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 Dewaun Parker Speaks about "Relapse"

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PostSubject: Dewaun Parker Speaks about "Relapse"   Wed Mar 18, 2009 10:15 am
What would you say sticks out the most that happened this year on Aftermath?

Dawaun Parker:
Well we just wrapping up Emís project so Iíll say that, and Crack A Bottle was #1 on Billboard, so thatís exciting I guess.
We need Em back. Hip Hop needs Em back. How do you feel about the current state of Hip-Hop?

Dawaun Parker:
Hip-Hop is in a transformation stage. Most are waiting to see where it goes or are complaining and then some of us are trying to guide it where weíd like to see it go. I think with the computer and with the way we are all connected, you just need to have dope music. The people will decide if itís hip-hop or not

I will say that we are in a post-lyricism era right now, with guys like Wayne, Drake, and ĎYe no really rapping so much, but trying to expand our concept of what a hip-hop record is. Personally I think itís all hip-hop, there is just good and bad. But then you hear someone like KRS-1 who is a legend, say that Flashing Lights ainít hip-hop, so itís all relative at the end of the day.
So, right now you are with Dre in Detroit to work on Eminemís Album. Please tell me about your role in this project.

Dawaun Parker:
well basically I just run around and challenge Em to emcee battles so he can stay on his toes. other than that, iím part of one of the best production teams ever assembled. is that too cocky?
Ha ha Ö no! Can we expect a new Dre type of beat on ď RelapseĒ?

Dawaun Parker:
I mean I donít think you can expect a huge radical departure from what you are familiar with. Just know we worked hard on it and the quality will be there.
There are some surprises musically for sure; at least in my opinion.
Can you give us some inside info on features and producers on the album?

Dawaun Parker:
Itís mostly us. I think Dre on it and maybe and 50, but no one else far as I know.
Whatís the concept behind ďRelapseĒ?

Dawaun Parker:
The concept behind ďRelapseĒ I canít speak on. The title pretty much explains it though. Heís back!
Who produced the track ďIím having a relapseĒ?

Dawaun Parker:
I did.
Itís a great song D. Being that you are so close to Eminem, is there a difference in him artistically, since the unfortunate passing of his best friend, Proof?

Dawaun Parker:
Iíll leave it to Marshall to reveal what he wants at his pace. But itís gonna be dope I promise.

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Dewaun Parker Speaks about "Relapse"
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