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 The Heart Won't Lie (N-17)

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PostSubject: The Heart Won't Lie (N-17)   Fri Jul 02, 2010 5:52 pm

I came home from work, to find yet again, a drunk Chris, my husband. He was passed out on the couch with a bottle of Bacardi in his hand. He smelt so bad of alcohol, I couldn’t stand it. Yeah, I drink but not like him. I sighed as the bottle of Bacardi fell to the ground. “Chris,” I mumbled nudging him. “Chris…get up!” I demanded. He still laid there not moving. What a fuckin dick. I might as well leave him there…

I met Chris in 1989, about 12 years ago, I was 16 and he was 17. We lived in Detroit, Michigan. At the time Chris seemed like a really nice guy, to me that is. My friend was right, but what did he care? He was too damn busy with that stupid girlfriend of his to even notice me. He was supposed to be my best friend. For three years, we hardly talked; he only came by when he needed something, like money or advice about her. I hated her, despised her, I used to have dreams about tearing her fucking head off.

Things seemed to get better, once I met Chris. I felt like I was getting payback at my best friend. He tried to come around about a month after I met Chris. He ‘broke up’ with his girl friend, and wanted comfort. But did I give it to him? No. He never gave me comfort after he met her.

So Chris and I decided to move to Phoenix, Arizona. He was going to the University of Phoenix. He just had to go to the one in Phoenix, and he wanted me to come with him. We got this tiny apartment on the outskirts of town, since then we’ve moved. Actually, we just moved about five years ago into this house.

Chris got a job as a doctor. He makes good money, but he spends most of it on alcohol, typical male. I am a nurse, Chris got me the job, and I’m the one who has to pay all the bills and shit. I’m starting to get tired of it…all the bullshit, the drinking, the lying, and the fighting. I don’t think I can take much of this any longer.

I left the living room and went into the kitchen. I needed something to eat, I was starving. Like usual, Chris didn’t make anything for dinner. He was too damn busy getting drunk so he can pass out before I got home. That didn’t mean it saved us from fighting. I sighed as I prepared myself a turkey sandwich.


I was woken at 12am, to Chris getting into bed. He tried to cuddle up with me but I wouldn’t let him. “Don’t!” I yelled.
“Come on baby lets have some fun,” he said, trying to be seductive. He climbed on top of me.
“Get the fuck off of me!” I demanded trying to push him off.
“You know you wanna have some fun,” he smirked. I rolled my eyes. Drunk asshole, only wanted to have sex when hes drunk, but when hes sober he won’t touch me.
“You’re drunk. Get off of me!” I screamed shoving him off, he fell back almost falling off the bed.

“You stupid bitch!” he yelled angrily. He sat up and stared at me, I knew what was coming. There was nothing I could do to stop it. He slapped me across the face, hard. I tried to hold back tears, I knew if I were to cry he’d beat me some more. It was like a dug for him, me crying seemed to get him ‘high’.

“You didn’t have to slap me,” I cried, I couldn’t help it, it just happened.
“I wouldn’t have to hit you if you would have just done what I told you!” he yelled slapping me again. Tears ran down my cheeks like a waterfall.
“Chris, please,” I pleaded. “Stop,” I whimpered as he slapped me again. That’s the last thing I remember…


I woke up in the morning, my body hurt, my face still stung from where he slapped me. I felt like I was raped. Chris was gone... thank God, he had gone to work.

When I arrive he’ll act like nothing happened. When we’re around people he’s a different person. He stared being an ass just about three years ago… Why I haven’t left? I can’t answer that, I was afraid that if I left, he’d come find me and kill me.


“Good morning Katie,” Ally, our receptionist greeted me with a smile.
“Morning,” I muttered putting on a fake smile.
“Everything alright?” Ally asked. I slowly nodded and walked into my office. I never told anybody how Chris acted at home; none of them would believe me. Considering the fact that he’s a totally different person at work.

Ally was one of my good friends. I met her about seven years ago, when I first started this job. She was my best friend, but I still wouldn’t tell her about Chris. I was scared of what might happen if he found out I told someone about him.

I have to get outta here; I have to find somewhere to go. I wanted to get outta Phoenix; I hated living in this hell hole, too fucking hot. Mostly, I wanted to get away from Chris. The only place I could think of to go is my mothers, back in Detroit. It would be nice to see my mother and father again. My bother Jayme would be there too. But how, how am I going to get the hell out of here? How can I get away from Chris, without him trying to kill me?


“Who you talkin too!?” Chris yelled as he walked into the bedroom. I was on the phone with my mother. I didn’t tell her about Chris, I just told her that we’d like to come see her soon. I hushed him; if my mom heard that tone, she’d freak…and he’d be in trouble… then I’d get my ass beat…again. He glared at me, waiting for an answer.
“My mother,” told him. He walked over to me and sat down.
“Tell her anything and I will kill you,” he whispered in my ear. Chills ran down my back, scaring me to death. I wanted so bad to tell someone, but I was too scared. I hung up not long after that, my mom had to go pick up my brother. He was having car problems or something and he called dad to come pick him up, but dad was busy…

“So, what did you tell her?” Chris demanded an answer.
“I told her…that…uh…I…I mean we would like to come see her this weekend,” I hesitated. I really didn’t want him to come, but that’s the only way I could get there. He would never let me go alone.
“Great,” he said irritated. I gave him a glare. “You better watch how you look at me,” Chris warned.
“Well I’m going to my mothers weather you like it or not!” I yelled.
“I’m going with you. You’re not going anywhere without me!” Chris yelled. Standing up from the bed, about to go out the room.

“Now where is the damn Hennessy?” Chris yelled. “You did get it like I told you too, didn’t you?” he asked though his teeth, giving me a stern look. I stared at him terrified. I completely spaced out and forgot about his stupid alcohol. “Bitch you better answer me!” Chris yelled.
“No, I got caught up in work…I forgot,” I said softly.
“You forgot!?” Chris yelled. “Bitch!” he yelled slapping me. “Get your fuckin ass to the liquor store now!” he screamed.
“Ok. Ok, I will,” I said, I got up from the bed and went to walk out the door.

“Hurry your ass up too, if you’re not back her in 20 minutes, there will be consequences,” he yelled angrily, she shoved me out the door. I quickly jumped into my cheep ass car; I wasn’t aloud the car I wanted. I wanted a nice Mustang or something along those lines, but no, I only got this Pontiac. Chris got the good car, he had a Mercedes.


I arrived home just in time, only about five minutes to spare. I handed Chris the Hennessy and left the room. As long as he had his alcohol and me somewhere in the house, he didn’t care what I did.

I went to bed, I couldn’t wait to go see my family, I haven’t seen them in years. I missed them like crazy. I had only one day until Friday, we are leaving Friday morning to catch a plane. And I hoped that going to Detroit would somehow get me away from Chris. Somehow I had to tell my parents what was going on. I couldn’t hide it anymore, I had to figure out away to tell them that he was beating on me.
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PostSubject: Re: The Heart Won't Lie (N-17)   Fri Jul 02, 2010 6:26 pm

Is this an Em fic?
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PostSubject: Re: The Heart Won't Lie (N-17)   Fri Jul 02, 2010 6:28 pm

Yes, he'll come in later. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: The Heart Won't Lie (N-17)   Fri Jul 02, 2010 6:29 pm

Nice keep goin Smile
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PostSubject: Re: The Heart Won't Lie (N-17)   Fri Jul 02, 2010 6:30 pm

I will Smile
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PostSubject: Re: The Heart Won't Lie (N-17)   Sun Jul 04, 2010 7:22 pm

“Katie!” my mom shouted as we entered Detroit’s airport. I smiled slightly as I wrapped my arms around her hugging her.
“Where’s dad and Jayme?” I asked while pulling away.
“Waiting at home,” she said with a smile. “Hello Chris,” she added. For a moment, I completely forgot that Chris was even there.
“Hello,” Chris said. Oh you fucker… putting on that face smile. Gosh, I can’t wait to get rid of your stupid ass.


“Daddy!” I said like I was a little girl again, I wrapped my harms around him hugging him tight. I was always daddy’s little girl, and when I left with Chris…I think it broke his heart.
“Kate,” he said softly. “Finally,” he said with a smile. I wonder where Jayme is, mom said he was here…
“Where’s Jayme?” I asked.
“He’s working,” my father told me. I gave him a funny look. Mom said he was here, what the hell?

“Mom said he was here,” I said still confused.
“I forgot he had to work today,” my mom told me. I just nodded slowly as I watched Chris walk into the bedroom where we usually slept when we come over.
“It something wrong?” my dad asked. I really wanted to say something, but I was afraid too.
“I…” I started to speak…Chris was standing in his doorway shaking his head with an angry look on his face. “I’m fine,” I lied. Nothing was fine at home…ever.


It was late when we got there, so we ate dinner right away. Chris and I were laying in bed not talking like usual. I think he knew I was planning something to somehow get rid of his sorry ass. I really had no plan at all… just to say something to someone when Chris wasn’t around. Which will be hard, just cause Chris is going to hanging on me like a damn leech.

“You better not tell anyone about anything!” Chris suddenly whispered sternly. I really didn’t want to answer him so I pretended to be asleep. Of course, that didn’t work. “Did you fuckin hear me!?” Chris almost yelled turning to me.
“Yes,” I whimpered as he stared down at me angrily.
“Good,” he said though his teeth. Why does he gotta be like this?

I don’t understand, for years…he was the nicest guy…then all of a sudden, he’s a complete dick head. I never did anything wrong, I was always there for him. He for me, until three years ago. Shortly after we fell asleep….

“Chris,” my dad said suddenly grabbing Chris’s attention.
“Yeah?” Chris asked. We were all eating breakfast; he looked over at my dad.
“Me and some of the guys are gonna go out…play football, wanna come?” my dad asked.
“Sure,” he said he seemed annoyed.

This is great, now I can go search around Detroit for awhile and think. Shortly after breakfast, Chris and my father left. I was glad. My mom had to go to work, and Jayme was already at work. Now was a good chance to go. I put on my coat and headed out the door. It was fall and it was a bit chilly.

I wanted to go visit the old park that I used to hang out at but that’s where my dad and Chris would be…and if I showed up there, Chris would make me say. There was another spot I used to hang out at…but I wasn’t sure if it was safe anymore. Back then it wasn’t too safe, now it’s gotta be worse. What the hell? I might as well go. I headed over to this ally that was near where my old friend used to live. We would meet each other there at night when his mom was being a bitch.

I was sitting on the steps thinking of a good way to get rid of Chris. Nothing good enough seemed to come to my mind. Wait, what if I just say something tonight at dinner? He can’t do anything then…or would he? I didn’t know what he would or he wouldn’t do. I let out sigh; I had to get outta this situation…somehow.

Sitting at this spot really reminded me of my best friend. His name was Marshall. We met in pre-school; we were friends all the way up until we were about 15. Then that stupid Kim had to come and take him away from me. I hated her, and I still do. Marshall was my best friend, we did everything together. I missed him, but he was famous now… he probably wouldn’t remember me anymore.

As the years passed and we got older I began to like him, but I could never find the right words to tell him. After he met Kim, I knew he didn’t feel the same way, so I gave up on liking him. Even though I wanted to pick up the phone and call him, I was afraid, afraid she would answer. I let out another sigh.

“Katie?” I heard a familiar mans voice say causing me to smile. I couldn’t help it. I looked over and saw DeShaun standing at the end of the ally. “Is that you?” he asked.
“DeShaun!” I said standing up and walking over to him.
“I knew it,” he smiled before giving me a hug. “What you doin here?” he asked.
“Reminiscin,” I told him. He smiled.

“You still with that guy?” DeShaun asked. He seemed disappointed at the thought of him. I nodded and sighed. “Something wrong?” he asked. I backed away slightly and looked down. “Come on Kate, you can tell me,” DeShaun said softly. This was the perfect moment, and I wasn’t gonna let it slip. I spilt my guts on everything about Chris, about how he hits me, how he drinks every single night….everything.
“I gotta tell Marshall,” was the first thing out of his mouth. I shook my head frantically.
“You can’t!” I shouted. “You just can’t!” I yelled.
“Someone has to do somethin,” DeShaun yelled. “You can’t keep goin though this shit, it’s not right!” DeShaun yelled. He was disappointed; he and Marshall always hated Chris. I never knew why back then, now I know what they meant, they were right.
“You can’t tell him…I don’t want Marshall goin over to my parent’s house and doing something stupid. I don’t want him getting hurt!” I yelled. Wait? Why do I care if Marshall gets hurt? He fucking neglected our friendship years ago.

DeShaun scoffed while shaking his head. “You still love Marsh don’t ya?” he asked with a smile. I shook my head…no, no I don’t no, no, just no!
“No…no I do not!” I yelled in defense.
“You’re defensive…you still love him,” DeShaun teased pointing a finger at me and smiling. I shook my head. “Well… you loved him before,” he said. I gave him a confused look, how’d he know. I never told anyone. “You never said you didn’t love him when I said you did,” he smiled.

“I don’t love him, and I never did!” I yelled lying of course…about back then. I don’t love him anymore…he hurt me…bad, but not as bad as Chris did…does.
“Stop lyin,” DeShaun said. I let out a sigh. He was right, I loved Marshall…but that was then. This is now, times have changed. “Anyway, you need to do somethin about Chris,” he said changed the subject.
“I don’t know what to do!” I yelled.
“Let me and Marshall handle it,” he said like it was nothing.
“You can’t tell him!” I yelled. DeShaun let out a loud annoyed sigh.
“Fine, you tell him,” he demanded in a way.

“How?” I asked.
“Em is havin a party tonight at his place…you should come,” DeShaun told me.
“No. I can’t go…I couldn’t face him,” I freaked. “All he’s gonna say is ‘I told you so’ and it will be annoying,” I whined.
“Everything will be fine,” he tried to convince.
“Like Chris is gonna let me go to a party by myself,” I told him. Chris would never let me go to a party, especially if Marshall was there. Chris knew that I liked Marshall as a kid, and he thinks I still like him.
“Let’s go now then…don’t go back where the dick head is,” DeShaun suggested. It might work…

“Fine…” I sighed. “But I have no idea how I’m going to face Marshall,” I told him. “You know what he did to me,” I said.
“And he regretted it…it was Kim the whole time. Marshall wanted to come see you, but she wouldn’t let him. It was all her, and when you took off with that asshole, it broke his heart,” DeShaun explained. “Marshall loved you…he just didn’t now how to tell you, he was scared, he was scared to ruin everything you two had. So he kept his feelings bottled up inside,” he told me.
“But he’s with that Kim chick,” I said disappointed.
“Was… he was with Kim. They divorced now,” he said.
“If he loved me, why’d he get with that Kim bitch?” I questioned.
“He was scared…he didn’t know what he was doin…you know how bad his relationship with Kim has been?…I’ve never met a woman as crazy is that bitch is,” DeShaun explained.

“I don’t know…I don’t read up on him just cause he’s famous. I could care less about that shit,” I told him. It was the truth, I didn’t keep up with Marshall or Eminem, whatever you wanted to call him, I didn’t care, and he could do whatever he wanted to do for all I care.
“Did you ever see how he looked at you?” DeShaun questioned. I just shrugged. “I’ve never seen him look at her the way he looked at you,” he said softly. I sighed…. Marshall couldn’t love me; DeShaun was just staying this to get me to go.

“I don’t believe you,” I said. We were just friends.
“Ask him,” DeShaun said. “He misses you, wait till he sees you,” he smiled. I shook my head.
“You’re just saying that,” I yelled.
“I’m not,” he told me. “Now, are you gonna come or not?” DeShaun asked starting to walk away backwards. I shrugged; I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I don’t now if I could even see Marshall. I don’t know what I’d say to him. “Well if you’re not comin, I’m goin…Marshall’s gonna be disappointed when I tell him what happened,” DeShaun said as if he was trying to make me feel bad. I let out a sigh. “Comin?” he asked before stopping and staring at me…

“DeShaun,” I said as he began to walk away. He stopped and turned around staring right at me. He walked back over to me. “I’m scared,” he said. He gave me a funny look.
“Scared of what?” he asked.
“Chris…he’s gonna kill me,” I said starting to tremble, somehow he’d find away to hurt me.
“No he won’t, Marshall and I will not let him lay a finger on you,” DeShaun said sternly. “And if he does, he’d dead, I promise you that,” DeShaun assured.

“What do I say to Marshall?” I asked him.
“Catch up. Then tell him…if Chris comes up. Don’t flat out tell him…we can’t let him go crazy and try somethin stupid,” he said. I nodded slowly. “So are you coming?” he asked.
“Yeah,” I said putting on a fake smile. Truly, I was terrified… I was so scared to see what would happen tonight…I sighed tryin to calm myself down.
“Relax woman,” DeShaun laughed. “Everything will be fine,” he assured as we walked down the street a bit to his red Charger.
“This car is awesome!” I said as we got in. DeShaun just laughed as we pulled away, and headed to Marshall’s.
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PostSubject: Re: The Heart Won't Lie (N-17)   Mon Aug 02, 2010 11:00 am

I want to read more! Hope you update soon!
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PostSubject: Re: The Heart Won't Lie (N-17)   Fri Aug 13, 2010 2:52 am

“Yo Em where ya at!” DeShaun yelled as we entered his huge home, that was out in the middle over nowhere.
“I was just getting sa…” Marshall spoke stopping dead in tracks when he saw me, he looked shocked. I felt embarrassed. “Kate?” he asked softly. It’s been 12 years since we last saw each other. “Wha…what are you doin here?” he asked.
“I was visiting my parents when DeShaun found me,” I told him. Marshall looked confused.
“What ya mean he found you?” Marshall asked confused. At first I couldn’t help but stare at him, he was even more attractive than he was back then…and way better looking from how he looked on TV and shit.

“She was sittin at the old ally we hang out at years ago,” DeShaun answered for me.
“Oh…it’s nice to see you again,” Marshall said with a smiled, which was enough to make me melt. Oh my gosh, I can’t be still in love with this man…no I just can’t and it didn’t help me when he pulled me into a hug.
“Nice to see you too,” I finally got out after he let go of me.

“You want anything to drink?” Marshall said he seemed a bit nervous.
“What ya got?” I asked with a smile causing Marshall to smile.
“Let me go check,” he mumbled as he walked down the hall to the kitchen.
“No one can make him smile like you do,” DeShaun taunted. I gave him a death glare. Marshall can’t love me, he has better things to do than waist his time on little ol’ me. “And he’s still got that look he did years ago,” he smiled nudging me. I sighed as I headed towards the kitchen. Marshall was halfway in his fridge digging around for something.

“Umm we got Pepsi, Mountain Dew and these strawberry wine cooler things,” Marshall said pulling out the three things. I stared at them for a moment. I liked alcohol but I really wasn’t in the mood to drink.
“I’ll take the Pepsi,” I said quietly, it has always been my favorite pop.
“Just like always,” Marshall laughed to himself as he handed me the can. Wow, he remembers my favorite pop.


The party had started and all kinds of people were there, tons of girls, the guys and some other friends of theirs that I didn’t know. I sort of sat back from everything and tried to say away from Marshall. Why? I just didn’t feel like talking to him, it was just too painful, but I couldn’t go home…it was too scary.

I sat on the couch … alone, watching Marshall dance with another girl. It was pissing me off watching him grind with that other chick. DeShaun was on the other side of the room, keeping an eye on me and Marshall. I watched DeShaun as he walked over to Marshall and whispered something in his ear causing him to look at me.

Marshall left the spot where he was dancing and walked over to me. “Hey,” he said putting on a smile. I just stared up at him. Oh great Proof, what did you do?
“Hi,” I mumbled.
“Having fun?” he asked before sitting down.
“Ehh,” was all I could say. The truth is that I was very bored, and I really wanted to catch up with Marshall but I really didn’t know how. And I wanted to do this when people weren’t around.

“I guess not,” he laughed making me sigh. “What’s wrong?” he asked. “I know that sigh…something’s wrong,” he stared at me.
“I’m fine,” I lied. I wasn’t fine, I really wanted to tell him how he made me feel back then but I couldn’t.
“Don’t lie to me,” Marshall told me. I sighed again. “Come on, Kate. Tell me. Do you wanna go upstairs?” he asked. I shook my head, no, that could get us in trouble.

“What do I have to do to make you tell me what’s wrong?” he asked. He seemed sorry and sad. I sighed. Should I just spill my guts on everything? No. No, I’ll just tell him about Chris like I said I would and leave it at that.
“Well…I uhh…he…you know…,” I stuttered. Marshall stared at me confused before taking a drink of his beer. “Don’t,” I said softly taking the beer away from him. He looked at me as if it was unfair. “I don’t like how men get when they’re drunk,” I told him.

“Oh?” he said confused. “Does this feeling have something to do with that guy…what’s his name…uhh…Chris?” he asked. I closed my eyes and nodded. “Katie, did he hurt you?” he asked sternly. I nodded slowly. “I’ll kill him!” he spat though is teeth.

“You can’t…” I said quickly before he was able to get up.
“Well he can’t go on hurting you like that! It’s not right! I don’t like it!” he yelled.
“If you go and try something you’ll get thrown in jail!” I yelled.
“I don’t give a fuck! As long as that motherfucker is not hurting you!” he cursed causing Proof to stare. Marshall glared at him for a moment before he turned back to me.

“You can’t just put yourself in danger to save me! I don’t want you getting hurt… you have no idea how dangerous he is!” I yelled at him.
“I can handle him!” he yelled. “We wouldn’t have this problem if you would have listened to me 12 years ago!” Marshall yelled getting mad at me now.
“Why should I have listened to you? You spent three years not seeing me!” I yelled.
“Oh really?” he questioned.
“Yeah, you were to busy with that slut to care about me!” I screamed.

“Don’t talk about my baby’s momma like that!” he yelled.
“You know she’s a slut!” I yelled. He sighed. I could tell he knew I was right. “You have no idea how much you hurt me back then,” I mumbled sadly.
“What about when you left!?” he yelled standing up.
“I left cause I was sick and tired of not having my best friend any more!” I screamed. Causing everyone to stare at us. I took a look at all those people before storming out on the back porch. I began to cry…this is not how I wanted this to go.

~~~Marshall’s pov~~~

I paced for a moment frustrated with all the staring. I grabbed my beer off the table and chugged the rest of it. Everyone kept staring. “Fuckin quit starin!” I yelled storming off down the hall to my work room. I slammed the door shut and sat down at my desk. I really fucked things up, I was pissed I threw a glass across the room it busted on the door.

Katie probably hates me now. This is not how I wanted things to go with her this time. She was my best friend for years… until she left me devastated standing in that driveway watching that thing take her away from me. “Em! Open this fuckin door!” Proof’s voice interrupted my thoughts.
“I need to be alone!” I yelled angrily. I didn’t need him or anyone else telling me what to do.
“No! You need to work things out with Kate, she’s cryin man,” Proof yelled trough the door. Oh shit, I made her cry…that’s the last thing I wanted to do to her. Even though I already know I made her cry because of Kim.

“Give me a second to calm down,” I yelled back.
“Fine…you have five minutes,” Proof told me. The five minutes passed quickly and Proof was back at the door banging on it.
“Yeah I know!” I said opening the door.

~~~Kate’s pov~~~

“Kate?” I heard Marshall say softly behind me.
“What?” I mumbled not looking at him.
“Can we please talk…without yelling?” Marshall asked.
“About what?” I asked still not looking at him. He sighed.
“Could you look at me?” he asked quietly.

I turned around and stared at him. “That’s better,” he said slightly smiling. “Now look, I’m sorry. I never meant to make you cry. I just hate too see the pain in your eyes; you need to do something about that guy. It’s just not right, the way he treats you,” Marshall said kindly.
“I know, Marshall, but you can’t just go and kick his ass…that will just make things worse,” I told him.
“I won’t, I promise. All you have to do is get away from him,” he said. “Stay here tonight, I have plenty of spare rooms,” he said kindly. I smiled a bit.

“Ok,” I mumbled.
“Come here,” Marshall whispered pulling me into a hug. Gosh, being held by him feels nice. But I can’t tell him how I feel, there’s no way he feels the same way. Hell, I thought I was over him, until he hugged me, until I saw him, until I felt his touch. “Kate? You ok?” I heard Marshall mumble, I was so lost in thought, I didn’t realize that we stopped hugging.


Everyone left around 1am, besides Proof. “Anyone else tired, I’m tired,” Marshall mumbled. I on the other hand was not tired but freaking out. “Katie?” Marshall asked as Proof made his way upstairs.
“What!?” I jumped.
“What’s wrong?” he asked.
“I just listened to my messages. Chris is pissed,” I mumbled. “He’s gonna kill me,” I said wanted to cry, thinking of the beating to come.
“No he’s not! I won’t let him!” Marshall said. “If he lays a finger on you I will kill him!” Marshall said sternly. I nodded slowly not wanting to argue with him.
“I wanna lay down,” I muttered.

“Yeah,” he said softly. “Come on, I’ll show you your room,” Marshall said. We walked up stairs. He showed me the guest room. Without word or looking around I crawled into bed and curled up in a ball. Marshall stood by the edge of the bed. “Goodnight,” he whispered.
“Night,” I mumbled. He leaned in and kissed my forehead, before leaving the room. I watched him leave wishing he would have stayed with me. I felt safe around him, I always have…

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PostSubject: Re: The Heart Won't Lie (N-17)   Fri Aug 13, 2010 2:52 am

~~~Marshall’s pov~~~

I went downstairs after saying goodnight to Katie. I went to go turn of the kitchen lights when I heard Kate’s phone go off in the living room. I glanced at the screen, there was a text message from Chris. I wanted to read what he wanted…this is wrong…no, he’s a dick. I picked up the phone and clicked open the text.

“Where the fuck are you! You fuckin bitch, you better not be fuckin around! When you get back here your ass is getting it, you better know it bitch. Next time tell me where the fuck you’re goin!” the text read. Oh that fuckin asshole. You are not going to lay a finger on Katie; if you do I’ll have you killed.

“Listen here you fuckin motherfucker. You leave Kate the fuck alone, or I’ll have you killed, I know what you been doin to her, bitch!” I replied back to his text. He pissed me off, and I wasn’t going to let him hurt Kate anymore. I shut her phone off and placed it back on the coffee table before turning the lights off and heading upstairs.

I stood in the doorway of Kate’s room. She looked so peaceful laying there asleep. “Yo, Em, why don’t you just tell her, man, instead of standin there bein a creeper?” I jumped at the sound of Proof’s voice. I turned around and faced him.
“Tell her what, man?” I asked pretty much knowing what he meant.
“You know damn well what I mean,” Proof said. I sighed. I can’t tell her, she doesn’t love me. Hell, I don’t even know if I truly love her or if it’s just old memories coming back.

“There’s nothing to tell,” I lied trying to walk in my room but he stopped me.
“Are you that fuckin stupid?” Proof yelled in a low whisper. “She loves you, she always has…and I know damn well you loved since you were fuckin 10 years old,” Proof said irritated. He could always read me like a book, and I hated it. I hated the fact that I was so easy to read, but he was the only one who could manage to read me.
“I don’t feel like talking about this now,” I mumbled pushing my way past him and into my room.

“Stop bein a pussy and tell her how you feel!” Proof pretty much yelled before I closed my bedroom door on him. Yeah, that’s it, wake Katie up so she can come in here and be confused and ask me questions that I don’t feel like answering.

I lied in bed thinking about what Proof said to me. Yeah, I loved Kate…back then…but what makes him think I love her now? Some of the feelings I had for her came back, but we was kids then. I was too afraid to tell her how I felt because I was afraid that she wouldn’t love me back, and our friendship would be ruined. There was no way she loves me…not after what I did to her.

I laid there for a while staring up at the ceiling, thinking of a way to get rid of Chris… before I could think of anything good, I fell asleep.

~~~Kate’s pov~~~

I woke up and looked around the room, the room was unfamiliar. I almost forgot where I was until I remembered I was in one of Marshall’s guest rooms. Shit, Chris is going to kill me if he finds out I was with Marshall last night.

“Mornin,” Proof said as I walked into the hall.
“Hi,” I mumbled sleepily. I drug myself into the bathroom before Proof could say anything else. I did my thing then headed downstairs, to look for Marshall. See if I could get a ride to my moms or something before Chris comes and kills everyone in this house.

“Good morning,” Marshall said with a slight smile. He was sitting on the couch. I just stared at him as if I was going to die. “What’s wrong?” he asked.
“Chris is going to kill me,” I said, I began to shake. I knew once I got back to my moms he was going to beat the shit outta me.
“No he won’t…. if he touches you I will shoot him in the head,” Marshall said sternly. He motioned me to come sit next to him, I did.

I began to shake more. “He’s not gonna hurt you, Kate. I won’t let him,” Marshall whispered as he pulled me into a hug. He smelt good and I liked it, I couldn’t help but snuggle up to him, I felt safe in his arms.
“I don’t wanna go home to Chris,” I whispered.
“Stay here then,” Marshall suggested. “You’re more than welcome to say here…as long as you want, I don’t care,” he told me.


“Yo! You two should stop drinking,” Proof yelled as he came into the living room and snatched the bottle of Bacardi away from Marshall. He took a drink. Eww, I don’t understand how that could not bother him.
“Yo! What the fuck, man!” Marshall yelled.
“Ya’ll are drunk as fuck, ya need to learn to share!” Proof yelled.
“Fine,” Marshall pouted. I let out a sigh. Proof always did this to us, taking away our alcohol.

Not even five minutes later the rest of the Bacardi was gone, in our stomachs or spilt on the floor. Proof was sitting on a chair staring at the TV like it was magical. Marshall and I shared the couch. I was leaning against Marshall, using him as a pillow as I always did when we were younger. This was so much better than going back home.

Proof just passed out and it was only 1am. Marshall and I were watching Scary Movie. Marshall had to suddenly stand up. “What are you doing?” I asked him as he ran down the hall.
“I have to take a piss!” he yelled back, causing me to crack up. He came back not long after.
“Better now?” I asked him. He didn’t say a word he just started at me. “What?” I asked.

Did I do something wrong? Why is he looking at me like that, its creepy? I stood up in front of him. Suddenly he pulled me closer to him, he started kissing me, I was taken back for a moment. For a few seconds I just stood there not kissing back, I couldn’t take it no more, I couldn’t resist, I had to kiss him back.

What is going on? I can’t be doing this. I pushed away and stared at him, he licked his lips. “I’m sorry,” he mumbled looking down embarrassed.
“It’s fine,” I said putting fake smile. Why did I do that? I could have gotten what I wanted years ago. Why am I so stupid!?
“Kate,” Marshall paused.
“Yeah?” I asked looking at him confused.

He stared at me for a moment. “I want you,” he whispered.
“No… no, you don’t,” I mumbled. He shook his head.
“You don’t understand…I love you, I always have,” he explained … kinda. I shook my head looking down at the floor.
“It’s true,” Proof butted in. Marshall glared at him and he went back to his business.

“I…you…umm…we,” I didn’t know what to say. I loved him… I always have. But I thought he was lying, it was just the alcohol talking. I stared at him sadly for a moment, he looked hurt. I opened my mouth to say something, but Marshall stopped me.
“Don’t. I understand,” he mumbled before walking away.

Just as he made it to the top of the stairs DeShaun just had to say something. “Are you fuckin nuts!?” he yelled standing up in front of me. “Do you realize what you just lost there?” Proof yelled pointing towards Marshall’s room.
“You don’t understand,” I mumbled even though he was right.

I let out a deep sigh. “You should go talk to him,” Proof suggested.
“I…” I started.
“Go!” Proof demanded pointing upstairs. What does he think I am, a child? I sighed and headed towards Marshall’s room.


“Marshall,” I mumbled knocking on his door.
“You don’t need to do this,” he said though the door.
“I’m coming in,” I said sternly while opening the door. He was laying on the bed facing the other way.
“Go away,” he mumbled. He was acting like a child that was in trouble or something.
“No,” I said. I could tell he was hurt, but did he really love me?

I walked over and sat on the bed next to where he was laying. He rolled over and started at me sadly. “I’m sorry,” I mumbled. “You just took me by surprise when you kissed me,” I told him. He didn’t say anything. He sighed after a while.

“No, I’m sorry,” he mumbled. “But what I said was true, I love you, Kate,” he whispered sitting up and moving closer to me. He began to kissing me again, I kissed back.
“Marshall,” I tried to say in a normal voice but it came out as a moan. “Marshall, we…have to…have to stop, Marshall,” I said trying to get him to stop pulling my shirt off.

“What? Why?” Marshall asked.
“Cause … Chris,” I mumbled.
“Fuck Chris,” he said annoyed.
“You know, he’s gonna kill me if he finds out?” I asked him.
“If he touches you, I’ll kill him, you know that,” Marshall assured before we continued….


I woke up in the morning hung over as fuck, I had a major headache. I sat up. Marshall was asleep next to me. Wait? He was asleep…naked…I’m naked. Oh shit!
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PostSubject: Re: The Heart Won't Lie (N-17)   Fri Aug 13, 2010 2:53 am

I reached over and poked Marshall on the shoulder. He moaned annoyed and turned the other way. “Marshall, stop it. Just wake up!” I demanded still poking him.
“What do you want?” Marshall grunted as he turned around facing me again. I sighed. “Wait…why are you naked?” he asked he was confused. I looked at him as if he was stupid. “Oh,” he said a bit disappointed in himself.

“Yeah,” I said staring down at him, still not bothering to cover myself up. It wouldn’t matter in the first place, he’s already seen everything. “Do you remember anything from last night?” I asked him. He sat up slightly, and thought for a moment.
“Well its kinda obvious, but its still a bit foggy,” Marshall said softly, we both looked at each other and sighed.

“Please tell me you wore a condom,” I said frightened. If I got pregnant and it was with his baby, I would be dead. Marshall looked around on the floor.
“It don’t look like it,” he said a bit afraid. Great, watch me get pregnant, Chris is so going to kill me.
“Shit,” I almost yelled wanting to cry. How could I let this happen?

Now, the world is going to see me as a cheater, I never wanted to be seen as one. I promised myself that I would never cheat on someone. Even if it was with Chris is wasn’t right, sure, yeah, he was a complete asshole but still. I let out a sigh as I looked over at Marshall who looked like he didn’t know what to say or do. I wanted to break down and cry but I really don’t know why. From what I can remember, last night was amazing.

“Kate, everything’s gonna be fine. No one but us two is gonna know.” Marshall assured. I shook my head.
“Not if I get pregnant,” I mumbled, Marshall sighed.
“Kate?” Marshall paused in a form of a question. I looked over at him. “I umm… if you are pregnant with umm my baby would you keep it?” he asked.
“Of course,” I said softly. “But until then, can we please pretend that nothing happened. I need some time to think about … things,” I whispered.

“Yeah,” Marshall said softly but a bit sad before getting off the bed. He didn’t bother to wrap anything around himself. I couldn’t help but stare at him. I watched him go into the bathroom before I got up and got myself dressed.


“Have fun last night?” Proof asked with a smirk on his face.
“Shut the fuck up Shaun!” I demanded punching him in the arm.
“Yo! I was just playin, chill, man,” DeShaun said holding his arm where I punched him. It was fun knowing how to punch. I wouldn’t know how if it wasn’t for Proof and the others, teaching Marshall and I how to not let lil fuckers push us around.
“Sorry, but it’s your fault I can punch. And I’m not much in the mood for kiddin … I’m just a bit freaked out at the moment,” I told Proof.
“Ok…I’ll leave ya alone then,” Proof smiled as he walked away.


The rest of the day Marshall and I didn’t really speak. The awkwardness was starting to get to me. I really wanted to go see my parents but I was afraid to see Chris. I also wanted to change and take a shower. I picked up my phone off the coffee table and turned it on. I had 30 missed calls, and 15 texts from Chris wondering where I was at and saying that I was gonna get it when he finds me.

“Marshall, I gotta go back to my parents house. My parents are worried,” I told him.
“I thought you didn’t want to go back cause of Chris?” he asked, he seemed disappointed that I wanted to leave. I did tell him that I didn’t want to go back, just cause I was scared.
“Well I mainly came here to see my parents,” I told him. “I can’t just not see them,” I added.
“Fine. Then I’m going with you,” Marshall said standing up.

“Marshall, I…” I started.
“Nope, I won’t take it. I’m comin with you,” Marshall protested. Oh great, this is not gonna go over well at all. I sighed and followed Marshall out the door. We got into his Mercedes Benz and headed to my parents house.


“Where have you been!?” my mother yelled as I opened the door.
“She was with me,” Marshall said stepping out from behind me.
“Marshall Mathers!” my mom smiled while saying his name loudly. Marshall smiled slightly, frowning as Chris came too the door. I looked up at Marshall who tried to hide his anger towards Chris.

“Can I talk to Katie alone?” Chris asked.
“Sure,” my mother smiled as Chris pulled me into the other room.
“What the fuck!?” Chris yelled. “What the fuck are you doing with him!?” he yelled pointing towards an area as if Marshall was standing right there.
“I was visiting old friends,” I said softly afraid he was going to slap me.
“Well I don’t want you around him, if I ever see you with him again I will kill you,” he said though his teeth as he opened the door and we walked out.

Marshall shot a glare at Chris as we sat on the couch together, pretending nothing was wrong, but Marshall knew the truth. We sat for a while talking about shit. After a while I could tell Marshall was starting to get anxious. I knew he wanted to say something. He started to move around and fidget with the corner of the couch. He quickly stood to his feet looking pissed.

Marshall suddenly sighed irritated. “Fuck! I can’t take it no more!” he yelled. Everyone looked at him confused and shocked at his freak out, besides me. I knew what was eating him, and if something is bothering him for so long he would say something soon enough because it would bug the fuck outta him. “Kate, you gonna say something our should I?!” he questioned loudly. I remained silent, I was scared.

“What the hell is wrong with you. I always knew you was crazy!” Chris began to crack up at Marshall.
“You shut the fuck up!” Marshall yelled. “I know everything that you’ve done to her,” Marshall yelled, he was furious, his face was a bright read, I’ve never seen him so mad.
“What the fuck are you talkin bout?” Chris asked pretending to be confused.
“You know damn well. You motherfucker, I know you been beating her for over three years, and this shits gotta stop!” Marshall screamed.

Chris looked shocked that he was caught. “I don’t know what you’re talkin about,” Chris mumbled.
“Is this true?” my mother asked. I nodded slowly trying to move from Chris, but he had a grip on my wrist.
“You let her go!” Marshall demanded clutching his fists together. Chris gave Marshall a dirty look that said no.
“I told you not to tell any one!” Chris screamed slapping me in the face and pushing me on the floor. He stood up and ran out the front door.

“Katie!” Marshall yelled in concern. He ran over to me and helped me to my feet. He held me in his arms and I trembled against his chest. “Martha, call 911,” Marshall said sternly still holding on to me. I was so scared, I didn’t want him to let go.

Once the cops arrived we had to give him details about everything. They put a warrant out for his arrest.

I sat on my bed curled up in a ball trembling and crying. I didn’t know where Chris ran off to or when he’d be back. I was scared to death. I was waiting for Marshall to come to the room after speaking with my parents. Not long after Marshall appeared at the door.

“Come here,” I whined. “I don’t wanna be alone,” I said crying. Marshall walked over and sat on the bed pulling me into his arms. I rested my head on his chest, it was silent for about 20 minutes. “What did you talk about with my parents?” I finally spoke.
“They thanked me for what I did tonight…and they want me to keep an eye out for Chris and never let you outta my sight until he’s put away,” he said as he kissed my head. I laughed slightly.

“So their not mad at you anymore?” I asked. He shook his head.
“Naw, they said that its not worth being pissed over. Forgive and forget right?” he said. I nodded. “And they told me if I ever hurt you again they’ll kill me,” he laughed slightly. I shook my head.
“Their crazy,” I laughed even though I was still scared to death. Marshall turned on the TV, the news was on. They talked about Chris and how they are looking for him and to call a number if he’s found. Shortly after they finished I fell asleep in Marshall’s arms.

~~~Marshall’s pov~~

I adjusted so I was laying down on the bed and still holding on to Katie. She rested her head on my chest, she was so beautiful. I bushed the hair outta her face and smiled. After last night I knew my true feelings for her, I loved this woman that I held in my arms at this moment. I just didn’t know how to tell her. Or even if she loved me back, or if it was just drunk sex we had and it meant nothing to her.

There was a knock on the door. “Marshall?” I heard Martha’s voice whisper.
“Come in,” I said looking over at the door. She smiled slightly as me.
“Just making sure everything’s fine,” she said softly with a smile.
“She’ll be ok,” I assured. “I’ll make sure that fucker never lays a hand on her again,” I assured.

“I trust you, Marshall,” she spoke.
“Gosh, I’m still shakin from bein so pissed,” I said shocked at myself, I have never gotten so mad at anyone before. “Its just when he hit her like that…ohh it pissed me off. Men should never hit a woman, no matter what,” I said causing Martha to smiled.
“You’re a good man, Marshall,” she smiled. “I’ll let you two get some rest, goodnight,” she whispered.
“Goodnight,” I said softly before she shut the door.

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PostSubject: Re: The Heart Won't Lie (N-17)   Fri Aug 13, 2010 2:54 am

I sat there holding onto Kate tightly. I knew this wouldn’t last that long after Chris was caught and taken to jail. There was no way that Kate loved me. How could she love me? I abandoned her when I met Kim…I wasn’t strong enough to get away from Kim’s clutches. I was so disappointed in myself. Kim was so damn controlling until I became famous, then we slipped away from each other.

Something has to be done about Chris…I had to get the guys to keep a look out for him, just incase he stuck around town. I pulled out my phone and dialed Proof’s number. “Yo!” Proof answered quickly.
“Proof!” yelled quickly.
“What?” Proof asked…he seemed annoyed. It was late and he was probably getting ready to relax with his wife.

“Yo, you need to keep an eye out for Chris,” I demanded, Chris needed to get his as beat, and I couldn’t do it myself, I promised that I wouldn’t leave Kate alone.
“Why?” he asked. I fuckin hated questions so this was pissing me the fuck off.
“Cause, there was an issue here at Kate’s old place… you and the guys need to keep an eye out for him, I don’t want him hutting Kate again, he already did about an hour ago or so,” I explained.
“Ok…I will.. I’ll make sure he gets what’s comin to him,” Proof said before hanging up the phone.

~~~Kate’s pov~~~

“Who was that?” I mumbled. Marshall’s conversation woke me up.
“Proof,” he said softly. I nodded. “I told him to keep an eye out for….well, you know” he mumbled. I let out a sigh and moved closer to Marshall.


We were woken to a knock on the door. “Open up!” Proof yelled banging on the front door. My parents must have gone to work already.
“I’ll be right back,” Marshall whispered I nodded before he left the room. He came back a few seconds later with Proof. Proof sat down next to me giving me a hug.

“What up?” he asked.
“Mmmm,” I whined. I was tried and still a bit scared that Chris was gonna come back and hurt me after hurting Marshall, because I know he’d have to go though Marshall before he got to me.
“She’s still worried about the whole Chris thing,” Marshall said sitting on the other side of me. I pulled away from Proof and moved closer to Marshall. Wait, what am I doing? Oh who cares? I couldn’t help but hold on to him. I guess I was afraid of losing him again.

Marshall put his right arm around me as I rested my head on his shoulder. I wanted to tell Marshall how much I loved him, but there was no way that he loves me. “Don’t worry, I kick his ass,” Proof smiled causing me to laugh slightly. “That’s better,” Proof said. We sat silent for a moment and I thought I heard a door shut.
“Did you guys hear that?!” I whispered jumping up from my spot.

“No?” Marshall said in a form of a question.
“It sounded like a door shutting, I think someone’s in the house go look,” I whined shoving him towards the door.
“I don’t think anyone’s here,” Marshall tried to tell me, but I wanted him to go check even if I was just hearing things.
“Marshall,” I whined his name. He smiled, shook his head and rolled his eyes before leaving the room.

“So you guys goin out?” Proof asked.
“No!” I almost yelled. Gosh he is so nosey!
“Chill… it’s just that it looked like you two was,” Proof said looking away.
“Its fine. I just don’t wanna start a relationship… I don’t wanna get hurt,” I said softly.
“Em would never hurt you,” Proof assured as he put his arm around me. He did once. Why wouldn’t he do it again?
“He doesn’t love me,” I mumbled. Proof shook his head.

“Both of you is blind as bats,” Proof said still shaking his head. I’m not blind, I see fine, there just was no way Marshall loved me. “I know you love him,” Proof said trying to get me to admit it.
“Of course I love him, I’ve loved him for years. But I couldn’t tell him. And he was with Kim. And he doesn’t love me, and even if he did… I’m not ready for a relationship yet. Hell, I’m still married to dick face,” I yelled at Proof… maybe he’ll shut up now, and it did feel good to get that out.

“Finally she admits it!” Proof cheered.
“Shhh,” I said trying to calm him down. I didn’t want Marshall to know, it would be odd…he might even think I was stupid or something. “Please, don’t tell him,” I pleaded.
“I will if you don’t tell him soon,” Proof said.
“I will… just give me time, please?” I asked. I needed time, I couldn’t come out and be all: ‘Marshall I love you,’ and hope he loves me back. Which he probably doesn’t, life just doesn’t work like that.

~~~Marshall’s pov~~~

I walked around the house looking for any sign of someone being there. I found nothing. Gosh, Katie is so paranoid. I began to walk back to the room when I heard a door click shut. Was Katie right? Was there really someone here or was I hearing things? I took a step back and slowly walked towards the door that clicked.

I placed my hand on the door knob and swung the door open. “What the fuck are you doin here!?” I yelled as I saw Chris poking around Kate’s parents room.
“What the fuck you doin with my wife?” he yelled back.
“None of your damn business, you don’t treat her right. You don’t deserve her,” I yelled back at him.
“I love her,” he argued.
“If you loved her you wouldn’t treat her the way you do!” I yelled. “Which is not right, you fuckin motherfucker!” I screamed at him.

“Cause you’ve never hit a woman,” Chris said.
“I haven’t. I would never lay hands on a woman like that,” I yelled defending myself. I wouldn’t ever touch a woman like that. Yeah, I talk about it in music but that just how I felt about things at the time with Kim. Everyone, at one point feels like they want to kill someone…
“Right. Where is Katie?!” he demanded.
“None of your business,” I yelled. He wasn’t going to lay a hand on her. He had to go though me first.

“She’s my wife!” he yelled.
“She doesn’t want to see you, so live with it!” I yelled.
“I don’t give a fuck! When I find her she’s gonna die!” he yelled. Oh he didn’t just say that. Imma fuckin kill him!
“You’re not gonna touch her!” I screamed.
“I can do whatever I want! She fuckin cheated on me with you! I know it!” he yelled.
“Assume whatever you want, you’re not gonna touch her,” I yelled.

If I could I would stab him in the chest and get this over with, it would make everything better. But stabbing him wasn’t the answer, and I’d go to jail for murder. I didn’t need that I have a family to take care of, and a career to deal with.

He began to walk towards me and the doorway. I blocked it. “No,” I yelled. “Don’t even think about it!” I added.
“Move Mathers!” he demanded. I shook my head. What makes him think that I would let him go find her and risk him killing her.
“Fuck you. You’re not gonna touch her,” I said though my teeth. He moved to punch me but missed and punched the air and fell out the doorway.

Ha, stupid ass. He got up and began to run downstairs. “Get the fuck back here!” I yelled running after him. I tackled him down the stairs. We tumbled to the floor, I sat on top of him trying to hold back wanting to punch his face in.
“Get off me!” he yelled pushing me off…

~~~Kate pov~~~

We sat in the room and all of a sudden we heard screaming and shouting of cuss words. Oh great, Chris was here, I recognized his voice right away. Proof stood up and went to the door. “Stay there!” he demanded as he left the room.
“Dumbass don’t leave me in here alone!” I yelled before curling up in a ball on the bed. It seemed like a good way to protect myself.

A few minutes later the door swung open and Chris ran at me. He picked me up and threw me on the floor… the last thing I remember is him being pulled off of me before I passed out.
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Oh dang, I like, a lot.
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The Heart Won't Lie (N-17)
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