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 Amy WineHouse Refuses Eminem? (Rumor)

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PostSubject: Amy WineHouse Refuses Eminem? (Rumor)   Fri Apr 10, 2009 11:52 pm

The Real Slim Shady rapper, whose new track We Made You hits shops on Monday, asked Amy to feature on his next album Relapse, out next month.

He reckoned the Rehab singer could help him repeat the success of his superhit Stan, which topped charts around the world in 2000.

Key to its brilliance was the contribution of Amy’s fellow Londoner DIDO, whose song Thank You provided its backbone.

Eminem wanted Amy to work similar magic for him — but the beehived one had other ideas.

My source says: “Amy was flattered by the offer. She loves hip-hop and is a big fan of Eminem. But she didn’t feel it was the right thing to do at the present time.”

Another insider adds: “Eminem has followed Amy’s career closely. They have both had drug addiction issues and he empathises with her and hoped to feature her on Relapse.

“His idea was to make a track as magical as Stan. But unfortunately Amy declined.

“He understands that recently she hasn’t been in a state to focus on music because of her tumultuous private life but he hopes they will get together on a future project.”


As I revealed this week, Em’s admiration doesn’t stop him poking fun at Amy in his latest song.

He raps about her drug troubles: “Amy, rehab never looked so good. I can’t wait, I’m going back.”

Amy Grindhouse ... star reads horror book in St Lucia

Splash News
And as I told you, in the video for the track he even dresses up as Amy’s junkie husband BLAKE FIELDER-CIVIL, wearing a lanky wig to leer with an Amy lookalike.

The real Amy is now in St Lucia to work on her third album.

Yesterday she was enjoying some calm and soothing time at the beach with, er, a book called Grindhouse, by movie directors QUENTIN TARANTINO and ROBERT RODRIGUEZ, about their ultra-violent flicks Death Proof and Planet Terror.

I’ve got to hand it to the girl — snubbing the huge global star that is Eminem takes some nerve. ... 371911.ece

Sounds like bs to me. Smile Only my opinion.
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Amy WineHouse Refuses Eminem? (Rumor)
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