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A place where everyone that loves Eminem can read news, write & voice their opinions on Eminem fan fiction.
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 Newwww commerr ;)

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Newwww commerr ;) Empty
PostSubject: Newwww commerr ;)   Newwww commerr ;) Icon_minitimeWed Sep 26, 2012 9:38 pm

Uhh... i LOVE Eminem and i dont know anywhere else to express this because anybody i talk to is sick of hearing me talk and fantasize about himmm. I have found out i LOVED him, when i was in about 2nd grade.

I grew up listening to him. My dad was a fan.

I have 8-mile and have memorized it like the back of my hand.

ANY song Marshal is in makes the song 100% better.

HE HAS SO MUCH TALENT. Slim can find so many things that rhyme with Orange. (porage or door hinge)

There isnt anyone on this website that loves him more then me. My initals are M and M. Like Marshal <3 My brothers name is also Marshal. whattevss. There arent enough words to discribe my passion.

Anywayss.. i wana read some "INTENSE" stories Smile) HMU!
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Newwww commerr ;)
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