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 Listening to Eminem helps you run faster

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PostSubject: Listening to Eminem helps you run faster   Mon Apr 30, 2012 2:19 pm

ACADEMICS have found listening to music while taking part in physical activity can boost performance.

Keele University researchers carried out a study with 64 people and three different sports running, netball and football.

Each study group trained with and without music, and their efforts were monitored. Participants also rated them for motivation, focus, enjoyment, challenge, awareness and exertion.

Dr Alexandra Lamont said: "By playing their favourite tunes, we found that participants' exertion levels reduced and their sense of being 'in the zone' increased, when compared to listening to no music at all."

Survivor's Eye of the Tiger appeared in all three groups' play lists, while Eminem's Lose Yourself proved a hit with runners and footballers.
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Listening to Eminem helps you run faster
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