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 Fabolous Talks Eminem

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PostSubject: Fabolous Talks Eminem   Wed Aug 10, 2011 11:37 am

Fab says he wants to work with two of Hip Hop's finest lyricists, as well as embarking on some philanthropic efforts.

While Fabolous has already left his mark on Hip Hop, the Brooklyn emcee has designs beyond the heights his career has already reached.

"We workin' right now," said Fab in an interview on NBC Nitecap. "I got a couple joints I'ma throw out in the summer, just a couple joints for people to get ready."

Fab revealed he has some high-profile collaborations in mind, starting with fellow New Yorker Nas. "I haven't worked with Nas yet ever in my career. I would love to work with him just because, you know, what Nas means to Hip Hop. Just what he's done in his career. I don't know what the song would be about, just wanna work with him and get in the studio and see what comes out."

"I wanna do something with Eminem," he added. "That's another person. I really respect his lyricism, we'll see what a song between us would come to be. It's hard to say, because I kinda worked with everyone."

Aside from music, Fabolous also has gotten into community service. "I'm actually now trying to put together - I don't think it'll be ready for this summer, but for next summer - I want to bring back my hood's old basketball tournament, because they stopped it like two years ago. And I know how much that meant for me during the summers to be able to look forward to doing something. Kids that can't go away, kids that are in the projects the whole summer, that was something I was excited about! I had my schedule, what day the games were, go out every morning and shoot around to get prepared.

Check out the video interview here:
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Fabolous Talks Eminem
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