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 Eminem drops bombs, this time in 'We Made You' video

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PostSubject: Eminem drops bombs, this time in 'We Made You' video   Sat Apr 11, 2009 2:36 pm

Eminem drops bombs, this time in 'We Made You' video

Rap music gets a jolt of excitement on May 19 when Eminem returns to the scene with his new album "Relapse."

Maybe now rap fans can have something to smile about, instead of just catchy hooks surrounded by weak lyrics and dime-store beats. (Yes, that's a broad generalization and, of course, there are a few diamonds in this U.S. Open-esque rough.)

His new single "We Made You" is decent, and along the lines of previous comedic work such as "Without Me." It's definitely not "Lose Yourself," but then again, what is?

Yet as talented as Eminem is on the microphone, he may be even better at dropping bombs in his videos. In his latest work, "We Made You," Eminem unloads on Kim Kardashian, Bret Michaels, Lindsay Lohan, Sarah Palin and Amy Winehouse, just to name a few. The video debuted April 7.

"I wanna say it's not necessarily intentional bashing in it," Eminem told MTV News. "It's not necessarily taking deliberate shots at people. ... Yes, it is. What the [expletive] am I talking about?"

Some are happy about it, others not so much. Jessica Simpson? Not happy (sort of). Kardashian? Loving it.

Even Bill O'Reilly got in on the debate, although he's not mentioned in the song or depicted in the video. "Few Americans take the vile rapper Eminem seriously," O'Reilly said on "The O'Reilly Factor," his television show on Fox News. "He represents the lowest form of entertainment in this country and is a publicity hound to boot." (Watch the "Personal Segment" clip.)

Uh-oh, I smell a remix!

Have a look below at "We Made You" and let us know your favorite parts. For me, it's the fake mustache and the sight of Dr. Dre in a Star Trek outfit.

-- La Monica
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Eminem drops bombs, this time in 'We Made You' video
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