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 Crazy In Love (An Eminem Love Story)

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PostSubject: Crazy In Love (An Eminem Love Story)   Sat Apr 13, 2013 7:27 pm

Is there even light across a dark road? I thought to myself. I looked up at the ceiling in the school. "I had the only seat against a wall. I stared at my ex-boyfriend Christopher everyone calls him Chris for short or Batman. "Ariadne Renessemee." My teacher called. "Here." I said looking at my bag. "Class I want you to welcome a new student. His name is Marshall." "Ariadne let Marshall sit by you sweetheart." Mrs. Right said looking at me. I shifted and looked out the window. "TEACHERS PET BITCH!" A boy named Marcus chanted before laughing in my face. "Hi I'm Ariadne." (My name is Prenouned Ari-ed-ne) He smiled. "I'm Marshall." He said shaking my hand. Chris looked back locking eyes with me for what felt like a infinite amount of time. "2x+13=21." I knew this by heart. "Ms. Renessemee what is the answer." "4" I said quietly. "Correct." At the end of class she let us work with partners so ofcourse as if on cue Chris walks back here. "What do you want asswhole." I said jokingly. "My grade up." I looked at Marshall, he was half way done with the sheet and had his head turned away from me. I kicked Chris and watched as he hoppled off. "Marshall." I said as the bell rang. He stood up turning in the sheet and walking out. So, I followed. "Marshall." He turned around looking lost in a way. "Hey Ariadne." He said looking at his classes. "Let me see." I said looking at mine. "We have the same classes." I said looking up at him. "Your eyes are beautiful." I said smiling. "Thanks." He said. "Come with me." I said walking with him to our English class. We sat in the back and when we finished he started drawing. I saw my cousin Alicia-Aliana crying outside. "Ms. Daniel can I use the bathroom?" "Ofcourse." She said smiling. I ran out to her. "Leelee what's wrong?" "My dad!" "What did he do?" "He hit me and my mom's." I walked her the bathroom. "Show me." She pulled up her shirt showing the giant bruise on her stomach, it was the shape of a bat. "Can I come live with you." "Okay." I said grabbing her and walking into the classroom with her. I sat by Marshall again and Leelee came over. "Holy Shitzenet." I said looking at his drawing. He laughed and looked in my eyes. "When were you born?" "Janaury 1,1975" I said smiling. "You can draw really good." I added in amazement. I grabbed my book and looked at words. "It's a miracle I survived." He said. "Yes it is." I said not paying any attention. "A miracle is what seems impossible but happens anyways." I looked up at him his smile bright. Our friend Demetre walked in. "Who's the new kid Ari." "Marshall meet Demetre. Demetre meet Marshall. You're going to like each other." I said watching Leelee tip over and throw up. "Holy shit." I mumbled looking at her. I grabbed a towel and walked her down to the nurse with Marshall. After dropping her off Marshall asked me, "What happened? Why did she just throw up?" "She's sick her fake ass dad hit her with a bat earlier." "My girlfriend hit me with a chair one time." "Holy shiznet what did you do?" I ran out. It's my third year in ninth grade and I'm thinking of dropping out." "Marshall, don't this year will be fun. I promise." I said as we grabbed our stuff and walked to the lunch room. He pulled out a card. "Marshall, don't." "What?" He asked. "The card." I handed him five dollars. "At least for lunch this week." "I can't take it." "Marshall, take the goddamn money." He looked at me appalled. After a while he took it and brought lunch. "Thank you so much." He said looking at me then waving at his friend. "No problem. Bring your friend over here if you want." He looked at me, smiling and walked to Deshaun aka Proof. They walked back, plopping into the seat. "Hey Ari." Deshaun said smirking at me. "Hi Proof." I said throwing a paper ball at him. "Ariadne can you show me the ropes?" "Okay, first you have to met people and when you know them well enough use there nicknames. Like you could be M&M, or like how Deshaun is Proof. If your smart you go to the dances, or any other public event that shows 'Hi I'm here.' Now lunch. If your a outsider than you sit at the table to the far left in the corner. If your popular you eat outside. If your like me you eat right in the middle because, like in the book The Outsiders by S.E. whatever her last name is your a Soc or a Greaser. We are in between like The inbetweeners." They looked at me with admiration. "What?" "You're not white trash. You're crazy sexy cool, chillin, You play your position,You never step out of line." They both said smiling. "Wow never knew that. Shit Marshall we gotta go." I said hugging Proof bye. In the hall we were talking, "How you know Mr. Holton?" I asked refering to Proof. "We've lived on the same block for four or five years." He said as we walked to our last class.
After School
Marshall's POV
I walked to the bus with DeShaun thinking about the brown eyed beauty. She was walking fast to the bus. She rode the same bus as me and even sat with me. "Where you live at?" I asked trying to make conversation. "In the Suburbs. I hate the kids over there so sometimes my dad let's me walk over to Proof's or Demetre's." "Usually dad's are protective bout that." "My dad is chill. He knows I'm smart and won't fuck round with my best friends." She said braiding her brown hair. "So basically you're book and street smart right?" I asked pulling off my coat. "Yeah pretty much." She said smiling. I pulled out my notebook and started drawing. "Marshall." Deshaun said poking me in my head. "What?" I asked. "Let's go. Ari is letting us come over." He said dragging me to her house. She was unlocking the door when we got to her. We all walked in and her dad was laying on the couch with I guess her mom or step-mom. "Daddy." She said hugging him. "Who is she?" Ariadne asked looking at the woman. "Where is my mother?" She asked. "She's at work sweetheart." "Who is this woman?" "Daddy's friend." He lied in her face. She turned around. "Can y'all go upstairs for a couple of minutes?" She asked before walking into the kitchen. We dashed into her room and sat down. "Yo M, her dad lost track of time." "I know she probably gone call her moms." We laughed before hearing a scream. We ran down and she and her dad were having a fist fight. But, she was winning. We looked at a different woman who was in the corner crying. "ARIADNE!" She screamed pushing her self over to Ari then dragging her off of her father. "I'm sorry Momma." She said hugging her then walking to us. "Sorry bout that shall we?" She walked to me and Deshaun limping. We helped her up the stairs and walked to her room closing the door. "What happened?" We asked looking at her nervously shaking. "I called my mom he comes in and throws me on the floor and so I stood up and punched him but, you see I'm strong just not enough to have someone cheat on my mother it's unacceptable." She said smiling. God help me!
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PostSubject: Re: Crazy In Love (An Eminem Love Story)   Sat Apr 13, 2013 7:31 pm

Okay I remembered I had to log in first and this is my story so I'mma repost it.
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Crazy In Love (An Eminem Love Story)
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