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 UK-based rapper Hard Kaur with her new album featuring Eminem

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PostSubject: UK-based rapper Hard Kaur with her new album featuring Eminem   Tue Sep 27, 2011 10:06 am

Ready with her new album featuring Eminem, UK-based rapper Hard Kaur is now eyeing Bollywood

She rapped her way through the film Patiala House and made people groove with Party Abhi Baki Hai. The city witnessed Hard Kaur in action on Sunday as she performed at the Tuborg Strong Fungama Nights at Lakshmi Lawns, Magarpatta City. She rocked the stage and the resounding applause only made her, admittedly, more humble. Attributing her achievements to her mother's support, she said, "Her push is like a tonic for me. It refuels me.”

From the docile two-plaited Taran Kaur Dhillon to the tough female rapper Hard Kaur, she has been a struggler. When she moved to Birmingham as a child, life changed for her. “England taught me to fight for myself,” says she. Kaur recollects her ordeals in 1991. “I could never fit into the British Asian community. I felt like I had landed on an alien planet. Since I couldn't slot myself with the other girls, I hung out with my black peers instead. In fact, I received my first education of hip-hop from them. It was all about realism and thus I penned down my own tales of resistance,” she reveals, adding, “It's rather strange when rap lyrics are written by anyone but the singer. Rap goes beyond ‘love and party.’ It is about introspection and the journey of life.”
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UK-based rapper Hard Kaur with her new album featuring Eminem
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