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 Harry Potter And The Return Of The Dark Lord

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PostSubject: Harry Potter And The Return Of The Dark Lord   Fri Mar 09, 2012 12:40 pm

Disclaimer: Harry Potter is the property of JK Rowling. I mean no disrespect to her or her work. I am merely doing this for my own satisfaction.

I had tried writing this story a while ago, but it wasn't going the way I wanted so I deleted and then changed the story, but kept the same plot.


It is set a year after the Battle of Hogwarts, and it will mainly show people's reactions and expressions to the one year anniversary, but there is a major plot brewing as someone has the power to create a potion that will bring someone so evil back to life. So I hope you enjoy it, and hope to see all sorts of criticisms and feedback as it will be able to help me improve the standards of my work.

Harry Potter And The Return Of The Dark Lord

Chapter One

The Lovegood House

Ottery St. Catchpole, England, May 2nd- Midnight

The full, large and wide pale moon was high up in the blackened and darkened midnight sky. The moon glowed extremely dim, a large, cream and circular disc suspended in the darkened sky. The harsh moonlight trickled down from the looming abyss of blackness, illuminating and glowing directly onto the windowsill as it leached colour from all it touched. It casted a pale and sliver organza veil over the darkness and blackness, shimmering and dancing brightly and vibrantly.

The full moon had instantly cast slivery shadows onto the countryside of Ottery St. Catchpole, England as it had been raining continuously for the past fortnight. It was supposed to be summer, beautiful, glorious and wondrous ray of sunshine but it had only been rain, thunder and lightning which can be extremely depressing and overwhelming. A light patter of rain had started to gently thunder against the window, streaming down the glass as the raindrops gradually increased.

Luna Lovegood was wide wake, and she was the only occupant left inside her chess piece shaped home. She sat impatiently at her wooden desk, lonely, cold and distraught as she had not seen her father in almost a year. She had waited and waited, but the officials at the Ministry Of Magic have no idea about his current whereabouts. Her untidy and dirty blonde hair flowed down her back and reached her waist, eyebrows arched until they eventually reached the crinkle in her forehead as she was also wearing her familiar radish earrings.

She had just recently attended the magnificent and spectacular one year anniversary celebration at Godric's Hollow, she also mingled and celebrated with her friends, teachers and professors but she quickly returned to her house to sulk in the comfort of her home after the celebration had ended with a large firework display. Luna sat impatiently at her wooden desk; she was still wearing her long and yellow flowery dress that came just above her knees. She could feel the strong and harsh coldness brush against the nakedness of her exposed legs like a softly ghostly hand, she shuddered and shook her entire body and proceeded to wrap her arms around herself.

Luna was amazed and mesmerized, watching the heavy and large raindrops crash menacingly against the window, she was wondering how such a loud, thunderous and violent act could be able to produce a sound that was so incredibly and tranquil sound to her. She found the weather quite wonderful and beautiful; she still had a strange feeling that something so horrible could be taking place at the exact same moment when everyone else was celebrating.

"I'm so lonely," Luna whispered and murmured tearfully, mumbling underneath her breath as she gently rocked herself back and forth. "Nobody's ever going to love me."

She rocked herself back and forth like a sobbing infant, tears streaming down her face which were smudging her mascara in streaks. She allowed a loud, heartbreaking and strained sob to escape her mouth and enter the bedroom air. She had no family, nobody to look after her as her mother died when she young and her father has disappeared to an unknown location. She thought the worst, but the thoughts of her father's safe return had erased and overpowered the negatives thoughts and sensations. After she returned home, she said a little prayer for all those lives that were lost due to Lord Voldemort's reign of terror, his brutal and terrifying force that ultimately spanned a considerable amount of time, finally ending on May 2nd 1998 after a vicious and dangerous battle that happened a year ago today.

"It's no wonder boys aren't even remotely interested in me," Luna admitted, judging her glum and haggard appearance as she looked at the hanging mirror which was located in front of her as she stared at the large and strikingly dark circles underneath her eyes. "I'm ugly, ugly and there's nothing pretty about me."

She was holding, squeezing her fingers tightly around the framed photograph of her and her mother. It was the only thing that could have comforted her in this cold, lonely and upsetting moment. She had become quite distant, allowing herself to be isolated from nearly everyone that she had become close to her.

She was seriously disturbed and affected by the results of what happened in the Malfoy Manor, shocked and stunned by the Battle of Hogwarts as she watched friends, students and teachers die right in front of her very own eyes. The aftermath tore her apart; she immediately changed from the girl that she used to be. She used to be this dreamy girl, but he drastically changed into something else and is now much different compared to how sweet, innocent and carefree she used to be.

She squeaked as the thunder boomed and echoed through the darkened sky, flashes of lightning shot across the blackened sky and illuminated it with each bright flash. Luna lazily stood up, pushing the wooden chair underneath the large and beautifully constructed and decorated mahogany table. She sighed deeply, smoothing a hand down her flat stomach, whimpering as she wrapped her slender arms around her waist.

She shook her head, peeling her clothes away from her aching and throbbing skin, and has already created a messy and crumpled pile of clothes at the bottom of her feet. Luna casually trotted over toward the chest of drawers, pulling out a thin nightgown which she then quickly put on. She felt sadness and guilt gnawing at the surface of her skin,

The war between good and evil was finally over, but Voldemort's reign of terror was still currently on everyone's mind, or at least Luna's as she was still painfully reminiscing about her rescue from the home that held the axis of evil and she couldn't imagine how life would get any better for her. She was frequently haunted by the events that had taken place during her imprisonment at the Malfoy Manor, and mainly things and events that she swore she would never tell another living soul and father vanished after he was wrongly imprisoned for failing in his attempt to ensnare and capture Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger.

She clambered onto her bed, ducking and snaking underneath the bedcovers as the crack of thunder echoed loudly and menacingly overhead. Luna squeaked with fright and terror, shaking and shuddering as lightening tore across the blackened sky again. Luna's hand slid into her hair, her eyes closing tightly around her hair as she buried her face against her quivering and trembling knees. Goosebumps suddenly and quickly erupted over her skin and Luna shivered violently, she remembered crawling into her bed with her parents when she was a little and it was a violent and stormy night, but when she was older she used to cower under her duvet and squeeze her teddy bear tightly. Smiling warmly as she lifted the same teddy bear off her nightstand and cuddled him extremely close to her chest.

She tossed and turned roughly, staring up at the pale blue painted ceiling as the flashes of bright, harsh and white lightning illuminated the darkened bedroom. Luna buried her head into her pillow, whimpering and sobbing hysterically as pain and suffering coursed through her heart and mind as she remembered the disgusting and disturbing atrocities that happened in the Malfoy Manor. She had seen, endured and witnessed so many terrible and horrifying things that will permanently etch a mental scar into her brain. She was scarred by everything that had happened; she knew that she would never be able to have a peaceful and quiet life. A dull and harsh pain was developing in her head, she was shifting and wincing with displeasure as it felt as if her head was going to soon explode into nothing.

Luna was fast asleep, tossing and turning as she whimpered tearfully, sobbing in her sleep as she was enduring another nightmare. She tossed and turned, legs thrashing violently against the bed as if she was desperately trying to escape from someone who was chasing her. She whimpered, moaned and groaned as kicked and thrashed her legs against the bed.


"Hello Luna," that cold voice greeted Luna with a small smile of excitement and satisfaction, and the face was whiter than a skull, grinning and smiling with wide, livid scarlet eyes and a nose that was flat as a snake and he also with slits for nostrils. "You aren't pretty, but you'll do for my services that I require."

Luna was huddled in the corner of the room, rocking backwards and forwards as she looked up to the figure of nothing but terror. Lord Voldemort was standing in front of her in a hooded cloak, gripping his wand tightly as he pointed it directly at Luna. He smiled mischievously, grinning uncontrollably as mouth let out a hiss.

"Why are you crying Luna Lovegood?" Voldemort questioned her in a extremely taunting and babyish voices that send shivers down Luna's spine. "Please answer. I would like you to answer me, so what's it going to be?"

Voldemort had quickly raised his wand before Luna had even spoke or said anything, and before Luna could say anything she was once again hit by the Cruciatus Curse which was excruciatingly difficult for Luna's body to take as she screamed loudly. She had never experienced pain like before, it felt different than the first time she endured the spell. It was agonizing, her eyes widened until they point they are almost bugling out of her sockets. Luna thought she would never endure pain like this before; her skin and bones were on fire and it felt as if her head was exploding from inside as the pressure was beginning to reach its maximum capacity. Her skin seared and burned painfully, she shook violently and it was so intense that she hardly knew as everything became a large and distorted as screamed until she slipped into a state of unconsciousness.

-Ottery St. Catchpole, England, May 3rd- Morning

Luna's eyes lethargically fluttered open, squinting and narrowing her eyes to adjust her to the sunlight which she hadn't seen in almost two weeks. She was surprised and amazed at the sunlight fluttering into her bedroom through her pink curtains, warming every single inch of her bedroom. She yawned loudly and exhaustingly, staring at the five handmade and beautiful drawings of her friends, and they were the only students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry who were close to her, looked after and barely mocked and taunted her like the other students did. She felt cocooned underneath the warmth of the bedcovers, too tired to even move as she awake after being aroused by her terrible and haunting nightmare.

Even though she wanted to, she knew that she couldn't stay in the bed for the rest of the morning, grumbling dishearteningly as she knew that would have to get up to ear or go to the toilet. She flung the bedcovers backwards, sweating profusely as her nightgown was sticking slickly to her skin. She slowly and dazedly began to clamber out of the bed, straightening herself as she casually and unhurriedly trotted over to the mirror to look at her own glum and haggard reflection. She stared at herself, unable to recognize the pale faced teenager that stood before and reflected the mirror. She smoothed a hand down her cheek, brushing her fingertips across the large and dark circles that were forming underneath her eyes.

She raked a firm hand through her hair, forcing herself to smile as she left the bedroom and slammed the door shut with so much force. She quickly hurried herself down the staircase, stopping abruptly as she came to the wooden front door of her house, staring down at the letter which was addressed to herself. She raised her eyebrows quizzically, and then picked it up and tore into the magnolia colored envelope and pulled out the thin and rich paper, and then proceeding to read the contents of the letter that was addressed to herself.

Dear Luna Estrella Lovegood

I am writing to apologize for the recent behavior of the Ministry of Magic; I'm deeply saddened to say that we have not been able to locate your father's current whereabouts. I can tell help us. I wish there was something that we could for you, I'm so sorry that you must go through his horrible ordeal of waiting. I wish you all the best and I hope you exceed in all your lessons at school. I sincerely hope that you complete your final year you. I can tell you that we are doing our hardest to retrieve him, but as for there are no leads and information that can at followed at this current moment in time. I was pleasantly surprised and glad to see you at the celebrations last night, I was glad that you come and I hope that we can find your father for you.

Yours faithfully

Minster for Magic Kingsley Shacklebolt

She could feel a large amount of tears trickling down her cheeks, tears of sadness and unhappiness flowing down her cheeks like a stream. A small smile tugged at the side of her mouth, she smiled happily as she smoothed and traced her hand over the thin and rich paper. She knew that it wasn't their fault and they were doing their hardest that they could try.

She had become the permanent editor of The Quibbler, following the disappearance of Xenophilius Lovegood as he had vanished from the face of the earth after being falsely imprisoned in Azkaban when the Ministry of Magic was underneath Lord Voldemort's reign of sheer and brutal terror. She had become a stronger and extremely different female, unfazed by the constant abuse and bullying that she faced and endured at school. She was dreading going back to school in September, she knew that it would be a difficult and painful step to arrive at the place where all the terror and evil had ended.

Luna turned on her heel, moving through the house quite dazedly and sluggishly as he held the letter and envelope close to her chest as she reached the kitchen. Every single room in the house was bleak, empty and the sign of loneliness is also filling every single room in Luna's house. She sighed deeply, wiping the tear that was streaking down her cheek. She slumped at the kitchen table, collapsing into the chair as she felt a hard and painful clenching in her chest as she turned away from the position that she was staring at, the sunlight was burning against the nape of her neck. She stared in front of here, staring absentmindedly at the leather bound photo album that was in front of her.

She picked the leather bound photo album, sadly and painfully flickering through her family photo album as she stared at the pleasant pictures and forced a little smile to appear on her face. Her complexion immediately brightened as she stared at the photographs of her family and friends who she cherished with all her heart. She knew that she would probably have to live without her father; her father wasn't coming back to her as he was probably missing or even dead which she shuddered at the thought as she didn't even what to think the worst.

She was worried that there could be still Death Eaters hiding somewhere, secretly forming a well devised plan for another rebellion but without the strength and skill for their fallen leader. She knew that some had been rounded up, but not all as Luna has strongly stated and speculated that they had fled into hiding or left for another country. She was extremely frightened for her own safety, knowing that anything could happen in less than second as there are still Death Eaters hanging and hiding around while trying to evade capture.

She was always thinking about the Malfoy Manor, Shell Cottage, Dobby who died while saving and protecting Harry Potter's friends. She was at his funeral, and she felt saddened even though she hardly knew him. She fought in the Battle Of Hogwarts, the worst thing she had ever endured as she was nearly killed until Molly Weasley stepped and protected Hermione Granger, her own daughter and Luna by killing Bellatrix, one of the most loyal and feared servants of Lord Voldemort.

She stood on the patch of countryside, feeling the heat from the morning sunlight which was scorching and burning against the nape of her neck. She was now wearing baggy trousers and a t-shirt; she stared at the large and wide sun which was hovering just above the horizon. She stared at the large, blue and beautiful cloudless sky which seemed and appeared to travel endlessly.

It was one of the hottest days of the summer; Luna thought that it couldn't get any hotter as the thought about the temperature the longer she stood out. Her skin was searing and burning with the sunlight as it scorched against her exposed and bare skin. She was pained, emotionally and physically shattered as it was only a year today that she attended the funeral Fred Weasley where she watched painfully as George Weasley collapsed in front of everyone until he had to be apperated back to his family home.

She cried at the funeral, she had liked Fred Weasley and enjoyed his company while attending lessons for Dumbledore's Army. She liked his brilliant humour, bravery and good nature as they he was one of the people who never bullied and ridicule but was extremely saddened to see and hear that he died. He died, but he died fighting to make the whole world a better place for future generations. Remus Lupin, Nymphadora Tonks, Colin Creevey, Severus Snape and fifty others while Lavender Brown who was still in a coma after being brutally attacked by Fenrir Grayback.

-Chapter Two Preview-

I know there wasn't much talking in that chapter, but there will be talking in the next chapter so please bear with me. It will mainly Draco, Astoria and Narcissa's life after the war, and Lucius will be absent until the third chapter.

A/N: This story will hopefully be a large and epic fanfiction; I just have the ideas in my head so I don't know how many chapters I am going to end up with.

Spelling/Grammar Errors: If there are any, please either send me a private message or an email and I will correct them in the rewrite.
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PostSubject: Re: Harry Potter And The Return Of The Dark Lord   Fri Mar 09, 2012 12:43 pm

Disclaimer: Harry Potter is the property of JK Rowling. I mean no disrespect to her or her work. I am merely doing this for my own satisfaction.

This chapter will contain a small amount of swearing and talks and about rape.

Harry Potter The Return Of The Dark Lord

-Chapter Two-

The Malfoy Manor

The moon as large, wide and extremely pale as it hovered endlessly in the cold, unbearable and darkened sky. The glare of the moonlight was giving off a bright, harsh and pale luminous glare shimmered and glimmered across the wide-open countryside and was partially illuminating the fields, reflecting which were drenched and soaked in a large amount of dirty rainwater.

A large collection of stars were shining and glimmering brightly and vibrantly, shimmering with the light and glare of the strong and pale moonlight. The countryside is almost quiet, and the only sound that could be heard and deciphered was the sounds of the crickets chirping and owls hooting.

The large, beautiful and magnificent oak trees were swishing and swaying in time with the strong midnight wind. The moonlight shone and gleamed onto the surface of the window, moonlight and stars were also glowing down onto the surroundings and bearings and they were also twinkling in the reflection of puddles and pools of water which have covered the countryside.

Draco Malfoy is stood at his bedroom window, staring at his reflected pale, glum and haggard appearance which has now deeply alarmed and disturbed him emotionally as well. His complexion has become ever paler than before, nervous and anxious about his appearance as his slick, sleek white blonde hair shone underneath the glare of the moonlight.

He is slender adult man, cold grey eyes and rather sharp and pointed facial features. His hand rested on the window, feeling the coldness and numbness touch the palms of his hands as he continued to move his hand up and down and is now breathing heavily and erratically as his cold breath formed and appeared onto the window.

He stared out at the countryside trees and riverbanks, the sprawling wet, drenched and soaked lawns of the Malfoy Manor's gardens, and his proud home which over the eighteen years has come to enjoy, gloating in his own smugness as others do not have the comfort of living in a large and lavish manor, having a wealthy family who have acquired a vast amount of money over the generations and generations.

The large and handsome manor grew out of the pitch-black darkness and is possibly the grandest manor in the countryside of Wiltshire, England. A single light glimmered and glinted in the diamond-paned of the third floor window. The garden was extremely and exceedingly large, immaculate and grass and bushes and hedges have been trimmed neatly to perfection.

The entire Malfoy Manor is surrounded by large, elegant gardens, including a large, wide and golden fountain which is surrounded by a curved and circular driveway. The fountain is extremely lavish, wonderful with water pouring and spraying out a ferocious and open looking snake's mouth. The Malfoy Manor is currently occupying four permanent residents, while House Elves, maids an chefs who serve their every need and desire and they live across the sprawling field, and they are living the servant quarters which are located and situated a large distant away from the Malfoy Manor.

Every single diamond-paned window glowed and sparkled, each of the windows were glittering with a mixture of green and sliver. The bright light is emitting from a study room, curtains closed and window shut as the occupant wants to be alone, closed off without any distractions to disturb and distract the person from his work. A lone and darkened figure stood upright in front of the study room, taking the form of a tall man, and his is silhouette cast against the window and closed curtains. He is standing with his back to the window, scratching his head thoughtfully and furiously as he continued to stand in front of the study room window.

Draco sighed, breathing heavily and erratically as his mind was unwillingly flooded and invaded by images, scenes and visions of something that only took place a year ago, and he is horrified and emotionally distraught by the scenes. He was forced to endure, witness and encounter the most horrific, sickening and disturbing things that he has ever seen, forced to torture and sexually abuse Luna Lovegood, fighting while watching his best, good and close friend die in the process of the Battle of Hogwarts which shocked and rocked the Wizarding World. He has never been the same, physically and emotionally sensing and seeing that he is gradually and slowly becoming mentally unstable. His friends, family and girlfriend can see his health declining and deteriorating into nothing and they are desperately and frantically trying to help him, give him advice or at least get him to see a therapist.

Draco is extremely and quite disgusted with his actions, life and consequences. He is wishing that he could change the past, change his way of life and physically stop himself from ever doing anything so horrific and sickening. He beat, abused, raped and forced himself onto her as he took her virginity from her. The only reason that Draco has not served a sentence at Azkaban is that Luna Lovegood has refused to tell anyone, lying to anyone about her time in the Malfoy Manor and has only stated that she was abused and beaten by her torturous.

He had started to suffer from insomnia, suffering from the lack of sleep which is evident by the large and dark circles underneath his eyes, striking and alarming. His weight had dropped rapidly and drastically, becoming even more skinny and is now looking malnourished and unhealthy. His brain, mind and memories are filled with Luna's desperate and pleading face, eyes swimming with a large amount of tears as he continued to pounce on her aggressively and sexually. Basically, he was forced by Death Eaters and Lord Voldemort, and he would rather abuse and rape someone than die, die a painful, slow and unbearable death.

Astoria Greengass was lying down on the four-poster bed that had four vertical columns, one in each corner and that the columns were covered by a large and decorative snake that was circling around the circumference. Her shadow, silhouette was casted against the closed decorative fabric which is draped across the upper space between the four vertical columns. She murmured into her pillow, her long and flowing blonde hair was splayed across the pillows as she tossed and turned in her sleep. She grasped the bed sheets tightly with her light, almost pale hands and fingers, whimpering and whispering softly as she reached out to touch, hug and grasp her boyfriend.

Her eyes fluttered and opened quite quickly, scanning and searching for Draco who normally and usually slept and laid next to her, and she would rest and nuzzle her head affectionately into his shoulder. Her vision was blurred and distorted, unable to see in front of her as her hand reached out, reaching and trying to grasp anything that was near her.

"Sweetie," Astoria softly and nervously whimpered as he wiped her tired and exhausted eyes, and she bolted upright as she flung the closed curtains backwards. "Is there something troubling you?"

Draco had remained stood in front of the bedroom window, only wearing his pyjama bottoms and his pale naked and exposed skin is glowing, illuminated by the moonlight. He is holding a large bottle of Firewhiskey in his pale, numb and shaking hand, and a strong burning sensation is traveling down his throat, shuddering and massaging his throat firmly as he continued to lift the shining bottle of Firewhiskey, watching the liquid shine. He groaned, moaning in content and satisfaction as the Firewhiskey worked, tingling and burning his throat as he continued to gulp the alcoholic content down quite quickly and rapidly.

Astoria sat at the edge of the bed, pulling the bed sheets toward her chest and neck as she begins and proceeds to cover her naked and exposed chest, stomach and breasts. Her eyes are focused on Draco's still and quiet figure as he strongly refused to even turn around and acknowledge his caring, innocent and carefree girlfriend who has been deeply worried and concerned by her boyfriend's expressions, mannerisms and erratic behaviour which deeply disturbing and distressing for her.

"Sweetie is there something bothering you? Please I don't want you to be upset," Astoria spoke in a soft and almost whisper. "You do know that you can talk to me about anything. "So what's bothering you sweetie?"

Draco's eyes were swimming with a large amount of tears, tears of sadness and unhappiness flowing down his cheeks. He could feel his limbs aching and throbbing, rubbing and massaging his skin as a horrible and sickening physical sensation washed over his body, face and expression which are quite altered as he gritted discomfort and displeasure.

He has been standing at the bedroom window for the past twenty and thirty minutes, drinking himself into a drunken and bitter stupor. He clutched the bottle, slouching a little bit as he is becoming intoxicated, and is already losing control of his balance, speech and eyesight as the alcoholic content continued to work and travel through his system, causing a tingling and burning sensation in his throat which has now entered his lungs.

Draco shuddered and shivered loudly and violently as he felt Astoria's arms and hands wrap around his midsection, her cold breath blowing against as she softly trailed her kisses up is back, reaching as she firmly touched him.

"I was just thinking, I was just thinking about something," Draco softly murmured, moaning and groaning as he was now enjoying the soft and delicate kisses that Astoria is giving. "I was just thinking about something so special, something delicate and wondrous."

"So what were you thinking about?" Astoria sweetly and innocently whispered softly in his ear, nibbling affectionately and tenderly on his earlobe. "Is there something that you want to share with me?"

"Us," Draco admitted softly, feeling the coldness and numbness touch his cheeks and naked midsection. "I was thinking about us, everything that's going to happen in the future."

Draco pivoted on the spot, turning to finally stare and look into Astoria's eyes, standing in front of each other as he studied and judged her facial expressions and body language. Draco placed his hand on the windowsill, gently and lightly resting his hand on the white surface, feeling the cracks and dents of the windowsill. He leant backwards, slouching and slumping against the wall and windowsill as he rested his head on the cold surface of the window.

"I was just thinking, thinking that I would like to start a family with you," Draco stuttered, mumbling and muttering like a bumbling fool as he scratched his head nervously. "I would like to start a family with you because I love you so much."

Astoria's face beamed and gleamed vibrantly, her eyes were glittering with tears as her blue crystal eyes are now flickering and fluttering with pure and raw emotion.

"You really want to?" Astoria questioned Draco, her heart leaping and lurching upward into her throat. "You really want to start a family with me?"

"Yes, I love you so much Astoria, I'm glad that I'm in your arms each night. You're the only reason that I'm still living, the only reason that I've lost my sanity," Draco muttered and mumbled, emotionally distressed and distraught as his brain is overloaded, filled to the brim with thoughts, visions and images with nearly caused him to double over in pain. "I love you so much. I love everything about you, your face, complexion, hair, eyes, nose and those lips.

Astoria smiled and giggled embarrassingly, and could immediately feel her cheeks reddening with embarrassment. She giggled, reaching upward to gently brush and massage Draco's cold and drenched cheeks, smiling as he continued to run and drag her fingertips up and down his cheeks, scratching him playfully with her neatly trimmed nails.

"What about a wedding?" I think we should get married first," Astoria spoke with a puzzled look on her face. Shouldn't we get married first?"

Draco shook his head and smiled, gently placing his hand softly on Astoria's cheek, rubbing and caressing her cheek as they continued to stand inches away from each other.

"I think the wedding can wait, really it doesn't matter about a wedding when having a family as long as we love each other," Draco whispered softly and affectionately whispered, slurring until his words become incoherent as he gazed and stared into Astoria's eyes. "You're the greatest thing in the world; I thought that nobody would ever look at me like you do."

"I love you Draco Malfoy," Astoria pleasantly and cheerfully chirped, face and expressions beaming with brightness and delight. "I love you so much, I love everything about you."

"I love you Astoria Greengrass, and shortly you'll be using Malfoy," Draco said pleasantly, speaking softly as his gaze diverted toward the closed bedroom door. "I'm going to treat you like a princess."

Astoria giggled and smiled pleasurably, sliding her arms around Draco's waist and midsection as she brought herself further toward Draco, placing her naked and bare body against his. They are hugging each other for warm, comfort and reassurance as a flash of bright lightning arched through the darkened and pitch-black sky, illuminating the countryside as the flashes of lightning intensified. Astoria listened to the sound of the howling, wind and booming thunder which rattled through her head, mind and body.

"I think we should go back to bed," Astoria whispered flirtatiously and seductively, trailing her soft hand down his chest, traveling passing his stomach as she reached the waistband of his pyjama bottoms. No sex tonight. I said no sex tonight my stud muffin. I can't."

"Yeah, I think that I'm going to walk around. I think I need to walk around the house, maybe the grounds or countryside," Draco whispered, his eyes widened as he gazed expressionless at Astoria, her eyes which were swimming and brimming with a large amount of tears. "I need some time alone. I want to clear my head."

Draco is slowly and effortlessly dragging himself down the corridor, the large and dimly illuminated and also decorated beautifully and magnificently. His bare feet assaulted the cold and long stone floor as he picked up the pace, thundering endlessly and mercilessly down the corridor and then stopped himself in front of the closed and locked study room. He could see the light flickering through the gap at the bottom of the door, staring at the light as a horrible sensation caused him to scowl intensely as wave of pain emotions surged and coursed through his veins.

"Father," Draco slowly whispered as he refrained himself from speaking, and his words are trailing off into almost nothing. "Ah fuck. My father doesn't want to listen to my fucking problem."

Pivoting around on the spot, Draco began to move slowly, cautiously and quietly moving down the long and spiral marble staircase. He knew that his father didn't want to listen to his problems and concerns, knowing that his father had been quite distant and different over the past year. They were spared a lifetime sentence in Azkaban due to Narcissa's actions in the Battle of Hogwarts. Narcissa betrayed Lord Voldemort, switching sides at the last moment which caused the entire Malfoy Family to avoid incarceration in Azkaban.

He stood in the darkened and dimly brightened drawing room, his eyes scanning and diverting in every single direction of the room as the memories quickly and immediately flooded back. He visualized that the drawing room was full of silent and quiet people, sitting at a long and ornate table which was glowing by the hissing and roaring fire beneath a handsome marble that was surrounded by a large hanging mirror.

"Malfoy, you don't need to this, Please Malfoy, you're not as bad as everyone says you are. I'm quite positive there's a good person underneath that armour. If you do this to me, there's no chance of you ever redeeming yourself," Luna whispered in a hysterical voice, sobbing and crying uncontrollably. "Why do you have to do something like that?"

"I have to, I need do this because If I don't I'm going end up dead. I must rape you," Draco whispered softly, his voice cracking with fear as his lips quivering and trembled nervously and worryingly. "I can't die. I don't want to die, I'ma too young to even die."

"Rape is one of the most despicable things in the entire world, I don't wanna lose my virginity to you, I wanna lose my virginity to the man I love and cherish," Luna spluttered, sobbing and crying hysterically, becoming louder and louder as her sobs started to echo and boom off the cellar walls. "No, Malfoy please. Please, please, please just listen to yourself; I know there's something good in you.

"I just wish there was another way, Loo. I mean Luna," Draco spoke in a cold whisper, shaking his head as he felt his whole body became numb with suffering. "I have to do this, I need to do this."

A grim expression spread across his face, tears appeared and formed as a horrible and unsettling pain prickled at his chest painfully and sickening. He was mentally disturbed, disturbed and distraught by the gruesome and sickening events that he witnessed and endured during the time that Voldemort and The Death Eaters used the Malfoy Manor for meetings, torturing and business arrangements. He shrugged his shoulders, stuffing his hands into his pocket as his eyes continued to scan the drawing room.

He can now hear the bloodcurdling screams of Charity Burbage echoing through his mind, wincing internally and externally at the sudden flash of green light in his mind. He winched painfully, shuddering and shivering, Draco paused as his face froze for an instant before he smoothed it back into a calm and neutral expression. He curled his finger into a fist, placing his enclosed fists behind his back to allow him to release a little of his annoyance and frustration.

Narcissa Malfoy stood in the doorway, obscured and concealed by the shadows and darkness. She is tall, slender, average looking with a pale complexion and blue eyes. Her long blonde hair flowed down her back as he stared intently into the darkened and blackened room.

"Draco? What are you doing out of bed at this time?"

"I just couldn't sleep; I was too busy thinking about something. I was thinking about before, what I done to protect myself. Now I wished I died instead of raping an innocent, sweet and carefree girl," Draco admitted sadly and tearfully, cocking his head upward. "Why did I ever stoop so low? I've become a monster."

"So would you rather be dead right now?" Narcissa suddenly blurted, tears streaming down her face as her breath hitched painfully in her throat.

Draco stopped speaking for a short moment; his head was now pounding and thundering with an unbearable and harsh pain. He grasped and clutched his forehead in discomfort, muttering, mumbling and cursing underneath his cold breath as he felt another sharp pain hit him directly on the forehead.

"It has already happened. There's nothing that you can do to change that event. The time has passed, come on its been a fucking year Draco," Narcissa almost screamed in frustration, staring at the back of her distraught and distressed son's head. "We've all moved on, you need to do the same as well."

"But I could've stopped myself," Draco muttered and whimpered quietly, sniffling and sobbing as he wiped away the tears that were spilling out of his eyes and streaming down his cheeks. "I hate myself, I shouldn't even be alive."

"Well you didn't, did you?"

Draco sighed in frustration and annoyance, his cheeks reddening with frustration and anger. His jaw clenched, his fists closed into a tight, fist as he struggled to regain his composure.

"Well could you at least comfort and reassure me, you cold-hearted bastard," Draco shouted and snapped angrily, words of burning hatred flowed and spewed out of his mouth in a fit of blistering rage. "You walk around like a fucking zombie, no fucking emotions and I still wonder how you're still fucking alive."

Narcissa gasped and squeaked in a shock and stunned voice, and her eyes widened in disbelief and confusion as her son's hurtful and painful words flooded and travelled through her body. Tears appeared in the corner of her eyes, sniffing as she was hurt by his comment.

"You shall not speak to your mother like that, ever again," Narcissa thundered and boomed, her cold and high-pitched voice echoed against the surrounding walls of the drawing room. "If you speak to me like that again, I will immediately kick you and your girlfriend out of this home."

"I'm sorry mother, I didn't mean to. I'll never say it again," Draco apologised, bowing his head down as he continued to sulk as his hand and fingertips brushing against the long drawing room table. "I'm sorry; I don't even know what I'm doing anymore."

Narcissa moved further and further into the drawing room, closing her robe as she shuddered and shivered due to the low and unbearable temperature of the drawing room. She moved behind Draco, standing inches away from as Draco could feel her shallow and cold breath blowing against the nape of his neck, and he shivered and shuddered loudly as her breath continued to blow against his skin, tingling and causing the hairs on his neck to stand up. He exhaled deeply and sharply as he felt his mother's cold and numb hands wrap around his midsection, hugging him tightly as she gave him a tight motherly hug.

"Draco I'm here for you. I know your father isn't the most perfect man, emotionally or talkative person but he still loves you very much. Astoria is in love with you. I can see that you were made for each other."

"I know that mother; I'm not that stupid or dense. I think, I think that I wanna spend the rest of my life with her," Draco admitted cheerfully and pleasantly, immediately feeling a warm and wondrous sensation travel and surge through his entire body. "I was thinking about starting a family with her."

His muscles and limbs are throbbing and aching in displeasure and discomfort, rubbing his bare and exposed midsection as he felt his muscles and limbs throb continuously and repeatedly. He exhaled deeply, inhaling almost erratically and heavily as he could feel himself almost losing his breath. His breathing immediately quickened too quick and hard, coughing and choking.

"That's quite good news, the chemistry between you is perfect for a long-lasting and healthy marriage, family life and I can sense that you will cherish each other. I can't believe that my little baby boy will soon be married"

"I'm not a baby anymore mother. I'm fully grown adult now, so could you please stop coddling me?"

Narcissa giggled and chuckled into the back of his neck, hugging him tightly as she rested her head tenderly and affectionately onto his shoulder. Her long blonde hair flowed against his bare and exposed shoulders, hugging him tightly as she is pleased and thankful that her only child is still alive where many other mothers have lost their children.

Chapter Three Preview

Lucius has a plan for something so evil, something so dark that it will literally change history and bring someone back to life.

Spelling/Grammar Errors: If there are any, please either send me a private message or an email and I will correct them in the rewrite.
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Disclaimer: Harry Potter is the property of JK Rowling. I mean no disrespect to her or her work. I am merely doing this for my own satisfaction.


Harry Potter The Return Of The Dark Lord

-Chapter Three
-The Wraith of Lucius Malfoy

The man stepped into the room, swinging the door behind him with a loud thump. His hair, the colour of white blonde which he has inherited from his father, passed on from generation to generation and it seemed to have a pale glow to it in the soft life of the candles that were spread around the room, wax melting in their flames and dripping down onto the floor. His pale, pointed face, white blonde hair and cold grey eyes were all illuminated by a the fluttering and flickering flames of the large collection of candles that are scattered endlessly through the large, spacious and enclosed quarters of the study room.

“Damn cold, it’s supposed to be summer and it’s like winter. Weather can be a right bitch,” Lucius Malfoy mumbled and shuddered underneath his gasping breath. “Can it get any get colder than this?”

He watched the countryside worryingly, raising his eyebrow quizzically as he proceeding to wrap his long, sleek and shiny cloak further around his body as he continued to shiver and shudder to the due to the drastic temperatures of the study room.

Lucius Malfoy is now sitting in his closed and locked study room, situated and located at the front of the Malfoy Manor; Lucius could hear and decipher the noises from outside, listening to the sounds of the wind screeching as well as the perched owls hooting throughout the midnight air. The owls are perched carefully and cautiously on the highest branch in the towering oak tree outside the window, hovering over the countryside and manor.

He absolutely loved and adored his enclosed study quarters, decorating and furnishing it according to his tastes and likes as it was his own, little and special safe haven which is located and situated away from the noise of his son and the constant nagging of his wife. He specifically made it clear that nobody would be allowed to enter without his approval, and Lucius would supervise anyone who wanted to be in the study for a long period of time.

He would regularly and usually find himself sitting down at his desk, planning and calculating his life, sitting behind the glimmering mahogany painted desk where he would spend most of his time scheming and plotting his next move in order to restore the Malfoy Empire to the condition that it was previously at. It was here in this large, beautifully decorated study room with the polished wood and panelled walls where he had first discovered the idea of something with wondrous and great potential.

He skimmed and scanned the list of ingredients in the letter that had been secretly mailed to him, and when he read the letter that effectively restarted and rejuvenated his life once again; he left an overwhelming and overpowering sensation course through his veins, hitting each nerve in his brain. Lucius was not the kind of made to hide from anyone, he was always found himself to be the type of person to stand tall and brace himself, square his shoulders and meet the problem and concern face-to-face and be able to worm himself and his family out of a situation.

He had done exactly that, after downing and consuming a large amount of alcohol, bottles of Firewhiskey to soften the blow and deal with the strange senses and feeling of betrayal that he had experienced over the many years; however he deeply knew that he had no reason and rigt to feel betrayed, but he couldn’t help it for some unknown and unidentified reason. He had come up with the one thing that he could of helped him regain something that he lost, something so important but yet so dangerous as he needed to regain control of his life. Lucius liked to be in control, knowing that he could do something dangerous, law-breaking and important is music to Lucius’s ears.

Smirking and laughing sadistically as he trailed and traced a finger along the calendar, yesterday had been one of the most significant and important day of his lifetime. Nevertheless, he had a couple of bottles to celebrate the occasion and to toast his intelligent ways and clever mannerisms. He leaned backwards comfortably, stretching himself as he remained seated in his leather swivel chair, and his eyes snapped and diverted toward the closed door, flickering nervously down toward the bottom of the wooden door. He breathed and sighed heavily, hearing the sound of the floorboards creaking and shuffling feet. The shuffling stopped, seeing a silhouette and shadow which had taken the form of a woman. The figure continued to stand there, inches away from the wooden door.

“Sweetie I’m going to bed now, please don’t stay up too late. I just don’t wanna a night coldness,” Narcissa desperately pleaded with her husband, wishing and hoping that she could spend at least one night sleeping next to the man she had married. “Please just come to bed.”

“I’ll try not to,” Lucius grumbled and mumbled, muttering into his goblet filled with Firewhiskey. “Why can’t that bitch just leave me alone?”

Lucius sighed heavily, mentally and physically exhausted as he stretched his legs out and shifted in the hard, uncomfortable leather chair. Lucius let out a barely audible sigh as he collapsed back into the leather chair. Struggling to find the reassurance and comfort of the leather chair, and he turned and drew his attention toward the mantelpiece and fireplace as he was hypnotised and transfixed by the familiar flickering orange flames that crackled and hissed against the steel grate of the fireside. Unenergetically, he let his head move downward, and his grey eyes travelled and trailed downward, narrowing intently on the golden decorative goblet held tightly in his large hand.

With a swift and quick twist of his wrist, he swirled the watery substance rhythmically as he brought the goblet to his thirsty, dry and cracked lips. He swallowed hard, letting a gentle hiss of annoyance seep past his clenched teeth as he gritted them displeasure and discomfort. With a determined effort, he tried his best to ignore his voice echoing against and off the thick stone walls. Lucius closed his eyes and laid his head back against the soft plush of the leather, imagining a collection of classical music playing in his mind in a desperate attempt to soothe his mind, nerve and conscience.

He slowly removed the long cloak, flinging over to the other side of the room as he felt himself become too hot and flustered. He is wearing an expensive business suit, and he is spending most of the time trying to redeem himself in front of the Ministry Of Magic but is struggling as he has permanently expelled from his previous position and is not allowed to even step into the Ministry Of Magic. His family reputation had been destroyed and tainted, and now nobody will look at the Malfoy Family the same again as they are struggling to build and create relationships with other people. They are now community outcasts.

He stared directly at the hanging glass mirror, judging and noticing his haggard appearance as his face is reflected onto the glass surface, reaching up to his face gently to lightly brush his fingertips across his skin, watching his reflection as he noticed that his complexion is paler than usual. He is becoming more and more stressed and distressed, losing his appetite and has started to become malnourished. He stood upright, stretching his arms over his head until he heard a soft and faint crack.

He knew that he was becoming exhausted, each second he remained standing and wide wake. Moving toward the closed wooden door, unlocking it as he stepped into the darkened landing and is now drunkenly stumbling down the hallway and into his bedroom, lethargically removing his clothes as he scattered them quickly and carelessly across the bedroom floor, drunkenly stumbling further and further into the bedroom.
He stumbled and tumbled toward the four-poster bed, bumping and crashing nosily as he continued to sway uncontrollably on his feet. Untying his laces, collapsing onto the bed and instantly began to climb and snake underneath the warm, comforting and soothing bed sheets and covers as he cuddled into his wife’s frame, breathing heavily and his wife could smell the strong alcohol blowing into her face as Lucius continued to breathe heavily and erratically.

“Sweetie, I don’t think it’s very good for your health to be drinking a large amount of alcohol every single night,” Narcissa whispered, speaking with great concern and worry as she stroked her husband’s cheek. “I love you so much, but you’re killing yourself with that stuff.”

Lucius effortlessly shrugged his shoulders, and is facial expressions are a mixture of frustration and annoyance as he bent his head down to gently, tenderly and affectionately flick his tongue against her shoulder. He mumbled and murmured into her, caressing her body as he slid his hand underneath her nightgown. He continued to tenderly and affectionately fondle her breast, Lucius softly whispered to her, stroking his cheek with his free his hand as Narcissa gasped and shuddered underneath his cold touch as he continued to grasp one of her breasts firmly.

“I’ll do what I fucking want,” Lucius hissed and snarled through his clenched teeth. “There’s nothing that you can do to stop me.”

“Sweetie, I don’t want to fight, I just want to sleep next to you without having an argument. I just want our relationship to be normal again,” Narcissa tearfully admitted, crying and sobbing hysterically as she allowed a gut-wrenching sob to escape mouth. “Why don’t you listen to a word that anyone has said to you?”

“No. You listen here, Narcissa. I’ll do what I want when I want. Your duty is to obey and pleasure me, and you will obey and pleasure me without asking any questions,” Lucius ordered and instructed Narcissa firmly, holding and pushing his hand firmly down onto Narcissa’s shoulder.

Narcissa huffed and sighed in disappointment, tears filling as quickly bolted and bounded out of the bed. She is sobbing hysterically, loudly as she stood close to the bedroom door and furthest away from the bed. She stood, resting and slumping against the wall as her eyes nervously and worryingly stared in Lucius’s direction, crying and sobbing hysterically as her heart and feelings were destroyed and damaged within a matter of seconds.

“I guess I’ll sleep in the spare room for tonight,” Narcissa said, whispering as she could hear her voice cracking with fear and worry. “I hope you decide to quit drinking.”

“Do what you fucking want to do. Do you think I give a fuck?”

Narcissa let out a gut-wrenching sob and groan, moving quite quickly as her bare feet assaulted the cold and hard stone floor as she began to walk in the direction of one of the spare bedroom.

Lucius slowly and gradually opened his eyes, fluttering repeatedly and continuously as he struggled to become accustomed to the sunlight that was seeping through the closed drapes and blinds. His head was pounding and thundering with extreme pain, groaning and moaning as he suffered from one of the most hurtful and painful hangover that he was ever suffered and endured in his lifetime.

He clasped one hand over his forehead, groaning as one hand gripped the bedside table, closing his eyes painfully and achingly as he could not bear to be pained. He was straining his facial features and expressions as he lethargically opened his eyes and groaned, moaned as his eyes were hurt by the sudden burst of bright and harsh sunlight.

Lucius eyes scanned the entire master bedroom, groaning again as his vision is extremely blurred and distorted. Sweating profusely, licking his lips as he could immediately feel that he was suffering from dehydration, lips and throat are extremely dry. His head was now pounding and thumping at a repetitious beat, not even knowing what he said or done last as the alcohol has temporally or permanently erased last night event and scenes from his mind. He glanced at the wall clock, the continuously ticking sound echoing loudly throughout his mind. He stared at it, shaking his head in extreme discomfort and displeasure as he shifted, sitting up and is hunched over uncomfortably as a sickening sensation is currently churning through his stomach, surging upward as now it is rising up into his throat quite hard and fast.

“Seven-thirty, she’s never up this early,” Lucius muttered and mumbled underneath his breath, shaking his head as the dull thudding in his head continued. “She is probably going some with Astoria.”

He did not even what he has done or said last night, racking his entire brain as he is struggling to decipher the shattered and distorted fragments of his memory, seeing glimpses and is now trying his hardest to fit the puzzles back together in a desperate attempt to find out what he done last night. He shrugged his shoulders, coughing loudly and hoarsely as quite large amounts bile appeared and formed in his throat.

Swallowing hard and fast, holding one hand over his mouth and the other is resting on his chest, massaging and rubbing it firmly. Sighing in content and satisfaction, feeling much more comfortable as the bile had disappeared and vanished and has left him a pleased and cheerful man.

He slowly swung his legs around, pulling the bedcovers backwards as he painfully stepped up, struggling to stand upright as it pained him deeply and hurtfully. He is stretching, and is physically pushing his arms the furthest that they could go as he struggled to become comfortable even when standing upright.

The consequences of heavy drinking are now suddenly and unexpectedly taking a toll on his body, system, holding the bridge of his nose tightly and he is now struggling to change his composure and regain his senses. His eyes scan the entire room, glaring and staring at the clothes, glaring and staring at the clothes that were scattered carelessly across the bedroom floor. He moved, stalking and padding as he put his crumbled and creased clothes on, hurrying to get fully dressed.

Lucius slowly and gradually moved down the spiralling marble staircase, grunting and groaning as each step was a painful move and movement. His feet gently and lightly hit the marble staircase, grasping and clutching the black and white banister tightly as he proceeded to walk downstairs. As he reached further down he stairs, his ears priced at the sudden noise and movement and could hear the servants, house-elves, chefs and maids conferring and working in the kitchen. He sighed deeply, and is going to try his best and hardest to stay away from the alcohol as he is quite sure that he might end up seriously hurting and damaging someone inside the house.

He stepped into the living room, curtains wide open which is allowing the beautiful morning sunlight to flood and immediately warm and brighten the entire living room. Lucius’s eyes snapped over to where Narcissa was sitting, watching her slump and slouch uncomfortably in the living armchair, and his eyes has already sought her clothing, noticing that she is wearing sweatshirts and pants which is something that she would never normally do.

He raised his eyebrow quizzically, scratching his head thoughtfully as he pondered and wondered for a short and brief moment. He shrugged his shoulders, sighing in defeat as he could not possibly think of a reasonable reason that his wife would be wearing those clothes instead of her normal attire.

Narcissa sipped her tea through her pursed lips, ignoring Lucius’s sudden appearance and is avoiding eye contact with her husband as she continued to stare and glare into the bright, harsh and blinding sunlight as it continued to shimmer brightly and vibrantly.

Her eyes were full of pain, unhappiness and sadness as the condition and structure of her marriage had been crumbling and collapsing as there was nothing that they can do to save it and pick it up before it smashes into the ground. She sighed, biting her upper lip in anxiousness, worrying but remained focused and stared out of the window as she could hear the clattering and clanking coming from the kitchen.

“Hi sweetie, how are you on this fine and beautiful morning?”

“Don’t even speak to me like there’s nothing wrong,” Narcissa snarled and hissed like a venomous snake, holding her cup of tea with both of her shaking hands. “You’ve got some nerve talking to me like nothing happened.

“What are you talking about?”

“You hurt my fucking feelings. You don’t even know what you said,” Narcissa responded, burning hatred flickering and cracking through her face as she forced herself to hold back the tears. “You were mean to me, you hurt my feelings.”

“What did I say to you? What did I say last night?”

“No. You listen here, Narcissa. I’ll do what I want when I want. Your duty is to obey and pleasure me, and you will obey and pleasure me without asking any questions,” Narcissa informed and educated Lucius, staring at him with tears streaming down her cheeks. “You said to me last night.”

“I said that?” Lucius responded in disbelief, shaking his head in confusion, shocked and stunned with his own recent and unexpected behaviour. “Why would I say something like that?”

“I don’t know, maybe you could ask your fucking mind that? Or did all those bottle of Firewhiskey seriously damage you last night. When was the last time we made love, I’m pretty sure you’ve changed,” Narcissa spoke with extreme worry and concern in her voice, sniffling and sobbing as she became more distraught and distressed. “It’s been a year since we made love.”

“I don’t think it’s been that along,” Lucius whispered, shaking his head as a large smile appeared and formed on his face. “I don’t think it’s been that long since we made love.”

“Don’t you dare fucking smile Lucius; it’s been over year four years. You can’t even see that your own son is falling apart, and I never thought you would change this much,” Narcissa sobbed, crying hysterically as she threw the empty cup against, shattering it into many sharp and jagged fragments. “You don’t even know what you’re doing?”

“I’m still the same man you married,” Lucius retorted, sighing deeply as he looked down ot the polished wooden flooring. “I’m still the same man you married?”

“You really think that? Your pulling this family apart, your abandoning us while doing Merlin knows what,” Narcissa spoke in annoyance and frustration, bowing her head down as she gazed at the broken teacup. “You’re drinking every day and night.”

Lucius stood in the centre of the living room, pained and saddened by his recent and erratic behaviour. He stood, hands clasped together as he stared and glared at Narcissa, his pained eyes diverting in every single direction as he watched the figures in the picture as they magically moved.

“Sweetie, I don’t want your marriage to crumble, and I want to be able to repair our broken relationship,” Lucius admitted numbly and nervously, glancing down at his bare and shuffling feet as he felt his heart and gut wrenching and tightening.

“You can start by quitting drinking; you’re damaging yourself with that stuff. Respect me; love me the way you used to love me,” Narcissa desperately pleaded with Lucius, crying and sobbing into her sweatshirt. “I love you so much; I don’t expect much from you.”

Lucius stared at Narcissa, watching her with a distressed and distraught expression etched and chiselled into her facial expressions as he can see that his words have seriously damaged and destroyed her feelings. He hated himself, wondering and pondering how their marriage has lasted so long. It seemed and appeared to be crumbling drastically and rapidly, and Lucius has stated and speculated that the presence of Lord Voldemort and Death Eaters is the main reason and cause for the marriage to be crumbling and disintegrating into almost nothing.

He knew that that he needed to create the potion by tonight, and has already secretly stored the main ingredients and has recently bought a new and improved cauldron in order to create the potion that will seriously change and improve his life once more.

“So what do you want to do today?” Later on should I get the cook to cook us a nice romantic meal, your favourite with bottle of wine and then we could have a stroll underneath the moonlight,” Lucius spoke almost incoherently as he desperately pleaded with his eyes, smiling warmly as Narcissa stood up.

“You can do that. That would be very nice. I’m going to go to Diagon Alley to go shopping for dresses with Astoria, I guess you could say we’re having a girly day out,” Narcissa said, wiping her eyes with handkerchief, removing the large and streaming tears from her face as she smiled and laughed. “Trying on some dresses with….”

“I love you Cissa, I’m extremely sorry if I hurt your feelings last night. I hate myself for it; I wish I could go back in time and stop myself. I love you so much; I don’t know what I’ll do if I lost you.”

Narcissa bolted upright, flinging her drenched handkerchief onto the floor as she sprinted directly toward her husband and flung her arms around his neck, pushing and pulling herself toward him as she hugged him affectionately and tenderly.

“Cissa I’m so sorry. I apologize if my recent behaviour…”

Narcissa immediately interrupted his sentence halfway through by kissing him deeply and passionately, moaning and groaning softly and delicately into his mouth, smiling and laughing as their wet tongues crashed and slid together rhythmically and passionately. Narcissa pulled her mouth away from her husband’s, smiling and laughing as she snaked a hand underneath his white dress shirt, caressing his chest tenderly and affectionately as the tears started to stream and gush down her cheeks once again. Her hand continued to move up and down his chest, fingertips and neatly trimmed nails digging into his chest, trailing down his midsection as she reached toward the waistband of his trousers.

“I know you’re sorry, I love you too and I can’t wait for tonight to show you what you’ve been missing for so long,” Narcissa whispered, speaking and mumbling in husky, seductive and flirtatiously manner as she nibbled softly on his earlobe.

Lucius murmured and mumbled underneath his breath, groaning as his hands are slowly and teasingly dropping, holding and grasping her slender waist tightly. They pushed their bodies, crashing together as they continued to kiss, hungrily attacking each other as if their lips were dying of starvation. They grunted, groaned and moaned into as their hands continued to roam, move and dash energetically and passionately across each other’s clothed skin. They continued to kiss, becoming more and more passionately, hungrily kissing each other as though they have not kissed or embraced in a long time.

She physically pulled and dragged herself away from Lucius, looking upward as he could hear someone’s loud, booming and echoing footsteps traveling throughout the entire house. She knew the owner of the footsteps, Astoria was coming downstairs as Draco would never awaken and arouse at this time, and she would always have to arouse him so that the maids could make and clean his bed.

“I think someone’s coming downstairs, we better stop before we can’t even stop ourselves,” Narcissa mumbled and muttered, kissing Lucius softly and tenderly on the cheek as she began to move away from him, leaving him standing in the middle of the living room. “I’ll pay you back later.”

Chapter Four Preview
The next chapter will introduce an original character named Wulfric Churchill


A/N: I hope you are enjoying this fanficition, please leave reviews and feedbacks as I can only improve my story and writing if someone is telling me where I’m going wrong.

Spelling/Grammar Errors: If there are any, please either send me a private message or an email and I will correct them in the rewrite.

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Harry Potter And The Return Of The Dark Lord
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