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 *Evil Deeds* NC-17 10-6-06 (Emfic) Newly updated

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PostSubject: *Evil Deeds* NC-17 10-6-06 (Emfic) Newly updated   Sun Feb 10, 2008 10:13 pm

Disclaimer: I Do Not nor will I ever own any part of Marshall Mathers or any of his family members & friends who may make a cameo in this story. I Do Not profit from this story in any way. It's only for my or anyone else who reads this enjoyment. I Do Not mean any harm by my storyline, as I said it's only in good fun. With that said please enjoy. cutie:

Note: I am using the same name, which is mine, because I want to. That way I won't have to worry about anyone saying I stole a character from anywhere. So forgive me for using "Cyndi" once more. Please realize that I change her characteristics. Enjoy

"Man, would you stop poutin'?" DeShaun asked his best friend as they sat out infront of a mansion, in a black stretch limo.
"I told you I didn't wanna move here." Marshall sighed as they watched a bunch of burly guys move his things inside the huge 24 room mansion.
"You know why you had to move here Marshall. Now stop poutin', shit, you got a huge home. Be happy."

"I liked my other one better." Marshall mumbled looking down at his
'Rolex' watch, that had been brought as a gift for him years ago. It was 7:45 a.m. & he was exhausted from everything that happend the day before. They'd been sitting in the limo for about an hour making sure that the movers didn't smash his good furniture.
"Yeah, well, I'm sure you'll like this new place." Shaun replied as he opened the limo door & got out.

I'm not so sure. Marshall got out of the limo & stretched. His body had been sore all over. He looked around at the neighborhood & it was quiet. Every estate looked the same. Lawns with a huge house behind them. His was the only gated estate on the block. It was a true upscale neighborhood. He dreaded meeting the people in the neighborhood. He knew they most likely weren't gonna like him. It was the same the last place he'd been until they got to know him.
He scoffed as he stared at the house across the street.

"What?" Shaun asked turning his attention to the house & he saw a shade pulled back slightly.
"They're already watchin' me Shaun. I don't wanna move here."
"You act like a big fuckin' kid. I'm not gonna stress how important this is. Don't fuck up & draw attention to yourself." Shaun replied pushing him toward his house. They watched the moving truck leave the estate & the gate closed behind it. Marshall stood in his doorway as he saw a car pass his gates. He sighed as he walked inside & closed the door.

Marshall stared at how they placed his furniture & he frowned.
"This isn't how I wanted it." he snapped as he looked around the large livingroom. The couch was over by the entrance of the kitchen & the t.v was way over in a corner.
"Then we'll fix it. You're still stayin' here." Shaun replied angrily because he was tired of his whinning. Marshall plopped down on his couch & stared at his carpet floor. He slipped his red & white sneakers off as he heard his bell buzz. What the fuck? Who the fuck's ringin' my bell this early. Who the fuck knows I'm here already?!! He sprang up off his couch & went to his intercom.

"Be nice Marsh." Shaun replied as he sat on the long white couch. Marshall took a deep breath & pressed the talk button.
"Who is it?!" he practically yelled as he pressed listen.
"The community leader. I'd appreciate it if you buzzed me in please." they heard a guys voice say.

"Is he fuckin' serious?!!" he snapped as he turned around to Shaun.
"Marsh....remember what Paul said." Shaun replied leanin' his head back on the couch. He was dead tired himself. He closed his eyes as Marshall gritted his teeth & buzzed for the gate to open. He opened his door as he saw a guy walk up his driveway. It was rather chilly & the sun had hit the horizon. The guy finally reached his door & Marshall stared at him. He was wearing a white shirt & black pants. He was a caucasaun male in his mid to late 30's.

"What's up?" Em asked still staring at him, as he extended his hand for a handshake, but the guy just looked at it.
"My name is Michael & I've noticed you've moved in. Are you that..that rapper?" he asked staring at Marshall as if he were the devil himself.
"Yes." Marshall said skeptical of what he was gonna say.
"Well, this is a nice community & we don't tolerate your behavior around here." he said disgusted by Marshall's past actions.

"Exscuse me?" Marshall said angrily as he bawled his left hand into a fist.
"You heard me mister. We have rules around here & you will follow them or be put out. I would like you to make our community meeting this morning at 9 sharp. It is mandatory. One wrong move & you're out. I know why you moved here & we're watching you. I'd appreciate it if you kept your gate open. It's the only one here & it's usually left open." he said sturnly as Marshall's blood boiled.
"Are you fuc..."

"Marsh..." Shaun replied pulling himn away from the door. He knew he was about to fuck up once again.
"Sir...he'll be there." Shaun replied respectably & Michael turned to leave.
"Why the fuck did you do that?!!" Marshall yelled as Shaun closed the door. "Because have to fit in. You know what happend."
"I'm not goin'." Marshall said as he walked back to the couch & sat down.
"Yeah, you are." Shaun said walking over & sittin' beside him.
"'s..." he paused as he looked at his watch. "8:10 already. I haven't had any sleep yet. I ain't goin'" he said angrily.

"I don't care what time it is, you're goin'" he said as he flipped on the t.v. & yawned. Marshall gritted his teeth once more as he got up & stormed
upstairs. He went to his master bedroom & went into the bathroom. He peeled his clothes off as he closed the bathroom door, then he turned on the shower & hopped in after it got hot.
This is fuckin' bullshit. he thought as the hot water ran over his body.
Marshall walked into the house & saw a group of people, sitting around. He was wearing a blue & white sweatsuit with a blue & white fitted. It made his baby blue eyes pop out. He took a deep breath as everyone stared at him. I hate bein' crowded by people. He walked over to a table that had refreshments on it & he grabbed a Pepsi. He cracked it open & sipped it as Shaun went & sat down. He sighed as everyone continued to talk.

"I hate this place already." he mumbled under his breath.
"It's not so bad." he heard a female voice say behind him & he jumped as he turned to her. She was about 5'5, long black hair with honey blonde streaks. She had beautiful brown eyes, that stood out. She was wearing a baby blue sweater & denim fitted jeans, that were hip huggers.
"Hi." she smiled as she extended her hand to him. "My name's Cyndi."
"Marshall." he said as he slightly smiled. She's gorgeous.
" the reason we havin' this meetin' huh?" she said looking toward the crowd of older people.

"I guess." he sighed as he saw Michael come downstairs.
"So...what made you move here?" she asked staring at him.
"I like the neighborhood." he lied.
"But you just said you hated it here."
" was before I met that guy." he said gesturing to Michael.
"He's a nice guy." she replied as she grabbed some chips with a napkin.
"Well, not to me." he snapped as he sipped some more soda.
"The meeting has started please take a seat." Michael said looing toward Marshall. "Relax...he'll warm up to you." she smiled as she went & sat down. He followed & sat beside her in the back.

"Ok...we have a new neighbor everyone. His name is Marshall Mathers."
What the fuck is up with this guy? Marshall thought angrily as everyone looked toward him in disgust.
They defenitly know me already. Oh brother.
"We have a low crime rate & we'd like o keep it that way." a woman replied angrily.

"We will maintain that." Michael replied sturnly.
"How? Are you here to destroy our neighborhood?!!" she yelled angrily as she turned & looked at Marshall.
"Melissa please. We will handle any disruptions that occur." Mike replied.
"I don't think it's fair that we jump to any conclusions yet." Cyndi replied.
"We just wanna keep our neighborhood safe. That can't happen with this..this hoodlum." Mel scoffed.
"You know what? Fuck you people. I'm outta here." he said angrily as he jumped up & walked out of the huge house.

"Marsh..." Shaun said following him.
"I tried Shaun. These people can suck a dick." he said angrily as he stormed down the block toward his estate.
"You have to fit in." Shaun replied.
"I'm never gonna fit in. They already know what I did." he said as they reached his home & went inside.

If I were to die murdered in cold blood tomorrow would you feel sorrow, show love or would it matter?

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PostSubject: Re: *Evil Deeds* NC-17 10-6-06 (Emfic) Newly updated   Tue Feb 12, 2008 5:08 pm

Marshall sat on his king size bed & grabbed his remote. He flipped on the t.v. & saw his face. He sighed as he flipped the channel to the news.
I'm so fuckin' tired. he thought as he closed his eyes & heard the doorbell ring. Who the fuck is that now?!! He hopped up & stormed downstairs. He opened the door & yelled, "What the fuck do you want?!! And how the fuck did you get on my property?!!"

Sorry...but you left your gate open & I just wanted to apologize on the behalf of the neighborhood & give you this." Cyndi replied as she extended a sweet potatoe pie to him & he grabbed it.
"I won't bother you again." she said walking away.
Oh fuck. he thought as he rolled his eyes. He looked down at the pie
then back up at her as she was already going out of the gate. He closed his door & took the pie in the kitchen. Shaun was standing at the counter eating breakfast. Marshall sat the pie on the corner & grabbed a beer out of the fridge. He popped it open & chugged it down.

"Don't you think it's way too early in the morning for you to be drinkin'?" Shaun asked as he cut his eyes up to him.
"No dad, I don't." Marshall said sarcastically.
"I'm glad you think everything is funny." Shaun replied.
"When'd you become so serious?" Marshall replied curiously.
"I'm not. It's just I don't want you to get into anymore trouble. Where'd you get that pie?" he asked spotting it on the counter.
"That girl..uh what's her name?" he replied as he sat a the kitchen counter.

"Yeah, I saw you two gettin' cozy. You better watch ya step." Proof said.
"Damn, I can't do nothin' can I? Anyway, it ain't like that."
"Em....I just don't want..."
"Stop remindin' me of that shit ok? YOu ain't helpin'." he snapped as Shaun took a piece of the pie.
"This shit is rockin'!! Ya girl can cook."
"Don't eat it all. I'm headin' to bed."
"Well, I'm leavin'. Rhonda wants me home." he said takin' another bite of the pie, then he put the pie on the second self in the fridge as Marshall went upstairs.
"You son of a bitch!! I swear I'll kill you!!" Marshall yelled.
"Marshall stop it!!" a females voice yelled.

Marshall opened his eyes & turned over to to look at his clock. It was 6:35 pm. How the fuck did it get that late? he thought as he sat up. He stretched & grabbed his phone. He dialed a number & listen to the phone ring.

"Hello?" he heard Kim say as she answered the phone.
"Hey Kim, lemme talk to Hailie." he replied as he stared at her picture that sat on his nightstand.
"Is that all you call for? Aren't you on the run or something?" she asked angrily. "Fuck you Kim." he snapped.
"You never did that enough." she snapped back.
"Is that why you fucked around on me every chance you got?"
"Go fuck yourself." she snapped.
"Whatever. Just put her on." he sighed as he flipped on the t.v.
"Hold on." she replied.

"Hello?" he heard his little angel reply.
"Hey baby, it's daddy." he smiled.
"Daddy!! When are you comming home?" she whinned.
"Not for awhile baby. Daddy misses you though." he replied as he got up & jogged downstairs.
"I miss you too." she replied softly.
"What were you doin' baby?" he asked as he went through the livingroom to get to the kitchen.
"Me & Lainnie were doing homework." she replied.

"Well go finish it baby & make me some straight A's ok?" he inquired as he looked through the empty friderator that was full of beer & the pie that Cyndi brought over.
"Ok dad. I love you." she sighed.
"I love you too baby. Be good." he replied softly.
"Bye." she said hanging up. He turned off his phone & sat it on the counter. He pulled out the pie & sat it on the table.
I really need to go shoppig. he thought as he digged into the pie with a fork. This is really good. he thought as he took another piece.

After eating the pie he went into the livingroom & plopped down on the couch. He started around his new livingroom & felt disgusted. He sighed as he got up off his couch & went outside, after slipping his sneakers on. It was already getting dark & he wasn't tired. He walked down to his gate entrance & looked around every porch light was on already meaning everyone was already inside for the night.
This is hell. he thought as he looked to his left & saw Cyndi walk outside with her garbage. He jogged over to help her.

"Let me help you." he replied, but she snatched away.
"I got it." she said angrily as she slammed it on the curb.
"Look, about earlier...I'm sorry." he replied as she headed back up her lawn to her house.
"Yeah, well, it doesn't matter." she muttered.
"What?" he asked stopping her.
"Don't grab me." she snapped as she pulled away.
"I said I was sorry. What's wrong with you people?" he snapped.
"You...Why are you such a fuckin' prick?" she snapped.
"Because you're such a fuckin'....I don't wanna fight." he replied stopping himself. She may be my only friend in town.

"We don't have to. It was nice to meet you." she replied as she headed into her home.
"Can we please start over?" he asked nicely & she stopped.
"You know, first impressions are everything." she said as she turned around. "I know..and again, I'm sorry." he sighed.
"It's ok. So..what are you doing out?" she asked as they stood infront of her house.

"Uh...bored. What do you guys do for fun here?" he asked looking around.
It was quiet, the only noise was the sound of crickets.
"It's a weekday, so nothing. As you can see, the people that live here have families & are quiet."
A little too quiet. he thought. "What about you?" he asked.
"Me...I sing & model. Sometimes I go clubin'." she smiled.
"You're a singer?" he asked interested.
"Yeah. I'm trying to get my career started. I'm a pro model though." she smiled as it got darker.

"Cool. Do you do videos?" he asked.
"No. I'm a runway & magazine model." she corrected.
"Oh...sorry. Would you like to appear in my video one day?" he asked still staring at her. It now made sense to him why she was so beautiful from head to toe, but she didn't act like a bitch. He'd met alot of models & they were bitchy, but she was different.
"Uh...maybe." she replied, staring at him as he stuck his hands in his pockets. He always did that when he was nervous.
"That's kool. Do you have a boyfriend?" he inquired.
I shouldn't even ask. I can't persue any relationship with her. She probably does anyway. She's a fuckin' model.

"No." she replied. "Really? How old are you?" he asked.
"Just turned 21 couple a weeks ago." she replied.
"Young. You musta started early. On some Tyra like shit huh?"
"Something like that." she smiled.
"Cool. Um..would you like to help me do something?"
"Like?" she asked curiously. Thinking he was gonna say something sexual. "Oh no...not like that. I need help rearranging my furniture & I would like a woman's touch." he replied clearly.

"Oh. Sure. Let me just turn this stuff of & I'll be back." she said going into the house & he stood on the lawn & waited as he saw the same shade slightly open. He sighed because he hated being watched.
"Nosey fuckers." he mumbled as she came back out & locked the door.
"Ready." she smiled as they headed over to his estate.

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PostSubject: Re: *Evil Deeds* NC-17 10-6-06 (Emfic) Newly updated   Thu Feb 14, 2008 12:33 am

Marshall sat on the couch & stared around the room. The fireplace was lit & giving the room a beautiful atomosphere.
"This is more like it." he smiled as he stared at Cyndi who was sitting on the carpet floor. She'd helped him arrange everything.
"I'm a genius." she smiled as he scotted on the floor next to her.
"You are, but I'm smarter." he smiled as he stared at her.
"You're a cocky son of a bitch." she said as she tried to figure him out.
"Sometimes." he said being honest. "It's kinda hard to not be cocky when you're filthy rich & everyone throws themselves all over you."

"People throw themselves all over you?" she said disgusted. "Hmm...wouldn't of thought so." she said turning her head away from him.
"What the fuck does that suppose to mean?" he asked offended.
"Mmmm...Nothing." she said still not looking at him. She was staring at the work she'd done.
"Bullshit. You don't find me attractive?" he growled.
She turned around & stared at him for a second.
"You're ok." she replied straight faced.
Is she fuckin' serious?!!
"Are you ok? You're starting to get a little red." she smiled.
"You think you're funny don't you?" he asked staring her in the eyes.

"Did I make a joke?" she asked seriously as she stared back at him.
She's not intimidated. Who does this girl think she is?
"Are you thirsty?" he asked getting up.
"Do you have any Pepsi?" she asked as he headed into the kitchen.
"No, just beer." he replied as he went into the fridge & grabbed a beer for himself. He stood at the counter in his kitchen as he cracked the bottle open. He looked into the livingroom & saw her still sitting on the floor.
She doesn't think I'm attractive. Maybe I'm not sexy enough for her. I mean..I'm not all that. I did put on a little weight, but who does she think she is? Gorgeous is what she is & I'm gonna make her fall for me. he thought as he headed back into the livingroom.

"Took you long enough." she smiled as he stood over her.
"I was trying to find something other than a beer for you." he lied as the phone rang & he walked over to answer it.
"Hello?" he asked as he put the receiver to his ear, but nobody said anything. "Hello?" he asked again but he heard a click.
Musta been Shaun. Nobody else has my new number. he thought as he put the phone back on the hook. He walked back over to Cyndi & sat down as he swigged some of his beer.
"So..what made you leave where you use to live? Do you have some kind of deep dark past or something?" she asked jokingly as the fire place made the room warm. He stared off into space for a second as he started to get a throbbing pain in his head.

Marshall don't!! he heard a woman's voice yell.
He sat the beer on the glass table & rubbed his head.
"Hello?" Cyndi asked as she put a coaster under his beer.
"I killed someone." he smiled trying to see her reaction.
"What?" she asked staring at him.
"I'm joking. I um...I wanted more room." he smiled as he looked around.
"Oh. Well, you have more than enough now." she smiled as he looked back at her. He took a deep breath as he buried his face in his hands.

"Is something wrong?" she asked staring at him.
"Uh...I just get these splitting headaches sometimes." he said looking up.
"Well you can get some rest. I have to get home." she said getting up.
"That..that would be good." he said getting up & walking her to the door.
"Thanks for um..helping me arrange my furniture." he smiled as he opened the door for her. "No problem." she replied
"Um..can you help me go food shoppin' tomorrow? Maybe show me around town?" he asked as he rubbed his head.
"Sure. It was nice meeting you Mr. Mathers." she smiled as she extended her hand for a hand shake.

"It was nice meeting you too...Ms...."
"West." she said as he shook her hand.
"Tomorrow?" he asked. "Tomorrow." she smiled as she walked away & he closed the door after she left his gate. He put the alarm on as the phone rang once more. He walked over & grabbed it as his headache got worse.

"Hello?" he asked picking it up but there was no answer.
"Who is this?' he asked, but there was a click. He jetted up stairs to his bathroom & grabbed a perscription bottle.
Gotta get rid of this headache. he thought as he took a pill then went & layed down.
Then Next Morning:

"So...why is your town so quiet?" Marshall asked as they drove back to their part of town. It was 10:45 a.m & she'd drove her Toyota to the supermarket. She'd showed him just about every part of town & he realized he was gonna be bored.
"Just alot of older people I guess."
"So..why do you live here?" he asked as she took a right to the block.
"I don't like to be around alot of people." she replied.
"You can't be shy. Especially not in the field of buisness you're in."
"I am. It's just a job." she replied as she rode past Michael's house. He was walking down the block, so Marshall waved, trying to be nice. Michael just gave him an uneasy look.

"That guy's a dick." Marshall snapped as they got to his house.
"Mike? Nah..he just hates criminals. He used to be sheriff." she replied turning the car off.
God..I made enemies with the wrong person already.
"Maybe he found out about that person you killed." she smiled jokingly as she got out of the car.
"Ha....maybe." he said uneasy as he got out of the car & went to the back seat. He opened the door & she grabbed some bags, along with him.
Michael walked onto Marshall's estate & up the driveway.
"See you went shoppin'." he replied staring into his bags.

"Yeah...I did." Marsh replied trying to hold back his anger.
"Hi Mike." Cyndi smiled as he kissed her cheek. Marshall stared at them & felt angry. It was bad enough he had to live in this dull town, but to have an ex-sheriff on his back was another.
He thinks he can fuckin' walk onto my property anytime he wants. Fuckin' prick. he thought as Mike stared back at him.
"I better get this stuff inside." Marshall said still bitting back his anger.
Fit in..I have to fit in.
"You do that & behave Mr. Mathers. Have a nice day." he said angrily as he walked back down the driveway & out of his gate.

"Fucker." Marshall mumbled.
"He'll warm up to you. I promise." Cyndi smiled.
"I hope." Marshall said as they went into the house. They sat the bags on the kitchen counter. Marshall started taking everything out of the bags as the doorbell rang.
"Would you like me to get that for you?" she asked as he put some things in the overhead cabinets.

"Sure." he replied as he put some things in the freezer. She left the kitchen & went through the livingroom & opened the door.
"Hi. Do I have the right house?" a boy asked as he looked at the address again. He was standing there with a young female, with brunette hair.
"Depends on who you're looking for." Cyndi smiled.
"A guy named Marshall." he said as Marshall walked into the livingroom.
"Then you definitly have the right house." she smiled.
"Nate!!" Marshall yelled loudly as he ran to the door & they embraced each other in a hug as the two girls walked over to the couch.
"'s been like forever." Nate said staring at his older brother.
"Yeah...sorry about that. So how you been?" Marsh smiled as he ushered him into the kitchen.

"We'll be right back." Marsh yelld as they disappeared.
"They always like this?" Cyndi asked the petite girl.
"I have no idea, this is my first time meeting him. Hey..aren't you that model?" she asked staring at Cyndi.
"Yeah." she replied as they sat on the couch.

" you been?" Marshall asked as they sat at the kitchen table.
"Great. I mean considering what you been through." he replied as Marshall's smile dropped.
" ok?" Nate asked. "Maintainin'." Marsh replied softly.
"So everything ok now?" Nate inquired.
"Not really. I'm tryna keep a low profile No one knows yet, atleast I don't think." Marshall replied as he heard the girls chuckle.
"How could they know?"
"I don't know. It is everywhere." Marshall replied sarcastcally.

"New girl already?" Nate inquired, trying to change the subject.
"Nah. She's just a kool person." Marsh replied.
"That's good. Associate huh?"
"Yeah. Wouldn't be too wise to start a new relationship." he said softly.
"How 'bout we all go out & have fun for once then? Friend style." Nate replied.
"Sounds fun, but this place is dead."
"So..make it live." Nate suggested.
"I don't think that'll be wise. I need to keep a low profile remember."
"Don't be a complete buzz kill. You can still have fun." Nate reassured with a sinister smile.
"You really are my brother." Marsh smiled.
"I learn from the best." Nate replied as he went into the livingroom.
"That's what I'm afraid of." Marshall mumbled as he got up & went into the livingroom.
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PostSubject: Re: *Evil Deeds* NC-17 10-6-06 (Emfic) Newly updated   Sun Feb 17, 2008 4:14 pm

Marshall sat back in the club & a chill ran down his spine as he stared around the crowded, dim room. He felt uneasy about being out after everything that happend. His past year had been hell & he wanted it to go away. The pain he felt inside was unbearable for one man to take alone. No one knew how he felt inside because he kept it bottled up. He just put on a straight face as if it didn't phaze him. He stared at his little brother as he danced with his new girlfriend, Tiffany, on the dance floor. Cyndi was dancing with some random guy from the club, that had asked her to. Marshall once again found himself alone. He just couldn't bring himself to enjoy himself. How could he? Especially, after what'd he'd done.

The song ended & Cyndi walked over to him. She was flush from dancing. He'd stared at her, as her body moved while dancing & he wanted to touch her. He wanted to be the one dancing behind her to feel everything the guy had felt, but he couldn't bring himself to leave his seat. Cyndi leaned over the table & smiled as she pulled the drink out of Marshall's hand. She sat it on the table as he looked at her.

"What do you think you're doin'?!" he yelled over the loud music that seemed to reach iside their soul & make their hearts pace at the same rate as the bass in the beat. She's so sexy.
"Get up & dance with me!!" she said as he stared at her beautiful eyes.
"I'm not a good dancer!!" he yelled back. She walked around the table & grabbed his hand. "You don't have to be." she said pulling him to the dancefloor with her. His heart began to pound as she took him to the middle of the floor. I really don't wanna look like an idiot. he thought as she stood infront him & grabbed his arms. She wrapped them around her waist as she began to slowly grind him.

He slowly tried to pull away but she held him close, as she went with the beat. He began to loosen up as she turned to him. He kept his arms around her waist as she smiled at him. She wrapped her arms around his neck & he slightly smiled back. He quickily wiped the smile off of his face & stared at her as she pushed up against him. He could feel the heat between them. He slowly started to get an erection as he slowly ran his hands down to her tight round ass & cupped it. There was defenitly something between them that was about to escalate. She leaned in to kiss him, but he pushed her away & jetted outside. She just stood there speechless.

Marshall stood outside as the cold air ripped passed him.
Idiot!! You're not suppose to let her get that close!! his mind screamed as he scolded himself. He took a deep breath as he tried to calm himself. It was just a dance. That's all...that's it. Nothing more.
He scrubbed his hands across his face & took another deep breath as he began to turn red from the fierce air that wrapped around him.
"Is everything ok?" he heard Cyndi's voice say behind him.
"Fine." he said quickily as he turned around. She could tell he was uncomfortable, by the way he answered.

"What are you guys doin' out here?" Nate asked as he & his girlfriend walked outside.
"I'm ready to go Nate." Marsh said looking down.
"But we just got here like an hour ago. You didn't even..." Nate replied.
"I'm ready to go Nate." Marsh repeated as he stood infront of the car. He stared Nathan in the eyes & Nathan knew what he meant.
"Fine, let's go." he said pulling out the keys & unlocking the car doors. Marshall got in the front passenger seat & Nathan got in the driver's side as the girls confusingly sat in the back, because Tiffany had sat in the front with Nate on the way coming.

The ride back to the house was filled with some sort of tension. It was dead silence in the car. No one said anything. The radio hadn't even been flipped on. Nathan stopped at Cyndi's house & she got out.
"I guess I'll see you guys later?" she smiled.
"Defenitly." Nate smiled
"I'll call you later about that modeling thing." Tiffany replied. She looked at Marshall & he wouldn't look at her.
"Ok then, bye." she said disappointed as she went up to her front door & went inside. Nathan pulled down to Marshall's house & he got out.

"Marsh, don't blow it with that girl. She's nice." Nate replied.
"We're just friends Nate." he said looking at his brother.
"Then act like it. I might see you tomorrow. If not....then I'll call you."
"Aight. Love you Nate." Marsh replied as he looked at Tiffany.
"Love you too." Nate replied under his breath trying to be tough infront of his girl. "See you Tiff. If this guy gives you trouble, let me know." Marsh smiled. "Will do." she replied as they pulled off. Marshall chuckled as he put the code in & the gate opened.He slowly walked up his driveway & saw a figure sitting on the roof oh his Escalade.

What the fuck?! he thought as he got closer & tried to make out who it was. He stopped & peered through the darkness as fear slighty swept over him. "Who's there?!!" he yelled as the person got up off the car & walked down toward him.
"It's just me Mr. Mathers." he heard a male voice say as the person stepped into the little light. It was Michael.
"How the fuck did you get on my property?!!" he yelled angrily.
"Come on...I used to be Sheriff. I know just about everything." he smiled as he walked up to Marshall & stared him in the eyes.

"What the fuck do you want?" Marshall asked angrily trying to hold back his urge to hit him.
"You...out of my town." he said softly, but sturnly.
"I have just as much right as anyone..."
"See...that's where you're wrong. You are a crimal & well crimals...they don't have right to anything."
"I haven't done anything." Marshall said angrily.
"You haven't? Then what's this?" Mike said as he pulled out a piece of paper & handed it to him. Marshall read it quickly & looked up to Mike.
"This wasn't my fault." he said as Michael stared t him.

"That's not what a jury full of people thought. You see you tried to hide this...but it can't be hid." Mike smiled.
"I don't want you on my property anymore." Marshall
"I'll do what I want. As for better watch your step. I don't want you out late anymore & stay away from Cyndi. Do you hear me?" he asked as he pushed Marshall.
"You son of a bitch..."
"Watch it or I'll have your ass hauled in. I'm well respected around here unlike you." Mike smiled. Marshall took a deep breath & stared at Mike as he started to leave.
"Watch yourself." Mike replied again as he left his gate.

Who the fuck does that son of a bitch thinks he is?!! marshall thought as he went into his house & slammed the door. He flipped on his light & took his coat off. He felt like a prisoner in his own home. He was being hawked by a complete asshole who was an ex-sheriff. He was pretty young to have that position, meaning he had to know alot of people in high places. Marshall sighed as he sat on the couch. He knew his problem just wasn't gonna go away. His head suddenly started to throb, so he rubbed it. He started to see things in double, so he closed his eyes.
Not right now... he thought.
Marshall opened his eyes & saw he was outside.
Oh shit... he thought as he got up off the ground. He went into the house & closed the door, hopping no one saw him, but with his luck , they probably did. He took a deep breath as the doorbell rang.
I can't get any relief. he thought as he walked to the phone & answered it. "Hello?" he replied but there was silence.
"Who the fuck is this?!!" he snapped.
"It's me dog, open the door. I'm out front." he heard as Shaun's voice say on the other end. Marshall sighed as he hung up the phone. He walked to the door & buzzed for the gate to open. He opened the front door & saw Shan's car pull up.

"What up nigga?" Shaun asked as he got out of the car & walked up to the door & gave him dap.
"What up Shaun?" Marshall asked semi-tired.
"What's up with you man? You look like shit." Shaun said pushin' passed him to get inside.
"I'm good." Marshall replied as he closed the front door.
"Good. You like ya new place?" Shaun asked sitting down.
"No." Marshall said as he walked over sat beside him. "But what choice do I have?"
"Don't think of it like that man. You can still have some fun." Shaun replied. "No, Proof, I can't. That Mike guy's on my ass." he repled.
"What do you mean?" Shaun replied.
"He..he knows Shaun."

"Big deal. Alot of people know. You have to keep livin'." Shaun reaasured.
"That's kinda hard with people on ya ass all the time." he sighed as he thought about the night before. He was broken inside & nobody knew the extent. He'd practically lost everything he had.
"You can do it. You done it before." Shaun said tryin' to encourage him.
"I guess you're right." Marsh replied looking down at his carpet floor.
" made any new friends?" he asked as he looked over at Marshall.
"No...Cyndi, but I kinda blew that last night." he replied looking up.
"You ain't make no friends yet? Damn, don't you know how to be nice?" he replied.

"I'm not a peoples person, Shaun." Marsh replied.
"Yeah, you are. You're gonna throw a party." Shaun smiled.
"No, I'm not." Em protested.
"Yes, you are." Shaun smiled as he grabbed the phone. "And you're gonna invite Cyndi. Personally."
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Marshall stood infront of Cyndi's door & contemplated on how he was gonna apologize to her.
"Cyndi...last night's stupid."
"Cyndi..last night you made me uncomfortable...why would I say that?" he said as she opened her front door & saw him pacing back & forth, with his back facing her. She stood there & slowly closed the door so he wouldn't hear her.
"Cyndi, look, you have to take my apology because I was tired last night. What I really wanna say is, you...well, you were perfect. It's just...I can't start a relationship right now." he said with his back still towards the door.

"I told you I wasn't attracted to you." she smiled as he jumped & turned around. He took a deep breath as he stared at her.
"I'm not looking for a relationship Marshall. I just..I kinda got wrapped up in the moment." she replied as she went to her mailbox & he followed.
"Um..ok. I um...I was wondering if you wanted to come to a party I was havin' tonight." he replied watchin' her as she pulled out her mail & headed back to her home.
"Where's your confidence?" she asked staring at him.
"What?" he asked offended.
"Not like that...I'm just saying I hear you're a badboy. Why are you so...what's the word? Jittery." she replied staring at him as she opened the door.

"I'm not a badboy. I hate when people say that. I mean, that's just my image." he replied.
"Image? You don't have to have that sort of image." she replied as they walked into her huge house. Marshall stopped in her livingroom & stared at her chandelier, that hung high on the ceiling. Her furniture was gorgeous & properly placed around the room. She had photos of herself hanging on the walls of every magazine she'd been in.
"I do." he finally replied as he looked at her. "Especially, when you're a rapper." he finished as she smiled at him.
"I'll defenitly be at the party tonight." she replied.
"Really? I mean cool. I'll see you tonight at 8." he smiled.
Later That Night:

Everyone was at Marshall's house having a ball except for him. It was now 10 & Cyndi still hadn't arrived. He was sitting at his oakwood kitchen table, drinking a beer. There were a ton of people that he didn't know walking around everywhere. He stared at them as they joked, laughed, dance & chat amongst themselves. The music was booming loudly & Marshall could barely hear his own thoughts. His door was unlocked & people were just walking in. Marshall knew that wasn't a smart move, but being in this new neighborhood, what could go wrong?

He sighed as a girl walked up & whispered something in his ear. He shrugged her oof & she went back into the livingroom. e sighed as he swigged somemore of his beer.
"You don't seem very happy at you're own party." a girl whispered in his ear & he turned around & saw it was Cyndi.
"Hi." he replied as he sprang up out of his seat.
"Hey, what's wrong?" she asked over the loud music.
"Nothing." he lied as he looked away.
"Are you sure." she probed as she grabbed the drink out of his hand & placed it on the table.

"Why do you always do that?" he inquired.
"Drinking isn't good for you." she smiled as he looked at the floor. She could tell something was wrong & she wanted to know what. His party was a success, so it couldn't of been that.
"Do you wanna go somewhere & talk?" she asked staring at him.
"Yeah." he replied, so they made their way through the crowd & went outside. It was rather chilly out & Cyndi didn't have a coat. She started to shiver as they walked down his driveway. The music was still loud as they walked out of the estae. He saw her shiver so he took off his sweat hood & placed it around her.

"Thanks." she smiled as they started down the street.
"No problem." he said as they continued down the street.
"so..what's eating at you?" she asked.
"Nothing. I mean, I didn't really wanna have that party." he said looking across the street as a car pulled into the driveway. They stopped walking as they saw Mike walking down the street.
"Oh brother." Marshall mumbled under his breath as a woman got out of the car & her young daughter stood on the sidewalke. Her daughter was a young blonde haired girl & from a distance she looked like his daughter Hailie. Mike finally reached them & stared at Marshall.

"How you two doin' tonight?' he asked keeping his eyes on Marshall.
"Fine Michael. What keeps you out so late?" she smiled, tryin' to be friendly. Harrassing me. Marshall thought as he turned & looked across the street as the little girl played with her ball. The woman was reaching into her coat & taking out her groceries.
"Night watch. You know same ol' same ol'." Mike smiled as he turned to Cyndi. "You're party Mathers?" Mike asked. Marshall looked at Mike and replied, "Yes."
"Well, the music is way too loud. I want the party to stop. It's way too late. You're neighbors have called me & complained." Mike replied.
"Exscuse me?" Marshall said offended as Marshall saw the little girl's ball roll into the road.

"I'm being nice Mr. Mathers. I just need the noise to cease." Mike replied as Marshall gritted his teeth & a car zoomed down the road. Marshall seen the little girl jet for the ball. "Hailie...." he mumbled as he saw the car still zooming down the road, it definitly wasn't gonna stop. Marshall ran out as he yelled for the girl to stop. She looked up as she grabbed her ball & froze at the sight of the car. "Jessica!!" her mother screamed as Mike ran after Marshall. Marshall grabbed the girl & tackled her to the ground as the car zoomed passed. The car barely missed him as he jumped to save her. It kept going, it didn't even stop. He looked under him to see the little girl red faced & crying.

"Are you ok?" he asked as her mother jetted over, still screaming her name. She grabbed her daughter, knelt down & held her close to her heart. "Thank you." she cried as she looked up to Marshall.
"No problem. She's ok, right?" he asked as Cyndi & Michael made it across the street. "She's fine..she fine. Thank you." she said examining her daughter as she continued to cry. Marshall grabbed her ball & handed it to her as she sniffled & grabbed it. "Thank you." she said as she looked up to him. "You're welcolm. Just stay out of the street." he replied smiling at her. Her mother grabed her things & took her into the house.

"Are you ok?" Cyndi asked as she hugged him.
"Fine." he said a little shaken. He was terrified inside. He saw his life flash before his eyes, but it was worth it. He'd do it again in a heartbeat if it meant saving the little girl. She'd reminded him so much of Hailie. He held Cyndi close as Mike stared at him.
"Nice job Mathers. Turn the music down." he replied as he stormed off.
Prick. Marshall thought as he let Cyndi go.
"I can't believe you did that." Cyndi replied.
"Yeah, well...." Marsh replied as he stared at the ground.
"You're a hero." she smiled as she made him look at her.
If only that were true. he thought as he stared at her.

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PostSubject: Re: *Evil Deeds* NC-17 10-6-06 (Emfic) Newly updated   Fri Feb 27, 2009 7:14 pm

cant wait till next update left me hanging
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PostSubject: Re: *Evil Deeds* NC-17 10-6-06 (Emfic) Newly updated   Fri Feb 27, 2009 9:23 pm

"Would you like to come in?" Cyndi asked as they stood infront of her door. Marshall had walked her back home, since he was about to end the party. I really wanna say yes...
"I can't." he said as he heard the music booming from his mansion.
"Ok." she said as they stood & stared at each other in the moonlight.
There was an attraction between them once again & they both felt it. It was definitly more than lust. Marshall wanted nothing more than to kiss her but he held it back. He wasn't ready to start something he could never finish. She seemed like a nice girl, but he wasn't in the right mind state to trust another woman.
"I guess I better get goin'." he said as he heard the party errupt.

"Ok..." she said as he quickily walked off. She stood there a watched him as she realized she still had his jacket.
"Marshall wait!!" she yelled, but he already had gone. She sighed as she pulled her keys out of her small pocketbook & opened her door. She went inside & sat on her couch. She kept his sweatjacket around her & took in his smell, as smiled & she slipped out of her shoes. She found herself very attracted to Marshall, but she wasn't about to let him know it. After
all, he was a cocky S.O.B. & she hated them. He was still considered a babboy too & she hated those as well. So why was she so attrated to him? Who wouldn't be? His beautiful sea blue eyes & sexy brown was defenitly a different look from him being Eminem. He had resorted back to Marshall....quiet, keep to himself Marshall, minus being a pushover of course.

Marshall walked into his estate only to find a crowd surrounding a fight.
He rushed over to see DeShaun fighting a big guy, but Shaun was getting the best of him. "What the fuck is going on?!!" Marsh asked as he got to Kon, who was watching & making sure things were fair as well as the rest of D-12. "Everything's kool. Guy was talkin' you know Proof had to tag him up." Kon replied as Shaun punched the guy & he fell to the floor. "Now what bitch?!!" Shaun asked as he kicked him dead center in the ribs.

"Shaun what the fuck? This is my house!!" Marshall yelled infuriated as he pulled Shaun to the other side of the room.
"The party is over!! Everybody get the fuck out!!!" Marshall yelled at the top of his lungs & everyone scattered to grab their things before leaving.
Marshall stared around at his home & it was a wreck. It looked as if a tornado had ripped through it. There were empty beer cans everywhere the same could be said about trash. It was gonna take him all night to clean. He wasn't about to hire a cleaning team because he hated people he didn't know ripping through his home.

He took a deep breath as he looked up to his friends.
"Oh know that look." Swift mumbled to Kon.
"Look at my house." he said angrily. I mean, he didn't wanna be there, but he sure as hell didn't want it looking like shit.
"Man, relax. It was just a little fight at a party." Shaun replied.
"This is my fuckin' house!! Not an amusement park or some shit!!"
"We'll help you clean it up." Kuniva replied.
"I ain't helpin' him do shit with that type of attitude." Swift said rolling his eyes as Kuniva nudged him.

"Just get out." he said under his breath to hold back from exploding.
"Em, we can..."
"Just get the fuck out!!" Marshall snapped as he cut Bizy off & they all stared at him angrily.
"Fine." Shaun said angrily as they all walked out. Marshall stared at the garbage piled around the room & sighed at the task infront of him. His head slightly began to pound & rubbed it. He went into the kitcen, which was no better, and grabbed a black garbage bag & began to put the beer bottles in it. It was gonna be a long night.
Marshall opened his eyes & saw he was lying outside in a backyard. It was rather chilly & the sun had barely come up. He sat up & realized he was in a small garden that was planted behuind Cyndi's home. He knew it had to be her home because he saw his mansion right next door. His clothes were covered in dirt & obviously ruined. He quickly got up & crept around the house. He ran to his estate & went inside as his neighbor drove pass.

What the fuck is goin' on wit' me?!! He stood in his spotless livingroom confused. Atleast I finished cleaning. The doorbell suddenly rang & he jumped. IT was just hitting the break of dawn & someone was ringing his bell. I gotta close my gate. He headed over to the door & opened it. It was the little girl & her mother from the night before. He smiled because she'd looked so much like Hailie & he missed his little girl tremendously. He'd moved so far away from her, just to protect her.

"Sorry to bother you, but my daughter wanted to bring you a pie." the little girl's mother replied with a smile as she handed him an apple pie.
"Thanks." he smiled as he looked at both of them.
"My name's Hillary. You could stop by anytime for anything. I let the neighborhood know what you did & just thank you." she replied.
"No problem." he said as Jessica hugged him & he was speechless.
"Thank you." she said looking up to him & he blushed.
"No problem." he replied.
"Well, I have to get her to school." she said grabbing her daughter's hand & they headed down his walkway as he closed his door.

He looked down at himself & saw that he needed a shower, so he put the pie on the kitchen table & went to take a warm shower.
Cyndi looked in her backyard & saw her garden ruined.
"What the fuck?" she said angrily as her telephone rang. She took a deep breath as she walked over & grabbed it.
"Hello?" she asked fustrated.
"Hey girl." she heard her friend reply on the other end.
"Hi Jamillah." she said as she rolled her eyes & smiled.
" left me a message. Wh'd you meet?" she asked.
"What makes you say I met someone?" Cyndi asked with a smirk.

"The tone in ya voice tells it all. You only had like 2 real boyfreinds. So trust that I know when it'a a guy." Jamilah chuckled.
"Whatever. I was calling you to go to a party with me last night."
"Sorry. Me & Kimah went out. I didn't know you were back in town."
"I got back 2 weeks ago." she repllied as she stared at Marshall's jacket, which was lying on the couch.
"oh. Did you like Paris?" Jamillah asked.
"It was beautiful. I just wish I had someone to spend it with." she sighed because her busy schedule kept her over occupied. She barely had a love life & when she did, she never saw the guy.

"Yeah well, so who's the guy?"
"There is no guy." Cyndi smiled as she walked over & grabbed Marshall's jacket as she sat down. It still had his scent on it.
"Tell me." Jamillah probed.
"The only knew guy I know is Marshall." she replied as she sat up.
"Who's Marshall?" Jamillah asked like a school girl.
"Oh..Eminem. He just moved next door to me like 3 days ago."
"Are you serious?!!" Eminem?!!" she yelled.

"Yes." she smiled.
"I'm comin' to see you this week."
"Whatever, look, I gotta go. I'll call you later." she said still holding his jacket as she went to put the phone on the hook.
"A'ight." Jamillah replied. "Bye." Cyndi said hanging up. She slipped on her coat, grabbed her pocketbook & headed outside. Sje walked up to Marshall's estate & rung the bell.

Marshall opened the door to see Cyndi standing there. He almost smiled, but held it back. "Hey." he said sill keeping his eyes on her.
" left your jacket last night." she said handing it to him.
"Thanks." he said grabbing it. "Would you like to come in?" he asked.
"Sure." she smiled as she walked in & went into his livingroom. Marshall closed his ddor & walked into the livingroom.

"Did you eat breakfast yet?" she asked turning to him as she took her jacket off. "No." he replied watching her sit on his carpet.
"Why do you always sit down there?" he asked as he walked over & looked down at her.
"Because it's nice & soft." she said running her hands through the soft, fluffy carpet. He just stared down at her because the simple things seemed to make her smile. He'd never met a girl like that.
"Do you wanna order something?" she smiled as she looked up to him.
"Sure." he said breaking his gaze away from her.

He walked over & grabbed the phone as Cyndi flipped on the t.v.
"Something destroyed my garden." she replied as she stared at the t.v.
"Destroyed..." he asked turning around to her feeling guilty.
"Yeah. I worked hard on that." she pouted.
"You did?" he asked as he held the phone.
"Yeah..I worked hard to pay those people to install it." she smiled.
"I could help you pay for it."
"It's ok. I'll get it fixed." she replied. He finally dialed the number & ordered breakfast from a diner.
"That was good." he replied as they sat on his rug.
"Do you ever smile?" she asked putting the platters on his table.
"Not lately." he said looking down as she scooted over to him.
"How come?" she replied as he kept his eyes on the rug. The t.v. was still going in the background & the fire place was going because of how cold it was. "You know this rug is soft." he said changing the subject.
I'm not letting anyone else know my feelings. Everytime I do they use me. he thought still not looking at her.

"You didn't answer my question." she said grabbing his hand. He cut his eyes up to her as he removed his hand from underneath hers.
"Why is it always so cold here?' he asked uncomfortable.
"Because you moved way up north." she said softly as she leaned in & kissed him. As her lips pressed against his he realized how much he missed a womans touch. He pulled away fron her & got up. She stared up at him as he looked down at her.

"Why are you so jumpy?" she asked.
"I'm not. Don't you know anything about me?" he asked curious as to why she was always on him. It was like she wanted a badboy by her side. Atleast, that's what he thought.
"Just that you're a rapper. I mean, I heard your music a few times & I like it. I was over seas for a year & a half."
"So you don't know anything about me?" he asked, yet saying it releived.
"No, should I?" she asked as a report of him came on t.v. She turned to it as he flipped it off.
"I wanna see that." she said getting up & going for the remote, but he moved it. "Give it here." she smiled pushing her body up to his as she went to grab for it & he held it in the air.

She looked him in the eyes as her lovely strawberry scent tickled his senses. He looked into her beautiful brown eyes as she kissed him & grabbed the remote. She flipped the t.v. on as she ran around the couch as she giggled as the report was going off.

Marshall Mathers 3rd was divorced twice to his estranged wife Kim Mather's & they share a 10 year old daughter together.the reporter said as the report went off. Cyndi pouted as she turned to Marshall & he was releived. He didn't want her to know anything about his past.
"Why'd you do that?" she asked as she walked over to him.
"I hate seeing things about me on t.v." he replied as she pushed up against him.

"I know the feeling." she said as their passion started to get the best of them. "Cyndi..." he said moving away from her. He just couldn't get close to her. He didn't want to hurt her. It wasn't fair to keep her in the dark as a spouse, but as a friend he didn't have to worry about her knowing or really caring as much. In the back of his mind, he wanted her.
"I'm sorry." she said sitting the remote on the table & she grabbed her coat as she rushed toward the door.
"No, wait." he said grabbing her arm. "It's not you." he said as she stared at him confused.
"Then what is it?" she asked keeping her eyes steadfast on him as he looked at the floor & sighed.

"I'm not ready for a relationship. I can't..."
"Why not? Is it because of your schedule?" she asked. She totally went against what she said she was gonna do. She was practically falling all over him. He seemed to be irisitable to her & she couldn't understand why. Her instinct was to keep her distance from her, but she just couldn't. She felt like underneath his tough exterior was a soft heart. She knew it was there. He was just afraid to reveal it.

" me I'm on a long vacation." he mumbled as he looked down at the rug. "It's me...I just um...I just got out of a horrible relationship. I just can't jump head first into another one." he said telling her the partial truth. "I understand." she replied as she turned to leave."
"Do you wanna go out or something?" he blurted out.
What am I doing? He stared at her as she turned around.

"To do what?" she asked turning around.
"Um, the movies or something?" he inquired.
"It's too early, besides, you have a theater in your house." she chuckled.
"I wanted to go out for a change." he replied.
"Oh." she replied as they stared at each other.
"Um, we can chill here for awhile. If you like." he said softly.
"Fine...but only as friends." she smiled as she took her coat off.

He took her up to his game room & they played his PS3. He'd gotten an early order. They say on his soft couch & stared at the t.v. screen for hours on end. They laughed & joked as she beat him. He thought she was pretty good for a girl, a model at that. Before he knew it time had flown passed & it was time for them to leave.

"How'd you get that good?" he asked as they put on their coats to leave.
"I have three brothers & the majority of my cousins are boys." she smiled.
"Explains alot." he smiled ashe opened the door to see Michael standing there. "Just about to ring your dorbell." Mike smiled as he spotted Cyndi.
It was fairly dark outside & it was chilly. damn near winter weather.
"Why?" Marshall asked fustrated. He was really tired of this guy dropping by when he wanted, just to mostly to check up on him.
"I'd rather speak to you in private." he said with a sinister smile.
"Cyndi...can you wait for me in the car?" he asked as he handed her the keys. "Sure she said grabbing the keys & headed to the car, but Mike stopped her.

"How you doin'?" he smiled at her.
"Fine." she smiled back.
"Good, you be careful around Mr. Mathers here, ok?"
"Ok." she said confused as her smile dropped. Marshall took a deep breath as they watched her walk to his car. Mike turned around to Marshall with an angry look on his face.
"I told you to stay away from her." Mike snapped.
"Who are you to tell me who I can be friends with?" Marshall snapped.
"I own this town & I get say so over everything." he snapped.
"Not me." Marshall snapped snotily.
"Really, you want me to tell everyone about you?"
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PostSubject: Re: *Evil Deeds* NC-17 10-6-06 (Emfic) Newly updated   Fri Feb 27, 2009 9:25 pm

"What do you want?" Marshall snapped as he saw Cyndi flipped the radio on. "Stop makin' friends in my fuckin' town, you hear me? I have people comming to me of how nice you are. I don't like that because you're not gonna be here long. I want you out." he said as he stared him straight in the eyes.
"And if I refuse to leave?" Marshall inquired about to take shot at him.
"I'll tell everyone your little secret. You watch yourself." he said as he pushed him, then walked off as he waved at Cyndi.

Marshall gritted his teeth as he walked over to the car & knocked on the window. She opened the door & got out. She noticed he had a frown on his face.
"What's wrong?" she asked as the wind blew passsed them.
"I don't feel like going out." he said not looking at her.
"But you just..." "I don't feel well." he said as he looked down.
"Fine." she said reaching into the car & she took the keys out of the ignition. She handed him the keys, locked the door & closed it.

"Do you want me to stay with you?" she asked.
"No. I just wanna be alone." he said looking down at the ground.
"Did Michael say something to you?" she said angrily.
"Don't worry about it." he said as he turned to walk back to his house.
"Marshall, what did he say to you?" she asked stopping him.
"Don't worry about it ok? Just go home." he said going into his house & closing the door. She exhaled angrily as she stormed out of his estae. She went over & hopped into her car. She drove down the block to Mike's and jumped out. She stormed up to his door & rung the bell.

"Cyndi, what are you doing here?" he asked with a smile.
"What the hell did you say to Marshall?!" she snapped.
"Look, you should really stay away from him."
"Why?" she asked curious to see why he kept telling her that.
"Ask him. See if he's man enough to tell you." he replied sturnly. She just stared at him confused. She walked back to her car hopped in & sped back to Marshall's estate. She was confused as ever & sorta upset. Why was he lying to her? Did she not deserve the truth after they became friends? Were they friends? He was always trying to push her away, was she missing the hint?

She rang his doorbell & waited for awhile. He opened the door & was surprised to see her.
"What's wrong?" he asked noticing the anger in her eyes.
"Are you lying to me?!! What are you hiding from me?!" she snapped. He just stared at her uncomfortable. Thre was no way to dodge this bullet. He was gonna have to answer her.

"Are you gonna answer me or just stand there staring at me like a fool?" she asked furious. He just stared at her speechless. They were just becoming good friends, hell, she had been his only real friend so far. He didn't wanna lose that. He really needed someone to help him kill time in that shitty little town.

"Come in.." he replied softly.
"Did you hear me?!" she snapped.
"Yes...I'll answer your question inside." he replied.
"Why should I trust you?" she asked staring at him with an uneasy look.
"Please..." he said staring her in the eyes to insure he wasn't gonna hurt her. He stepped to the side & she slowly walked inside, with her eyes still glued to him. He closed the door & took a deep breath as he turned around & stared at the carpet floor. He rubbed his head & said, "Would you like to sit down?"

"No." she replied as she stood infront of his couch.
" do I start?" he mumbled as he looked back at the floor.
She's never gonna understand.
"Anywhere. Why are you really in town?" she asked straing at him. He sighed as he looked up to her.
"Last year around this time, my birthday actually..." he said as he stopped. "What?" she asked curious. She was expecting the worse.
"I um...I was drunk & driving home....I got in an accident & someone ended up dead. Elizabeth....that was my girlfriend at the time....she nearly died & I was convicted of murder because I conciously made the decision to drive. She hates me now...she blames me for everything."

"Wow..." Cyndi said as she took in what he just told her. He looked down at the floor because he knew she was just gonna run out & never say anything to him again.
"Are you just using me for your cover?" she asked looking up to him.
"What?' he asked looking up to her.
"Were you just being my friend to cover up whatever happend?" she asked livid. "No...God no....I really...." Don't say it.
"I really like you." he blurted out. Great job jackass.
"'re here..."

"So I won't get in trouble. I spent a couple of months in jail...almost a year...they managed to make a deal & get me out, they're trying to appeal it, but I know there's no use. I might be going back & I just...I'm sorry I didn't tell you. I just didn't want you to hate me. Everyone was already on my back, I just..." he stopped because he didn't know how to explain himself. She sighed as she walked over & hugged him. He exhaled & held her back. She didn't run off. he thought as he kissed her. He couldn't help himself. SHe was shocked at the fact that he'd initiated the kiss. That explains why he doesn't smile & why he was so jumpy all the time. she thought as she enjoyed the kiss. It was passionate.

He slowly sat her on the couch & took off her caot as he continued to stare her in the eyes. The room was still only lit by the fire from the fireplace. He slowly kissed her & unbuttoned her white shirt.
" said..." she was stopped by him presses his lips up to her gently. "I wanna try." he said as he kissed her again & she caressed his face. He gripped her breast as he layed ontop of her. He wanted to make love to her, not just fuck. He felt like they could really become something.
Cyndi opened her eyes to see she was asleep on his soft carpet. She was wrapped in a nice warm blanket that had been on the couch. She was alone. She sat up & saw Marshall sitting on the couch writting something.
"Morning." he smiled as he looked down at her.
"Morning." she smiled as she yawned. He sketched something on his pad & looked back at her with a smile. They'd made love the hole night & she was exaushted.

"What are you doing?" she smiled as she was about to get up.
"Don't move." he smiled as he put something else on the page.
"Is that a smile?" she inquired.
"No." he said trying to wipe the smile off his face as he scribbled a little more.
"Are you writing a song?" she asked curious.
"No....I haven't written a song in like a year." he said scribbling on his page. "Then what are you doing?" she smiled curiously.

He closed his notebook & sat it on the couch. He slid down to the floor beside her & kissed her softly. She moaned as the kiss ended & he stared at her. "You'er gourgeous." he replied softly as she blushed.
"You can go upstairs to my bathroom & freshen up." he smiled as he got up & grabbed her hand to pull her up. He pulled her into his arms & kissed her once more.

"Maybe I should just go next door & change." she replied.
"fine, but hurry back." he replied as his phone rang.
"Hello?" he said after hustling over to answer it. He listened for a second, but no one answered. "Hello?" he replied again, but the phone clicked. He looked up to see that Cyndi was gone. He hustled into the kitchen, to make them breakfast.
A Few Days Later: Oct. 17: His Birthday

Cyndi kissed Marshall & he smiled. They were sitting in her house, with her t.v. on. They were barely watching it, they were more wrapped in themselves. "Happy Birthday." she smiled as they leaned in close to each other. "You can stop saying that now." he replied as another smile swept across his face. He just couldn't seem to stop smiling when he was around her. She just seemed to make him, she had made him happy for the first time in a long time. Things had seemed to be good with the town too. They had begun to warm up to him, everyone but Mike.

"Oh my God, I totally forgot!!" Cyndi snapped.
"What?" he asked as he watched her jump up & grab her coat.
"There's a meeting today!!" she said as she grabbed her keys.
"Can't we just skip it? It's my birthday." he pouted. She knew his last birthday had been shitty & she knew he just wanted to relax with her. They'd spent the whole day together & he was happy. It was now around 7 in the evening & he just wanted to relax.

"We gotta go." she replied. He sighed a he got up & grabbed his coat. They wento utside & hopped into her car. She drove down to a building & they got out. He moped as he walked inside & she follow him. The romo was dark & he frowned.
"No ones he...."
"Surprise!!!" everyone yelled as they flipped on the light & he nearly jumped out of his skin.
"Happy Birthday baby." Cyndi smiled as she kissed his cheek. All of his friends & damn near the hole block was there. People from around town had come & show that they had excepted him as a friend. He'd had a similar party with his friends years before & he was happy to have it again.
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PostSubject: Re: *Evil Deeds* NC-17 10-6-06 (Emfic) Newly updated   Fri Feb 27, 2009 9:26 pm

Marshall sat at his table & chuckled as Shaun told a joke. Everyone was having a great time, dancing, laughing, joking & just chatting. He never in a million years thought he'd have fun like that again. Mybe things were looking up for him. He took a drink of his Bacardi & looked across the room at Cyndi. She was heading toward him.
"I'll be back." he said as he got up & walked toward the center of the floor to meet her. "Having fun?" she said pulling him close & dancing with him.
"yeah." he smiled as he kissed her. They were at the party for a couple hours already & he was having a blast. He had no worries, except to have fun on his birthday.

Mike walked into the room & stared around the room. He hated seeing everyone there to suppot "scum" as he liked to call him. He spotted Cyndi & Marshall slow dancing in the middle of the floor. He stormed over to them & Marshall let Cyndi go.
"Hey, Mr. Mathers." he replied with a smile.
"Hey." he mumbled back.
"So, today's your birthday?" he asked looking around at everyone dancing. "Yeah." he replied suspicious of what he was gonna do.
"I thought we had an agreement Mr. Mathers."
"No...we didn't." Marshall said as he looked at Cyndi.
"Ok." Mike replied angrily

He wasn't about to let her go for some prick. He was beginning to have serious feelings for Cyndi. He didn't want to but htey'd just started to develop. How can stop yourself from falling in love? It's a natural feeling & he couldn't just disspose of it. That was his delima with Kim & Elizabeth. He loved them & there was no way to get around it.
"What's goin on?" Cyndi asked as she saw the tension building between them. They stared at each other with such hate in each others eys. Mike turned to leave & Marshall bawled his fist in anger.

"I wanna go home." Marshall said upset.
"No, you have to stop letting him ruin your fun. You are allowed to have fun." she snapped angrily.
"I just don't want any trouble." he said looking away from her.
"I'm gonna go handle this now." she said angrily as she stormed off.
"Cyndi don't!!" he yelled nervously but she was gone.
She got outside in the frosty air & saw Michael heading down the street.
"Michael!!" she yelled angrily as he stopped. She jogged over to him & let him have it.

"What the fuck is your problem with Marshall?!!"
"He didn't tell you yet did he?" he asked angrily.
"Yes, as a matter of fact, he did."
"I don't criminals in my town & I thought you would stay away from a murderer." he snapped.
"It was a fuckin' accident!! He never meant to kill the guy in the car ok?!! Cut him some slack!! He deserves...."
"Car? There was no car." he smiled because she looked like a fool.

"What?" she asked confused.
"There was no car. Looks like your little boyfriend played you for a fool."
"What are you talking about?" she asked staring at him.
"He shot & killed someone. " he said sturnly.
"Shot & killed...." she asked speechless.
"Yeah, why don't you ask him to give you the truth for a change." he said walking off. She was reeling from what her ears just heard. He'd still been lying to her. She stormed back into the party & saw him laughing in the corner with his friends.

"How could you lie to me like that?!! I trusted you!!" she yelled as she smacked Marshall across his cheek.
"What are you talking about?!!" he asked stunned as everyone stared at them. The music was still playng, but everyone were paying attention to them. "You shot that guy!! You killed him!! It wasn't an accident!!" she screamed furious.

"Cyndi..." he said trying to calm her down.
"Don't touch me!!" she screamed as she began to cry.
"Please....I can explain." he said as he looked her in the eyes.
"I don't want to hear anything you have to say. You stay away from me. You're a murderer." she said as she ran out of the party. He saw everyones eyes glued to him. They couldn't believe what they heard.
"Cyndi wait!!" he yelled running after her, but she had already taken off in her car. His secret was defenitly out now. If they didn't know, they knew now. Everyone was coming out & getting into their cars. He sighed as Shaun came over to him.

"Let me give you a ride to the house." he replied as Marshall looked at the ground in disappointment. His birthday was once again ruined. It was once again his fault. He knew no one would ever come near or trust him ever again.
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PostSubject: Re: *Evil Deeds* NC-17 10-6-06 (Emfic) Newly updated   Sat Feb 28, 2009 11:40 pm

cant wait till next update
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PostSubject: Re: *Evil Deeds* NC-17 10-6-06 (Emfic) Newly updated   Sun Mar 01, 2009 12:29 am

Marshall sat on his couch & thought about Cyndi. He'd definitly screwed things up with her. DeShaun had dropped him off & kept going, he had to get home to his family.
Why didn't I just tell her the truth? he thought as he grabbed his head. His head started to throb immensly. Not now.... he thought as he sat back. I gotta tell her the truth. he thought getting up & struggling to the door. His eye sight became slightly blurry as he got to the door & opened it. He went outside, closed the door & headed out of his estate. He walked next door & stumbled up her walkway. as he rubbed his head.
He got to the door & rung the bell.

It was dark out & the wind had picked up. Cyndi had her porch light on, like the other people in town. He stood for a second & she opened the door. She quickily tried to close it but he pushed it open.
"Cyndi, please...let me explain." he replied as she stared at him.
"No...stay away from me!!' she shouted as he nearly keeled over.
"Please..." he said cutting his eyes up to her as he held his head.
"Are you having one of those headaches?" she asked hesitantly. He'd been havin them periodically & they were intense.
"Yes..." he mumbled & she sighed.
"Come in..." she replied grabbing him & helping him inside.

"Why do you always have these?" she asked helping him to her couch & sitting him down. She stood over him as he leaned forward.
"Come here..." he replied as he grunted in pain. She walked over to him & he grabbed her hand, but she snatched away.
"i'm not gonna hurt you...I just wanna show you something." he grumbled as he looked up to her. She sighed & gave him her hand. He put it on the left side of his head & rubbed it. She felt a scar.
"What is that?" she asked staring at it closely.
I gotta tell her. He sighed as he let her hand go & sat back.

"Remember I was telling you about Elizabeth?" he sighed.
"Yeah." she replied as she sat on the other side of the couch.
"This night...a year ago....I found some guy trying to rob her....."


Marshall walked into his home after partying with his friends. They's thrown him a huge club party for his birthday. Elizabeth, his girlfriend, left early because she was tired. He suddenly heard a noise upstairs, so he slowly crept up the stairs. He heard Elizabeth struggling & yelling, but he couldn't make out what she was saying. Marshall started to panic, so he slowly crept to the door. His gun was in his room, he had no weapons.

"Put that down!! Stop it!!" he heard Elizabeth yell. He couldn't wait any longer. He burst into the room & saw a guy on top of her. Holding a gun.
"Get the fuck off of her!!" he yelled as he grabbed him & they began to tussel. The gun fell & tumbled by the bed. Elizabeth hopped up & stood in a corner, her clothes were ripped & she was slightly trembling. The guy pulled out a poket knife & started swipping at Marshall & he dipped as much as he could.

"Elizabeth, call the police!!" Marshall yelled as the guy cut Marshall across the chest & he grunted in pain. He rushed toward the guy & knocked him to the floor & they began to struggle for the knife. Elizabeth grabbed the phone as she started to cry.

Marshall punched the guy in the stomach & he dropped the knife. Marshall hustled over & grabbed the gun. He aimed it at the guy on the ground as he turned around. Marshall backed over to Elizabeth to see if she was ok.
"Marshall..." she sobbed softly as sge looked down at the guy. Marshall looked over to her for a second & the guy rushed him & tried to grab the gun from him. The gun began to go off as they continued to struggle.
Marshall heard Elizabeth scream.....


"All I know is I woke up in a hospital with a bullet in my head. I was handcuffed to the bed. I can't remember what happend...but, I shot that guy...more than once. I even shot Elizabeth....she said I lost it. I nearly killed her. I just wish it never happend..." he said as he looked at the floor as he held his head. Cyndi just stared at him in disbelief. He looked over at her & saw the fear in her eyes. The very thing he never wanted to see from. "You have to believe I would never hurt you Cyndi." he replied.
She didn't say anything, she just took it in.

"Oh God...." he smumbled under his breath as his headache got worse. He fell back onto the couch & blacked out.
"Marshall?" she asked looking over to him. He was out like a light.
"Marshall?" she asked again & he opened his eyes. She jumped as she watched him get up.
"Marshall?" she asked again, but it was like he didn't hear her. She got up & followed him as he walked to her door & opened it. He slowly walked outside & went down her walkway. She followed closely behind him, but not enough to wake him, if he was indeed asleep.

He walked out onto the block & stood there for a second. A car started to go pass & he started to step into the street, but Cyndi grabbed him.
"I'll kill him..." he said as she saw Mike in the car & it kept going.
"Marshall!!" she yelled & he snapped out of it. He looked around & felt confused. "How did we get out here?" he asked staring at her.
"You walked out here...I can't...I need space." she said as she panicked.
"Cyndi...." "Let me walk you home." she replied grabbing him & helping him into his estate.

"Please..don't abandon me..." he pleaded.
"I need to think Marshall, you...." she was speechless. Was he really crazy? She was freaked by his past & his actions. She walked him into his house & he grabbed her arms.
"Listen to me...I would never hurt you." he replied sincere.
"I have to go." she said quickily as she rushed out.
I lost her... he thought as he watched the door slam.
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PostSubject: Re: *Evil Deeds* NC-17 10-6-06 (Emfic) Newly updated   Sun Mar 01, 2009 3:49 pm

will she ever trust marshall?
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PostSubject: Re: *Evil Deeds* NC-17 10-6-06 (Emfic) Newly updated   Mon Mar 09, 2009 10:20 am

Cyndi walked down his walkway & stopped.
Maybe I should just forgive him....I mean what happend couldn't of been his fault could it? God....he said he'd kill Mike....I need to think.
She continued to walk out of his estate & she walked over to her house.
She went into her house & sat on the couch. She sighed as she thought about her relationship with Marshall.
I can't believe he would lie to me.

Marshall sat on his couch & grabbed his notebook. He opened it to a page where he sketched Cyndi. He was gonna turn it into a portrait & surprise her, but he screwed up. My life is never gonna be the same. he thought realizing he was a convicted felon.
I knew this would happen. he thought as he leaned back on his couch & drifted off to sleep. His head was still pounding & he didn't feel like dealing with it. He heard his phone ring, but he ignored it. He'd been through enough in one day.
Marshall woke up to the sound of a loud crash. He jumped as he sat upright. He was still on his couch. He looked at his watch & it read, 3:45 a.m. He jumped up to hear something shatter outside. He slowly walked to his door & looked out the window.
I can't believe this... he thought as he opened his door. His Escalade was wrecked. They'd smashed out his windows & obviously banged on his car with something. He walked to his car & saw red spraypaint on the body of the car saying, 'Murderer.' It covered every side. He sighed as he stared at his car. He saw 3 cars zoom pass his house & he bawled his hand into a fist. He was so angry that he could spit fire. His white Escalade was ruiend.

He turned around & went back in the house. His phone started to ring, so he picked it up.
"Hello?" he said angrily
"Get out of our town or you're dead." he heard a male's voice say, then hang up. He slammed the phone down & took a deep breath before picking it back up. He dialed the police, then sat & waited.
They came by & took a police report. He sat up for the rest of the night & watched t.v. unless the person who did it decided to come back. He closed his gate & put on his alarm.

The Next Morning:

Marshall woke up to a knock on his door. He jumped up & slowly walked to the door, he looked out & was surprised.
"Elizabeth?" he asked shocked as he stared her up & down. She was a brunette, that was 5'3 & petite.
"Hi..." she smiled as she looked up to him. He hadn't seen her in more than a year. He hugged her & she held him back. She never came to visit him while he was locked up because she was seemingly afraid to.
"Can I come in?" she asked as they let each other go.
"Sure." he said stepping to the side.

Marshall & Elizabeth had gotten together after he divorced Kim. He vowed he would never fall in love again, but his heart was to full of love not to. They'd been dating for awhile & he was sprung over her. he knew she felt the same, but all that ended when he got arrested. She even testified that he went crazy & shot both her & the person he killed.

"How did you find me...I thought you weren't...."
"I wasn't...I just....I missed you." she said cutting to the chase. He never expected to hear that from her, he was totally speechless. He'd given up on her along time ago & now he'd found love again. This wasn't to say, he didn't love Elizabeth, he had just moved on.
"Are you gonna say anything?" she asked as she walked over & rubbed his chest. He moved away uncomfortably. He didn't know what to do.
"I saw your car out front, what happend?" she asked standing behind him.
"They know what happend." he said as he turned back to her.

"Oh..." she said softly as she looked at the floor, he know he hurt her.
"Elizabeth I don't want you here." he said.
"What? I'm the one who stopped our relationship, Marshall I wanna try again." she asked stunned.
"Liz...I got a girl." he said & she frowned.
"That fast?' she asked upset. "Yeah." he said rubbing his head.
"You look terrible." she said grabbing his hands, ignoring what he had just said. She didn't care, he was hers, no matter what.
"I didn't get much sleep last night." he said as he rubbed his neck. It was hurtinf from being on the couch all night.

"How 'bout you go to bed & I watch your house for you." she said as she smiled at him. "I couldn't ask you to do that."
"You didn't ask." she smiled as he yawned.
"Fine." he said as he rubbed his eyes & headed upstairs. She walked over to the couch & sat down. As she grabbed the remote control, the doorbell rang. She got up & opened the door to see Mike standing there.
"Hi." he smiled as he stared down at her.
"Hi..." she smiled.
"You know what, I gotta go. Tell Marshall I stopped by." he smiled as he left. He went straight over to Cyndi's and rung her bell. Liz closed the door & ran up to wake Marshall.

"Hi Michael." Cyndi said openeng her door. He could tell by the tone of her voice that she was upset.
"Cyndi, I never meant for you to find out about your boyfriend like that."
"Yes, you did. You hate him. You've hated him since he got here."
"He's a criminal. I hate them."
"I can tell." she said angrily.
"Don't be angry with me. He should've told you the truth." he said sincere.
He has a point. she thought as she sighed.
"Cyndi.....he's not good for you. & you should be together."

"I saw him with a girl. She looks like she spent the night." he replied.
"What are you talking about?" she asked with a raised eyebrow.
"He's cheating on you."
"He wouldn't do that." she said hurt.
"He lied to you already. Why wouldn't he lie about this?" he asked.
"He..." "He's aliar, but I'm not." he said as he grabbed her, pulled her close & kissed her.

Marshall walked over to Cyndi's house & saw Michael kissing her. His heart had began to shred. He thought she would forgive him.
She's no different." he thought as he swallowed his tears & turned to leave. He couldn't believe what he saw.
"Don't you ever put you filthy lips on me again!!" she yelled as she pushed him & he smiled. He knew Marshall had been standing there before he kissed her. She saw Marshall & she ran after him.
"Marshall wait!!' she yelled drawing attention to herself. She saw Marshall hugging Elizabeth. She stopped dead in her tracks. [i]It's true.
Mike just stood back & smiled. He was gonna get rid of Marshall.
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PostSubject: Re: *Evil Deeds* NC-17 10-6-06 (Emfic) Newly updated   Thu Mar 12, 2009 2:49 pm

Marshall turned around to see Cyndi standing there devestated. He saw Mike standing behind her & he stormed over to him.
"You son of a bitch!!' he yelled as he punched Michael in the face. Michael fell & Marshal began to kick him in the ribs.
"Marshall stop it!!" Cyndi yelled as she grabbed him but he knocked her off of him & she fell to the ground.

"I'll kill you!!" he yelled as he knelt over Mike & began to pound him into a bloody pulp. The neighbors saw him, so they began to call the police.
Elizabeth ran over & screamed for him to stop, but he didn't. Cyndi struggled up of the hard pavement & stared at Marshall in disbelief. It was as if he snapped. She thought he was a gentle guy, but she was wrong.
He's crazy... she thought as she grbbed him & pulled him off of Michael. "I swear to God, I will kill you!!" he yelled enraged as Michael sat up.

"What is wrong with you?!!" Cyndi yelled.
" could you cheat on me?" he yelled & she jumped.
"Cheat on you?!! You cheated on me with her!!" she screamed as a tear tried to escape her eye, but she held it back.
"I didn't cheat on you!! I saw you kissing him & she comforted me!!" he snapped as he looked over to Mike.
"I wasn't kissing him!! He forced himself on me...." she replied.

"You son of bitch!!" Marshall yelled once again as he rushed Michael & knocked him back to the ground as he pounded him once more.
"Get off of me you sadistic son of a bitch!!" Mike yelled as he saw the cop cars ride up, the police station wasn't too far away. His nose & mouth were busted & bleeding. An officer rushed over & pulled Marshall off of Mike. "Get the fuck off of me!!" Marshsall yelled totally enraged as he pushed the officer off of him. He couldn't control his anger. Elizabeth just stood stunned because it reminded her of that night.

"He tried to kill me!!' he yelled as he struggled up & they handcuffed Marshall. "Let me go!!" Marshall yelled as they pushed him on the hood of the car. "Marshall calm down.." Cyndi replied.
"I will, when these fuckers let me go!!" he yelled as they pulled him up & the other officer walked over to Mike.

"What happend Sheriff?" he asked.
"This murderer tried to kill me." Mike replied holding his busted nose & mouth. "Is that true?" the officer asked & Liz & Cyndi didn't anser.
"It is...I called because I saw it." Melissa replied.
"I wasn't trying to kill him." Marshall protested, with his hands still handcuffed behind his back & the officer still holding him.

" did." Hillary replied. It was the little girl's mother, who'd he'd saved. She lived right across the street & she'd seen everything.
"Put him in the car." the officer replied as he the other officer opened the door & put Marshall in the back seat.
"I didn't do anything!!" Marsh snapped as they slammed the door.
"Michael please..." Cyndi replied softly. Michael sighed because he hated seeing her frown. He wanted to make her happy & if he put Marshall away there definitly wouldn't be a chance of them ever getting together. He'd been trying to get with her since she came back into town & Marshall swooped in & took her.

"Fine." he sighed because he wanted to get Marshall behind bars.
"But sir....." the officer started, but Cyndi cut him off.
"Fine?" she asked astonished. "Yeah." he replied "If you go out with me."
"What?" she asked appauled by his statement.
"Go out with me." he replied as Elizabeth handed him a wad of tissue for his nose. Cyndi looked at Marshall & he was shaking his head 'no.' She sighed & said, "Yes." She knew how much Marshall hated being behind bars. "Let him go." Mike replied, so they pulled him out of the car & unlocked the handcuffs.

"Cyndi, you don't have to do this." Marshall said rushing over to her.
"I know. I want to." she replied.
She must love me. He tried to kiss her, but she moved away.
"I told you I need space." she said softly. He was scarying the shit out of her. She still had to put things in perspective. Her moving away hurt him & Elizabeth saw it. She was happy, she wanted him. He put his head down & Cyndi saw the sorrow on his face as Mike yelled, "I'll pick you up at 8!!"
He & the police car had left together. Cyndi grabbed Marshall & kissed him passionatly. She does love me. he thought as he continued to kiss her & hold her tight.

God help me...I love him. Cyndi thought as she held him & Elizabeth rolled her eyes.

Cyndi sprayed perfume on herself as she stared at her reflection in the mirror. Her hair was swept up & she was wearing a black dress & she had on a little bit of make-up. She suddenly heard the doorbell & sighed in fustration. She stared at her self once more before turning to leave.
I'm doing this for Marshall, she reminded herself as she walked out of her huge bathroom & went into the livingroom. She walked to the door & opened it, to find Marshall standing there. He stared at her for a second.
I really don't want to see him right now.

"You don't have to go." he replied grabbing her hands, but she pulled away. I know I'm sending him mixed signals, but he freaked me out.
"It's just a small date." she said uncomfortable by his prescence.
"You look nice." he said softly, noticing she was pulling away from him.
She hates me. Maybe she does want Mike.
"Thanks. Is Elizabeth still at your place?"
"Yeah....she didn't have a place to crash, so I let her stay the night."
"How generous." she said kinda jealous. He smiled slightly because that meant she still cared.

"Cyndi...are we know...togerther?" he asked.
How can I answer this question. Look at him...I think I'm head over heels for him...but that temper of his....
"Yes." she smiled slightly as Mike pulled into her driveway.
She still wants me....I need to control my....this prick. he thought as Mike walked up to them.

"Hey Cyndi." he smiled as she closed her door.
"Hi Mike." she smiled back trying to be nice. Mike was a nice guy, but he was just rude to Marshall.
"Mathers.." he said angrily as he cut his eyes over to him.
"Fuck off." Marshall snapped angrily. I should kill him.
"Huh....such manners infront of a lady." Mike smiled sarcastically.
"Are you ready?" Mike said as he smiled at Cyndi. He was semi-dressed for something fancy. His hair was slicked back & shaped up well.
Marshall grabbed Cyndi & kissed her passionatly.

"Don't forget you have a boyfriend ok?" he said with a smile.
"Pathetic," Mike scoffed. "if you were doing what you should, she would never forget." he said with a smile. He was defintly trying to get under Marshall's skin & it was working.
"I swear to God I will kill you!!" Marshall yelled as Elizabeth walked up to Cyndi's house.
"Marshall relax." Cyndi said uneasy because she saw the look he had in his eyes & it scared her.
"Marshall...Someone keeps calling your house." Elizabeth replied.

"See your little girlfriend is still staying at your place." Mike smiled.
"She's not my girlfriend. Cyndi is & you better remember that."
"Stop it!! Let's just go." Cyndi said angrily as she stormed to Mike's car & got in. "Don't stay up to late waiting for her. She's gonna have a long night." Mike smiled as he walked away & Marshall started to go after him, but Elizabeth stopped him.

"Don't...he's just trying to provoke you." she said as Mike got in the car.
"Fuck him!!!!" he yelled enraged & Liz jumped. He saw the fear & calmed down. She's still scared of me... he thought as he saw Mike's car pull off. He sighed because he was scared to lose Cyndi. He'd been through so much heartbreak & he didn't want to go through it anymore. He was getting to old for it. In the back of his mind, he felt like disaster was waiting to strike & he wanted to prevent it.
"Why are we at your house?" Cyndi asked fustrated as he turned his car off. "I wanted to make you a home cooked meal." he smiled as he looked over to her. "Mike..."
"Cyndi...I know I don't like Marshall, but that shouldn't change our friendship." he said sincerely.
"You won't give him a chance." she said dissapointed.
"Some people don't deserve chances. I don't want him to hurt you. He nearly killed his girlfriend that he was suppose to protect."

I can't get around that....
"He snapped, just like he did today. Who knows what he's capable of?"
He's right about that too. He killed a guy....
"I just wanna make sure my town is safe." Mike replied getting out. Cyndi sighed as he walked around the car & opened her car door. He helped her out of the car & walked her into the house. He sat her at the kitchen table as he prepared the food.
"She's gonna leave me." Marshall said as he went into the kitchen & pulled out a bottle of tequila.
"Marshall...don't worry about her. She loves you right?" Liz asked.
"I don't know. She's so hot & cold. I scared her half the death." he said taking a swig & it burnt as it went down.
"You have a tendancy to do that to people." she said softly.
"I never meant to hurt you you know?" he said taking another swig.
"I know." she said keeping her eyes on him as he got plastered.

"I..I keep blacking out, you's like something takes over me."
"What do you mean?" she asked curious.
"I do things & I don't remember what I do when I wake up...but they're bad." he said taking another swig & looking at the counter.
"What do you mean?' she asked again.
"Nothing," he said as the phone rang again.
"These son of a bitches better stop calling me!!" he yelled as he ran over to the phone.

"What the hell do you want?!!" he yelled angrily.
"Daddy?" he heard a little girls voice say.
"Hai?" he asked on edge.
"Yes. Hi daddy, are you ok?" she asked scarce.
"Fine baby, I'm sorry for yelling. I thought you were someone else." he said sitting on his couch.
"It's only me daddy." she giggled.
"How you doin' princess?" he asked as Liz sat beside him & put her head on his shoulder .
"Fine daddy, but I miss you a ton." she said with sorrow in her voice.

"I know baby. I'm sorry I can't be with you right now." he sighed as Liz turned on the t.v. with the remote.
"Are you coming back home?" she asked.
"Not right now. I promise I will come see you."
"Ok." she said & he knew she was pouting. He hadn't seen her in over a year. He didn't want his little girls to see him behind bars. That was one of his worst nightmares. He did call everyday though & she sent him pictures. He hated being away from his daughter, but it was only to protect her. "I promise I'll come see you baby."
"That was good." Cyndi smiled as Mike put the dishes in the sink.
"Glad you enjoyed it. Has a man ever cooked for you before?"
" Only Marshall..& now you of course." she said as she got up & he ran water on the dishes.
"Do you wanna watch a movie with me?" he asked.
"Um...sure." she said as he turned around & smiled, after turning the water off.
"Let's go." he said walking her into the livingroom. She sat on the couch & he put in a movie. He then sat beside her & smile as the movie started.

It was a sappy love story that she happend to love called 'The Notebook'.
"I love this movie." he said as he dimmed the lights & she sighed.
I wish I knew what Marshall was doing.
Mike leaned over to Cyndi & kissed her.
"Stop it!!" she yelled as she pushed him off.
"Cyndi...I like you. I love you." he said trying to kiss her again.
"Love? What's wrong with you?!!" she asked pushing him off of her & scooting to the end of the couch.

"Come on.....we spent alot of time together before Marshall came to town." he said scooting down to her.
"You were showing me around town for Christ sakes!!" she yelled as he tried to kiss her again.
"We had chemistry together."
"No...we were friends until now!!" she yelled as he grabbed her arms & pinned her down as he touched.
"Get off of me!!" she screamed as he ripped her shirt by accident because she had pulled away.

"Why don't you just stop being such a fuckin' tease?!!" he yelled as he jammed his tongue into her mouth & she squirmed as tears fell from her eyes. She pushed him off of her & ran toard the door. He ran after her & grabbed her. She kneed him in the groin & ran out of the door. She never knew he could be such a creep. She ran down the street crying until she got to Marshall's estate. She pushed the buzzer & he answered after a couple of minutes.

"Who?" "Please let me in...." she cried as she held her top closed. He rang the buzzer & the gate opened. She ran inside & saw him open his door.
"What the fuck happened?!!" he yelled as he saw her all riled up.
"He...he..." "Did he rape you?!" he asked infuriated.
"He tried to..." she sobbed as Liz watched from the couch. He brought her inside & sat her on the couch. She was shaking like a leaf. Marshall couldn't believe this was happening to him all over again.
"Are you ok?" he asked sitting beside her.
"Yes..." she said softly as he held her.
"Just relax ok?" Go upstairs, take a shower & lay down on my bed." he said kissing her.

"Wha are you gonna do?" she asked.
"Call the police." he said as Liz stared at him.
"Ok." she sniffled as she got up. He decided to walk her upstairs & put her in a bath. He closed the bathroom door & went into his room & searched the closet. He grabbed his glock & tucked it. He ran downstairs & Liz was watching t.v. "Watch her for me. Don't let her out of your sight."
"Where are you going?" she asked as he rubbed his head.
"To see that fucker. I'm gonna fuck him up."
"But Marshall, you drank too much & you head...."
"I don't give a fuck. I'm just gonna scare him." he replied leaving.
Marshall stormed down to Mike's house & rung the bell. He waited for a second & Mike opened the door.
"You son of a bitch!!!" he yelled as he punched Michael in the mouth & he fell to the floor. He walked into the house & slammed the door as neighbor's saw him through the window. He grabbed Mike & pulled him up as his head began to pound more. They began to tussel & Marshall blacked out.

Marshall opened his eyes to see it was light slightly shining into the house. He realized he was holding his gun. He grunted in pain as he felt his head & felt it bleeding. He'd looked around & saw he was still in Mike's house. He suddenly noticed he was covered in blood. He saw Mike lying beside him, face down. There was blood pouring from him. He now knew who's blood he was covered in.

"Oh fuck...." he mumbled as he scrambled to his feet. He was in deep shit. He grabbed his stuff as he heard someone knock on the door. He ran through the house & went out the back the back door. Trhe sunwas just coming over the horizon & he didn't know what to do. He heard sirens heading for hte door, so he just kept running. How was he gonna explain that?
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PostSubject: Re: *Evil Deeds* NC-17 10-6-06 (Emfic) Newly updated   Thu Mar 12, 2009 2:50 pm

Cyndi opened her eyes to see light shining in them. She yawned as she sat up & stretched. She was lying under Marshall's navy blue comforter & she realized she was still alone after falling asleep in his king size bed. She'd taken her bath & talked to Elizabeth before heading upstairs. She put her feet on his soft carpet as she stood up & smiled. She loved the way his carpets felt. She was wearing one of his oversized t-shirts & a pair of his boxers. She ran downstairs to see no one in the livingroom, so she went into the kitchen to see Liz eating.

"Morning." Liz smiled as she bit into a piece of toast.
I totally forgot she was here.Cyndi thought embarrassed because she was practically wearing nothing. She was use to running into the kitchen & seeing Marshall cooking her breakfast.
"Where's Marshall?" she asked
"I don't know. He still hasn't come home since last night."
"I hope he's ok & he hasn't done anything stupid." Cyndi said nervously after hearing what he was capable of doing to a person who crossed anyone he loved. "Me too. Knowing him...." Liz said trailing off.

"Marshall would never do anything stupid." Cyndi said unsure.
"Cyndi, I know him better than you do & there's a whole other part that you do not wanna know." Liz said looking up to her as she still stood in the doorway. Cyndi just stared at her for a second.
"Then why'd you come back?" Cyndi finally asked.
"I left Marshall high & dry & I wanted to apologize." she replied.
"He really tried to kill you?" she asked curious.
"It was like he wasn't in his right mind, you know?" Liz replied & Cyndi knew all too well what she meant & that freaked her out.

Maybe I should've just stayed with my gut feeling & left him alone.Cyndi thought.
"When he comes back, could you tell him that I went home to freshen up. I'll be back later." she said turning & leaving.
"Will do." Liz replied as she continued to eat & Cyndi went & got dressed. She went back to her place & took a shower. She knew she had fallen in love with Marshall, but she wondered if she really knew who he was. She thought she heard something shatter downstairs as she turned the hot shower water off, so she got out of the tub & grabbed a towel.

She listened for a second, but heard nothing, so she put on her clothes. The doorbell suddenly rang, so she hustled out of the bathroom & jetted downstairs. That has to be him. she thought as she opened the door to find 2 police officers.
Oh my God, something happend to him.
"Cyndi, hi...have you seen Mr. Mathers?" her friend Jeff asked taking his police hat off.
"No....why?" she asked fearing the worst.

"Mike has been shot & Mr. Mathers' car was parked out front, but he was no where to be found.
"Oh my God...he couldn't of done it." she said trying to defend him.
"We have witnesses who say they saw him enter the house & hearing fighting before gunshots went off." Jeff explained. Cyndi sighed because she knew he'd left the night before to go there.
"Is Michael dead?" she asked scarce.
"No, but he's in pretty bad shape. He might die." he replied.
"Well, why would he leave his car?" Cyndi asked.

"I have no idea, but we do know that Mr. Mathers took his weapon with him. Are you sure you haven't seen him?" he asked.
"I'm positive. I haven't seen him since last night."
"Do you know why he would go over & do this?" Jeff asked as Cyndi thought about how angry he was the night before. She knew they practically hated each other & Marshall had more than enough motives to shoot Mike. "Cyndi?" Jeff asked again.

"Yeah....Mike tried to..." They would never believe that... she thought because Mike was the ex-sheriff for Christ sakes.
"Tried to what?" he asked about to jot something down.
"I don't know." she said. "But you just said..."
"I'm just shocked. I don't know what I'm saying." she said distraught.
"Are you sure? Don't try to protect him."
"I'm not!!" she protested as she began to shake at the thought that Marshall was a stone cold murderer & she loved him.

"Ok..just stay locked in here ok? If he tries to make contact with you, let us know. He's dangerous. I don't want him to hurt you or worse. We have cop cars posted around his house incase he goes home so..." he said hugging her. "I'll call...." she said shaken.
"Ok." he said leaving & she closed the door & she walked toward the kitchen. She saw her door slightly open & mud was tracked in her house. A window was slightly shattered. She suddenly felt someone grab her & put their hand over her mouth as she screamed, to muffle it.

"Please..please relax..." she heard Marshall's voice say in her ear as she struggled. Tears fell from her eyes because she thought he was gonna hurt her. "I'm gonna let you go ok...but please don't scream." he replied as he still held her by her waist & his hand was still tightly gripping her mouth. "You're not gonna scream if I let you go, are you?" he asked. She nodded no, so he let her go & she turned & looked at him. His clothes were covered in blood from his shirt to his sweatpants.
"Don't hurt me..." she whimpered as she walked behind the counter.
"I would never hurt you..." he said approaching her.

"Stay away!!" she yelled as she grabbed a huge buthcer's knife.
"Cyndi..." he said stopping in his tracks.
"You shot Mike..." she said crying as she saw his gun on his hip.
"I...I didn't do that....I blacked out & when I woke up he was bleeding."
"Yeah..right." she scoffed as he stepped closer & she held the knife out so he stopped. "I'm not gonna hurt you." he repeated.
"I don't trust you. You fuckin' broke in here!!" she cried.
"For Christ sakes I have a gun!! If I wanted to shoot you I would've done it when you came down from your shower." he assured her.

He has a point... she thought as he walked a little closer.
"Stay back..." she said stunly.
"Please...I need you to help me..." he said as the doorbell rang. They both jumped & looked at each other.
"Please..." he pleaded & she stared into his blue eyes.
"Don't you move..." she said asshe walked toward the livingroom with the knife. God, she's gonna rat me out.... he thought as she walked to the door & opened it. He moved away from the entrance & stood quietly in the kitchen, panicked.

"Can I crash here?" Liz asked staring at the knife in Cyndi's hand & she saw the tears she'd just cried.
"Why?" she asked staring outside to see if any cops were out there.
God, I'm goin' away...Marsh thought as he heard them talking.
"Cops are crawling all over Marshall's place. Are you ok?" Liz asked.
I could send her to get the cops...Cyndi thought.
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PostSubject: Re: *Evil Deeds* NC-17 10-6-06 (Emfic) Newly updated   Sat Mar 14, 2009 12:23 pm

"I'm fine." she said lowering the knife.
"You sure...I mean you look upset." Liz said staring at her expression.
"I'm ok." she replied camly. God....what should I do?
"Can I chill over here for awhile then?" she asked once more.
"Of course." Cyndi said being curtious. She stepped to the side & wiped the tears dry from her face.
"Thanks...." Liz said slowly walking into her livingroom.
"Woah...your house is...huge...." she said astonished.
"I know." Cyndi replied as she closed the door.

"I'm starved, what were you cookin'?" she asked as she headed for the kitchen.
"Umm...I was cutting onions...." Cyndi said stopping her.
"Oh....why?" Liz asked curious as to what was going on.
"I was gonna cook, but sinnce you're here, we should order a pizza." Cyndi smiled.

"That's sounds really good." Liz replied.
"Ok, you wait here 7 let me put this up." Cyndi replied as Liz sat on the couch. "Cyndi....did you hear from Marshall?" Liz asked.
"No...why?" Cyndi asked scarce. Maybe she saw him...
"I was just worried is all." she sighed as she flipped on the t.v.
"I am too." Cyndi said as she walked into the kitchen & closed the door.

"Marshall?" she whispered as she walked over to the back door. He wasn't there, so she sighed.
"Pssst..." he said & she jumped. He came from the corner & she sighed.
"Don't scare me like that." she said as he grabbed her & held her.
"Thank you..." he said softly in her ear.

"Yeah, yeah....look, I'm gonna take Liz out of here & you go take a shower & change your clothes." she whispered.
"Ok...." he said as he stard her in the eyes briefly & she saw innocence there, but she may of been wrong.
"I love you." he said scared of what was to come.
"I love you too." she said back without hesitation.
God, I must be the biggest fool ever. I really hope I'm not wrong.
Marshall put on his black & gray sweat jacket & stared at himself in the mirror. He sighed because he was in the situation that he feared the most.
[i]Glad I left a pair of changin' clothes here.
He sat on Cyndi's bed & looked around. A smile swept across his his face as he saw things she had lying around of his. He'd realized that he'd done more in a month with her, than he'd done with anyone else he'd ever been involved with. He did as much as he could with her because he knew in the back of his mid that something was bound to go wrong & split them up.

God....please don't take her from me... he thought as he heard the door open downstairs & he'd heard them laughing.
He got up & closed her door incase they came upstairs. He rubbed his stomach because he was starving. It was nearly evening & he had eaten anything. He heard some footsteps head upstairs, so he hustled into her room's bathroom as the door opened.
"Marshall?" Cyndi asked as she closed her room door. He opened the bathrom door, came out & saw her holding a bag of 'Taco Bell'.
"God, your a life saver." he said grabbing the bag & sitting on the bed.
He opened it & pulled out everything in the bag as she turned on the t.v.

He began taking bites out of every diffrent taco or fajita he had.
Eminem A.K.A. Marshall Mathers is wanted for attemted murderer. If you have any leads, please contact 800-786-2743. He's to believed to be armed & dangerous. Last night he.....Marshall grabbed the remote & flipped th t.v. off. He looked over to Cyndi & saw that fear had swept over her face once again.
"I didn't do that." he said trying to reassure her.
"Cyndi?" they heard Liz ask as she knocked on the door.

Oh fuck...Marshall thought as he froze.
"Go to the bathroom!!" Cyndi whispered.
For the life of me, I don't know why I'm protecting him. she thought as Marshall ran into the bathroom & closed the door once more.
"Cyndi?" Liz asked again.
"Yeah?" Cyndi asked as she opened the door.
"Can we talk?" she asked. "About?" Cyndi replied.
"Marshall......" Liz replied as if it were a serious matter, which is was.
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PostSubject: Re: *Evil Deeds* NC-17 10-6-06 (Emfic) Newly updated   Sat Mar 14, 2009 5:26 pm

he can't be a killer
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PostSubject: Re: *Evil Deeds* NC-17 10-6-06 (Emfic) Newly updated   Sun Mar 15, 2009 12:20 pm

"What about Marshall?" Cyndi asked nervously as they stared at each other. Marshall stood by the closed bathroom door & listened intently as he felt his heart pounding on his rib cage. So many things had gone wrong already, he couldn't afford for Liz to ruin whatever he had left with Cyndi. He knew she couldn't possibly have anything good to say about him. Or could she?

"I really wanna warn you about him... I mean, I know he seems like a good guy, but he is way more than capable of killing."
Those words early made Cyndi tremble becausse a chill ran down her spine. She knew Elizabeth knew Marshall better than she did, but she really hoped that there were no more skeletons in his closet.
"Why would you say that?" She stared at Liz uneasy because she really didn't need to hear anything terrible about Marshall, especially witht him hiding in her bathroom.

"I know you two are dating & I thought you might wanna know every piece of detail before getting serious with him." she frowned as Cyndi stood still staring at her with a cocked eyebrow.
"I'm listening." "I just wanna tell you about that night & I swear I'll never say anything again." Liz protested. She knew Cyndi had no right to trust her. For Christ sakes, she use to date her boyfriend & now, after a year & a half she pops up. That was strange for their so-called history.
"I said I was listening."

"Ok..." she said taking in a deep breath. " I left Marshall's party eary because I was exhausted..."


"Baby, please don't drink any more. You've had enough. I know it's your day & all, but I don't want you to do anything stupid." Liz replied as she stood on her tippy toes to give Marshall a kiss. He smiled as he leaned down & their lips met. He loved the fact that he was taller than her because Kim had always been taller than him & he felt less of a man. With Liz, things were good & had been for awhile. He'd fallen hard for her because they'd been datin' for awhile. She seemed to feel the same way.

"I'll try not to." he said as she got in her small Toyota, that was red & he closed the door for her. His speech was already a bit slurred because he'd had his fare share & a bit more of liquor. Shaun & the guys always got him plastered on his birthday.
"Come on!!" Shaun laughed as he walked over & grabbed Marshall.
"DeShaun, he shouldn't drink anymore." Liz replied as she rolled down her window. It was rather cold outside because it was just that time of year. Michigan always got frosty early & Marshall liked it, even though he easily got sick.

"Alright mom, I'll make sure he doesn't drink another thing." he said with a sinister look. He was gonna get Marshall pissy drunk until he passed out.
"Would y'all come on!!" Kuniva yelled with his Rondell Bean teeth in. They were definitely gonna have fun.
"Shaun...." "We gotta go Liz!!" Shaun laughed as he dragged Marshall back to the entrance of the booming club.
"Bye baby!!" Marshall laughed as they disappeared into the club. Liz just sighed with a smile as she pulled off.


"I got home & I took a nap. Everything seemed fine... until I woke up."
Marshall planted his back on the door as he heard Liz continue with the story. He really just wanted to go out there & stop the conversation. He'd heard her tell this story before when she testified against him. He let out a sigh of regret as he leaned his head back on the door & looked up to the ceiling.

"I heard a noise downstairs, so I got up to check it. I thought it was Marshall because it was almost 5 in the morning & he wasn't home. When I got definitely wasn't Marshall. There was some guy..."
She stopped & nearly cried as tears whelled up in her eyes. Cyndi just listened intently.
"He....he attacked me. I tried to fight him off every way I could, but he was too big & he had a weapon. He tried to rape me & Marshall burst in & they began to fight."


Liz stood back as they fought & the guy dropped the gun, only to pull out a pocket knife & swipe at Marshall. He eventually swiped Marshall across the chest & Marshall rushed the guy, causing him to drop the knife. They both fell to the floor & struugled for the knife, but Marsh got the upper hand. He scrambled over & grabbed his gun. He got up & aimed the gun at the guy.
"Liz, call the police." he replied as she looked down at the guy & cried.

Marshall looked at Elizabeth as she stood frozen & the guy rushed Marshall, grabbing the gun. Marshall held a tight grip as they fought over the gun. "Stop it!!" she screamed as the gun began to go off.


"Marshall shot the guy in a fit of rage. He kknocked him to the floor & shot him twice. He then turned to me & shot me in the stomach because I tried to stop him." Cyndi sat on the bed in awe. She couldn't believe what she just said.
"Maybe the gun just went off accidentally." Cyndi said looking up to her.
"I wish that were true & I tried to make myself believe that, but he was already showing signs of a a mental illness."

"What?!" "He was being tested for a ton of dissorders."
Cyndi stared down at her rug clenched the covers nervously. That made sense seeing as why he was always blacking out.
"I saw the look in his eyes that night..... it was like... a cold icy glare."
Cyndi knew that glare all too well. She looked up to Liz as she kept talking.
"The cops rushed in & he got shot...I don't remember anything else."
"Can you give me a minute?" Cyndi replied.

"I didn't mean to..." "Just go...."
Liz just turned & walked outta the room. Cyndi closed & locked her door before going & opening the bathroom door.
Marshall looked up startled & she saw he was infact crying.
"Marshall..." "I swear I don't remember that......"
Cyndi looked down, then walked over to him.
"Are you really being treated for...." "Bi-Polar."
"I screwed up." he said as his tears fell & she felt privelaged to finally see his emotions. He just felt he knew she was gonna leave him.

It's not your fault..." she said sitting beside him on the cold, clean floor.
"It's not your fault."

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PostSubject: Re: *Evil Deeds* NC-17 10-6-06 (Emfic) Newly updated   Mon Mar 16, 2009 11:50 am

"Yeah it is." he sniffled as more tears ran down his now red cheeks. He felt like less of a man, sitting there crying infront of his girlfriend. He was always taught not to cry, so he built up a huge titanium wall. He slumped over & buried his face in his hands to try & cover his weakness. He was used to only breaking down alone, where no one knew. That way, everyone thought he was tough. It seemed to work, seeing as how he was the "Badboy" of hip hop & damn near everyone hated him.
"No, it isn't."

"Yes it is!" he snapped looking over to her red faced as he sucked up his tears. She jumped as she glared at him because she was somewhat afraid of him. He sighed as he looked her dead in the eyes to analyze her.
"You're afraid of me." He sounded totally disappointed, but at the same time he understood.
"Marshy...." "Don't..." he said looking away.
"It's ok." she said scooting over to him.
"How is it ok?" He looked at her uneasy because he was afraid to go back to prison. She's gonna leave, just like Liz & Kim...

"Are you" She was asked, just trying to decifer the truth. She thought that maybe she could make sense of things.
"Yeah...apparently mental illness runs in the family."
He leaned his head slightly on his fist as he stared at her beautifully tiled floor.
"So you blacked out?"
"Honestly, I don't remember. Shaun got me plastered before I came home. He dropped me off & everything is really cloudy, but Liz..."

"You quote Liz on what happend?" "Yeah." he said as the tears dried on his face. "It doesn't matter, I shot both of them...."
"But it was self defense & maybe with Liz, the gun went off..."
"Then how do you explain what I did to Mike?"
She fell deafly silent because she didn't have an answer.
"What did you..." she got cut off by the sound of the doorbell. He looked up startled as he feared who was outside.
The cops know I'm here...
"Stay here...I'm gonna go find out who that is." she said scrambling to her feet.
"Maybe I should just leave. I don't wanna get you in trouble." he said getting up as the bell rung again.

"No..." Cyndi said stopping & turning to him. She knew they had enough evidence to bury him & if they had a chance, they'd crucify him for sure.
" stay here." she repeated.
"But..." he was stopped by her beautiful lips being planted on his. He stood awkward for a second as he planted his hands on her hips.
"Marshy..." she said ending the kiss as staring into his sexy blue scared eyes. "I love you. I need to know what really happened before we make a decision."
We...she said we... she said she loved me....
He watched her as she disappeared out of the room. He now knew he wasn't in it alone.

Cyndi hustled down her stair case to see Liz in a heated debate as they stood in her livingroom.
"You have no right to be here!! You fuckin' abandoned him!!"
"He shot me!!" "Then why are you here now?!"
"What's goin' on?" Cyndi asked as she made it to the bottom of her stairs.
"How do you know her..."
"I don't....she was with Marshall last night."
"We need to talk." he said seriously to Cyndi as he grabbed her hand & led her to the kitchen.

"Shaun, you're scaring me."
"She has no right to be here after she left Em. He went into a fuckin' depression after that. Wasn't good...."
"Shaun is he mentally stable?"
"Yeah..." he replied & she sighed in relief. "He just has to take his pills to stay balanced." She then sighed frustrated by that comment.
"Everybody knew Em had different personalities & a temper. We just thought it was a stage thing. You know, for publicity."

"Look, he sighed. "That's not the issue at hand. Marshall's face is plastered all over the news. The cops are looking everywhere for him & the courts aren't happy. He is on probation & if he's found guilty he could be doin' hard time." Cyndi frowned as she chewed her bottom lip.
"What the fuck happend?!"
"Mike tried to force himself on me & when Marshall found out, he grew livid. I tried to stop him from going over there but he wouldn't listen."

"So he really shot him?" "I don't know."
"So, you haven't seen him?" "No...." she said with her head down.
"Fuck....we need to find Marsh & quick."
Cyndi frowned once more because she knew damn well where he was, but she didn't know wheter to tell him or not. He was afterall Marshall's best friend, but what if he betrayed him? She didn't know what to do.

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PostSubject: Re: *Evil Deeds* NC-17 10-6-06 (Emfic) Newly updated   Wed Mar 18, 2009 12:16 pm

"Shaun...." she replied hesitant as she looked away. Tons of things were going through her mind at that moment & she was scared to death. The right thing- the moral thing to do was to turn him in to the police. The consequences weren't gonna be dire if he was infact innocent. But how come that option didn't sit right on her heart? She knew Marshall went over there to defend her honor & something went wrong along the way. Terribly wrong.

If Mike's blood was on Marshall's hands, it was because he was trying to do something right. Mike had been a complete dick to Marshall ever since he moved into the had everyone else once they found out he was a "murderer". She, on the other hand didn't see it that way. He was innocent because of self defense right? But what if he was just hiding behind that & was off the wire like Liz said? That would mean he shot Mike in a fit of rage & damn sure proved to everyone that he had a temper.
The truth would come out sooner or later. Much rather sooner than later though because Mike had a chance to survive & definitely bury Marshall more than six feet under.

"Give me an hour to get my thoughts together. I need to think things over."
Shaun just sighed at the answer she spat out at him. He was hoping to have someone else on Marshall's side. Hell, Paul had grown livid at the news & was spiting fire to everyone who knew Marshall. He was ready to find him & tear him a new asshole before turning him in. He wanted to get things squared away & he knew being a fugitive wouldn't be a good start, but he we are. As for his family back home, Kim filed a restraining order against him just incase he decided to pop up & see the girls uninvited. She wanted to protect them from what was going on.

"Cyn, I know the last time you & Marsh were together things weren't good, but you can't hold that against him."
"Shaun..." "No, hear me out. Marshall is head over heels for you & that scares him to death because any girl he ever tried to love hurt him. That's not bullshit. I'm not just sayin' that. I actually warned him not to get close to anyone..."
"Shaun, stop." she was nearly in tears, so he complied. He took a breath & replied. "Fine, call me in an hour if you change your mind and whatever Liz is tellin' you don't listen please. She has all right to be angry with him but..." "Shaun..." she protested.

"Fine." he walked from the kitchen & sneered at Liz before going to the door. "Your friend is a killer." Liz protested, Shaun just ignored her.
With that, he turned & walked away. Cyndi felt terrible inside because she wanted to help him out. She wanted to say his best friend was upstairs, but she didn't know where she stood yet.
"Liz...." "Cyn, thanks for the hospitality, but I gotta go. Be careful if you see Marsh. As for Shaun...he means good, but he'll do anything to save his friend."
She strode out & Cyndi sighed being left even more confused. She closed her door & jetted upstairs to see Marshall still sitting in the same spot she left him.

He didn't say a word, he just looked to her with his confused ocean blues. His own conscience was eating at him.
"It was only Shaun." she reassured as she walked over & sat beside him on the floor. He looked down because he was hurting too much inside to care. He was ready to give up. He didn't want her lying for him or worse. Hell, he had the feeling she was ready to drop him. He had no right to ruin her life anyway. he was gonna willingly leave wit Shaun.
"Marshy..." "You don't have to say anything. I'm leaving."
He pulled himself up as she watched and he walked away.
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Leave Comments!!

Marshall stared down at the carpet as he headed towards the door. Life was gonna be hell behind bars until he got his name cleared. If he got his name cleared. He just wished he could remember what happened between him & Mike. Why did he have to be such a hot head? And why did it have to be nearly the same perdicerment from before? He was certain he would never see Cyndi again. Especially after everything that happened. He suddenly felt her slinder fingers wrap around his wrist & tug him back.

He turned around & she planted the most passionate kiss on his lips. He was shocked as he felt her lips move slow & tenderly against his. She held him close to her as more tears fell from his eyes.
"Where do you think you're going?" she inquired, breaking the kiss & staring up into his eyes. She could see the broken soul inside, calling for love---even if he didn't know how to accept it. He was so use to being pushed away, used or worse.
"You don't have to pretend. I know you don't really want me here."

"That's ridiculous. Marshy," she said wiping the tears from his eyes, but more fell, showing her the heart he possessed that everyone thought was frozen.
"I love you." she said kissing him again & grabbing his hands. She wrapped them around her waist because it was apparent he didn't feel comfortable doing it. Just like when they first kissed. He felt filthy & felt that touching her would germinate her very being.
"Don't..." he replied trying to pull away, but she pulled him to the bed & pushed him down. He stared up to her as she straddled him. She pulled her shirt off slowly to reveal her red bra & he hesitantly touched her slender body, so she took authority for the first time.

Hours Later: Nightfall

Cyndi stared at Marshall as he slept. He was bare chested & wrapped in her silk sheets & she was wrapped in him. His left arm was around her as she laid on his rising nearly chiseled chest. He looked so peaceful for the moment. She sighed & looked down as she thought of their fate. She was sure everything would be fine. They had to be.
"No..." Marshall began to moan lightly in his sleep. She sat up startled as he began to struggle.
He clenched the sheets as she shook him slightly, trying not to give him a heart attack. She remembered him sleep walking before & knew waking him in a start wasn't a good idea.

"Marshall?" she inquired shaking him a bit more as his struggling grew worse.
"NO!!" he yelled springing up & scaring moire than the hell outta her.
"Jesus!!" she shouted with her hand over her heart.
"What were you dreaming about?" she asked concerned.
"I need to go to the bathroom." he said getting up & going into her personal bathroom. He was as white as a sheep & she had more than an idea of what he had a nightmare of.

He stood over her sink & stared at himself in the mirror as he took a few huge breaths. His heart was pacing quickly and he was pale.
"I can't go to jail." he mumbled as he ran the water breifly & splashed his face. He grabbed his head as it started to ound a bit.
"You better believe you're goin' in Mathers." Mike's voice replied & he spun around with a start. Mike was sure enough sitting on the closed toilet.
"You're not real." Marshall replied, trying to reassure himself as he turned his back to him & stared back into the mirror.
"You know what you did to me." his eerie voice replied in his ear & Marshall trembled.
"I didn't do anything. I'm innocent." he said unsure.

He tried to get a grip on reality.
'It has to be my conscience eating away at me.'
He nodded his head at his own thought because it made sense. Just like his 'Guilty Conscience' song.
"Just turn yourself in. Cyndi's a good girl. Nothing good will come of you staying here with her. You'll just drag her name through the mud.'
Mike replied as Marshall stormed from the bathroom.

"I need my pills." he said grabbing his head as he stood stark naked in front of Cyndi's bed.
"Ok..." she said springing up with her sheets wrapped around her.
"I'll go get them."
"No!!" he shouted as he thought of how many cops would be crawling at his place. Sending her therer was a death trap. Everyone in town knew they were dating & he couldn't put her in that perdicerment.
"I'll just go." he said grabbing his pants & throwing them on.

That sounded like more of a suicide mission to her. She walked over to him with her sheets flowing behind her & stared down at him as he laced his sneakers.
"Are you nuts?"
He stared up to her & sighed.
How could someone like her love me so much? I can't drag her anymore into this then I already did. It's for her own good.
"You're not stopping me, so don't try." he said getting up & moving passed her.
"Marshall!!" she said trying to go after him, but he jetted from the room. This was something he had to face on his own.

Whoo...all this writin' has finally got me tired. I been back & forth updatin new stuff on my site & writing my new real novel. So please leave comments.
They're really appreciated & keeps me goin'. Thanks 4 all the support already.
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PostSubject: Re: *Evil Deeds* NC-17 10-6-06 (Emfic) Newly updated   Thu Mar 19, 2009 10:31 pm

can't wait till next update cheers
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PostSubject: Re: *Evil Deeds* NC-17 10-6-06 (Emfic) Newly updated   Thu Mar 19, 2009 11:10 pm

I will definitely be updatin' this story by 2 day or 2morrow. Just a little busy but I'm not stoppin'. U guys waited long enough. Plus...what do u think should happen next? Gettin' a little writer's block on this one. Hmmm...who'da thought? LOL
I know what I want to really happen, but this next part is still fuzzy so suggestions are more than welcome PLZ. I love you Twisted Evil Razz
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Do u guyz have any idea 4 this story? Question Exclamation I love you Suspect
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Sorry 4 the delay but update is coming soon. So many good ideas 4 this one. Smile cheers
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Marshall got to the bottom of the stairs & grabbed his head. It was pounding so bad that he nearly blacked out. His headaches had never gotten so bad.
"Give it up Mathers." Mike replied leaning on the banister of the stairs. Marshall looked up to him & grimaced.
"You're not real." he protested once again as he heard Cyndi's footsteps upstairs. He knew he was worrying the hell out of her. He had half the mind to run back upstairs & stay with her. Especially while he was on the verge of cracking up.
"Then why do you keep talking to me?" he inquired and Marshall looked away ashamed. "Oh, I get it. You feel guilty for what you did to me."
"I didn't do anything!!" he shouted and he heard Cyndi call for him once more. He looked back up the stairs & saw her standing there, still wrapped in her sheet. She was staring down at him in concern because he was acting weird.
Keep telling yourself that." Mike taunted.
"Come back to bed baby.....please."
He sighed at her plea & loked down. He went to go upstairs, but Mike stopped him.
"You really want her to die for you Mathers?"
"She just wants to help me." he mumbled looking over to where Mike was "standing" & Cyndi frowned.
"Marshall...who are you talking to?" She asked but he didn't hear her because he was to busy listening to Mike.
"Those cops out there don't care that she means well." he looked up to Cyndi & smiled & that made Marshall angry. He knew he had a thing for his girl & it ate at him. He was the reason he was in the mess he was now.
"She's the sweetest person you'll ever meet & if you stick around her you're gonna destroy her." Mike implied as they both looked up to her. Marshall then grabbed his head & groaned in pain. He needed his medication.

"Baby please just come to bed. I'll go get your pills if you're having one of thoese headaches." she insisted as she started to come down the stairs. " know she won't leave your side. For some reason she loves you."
Mike said spitefully as he moved in front of Marshall.
"If you really love her you'll leave her alone. If you don't all of your problems are gonna fall on her or worse."
Marshall nearly cried at the thought of losing Cyndi. He loved her too much to keep her involved with this mess. Real or not, he knew Mike was right. If he stuck around Cyndi it would end her career as a model and she could possibly get hurt---or worse.
"Stay away from me!!" he yelled as she made it to the middle of the stairs. She stopped abruptly as she peered at him confused. She knew he was hurting & unsure about his life as it was. He didn't need added stress, but that's why she slated to stick around. He was after all her lover---no matter what. She couldn't leave him even if she didn't know what really happened between him & Mike. Her mind went back & forth because he was just so unpredictable. Not only that, but his temper was uncontrollable at times.
"Marshall...what's going on?" She knew something he dreamt had him on even more of an edge than earlier.
"Us!!" he yelled & it cut him deep. "We're through!! I made a mistake coming here!!"
With that, he jetted from the room & out the back door into the freezing rain. Cyndi jetted down the stairs, still holding the flowing sheet as she struggled to keep it from falling. She stopped at the back window & peeked out only darkness. She ran to the front door only to see police cars parked outside her place. She let out a frustrated sigh because ther was no way to leave at 2:30 in the morning without causing suspicion. She jetted back through the house & ran upstairs. She was terribly worried because she knew he was having one of his headaches that caused him blackouts.

Marshall rummaged through his kitchen drawer & tried to find his pills. It was pitch black because he couldn't take a chance at being caught seeing as there was a cop car sitting on his lawn. He finally grabbed a bottle of his pain killers & tried to open it.
"I'm glad you had enough balls to leave Cyndi." Mike taunted as he stood next to Marshall, propped on the wall.
"Shut the fuck up!!" Marshall shouted frustrated as he struggled with the top.
"I'm serious Mathers----because you are off the rocker."
"I'm not crazy..." Marshall mumbled looking up to the figment of his imagination.
"See?" Mike smiled. "I never said those words but you did." Marshall looked away as Mike kept going.
"But you & I know there's something else goin' on in that little head of yours. You can hide behind the bullet all you want, but that's not the only problem."
Marshall tried to ignore him & went to fidget with the bottle once more. He finally popped it open before he poured two in his hand.
"Freeze!!" he heard a male's voice yell behind him. He sighed frustrated as he turned to see a young uniformed officer standing there with a black glock aimed at him. The male was no older than 25 at the most & resembled Marshall a bit, he was just a bit taller & thicker. His hair was a lighter color as well. He'd heard a noise coming from the house & decided to leave the squad car to check it out. His instinct had been right.
"You're under arrest!!" the male shouted as he flipped on the light before inching over to him. He pulled out his cuffs as Marshall stood firm with the pills in his palm & the bottle in the other hand.
"I need to take my pills." he warned as he swallowede hard. He was finding it hard not to keel over. The pain wasn't letting up.
"Drop what you have in you're hands sir." the young male replied in a shaky voice. He'd never dealt with a "murderer" before.
"Please.." Marshall pleaded, but the male refused & grabbed him by the wrist making him drop them to the hard floor.

"You have the right to remain silent..." the officer replied pushing him up against the cold wall & he looked out of the window at the moon. It was the one thing that reminded him of Cyndi because she loved to stare up at it with him.
"Be careful with this one." Mike smiled as he got in Marshall's veiw from the moon. "He's a psychopath."
"Shut-----UP!!" Marshall shouted scaring the officer a bit but he continued to read him his rights.
"Anything you say can & wil be used against you in a court of law."
"Please let me take my pills..." he mumbled as he felt the cold cuffs nearly close around his wrist. His eye sight began growing blurry as everything around him seemed to grow closer & dark. The pain was just too much to bare.
Marshall groaned as he opened his eyes. Everything around him was more than blurry. He tried to move & sliced his fingers on something in his hand. He grimaced in pain as he looked up & saw the blade of a huge butchers knife covered in blood in his left hand. He nearly began hyperventalating as he sat up. He looked around & saw the kitched was smeared in blood. He looked down at himself & could say the same thing. The officer was lying beside him in a pool of blood as well. He scrammbled up off the floor & ran from the kitchen. His mind was racing & he felt like he was definitely losing it.
"This isn't real." he said to himself stopping in the livingroom.
How was he gonna explain this one? He began to cry as he fell to his knees & trembled. There was something wrong with him & this proved it.
Maybe I need to be locked away likew a mad man
He wiped the tears from his face & got up. He had to change his clothes & turn himself in. There was no other way. He needed help & he wasn't getting it like this. He regreted the day everything went wrong. He wished he'd had just gone home with Liz. His Liz. But if he had, he wound'nt of met Cyndi.
The though made him cry even harder because he felt like it would've een better had they never met. None of this bs would've happened. Not with Mike & damn sure not with the innocent cop downstairs.

"Mike..." he mumbled. He looked around & saw he wasn't there. Maybe he as setting him up. He wasn't dead. He must've been ok & pulling some kind of stunt. That was the only thing his mind could process. He was gonna slip out & pay him a visit at the hospital.
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leave feedback please I love you cheers queen
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PostSubject: Re: *Evil Deeds* NC-17 10-6-06 (Emfic) Newly updated   Thu May 07, 2009 11:20 pm

First... Sorry I haven't reviewed in a while...been busy.

But damn... this story keeps getting more and more interesting/cryptical/exciting.
I can't wait to find out the plot!
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PostSubject: Re: *Evil Deeds* NC-17 10-6-06 (Emfic) Newly updated   Sat May 23, 2009 7:41 pm

Updates coming soon say which one u want. Smile
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A nurse took Michael's vitals before jotiing the information on his chart. An orderly rolled in a tray with lunch on it & walked to the table by the window.
"Hey..." the nurse replied looking over to the ordely who was half turned to her.
"Yeah?" "You can just leave that thre & shut the door on your way out. He's on high security." she smiled walking out of the room, closing the door behind her. She placed his chart oon the door & smiled at the armed officer standing by the door. He was in his mid thirtes & damn handsome with green eyes. He looked good in his uniform & he thought the same of her.
"Any change?" he asked getting serious. "Not much, but he's doing better." she smiled before setting the chart on a slot in the door.
"Do you wanna grab lunch?" Officer Morris inquired as he held his hand on the gun in it's holster.
"Maybe later." she smiled before she walked off & he watched her switch down the hall in her cute whit nurses outfit.
"You know you ain't 'spose to be flirting with nurses on the job." his partner who was sitting in a chair on the opposite side of the door replied.
"Shut it Jackman," he smiled looking over to him. "I think I should be allowed to with something as fine as that."
"Well, Mike's laid up & we s'pose to be makin sure no funny buisness is goin' on."
"Shit's been quiet & Mathers ain't stupid enough to come up here. This place is crawling with cops." he said confidently.

The orderly walked over to Michael's bedside & looked down at him before pulling off his baseball cap.
"Wake up you son of a bitch." Marshall replied nudging him. He was gonna get to the bottom of the chaos in his life. He felt like things would have been different if Mike hadn't been riding him so hard. Things with Cyndi would've been better & she would've never known about his past---her or anyone else who had been clueless to it. He'd made it perfectly clear that he wanted Marshall out of "his town" & he would do anything to get it. Even pull an elaborate stunt?
"Get up!!" he nearly yelled grabbing the hospital gown with both hands angrily, but Mike never responded. "I know you're fakin' it!!"
He let him go & waited for him to react-----but nothing. He looked on confused because that had to be the answer. He wasn't gonna accept that he was capable of hurting anyone. Hell, he wasn't!! He took a deep breath & stormed into the hospital bathroom.
"He has to be the one doin' this shit." he mumbled as he looked down into the sink. He ran everything through his head once more & tried to make sense of it. Nothing seemed to come together because he didn't know what he did in his blackouts & he was beginning to have one of those headaches again.
"I wouldn't hurt a fly." he mumbled. "It's not me....he's tryna make me look crazy." he replied nodding as he looked up at himself. He stormed out of the bathroom. He was gonna get the answered he wanted if he had to make him talk.
He stopped in his tracks as he saw the bed empty. Mike was gone.
"You done here?" he heard Mike's voice reply behind him, which caused him to spin around in a panic. He saw Mike standing over by the tray he'd brought in with food. He was eating a piece of the baked chicken.
"Cold." he grimaced in disgust as he placed the top back down beside the platter.

"I knew you were fuckin' bullshitin' me!!" Marshall nearly shouted keeping his glare on him.
"Ok. You got me. But you fell for it & I got a ton of cops ready to haul your ass in for attemted murder on a veteran officer." he smiled sinisterly & Marshall frowned because he knew he was in a shit load of trouble & no one would believe him. No one but Cyndi & he'd split on her.
"Hell, you even killed a rookie." "Did not!!" he shouted.
"Would it make you feel better if I said he was alive too?" he inquired without wiping the cocky smile off of his face.
Marshall wanted to say yes, but there was no way he was gonna feed anymore into the bullshit already on the table.
"Fuck you." he said bitterly. His life was on the line & this asshole was the blame.
"You want your life back?" Mike asked coolly with a wry smile. Marshall thought & knew he was gonna have to mke a deal to make everything better.
"What the fuck do I gotta do?"
"Simple----" Mike said wiping the smile from his face. "Leave Cyndi. She's rightfully mines anyway."
Marshall took a deep breath of despair because that was one thing he wasn't willing to part with---but he'd already did & he was sure she hated him right now. She'd protected him even though it meant her being tossed in jail & much worse & all he could do was leave like a bat outta hell after they'd made love.

"I...." "You'd rather be thrown under the jail forever instead of leaving her?" he asked as if he knew his answer already
"I love her..." he mumbled heartbroken & Mike grumbled.
"Let her go!!!!!!!!" he shouted angrily & Marshall had half the mind to go punch him out.
The hospital room door opened & Marshall turned around frightened.

"Marshall---" Cyndi replied hustling into the room & closing the door. She rushed over to him & wrapped her arms around his neck tightly, making him sigh in relief. Now she would know the truth.
"I'm glad you're here." he said pulling her off of him a bit. "Mike has been behind everything. I never shot him."
She just stared at him confused as he rambled on. "What are you talking bout?" she asked stopping him.
"What do you mean....look!!" he shouted grabbing her & turning her in the direction to see Mike, but he was gone. He searched the far end of the room & it was empty, beside the tray he'd brought in & it was af it was never touched. The top was over the food. He frowned confused as Cyndi watched.
"He was just there." he said softly.
"Baby, you're scaring me." she said taking a deep breath & grabbing him. "Michael is in a coma." she replied making him look at the bed.
"See?" Mike was comfortably under the hospital sheet, but his clothes were ruffled from when Marshall grabbed him. Marshall just stood there frozen.
He couldn't have imagined that whole thing---Could he? Cyndi was worried out of her mind by Marshall's strange behavior as of late it had began to increase. The stress he was under wasn;'t helping much. She'd called Marshall earlier to see if he was ok & he'd brushed her off. Before hanging up the phone, she'd heard something about the hosspital over a loud speaker & knew he had to be there.

"Cyndi, you have got to believe me!! He was just there." he nearly cried.
"Marshy, calm down ok?" she said grabbing his face into her hands gently as she looked him dead in the eyes & he'd wondered how long she would deal with him before ditching him. There was no way they weren't gonna find the body in his home if it was infact there.
She fixed his hospital attire that he'd obviously stolen & smiled a bit.
"Everything's gonna be fine. I swear to you--But we have to get out of here."
She wasn't stupid enough to stay at a place surrounded by police who was looking for the very man she loved. She felt his hands tremble as they touched hers. He definitely jittery & not thinking straight.
"Ok, I know the two cops guarding the room, but one has gone to lunch wit some nurse. I can distract the other one while you slip out ok?" she asked grabbing his baseball cap & putting it on his head.
"I love you." he said pulling her into his arms & hugging her tight before kissing her gently. She relaxed in his arms a bit but other thoughts were going through her head.
"I love you too Marshmellow." she replied & he smiled even thouggh he hated when she called him that. It made him know she really still did love him.
He let her go as she nudged him off & nodded because he had to get out of there.

She went out first into the hall & smiled at Nick. "So how's he doin'?" she asked walking to him.
"The nurses say he's doin' fine." he replied turning to her as she walked father away from the room door, causing him to turn his back to it.
"He should be waking up soon. Any time now."
"That's good to know." she smiled.
"You know Mike is in love with you. Has been for ages. You two should be together." Nick boasted as he grimaced at her dating Marshall.
"Nick---" "No. He talked about you everyday Cyn. He was right about that Criminal Mathers. You shoulda listened."

Marshall peeked through the hospital glass on the door & saw Cyndi talking to the armed officer. He grabbed the door & just as he was about to open it, he heard a groan behind him. He stopped & slowly turned around. Mike was still on the bed "sleeping peacefully", so he turned back to leave only to hear the noise again. He looked back over his shoulder & saw Mike shift on the hospital bed.
"It's not real." he said to himself trying to hold onto reality. "It's all in my head."
But there was the noise again. "Mat...Mathers?" he herd Mike's voice inquire groggily.
Marshall looked back with an evil glare. He was beginning to get fed up.
"You just won't go away will you?!!" he shouted walking back to the bed. "I didn't shoot you!! Leave me alone!!" he shouted grabbing Mike ruffling his clothes.
"Get off of me!!" Mike shouted a bit helpless as he grabbed for the nurses buzzer, but it was to far away.
He tried to grabbed Marshall's hands, but it was no use, he was too weak.
"You're not real!!" Marshall shouted still yoking him up as Mike finally reached the buzzer & pushed for the nurse. Marshall immediately dropped him to the bed & realized it wasn't made up. The sitution was really happening. Mike struggled to breath as he glared at Marshall evilly & Marshall just took off.

"What was that?" Nick asked as he heard yelling & saw the door swing open for Marshall who sprang out.
"Hey!!" he shouted placing a hand on his gun, but Marshall kept moving down the hall.
"I think he's just an orderly." Cyndi tried to reassure as Nick stopped at Mike'sroom & opened the door to see him sitting up frantic.
"Mathers just left!!" he shouted angrily "And he tried to kill me!!"
Nick pulled his gun & left the room as he saw Marshall grab Cyndi forcefully.
"Mathers, let her go!!" he shouted drawing attention the nurses & doctors, but patients got in his way. Marshall pushed Cyndi through the double doors as the officer jolted after them.
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Please leve some feedback guys. I was up really late AGAIN doin this. LOL cheers I love you Sad lol!
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PostSubject: Re: *Evil Deeds* NC-17 10-6-06 (Emfic) Newly updated   Tue Jun 02, 2009 4:35 pm

omg i luved it can't wait for the next update
can u also update what hurts the most and a shadow in the dark
I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you lol! Very Happy Smile Razz Laughing Cool
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PostSubject: Re: *Evil Deeds* NC-17 10-6-06 (Emfic) Newly updated   Tue Jun 02, 2009 6:39 pm

I wonder what cindy is doing now. How much longer she stays by his side. I mean, he seems to be just a bit nuts... I mean insane. Very Happy
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This is dedicated to: Shadyslady & Yellowbird. Thank u guys 4 the replies & keep em commin'. Smile :cutie: As for Marshall being crazy? U'll all just have to wait & see. LOL Maybe Mike is just being a crude jerk & orchestrating this whole elaborate plot. But how will u know if u don't tune in? Whenever you want more just holler at me so I can jump on here with an update. It may take a day or two now because I'm trying to keep up with all 3 stories. Smile :cutie:

"Marshall slow down!!" Cyndi screamed as he dragged her down the stairs as fast his feet could go.
"That cop saw me!!" he shouted as they heard feet coming after them. She knew he was right, they had to get out of there without hesitation. She wasn't about to let him be locked up until the truth came out. Marshall stopped in the middle of the landing as his head starting pounding worse than before & he nearly blacked out.
"What are you doing?!!" she shouted trying to pull him along, but he wouldn't budge. "My head..." he replied in pain as he leaned against the wall. "Marshall we have to go!!" she shouted as Nick saw them & he yelled
"Freeze!!" Cyndi looked up to him as he aimed his gun at Marshall.
"Come on.." she said now pulling him down the stairs & stopping at another landing. She pulled him to the wall & held him there as he leaned on her. He was growing weak. He'd ignored the headache long enough. It now was at the point where he needed to tend to it.

He groaned in pain as she heard Nick's footsteps grow closer to where they were. She covered his mouth as he placed his head on her shoulder & he grabbed her tight. He was in so much pain that he wanted to punch a hole through the wall they were hiding near. She was hoping he would run right passed them without thinking about it.
Marshall moaned in her ear as she still held her hand over his mouth to muffle the sound. Nick unfortunately stopped as he thought heard the noise. He lisened for footsteps & realized they had ceased.
If he catches us...Cyndi's life is over. Marshall thought through his pain. He held his breath as she supported his weight. He was freakin' heavy as she struggled not to topple over.

A door downstairs opened breifly & drew Nick's attention to it. Marshall pushed Cyndi into the corner & grabbed Nick, making him drop the gun. The began tussling and just as Cyndi was about to look, she heard the gun fire once.
"Marshall!!" she screamed as she heard a body fall to the floor. She peeked around the tiny corner & saw Marshall kneeling over Nick. He was unconcious. No blood was anywhere, so that meant he wasn't shot. That sent relief through Cyndi. Marshall wasn't that off that he'd kill an armed officer.

"Are you ok?" she asked as he grabbed the gun.
"My head..." he said as she looked at him holding the gun tight.
He grabbed her arm for support & pushed her through the door after fixing his hat & putting the gun in the waist of his pants.
She felt him trembling as he held her & was hoping they'd make it out without him passing out.
"Wait..." he said stopping by a room & Cyndi frowned as he pulled her into it.
"Marshy--baby, what are you doing? We need to go." she said frantically. She was sure they informed every officer by now.
He rushed over to a medicine cabinet & rummaged through a bunch of bottles that made no sense to him.

"I don't wanna blackout ok?" he said looking at her with pain in his eyes. He was afraid that something stupid would happen if he did. As of late more & more crazy things were happening when he did blackout & he didn't wanna hurt her. Not her.
The door opened & a nurse walked in not paying attention.
"What are you two doing in here? I'm calling security." she replied trying to leave,but Marshall pulled the gun out & aimed it at her with an unsteady hand.
"You're not going anywhere." he demanded nervously. He wasn't planning on this & he wasn't sure what to do. Everything was just spiraling out of control.

"Come here." he demanded & she did. Slowly.
"Yes?" she asked nearly crying as she reached him & Cyndi watched as he held the gun in his trembling hand.
"Find me something to stop my headache----please." he added as he rubbed his head.
"I don't know...." "Please?" he nearly begged, so she looked through the medications in front of her.
"These will help relac you." she replied handing him a bottle of pills.
He read it & nodded. "Thank you." he said grabbing her & moving her towards the closet.
"Please don't hurt me." She begged frightened as Cyndi watched.
"I'm not. I promise." he said openimg the door & shovering her inside.
"Thanks for your help." he said closing the door & pushing a chair up to it to lock her in.

"Come on." he said grabbing Cyndi's hand & they left the room as the nurse began to scream pound on the door.

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PostSubject: Re: *Evil Deeds* NC-17 10-6-06 (Emfic) Newly updated   Sun Jun 07, 2009 1:15 am

damn thats good.
I wonder what they're gonna do now. With the cops everywhere.
And I hope marshall doesn't black out again with cindy near him... This story is really so much like 3am. Like it was the inspiration for that song. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: *Evil Deeds* NC-17 10-6-06 (Emfic) Newly updated   Wed Jun 24, 2009 11:17 am

Marshall dragged Cyndi towards the stairway as two police officers came through the doors. He stopped abruptly as they made eye contact with each other.
"Go back the other way." he whispered to Cyndi as the officers slowly drew their guns.
"Mr. Mathers..." one of the males replied cautiously as two bystanders saw Marshall trying to conceal the gun in his hand.
"Oh my God, he has a gun!! the young woman in her thirties screamed, causing a panic. The other innocent bystanders started screaming as they spotted the gun & began running & screaming, blocking the officers veiw of Marshall.

"Go!!" he shouted pushing Cyndi the other way, getting them mixed in with the crowd. He never wanted anything like this to happen & now he had Cyndi in danger. He had to make sure she got away safely.
He ran towards the open elevator that someone had just gotten off of & shoved Cyndi inside as he saw the two officers calling for help & closing in on him.
"What are you doing?!!" she screamed as he tried to turn & leave.
"Just leave Cyndi." he said staring her in the eyes with regret & fear.
"No!!" she screamed "Not without you." she cried clenching his hand tight as the officers got closer.

"Freeze!!" the shouted once more as Marshall snatched away from Cyndi & they saw the gun move uncontrollably. From the angle they were at it looked as if he were gonna open fire, so instead, they did.
Cyndi pulled Marshall into the elevator, risking her own life to save him just before the elevator closed.
"why'd you do that?!' he shouted as he held her in his arms and she groaned in pain. He looked down & saw a huge blood stain quickly easing thrugh her shirt.
"No!!" he shouted dropping the gun to the floor as he cradled her closer.
"Because I love you." she said in utter pain as he tried to stop her from bleeding. This was the exact thing he was afraid of. He'd nearly killed Liz & now Cyndi's blood was on his hands.

"hold on ok?' he asked as the elevator abruptly lost power & stopped.
"NO!!' he shouted layingher on the floor. the officers had cut the power in the elevator.
"Please open the doors!!' he shouted as he banged on the elevator doors. He wanted to get her help if that meant turning himself in. after a few minutes of banging, he dropped to the floor by her side.
" you gotta hold on ok?"
She just took a hallow breath as she clenched him tight.
"Please..." he cried as he held her tight until she closed her eyes."
"Don't leave me!!" he screamed.

"Don't leave me!!" Marshall shouted & Cyndi shook him. He jumped startled as he looked over to her.
"Baby, everything's ok." she said driving strait on the dark road. they'd been going for hours.
"You blacked out after we got in the car baby." she asured & he realized he'd willingly got in the elevator with her earlier that day. He didn't hassle her or try to leave her alone because she wouldn't allow it. They were driving 7 he had no idea where they were giong.

Leave feedback Please. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: *Evil Deeds* NC-17 10-6-06 (Emfic) Newly updated   Sat Aug 15, 2009 10:08 pm

Marshall opened his eyes to see he was still in the car & Cyndi was driving through straight darkness. He looked out his passenger side window & saw nothing but trees.
"Where are we?" he asked a bit groggily because he'd taken the a few of those pills he'd taken from the nurse at the hospital. They didn't seem to help the headaches at all, they just slowed him down & he ended up blacking out anyway. If anything, it seemed to make it worse.
"Toledo Ohio." she assured as she remembered seeing a sign. He looked over at her eager before asking,
"Where are we goin'?"
"Chicago." she replied as she gripped the steering wheel. "There's a cabin I brought there awhile ago."
"Can we stop over in Michigan to see Hailie?"
Cyndi looked over to him shocked at his request. With everything that was going on there was no way she was taking him there.
"I don't think that's a good idea." she protested.
"But Hai misses me--It would be quick."
"Marshall, if you hadn't noticed, you're a wanted man--" "I know but--"
"But nothing. Baby please trust me." she said sweetly & he sighed. "Fine."

He looked at her & saw she was exhausted. She'd been obviously driving for hours because it was nearly 5 in the morning & the sun was gonna be coming up soon. She looked at her gas hand & sighed.
"We're gonna have to fill up soon."
"Then I'll take over." he replied as he saw a sign for a rest stop. There was no way that he was letting her drive another minute witout resting.
"No way." she replied shaking her head. "Your headaches are getting worse."
"They're not." he protested angrily.

He didn't want her thinking he was weak because he wasn't. He was capable of taking care of her & himself, it was just the fact that he hadn't been given a fair chance. He always felt like that. Especially after the whole diasterous incident that happened a year ealier. Moving to that town was a horrible idea & even though he protested it, no one listened like always. The only good thing that came from the move was Cyndi. he'd of never met her if he hadn't. She was his dreamgirl. Ride or die & not all for herself like other girls he dated.
"Marshall, you don't have to keep things from me."
"I'm not ok? I admit that earlier my head was killing me but those pills helped. I'm better now."
That was only partially the truth. He'd blacked out again & things got jumbled around again, but now he was ok.
"So why'd you pass out?" she asked a bit sarcastically & he shot an angry glare at her.
"Can you please stop?"
"Ok." She yawned. "Sorry."
He looked over to her & sighed. "Baby, you're exhausted. Please just let me drive."
"Alright." She replied turnig off the highway because she could barely keep her eyes open anymore.
"Good." he replied as he rested his head back on the headrest. He had plans of his own.

Cyndi watched Marshall as he hustled in the rain to the convienent store to pay for the gas. It had begun to rain hard as she pulled into the gas station. She was already in the passenger seat and her eyes were heavy.
Marshall paid the gas attendant, then went to the other side of the store to buy somethings that he & Cyndi needed.
"Hey!!" he heard a male yell behind him & he gulped hard. He was wearing a hoodie & hope to hell no one would recognize him, but obviously not. He was waiting to here the word, "Freeze!!"
He turned around slowly to see the attending smiling like an idiot.
"I thought that was you!!" he laughed as he jumped over the counter & huustled over to Em.
"Hi my name is--" he stopped & pointed to Em who was totally clueless. After waiting for about a minute he replied.
"Come on dude you're supposed to say "Chikka Chikka Slim Shady!!". " he laughed.
"Ok--I gotta go." Marsh replied trying to leave as the four other girls noticed & he grew uncomfortable.
"No wait!! You gotta give me an autograph!!" he shouted as he grabbed a marker.
"I--I--" "Just sign my shirt!!"
Marshall sighed & pulled the top off before signing the guy's white tee.
"Ok, I gotta go."
He looked up to the tv screen as he walked off & saw his face flash with a criminal warning. He hustled outside & ran back to the car before hoppig in.

"Sweetheart I got you some food--" he started, but stopped as he saw she was asleep.
"Sweet dreams babygirl." he replied softly as he started the car & pulled off. He drove off the ramp & back onto the highway. He looked up to the street signs & saw Michigan. It was only an hour & a half away at the most.
He looked over at Cyndi then at the sign again. "I gotta go see mmy little girl." he mumbled turning on US 23 to get there.
"He kidnapped Cyndi & I want him found!!' Mike shouted getting out of his hospital bed.
"Sir he hasn't headed back to his house, but there was a body found there & we may have a lead." an officer replied.
Liz walked in & stared at Mike regretful.
"I know Marshall & if I know him well, I know where he's going."
"Well I hope you're right because I'm gonna bury him--especially if he hurts any hair on Cyndi's head." Mike warned.
"She trusts him, but I know different." Liz sighed. She felt horrible because she still loved him. "But he's off. If he has a blackout, he'll hurt her."

Dedicated to everyone who waited & is still waiting. Thanks 4 the support everyone. Please leave more feedback. I truly appreciate it. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: *Evil Deeds* NC-17 10-6-06 (Emfic) Newly updated   Tue Aug 18, 2009 8:37 pm

I updated this one as well any feedback?
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PostSubject: Re: *Evil Deeds* NC-17 10-6-06 (Emfic) Newly updated   Tue Aug 18, 2009 10:29 pm

it's amazing stuff as always
marshall shouldn't be so stupid he should've listened to cyndi
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PostSubject: Re: *Evil Deeds* NC-17 10-6-06 (Emfic) Newly updated   Sat Aug 22, 2009 6:05 am

Grrr... really... stupid Marsahll... stupid...

can't wait for more, too.
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PostSubject: Re: *Evil Deeds* NC-17 10-6-06 (Emfic) Newly updated   Thu Jul 01, 2010 4:13 am

Ugh, he's being stupid. And I wanna kill Mike!!! He's such a cunt!!!
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PostSubject: Re: *Evil Deeds* NC-17 10-6-06 (Emfic) Newly updated   Thu Jun 30, 2011 6:56 pm

I love this story please write along! cheers
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PostSubject: Re: *Evil Deeds* NC-17 10-6-06 (Emfic) Newly updated   Fri Jul 01, 2011 12:03 pm

Mel wrote:
I love this story please write along! cheers

Whoo havent worked on this one in ages either lol. I'll try n get an update up asap cheers Thanks 4 replying. I'm glad u love it
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PostSubject: Re: *Evil Deeds* NC-17 10-6-06 (Emfic) Newly updated   Sat Jul 30, 2011 2:41 am

The story is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Smile
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PostSubject: Re: *Evil Deeds* NC-17 10-6-06 (Emfic) Newly updated   Mon Aug 01, 2011 11:06 pm

Sorry 4 the delays but updates will be coming soon guys. Please bear with me cheers
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PostSubject: Re: *Evil Deeds* NC-17 10-6-06 (Emfic) Newly updated   Wed Oct 12, 2011 6:56 pm

I'm waiting for you to update, this story is really great!
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Mel wrote:
I'm waiting for you to update, this story is really great!

Thank u for your patience. I love you Sumtime today it will be up. U have my word. Twisted Evil
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Gripping the steering wheel tightly, Marshall let the last year of his life spin thru his head. He couldn’t believe the shit he’d been dealt, and more so couldn’t believe he was still standing.

Well, barely anyway.

Something Cyndi said had registered somewhere deep in that thick skull of his, but he ignored it. He was known to be stubborn at times and right now—this was one of those times. Not that this was a good time to be. He was on the run from the cops over something he was innocent for. Well, he hoped that was the truth because he had a shit load riding on it.

Looking over into the passenger’s seat, Cyndi was still sleeping peacefully. There was no doubt in his mind that she had been more than exhausted. So far, she had stuck to him like glue and he was grateful for that. Fact was he needed her to help hold him together because he was slowly falling apart. More like crumbling vastly. In the year that was his hell, she was his little slice of heaven and he dreaded losing her. Doubt crept over him because she was one of the main things he dreaded he’d lose if he had in fact been guilty of what they were accusing him of. Things were just so gray and black to him lately.

As much as he wanted to believe everything was peachy keen—it wasn’t.

His sanity was starting to slip from him slowly but surely. Blacking out and waking up in compromising positions had become his reality. Not to mention the fact that he was hallucinating more rapidly. Closing his eyes and taking in a breath, he contemplated whether or not this was truly a good idea. Pulling Cyndi with him was more than likely killing any lifestyle she had. Her reputation was more than likely ruined by now. He wished there was some way he could fix that.

Shaking the thoughts off, tried to stay as positive as possible.

His little girl.

A smile tugged at his lips as her image popped into his head. Seeing his little girl was something he’d wanted for a little over the past year. Even if it was only for a minute, just seeing her face would make him feel a little better. Taking another deep breath, he finally released the steering wheel that had now left imprints in his hands. This was it, he hadn’t gone against everything to turn around now, he was gonna walk up to the house and stay for a minute.

Only a minute.

Nothing more nothing less.

Getting out of the car, he headed up the dark walkway and told himself that things were gonna be ok.

I know its short and I'll add more but I posted it just in time lol with 5 mins 2 spare. cheers
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PostSubject: Re: *Evil Deeds* NC-17 10-6-06 (Emfic) Newly updated   Sat Oct 15, 2011 8:00 pm

Amazing update! cheers
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PostSubject: Re: *Evil Deeds* NC-17 10-6-06 (Emfic) Newly updated   Mon Nov 21, 2011 11:25 pm

can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very Happy<3
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PostSubject: Re: *Evil Deeds* NC-17 10-6-06 (Emfic) Newly updated   

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*Evil Deeds* NC-17 10-6-06 (Emfic) Newly updated
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