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 Obie Trice Speaks on New Music, Eminem and Proof

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PostSubject: Obie Trice Speaks on New Music, Eminem and Proof    Thu Sep 01, 2011 12:30 pm

Obie Trice Speaks on New Music, Eminem and Proof

Obie Trice talks love for Eminem, independent situation, Proof and losing his mother to cancerÖ

September 1, 2011 - 9:00 AM
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Itís been a tumultuous past few years for Obie Trice.

The former Shady Records MC was shot in the head on a Detroit expressway on December 31, 2005. Just four months later his good friend Proof was killed during an altercation outside a Detroit nightclub on 8 Mile Road. In 2008, his situation with Shady Records fizzled. Then this past July, approximately a year after launching his own Black Market Entertainment independent label, Obieís mother succumbed to breast cancer.

ďI been through a lot, man,Ē Trice told XXL. ďItís just been a long road.Ē

Thatís for sure. Yet, Obie is fighting through the turmoil with music, having recently released ďBattle Cry,Ē the first single off his Bottoms Up album due in stores January 17, 2012. Here, Obie talks to XXL about his independent situation, love and respect for Eminem, how the situation soured at Shady and losing his mom to cancer. óMark Lelinwalla

XXL: What is your current situation?

Obie Trice: Black Market Entertainment. Thatís my own label. Got the album, Bottoms Up on 1-17-12. Iím just ready to do my own thing, ready to go.

How do you feel about your independent situation and the music youíre about to present to listeners within months?

The independent thing, thatís what I wanted to do with this album. I wanted to run and own my own company and put artists out that are dope. Thatís what I plan to do. The music on Bottoms UpÖI think itís a great album. Itís a good look for me, my company and myself. ďBattle Cry,Ē my single is on iTunes, Amazon [August 23]. Iím really excited. Iím older, I been through a lot in this music industry and I like the album. I respect the album just as I do with [previous albums] Second Roundís On Me and Cheers also. I feel like this is a good look, a good comeback album.

Youíve been known as a lyrical MC. Is there anything on Bottoms Up thatís coming out of left field?

I think the people who know my music are going to appreciate it. Iím giving them good music. I got Dr. Dre production, Eminem is doing production and is also on a record with me, but itís basically me. Itís just good music that people could relate to.

You mentioned that Eminem has production on the album and is featured on songs with you?

ďNo Turning BackĒ is one and thereís another joint.

So, it could be two joints?

Or it could be more. It could be more. [Eminemís] my dude. You know how it goes. You just make music until itís time to hand it in.

When you talk to Em these days, does he give you advice about your independent situation or is it more on some kick it stuff?

Itís more of a kick-it type of situation. I spend nights at his crib, my daughter plays with his daughter. We got a more personal relationship than anything. For him to give me advice, though, I definitely will take it because youíre talking about someone who sold a lot of records despite his skin color. Heís still an animal with music. Heís still great at what he do. I appreciate Eminem forever for giving me an opportunity and making my name a brand and being able to do what I love. That has a lot to do with Marshall Mathers. The Jimmy Iovine thing and [fallout with Shady Records]ÖI missed Big Boyís show out in Cali, the Power show. I flew out to California and the A&Rs got me hanging tough in Cali. Iím coming from Detroit to California. Iím a little jet-lagged, but Iím still hanging, so I get in real early in the morning and I kind of barricaded myself in the room. They wanted me to get up and go to Big Boyís show at 7 in the morning and I just got in, so I didnít make it. Jimmy Iovine really had an issue with that and he didnít want to further my situation. When you fresh out the hood, they donít have no artist development or no shit like that. Not to say that you need itóbecause I should have been on my j-o-bóbut thereís two ways to look at the situation. So, I had to do what I had to do with Black Market Entertainment. I still got my loved one Em, I still got my loved one Dre. Everybody still fuck with me. Itís just a business decision that Jimmy made.

Obie Trice Speaks on New Music, Eminem and Proof

Obie Trice talks love for Eminem, independent situation, Proof and losing his mother to cancerÖ

September 1, 2011 - 9:00 AM
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Right. Youíre a Detroit cat through and through. How do you feel about Royce da 5í9″ and Em squashing their beef and putting out that successful EP?

Iím a big fan of Slaughterhouse and Iím a big fan of Royce. I always been a fan of Royce. Royce is a lyrical dude and itís good that people could go through things and get back with each other because a majority of times that doesnít happen. Itís been a long time since they havenít been with each other, so things have been swept underneath the rug, I assume, and they back. I think they make a great duo together. The chemistry between Royce and Em is dope. Itís always good to see a brother from the city do his thing. Royce always been dope and put out good music. Him and Preemo. Iím a big fan of Preemo. Iím a big fan of his. Iím happy that he squashed the situation and is able to move on.

How do you feel about the moves Em is making with Shady 2.0?

Itís a business. They want to have a successful situation like they had in the past. They got to continue to grow and continue to blossom. I like the situation thatís going on over there and I wish the best for everyone at Shady 2.0. I think all the people there got a vision in store for the label and Eminem being one of the biggest artists in the industryÖhe wants to make stars, not just him. He wants someone to be able to say, Come get on my G4, G5 [Jet] today. I believe thatís a good look to mold people into superstars when you already have seniority in the game, that ambition and drive and youíre already a successful person.

Thereís a kid by the name of Danny Brown out of Detroit who is generating buzz. You familiar with him?

Yeah, Iím familiar with the name. Iím familiar with some of his music, but I donít know him personally. I think Danny is dope. I think Danny is a good artist, man. Thereís a lot of artists here.

The NFL season is about to kick off. People are actually high on your Detroit Lions for a change [Laughing].

[Laughing]. We want them to handle their business. Iím thinking 8-8 and they could slide in the playoffs. Iím hoping they could do an 8-8 and get in the playoffs this year. We revised our team over here and only time will tell. I wish I was clarvoyent to be able to say what the end results areÖthen all of us could go to Vegas.

Tell me a little more about ďBattle Cry.Ē

This is the first single from my hiatus. The song is about keeping it moving no matter what situation youíre in. Sometimes we get stagnated because we take so many blows. We get knocked into the turnbuckle and we donít get up from that. A lot of us, I donít care who you are, have these problems. Theyíre trying to cut off welfare here [in Detroit] October 1st. A lot of our rich brothers donít understand. They probably donít care and say, Yeah cut them off. But for a lot of these people thereís nothing left to do, but go out and commit crimes. Some of these people are not capable of holding down a job. These things arenít for everybody. A lot of people arenít living in these areas where thereís victims of these types of circumstance. Some people live a better life.

Youíre no stranger to struggle. Youíve been through a lot the past few years alone.

I lost Proof, I almost got killed. Proof got murdered a couple of months after I got shot in the head. Yeah and I just lost my mother to breast cancer July 13. My little lady, you know what Iím saying. She was at my label launch party last year and that was in May. A couple of months later she got a lump. This was a woman who raised three boys, worked all her life, real high on tardiness and punctuality. I could come home with all Fs, as long as I was in school. She was a real hardworking, strong woman and to see her deteriorate like that within a year, that was detrimental to me. It spread so rapidly. It went to her liver, her stomach, bones and lungs. She couldnít take chemotherapy. She knew that I was planning to put my record out. She was just too sick to be part of it, so that brought me down. She was about to be 67 years old, which is extremely young and she got her mammograms every year all her life. She worked for Chrysler for 41 years and missed 30 days out of 41 years. She worked for the plant. A real strong individual. So, to lose her, it took something from me. Iíve done breast cancer walks and done all the breast cancer things. I tell young ladies, Fuck your titties, touch your titties. I donít know if you lost your motheróI donít care who she is, a crackhead, rich, stubborn, an assholeÖyou only get one motheróso, that put some weight on me a little bit. If you recall, on Cheers, I dedicated a song to her called ďDonít Come DownĒ and shot a video for that and that was about all the knucklehead shit a young guy goes through, puts his family through and mother through. No pop around. I gave her that a long time ago. I want to do a song for her this album, but Iím struggling with that at the moment. The words just wonít come out now. Hopefully by 1-17-12, I been done it. I just canít find those words right now.

One day you might be able to.

One day I might be able toÖor I might not.
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Obie Trice Speaks on New Music, Eminem and Proof
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