair. He had no choice but to look up.
"Yes?" he asked properly as a gentleman would.
"By any chance would your name be Marshall?"

Alicia came from the bathroom & saw Marshall speaking to the brunette haired woman who she thought had eyed him since she came out on stage. She shook it off because there was no way that was plausable, but obviously it was because she was hitting on him. Or atleast that's what she assumed, especially as she saw Marshall hop up from the table & run outside as if he were appauled.
What the hell--
She ran after him angrily as she sneered at the woman who'd offended her date.
I don't care how old she is-- she thought as she saw him standing outside staring down like a sad puppy.
I'll kick her ass if she made him cry.

"Marshy--are you ok?" she asked walking up beside him.
"I think." he said softly as he looked over to her.
"If she said something that upset you--"
"She said she was my mother." he said looking over to her & Cyndi's jaw dropped. He never spoke of his family too often but anytime she asked about his mother he frowned & said he would rather not talk about it. She could tell that the subject hurt him deeply. She just assumed she was dead.
"Hey!!" a female waitress shouted running out after them.
"Noone paid your bill!!" she shouted angrily and Alicia frowned.
"Sorry." she replied digging in her purse. "Here you go. Keep the change." she replied & the waitress smiled as she looked at the bill because it was a huge tip in it for her.
"Come back anytime." She smiled as she strolled back inside.

"How did she know who you were?"
"She said I was a splitting image of my dad. She gave me her number so we could talk."
"Are you gonna use it?" "Honestly--I don't know." he frowned.
"Ok. You can think about it later." Alicia replied grabbing his hands & smiling as he looked at her.
"Today's you're birthday & it's gonna be the best one you've ever had if I can help it." she went up on her tippy toes & pressed her soft lips to his gently. He stared at her breifly in shock, then closed his eyes & fell into the kiss. It was more than nice & anything he could've ever dreamed of with her. Today was gonna be the best day ever no matter what.

"That movie was the best movie I ever saw." Marshall replied as he held Alicia's hand & they left the movie theater. They'd just watched 'Transformers 2' and ended it with 'Public Enemies'. Alicia was happy that she'd made him forget the drama in his life for once. It had been damn near perfect.
"The way Johnny Depp just walked into the police division when he was the most wanted criminal was soooo cool." he smiled, not realizing that he was so intrigued by the crime movie more than anything else.
"I just didn't like how they killed him." she frowned as they walked outside. It reminded him of the last scence of the movie. He looked around cautiously as he heard gunshots ring out. He knew the sound clearly & the sheer screams of everyone around them just confirmed it. A black van swirved to a hault as it nearly hit a car & a bunch of police cars followed. Marked & unmarked. A few officers hopped out & began shooting at the van, puncturing it. The van door flew open & Marshall spotted a gun being drawn, so he ran over & pushed Alicia to the wall as she screamed.

Everyone around them either dropped like flies from being shot or trying to prevent from being shot.
"Alot of people are gonna die if you don't tell your men to stop!!" Marshall heard a male voice reply.
"Cease fire!!" an officer shouted. But they all kept their guns drawn & no one stopped. Good & bad guys.
"Are you ok?" Marshall inquired as he stared down at Alicia & she ws scared out of her mind as she covered her ears.
He went to ask again, but he felt a stinging pain in his gut. he looked down & went pale as he saw he was leaking blood. Alicia looked down to see why he was looking so distraught & she saw what he had. He collapsed to the ground.

"Marshall!!" she screamed and Bruce looked over as he held his gun in hand. He couldn't understand why someone would call his name as he hid behind somethings outside. Who the hell would know him?! He realized he was wrong when he saw Alicia. His eyes went from her to his son. He was lying in a pool of blood. His own blood.
"Stop!!' he shouted as he held up his hand & his people stopped, but held their guns aimed at the cops.
"Drop your weapons!!" Dre shouted as he aimed his gun at Bruce who was inching over to Marshall & he spotted Cyndi.
"No.." he mumbled. "Hold fire!!" he shouted once more. "Hold fire!!"
"I need help!!" Bruce shouted & his friend Jason eased over to them.
"What the hell--" he stopped in mid sentence as he saw Bruce's son laid out on the ground bleeding. Without hesitation he grabbed him & dragged him to the van.
Sir.." Curtis assured ready to fire at the culprit who was taking hostages.
"I said hold fire!!" he shouted because his daughter ws in danger & he wasn't about to let the assholes know she was his little girl

Bruce grabbed Alicia around the waist & lifted her off her feet.
"Let me go!!" she shouted as she kicked and screamed, but he carried her to the van & threw her in before hopping in himself.
"No!!" Dre shouted firing at the van, but it skidded off.

Leave feedback please :O)
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Marshall tried to gasp for air, but he couldn't seem to successfully get any. Bruce hovered over him as Alicia watched frightened.
She didn't know what they were gonna do to her or where they were going. She had been kidnapped & by her boyfriend's father, who by the way was a criminal. not to mention the fact that her boyfriend was bleeding to death from being shot--on his own birthday.
"Marshall--calm down!!" Bruce shouted frantically. Marshall squirmed as he thrived in pain. He was scared of dying & especially like that. shit, he was a good kid--but all he could think about was how he shot that innocent woman & killed her. He felt he deserved this--it was his punishment. He didn't see it as the accident it was.

Alicia watched as Bruce ordered Marshall to not react to the thriving pain he was feeling. He seemed to be so heartless.
"Lie still!!" he shouted as tears streamed down Marshall's eyes.
"I need to see if the bullet exited his back." Jason replied lifting Marshall up & he screamed in pain.
"Don't do that!!" Alicia shouted as she sympathyzed with Marshall.
"Shut the fuck up!!" Bruce shouted holdin the gun as he spun around to her & the van swerved around the corner.
"It's still in there..." Jason said regretablly as he laid him back down on the black van floor.
"What the fuck are we gonna do?!" Skyler, the driver shouted.
"Head back to my house." Bruce replied.

Alicia crawled over to Marshall and Bruce tried to stop her until he saw she grabbed his hand. he thought she was trying to escape somehow, but no. She only wanted to comfort his son who was bleeding profusely.
Marshall clutched her hand as he stared into her eyes. He was more than scared & just to see her there made him feel a bit safe, but not totally because his father was there & he knew him taking her wasn't a good thing. he had her as a hostage.
"Sit him up." Bruce demanded & Alicia put a hand up to stop them.
"Don't!!" she screamed as Marshall nearly hyperventilated. He just couldn't breath.
"Get the fuck out of my way!!" Bruce shouted as Jason grabbed Marshall.
"He shouldn't be moved. Especially like that." she said watching as Marshall screamed in pain as Jason sat him up.

"And why's that?" Jason asked sarcastically as Marshall suddenly spit up blood.
"Because he's most likely bleeding internally."
Marshall leaned over & held his wound as his blood oozed through his fingers.
"Man up..." Bruce said kneeling to Marshall. Marshall nearly fell over & Alicia grabed him
The van finally haulted and Marshall groaned in pain as Alicia craddled him.
"What's the plan?' Jason inquired.
"We go in--split the money up & Skyler you dump the van." he ordered.
With that, Jason dragged Marshall in the house as Bruce dragged Alicia in & the van skid off.
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Can I get some feedback please?
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PostSubject: Re: The Other Side of 8 Mile Rated R   Fri Jul 02, 2010 12:12 am

Hey!! Me like this!! Write more!! I wish I would have found this site earlier. I wanna know what happens!! Gosh Bruce is so stupid. I know a Bruce too, he's kinda like that, but he would never rob a bank...he's too stupid.. lol
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PostSubject: Re: The Other Side of 8 Mile Rated R   Fri Jul 02, 2010 5:43 pm

Hey, how'd u stumble on this site anyway? Very Happy I love eager new people lol. Thanks 4 the feedbacks. Smile cheers Tell other fans to come on by too. cheers cheers
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PostSubject: Re: The Other Side of 8 Mile Rated R   Fri Jul 02, 2010 5:45 pm

Idk... google.... i searched eminem stories.... lol ... and ok.. Smile
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Lol Smile keep commenting & don't be afraid to post ur own work or try new stuff. Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: The Other Side of 8 Mile Rated R   Fri Jul 02, 2010 5:51 pm

i did... Smile
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Admin wrote:
Can I get some feedback please?
Shocked OHMYSHADY. You have to update! I love it! I'm new here, and I started to read this and now I'm in love. UPDATE SOON! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: The Other Side of 8 Mile Rated R   Sat Aug 06, 2011 4:10 pm

Welcome, Welcome, WELCOME! I will update shortly. Im so happy 2 hear u luv this fiction cheers cheers cheers queen
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PostSubject: Re: The Other Side of 8 Mile Rated R   Tue Dec 06, 2011 9:02 pm

can you please update! ya doing great! Smile
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PostSubject: Re: The Other Side of 8 Mile Rated R   Wed Dec 07, 2011 11:34 am

Omg thank u 4 the support! I know I've been slacking a bit but I will post 3 updates for 3 diff stories before this week is out. Twisted Evil
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The door nearly shattered off its hinges when Jason kicked it open. The sound startled Mike so much that he shot to his feet and nearly dropped his Xbox controller. But the moment he heard his brother’s screams, he lost total grip and dropped it anyway. The scene in front of him was gruesome and definitely too much for a kid his age to see.

Jason was dragging his bloody older brother through the door as he screamed in pain.

“Marshall?” he mumbled and the words barely left his lips.

Tears stung his eyes as a quiver shot through his body. So many thoughts flooded his mind about what could’ve happened, but nothing made sense. Nothing but the conversation he remembered having with his dad:

"Where's your brother?" Bruce asked storming into the house.

"I don't know." Mike shrugged as he played the xBox 360 he'd just taken as his own.

"I'm gonna lock that boy in the fuckin' basement!!" he shouted because he was tired of him sneaking out. He was going to school & hanging out with someone. He knew it had to be a girl. That was the only thing worth him getting an ass whuppin' over.

"I'll be back Mike alright?" he inquired as he stared at his youngest son.

"But dad..."

"Don't open this door for nobody ok?" Bruce asked.

"Ok." Mike complied.

"Did you finish your homework?"

"Yes." he replied frustrated because he was tired of staying in the house alone.

"Alright. I love you & if Marshall comes home you tell him he's in trouble." he replied walking out & slamming the door.

Snapping back to reality, Mike witnessed his father stalked in the door and the air swished passed him as he clutched the girl his brother was so taken by in over his shoulder. She was kicking and screaming for him to let her go, but Bruce of course ignored her pleas.

“Michael—“ he heard a familiar voice call through the haze that was his mind.

Turning, he saw Kim standing by the couch, still holding her controller. She had stopped by to see Marshall, but of course he wasn’t in and since Mike had been alone she’d opted to stay and keep him company. She had been banking on giving Marshall her birthday “surprise” when he came home. Grabbing Michael and turning him to her, she smiled as she looked down at him.

“Why don’t you go get your coat from upstairs and we’ll go out.” She offered.

But he immediately refused by shaking his head in horror. There was no way he was gonna be able to leave his big brother like that. Yeah, Marshall had been distant to him lately, but he still loved his brother more than anything. No matter what, Marshall was the one always there for him. Of course his dad had been there as well and spoiled the crap out of Mike, but not so much with Marshall. Mike refused to see the way their dad was so tough on Marshall, but maybe this was a wakeup call. Then the unthinkable shot into Michael’s head.

What if this was because of him?!

What if their dad got fed up because of the way Mike made Marshall look as of late? Like he was careless and self absorb with the very girl his father had carted to the basement moments ago. What if their dad was really gonna make them both pay?? Regret suddenly rippled through Michael and he felt more than guilty.

“This is my fault.” He uttered as the tears he was fighting to hold back suddenly streamed out endlessly.

“Mike no. Come on, get your coat and we’ll go see a movie” Kim insisted, still holding her grin even though horror and confusion was going through her as well.

She was worried about Marshall more than she was letting on. But she had to be strong for Mike, but she was gonna find out what the hell had happened.

“A movie?” he sniffled.

“Yeah buddy. Any movie you want.” She insisted wiping his tears away.

After thinking for a moment, he nodded and ran up to get his coat as she saw Bruce nod in conformity and appreciation before vanishing into the basement and slamming the door behind him. His little boy shouldn’t have seen what he had and he damn sure wasn’t gonna subject him to anymore.
Alicia watched as Jason manhandled Marshall before laying him on the bed that was so conveniently in the cold cellar. The room was obviously set up as a store space or hideout. Whatever Marshall’s family was into damn sure wasn’t good. No wonder he was so secretive and tried to keep away from her. They were cut from completely different cloths. She was daddy’s little angel and daddy had been head honcho at the police department. While Marshall had been his father’s little demon pawn. And his daddy was undoubtedly the “devil” in her eyes. Shooting his son on his own birthday had to be a record of some sort.

Mistake or not, that put him as evil in her book.

But it also made her wonder the horrible things Marshall had been involved in as well. She had been in the company of the enemy and hadn’t even realized it. Her father had warned her whole life to be on guard and the moment she saw Marshall’s ice blue eyes her heart melted. She let down her guard and let him see her true colors, her all. Had wooing her been a plan to keep her occupied while they set up some huge heist?

Had he lied to her everyday they’d known each other? That would explain his odd behavior. Not to metion Kim.

Oh God, was she really his girlfriend?!

He had been playing her for a fool!

No she thought.

Not Marshall. He wasn’t like the others…he was fighting hard to be good.


She really didn’t know anymore and that hurt.

“You’re hurting him!’ she screamed running over and trying to push Jason off of Marshall.

Shoving her, she stumbled back to the floor where Bruce had dropped her. Screaming out in pain, Marshall gasped for air. He was growing paler by the minute and that wasn’t a good sign.

“We gotta get that bullet outta him.” Jason replied seriously looking over to Bruce before taking out a pocket knife.

He was gonna carve him open to find it.

“You’re going to kill him if you don’t stop the bleeding. He needs a doctor!” Alicia warned as she watched Bruce walked over to the bed.

Grimacing at her words, he turned back to glare at her. The look he shot her sent a chill down her spine. He began stalking over to her and she tried to inch back but he was over her in an instant—shadowing her.

“How do you know so much about bullets?’ he shot and she let out a shaky breath.

“My dad’s a—“the word cop nearly shot out but she refrained.

If they hadn’t known that information about her, she damn sure wouldn’t tell him. That could be an advantage for her to keep her life and a chance of being let go. There was no way she was gonna be a bargaining chip.

“doctor.” She replied thinking clearly. “He taught me a few things in case I got caught in a sticky situation.”

That hadn’t been a complete lie. Her dad taught her any medical training he’d learned on the force and that had been a lot. Enough to keep herself alive if the unthinkable happened. And to think she fought him tooth and nail and laughed about how ridiculous he’d sounded—she was grateful now.

Cocking an uneasy eye at her he asked, “What are the odds of a good girl like you being around guns?”

Before she even mustered up a thought to answer he did.

“Must be irony.”

Grabbing her forcefully, she screamed as he tugged her towards the bed. Immediately, she saw blood gushing from Marshall’s gunshot wound and whimpered. Without hesitating, she threw both hands over his stomach to stop him from losing the blood so quickly. Bruce could see she genuinely cared about his son. Marshall groaned in pain as she added pressure to his already stinging, tender area.

“Jason go get the first aid kit from upstairs and any liquor lying around. Pain killers the whole nine.” Bruce demanded and Jason left without a second thought and a nod.

“What are you gonna do?!” Alicia asked frantically. “You cant let that guy butcher Marshall.” She pleaded.

“I’m not.” Bruce assured and she sighed in relief.

You’re gonna take the bullet outta my son.” He ordered and her heart sank as she turned her head to stare at him in disbelief.

“I—I can’t! He needs a doctor!’ she cried as she still held her hands in place over his wound.

“See the thing about that is we’re wanted men. And until I find a discreet one I have the next best thing. I’m sure your daddy taught you well.” He replied sternly as if she had no choice in the matter.

“I can’t. I won’t.” She protested looking back at her pale boyfriend who was fading fast.

“You're gonna save my son!” Bruce yelled pulling out the silver glock he possessed and aimed it at her. “If it’s the last thing you do.”

Enjoy and leave feedback santa
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PostSubject: Re: The Other Side of 8 Mile Rated R   Thu Jan 05, 2012 5:10 pm

I love that story so much, I just read it for the fourth time as i saw that there was an update. i really hope you'll keep posting.
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PostSubject: Re: The Other Side of 8 Mile Rated R   Mon Feb 27, 2012 1:42 am

“That son of a bitch has my daughter!” Andre shouted throwing everything off his desk.

“Sir, you have to calm down.” Curtis insisted cautiously staying near the office door.

He’d never saw his boss so irate before but if for anything, this was the perfect motive. To have a daughter in the hands a criminal—of a cold blooded murderer at that. It was grounds to go insane.

“Calm down?! My daughter could be—” taking a breath Andre tried hard not to think the worse but the reality of the situation had loomed over him like a dark shadow.

Already in the mere time since the incident, his mind had spun tons of scenarios and neither ended well for his little girl.

“We’ll get her back sir.” Curtis insisted, still trying to be positive.

“I know we will…I knew better than to let that scumbag into my house.” Dre mumbled as he pondered the recent events in his life.

Curtis just stood quiet and watched as Dre paced back and forth and mumbled.

“Niki’s just too trusting. I told her he was no good for Alicia, but she tries to give everyone a chance.” He sighed.

That was what he loved about the most. She was always trying to see the best in people. He needed her optimism because he was the total opposite.

Always skeptical of the next person’s move.

But she balanced him out because no matter what, he always felt like he was right about his snap judgment of a person. And this time proved to be true.

His cell phone rang and snapped him out of his thoughts. Scrambling to answer it, he hoped and prayed that it was Alicia saying she was safe. That they’d let her go and she ran straight home.

“Hello??” he answered optimistic.

“Andre what is going on?” he heard his wife’s voice cry uncertain on the phone.

“Nik, what’s wrong? Are you ok?!” he shouted concerned.

“I’m fine, but what happened down at the theater?! Alicia said her and Marshall were goin there to see a movie. Is she alright?!” she asked shakily.

“Nik…” he said slowly.

“It’s all over the news. Andre please tell me she’s ok.” She pleaded.

Frowning, he took in a breath before answering.

“I’ll get her back.”
Alicia shivered as she held the tweezers in her hand. Failing was not an alternative here and she knew it.
Bruce stood over her and only added to the pressure she was already feeling. Saving Marshall damn sure wasn’t going to be easy but it was evident that not trying wasn’t an option. She was going to have to swallow her fear and use the training that her father tried to drill into her.

“What are you waiting for?!” Jason shouted and Alicia nearly jumped out of her skin.

“Jase don’t scare her. Cause if she kill’s my son I’m gonna lose it.” Bruce warned through gritted teeth.

Jason nodded as he held Marshall down, not that he was moving a lot anymore anyway. Alicia grabbed the water and alcohol that Jason had brought into the room with tons of other supplies. After making Marshall down some of the alcohol to try and sedate him from the pain, he handed the rest to her. She’d mixed it with water to try and clean the wound. Now was going to be the moment of truth.

Sucking in a breath, she poured the mixed potion over the still gushing wound. Marshall immediately screamed in pain. Alicia drew back and covered her mouth as tears sprung out of her eyes. This damn sure wasn’t gonna be an easy task. Hurting Marshall even more than the pain he was already in didn’t seem fair.
Releasing the breath she’d taken, she poured more of the liquid on his wound. There was no stopping now; she had to at least try.

Hell, this was the boy she was falling in love with. Once the blood washed clear, she jammed the tweezers into the wound.

Screaming again, Marshall tried to sit up and push her off, but Jason held him down. Alicia let up, but Bruce nudged her. Looking up to him, she saw the glare in his eyes. He was afraid of Marshall dying, and there was no way he was just gonna watch it happen without trying to help him.
Turning back to Marshall she saw the agony on his face and the despair in his eyes before he closed them. Biting her lower lip, she slowly dug the tweezers back into the wound and Marshall cried out.
“Please...” was all he could get out before he choked on the blood he copped up. The coppery taste was disgusting as it oozed out.

Trying to get him drunk in woozy hadn’t really taken any edge off of the situation for him and it was apparent.

Shutting out his plea, Alicia dug a bit deeper and more blood covered the wound quickly. Grabbing the bottle of elixir she’d concocted, she poured more and the wound cleared as Marshall squirmed. The tip of the tweezers scraped the bullet after another moment of digging. Taking another much needed breath, she gripped the bullet as best as she could and started to yank. Marshall screamed for her to stop and her heart tore to shreds with the resonance of torture in his tone. Yanking once more, she lost grip of the bullet and the tweezers pulled free. Blood spurted over her face.

Squealing, she jumped up from the chair she’d been placed in, and wiped her face, smearing the blood that was there.

“Get back over here and help him.” Bruce insisted.

“I can’t.” she cried.

This was just something she couldn’t handle. Her hands were shaky and Marshall squirming hadn’t helped. Not to mention having two armed men who were willing to kill her if she failed—her nerves were just everywhere.

“I know you’re scared, but you were doing good. Now get back over here and help my son.” He said sternly.

“Please…I just can’t.” she sniffled.

“You're gonna help him—” Bruce started but Jason cut him off.

“Get the fuck over here now and finish what you started!” he shouted.

“I’m not doing it!!” she finally screamed.

“Yes you are bitch!” Jason shouted back.

“I don’t want to kill him you prick!” Alicia shouted back even though she was offended by his words

“Look, you can—” Bruce tried to reason, but she and Jason continued to scream back and forth.

“There’s no reasoning with her!’ Jason shouted.

“Shut the fuck up Jase!” Bruce finally screamed.

Turning his attention to Alicia, he stared her in the eyes. He saw all of the fear laced in them mixed with doubt. It was the same way he felt inside.

“You were doing fine.” he tried to reason. “You have to help my son.”

“You don’t understand.” She cried.

“You can’t reason with her Bruce! She doesn’t care about Marshall! Look at him…” he replied and Bruce turned to see how pale his son had gotten. Not to mention the blood jacketing him. The moment of reasoning had immediately disappeared. Only one thing mattered.

Saving his kid.

Cocking his gun, Bruce aimed it at her.

“Fix him now!”

“Please—I’m hurting him…” she pleaded, but Jason butted in.

“Fuck that! You're letting him die Bruce every second she’s standing there!” Jason cut her off and yelled.

“I love him.” She said clearly and they both went silent for a moment.

She wasn’t sure before, but she was now. Marshall had meant more to her than she’d realized until now. Knowing that, she didn’t want to be the one to screw up and kill him.

“Then save him.” Bruce pushed as he grabbed her arm forcefully and shoved her back to the seat.

With no other choice, she shakily grabbed the tweezers again and the bottle of elixir. This damn sure was gonna be a fucked up
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Shocked Fuck I love the update so much! affraid cheers It's really great, you're writing so good and I really do love this story! :'D Very Happy I love you cheers
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oh my god this is so good i'm reeling this seriously needs to be updated i'm so sad that none of your fics are finished No
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What the heck is this? I've been so interested, only to find out this hasn't been updated in a year. I am very curious to see where this goes and it pissed me off.Sad 
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The Other Side of 8 Mile Rated R
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