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 Had A Dream I Was King. I Woke Up, Still King.”

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PostSubject: Had A Dream I Was King. I Woke Up, Still King.”   Wed Sep 07, 2011 1:33 pm

Zuck’s New Favorite Song Lyric: “Had A Dream I Was King. I Woke Up, Still King.”

Days after headlining Vanity Fair’s “New Establishment” list for the second year in a row, Facebook CEO and TIME Person of the Year Mark Zuckerberg has updated his Facebook status with the following somewhat Machiavellian Eminem song lyric, “Had a dream I was king. I woke up, still king” to which he adds the commentary “Favorite lyric in awhile.”

Okay okay, so Zuckerberg probably doesn’t mean the update in the obvious, personal, way … But still the association is interesting, as at this point there’s little contesting as to whether the Facebook founder is the king of social networking and maybe even the Internet.

While we already know from his public Spotify profile that Zuck <3s Green Day and Lady Gaga, the song referenced here is bolder (and more curse word-filled) fare, a collaboration between Eminem, Bruno Mars and Royce da 5’9″ off the EP Hell: The Sequel.

Eminem’s entire verse is a spurious message to haters, the rapper’s bravado coming through in statements like “This rap game’s… mine for the milking” and at the verse’s end, “‘So let them… raise cause I came with 5’9” but I feel like i’m 6’8.’”

Fun fact: According to the Internet, Zuckerberg himself is also around 5’9.” “Lighters” lyrics and music video below.
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Had A Dream I Was King. I Woke Up, Still King.”
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