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 The Real Slim Shady is Standing Up

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PostSubject: The Real Slim Shady is Standing Up   Wed Nov 02, 2011 10:50 am

From 1995 to 2004, there was not an artist that had broken more barriers than Eminem.

But, in 2005, Marshall "Eminem" Mathers spiraled out of control and into a place that he did not want to be. He was turning into a drug addict, a topic he rapped about frequently, but something he never thought he would truly become.

Mathers checked himself into rehab that year and over the next three years, went through hell and back. His best friend and hype man, Proof, was gunned down in a Detroit nightclub, only increasing Eminem's desire for prescription drugs, such as Vicodin and Valium.

In 2007, he overdosed, but this marked the last time, to date, that Eminem has used prescription pills. Since then, he has tried making his way back into the spotlight.

According to Nielsen SoundScan, Eminem has sold tens of millions of albums worldwide, making him the best selling artist of the decade. He has won nine Grammy Awards and his critically acclaimed album, "The Marshall Mathers LP," was the fastest-selling solo album in United State's history.

Ever since Mathers brought his drug addiction to an end, he has been trying to reclaim his spot as the king of rap. His first order of business was his first album after becoming sober, "Relapse."

Armed with insane wordplay, brilliant metaphors and thumping production from long-time producer and mentor Dr. Dre, fans thought this would be the album that brought Eminem back to the top. However, due to something different about Mathers' delivery and flow, this didn't turn out to be the album fans were anticipating.

He started using an accent, which made all of his songs have an odd feel to them. This was clearly not the way Mathers wanted to make his comeback, but it was a start.

In 2010, Eminem decided to take a different approach to his music. He wanted to show fans that he was still serious about his art, so he released the song "Not Afraid." The track stands out because it is the only first single off of an Eminem album that is not satirical.

Mathers goes all in on the record, rapping about his drug addiction and even his last album, "In fact, let's be honest/That last Relapse CD was ehh/Perhaps I ran them accents into the ground."

This was the song fans had been waiting for and in that same year, Eminem released his seventh studio album, "Recovery." The album received rave reviews from critics, but it was the fans that were the most satisfied. Gone was the accent and violent lyrics and in came flashes of the old Eminem.

The album went on to sell more than five million copies and won the Grammy for Best Rap Album. This was the Eminem we all knew and loved.

Mathers has been struggling to find himself for over four years. But now that he is back on top of the pedestal, people often wonder what his impact has been on music. Is he the greatest rapper of all time?

"There will never be another Eminem. What he came from, his skin color, his attitude, the way the media attacked him, and he still did his thing. The insanity, there won't be another Eminem," said Micah Bailey, a freshman.

Bailey said that Eminem will always be one of his favorite rappers and he does not believe rap music would be the same without him.

"Would golf be the same without Tiger Woods?" Bailey asked.

"Most rappers will list off their most influential rappers, and he is on there. He has certainly had an influence on my life."

Joseph Romano, a freshman, would even go so far as to say that Eminem is the greatest rapper of all time.

"When he dies, people will appreciate what he did. No rapper has ever had his lyrical ability combined with his brilliant story telling," Romano said.

No matter what way you look at it, Marshall Mathers is back on his game. He is certainly not afraid anymore, and the real Slim Shady has stood up.
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The Real Slim Shady is Standing Up
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