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 Eminem Facing $9Million Lawsuit From Homeless Man

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PostSubject: Eminem Facing $9Million Lawsuit From Homeless Man   Tue Feb 21, 2012 11:30 am

Stephen Lee Pieck claims Em stole his idea for Chrysler's Born Of Fire ad...
12:35, Friday, 3 February 2012

Eminem is reportedly facing a $9million lawsuit from a homeless man over claims that Em copied his idea for the Born Of Fire advert he filmed for car company, Chrysler.

According to, a man known as Stephen Lee Pieck - who states his address as homeless - has filed the suit against the Not Afraid rapper, claiming he stole his idea for the commercial.

Pieck claims he was having dinner with Christina Aguilera and her former hubby Jordan Bratman at the Legal Seafood restaurant in While Plains New York on 9th September 2010 when Xtina called Eminem.

He says that the Dirrty singer then passed over her mobile where he gave Em - real name Marshall Mathers - the idea for the Born Of Fire ad, which was debuted during last year's Super Bowl.

The website says that Pieck wrote in his lawsuit: "I want the court to reward me a judgment in the amount of $9 million.

"I designed every aspect of the commercial and the commercial was stolen from me. In addition, I did not receive compensation in monetary terms for the work I did."

What do we think of this lol?

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Eminem Facing $9Million Lawsuit From Homeless Man
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