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 Kuniva posted somethin'

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PostSubject: Kuniva posted somethin'   Fri Mar 06, 2009 11:06 am

i feel what everyone is saying on here. DO NOT BLAME JASON. Thats our brother ansd he got the shitty end of the stick. Em was going to drop somethong for the mixtape but he couldnt do it. It was a last minute call and he couldnt make it to the session. at the time we told jason that em was participating because we thought so too. but shit happens and as you all know, it happens like a muthafucka with d12. so we apologize for the misinfo. What i'd like to know though is how arent we d12 anymore? we were d12 before Em joined. so we're not because he's not on a mixtape? not an ablum, but mixtape.i we we d12 when we did Live In Chicago? because Proof is no longer with us we have to exept change. if you dont want to exept it then dont. but we're moving on with or without support. Em is our brother, and he's dealing with alot of pressure from different people. We have to get off the tit and do our own thing like we used to do before he joined back with the group. i hope you guys enjoy this mixtape and the future progress of d12. its evolution. and we're making our own way. Many people have turned their backs on us. alot of our closest friends these past few years. but we're still gonna win. Cowards took away Bugz. Cowards took away Proof. How can we heal from this pain? By showing these muthafuckas that we cant be stopped! we wont be stopped! If your with us then then we'll be seeing you on the road. if not then peace! just listen to some other shit and stop loggin on to We're tired. Tired of losing. Tired of trying to please everybody. Its impossible people. I love you guys for real. Yall say the funniest shit sometimes that really have me dying laughing! then sometimes some of you say disrespectful shit. but thats life. love and respect to all of you guys man. sorry again if you thought we lead you guys on. but proof IS on the mixtape. holla! Kuniva out!!!! ... 46&page=14
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Kuniva posted somethin'
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