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 *What Hurts the Most* NC 17 9-11-06 (Emfic)

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PostSubject: *What Hurts the Most* NC 17 9-11-06 (Emfic)   Tue Feb 12, 2008 4:40 pm

Disclaimer: I Do Not Own any of the character's planted in this story except for the ones you don't recognize. If you do recognize the names, it's from the other fic that was taken down & I own them because it's me & my friends. Please do not try to sue me, for this is done in all good fun & I do not mean to harm any of the Mathers' family nor do I profit from it. With that said: Here we go:

Look at him. He's so lost. I remember how we used to chill in my room at night.

Cyndi thought as she layed in bed with her best friend who she'd loved forever. She stared down at him as she caressed his head full of blonde hair as he slept. They were lying in a hotel room that Marshall rented out specially for them. They'd usually stay in a hotel 3 nights out of the week. The room was a lovely cream color, with white shades. The bed was covered in a floral colored comforter & white sheets. Marshall was lying underneath the cover because he'd fallen asleep after they'd made love.

He promised me he wouldn't turn out like this. She looked around the room & saw all the empty alcohol bottels he'd left around from the mini fridge. He wreaked of alcohol because he'd been heavily drinking the whole night. He usually did before coming to see her.

Years Ago:

Marshall climbed into Cyndi's window & tried not to make noise. It was 12:34 a.m. & he wasn't ever suppose to come over. Her parents hated him because he was "trailor park trash" as they'd like to say. She was rather wealthy & it was unfitting for him to be around her. She always seemed to sneak him in. It was totally dark in her room, so he slowly crept to her bed. Cyndi was fast asleep because she had school the next morning. He sat by her bedside & nudged her gently.

"Cyndi..." he said quietly turning on her lamp that sat on her dresser.
He looked down at her & she was wearing a teeny tiny white t-shirt & red booty shorts. Her sheet was ruffled. He stared at her hour glass shaped body as she opened her eyes.
Damn she's really changed.
"Marshall?!!" she gasped pulling her cover over her quickily.
"Sorry..." he said looking down as she sat up.
"She hit you again?" she asked grabbing his face gently & making him look up to her. He had a red bruise on his right cheek. He was wearing a gray hoodie, with a white t-shirt & dengy blue jeans.
"Yeah." he said ashamed as he looked back down.

Marshall had met Cyndi in pre-school & they'd become best friends even though he & his mother moved back & forth. She was now in highschool & he barely went even though they had just got to 9th grade. She was rich & he was poor but somehow their lives intertwined. He'd always come to her when his mother abused him, even though he had a girlfriend. His mother had abused him since they could remember, so taking care of him was nothing new to her.

"I'll take care of it." she said getting up but he grabbed her hand.
"'s fine. I just wanna lay down. I don't want you to wake your parents."
"Ok." she said laying down as he took his shirt & jeans off. She stared at her best friend as he stood in his boxers. She was starting to see her best friend in a whole different light & she wondered if he felt the same way.
Wow...he sure has changed. she thought as she smiled.
He was just a skinny white kid to everyone else but to her, he was her heart. He finally layed on the small couch she had in her huge bedroom & she tossed him a sheet before turning the light off & it was complete darkness.

"Cyndi?" he asked as he stared up to the ceiling with his hands behind his head.
"Yeah?" she whispered back.
"Do you think my mom will ever change?"
"I don't know. She hasn't for this long." She told the truth because she hated to lie to him. She heard him sigh & it was depressing.
"I wish she would. I love her but I don't think she loves me. She's so mean. Maybe it's because of the drinking or drugs."
"Promise me you'll never turn into her."
"I promise...Not as long as you're my best friend & you'll always be my best friend right?" he replied & she smiled even though she couldn't see anything but his shadow on the couch.
"Always." "Goodnight." he said turning on his side.
"Goodnight." she said closing her eyes as she heard a phone ring.


Marshall opened his eyes & sat up. He grabbed his cell phone & flipped it open. He smiled at Cyndi as he put it to his ear.

"Hello?" he said slurred.
"Where the fuck are you?!!" he heard Kim's shrill voice yell on the other end.
"I told you I had to work late baby."
"Yeah right!! You better bring your ass home now!!" she snapped as she hung up. He sighed as he closed his phone.

It had to be her. His spirits always drop when she yells at him. He gonna leave now. I don't want him to.

"I gotta go." he said kissing her then getting up. She watched him as he threw his clothes on that were lying in the chair. She frowned as she watched him grab his coat.
"Stay." she pleaded. How pathetic am I asking a married man to stay? "You know I can't." he said kissing her passionatly before he grabbed his keys & turned to leave. She watched him as he opened the door & walked out, just like always. The door clicked as it closed & she layed down as tears whelled up in her eyes.
I hate when he leaves...Why does she get to have him. He's mine. she thought as a tear fell from her eye & hit the pillow.

If I were to die murdered in cold blood tomorrow would you feel sorrow, show love or would it matter? queen
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PostSubject: Re: *What Hurts the Most* NC 17 9-11-06 (Emfic)   Wed Feb 13, 2008 8:22 pm

Marshall stumbled down the hallway to the elevator. He was still pissy drunk. He stopped infront of the elevator & pushed the bell. He tapped his pockets. She has my keys. He turned around & headed back to the room as the evlevator bell rung, while the doors opened.

"5, 4, 3, 2, 1...." "Please give me my keys." Marshall said opening the door. "Not a chance." she said staring at him as he walked over to the bed. He's so typical.
"Why do you always do this?" he asked slurred as he stared her in the eyes. "Because you'd kill yourself if I didn't. Just lay down & sleep it off."
I'm still trying to make him stay. I should really be ashamed of myself. "Cyndi, come on. I'll see you tomorrow." he said kissing her & she pulled away because his breath wreacked of alcohol. "You're not driving."
"She'll be pissed if I don't come home."

She's already pissed. That's nothing new. Ooh..I hate how he stays with her.

"Ok, then I'll drive you." she said getting dressed.
" Then she'll know I lied to her." he said lying with his back flat on the bed as she pulled on her jeans.
"I'll make something up. I always do. God Marshall, you have to stop doing this to yourself." she said as she stood in the mirror & fixed herself up. "You have to stop...." She just turned around & stared at him because he was asleep. She sighed as she walked over to him.
If I were really a bitch, I'd make him stay..but I'm not.

"Marshall, get up." Cyndi said grabbing his hands & pulling on him.
"You got my keys?" he asked sitting up.
"Yeah, I got your keys. Come on." she said putting his arm around her neck & walking him to the door. God, he weighs a fuckin ton. Not like when we were younger.


"They all hate me..." Marshall wimpered as Cyndi helped him down the street. He'd been beaten up at school & Cyndi naturally was gonna walk him home. His nose was bleeding & he was pretty badly bruised. His shirt was ripped & covered in the blood that dripped from his nose.

"Fuck them. They're losers." "Why don't you hate me? I'm nothing like you. I'm dity &...."
"And you're my best friend. I don't care that you don't have alot of money, that's not your fault. I like you the way you are."
"Why are you so different?" he asked as they stopped.
"What do you mean?" "You're not a snob. Why aren't you snobby?"
"Because I know what it feels like to have hard times. Money isn't everything." she replied as she smiled at him.
"You only say that 'cause you have it." he said looking down.
"Hey...don't feel like that. What's mines is yours." she smiled as she made him look at her. I can't belive she's my best friend.

He looked down at his shirt & sighed. "My mom is gonna kill me."
"No she won't." "Yes...she is." he said nervously.
"We'll face her together." she said grabbing his arm as they started to walk once more.
"You know you're not suppose to come on my side of town. If your parents find out they'll kill you." he said clutching onto her as he limped.
"We'll they're just gonna have to kill me because I'm not leaving you."
"I love you know. You're the only one who'll take up for me." he smiled as he looked at her. "don't get all mushy on me." she smiled back.


Cyndi got out of the car & walked around to the passenger side of the car. It was rather chilly outside & the wind was picking up. She opened his door & nudged him. He opened his eyes & noticed they were in his estate. "I asked you not to bring me home." he said as she helped him out. "Yeah...yeah. If I hadn't you'da fell asleep at the wheel & where would we be?"
"What time is it?" he asked as the cold air hit his face & he woke up.
"It's...3:45 in the morning." she said looking at her watch as she walked him to the door. "Fuck...Kim is gonna kill me." he said as he nearly fell up his 2 steps. I bet she is. she thought as she grabbed his keys & unlocked the door. He opened it & went inside. Cyndi walked him over to the couch & sat him down. He layed back as Kim came down the stairs.

"I thought he was at a meeting." she said stopping at the bottom of the stairs. She was wearing a green silk robe & her hair was swept up into a messy bun, some of the strands fell into her face.
"He know how him & the guys get." Cyndi smiled fakely.
"Him & the boys? So what were you doing there? Never mind. I forgot you're one of the guys right?" she said sarcastically as she walked over to the couch where Marshall was laying. Cyndi's smiled dropped as Kim walked passed her.

God if I weren't a Christian I'd say I hate her. What the hell? We all sin right? Cyndi thought as she took a deep breath to keep herself from jumping on her. She turned around & watched her as she knelt to Marshall.

"Baby?" she said softly as she caressed his head & he opened his eyes.
"Oh...hey Kim. Sorry I'm late." he smiled as she smelt his breath.
" stink. Where the fuck were you?!" she yelled.
"I told you. I had a meeting." he sighed.
"And what'd you do after?!!" she yelled as he sat up.
"He went out & drank...." "I didn't ask you!!' she yelled as she spun around to Cyndi.

Gotta keep my composure because I'm about 3 seconds away from beatin' the shit outta her!!

"Don't yell at Cyndi. She's not the reason I went out."
"Then why'd you go?" she asked burning a hole into him with her eyes.
"I was...I was celebrating our engagement." " I'm sorry." she said hugging him.
"No, I shoulda told you." he said holding her back.
"Why don't you go to bed & I'll be up in a minute." she said letting him go.
"Fine. Good night Cyndi." he said going over & hugging her. "I love you." he whispered in her ear & she practically melted.
Oh....he makes me not want to let him go. This isn't fair. she said taking his scent into her nose as he held her.
"Good night." she said letting him go & she watched him disappear upstairs.

"Thanks for bringing him home & I'm sorry about snapping on you." Kim said glaring into Cyndi's brown eyes as if to instill fear into them.
"It's fine." Cyndi said turning to leave.
"I know you've been his friend forever...and I see the way you look at him. You always have, but he's mine. He was then & he is now. So don't forget that."
What the fuck did she just say to me?!! Cyndi thought as she stopped in her tracks.
"What?!!" she asked as she turned around furious.
"You heard me." she said firmly.
"I don't want Marshall. He is my best friend. I know we don't like each other but I'm really trying to be nice here. If you make him happy then fine. I am just his friend." Why am I lying through my teeth. I should just tell. She's being a bitch!!
"That's right. Just his friend. You always have been. Shit he runs to you more than he comes to me. I hate that. I want that relationship with him & I will have it."
"Well you can't have it & F.Y.I. I'm fucking him!!" Cyndi snapped.
Wait..I'm over exaggerating...this is how the coversation really went:

"I know you've been his friend forever.....I just wanna have that type of relationship with him. I wanna be his best friend. Not taking away from you or anything...but I wanna know the secrets you two keep."
Ha...she's jealous. Kim is jealous for once. Cyndi thought as she turned to her.
"You are his best friend...and his lover. So you have the best of both worlds. You have everything he has to offer." Cyndi replied.
Everything I should have.
"No...he runs to you when he needs help & I hate it. I want that. I want every part of him." she replied.
You already have it!! You have everything I want!!
"Then tell him. I gotta go." Cyndi said leaving.
If I were to die murdered in cold blood tomorrow would you feel sorrow, show love or would it matter?

The Next Afternoon:

Marshall sat at his desk & stared at his mixing board. He was at Shady Records supposidly working on some beats. He was actually thinking about him & Cyndi. They'd only started being intimate 2 weeks earlier. He felt guilty for takng their relationship to a whole new level because he wasn't gonna be able to give himself fully to her. He still loved Kim in a way but he was in love with Cyndi. It was totally complicated.

My head is fuckin' killin' me. I should stop drinkin'. Nah.

"Are you gonna talk, 'cause you been sittin' here starin' at that thing for a couple of hours & it's freakin' me out." Shaun replied.
"Sorry, just thinkin' about somethin'."
"Like?" Shaun asked dragging the word.
"I don't know." he replied spinning around to his oakwood desk. He was sitting in his black leather chair that he loved because Cyndi picked it out & it was extremly comfortable.
"You don't know? But you're thinkin' about somethin'?" Shaun asked.
"Well..I...shut up." Marsh said confused & Shaun laughed at him.

"What? You got a hang over?" "Yeah." Marsh said rubbing his head.
"Cyndi drive you home?" "Yeah." "You need to stop drinkin' so much."
"Thanks dad. I'll take your advice into consideration." Marshall said sarcastically.
"Man, you know I'm right. I ain't sayin' you can't drink. Shit...just slow down. You drink more than me & that's sayin' somethin' cause I'm a drunk."
"I don't drink too much. Shut up."
"Cyndi watched you drink?" "No..I went over to see her drunk."

I know I shouldn't of went over there like that because she hates seeing me like that but....I can't stop. I have a habit...& she loves me even though I do. Marshall thought as Shaun continued to talk. He stared at him but he wasn't paying attention. He just wrote it off as him scolding him again like usual.
She's always been there for me...even the day we met.


Marshall sat in the corner & stared at the little kids play. He kept his hands in his pockets because he was nervous. His mother had dropped him off & left. He stared at the kids as two boys & a girl walked over to him. "Whad's you're name?" one boy asked. Marshall just stared at him frightened. "Do you talk?" the other boy asked.

"I think he's stupid." the girl said seemingly disgusted.
"I'm not stupid." he whispred.
"Then why don't you talk?" the boy asked.
"My mommy told me to stay away from you."
"Why?" Marshall asked still sitting with his knees to his chest.
"Because she says you're bad."
"I'm not bad." Marshall protested.
"Uh huh!!My mom says so!!"
"And you're stupid an' ugly!!" one of the boys laughed & the girl followed.
"No I'm not..." Marshall cried silently as he put his head down.

"Leave him alone!!" he heard a girls voice yell.
"Why should we...he's dumb..."
"Then that makes you dumb because you wanted to be his friend." she snapped.
"Don't call me dumb." the girl replied hurt.
"Then leave him alone." Cyndi replied & they walked away.
"Are you ok?" Cyndi asked sitting down beside him.
"Yeah...thanks." he sniffled. "You're welcom." Cyndi smiled.
"Do you have any friends?" she asked. "No." he said shaking his head.
"Uh huh. Me. Stop crying." she said wiping the tears off his face.
"What's your name?" "Marshall." he replied. "My name is Cyndi." she said as they shook hands & he smiled.


" wanna go out & celebrate your engagement tonight?" he heard Shaun say.
"Can Cyndi come?" he inquired.
"Man, come on....I wanted to take you to a strip club. Just me you & the guys. She can come out next time."
"Then I'm not goin'" he replied, knowing Shaun would fold.
"Fine...damn, sometimes I wish she was a guy."
"Yeah, but if she was you wouldn't be able to check her out." Em smiled.
"Damn right & that would be a tragedy because she sexy as hell."
"I'm calling her." Marshall said grabbing his phone.

Cyndi walked down the hall of the hospital & grabbed a thermomiter. She was a nurse & she loved her job, even though it took alot of time out of her life. She headed back down the hall as her cell phone rang. She stopped at the front desk & pulled it out.

"Hello?" she asked putting it to her ear.
"Hey baby." she heard Marshall's voice say & a smile swept across her face. It's my boo boo stank stank. she thought as her friends stared at her. She used to call him that when they were kids. That & Marshmellow.

"Must be her man." he friend Jamillah replied.
"Hush..." Cyndi said waving for her to be quiet.
"Hi." she said as if she were a school girl.
" you wanna go out with me & the guys tonight?"
"Sure. I get off at 8 you can drop by & pick me up." she said quickily.
"Can't wait to come get you. I bet you look good."
"Yeah right. I'm just in my nurses outfit." she smiled as she looked down at herself. She had on a cute white nurse outfit.
"I need you to come take care of me." he smiled as he leaned back in his leather chair & Shaun stared at him.
"I could...if you stayed at my place tonight." she smiled.
"You know I can't." he said finally realize Shaun was paying attention.

"Ok..."she sighed. "We're celebrating my engagement."
"Whoopdie doo." she said angrily.
"Don't be that way." he said as Shaun stared at him.
"It's fine. I mean you are her husband."
"Soon to be husband." "You're marrying her so you're her husband." she said walking away from her friends to make her rounds. She also didn't want them eavsedropping on her conversation.
"I hate it when you say that." "Well you better get used to it because it's true. You're her husband." she said as she went into a patients room.
"I'm gonna see you later ok?" "Yeah." she pouted.
"Ok, I love you." "I love you too." she blushed as they hung up.

"If I didn't know any better...I'd say you were fuckin' Cyndi." Shaun said keeping his eyes on him to see his reaction.
"You're very funny." Marshall said seriously.
"I know I am. Why'd you never wanna hook up with her anyway?"
"I don't know. I don't see her like that."
Shit..I wish I could tell Shaun...but I don't want it to get out.
"You a stupid mutha fucka then, cause I think you & her should of hooked up. Not you & Kim, no offence to her. I like her & all but you two...."
"Don't say it Shaun. Me & Kim love each other. I know we fight & all but we're made for each other.
We are no matter what anybody says...I know I'm messin' up with Cyndi right now, but I needed her when....
"Fine. Congradulataions." Shaun replied.

TBC.... Leave me some feedback please & thanks Jaxs for your coment.
_________________ queen
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PostSubject: Re: *What Hurts the Most* NC 17 9-11-06 (Emfic)   Sat Feb 16, 2008 7:22 pm

I read this fiction on SF forum and you know I liked it. I hope you will continue with this story!
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PostSubject: Re: *What Hurts the Most* NC 17 9-11-06 (Emfic)   Sun Feb 17, 2008 4:06 pm

"Man, where is she?!!" Swift asked fustrated as he & the rest of the guys sat in the limo outside of the hospital. They were waiting for Cyndi to get off of work & she was a half & hour late.
"Don't rush my friend. She'll be here." Marshall smiled as they saw her run out of the emergency door.
"She's our friend too faggot!!" Proof laughed.
"Yeah, but I knew her first." he laughed as he opened the limo door.
Marshall got out of the black stretch limo & awaited for her to reach him.

God this has been a long day, but seeing him makes it all better. Cyndi thought as she grabbed him. She wrapped her arms around his neck & he grabbed her waist.

"Hey." he said as he held her close to him.
"Hey..." she said taking in his scent that she loved.
Damn she smells good. he thought smelling her as he held her tight.
"Can we go now?!!" Kon snapped as he stuck his head out of the window.
"Yes." Marshall said letting her get in first. She scooted over & he sat beside her.
"So..where we goin'?" Cyndi asked as the limo pulled out & they left the hospital.
"We were goin' to a strip club but Em wanted you to tag along." Proof pouted.
"Tag along? I'm not a puppy Shaun. If you wanted to see strippers we could go." she smiled.

"Are you serious?!!" Shaun said brightly.
"Not a chance. You know me better then that." she smiled.
"Man....Why don't you strip for us?" Shaun replied.
"Yeah, we never saw you naked before." Swift replied.
"And you won't." she smiled.
"Come on...we knew each other for years." Shaun smiled.
"Leave her alone. She's never gonna strip for us. She's too uptight." Marsh chuckled.
"I'm not uptight. I'm just reserved." she smiled at him.
"That's why your my best friend. You keep me sane." he smiled back as Shaun noticed.

"So where are we going?" she asked.
"To the club." Shaun replied.
"I'm not dressed to go to a club." she said looking down at her outfit. She was wearing a white fitted sweater & dark blue fitted jeans, that hugged her assets. Her long, black, straight hair was down to her shoulders & she had her hazel contacts in.
"Shit you look good with whatever you wear." Kuniva said staring at her.
"Thanks...I guess." she smiled as the limo stopped & they got out.
"Bring on the bitches!!!!!!" Swift yelled as he got out of the limo.
"I want a ton of brunettes!!!!!" Shaun yelled as he got out & the rest of the guys followed. Marshall got out & grabbed Cyndi's hand to help her out. The sky was a beautiful dark blue & the stars all seemed to shine brightly. "You look gorgeous." he smiled as they stood face to face.

"Thank you." she smiled as they headed to the club & people screamed at the mere sight of him.
"I promise we'll have fun tonight." he smiled grabbing her hand.
That would really be nice because we haven't really had a night out in awhile. she thought.

I hate getting all this attention. I just wanna be normal.... he thought as they went inside of the club. The music was booming & everyone was dancing or drinking. They could feel the bass of the beat in their chest as they headed to their V.I.P. seats. Marshall looked around the room & saw the guys already pilled with girls dancing all over them. He grabbed Cyndi's hand & pulled her with him as his bodyguards escorted them to their seats.

He sat down & whispered something in one of his guards ears.
"I'll be back!!" he yelled over the music.
"Where ae you going?!!" Cyndi yelled back.
"To get some drinks!!" "Marshall!!" she yelled because she hated when he drank. "Come on...we're at a club. I'm entitled to atleast one drink!!"
She stared at him as if to say no. "Please..." he pouted.

Look at those gorgeous blue eyes. I could get lost in them. How can I say no?He thinks I didn't notice he said drinks with an s. The other one damn sure isn't for me because I don't drink.

"Ok...but just one!!" she folded. I have to learn to say no to him.
"Thanks!! I'll be right back!!" he smiled as he turned & walked away. She saw him disappear through the crowd & she turned to watch everyone dance. She sighed because she felt like something bad was bound to happen.

Marshall got to the bar & sat down as his bodyuards kept people from crowding him. He downed 4 shots, he was already on his 5th one.

How can I just drink one? I'm at a fucking club for God sakes. I know she's only lookin' out for me but....
"Marshall? What are you doing here?" he heard a familar voice say. He turned around & downed his shot.
"Kim...what are you doin' here?" he asked shocked.
"Celebrating with Dawn & my other friends." she smiled as she sat beside him. "I'm doin' the same." he said as he ordered another shot.
"Well, we can chill together." she said kissng him.
"Yeah...that's a great idea." he said as he downed his shot.
I need somethin' stronger. he said as his hand trembled.
Kim...I'll be back!!" he yelled as he got up & his bodyguards follwed him. He went into the bathroom alone as his bodyguards stood outside He stared at himself in the mirror & scrub his hands over his face.

Should I take it or not? Cyndi would be pissed but I damn sure would feel better. I already drank so it probably wouldn't be a good idea.
Shit...both of them are here & I been stressin' like hell to keep them apart. They finally get along just a bit & I do this....I'm so fuckin' stupid. His hand began to tremble even more. I can't have what she has.

What is taking him so long? Fuck..I bet he's up there drinkin' the whole fuckin' bar. I better go stop him. Cyndi sighed as she got up & headed through the crowd of people. She went to the bar but he wasn't in sight.
Fuck... she thought as she spotted Kim. She turned to leave but she heard her voice.
"Cyndi?!!" Kim yelled as she stopped her.
"Oh, hey. I didn't see you!!" she yelled over the music.
I wish I could tear my eys out just so I wouldn't have to look at you.
"Oh...have you seen Marshall?!!" she asked looking around.
"Actually that's who I was looking for. He said he was coming up here."
"He was here, but he said he'd be back." Kim said taking a sip of her drink.
He probably ran the other way to get away from you. I knew something bad was gonna happen.
"There he is." Kim smiled as he stumbled over to them.

"My two favorite girls." he smiled as Kim grabbed him.
"I'm suppose to be your favorite girl." she said kissing him.
"You are...but I love Cyndi to." he smiled as he held her.
"Yeah, but only as a friend. I'm your wife & all." she smiled as they held each other.
"You know I only love you like that. You're the only person I would marry...twice." he smiled as he kissed her.
Cyndi stared at them as they cradled each other & it hurt her. His words made her realize they had no future, even though she loved him. It reminded her of when he'd first met Kim.


"Cyndi, I met this girl named Kim at Shaun's party. She's soooo cute." Marshall said as he layed beside her in the bed.
"Girl?" "Yeah, she's nice. Not like you but....different."
What does he mean by different? Good different or bad different? I knew I shoulda went to that party."I really like her. You think I should ask her out?" No.she thought.
"If you really like her." she said staring at his goofy grin.
"I do. Could you help me?" "No." she said fustrated.
It's not like I want him but I just know she's not right for him.
"Please? I'm not good at that type of stuff. You know that." he pouted as he stared at her & his beatiful blue eyes persuaded her to help.
"Fine." she groaned. "Thanks." he said joyfully as he kissed her cheek.
Cyndi stood by as she watched what she'd set in motion. It had been a couple of days sice she hooked them up. If they fell apart she felt like it was ultimately her fault. Marshall smiled as Kim filled Marshall's head with whatever she was saying.
She just better be good to him. she thought as she stared at her. Something about the girl rubbed her the wrong way.

Cyndi turned around to head back to her seat as she bumped into someone and they spilled their drink.
"I'm so sorry!!" she replied looking up.
"It's fine. Really...Cyndi?" the guy asked.
"Naji?" she asked shocked as she stared at him. He was wearing a black fitted cap & a black & white sweat suit. He was rather tall.
" look good." he smiled as he looked her up & down.
"Thanks." she said speecless. "I gotta go." she said turning to leave.
"Wait..." he said grabbing her arm. "I haven't see you in like forever. Would you like to dance?" he smiled.
"Dance? I..." "Please?" he pleaded. "Ok, one dance." she said grabbing his hand & following him to the dance floor.

Marshall looked up & saw Cyndi following Naji to the dance floor.
"No way..." he said angrily as he let Kim go.
"What?" Kim asked turning around to see Cyndi with a Naji.
"She's having fun. Leave her alone." she said trying to kiss him but he pulled away.
"Not wit' him!!" he yelled as he watched Naji run his hands down her body.


"You're never gonna leave me!! Do you hear me?!!" Naji yelled as Cyndi cried. Marshall walked outside & saw them.
"Get off of her!!" Marshall yelled as he pulled Naji off of Cyndi. He had grabbed her & pushed her to the wall because she was trying to leave him.. They were outside of their highschool. He was always hitting her. As much as Marshall tried to protect her, he was just a scrawny boy & Naji was huge for his age. He & Cyndi had hooked up because he was a the top basketball player & she was head cheerleader. It was fitting. When they first got together Naji was the sweetest person ever, but he began to change. He treated Cyndi like a puppy & she was too small to fight back. He ran over her because of the sweet person she was.

"What are you gonna do about it bitch?!!" he yelled pushing Marshall & he stumbled back into a wall.
"Keep..keep hitting her & I'll show you." he said standing straight up.
I know there's no way I can beat him, but for Cyndi I'll try. I'd rather get hit then her. he thought as Naji stormed over to him.
"Naji don't!!" Cyndi cried as she ran over & grabbed him.
"Get the fuck off of me!!!" he yelled pushing Cyndi to the hard ground & she grunted in pain.

"Mother fucker!!!!" Marshall yelled punching Naji in the mouth & he split his lip.
"You son of a bitch!!" he yelled punching Marshall square in the face, then his ribs. Marshall got the wind knocked out of him as he fell to the ground.
Before he could catch his breath Naji stared to stomp him. He grunted in pain with every kick to his chest & stomach. "What you'd once say? I'll never have her as long as you're her best friend? We'll see about that!!" NAji yelled as he continued to kich Marshall. He started to cough up blood as he heard Cyndi's voice yell "Stop it!!!!!!!" as he got kicked in the mouth.

"Get off of him Naji!!" she yelled pulling him back as she cried. He looked around & saw some kids standing around watching. That defenitly wasn't good for his reputation. He wasn't known for that.
"'ll regret this." he smiled as he walked away. She watched him disappear as she heard Marshall groan in pain.
"Marshall!!" she yelled running over & kneeling to him. She saw all the blood on the ground as he sat up, holdin his nose & mouth.
"Are you ok?" she asked concerned. She sat on the ground beside him. She was dressed in her cheerleading outfit & her hair was pulled back into a ponytail.

"Yeah...this is nothing new." he said muffled. He groaned in pain as he held his side.
"You didn't have to do that." she sniffled as she wiped the tears dry from her face.
"Yes I did. I'm your best friend. You help me." he said as blood poured from his nose & mouth.
"Let's get you fixed up." she said grabbing his hand & pulling him up. She held him up as they walked back inside the school to the nurse. That wasn't the last time Marshall got into confrontations with Naji. he'd beaten him up all the time after that. Marshall never told Cyndi. He just said his mother did it, seeing as how she beat him everyday anyway.
As long as she's safe. That's all I care about. She's free of him.


"He's never gonna touch her again!!" he yelled as he pushed Kim to side & storming over to where they were. He pushed his way through the thick crowd & grabbed her hand.
"Come on Cyndi." he said pulling her the other way.
"Marshall?" Naji asked & he stopped.
"Yeah,it's me." he said turning around & he made Cyndi stand behind him.
"Marshall, everythings fine." Cyndi said but he ignored her.
"Damn..haven't seen you in forever either. You got bigger. You two are together?"
"No, they're not!!' Kim yelled as she stormed over to them.
"'s nice to see you're still best friends." Naji smiled.

"You remember what I said about that right?!!" Marshall said furiously.
"Come on...this isn't highschool. I was young & dumb."
"Tough, 'cause you had a good girl & you fucked it up. You'll never get another shot."
"Marshall..." Cyndi said grabbing him.
"What?!!' he snapped as he began to tremble. Anger had filled his every being. All he could think about is what he use to do to her.
"Everythings fine. We're fine." she replied softly.
"What?!! Don't tell me you wanna be around this loser!!" he yelled.
"Lety her do what she wants!! She's grown Marshall. It's her buisness." Kim snapped because she remembered how he used to do that when they were young.

"You stay outta this!!" he snapped.
"Don't fuckin' yell at me!!" Kim yelled.
Oh God...I knew something was gonna go wrong.
"Do you wanna go talk?" Naji asked walking over to Cyndi. She stared at Marshall & Kim go back & forth & she hated it. "Yeah."
"She's not going anywhere with you!! Cyndi, come on!!" he yelled grabbing her hand.
"Dude...I know you rich & all now but you can't always have what you want." Naji said fustrated.
"Me bein' rich has shit to do with this!! You're never gonna touch her again!!" Marshall said stepping in his face as people noticed they were fighting.
"I'm not like that any more. I grew up." Naji said looking down at him.
"So did I..." Marshall said angrily as he bawled his fist & looked up at him.

"Marshall stop it...." Cyndi pleaded.
"Why don't you stop starting fights?!! You're so fuckin' immatue!!" Kim yelled grabbing him.
"Don't fuckin' touch me!!" Marshall yelled pushing her.
She stumbled back & fell into a table.
He suddenly realized he touched her. "Kim..."
"Fuck off!!!!" she cried as she ran off into the crowd.
"What's wrong with you?!!" Cyndi yelled.
"'re not getting with him." he said grabbing her & pulling her with him as Naji watched them disappear through the crowd.
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PostSubject: Re: *What Hurts the Most* NC 17 9-11-06 (Emfic)   Mon Feb 16, 2009 11:45 am

"What is wrong with you?!!" Cyndi yelled pulling away from Marshall as they got outside. The night air was frosty & she didn't have a coat. She shivered as the wind blew.
"What the fuck do you mean what am I doin'?!! What the fuck are you doin' with that fucker?!!" he yelled as they stood infront of the club.
"We were just talking!!" she yelled as she wrapped her arms around herself. He grabbed her arm & pulled her to the parking lot.
"I bet you were...I don't have time for this right now!! Get in the fuckin' limo while I go find Kim." he said opening the limo door & pushing her in.
"You're not my father!!" Cyndi yelled as he slammed the door & ran off.
God I hate it when he acts like this!!

Marshall ran back to the front of the club & saw Kim & her sister talking.
"Kim!!" he yelled as he jogged over to her.
"Get the fuck away from me Marshall!!" she yelled
"look, I'm sorry...I didn't mean to hurt you." he said trying to grab her but she smacked him.
"What the fuck you do that for?!!' he yelled ragefully.
"Don't touch my sister again!!" Dawn yelled as she stood in the middle of them.
"Get out of my way!!!!!" he yelled pushing her. He didn't like any of Kim's family because they all treated him like shit.

"Just get the fuck away from me!!' Kim cried.
"Come on...I'm sorry." he said sincere.
"Fuck you!! Just get away from me!!" she yelled punching then pushing him.
"Don't fuckin' touch me!! I told you to never touch me!!!" he yelled grabbing her as Naji came outside & looked at him.
"Get off of me!! You're fuckin' crazy!!" she cried as she punched him. He let her go & realized he touched her.

What the fuck am I doin'? Oh..God. I can't have it. I can't...
"What the fuck are you lookin' at?!!" Marshall yelled as he slightly trembled. "Nothin'." Naji said walking away.
"Stay away from me!!" Kim cried. "I'm..I'm sorry." he said running off as it started to rain. He jumped into the limo & sat quietly as Cyndi stared at him. He grabbed his right hand because it was trembling.

"I don't appreciate what you did." Cyndi snapped.
"I'm sorry." he said softly, looking down.
"Are you ok?" she asked because he sounded depressed. She scooted over to him as he sighed.
"It''s getting worse." he mumbled as she rubbed his back.
God, I was afraid of this. she thought as she pulled him close to her. He looked up to her & they stared at each other as the sound of the rain seemed to make music as it hit the limo's roof top.
"We shouldn't be doing this..."he said as they continued to stare at each other. "I know. It's wrong." she replied.
They leaned in to kiss each other as the door opened & they moved away from each other.

"That was fun as hell!!!!" Kon laughed as he got in & sat on the opposite side. "Where the fuck were you two?' Shaun asked as he got in.
"We bumped into Kim & Naji." Marsh said as the rest of the guys got in, drenched from the rain.
"Kim & Naji?!! Damn this is a hell of a night!!" Swift laughed as the limo pulled off.
"Tell me about it." Marshall sighed.
I told him not to drink & he did anyway. It's all on his breath. With the way things are goin' he doesn't need to drink.

"Alright guy's I'll see you later!!" Shaun laughed as he got out. Cyndi & Marshall laughed as Shaun closed the door & the limo pulled off. Marshall's smiled dropped & he sighed. He was tired of putting on a front for all of his friends, when he really wasn't happy.

"Are you ever gonna tell them?" Cyndi asked after they sat silent for a moment.
"I can't...I don't even know can I? There's nothing wrong."
"Ok..ok. Relax." she said slidding over to him & kissing him softly.
I hate when he freaks out.
My nerves are really bad...I just...I don't know what to do. Marshall thought as the limo stopped at Cyndi's house.
"Well...this is me. Are you gonna come up?" she asked hesitantly.
"No. I gotta go home & fix stuff with Kim." he said turning away from her.
Typical..he always turns away from me when it comes to her. He knows nobody loves him like I do. Nobody!!
"Ok. I love you." she said kissing his forhead.
"Ok." he said as she opened the door.
Ok? Did he just say ok?!! What the fuck is that?!!
"Bye." she said hurt as she got out & closed the door. He sighed as he watched her jog to her door through the tented windows.

What the fuck was that?!! Ok?!! Am I that stupid?!! I let her go with an ok?!! What is wrong with me?!! he thought as the limo took off. He grabbed his right hand to stop it from trembling. I can't let this beat me.

God I'm so stupid. He loves Kim!! Not me!! Cyndi thought as she took her clothes off & put them in the hamper. She was wet from the rain. She walked into the bathroom & ran herself a bath as she heard her bell ring. Who the hell is this?!! I'm not in the mood. she thought angrily as she grabbed her robe & put it on. SHe walked to the door & opened it.

"I'm sooooooo sorry." Marshall said kissing her & pushing her into the house as he closed the door behind him. He grabbed her & pulled her close to him. He opened her robe & ran his hands down her warm body.
"Wait...wait...wait..." she said pulling away from him & closing her robe.
"What?" he asked staring at her. He was drenced in rain. His blonde hair was wet & his clothes damn near stuck to his body.
"We can''re getting married." she said staring at him as he frowned.
His bright blue eyes stood out because he was wearing blue.
God he looks like a sad puppy.

"But I need you...did I do something wrong?" he frowned.
"God no...." she said walking over & grabbing him.
"I'm sorry I didn't say I love you." he said trying to kiss her."I do love you. I need you." he said taking her robe off & she moaned as he kissed her neck gently. He cupped her breast as he kissed her.
"Marshall...." she moaned as he unbuckled his belt.
"Hmmm?" he asked still kissing her.
"No." she said pushing him away. "No?" he asked staring at her confused. She'd never told him "No."
"We can't. You're getting married." she said closing her robe.
"Fine...just let me use your bathroom & I'll leave." he said pushing passed her. She could tell by his tone that she'd hurt his feelings.

"Marshall..." she said as he slammed the bathroom door.
Why am I trying to grow a coincess now? We already crossed the line. Fuck..he damn near begged me and.....fuck!!"
"Marshall?!!" she yelled as she ran & opened the door. He was standing over her sink with a razor. His arm was bleeding.
"You have to stop this!!" she yelled grabbing the razor & throwing it in the garbage. She turned to her right & grabbed a white towel.

"Sorry..." he said as she applied pressure to it. It wasn't deep, just a long slit. "You're gonna kill yourself doing this one day." she said angrily.
I'm so sick of doing this for him. He has to stop or he's going to die & I couldn't bare that. she thought as she looked at all his tatoo, which covered his old lacerations.

"I thought you said you stopped." Cyndi said as she wiped the blood off his arm with a cotton ball.
"I did, but you know how I get when I'm depressed." he said watching her as she grabbed the anti-septic.
She always takes care of me. he thought as he smiled & she cleaned his arm.
I remember the first time he did this. Freaked me out. she thought as she cleaned his arm carefully. He flinched as she dabbed his arm with the cotton ball.


Marshall was sitting on Cyndi bed crying as she ran into the bathroom. His eyes, that were normally soft was now filled with anger confusion & hurt. His mother had once again beat the shit out of him. He couldn't grasp why she did it. He was beaten, bloody & bruised. He stared off into space as Cyndi ran out of the bathroom with a first aid kit. She dropped to her knees infront of him & tried to clean his face but he pushed her away & got up. He walked to the window & stared out at the kids on her block outside playing. He wanted that. He wanted for once to just be carefree.

"Marshall, come sit back down."
"For what? She's only gonna do it again." he cried as he tasted his tears.
"No...she isn't" Cyndi reassured him.
"Yes, she is!! Nothing stopped her before!! What's to stop her now?!! Damn sure not me because I'm not man enough!!! I shoulda killed her by now!!" he yelled as his tears fell down his cheeks & more whelled up in his eyes to follow.
"Don't say that!! You haven't touched her because she's your mother & you love her!! You don't deserve the things she does to you!! As for you being manly....for God sakes Marshall you're just a kid. You do alot to help support you & your mom. You're only 14 & you have a job already. You're the manliest boy I've ever met." she said nearly crying as she got up & walked to him.

He just stared at her & cried even more because he had a huge responsibilty for a young man. Cyndi tried to clean his mouth but he grabbed her hand.
"No, I never do anything right. She wish's I was never born. She says it all the time. Maybe she wants to kill me. I should help her!!" he yelled running out of the room.
"Marshall where are you going?!!" she screamed as she ran after him. Her parents weren't home from work yet. Marshall ran down her long hallway then down the stairs as she followed.

He ran into the kitchen & grabbed the biggest butcher's knife that he saw as he wiped the tears dry from his face.
"Marshall...put that down."
"I just wanna die!!!!!" he yelled as he sliced both his arms. He yelled in pain as Cyndi ran over & tried to grabbed the knife from him, but he held a tight grip.
"Give it to me!!" she screamed as her parents walked in to the house. Her parents ran into the kitchen & saw them fighting over the knife.

"Oh my God!!' her mother screamed because she thought he'd stabbed Cyndi. There was blood everywhere. The counter, the floor & all over their clothes.There was blood pouring from Marshall's wounds. Cyndi's father ran over & pulled them apart. He grabbed the knife & Marshall fell to the floor & cried. Cyndi ran over to him & cradled him in her arms. Her parents were speechless. Cyndi cried as she held him because her best friend was in pain & she couldn't heal it. His heart seemed to be shredded.


That was the last time he was in my house with my parents knowing about it.
"You're a really good nurse." he smiled as she put her first aid kit away.
"Thanks." she said turning back around.
You were the reason I became a nurse. I remember when we were kids & you scared the shit out of me when you nearly died.


Cyndi walked outside for recess & looked around for Marshall when she saw a group of boys taunting him. One of the boys threw a snowball at Marshall & it hit him straight in the head. Normally snowball are suppose to explode on impact but this one didn't. Cyndi heard the impact as it made contact. There was a loud "Crack!!" sound as it hit his scull. Marshall dropped & the boys ran when they realized he wasn't getting up.
"Marshall!!" Cyndi screamed as she ran over to him, but he didn't move.
She dropped her things as she fell to his side. It was freezing outside because it was the dead of winter.

His ear & head was bleeding profusly from the left side. Cyndi saw what they threw at him. It was some snow, but mostly ice.
"Get up...." she cried as she nudged him but he never moved. He just layed lifeless.
"Somebody help me!!!!!!!" she screamed at the top of her lungs as kids crowded them. She didn't know what to do. She sat his head on her lap & caressed him. She ran her fingers through his soft brown hair which was covered in his blood.
"Please wake up...don't leave me. You're my best friend." she cried as a guard rushed over to them.

They rushed him to the hospital & called his mother. He fell into a coma for 10 days & Cyndi blamed herself. She felt that if she knew what to do he wouldn't of nearly died. She snuck up to the hospital everyday to see him. Her face was the first he saw. She vowed to herself that she would never helpless in any type of situation again. Marshall had suffered servere trauma & he was heavily medicated all the time. He was never the same after the incident. She was so afraid of losing him.


Cyndi let her bathwater out because it was cold. She turned around & pulled Marshall close to her. She squeezed him tight & Took in his scent. She was so glad that he made through all the hell that was thrown his way. I musta scared her half the death. he thought as he held her back.

"I don't want you to cut yourself anymore." she said staring him in the eyes.
"I only did it 'cause I ran outta anti-depressants. They still work."
"They never wworked. You need to see a therapist."
"I'm fine. I got those from my doctor."
"That was years ago Marshall."
"Yeah, but they work. I just need more. Will you get me some?" he said kissing her softly.
Mmm...he thinks he's slick....tell him no. "No." she moaned.

"No?" he pouted as he kissed her neck.
God this feels good...don't look into his eyes or you'll fold.
"No." she said turning away.
"Fine." he said opening her robe & caressing her breast as he continued to
kiss her neck. She moaned as he lifted her up & unbuckled his belt. He unbuttoned his pants & pulled them down. She moaned as he slid himself inside of her. She scratched his back as he moaned inpleasure from her soft, wet, tight insides. He thrusted softly because he wanted to make love to her.

She screamed in pleasure & scratched him once more has she felt his still long cock touch her G spot. She nibbled his ear & ran her fingers through his soft blonde hair as he panted in her ear. He felt his cum slowly rising & he wanted to explode. "Fuck..." he whispred as he pushed deeper.
"I love you Marshall..." she said as she kissed him.
"I love you too." he said as he slipped his tongue in her mouth & played with hers. He thrusted faster as she began to come & he spilled his seeds
inside her. He let her down & she smiled as he leaned on her.

"What's so funny?" he asked pulling up his pants.
"I felt like I was in 8 Mile just then." she chuckled.
"Eww. don't ever compare youself to a slutty character ever again." he said kissing her.
"Shower?" she asked.
"I'll take one in the morning,I'm tired. I just wanna fall asleep holding you." he said kissing her & pushing her into the bedroom.
Whoa..he hasn't stayed over in like forever.
He stepped outta his pants & layed under Cyndi's pink comforter. She slipped into a gown & layed beside him after turning off the light.
"You gotta get some manlier covers." he said holding her from behind. It was pitch black.

"For you I will." she smiled as he held her. "I love you."
"I love you too." he said kissing her neck & closed his eyes. He didn't wanna go home because of Kim. He knew they'd only fight & he didn't want to go to his other mansion because he hated sleeping alone. He listened to the sound of the rain as it tapped on her window & he tried to sleep. Most likely he wasn't gonna be able to because too many thoughts always ran through his head.
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Marshall opened his eyes to the sound of his on voice. His phone was going off. It seemed like that was the millionth time he opened his eyes that night. He couldn't fall asleep for some reason. He let Cyndi go, slowly turned over & grabbed his cell. He didn't want to wake her because she was peacefully sleeping. The sun was slowly trying to rise.

"Hello?' he asked flipping it open & putting it to his ear.
"Hey baby. Look, I'm sorry about earlier. Where are you?" he heard Kim's voice say on the other end.
"At a friends." he said looking down at Cyndi.
"Can you come home?" she asked softly.
"Of course. Nothing can keep me from you & it was my fault earlier, not yours. I let my temper get the best of me."
"Aww...You're so sweet." she replied.
"I'll be there soon to make it up to you. I love you."
"I love you too." she said as they hung up. He got up & grabbed his clothes from the floor & threw them on quickily.

He pulled on his coat & kissed Cyndi's forehead. As he turned to leave he looked back at her once more. He slowly closed the door & Cyndi opened her eyes. She'd heard him talking to Kim. She sighed & turned over to where he was laying to feel his essence.
He never stays.What do I expect? He's getting married. We have to stop ending up in bed together. She looked at her digital clock & it read 5:15 a.m. she had to be at work by 6. She got up & headed to the bathroom.
Marshall got out of the limo & walked to his door. He sighed as he pulled his keys out of his pocket. The sun was slowly creeping over the horizon. He turned around & looked at the sky. It was a beautiful dark blue sky blended with a light blue because of the sun. It made him think of a moment him & Cyndi shared as kids. He shook it off & opened his door. The house was still quiet for the moment. He knew the three girls would be up in a matter of hours. He ran up the stairs & to his bedroom.

He opened the door & saw Kim laying on the bed asleep. He crept over to her as he took his coat off. He layed beside her on the bed & kissed her neck as she moaned.

"You're cold." she said softly as she turned to him & smiled.
"It's cold out there." he smiled as he stared her in the eyes.
"I don't wanna fight any more k?" she said pulling him close to her.
"Me neither." he said holding her close to him.
She kissed his neck as she tried to go under his shirt.
"Wait..." he said stopping her. He remembered Cyndi scratched his back.
"What's wrong?" she pouted. "Nothing." he said getting ontop of her & pressing his lips against hers."Why don't we take the girls out today?" he smiled as he looked down at her.
"That sounds fun." she smiled as she pulled him down to her.
"It will be." he said kissing her as he took her shirt off.
Cyndi walked down the hall & entered a patient's room. She was making her daily rounds.

"Hi Mr. Thomas." she smiled as she walked over & grabbed a thermomiter.
Mr. Thomas was a elder that had been in the hospital for awhile. He had greyish black hair & he was skinny. He reminded her of her grandfather.
"How you doin' today?" he smiled as she stuck the thermomiter in his mouth. She took his blood pressure as she waited.
"I'm fine. A little tired. You're my last patient. So guess what that means." she smiled as the thermomiter beeped.

"You get to read to me." he smiled as she removed it from his mouth.
"That's right." she smiled as she wrote his information on the chart. She'd read to him since the day he came into the hospital. He asked & she complied. She loved to help in anyway she could. She knew how hard it was to be locked in a hospital. The hospital walls were a light blue color... it was bland. She walked around to the dresser & grabbed his book. She sat beside his bed in the huge hospital chair that reclined. He sat up as she opened the book & began to read. It was a book of poetry & she loved it, just as much as Mr. Thomas did.

Naji walked down the hall & stopped at the nurses station. He was wearing a blue & red baseball jacket & holding a bouquet of roses.
"Exscuse me...would you happen to know where Cyndi West is?" he asked as her friends checked him out.
"Damn...I mean...yeah." her friend Jamillah smiled as she looked him up & down. "Well...where is she?" he smiled.
"Oh...haven't I seen you somewhere before?" she smiled.
"Probably t.v. Where is she?" he asked again.
"Umm...she's down the hall in room 515F" she smiled.
"Thanks." he smiled as he walked away.
"That must be her man she's been secretly talkin' to." Jamillah smiled at Melissa & Yakimah, the other nurses.

Naji walked down the quiet, narrow hall & stopped as he heard her voice coming from the room. He saw her reading & he smiled. She was still the wonderful person he knew in school.

"Seems like you have a visitor." Mr. Thomas replied noticing him at the door. Cyndi turned around & smiled.
"What are you doing here?"
"I don't mean to interrupt." he said walking in.
"It's fine. She's done reading." Mr. Thomas said as she sat the book on the dresser & walked to him.
"Well...I knew you said you worked here so...I decided to drop by." he smiled as he handed her the red roses. She hesitated for a second but grabbed them. She smelt them as he smiled at her.
"Thank you." she said looking up to him.

Marshall would be furious if he knew he was here. He'll be here soon to pick me up.
"I'll see you tomorrow Mr. Thomas." she turned around & smiled.
"Ok. Maybe we can star a novel." he smiled.
"Whatever you want." she smiled as her & Naji walked out of the room.
"So....would it be too much to ask if I took you to dinner?"
"Uh...I have a ride coming to pick me up." she said holding the bouquet as they got to the nurse's station.
"Oh...what about tomorrow?' he asked as her cell phone rang.
"Hold on." she said answering it.

"Hello?" "Hey. Look, I'm not gonna be able to come pick you up." she heard Marshall reply.
"How am I gonna get home?" she asked disappointed.
"Can't a friend take you? I'm out with Kim & the girls so I'll see you later." he said hanging up. She sighed as she closed her phone & slipped it back into her pocket.
"Looks like you don't have a ride. Dinner?" he smiled extending his hand.
She looked at it for a second. What could it hurt?
"Sure." she said grabbing it & they left.

Marshall watched his daughters as they played on the swing. Kim looked over & smiled at him as she pushed them higher. He'd taken them out to eat, then they went home & watched a movie in his home theater. He'd never seen such a smile on the girls' face. They were all happy for once. He shot Kim a smile as he looked at his Rolex. It was 9:45 pm.
She hasn't called me yet. he thought thinking of Cyndi. He pulled out his cell & dialed her number.

"Where are we going?" Cyndi asked realizing they were heading to an upscale neighborhood as her cell phone rang.
"To my house & don't answer that." Naji smiled as he pulled up to a huge gate that led to an estate. He put a number & she heard a buzz as the gate opened.

Don't answer it? Who does's Marshall....I really don't want to talk to him right now. she thought as she put her phone on vibrate.

"This..this is yours?" she asked speechless as they drove up to a mansion. It wasn't as big as Marshall's but it was huge. It was beautiful brick & it was covered in snow which made it look fairytailish.
"It's mine." he said parking & turning the car off.
"What do you do?" she asked as she stared at the mansion through the windsheild window.
"I'm a pro basketball player. I'm not saying I'm Kobe or anything, but I do good for myself." he said getting out & walking to her side of the car.
I can see. she thought as he opened the door & grabbed her hand to help her out of his Escalade.

Marshall closed his phone & put it back in his pocket.
She'll call me when she get's home. he thought as he got up off the bench & ran over to his four girls. He kissed Kim, then pushed Hailie higher as Kim pushed Alaina & Whitney.
"Daddy...daddy, push me higher!!" Hai laughed as she held on to the chain of the swing.
"Ok, hold on!! Cause you're gonna go all the way around the bar!!" he laughed as he pushed her higher & she laughed.
God I missed this. he thought as he smiled.

"It's kinda cold out here. You guys wanna go inside & get some icecream?" Marshall smiled.
"Uncle Marshall what kind of sense does that make?" Alaina giggled as she hopped off the swing.
"What do you mean?" Marshall smiled as he grabbed her & Lainie's hand & they headed in & Kim grabbed Whitney.
"Daddy...that's silly. You said it was cold. So why would we eat something cold? It'll only make us colder." Hailie chuckled.
"Huh?" I get what their sayin' but when'd they get so smart? They're growin' up so fast. I feel like I missed it.

"Daddy you understand right?" Hai laughed as her father stared at her blankly.
"Yeah, I get it. How 'bout hot chocolate instead?" he smiled.
"Cool!!" Lainie laughed. " bout you guys go clean up & I'll make the chocolate?" he offered as Kim closed the screen door of the kitchen.
"Ok!!!" they both yelled & Whitney laughed. Kim grabbed Whitney's hand & kissed Marshall. He smiled & she took the girls upstairs for their baths.
Marshall grabbed the box of chocolate & sat in on his black kithen counter top. He grabbed some cups & sat them beside the box as he looked at his watch. It read '10:20.'

Time is flyin' Why hasn't she called me yet? She should be home by now. I hope she not mad that I didn't pick her up. he thought as he boiled some water & pulled out the Marshmellows. He smiled as he put them on the counter because Cyndi called him that. He pulled his cell out & dialed her again but it just rung.
The Next Morning:

Cyndi opened her eyes & noticed she was still lying in Naji's bed. She yawned as she saw a rose on the table lable for her. She sat up & grabbed it. She smiled as she smelt it.

"Morning." Naji said walking into the room with a tray of food.
"Morning." she blushed as he sat it on her lap.
"What's this?" she smiled as she cut her eyes up to him.
"I had my cook whip up you're favorite." he smlied as he kissed her cheek. There was waffles, scambled eggs, sausage & bacon."
"Thanks." she smiled as she grabbed her fork. He's really changed.
"Wait!! What time is it?!!" she yelled removing the tray & he grabbed it.
"Seven...twenty." he replied looking at his digital clock.
"God..I'm gonna be late for work!!" she yelled as she grabbed her coat. She was still fully dressed because they had fallen asleep to a movie.

"Relax. I'll take you." he said leaving the room with the tray. She grabbed her phone & jetted down the stairs. Naji came out of the kitchen & grabbed his coat. They hopped in his red jaguar & pulled off.
"How many cars do you have?" she asked as she saw she had 34 missed calls. Fuck..I'm not that important.
"Only four." he smiled as they drove down the freeway. Cyndi called her voice mail & listened to her messages.

"'s me. I called 3 times already but you haven't answered. Just hit me when you get in." she heard Marshall's voice say sweetly.[beep]
2nd message: "Baby, it's me again. I uh...I'm sorry for not coming to get you. Just call me when you get in k?" [beep]
3rd message: "I guess you're not in yet. I called the house phone & you obviously didn't answer. I really hope you got home safe. Call me." [beep]
4th message: "You're really starting to piss me off!! I know you're there!! For Christ sakes it's a cell phone!! Pick the fuckin' phone up!!" [beep]
5th message:"Ok..I'm headin to you're house. You better answer the door!!" [beep]

She closed her phone as they arrived at the hospital. He has a shit load of nerve to get pissed at me. she thought as Naji kissed her & she froze. He caught her completely off guard. This is nice...I mean wrong!! "Naji!!" she said pulling away.
"Sorry. I really had fun last night. I just...I love you. I've never stopped. I know I fucked up when we were kids, but I wanna try again." he said sincerely as he looked down. She just stared at him shocked.
"You still love me?" she asked leaning against the passenger door.
"I know...lame huh? I do. You were...everything to me. Everything. I never got over you." he said looking up to her.
"I don't know... I don't know what to say. You were ...I loved....I don't know. I need time to think." she said getting out & running into her job.
"Take all the time you need." he sighed as he pulled off.
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PostSubject: Re: *What Hurts the Most* NC 17 9-11-06 (Emfic)   Fri Feb 27, 2009 6:23 pm

omg so good i want more
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PostSubject: Re: *What Hurts the Most* NC 17 9-11-06 (Emfic)   Fri Feb 27, 2009 9:18 pm

He said he's still im love with me. Fuck.Cyndi thought as she walked down the narrow hospital. She stopped & saw Marshall standing at the nurse's station. Oh brother. Here we go. He looks pissed. He's defenitly gonna yell she thought as she took a deep breat & headed down the hall, ready for combat.

"Where the fuck were you?!!" he yelled furiously.
"Why do you even care? And you have nerve leaving that shit on my answering machine!! You were too busy to come get me." she fired back.That was selfish to say. I know how much he loves his family.
"For Christ sakes, you coulda answered you're fuckin' phone!! Are you ok?You musta didn't listen to the rest of your messages!! I almost had a fuckin' heart attack looking for you." he said as tears burned his eyes & he fought to keep them back. Looking for me?

Before she could answer he grabbed her & held her tight.
"I drove everywhere & called everybody. I thought something happend to you. I...I sat outside your apartment all night. I didn't know what to do. I came here lastnight & they said you left wit' some guy...who'd you leave wit'?" he asked still holding her tight & she felt him trembling.

"I'm fine." she said letting him go & avoiding the question. She knew how he felt because of a time when he ran away. She freaked.
"I'm sorry for not coming to get you."
"It's ok. You have a family. I understand that. Sorry I scared you."
"Who came to get you?" he asked again staring at her & she saw the sorrow in his eyes. "A friend." she said looking away.
"A friend? What friend? I know all your all friends & your guy friends are my friends. You weren't with any of them. Who were you with?" he asked semi-furious. What? He just almost confused me.

"Naji." she mumbled. "Who?"
"Naji." she said confidently as she stared at him.
"Naji?!! stayed the night with him?!! You had me worried & you were with that fucker?!!" he yelled furiously. She could swear she saw him spit fire. I knew he was gonna react like this.
"We..." "Did you have fun?!!" he shouted & everyone stared at them.
"Marshall..." Wait what does he mean by that? "What does that suppose to mean?" she asked angrily.

"Did you have fun fucking him?!!" "I didn't fuck him." she protested.
"Right. I'm suppose to believe you when you sleep with nearly married men." he said spitefully & it hurt her. "That's not fair." she nearly cried.
"Sleeping with you was a mistake." he sneered.
She felt like a knife stabbed her through the heart & he turned it.
"Fuck you Marshall." she cried as she pushed passed him & went into the bathroom. He sighed because he knew he went too far.
"Cyndi!!" he yelled running after her. He stopped infront of the door & knocked. "Cyndi...I didn't mean it!!" he yelled so she could hear him.

She sat in the stall & dabbed her face as tears continuously fell.
I knew he regreted sleeping with me. she thought as she sniffled & she heard him yelling for her to come out.

2 Weeks Earlier:

Cyndi opened her door to see a drenched Marshall.
"What happend?!!" she yelled as she pulled him inside.
"I think she's cheating on me again." he cried as he pulled her close & held her after she closed the door.
"How do you know?" she asked as she held him back.
"I followed her again. I really wanted to marry her." he said as he drenched her gown with his tears. She sighed because she didn't know what to do. She'd seen him so hurt over her so many times before.

"Go & ask her. I bet she's not." she said as he looked at her & she wiped the tears dry from his eyes. His nose & eyes were red.
"I know she is." he said kissing her softly as he sniffled.
Wow..he hasn't kissed me since we were kids.
"Marshall...stop." she said as he kissed her again.
He didn't say anything, he just layed her on the bed & got ontop of her.
He kissed her passionatly. He pulled her pnik panties off & pulled off his sweatpants as he continued to kiss her so she couldn't refuse.

As she layed there & they made love, she thought about when they were younger.


Marshall crept in Cyndi's room & crawled in bed with her. He was crying because Kim had cheated on him for the first time.
"Cyndi...get up." he said wiping his face dry.
"What?" she moaned as she woke up & turned over.
"Kim cheated on me." he said softly as he layed beside her. She caressed his dark brown hair as he layed his head on her chest. Cyndi had just turned 18 & Marshall was 19. Cyndi sighed as she just listened to him cry.

"You're alway's here for me." he said turning over & he kissing her. He slipped his tongue into her mouth as their mouth's slowly pressed against each other.
"What was that for?" she asked speechless.
"Just 'cause." he replied as she stared up at him in the dark. She pulled him ontop of her & kissed him again.
"Wh...What was that?" he asked totally aroused but scared by it.
"I want you to make love to me." she replied.
"Huh?" he asked speechless because they were both virgin's. That was the reason he'd been cheated on.

"I want you...inside of me." she said nervously as she stared up to him.
She just asked me to... He kissed her & took her shirt off slowly as he took a deep breath. Cyndi took a deep breath to calm her nerves.
"I love you." he said kissing her as he took off his pants, then his shirt. He stared down at her & took her panties off slowly.
"Maybe we shouldn't.." he said staring down at her body.
"I love you too." she said pulling him on her & her breast pushed up against him. He'd forgotten what he said and grabbed his hard cock. He gently pushed it against her, but couldn't find the hole.
God, I'm screwing this up.

He jittered nervously as she grabbed his cock & helped him find it. He pushed it in gently as she scratched his back & grunted in pain.
"I'm sorry." he said stopping. "It's fine." she said kissing him & he continued to push as he got it in. She rubbed his hair as he moved around.
Wow..this feel's....I don't know what it feels like.
He trembled as she kissed him softly. We're really making love. Feels funny. she thought as he started moaning her name loudly in pleasure.

"Ssssh...." she said covering his mouth.
"S...Sorry." he said as he began to cum & he yelled loudly in pleasure.
They suddenly heard a knock on the door.
"Cyndi!!" they heard her father yell. "Hide!! Hide!!" she yelled silently.
Who do you have in there with you?!!"
"Hide!!" she yelled as she turned the radio up. Marshall grabbed his clothes off the floor & ran to the window as he threw his jeans on. Her father opened the door & stared at both of them. She wrapped herself in the sheet as Marshall stood frozeh halfway dressed.

"You son of a bitch!!' he yelled going after him as Cyndi got in his way.
"Stop it daddy!!' she yelled as Marshall stood frightened.
"You!! Get the fuck outta my way!!" he yelled moving her out of the way.
"Mr. West...." Marsh said as he stormed over to him. "I love your daughter."
"You'll never have my daughter do you hear me?!! You stay away from her!! If I ever catch you near her...."
"Daddy stop it!! You can't tell me who I can & can not see!!" Cyndi cried as she grabbed him.
"You're my daughter & if you ever disrespect me again..."

"It's fine. I won't see her." Marshall said staring at Cyndi. He'd caused so many problems between her & her parents. He didn't want to do it anymore.
"What?" she cried as her mother walked into the room.
"You heard me. We can't be together." he replied.
"Get out of my house!!" her father yelled.
"Mom please don't let him do this!!" Cyndi dried as her mother backhanded her. She grabbed her cheek & cried even harder.
"I'm sorry." he said again as he left. After that he got back with Kim & acted like it never happend. He even stopped talking to her.

Chapter 2:Growing Apart

"Cyndi, I didn't mean it." Marshall said softly as he softly pounded on the door, finally giving up.
Fuck...I never meant to say that. I'm such a fuckin' idiot. She doesn't fuckin' understand anything I do!! How could she fuck him?!!
"Cyndi, open this fuckin' door now!!" Marshall yelled getting angry once more.

"What do you want?"she asked sturnly as she opened the door.
"I'm sorry ok? I would never take back what we did."
"Doesn't matter ok?" she said pushing passed him & walking to make her rounds. She'd changed into her nurses outfit that was in the locker.
"What do you mean it doesn't matter?!" he snapped as he grabbed her arm.
"Just what I said. It didn't matter much to you & that's ok." she said snatching away from him.

Didn't matter much to me? Besides Having Hailie...That was the most important day of my life...


Oh God, I'm coming for the first time in a girl & it's with her.Marshall thought as they heard a knock at the door.
"Hide!!" Cyndi yelled as they heard her father yell something & she turned the radio up. "Hide!! Hide!!"
Marshall sprang up & grabbed his clothes. He began to throw his pants on as her father opened the door.

Fuck...this is bad. he thought as he froze, halfway dressed.
"You son of a bitch!!" her father yelled as he approached him but cyndi jumped in the way.
"Stop it daddy!!" she cried.
What is she doing? I deserve this. I love her for trying to stop him.
"You!! You get the fuck outta my way!!" her father yelled pushing passed her.

God...he's gonna kill me!! Say something.
"Mr West...I love your daughter."
"You'll never have my daughter do you hear me?!! You stay away from her!! If I ever catch you near her...."
"Daddy stop it!! You can't tell me who I can & can not see!!" Cyndi cried as she grabbed him.

This is gonna get bad before it get's better. I love her enough to let her go. She deserves better anyway.
"You're my daughter & if you ever disrespect me again...."
"It's fine I won't see her."
"What?" she cried as she stared over at him with pain in her eyes.
This is the hardest thing to do. Especially after what we just shared.
"You heard me. We can't be together." he replied trying to fight the urge to shed a tear.

"Get out of my house!!" her father yelled.
"Mom, please don't let him do this!!" she cried as her mother backhanded her & Cyndi cried even more as she held her cheek.
I gotta leave. They can't hurt her like this because of trash like me.
"I won't ever see her again." he said walking toward the door.
"Marshall don't do this. I know you love me. You said so."
"No...I'm a guy. What do you expect? I don't wanna see you anymore." he said pushing passed her & leaving.

He slowly put his shirt on as he walked down the street. He wiped the tears dry from his eyes as he headed toward the park. The only place he could stay because he didn't want to go home.
"Yo Em!! Wait up!!" he heard a familar voice yell as he was halfway to the park. He turned around & saw DeShaun joggin' towards him.
"Yo man, what's wrong?" he asked noticing he had been crying.
" &..." "Kim? I heard about what happend. Man, fuck her."
" & Cyndi." he sniffled.
"You & Cyndi? You & Cyndi what?"
"We went all the way tonight."
"You mean all the way...all the way? You ain't no virgin no more?!! That's good!! Why the fuck are you cryin'? Shit Cyndi sexy as hell. I was thinkin' 'bout hittin' that." Shaun laughed.

"Her parents caught us." he said softly as he looked down.
"Oh...shit. What happend?"
"They don't want me to see her anymore." he said as he started crying again.
"Man, so what? What else is new? They been sayin' that forever."
"I agreed. Her mother hit her...she shouldn't have to fight with them over me. I ain't worth it. She's gonna go on to do bigger & better things. Things that I ain't never gonna do. She already started college & I ain't even fuckin' graduate!!" he cried.

"Man & Cyndi are made for each other. Everybody knows that."
"No...we were never destined to be together. She's rich & I'm poor..."
"Man, none of that shit matters to her & you know that." Shaun replied.
"I can't give her what she deserves & she deserves the world. All I brought to her life is pain & misery. I deserve...I derserve Kim. Me & her belong together."
"So what are you gonna do about Cyndi?"
"Just what I said. Stay away from her. Tonight never happend ok?"
"Marsh love her."
"OK?"he said sturnly as tears whelled up in his eyes.
"Ok...fine." he said as they walked back to Shaun's house. He sat up with Marshall all night as he cried over Cyndi.


"As soon as you found out Kim didn't cheated, you avoided me...which was fine." she said refering to the two weeks before, when they made love for the second time in their life.
He avoided me until we finally talked & ended up in bed again. It just kept going from there. This has been the two greatest weeks of my life only for it to end like this.
"You know what? Fine. You wanna be with be with Naji. When he starts beatin' the shit outta you...don't come runnin' to me." he said storming off angrily as she watched him.
I can't believe he just said that. she thought as tears burned her eyes. What's happening to our friendship?
Marshall slammed his car door & grabbed the steering wheel. He gripped it tight in anger as he thought about Cyndi being with Naji. He started breathing in & out to get calm.
Who the fuck does she think she is?!! She can fuck him as much as she wants for all I care. he said as he drove home in a rage, swerving through traffic. When he got there he got out & slammed the door. He walked up to his door & pulled out his keys & opened the door.

"Daddy!!!!" Hailie yelled running & grabbing him.
"Hey baby." he said as he bent down & gave her a hug.
"Guess what!!! Guess what!!!" she yelled excited.
"What is it baby?!!" he asked as she pulled him to the couch & Alaina, Whitney & Kim came out of the kitchen.
"Me & Lainie are gonna be in a play!!" she giggled.
"You are?" he smiled as Kim kissed him.

"They couldn't wait to tell you all day." Kim smiled as they sat down on the couch.
"Hailie's gonna be Tinkerbell in 'Peter Pan' & I get to play Wendy." Alaina giggled.
"Wow. My girls get to play lead parts. I'm proud of you guys." he smiled as he grabbed both of them & planted a kiss on their heads.

"You're gonna come see us aren't you?" Hai asked pouting because she knew he always missed their events, even though he tried to be at every one. "Of course I am." he smiled.
"Can Aunt Cyndi come too?" Haile smiled.
"Yeah. She's always there. I don't want her to miss this." Lainie smiled
"I don't know if she..." "Daddy..." Hailie pouted.
"Fine. I'll call her." he smiled as he hugged them.
"Yaaaaaay!!! You promise you're coming?" Hai asked.
"I promise." he smiled as he kissed her cheek.
"Yaaaaaaay!!" they both errupted in laughter & Whitney tried to mark them. Marshall smiled because oh how happy they were.
I promise I'll be there. Nothing can keep me away.
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PostSubject: Re: *What Hurts the Most* NC 17 9-11-06 (Emfic)   Fri Feb 27, 2009 9:19 pm

"What was all that shit earlier with Marshall?" Jamillah asked. She was Cyndi's girl best friend.
"He was pissed about me being out all night with Naji."
"Who, that guy who came to get you yesterday? Damn he looked good. Ooh you a slut." she laughed as they cleaned up to go home.
"No, I'm not. We didn't even sleep together. We fell asleep."
"You's a stupid mother fucker then, cause I'da bust his ass. Come to think about it...who was the last guy you slept with? I never see you with anybody." Jamillah replied.
"I get perfectly good dick." she smiled as she grabbed her bag to leave for the weekend.

"From who? 'Cause I ain't give you none yet?" she heard a voice say behind her.
"Naji..." she smiled as she turned around & he was standing there.
Damn he's sexy as ever. I can't start something with him.
"Who else would it be?" he smiled as he kissed her cheek gently.
"Damn, can I have some?" Jamillah asked staring at him.
"Sorry, I'm savin' it for Cyndi." he smiled.
"What are you doin' here?" she asked staring up at him.
"Doesn't look like your ride is here again." he smiled as he caressed her cheek. "He...he..." she said speechless.

"He's right here." Marshall said walking up to him.
"I didn't know you were coming." she replied.
"Well, I did. So let's go." he said angrily still staring up at Naji.
"I would like to take you out to dinner." Naji said as he looked around Marshall because he'd stood in the middle of them.
"You're not taking her anywhere. I told you to stay away from her!!"
"Marshall...." "That's her decision not yours." Naji said interuppting her.
"I said!!" Marshall yelled angrily as he pushed Naji.

"Marshall!!" Cyndi yelled & it echoed through the empty hall.
"Why don't you grow up?" Naji asked as he caught his balance.
"I will when you stop harrassin' my best friend." he snapped.
"He's not harrassin' me!!" she yelled.
"Hush. You don't know what's best for you."
"And you do?!! You're about to marry a woman who countlessly broke your heart by cheating!! How can you know what's best for me, when you don't even know what's best for you?!!" she yelled.

He stared at her as if she betrayed him.
"How could you say something like that?" he asked hurt.
"Why are you acting like this?!!" she practically yelled.
"You know what. I just came here to tell you that Hailie & Alaina want you at their play that's in a couple of weeks." he said turning to leave.
"Marshall wait!!" she said stopping him.
"Fuck it. Just go be with him!!" he yelled angrily.
"I don't want us to stop bein' friends if I do decide to be with him."
"Whatever. If you date him our relationship is gonna change." he said turning away & storming off.

"If he was your REAL friend...he'd support your decisions. You supported his." Naji said standing behind him & rubbing her shoulders.
I can't believe he's such a jerk. she thought as she put her head down.
"Don't worry about him. Let's go out to dinner." he said kissing her neck.
That sounds fun. "Let's go."
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PostSubject: Re: *What Hurts the Most* NC 17 9-11-06 (Emfic)   Sat Feb 28, 2009 1:34 am

left me hanging cant wait till next update cheers cheers
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PostSubject: Re: *What Hurts the Most* NC 17 9-11-06 (Emfic)   Sun Mar 01, 2009 12:23 am

Hours Later:

"What's wrong?" Naji asked as he stared at Cyndi from across the dinner table. She was picking at her food.
"Nothing." she said looking up & forcing a smile on her face.
"You're worried about Marshall?" he asked staring at her.
"A little. He does stupid things when he's upset." she said softly.
"Well call him. See what he's doing?"
"That would be really rude on my part." she sighed.
"No, it's not. It would be rude of me to not let you check on your best friend when you're worried about him." he smiled.
Where was this Naji years ago? she thought as she pulled out her cell phone.

Marshall fumbled around in his pocket as he heard his cell phone ring.
"Hello?" he laughed.
"Marshall, it's me. Where are you?" Cyndi asked as she heard music booming in the background.
"Hey Cyndi...I'm at the club." he said slurred as he laughed.
"At a club? Alone?!! Have you been drinking?!!" she yelled & people at the quiet resteraunt looked over at her & Naji.
"Just a little." he replied.
"Just a little?!! Marshall you sound drunk!!"
"Let's go outside." Naji said as he grabbed her coat & helped her up.

"I'm not drunk. I'm going home so...that's it." he replied.
"What the fuck are you talking about?" she asked as she got in the car.
"You don't worry about it." he said angrily.
"Marshall what club are you in?" "Umm...the one on 8 Mile."
"Marshall stay there I'm coming to get you." she said as Naji started the car & pulled off.
"'s fine. I'm gonna have another drink then leave. Bye." he said hanging up.

When they arrived to the club they saw MArshall stumble out & pull out his keys.
"There he is!!" Cyndi yelled jumping out & running to him.
"What are you doing here?" he smiled as she reached him.
"I told you I was coming." she said grabbing his keys.
"And so you did." he said looking passed her & he saw Naji. "With him." he said angrily.
"Marshall just get in the passenger side. I'll drive you home." she sighed fustrated.
"No you won't!! Just go back with that fucker!!" he yelled angrily.
"I'm taking you Marshall, ok? I'd rather take you home." she said staring him in the eyes.

"I don't wanna go home. I wanna go back to your place. We need to talk." he said as she smelt the alcohol on his breath.
"Fine." she agreed. As long as I get tot drive him.
He walked around to the passenger side & got in without hesitation. Cyndi turned & looked at Naji. He waved because he knew she wasn't coming back. She smiled as he started the car. Later he mouthed to her with a smile as he drove off. She got in & started the car. She pulled off & Marshall stared out his window as he started to drift off. They never said a word, she just drove to her apartment.

She helped him up to her apartment & layed him on her bed.
I shoulda took him home. she thought as she took his sneakers off.
"Cyndi?' he asked as she started to take his sweat hood off.
"Yeah?" she said as she struggled because he was so heavy.
"I don't want you with him. He's not good enough for you." he said as he sat up. "Then who is good enough for me?"
"Me." he said softly as he pressed his lips against hers.
God..I'm never gonna get over him if he keeps this up. she thought kissing him back.

He took her shirt off & layed her on the bed as he got ontop of her.
"Marshall...we have to stop this." she moaned as he kissed her neck.
"We will....I promise." he said as he kissed her again.
He's never gonna have you. he thought as he pushed inside of her & she scratched his back.
The Next Morning:

Marshall opened his eyes & groaned as the sunlight shined in his eyes. He grabbed his head because it was pounding.
I musta stayed over at Cyndi's. he thought because his room was always so dark in gloomy, even in the morning.
"Why does it always have to be so damn bright in here?!" he asked as Cyndi walked into the room with a mug.
"Because that's the only way I'll get up. You know that." she said sitting beside him & handing him the mug which was full of coffeee.
"Hangovers suck," he said as she handed him 2 asprin. He popped them in his mouth & drunk the coffee to wash it down.
"Then you shouldn't drink." she smiled as she kissed his forehead.

"Thanks mom. I'll take that into consideration." he replied as he sipped some more coffee.
"Oh fuck..did Kim call?!" he asked frantic.
"Don't worry. I told her that you came here to crash because you were tired." she replied taking the mug.
"She brought that?" "I am your best friend. You have stayed over before. She wasn't home anyway. She was out with Dawn."
"Kool." he said as his cell phone rang. God!! The noise!! he thought as a frown crossed his face& he rubbed his head.
"I'll get it." she said grabbing it off the dresser.

"Hello?" she asked as he layed back on the bed.
"Hey Cyndi. Lwt me talk to Em." she heard Shaun reply.
"He's asleep." she replied as he put the pillow over his head.
"Well wake him up. This is important. He was suppose to be down at the studio like yesterday!!" he shouted.
"Fine. I'll get him up & he'll be there in 30." she replied taking the pillow off his head.
"Aight. I'm countin' on you." he said, then he hung up.
"Who was it?" Marsh asked with his eyes closed.

"Shaun He said you were suppose to be at the studio today."
"Oh fuck!!! What tmie is it?!!" he asked sitting up quickily making his head spin even more. "12:45"
"12:45?!! Dre's gonna kill me!! I was suppose to be down at the studio recordin' a new track with Anarchy!! I shoulda been done by 10!!" he said running into the bathroom & running a shower.
"Anarchy? Oooh!! I love his music. Can I go meet him?" she smiled as Marshall stripped down to nothing.
"Fine...fine!! where are my clothes?!!' he asked as he hopped in the shower. I put them in the wash. Their drying now. They'll be ready."

TBC Leave me some feedback please
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PostSubject: Re: *What Hurts the Most* NC 17 9-11-06 (Emfic)   Sun Mar 01, 2009 12:24 am

How 'bout I cut your hands off & you stare at me in awe.
'Cause I did you worst then that nigga did in Saw.
Don't look at me wrong homie I ain't the one.
I have Marshall run up on you, like he do those niggas in Gun.
'Cause I'm hot & I'll burn ass like fire.
Don't get mad at me 'cause your record label looked passed you & said yo Anarch you hired.
'Cause I'm focused man. My name is the truth
Everybody lookin' at me like I'm the rappin' Babe Ruth.....

Marshal sat at the mixin' board as he recorded Anarchy's lyrics. He rubbed his head because it was too loud & his head was still poundin'.
Cyndi was sitting on the couch bumping to the music as Shaun & the rest of the guys sat around jokin'.
Marshall paused the beat because it was his turn to go in the booth. Anarchy came out & put his notebook down as the played his verse back.
Marshall covered his mouth because he felt nauseous. His hangover was getting to him.

"That shit is fire1!" Anarchy laughed.
"I'll be back." he said getting up & going to the bathroom.
"Em got a hangover again?" Shaun asked Cyndi.
"Yup." she sighed. "I told that nigga to stop drinkin' so much."
"Yo Anarchy, when you gone put me on a track?" Denaun asked.
"Shit, you can hop on one as soon as Em get's back." he replied as he bopped to the beat.

Marshall flushed the toilet & went to wash his mouth out.
I hate hangovers.he thought as he stared at himself in the mirror.
He washed his hands & headed back to the studio. He hopped in the booth & layed his part down for the song. After that he mixed it down & Denaun & Anarchy recorded a song as Em ran the track up to Dre.

"It's about time." Dre said with bass in his voice as he popped the c.d. in his c.d. player. Marshall sat at the desk & stared at Dre as he listened to the song. Dre started boppin' his head as he slightly smiled.
"This song is fire. I wwant this guy on our team." Dre replied.
"He's already a big star Dre."
"I don't care. I want him on the team. We got Busta didn't we?"
"Yeah, we did." Em replied.
"This shit is hot. Who made the beat?" Dre asked.
"He did." "Oh yeah, he defenitly gotta join the team." Dre smiled.

"So you're satified." "Extremly." dre replied.
"Good. I gotta go." Em said getting up.
"I hope you're ready for the award show that's coming up."
"I'm ready. I better get some awards. I worked hard as hell on Encore." he replied as he left.
Marshall walked back into the studio & he saw Cyndi on the phone, so he walked over & started recording a song for Kon & Anarchy.

"Let's go out to dinner." Naji replied.
"I don't think that's a good idea." she said looking over to Marshall as he laughed with Shaun.
"Come on. He's really gonna keep me from you?"
"He's my best friend...."
"But not your lover. Do you like his fiance?"
"No,but...." "I know you like me." he replied & she smiled.
"I do. It's just he doesn't...." "Please...." he said & she imagined him pouting. Marshall did mess up our real date last night.

"Cyndi come here & listen to this!!" Marshall laughed as Kuniva pushed him. "Ok!!" she smiled as she turned her attention back to the phone.
"Ok. Tonight, Anarchy is having a party at a club. Meet me there." she said as she gave him the address. She hung up with him & went over to Marshall.

"What's up?" she smiled as she stood over him.
"Who were you talking to?" he said pulling her onto his lap & she giggled.
"My friend." she laughed as he stared her in the eyes.
"I'd swear you two were fuckin' if you weren't with Kim's crazy ass. She's flip out if....."
"If what?" Kim said walking in with a bunch of bags. She placed the bags on the floor & Cyndi jumped up off Marshall's lap.
"Nothing." Shaun replied as she stared at the guys around the room.
"What are you doin' here baby?" Marshall sprung up & walked to Kim & kissed her on the cheek.

"Why was Cyndi sitting o your lap?" Kim asked staring him the eyes.
"You know how we play." he said trying to cover his tracks.
"Yeah well, I'd appreciate it if she played away from you." she snapped as she stared over at Cyndi.God, I hate when she comes around. Cyndi thought as she stared back at her. Marshall saw the tension between them so he grabbed Kim's hand.
"So baby, what'd you buy?" he asked pulling her to the bags.
"Um...just some clothes." she smiled as she kissed him on the lips & Cyndi turned away.

"More clothes? You brought some yesterday."
"I know. A girl can never have enough clothes." she said kissing him.
"I guess you're right. Did you take the girls with you?"
"That's why I came. I need more money for them." she replied.
"Well, where are they?"
"At home with Nate."she replied pulling him close to her.
"Nate's home?" he smiled because Nathan rarely came home anymore.
"Yeah...just for a bit. So can I have some money?"

So can I have some money? God, she makes me sick. He's not a fuckin' ATM machine.Cyndi mimicked as she rolled her eyes in disgust & Antwan chuckled because he heard her. She smiled & blushed lightly.
"Of course you can." he said going into his pocket & pulling out a wad of money. He handed her half the stack as she smiled. Her face was lit up like a kid on Christmas.
"He sure acts like one." Antwan whispered & Cyndi smiled once more.
So, what are you doin' tonight?" Kim asked as she picked up her bags.
"Anarchy's havin' a record release party...." he started.
"Record release party? Can I go?" she smiled.

"Uh..." What do I say? he thought as he looked over at Shaun & he was shaking his head no. He knew Marsh would never have fun with her there. He wouldn't loosen up with her around. He was more like a puppy.
"Well? If you don't want me to go..."
"Of course you can." he smiled.
Stupid. Atleast I'll get to spend time with Naji without him interrupting.Cyndi thought as she stared at them hug & say their goodbyes.
"I'll pick you up later." he said kissing her.
"Ok." she smiled as she walked out & he sighed in relief.
Later That Night:

I've been sitting here bored as fuck!! Cyndi fuckin' dipped off after lying about goin' to get me a drink. No girls will approach me cause Kim's hangin' all over me. I mean, I'm fine with that cause I love her....but I wanted to spend time with Cyndi because of the arguments we had. Fuck where is she? I need a drink. I can't sit here & not drink. Fuck it I'll get it myself. Marshall thought as he sat with Kim in the V.I.P. area of the club.

"Babe..I'll be right back." Marshall whispered in Kim's ear.
"Where are you going?" she asked back.
"To the bar. I need to get a drink ok?"
"Ok. Just hurry back baby." she smiled as she kissed him.
"I will." he smiled as she got up. Shit, I love her. he thought as he made his way through the crowd, with two of his bodyguards.
I gotta apologize to Cyndi for being a dickhe...I know my eyes are deceiving me. She wouldn't....... Marshall thought as he spotted Naji kissing Cyndi. It was intense. He bawled his fist & stormed over to them. He pulled Naji off of Cyndi & swung on Naji, hitting him dead in the face.

"What the fuck is your problem?!" Naji yelled as he grabbed his jaw.
"Marshall don't!!" Cyndi yelled.
"You son of a bitch!! I told you stay away from her!!" he yelled as he swung again but Naji dipped it.
"You wanna play?!!" Naji yelled sphering Marshall to the dance floor & pounding him as Marshall's bodyguards rushed in & pulled him off of him.
Everyone in the club started to crowd them as they were pulled apart.
"This isn't over!!" Marshall yelled angrily as blood trinkled out of his nose.
"Marshall......" Cyndi said grabbing his arm as Anarchy rushed over to see what was interrupting his party.

"Fuck you!! You fuckin whore!!" he yelled at the top of his lungs as he snatched away from her.
"Don't fuckin' talk to her like that!!" Naji yelled as the bodygaurd held him back & she just stared at him hurt.
"You did. I guess you saw somethin' back then in her that I didn't see." he said bitterly as he stared her up & down.
"How could you call me that?" she asked as tears whelled up in her light brown eyes.
"Because that's what you are. You're a fuckin' slut. Our friendship is over." he said as he stormed off & she stood there humiliated, infront of the whole club. Naji grabbed her as she cried & held her close as Shaun ran after Marshall.

How could she do that to me?!! Step out on me with that fag?!! I warned her...
"Marsh!! Wait up!!" he heard DeShaun yell, so he stopped.
"What the fuck was that about?!!" he yelled as he reached him.
"You saw who she was wit' Shaun. She's so fuckin' stupid!!"
"So that gives you the right to call her a whore or slut infront of everyone?!!"

"She is!!" he yelled furious as they stood in the back of the club.
"Man you need to cut that shit out!! We all know Cyndi ain't no slut unlike some people you date." he said sarcastically.
"Are you talkin' about Kim?!!' he asked furiously.
"I ain't say it. You did." Proof replied.

"Take that shit back Shaun!! I fuckin' told you motherfuckers about disrespectin' her!!" he yelled as he pushed him.
"How many times has she stepped out on you? Huh?" Proof asked & Marshall just stared at him. I honestly don't know the answer to that question.
"No answer? You had no right to do that shit to Cyndi!! You know it! I know it!! Everyone knows it!! Come to think about it...the only guy I ever heard Cyndi bein' with intimately was you & that was years ago!!. I think you're jealous."
"Me? Jealous?!! Marshall Mathers is jealous of no man!!"
"Then why'd you flip out in there?" Shaun asked staring his best friend in the eyes.

"Because she deserves better then that!!!" he snapped.
"She thinks the same about you, yet she supports you & Kim's relationship. Why can't you do that for her? You need to check yaself." Shaun said going back into the club. Me jealous? Marshall thought standing there as Kim came outside & zipped her coat.
"Why'd you leave the club so early baby?" she asked as her face turned red from the cold. She pulled him close for heat & he wrapped his arms around her. "Nothing important." he said kissing her.
I am not jealous.
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PostSubject: Re: *What Hurts the Most* NC 17 9-11-06 (Emfic)   Sun Mar 01, 2009 3:50 pm

marshall should ditch kim and be with cyndi
he obviously likes her
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PostSubject: Re: *What Hurts the Most* NC 17 9-11-06 (Emfic)   Mon Mar 09, 2009 10:15 am

Naji & Antwan sat around Cyndi as she cried. She couldn't believe what he's said to her. Shaun walked over to the back table & tried to comfort her.

"Marshall was stupid for what he said. Don't let it eat at you." he replied looking down at her. She looked up as tears slowly flowed down her cheeks. "What's up with Em anyway?" Ant asked as he rubbed her back.
"I don't know. He just...he..." Shaun replied at a loss of words.
"He's jealous." Naji said angrily as Cyndi sobbed even more.
I just lost my best friend.she thought as she got up & pushed passed them. "Cyndi?!!" Naji yelled getting up & following her.
Marshall walked into his house & Kim followed. She closed the door as he headed into the kitchen.
"Where are the girls?!!" he yelled as he went through the bottom cabinet.
"At Dawn's." she smiled as she walked into the kitchen.
"Are they staying the night?" he asked as he puled out his bottle of 'Grey Goose.' "If you want them too. Lainie like's seeing her mom."
"That's good." he said opening the bottle & he started to down it.
"Don't you wanna eat before drinking all of that?" she asked.
"Nope." he smiled as he kissed her forhead & walked into the livingroom.

Kim followed him as he plopped on the couch.
"Are you ok?" she asked as she walked over & stood over him as he drank a little more.
"Fine...why?" he asked flipping the t.v. on.
"You just seem upset about something? Was it...your mom?" she asked. He cut his eyes up to her as she stared at him.
"Why would you ask that?" he asked angrily. She'd hit a soft spot.
"Just because...I mean it's usually me or her & I haven't done anything wrong. Did I?" she asked.
"No. You've been perfect." he sighed as he grabbed her hand & pulled her down on the couch beside him.

"Good. I really wanna get married." she smiled as she kissed him.
"Me too." he said as he drank some more.
"I don't think you should drink that before bed." she replied grabbing the bottle. "Give that back!!" he snapped as he grabbed it from her.
"Marshall..." "Don't ever snatch anything out of my hand again. You hear me?" he snapped. "Fine." she said angrily as she got up & stormed upstairs.

He fuckin' called me jealous?!! I'm never jealous. I could have Cyndi anytime I wanted, but I don't want her. He drank a little more as his cell phone rang. He pulled it out of his pocket & sat the bottle of 'Grey Goose' on the table. He read the caller i.d. & saw Anarchy's name.
What does he want? he thought as he flipped it open.

"Hey Anarchy. Sorry I ruined your party." he said as he stared at the news. " didn't ruin my party. Shit happens. I just wanna know what happend. Why'd you make Cyndi cry?" he asked.
"She cried?...I mean, she deserved it. She's a hoe."
"A hoe? She doesn't seem like it. She seems like a quiet girl." Ant replied.
"Quiet girls are sneaky." he spat.

"Well, that's not what your friends say. Doesn't really matter...I was callin' to see if you're goin' to the award show?"
"Of course I am." he replied as he picked the 'Grey Goose' up.
"Cool, maybe we could collaborate since everybody thinks we're goin' head to head. That'll fuck everybody's head up." he chuckled.
"I'll get back at you with that." he replied. "Fine." Ant said hangin' up.
He finished off the tall bottle of 'Grey Goose' & headed upstairs to have sex with Kiim.
The Next Night:

Cyndi sat at the nurses station & sighed.
"Girl you have been mopin' around here all day. What's wrong?" her friend Jamillah asked as she came back from making her rounds.
He didn't call me to apologize.
"Nothing." she sighed as she looked at a chart.
"Right. Did your man cheat on you?" she inquired.
"No." she protested. "If he did it's ok." she replied.
"He didn't!! I don't even have a man." she sighed.
"Right." she replied patting her on the shoulder. "Did he cheat?"

"I don't cheat." Naji said as he walked up behind them.
"You're always doin' that." Jamillah smiled.
"Habit." he said staring over at Cyndi & he saw her frowning.
"Please stop pouting. It doesn't suit your beautiful face." he smiled as he grabbed her hand & kissed it gently.
"I'm not pouting." she smiled slightly.
"No, she's moping." Jamillah said grabbing a chart & walking off.
"You've been mopin' around here?" he asked.

A little. "No." she replied.
"You're lying. Come on. you're shifts over. Let's go out." he replied.
Shit, Marshall already hates me. Why not? What else could go wrong?"I don't think...." "Don't think. Just do." he said grabbing her hand & pulling her toward the door.
"I have to work!!" she yelled as he pulled her down the hall.
"You're shift's over. Come on." he pleaded.
"I was thinking of doing overtime."
"Not tonight." he said kissing her gently. "Tonight we're going out with no drama." he said pulling her out of the emergy room doors.

Two Weeks Later:

It's been 2 weeks & I haven't spoken to Cyndi. She hasn't called me or anything. I...hell I miss her, but she deserved it. Shaun told me she's getting serious with Naji. I'm like how? It's only been 2 weeks for God sakes. He can't be better in bed then me. Fucker..maybe I should call her.
"What are you thinking about?" Kim asked sittin' beside Marshall on the couch as the girls played infront of them as they rehearsed for their play.
"Nothing." he smiled as he kissed her cheek.
"Are you sure?" she smiled as she put his arm around her neck.
"Yeah." he smiled.
"You guys aren't payin' attetion!!" Hai whinned.
"Sorry guys. Keep goin'." Kim smiled as she looked toward them as Whitney & Lainie danced.
I'm so proud of them.
"You're still coming right Uncle Marshall?" Lainie asked as she & Hailie stared at him. "Of course I am." he smiled.
"Aunt Cyndi's comin' too right?" Hailie inquired. "Of course." he replied
I really fucked up with Cyndi like before.


"So you're just gonna act like nothing happend?" Cyndi asked crushed. It had been a week since she caught up with Marshall. He'd just brushed her off. "Nothing did happen." he said sincerely as he stared her in the eyes.
"Nothing happend?" she asked pissed.
"Nothing happend. I'd like it if you stopped talkin' to me." he replied coldly. "How could act like this toward me?"
"I'm not actin' like anything. We've out grown each other & I'd like it if you wouldn't tell my girl what happend between us."

"I thought nothing happend." she said sarcastically.
"Look..." "No, I get it. You're a pussy. Scared of my parents. It's ok. You're so scared that you won't even try to fight for the one you love. That's fine, we don't have to talk ever again. Just know that I gave you something sacred & you & this is how you repay me. You took it & ran with it. I thought you were different." she said storming off as Kim walked up. I really fucked up. I need to make things right. he thought as he watched her walk away & Kim kissed him.


"You must be gettin' some good dick." Jamillah smiled as she grabbed a thermomiter. "Why would you say that?" Cyndi smiled.
"Cause you been giddy for two weeks." Jamillah smiled.
"I haven't slept with Naji. He's just treating me a queen" she blushed. "Shit you take too long to fuck. You better pass him over if you ain't gone jump on him." Jamillah smiled.
"You're such a slut." Cyndi giggled.
"Who me? No...shit if a guy sent me a bouquet of flowers everyday with non-stop jewlery & shit...I'd fuck him." she lauhged as she walked off.

Cyndi flipped out her phone & looked through her snapshots of her & Naji. He'd taken her to his basketball games, out to dinner & flew her to Hawaii, in a matter of 2 weeks. He gave her his red sports car, so she could get around without a hassel. He told her he waiting for the right moment for them to make love. Things had off course gotten hot & heavy, but they never got crossed the line.

"What are you lookin' at?" she heard Marshall's voice say behind her.
"Haven't heard your voice in awhile." she said fustarted as she rolled a cart down the hall to the nurses station.
"Yeah well..." "What? she asked turning around to him.
"Nothing." he said nervously. Damn she's pissed. he said staring her in the eyes.
"It's alway's nothing. What are you doing here." she snapped.
"I came to see my best friend jeez." he snapped.
"I thought our friendship was over." she replied as she put the things in the cart away.
"Um..about that. I'm sorry. I was stupid."

"You're always being stupid."
"I don't deserve that shit ok?!! You shouldn't be dating him!!"
"Here we go again!!" she yelled angrily.
"You shouldn't!! Shaun's been tellin' me how he see you guys everywhere..." "Jealous much?" she asked turning to him.
"I'm not jealous!!! Look..." he said calming down. "I didn't come here to fight." "Then what do you want?" she replied.
"My friend back. I...I missed you. I don't wanna fight about this anymore." he finally replied.
He missed me.she thought at ease because she thought he didn't care for her anymore.

"I missed you too." she said hugging him, not really meaning to, but her love pushed her to. She still loves me. I'll get rid of him. he thought as he held her back.
" you wanna go out to a carnival?"
"Carnival?" she asked skeptical because he hated going out in public.
"Yeah. It's in town & I'd really love to take you. I took the girls last night."
"I'd love to go." she smiled. I missed you. she thought as she grabbed her things & headed outside.

"What is this?" he asked as he walked over to her car & pulled out the keys.
"Naji gave it tp me." she smiled.
"So you'll let him buy you a car, but when I offer you pitch a bitch?"
"He didn't buy it. He gave it to me." she said as she opened the car door.
"Wow, big difference." he snapped angrily.
"Marshall....." "Sorry...sorry. i guess I'll follow you." he sasid going to his car & hopping in.
She is gonna leave that loser if it's the last thing I do on this Earth. I just hope it doesn't destroy our friendship in the process. he thought as they headed out of the hospital parking lot.
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PostSubject: Re: *What Hurts the Most* NC 17 9-11-06 (Emfic)   Mon Mar 09, 2009 10:17 am

"Where have you been?" Naji asked as Cyndi walked into the door.
"With Marshall." she replied closing the door. He was sitting on her couch waiting for her. He'd been there for hours.
"You know we missed the game right?" he replied angrily as he got up.
"I'm sorry. I forgot you brought tickets." she pouted as she tried to hug him but he pushed her away.
" this what our life is gonna consist of with him around?" he asked staring down at her.

"What do you mean?" she asked as she held a huge stuffed Tweety Bird that Marshall won for her.
"Me coming second?" he said staring at the stuffed animal. "No."
"Give me this!!" he yelled as he snatched it & thew it across the room.
"What is your problem?!!" she yelled staring up at her.
"Don't you raise your voice at me!!" he yelled grabbing her & pushing her to the wall. "Let me go!!" she yelled with fright in her eyes.

"Where were you?" he yelled still pinning her to the wall.
"Marshall took me to a carnival!!" she yelled trying to get free.
"Carnival?" he said letting her go as she looked at him confused.
"I'm sorry." he said as he grabbed his coat & left. She took a deep breath & locked both locks on her door.
She sat on the couch & thought about what her & Marshall had done before she came home. He'd made love to her in the back of his tented Escalade. There's no way Naji would know that. Marshall wouldn't risk Kim finding out. So what the fuck was that?

She loved it. I knew she missed me & she was as tight as ever. He never slept with her yet & he won't. Marshall thought as he went in the house & headed upstairs. He saw Kim asleep, so he took a shower, then layed beside her after putting on his pajamas. He kissed her cheek, then layed on his back as he thought about Cyndi. He smiled as he folded his arms behind his head.
I gotta take her out tomorrow & keep her away from him. She's mine.he thought as he closed his eyes & fell asleep with a smile on his face.

The Next Morning:

Cyndi opened her eyes to a knock on her door.
He probably came to apologize. she thought as she sat up & yawned.
She slipped on her slippers & slowly walked through her livingroom.
She wiped her eyes as she opened the door & a kiss was planted on her mouth.Mmmmm..wait!! "Marshall!!" she yelled pushing him off.
"Morning." he smiled as he walked in with a bag of McDonalds.
"What are you doing here so early?" she asked as she closed the door.
"Bringing you breakfast." he smiled as he walked over & kissed her ever so gently. She still melts at my touch. he thought as he ended the kiss.

"Breakfast?" she asked as he pulled out a small platter & opened it. It had pancakes & sausage, just how she liked it.
"Yup. I took the girls to school, sice I'm home more & I thought of you." he smiled. This has got to be a joke. she replied as he grabbed her hand & pulled her to the couch. He handed her her plate & just as he was about to sit down with his they heard a knock on the door.
"I got it." he replied going to answer it.

"Cyndi I'm....what are you doing here?" Naji asked pissed.
"Visiting my best friend." he snapped.
"Where is she?" he asked pushing passed him & walking into the livingroom. "Naji!!" she smiled as she got up & hugged him. He stared at her as she stood in her pink lacey gown. Fucker.Marsh thought.
"Why are you in a gown with him in here?"
"He just stopped by with breakfast."
"Well get dressed I wanna take you out to make up for las-t night." he said kissing her & Marshall watched.
"She's having breakfast with me!!" Marshall snapped angrily.

"I'm taking my girl out." Naji spat as he turned to him.
"She's stayin' here with me!!" he yelled.
"'s no problem. Marshall you can just come with us." she offerd.
"Great." he smiled as Naji turned around & looked at her angrily.
"I'll get dressed." she said running in the room.
"You're not going with us." Naji replied.
"It looks like I am." Marshall smiled cockily.
Who the fuck does this faggot think he is? Marshall thought as he stared up at him.

Cyndi walked into the room thirty minutes later & Marshall & Naji were in a heated argument. God they hate each other. she thought as she walked over & grabbed Naji.

"What is the problem?!!" she asked standing in the middle of them.
"This faggot doesn't want me to go out with you!!" Marshall snapped.
"'s just breakfast." she said sounding as if she were pleading.
"It's fine. Let's just go." Naji said grabbing her hand & they went downstairs. "You're drivin' with me right Cyndi?" Marsh asked as they went outside. Naji stopped & stared at him angrily.
"Marshall...." she replied.

"I just want you to ride with me. I mean we haven't talked in two weeks."
"I swear I will lay your ass out..."
"Naji, baby relax..." Cyndi said kissing him. Baby? Marshall thought as he stared at them in disgust as she let him go.
"You know what? It's fine. Drive with him & I'll follow." Marshall said kissing her cheek as Naji bawled his fist.
"see you there." she smiled as he walked to his car & she got in the passenger seat. Naji got in & started the car.

"What the fuck is up with you inviting him with us?" Naji snapped as they pulled off. Cyndi stared in her rearview mirror & watched Marshall follow.
"He brought me breakfast. It's the least I could do." she sighed as she looked over at him & rolled her eyes.
I can't believe he's jealous.

"Speaking of breakfast, what was he doin' at your house early this morning?!" he said nearly yelling as they zoomed down the freeway.
"He's my best friend & we haven't spoken in awhile."
"I liked it that way. We were happier." he snapped.
"What do you mean by that?" she asked angrily.
"Exactly what I said." he replied pulling into a parking lot. He parked the car & got out slamming the door behind him.
He's pissed.Mashall smiled as he watched them through the window.

"What's wrong?" Cyndi asked as she got out.
"You know my problem. Baby I love you, but him always hangin' around us can't happen again." he replied angrily.
"What's the problem?" Marshall smiled as he walked over.
"You." Naji spat as he stared down at Marshall.
"Me? I told you anytime you're ready we can go for a round two."
"Would you guys both stop? I just wanna spend time with my 2 favorite guys." she said as she put on a fake smile.
"Two?" Naji asked. "I should be your favorite." Marshall replied.
God, I can't win. she thought.

"I'm her favorite." Naji snapped.
"No. I'm her favorite." Marshall replied.
"Let's go eat." Cyndi said grabbing Naji's hand & pulling him into the diner. Marshall followed & they grabbed a table. Marshall sat beside Cyndi as Naji sat across from them. He was pissed because of how they bonded during breakfast.
"I'll see you later." Marshall said hugging her tightly, then he kissed her cheek. "Ok." she smiled.
"The girls want me to make sure you're coming to the play."
"Of course I am." she smiled.
"Oh & I would like you to go help Kim with the wedding stuff." he replied.
"Wedding stuff?" she said dissapointed as she realized they were getting married in a few days.
"Cyndi I'm ready." Naji replied. "Ok." she sighed.
"We'll talk later ok?" he smiled. "K." she said as he kissed her again & she got in the car & Naji pulled off & took her home.

"Are you ok?" Cyndi asked as he walked into her apartment.
"Fine." he snapped as she closed the door.
"It was just breakfast." she replied trying to rub his chest, but he pushed her & she fell into the wall. Did he just push me?
"What is wrong with you?!!" she yelled.
"Stop asking me that shit!!' he yelled as he backhanded her & she grabbed her mouth as tears whelled up in her eyes.
"Get out!!!!!" she screamed as the tears fell from her eyes.

"Cyndi..." "Get out!!" she cried as her jaw stung.
"Fine..but baby I'm sorry. " he said leaving & she cried in disbelief.
Should I call Marshall? No...he'll just say I told you so. He really hit me. she thought as she continued to cry.
"Marshall where were you?" Kim asked as he walked into the house.
"I went to see Cyndi. I want her to go wedding shopping."
" I do not like being around her." she replied.
"Kim....She's my best friend. I want her to be maid of honor." he pouted.
"No. Dawn's maid of honor." she snapped.
"Well she's gonna be a bride's maid." he said sturnly.
"Fine." she said rolling her eyes.

"She can go out with you to get some stuff." he said sitting on the couch.
"No. I don't want to get to know her. I don't like her." she snapped.
"Well you better learn to. Jesus, It's been damn near 20 years & you two still fight."
"If it weren't for you we wouldn't have to be around each other. I don't like you spendin' so much time with her anyway." she said pissed.

"Tough. You have no choice." he replied staring at her.
"I could." she mumbled. "What?' he asked angrily.
"Nothing baby. I just don't need her to go shopping. Me & Dawn got everything already." she said angrily as she smiled.
"Fine." he replied as he watched her grab her keys.
"Where you goin'?"
"To get the marriage liscence. I'll see you later." she said as she left.
God, I love her to death. I can't wait til we get married. he thought as he grabbed his phone & called Cyndi.
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PostSubject: Re: *What Hurts the Most* NC 17 9-11-06 (Emfic)   Thu Mar 12, 2009 2:58 pm

The Next Morning:

Marshall woke up & reached over to find he was alone in bed. He squinted his eyes as the sun shined in his eyes. He'd gone over to Cyndi's that night after going to the club with the guys. He'd gotten pissy drunk as usual & ended up there. She must be still in the bathroom. he thought she walked out & sat on the bed.
"Feel any better?" he asked as he scooted over to her & rubbed her back.
"Not really." she said holding her stomach as his cell phone rang.
"I'll be back." she said practically runnig back to the bathroom.

"Hello?" he replied rubbing his head because he had a slight hangover.
"Hey. This is Naji." he heard Naji say on the other end.
"What the fuck are you callin' me for?!" he practically yelled.
"I'm havin' a surprise party for Cyndi at my mansion. I wanted to invite you. Everybody else knows & I wasn't plannin' on tellin' you but..."

"Fuck you. There's no way I'm gonna be in the same room with you again. I don't want shit to do with you." he snapped.
"Too bad. I know Cyndi would love to see us together. It would be the greatest present. Let's just be nice to each other for one night." Naji replied & Marshall thought it over. It would make her happy.
"Fine...but only tonight." Marshall replied hanging up.

Later That Night:

"Surprise!!" Everybody yelled as Cyndi walked in the door with her friend Jamillah. She smiled as she saw Marshall & Naji standing side by side.
"Happy birthday baby." Naji smiled as he walked over & kissed Cyndi.
"You did this for me?" she blushed as she took her coat off. She was freezing from the the weather outside. It had begun to snow for the first time. Naji had thrown Cyndi an early birthday party because he was to leave for a basketball game in L.A. He wanted her to come with him, so he threw the party so she could celebrate for all her friends.

"All of this is for you. I'm sorry about last night." he said kissing her.
"You can stop apologizing already." she smiled as he held her. He'd given her a credit card with no spending limit.
"I love you." Naji replied. "I love you too." she smiled.
"Happy Bithday baby." Marshall whispered in her ear as he hugged her.
"Thank you." she smiled. They're really in the same plce without fighting.she thought as Naji grabbed her & tugged her to the table with all the gifts. Marshall sighed as Kim walked over & hugged him.

Be nice, it's her party. he thought depressed.
"She finally found a man for God sakes." she said as she kissed Marshall's cheek. Marshall stared at her angrily & walked off.
"What'd I say?" she asked. He went to the kitchen & grabbed a case of beer as everyone else partied. She can't love him. She's suppose to love me. he thought as he opened a can & started to drink it.

Hours Later:

Marshall got up & saw Cyndi & Naji dancing in the middle of the floor. He gritted his teeth as he headed over to them. He was naturally drunk. He'd sat there taking back beers without being interupted. He stumbled passed Anarchy, who was drinking & laughing with a girl.

"Cyndi.." he said slurred as the music boomed.
"Where have you been?" she smiled as Naji held her waist.
"Can we talk?" he said as she smelt alcohol on his breath.
"Marsh...let's go sit down." Antwan said grabbing his arm & pulling him to the couch.
"What are you doin'? Get off of me!!" he yelled as he pulled loose & stumbled into some people.

"I hate it when he drinks." Cyndi said trying to look for him.
"He's ok. Anarchy'll get him to relax. It's time for your cake." he smiled as a waitress walked out with a huge chocolate cake & she smiled.
"Everybody sing!!" Naji yelled loudly & they all errupted into song.
"Happy birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you!! Happy Birthday dear Cyndi!! Happy Birthday to you!!" she smiled as she read the cake. It read: 'Cyndi, Will You Marry Me?' Before she could answer MArshall walked over & kissed her.

"What are you doin'?!!" Naji yelled pushing him.
"Don't you fuckin' touch me!!" he yelled angrily.
"Marshall...." she said speechless.Please don't ruin my party
"Cyndi, you deserve better then this fag!! Don' for him." he said grabbing her. "I love you." he said softly as he smiled at her.
" promised me you wouldn't drink anymore."
"What does it..." he stopped as he covered his mouth & held his stomach.
"Are you ok?" she asked grabbing him & before he answered she was douched in his vomit. She looked down at herself in disgust as she began to cry. Her fuschia gown she just brought was ruined. Everyone was stunned. No one knew wheter to stay or leave.

"I hate you!!" she cried as she ran off upstairs.
"You fuckin' idiot!!" Naji yelled as he pushed passed him & ran after her.
"Cyndi..." Marshall said softly looking at her disappear upstairs.
"Let's go." Shaun said grabbing Marshall's arm & pulling him toward the exit as the guy's followed along with Kim.
"How could you do that stupid shit?!!" Shaun asked as they got outside.
"It was an acci..." he said as he leaned over to vomit.
"Ewww." Antwan replied as they watched him empty everything out of his stomach. Kim grabbed his arm & helped him to the car.

"Cyndi open the door." Naji said knocking on the bathroom door.
"Go away." she sniffled as she tried to clean herself off.
How could he humiliate me like that again? Everyone was here. she thought as she stared at herself in the mirror.
"Baby, please open the door. We can still finish the party. You can just change." he pleaded as he listened through the door.

"Just tell everyone to go home!!" she yelled as she cried harder.
"Cyndi please..." "I don't feel well ok?" she said as she wiped a tear from her eye. Naji let a sigh of fustration because he'd worked hard on the party just for it to be ruined by her "so-called" best friend. He stormed downstairs to let everyone know the party was over.
He promised me. she thought as she cried. She hated his bad habit with a passion.
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PostSubject: Re: *What Hurts the Most* NC 17 9-11-06 (Emfic)   Thu Mar 12, 2009 3:04 pm

Marshall opened his eyes & realized he was in his king size bed...alone.
He grabbed his head because it was pounding. Suddenly Kim walked into the room.
"Finally decided to wake up?" she asked sitting beside him.
"What happed?" he asked as he groaned.
"You naturally made an ass out of yourself at Cyndi's party." she said leaning over to him.
"At Cyndi's party?" he asked disappointed in himself.
"Yup. I'd be mad but you finally got rid of her." she smiled.

"What?!!' he snapped as he made his head pound harder.
"She's never gonna speak to you after what you did."
"What did I do?" he asked frantic as he sat up.
"You spilled your guts on her." she chuckled.
"I couldn't of." he said in disbelief.
"You did. Kinda reminds me of that line in know? Where you say I threw up all over Archie. Karma's a bitch." she smiled as she got up.
This shit isn't funny. I gotta make things up to Cyndi, yet again.

This can't be... Cyndi thought staring at the box.
Naji waked in the room & Cyndi threw it back in the box, then the bag & she placed it on the coffee table.

"'ll be ready to leave?" Naji said kissing Cyndi.
"More than ready." she smiled fakely.
"I love you ok? This is the right thing." he smiled as he kissed her.
"I love you too." she smiled as he hugged her.
"I'll be back after practice to get you. We can leave in two days."
"Two days?" Marshall's getting married in two days. "Ok."
"Fine. Later baby." he said kissing her forehead then leaving. She sighed as she sat back on her couch & flipped on the t.v.

We are day's away from the V.M.A. Awards!! Were expecting huge performances by Anarchy!! Eminem... Cyndi flipped the t.v. off at the sight of him. He's the last person I want to see. she thought as she heard a knock on the door. She sighed as she got up & slowly walked to the door. She was dressed in a pink robe & her hair was swept up with pins. She opened the door to see a red eye Marshall standing infront of her. She gritted her teeth at the sight of him.
She's pissed. he thought as he stared at her.

"I don't want to see you anymore Marshall." she snapped as she stood in the doorway.
She never said that to me before. I really fucked up.
"I'm so sorry." he said with his blue puppy dog eyes.
"Just like every other time?" she said furiously.
"That's not fair." he said softly.
"So what you've done to me for all these years have been fair?!!" she snapped.
"All these years? Cyndi..what are you..."
"Marshall you've been drinkin' & doin' God knows what since we were teenagers. You promised me you would never turn out like this." she cried as he stared at her with sorrow in his eyes.


"Marshall put that back!! She'd kill you if she knew you took that!!" Cyndi yelled as Marshall eyed a pill he held in his hand.
"It's only one pill. She'll never notice." he replied about to pop it as Cyndi grabbed his hand. They were sitting in Marshall's trailer. They had just come home from school & started their homework. His mother wasn't at home as usual & since he wasn't welcome at her home, she went to his.

"Don't...I don't want you doin' E." she said concerned.
"It's not like I'm gonna get hooked or anything. It's just one."
"One can do alot." she said concerned as they heard a knock at the door.
He threw the pill in his mouth, then he got up & walked to the door.
"Marshall!!!" Cyndi snapped. "Sssh" he said as he opened the door & his other best friend DeShaun.
"You scared the shit out of us man." Marshall chuckled.
"Sorry. What ya'll doin'?" he asked as they walked in.

"You guy's know I can't have company." Marsh replied.
"Cyndi's here." he replied with a smile.
"Well my mom's used to her." Marsh replied as he rubbed his head.
"Aight. I'll see you guys later then." he replied leaving.
"'m seein' double of everything." Marshall smiled as he stared at his fingers.

"I told you not take that pill." she replied.
"They're cool...they make you don't know." he laughed.
"I don't like you like this." she said as she watched him stare at things.
"Look...I promise I won't do anything else intoxicating." he said kissing her cheek, but he never kept that promise. Infact he got worse.


"I'm sorry I always disappoint you. I don't mean to." he said sincere.
"I know you don't but you do." she cried.
"Look.." he said walking into her apartment & saw boxes.
"Are you goin' somewhere?" he asked turning to her.
"Me & Naji are moving to L.A. in two days." she said closing the door.
"Moving? L.A.? You can't go." he said walking to her.
"Yes, I can." she said sturnly.
"Cyndi..." he said moving in to kiss her but she pulled away.
" more." she said staring at him. This is so hard. I should just tell him everything. He needs to know.

"What do you mean no more?" he aske offened.
"You're getting married." she snapped as she nearly cried.
"But...." She's right. What do I say? This is wrong.
"But what?" she asked. "But nothing. You're right. I need to stop this." he said ashamed of his actions.
Not what I expected. she thought as she looked down disappointed.

"There's just one thing I need to ask you to do." he replied.
"What?" she whispered. "Don't move with him." he said sturly.
He can't be serious. she thought as she stared at him.
"Us ending this is one thing..but he won't have you."
"Yes he will. We're engaged." she snapped. Engaged? he thought as he stared at her finger & there was a huge ring.
"You have got to be fuckin' kiddin' me!! Why would you..." he stopped as he saw a box for a pregnancy test on the table under a paper bag.
Fuck..she thought as he turned & looked at her.

"You're pregnant?" he asked angrily.
" took the test today. I'm pretty sure I am, but I wanna go to the doctor to make sure." she said truthfully.
"Your totally irresponsible!! You shouldn't marry him just because you're pregnant!! Jesus... How could you get pregnant by him?!!" he snapped.
"I haven't slept with him yet!!" she yelled.
"What?" he said confused.
"I told him I wanted to wait. I can't sleep with two guys at once. Christ we've only been dating for 2 weeks." she nearly cried.
"So that means....No....NO." he said angrily.

"Yes." she said as she choked back her tears.
"You can't be....there's no way....You're not having this baby." he snapped. Did he just really say that to me?
"What?" she asked angry yet hurt.
"You heard me. If you are are not having it."
"How are you gonna tell me what I'm gona do?' she asked livid.
"Because I did!! I'm getting married in two days!! How would that look?!!"
"You should of thought of that when you kept sticking your dick in another woman!!' she yelled.
"I...I need to get the fuck outta here right now!!' he said storming out.
What am I gonna do?Cyndi thought as she plopped on the couch & cried.

"Shaun...we gotta talk." Marshall said pulling him outside his house.
"Dude..what is up?" he asked as he closed the door behind him.
"I just saw Cyndi & she says she's pregnant." he said frantic.
"By who..can't be Naji." he said thinkin' about how long they'd been together. "Who's the father? I didn't even know she was datin' anybody." he said staring at Marshall. Marshall just gave him a look.
"Yo....nah...nah. I know you're not..." "I am." he said softly.
"How long you two been fuckin'?!!" he asked astonished.
"A month..give or take. Maybe just a little longer. I mean I thought Kim was cheatin' on me &....Shaun what am I gonna do?"

"What did you say?!!" he snapped.
"That's she's not gonna have it. I freaked. What was I suppose to do?!! I mean I'm suppose to be married in two days!!"
"Relax. Do you love Cyndi?" "Of course I do." Marshall replied.
"I mean love her love her." he replied.
"Shaun you know what I told you when we were kids. I never stopped."
" you want to marry Kim?" "Yes." he said angrily.
"I mean for you & not the kids." Shaun replied.
I don't know Marshall thought seriously.
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PostSubject: Re: *What Hurts the Most* NC 17 9-11-06 (Emfic)   Sat Mar 14, 2009 11:44 am

can't wait till your next update lol!
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PostSubject: Re: *What Hurts the Most* NC 17 9-11-06 (Emfic)   Sat Mar 14, 2009 12:21 pm

The Next Night:

Daddy!! You're really coming!!" Hailie giggled as she kissed his cheek. She was dressed in her fairly outfit & ready to go.
"Come on Uncle Marshall, let's go!!" Lainie laughed as Whitney ran over & he picked her up. "I lub yu dady." she smiled as she hugged him.
"I love you too." he said as Kim smiled.
I don't wanna hurt these girls..but I don't wana hurt Cyndi.
"I'm gonna meet you guys there. I'm goin' to get Aunt Cyndi ok?' he said handing Whitney over to Kim.
"Ok...but don't be late!!" Hailie laughed as she followed her mother outside. "I promise I won't be late." he said softly.

Marshall knocked on Cyndi's door, but she didn't answer. He took out his spare key he had her make for him when she didn't return home the first night she was out with Naji. He opened her door & went inside.
"Cyndi?" he asked as he walked to her bedroom. She was lying on the bed asleep. He smiled slightly as he walked over & nudged her.
"Hmm?' she asked as she opened her eyes.
"Get up & get dressed or we're gonna be late." he repiled.
"Late for what?' she asked sitting up. "The girls' play."
"Oh yeah." she said grabbing her clothes. He went into the livingroom & sat down as she got dressed. She walked out of the room in some blue denim jeans & a pink shirt. She had on a white coat because it was snowing outside. They stared at each other for a second without saying a word. "We're gonna be late." he said openenig the door.
I guess we're avoiding the situation. That's good I guess.she said walking out.

They sat in the car & didn't say a word as Marshall drove down the freeway. Cyndi stared out of the window at the falling snow. MArshall looked over at her breifly, then back at the road.
"I'm sorry about the way I said what I said yesterday, but you can't have that baby." he said as he drove steadily down the snow covered road slowly. "Nice way to start a conversation Marshall." Cyndi said pissed.
"I'm sorry ok but I'm marrying Kim. I can't have a baby."
"That's why I'm marrying Naji." she replied.

Just tell her you fuckin' idiot!! This is not how the converasation is suppose to go. Maybe I am a coward.Marshall thought as he looked at the time & he knew they were gonna be late if he didn't step on it.
"He's not raising my child." Marshall snapped.
"Well you're not. You shouldn't worry about it. You don't even want it."
"I do want it." he said softly as he let off a sigh. There I said it.
"No you don't. You're only saying that because I'm marrying Naji."
"No I'm not." he said angrily as they swerved arond the cars.
"Right." she said as she rolled her eyes.
"Why do you think so low of me? You want the truth?!!" he yelled.

"The truth is me & Naji are getting married & I'm not having this baby." she said angrily.
"That's not what I want ok?" "You said it more than once!!" she snapped.
"I know I did but I was scared to tell you the truth!!" he said as he stepped on the pedal.
"Marshall don't lie to me!! You just want me to leave Naji!!" she yelled.
"That's the truth ok...but I wanna be with you. I will leave Kim if you just tell me you love me." he said as she stared at him.

"You don't have to do this just because I'm pregnant. I don't want pity."
"There's no pity!! I love you. I've alway's loved you & I don't want Kim. Last night I thought about it..just like every night. I love you...just tell me you love me too & I'll leave her!!" he yelled as he looked at her.
"Marshall look out!!" Cyndi scremed as he stepped on the break, but it was too late. They hit another car dead on.

Cyndi opened her eyes & saw the windsheild was gone & glass was everywhere. She rubbed her head & it was bleeding slightly. She saw snow covering the car. She looked over to Marshall & he was gasping for air as he looked down at his chest. There was a shard of glass in his chest. "Oh my God.." she groaned as she unbuckled her seatbelt.
"Marshall grabbed the the glass & tugged on it as he spit up blood.
"Marshall don't!!" she yelled frantically as he struggled to breath.
She opened her door & went around to his side. People were outside calling the police on their cell phones. She opened his car door & examined his position. He continued to gag for air, but there was none. His lung was defenitly punctured & his head was bleeding profusly.

She grabbed him as somebody came over to help. As they layed him on the ground he grabbed the shard off glass & tugged it out.
"Nooo!!!!!" she screamed as he spit up a ton of blood. She quickily covered his chest with her hands & applied pressure to his wound. Blood oozed through her fingers as she cried. He gagged on his blood as he looked up to her for a second. "Marshall you have to stay with me." she cried as he closed his eyes. His breathing had become shallow as she kept the pressure on his chest trying to stop the bleedin, but it wasn't working. "Marshall...." she replied as he stopped breathing. "I won't let you go." she said as she started C.P.R. Not again she thought as she felt like they were kids again.

"Somebody please help me!" she screamed at the top of her lungs as his blood stained the snow covered ground. "Please help me." she cried softly in his ear. "You can't leave me..."

Leave Comments. lol! lol! Twisted Evil I love you
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PostSubject: Re: *What Hurts the Most* NC 17 9-11-06 (Emfic)   Sat Mar 14, 2009 5:25 pm

omg marshall can't die
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PostSubject: Re: *What Hurts the Most* NC 17 9-11-06 (Emfic)   Sat Mar 14, 2009 6:30 pm

shadyslady wrote:
omg marshall can't die

Well have to wait & see....Poor marshall. affraid No Sad
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PostSubject: Re: *What Hurts the Most* NC 17 9-11-06 (Emfic)   Sat Mar 14, 2009 6:57 pm

can you update this im dying
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PostSubject: Re: *What Hurts the Most* NC 17 9-11-06 (Emfic)   Sat Mar 14, 2009 7:39 pm

How's This? pirat

15 Minutes Earlier

"You don't have to do this just because I'm pregnant. I don't want pity."
"There's no pity!! I love you. I've alway's loved you & I don't want Kim. Last night I thought about it..just like every night. I love you...just tell me you love me too & I'll leave her!!" he yelled as he looked at her.
I'm gonna leave her wheter she says it or not.
"Marshall look out!!" Cyndi scremed as he stepped on the break, but it was too late. They hit another car dead on.

Marshall looked over at Cyndi & he saw her hit her head on the dashboard & blackout. His head jerked sidways & smashed into his passenger window, shattering the glass as the windsheilds glass shattered & glass flew everywhere. Before he could sheild himself a shard of glass flew staight into the center of his chest. He looked down as he spit up blood. He suddenly had a shortness of breath & he gagged for air.
Oh God I'm gonna die....I can't...I wanna make it to Hai's play. She's countin' on me..... Marshall thought as he looked over to Cyndi. He was in immense pain. He suddenly saw her move.

Oh God...she's ok, that means the baby's ok, I hope....God this hurts. I can't die like this...." he thought as he gagged for air & tugged the shard of glass but it was stuck. Shit!! Shit!! Oh God please help me. he thought as he saw her run around the car. She opened his car door & a guy helped her pull him out.
I gotta get this shit outta my chest...I can't breath. he thought as he took all his strength & yanked it out. He spit up a ton of blood as his lungs began to fill with it. God I wanna be able to see my baby. he thought as he stared at Cyndi breifly, then he closed his eyes. His body had began to get cold & not just from the snow. Everythting around him sounded like a blur as it began to fade out.

Cyndi applied pressure to his wound as three ambulances pulled up. Two parametics from her job hopped out & ran over to him as she continued C.P.R. "How long has be been out?!!" one yelled as the saw the wound she was covering. "About a minute!!" she cried.
"Oh man...this is bad." he said as he knelt to them & Cyndi steadily held her hands tightly over the wound.
"Has he been responsive at all?" "No." she cried as he tried to get a tube down his throat. " keep your hands there.."
"I know all of this. can't let him die." she said as they put him on the gurny & pumped air into his lungs. "I'll try." he said as they rushed him into the ambulance & it pulled off. As they called it in, Cyndi stared down at him as she still apllied pressure.

We're gonna be friends forever right?" Cyndi heard her voice echo in her mind. "Forever...I'll get to see you in old age. All rinkly & stuff." she heard Marshall's voice laugh.

"You promised me forever." she whispered as they arrived at the hospital & two doctors ran out. They rushed him inside & got his information.
"Ok we got it from here." the docotor replied as another nurse applied pressure to his chest. "I wanna go inside. I can handle this." she said to her superior. " need to be checked out. Go make sure you're ok. I'll do everything I can to help him." he replied. "I can't just leave him!! I'm a fuckin' nurse for God sakes. Let me help him!!" she screamed as her friend Jamillah grabbed her & pulled her the other way.
"He's gonna die!!' she sobbed.
They're gonna take care of him ok?" she tried to reassure her as they sat her in a trage room & they started to examine her.

"Is anything bothering you?" the doctor inquired as they shined a flashlight in her eyes.
"Other than this bump on my head no." she said as she got a cramp.
"Are you sure?" he inquired. "My baby...check my baby." she replied.
"Baby?!!" Jamillah asked as they ordered an ultrasound.
"Here's your baby." the doctor replied as he showed her a heartbeat on the monitor. Wow.she smiled as she stared at it.
"How many weeks?" she replied. "About 7." he replied.
"Is it ok?" she replied. "Yeah...just stear clear of stress." he replied as she sat up & Shaun walked into the room.
"I just heard what happend. Are you ok?!! How's Em?!!" he asked frantic as he ran over & held her.
"I don't know. It looked really bad. He pulled it out Shaun.." she cried.

"Pulled what out?" he asked as they walked into the hall.
"There was a huge piece of glass in his chest..." she sobbed.
"Fuck..." he said as he hugged her.
"Marsh told me about the baby. Is it ok?"
"As long as I stay relaxed." she sighed as she saw the rest of the guys.
"What happend?" Anarchy asked as he hugged her.
"We were arguing & he was happend so fast." she cried.
"It's ok..It's ok. Are you ok?" he asked as the guys listened.
"Fine." she sighed as a doctor came over to them.

"How is he?" Cyndi asked concerned.
"Not so good." he sighed as he looked down.
"What do you mean, not so good?" she said upset.
"As you know..he lost alot of blood. When he removed the glass it cut some vital organs....."
"Long story short he gonna live or die." Shaun asked fustrated.
The doctor just looked away.

"No.." Cyndi cried becase she knew this proceedure all too well.
"Is he gonna live or die?!!" Anarchy yelled.
"Probability is death. He damaged some very vital organs. I'm sorry." he said as he stared at Cyndi.
"He can't die!! I want to see him!!" Cyndi screamed as Anarchy grabbed her to comfort her.
"Fine..but only one at a time." the doctor replied taking her down the hall.

She walked in & saw him near death as he layed lifeless.
"Marshall..." she said going over to him.
This is my fault. I should've just told him.
"Marshall....I love you." she said hoping he would hear her.
"You can leave her & we can start our new family." she cried as she grabbed his hand. "I said it...we can be together."
"Get out." she heard Kim's voice say behind her. She turned around to see a teary eyed Kim standing behind her. "You fuckin' slut!!" Kim yelled as she smacked her.

"Kim..." Fuck...she heard me.
"Fuck you!! Stay away from my fuckin' husband!! He's practcally dead because of you & all you can say is he can leave me for you?!! You think he wants you? He lays with me everynight & makes sweet love to me. ME!! Not you!! I knew you wanted him but you will never have him. He was fine....None of this would've fuckin' happend if he just went to the fuckin' play with me & the girls. He tells me how your a thorn in his side. You take so much time away from his real family. If you ever come around him again I swear..."

"He's my best friend..." Cyndi cried.
"You stay away from him!! You cost me my family!! I hate you!!" she cried as she pushed Cyndi. She's right...this is my fault.Cyndi thought as she ran out of the room & ran down the hall to the bathroom.

I can't have this baby...she thought as she stared at herself in the mirror & rubbed her belly. I gotta get rid of it & leave town.

Need more? Just ask. I'll update right away. Laughing
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PostSubject: Re: *What Hurts the Most* NC 17 9-11-06 (Emfic)   Sun Mar 15, 2009 12:17 pm

Cyndi ran straight out of the bathoom & down to the elevator, bumping into someone. "I'm sorry..." she sniffled as she looked up.
"'s me. It's ok. Where's Marshall? Is know?" Dre asked.
"They said he's gonna die." she sobbed.
"Die?" he said softly as pulled her close to his chest & rubbed her back.
He'd heard the accident was horrific, but he didn't think he was gonna die.
"Where were you going?" he asked looking down at her.
"Home...I can't stay here." she said as tears fell from her eyes. He could tell she'd been cying for hours.

"Cyndi, you can't leave. You're his best can't leave. He'd want you here." Dre replied as he grabbed her hand & tugged her down the hall with him.
"Dre..." she said as she tried to pull free, but he had a strong grip.
"It's ok. What room is he in?" He asked as they passed the guys in the hall. "915A, but..." "Cyndi...."
"I can't go back in there!!" she screamed. "I just....I can't." she sobbed softly as everyone looked at her.

"I'm sorry." Dre replied as Antwan rushed over & grabbed her. She was shaking like a leaf.
When I look at him...I see the pain that was in his eyes as he was dying in my arms. I can't bare that again.she thought.
"I'll take you home." Antwan replied as he walked her back down to the elevator.

"Dre....they say he's gonna die man." Shaun replied walking over to him.
"She told me. There's nothing they can do?"
"Keep him on life suppot...Kim...she hasn't made a decision yet."
"Fuck...I'll be back." Dre replied as he headed down the hall & he saw the his room number. He took a deep breath & entered the seemingly empty, dimily lit room. Marshall was bandged from his head to his chest. Dre sighed in sorrow as he pulled up a chair & sat down. He pulled out his cell & made a call.

"Jim...he's not good." Dre replied as he listened for a second, then he hung up. He heard soft talking coming from the bathroom.

"I don't know wheter to let him die or not. He's pretty far gone...I'm thinkin' about just letting him go, that would be easier. I love him & all, but it'll be a strain...." he recognized the voice as Kim's. "He may not ever be the same just seems best, for everyone. The money...I'm not worried about that...I gotta go. I love you." she heard her say as she hung up. She walked out of the bathroom & stared at Marshall, not noticing Dre.

"I'll give you a couple of days...that's it." she said softly as she grabbed Marshall's hand. She turned around & jumped at the sight of Dre.
"Hey...Dre. I didn't know you were there." she said.
"I'm sure you didn't." he said angrily.
"It's not what you think...he's..Dre he's gone. I want him to pull through, but there's a slim chance." she said nearly crying.

"Right." he said studying her.
"If they keep him's like him being a vegetable.The girls...they won't understand. I don't know what to do." she said finally letting a tear escape her eye.
"You don't have to explain anything to me." he said walking out of the room. "Great...." she cried because she knew he thought the worst of her. Everyone did. She really loved Marshall, no matter what anyone said.

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PostSubject: Re: *What Hurts the Most* NC 17 9-11-06 (Emfic)   Sun Mar 15, 2009 3:03 pm

can't wait till the next update
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PostSubject: Re: *What Hurts the Most* NC 17 9-11-06 (Emfic)   Mon Mar 16, 2009 11:48 am

Antwan walked Cyndi in her room & she sat on the bed. She sat quiet & stared at the floor as she thought about Marshall.
"Are you gonna be ok?" Antwan asked as he sat beside her & rubbed her back. He knew she wasn't ok. Who would be? What was he gonna say? What could you say? She grabbed him & sobbed in his chest softly. He clutched her close as he caressed her head softly.
"Everything's gonna work itself out." he said softly, knowing it wasn't.

The Next Morning:

Naji walked into Cyndi's apartment & took his coat off. He sat it on the couch & went into the bedroom. He stood in the doorway at a sicking sight as he bawled his hands into fist. Cyndi & Antwan were lying in the bed, holding each other as they slept. Cyndi yawned as she opened her eyes & looked over at the door.

"Naji..." she said speechlesss as she saw the look on his face.
He's angry. she thought as she got up.
"Nice to see you missed me." he said angrily.
"It's not what you think." she said walking over to him as Antwan woke up. "It's nice to know you missed me." he said livid.
"I was....." "I heard what happend last night & I rushed home to find this?!!" he yelled as Antwan got up.

"It's not what you think. She was..."
"I didn't ask you, so mind ya fuckin' buisness." Naji snapped as Antwan gave him an 'I'll fuck you up' look.
"Naji..I didn't wanna be alone last night. We fell asleep talking I swear. I was upset." she said looking up to him.
"Fine. You can go now Anarchy." Naji said spitefull.
"Whatever." Antwan said angrily as he hugged Cyndi.
"Call me anytime you need me." he whispered in her ear.
"I will." she said as he left.

"Naji, I swear nothing happend, but we do need to talk." she said as she saw the look on his face. I need to tell him the truth.
"Talk about what? Are you ready to go?"
"No...I can't leave with you. I need to tell you something first."
"What?" he said rubbing her back as they sat on the bed.
Maybe I shouln't tell him. I should just keep it to myself.
"Uh...." she replied as he got up & walked to the dresser, opening it.
"What's this?" Naji replied as he pulled out her ultrasound.
I gotta tell him now.

"Is this yours!!" he yelled as he turned around & she took a step back.
"Y...yes." she studdard. "You bitch!!" he yelled as he crumbled the paper.
"Who's the fuckin' father?!!" he yelled as he grabbed her arms with force.
"Marshall. I swear I didn't cheat on you. We were together before you." she said softly as she stared him in the eyes as he.
" I am worrying about you & you're being a slut." he replied as he looked down at her.

"I'm tired of eveyone calling me that. I'm not a slut." she said hurt.
"Are you talking back to me?!!" he yelled as he pushed her on the bed & he climbed ontop of her. He pinned her arms down & stared down at her & saw the fear in her eyes.

"Get off of me." she said scarce.
"Shut the fuck up!!" he yelled as he back handed her & she cried.
"I own you, do you hear me? You see this ring on your finger?!!" he yelled as he grabbed her hand & made her look at her ring finger. "That means your mine....forever!! If you ever try to leave me...."
"'re hurting me..." she cried softly.

"You heard what I said. You're gonna get rid of this baby & we're leaving town. You are never to see Marshall again. Do you hear me?!!" he yelled letting her go & getting up.
"Yes!!" she cried as he stared at her. He made her call to schedule for an abortion within' the week. After the proceedure they were gonna move away, get married & never return.

Five Days Later:

Cyndi sat on her bed as all of her things were being moved out. Naji walked into the room & kissed her on the forehead. She smiled slightly as she looked up at him. The week had passed so quickily.
"You ok?" he asked sitting beside her.
Umm hmm." she said softly.
"Good. Tomorrow's gonna be easy ok? I promise." he said as he kissed her & she pulled back.

"What's wrong?" he asked s he stared at her.
"I wanna go see Marshall before I do this." she said softly.
"Why?" "Because afterwards we're leaving &....I'm never gonna seee him again." she cried because he was still in a coma. She hadn't been up to see him since the day of the accident.

"Ok..we can go." he said rubbing her back.
"We can go?" she asked looking over to him.
" have to say goodbye." he said wiping the tears off of her face. She hugged him & he held her back briefly. He let her go & grabbed her coat. They headed out & went to the hospital.

"I'm gonna wait out here." he said as he kissed her, then sat down. She headed down the hall to his room. She took a deep breath as she stopped infront of his door. She fidgeted with her fingers as she looked down & rubbed her stomach.
Look at me...I'm a nurse. I should be used to this.
She slowly walked into the room, to see him exactly the same.
Oh God...this is so hard. she thought as she walked over to his bedside & looked down at him.

"Hey." she said softly as she grabbed his hand, which was cold.
"I know you can't hear me and all but I had to come." she said as she looked around the room.
"I know I been a stranger & all but this has been hard for me. Tomorrow I'm gona do what you asked. I'm gonna get rid of this baby. It''s for the best." she said softly.

"You can't do that." she heard Shaun's voice say behind her. She turned around startled.
"Shaun..." she said softly.
" There is no excuse for what you just said." he said as he walked into the room & closed the door.
"Shaun you don't understand..."
"I don't care why you think that's the best thing to do. You can't do it." he said as he walked over to her.
"He wanted me too." she said staring at him.
I don't want to get rid of this baby, but I have to.

"I don't care...Cyndi tomorrow Kim's gonna pull the plug on him."
"She can't do that." she replied.
"She can & she will." he said staring down at his lifeless best friend.
"You can't kill his legacy." he said as he nearly cried.
"No one knows but me & you, Shaun. I'm keeping it that way. I told him & he freaked. He never wanted me to have it anyway. He was just gonna marry Kim. He loved her more." she replied.
"That's where you're wrong. Marsh loved you more. Always has." he said turning to her.

"If he loved me so much, he wouldn't of kept me a secret."
"He told me about you guys."
"Not everything." she said as she turned away.
"I know about the night your parents caught you two together."
Nobody knows about that...
"He cried himself to sleep that night at my place. I'll never forget it. He was so distraught about it because of how much he loved you. He said "Shaun we finally made love & it was ruined before it began." He saw how you're parents reacted & he hated it. He was afraid they were gonna hurt you." he said as he turned around & stared at her.

"He shoulda fought for me...."
"He was afraid to...look....No matter what you think...Marshall loved you. He came to me & said he was gonna leave Kim for you & he was sincere."
"I don't wanna talk about this." she said as she turned to leave.
"You need to...he won't be here after tomorrow night. He'll be gone & if you kill his baby the ame day that's fucked up."
He can't die.she thought as she started to cry.
"Just leave me alone." she cried as she left the room.

"I love you." Naji said into his cell phone as he saw Cyndi come ot of his room. "I gotta go." he said as he hung up.
"Are you ok?" he asked as he stood up & hugged her.
"Yeah. I just wanna go back to your place." she said as she held him.
"Ok, let's go." he said grabbing her hand & they left the hospital.

That Night:

Cyndi rubbed her stomach as she stared at herself in the mirror. She had grown attached to the seed that was growing inside of her over the past couple weeks. "I'm sorry." she wispered as she rubbed her belly in a circular motion.
"Cyndi?" she heard Naji say as he knocked on the door.
"Yes?" she replied as she opened it.

"Are you coming to bed?" he asked as he kissed her.
"Yeah." she said turning the light out & walking to the bed. She was wearing a pink silk gown & her hair was pinned up because Naji liked it that way. She layed down & Naji held her from behind after turning off the light. Cyndi stared into the darkness & thought of Marshall before she closed her eyes & drifted off to sleep.

Cyndi opened her eyes & saw Marshall lying infront of her, dressed in white. She jumped in fright & sat up as he smiled at her.
"Marshall..." she said grabbing him & holding him tight.
"Hey." he said holding her back.
"I missed you." she said softly in his ear.

"I know. I missed you too. You haven't been coming to see me." he said letting her go. "I..."
"You don't have to explain." he said kissing her.
"This is just a dream." she said jumping up.
"Maybe..." he said getting up & walking to her. "But I'm really here. I needed to see you." he said grabbing her hands & staring into her eyes.

"I need you Marshall." she said as she began to cry.
"I know." he said as he wiped her tears. "But I'm here with you in spirit."
"I need you physically....I miss your touch."
"I can touch you now." he said brushing his hand on her cheek.

"This isn't fair....." she said as another tear escaped her eye.
"I know...but I need you to be strong for me & our child." he said wrapping his arms around her from behind & rubbing her stomach.
"Marshall...I'm not having this child." she sniffled. "I can't."
"I destinctly heard you say that to me & it nearly killed me."
"You heard me?" she asked as he still held her & kissed her neck.

"Of course I did. I also aprreciate you saving my life." he said turning her toward him. "So does that mean you're not gonna die?"
"I didn't say that....I wish...I wish I could be there with you now..."
"Marshall you have to come back." she said grabbing him & pulling him into her arms. He held her tight as he felt her pain.
"I wish I could...I wish I could hold you & my little girls again...but I can't."
"Why?" she cried as she held him close & took in his scent.
"My isn't...we'll you know. I promise you I will be with you...always." he said letting her go & staring at her.

"Marshall...." "Cyndi....just hold on to that baby for me please & I promise...everything will work itself out." he said kissing her.
"I can't." she sobbed. As much as she wanted to, she didn't feel like she could do it, especially not with Naji.
"'s all I have left right now....everything will work itself out. I promise." he said letting her go & walking away from her.
"Marshall don't leave me..." she cried softly.

"Cyndi!! Get up!!" she heard Naji's voice yell as she opened her eyes.
"You scared me." she aid as she sat up.
"Look, I'm gotta go to practice, but I'll be back later. You go to the doctor & handle everything ok?" he said giving her a pack on the cheek.
"Alone?" she asked scarce.Doin' this alone is one thing, but alone's another.
"Yeah. I gotta go ok?" he said grabbing his coat & rushing out.
"Bye to you too." she sighed as she got up.

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PostSubject: Re: *What Hurts the Most* NC 17 9-11-06 (Emfic)   Mon Mar 16, 2009 9:32 pm

can't wait till next update
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PostSubject: Re: *What Hurts the Most* NC 17 9-11-06 (Emfic)   Mon Mar 16, 2009 9:43 pm

Cyndi sat on her hospital bed as they prepared the operating room for her. She was trembling from fright as she sat in her hospital gown.
I wish Marshall was hereshe thought as she stared at the floor. In just a matter of hours her best friend was gonna be dead. She sighed as she thought about the phone call she'd recieved before she arrived at the hospital.

30 Minutes Earlier:

"Hello?" she said as she parked in the hospitals parking lot marked: 'Patients'. She turned her car off & listened.
"'s Shaun. I hope you're not gonna go through with the proceedure."
"Shaun...please don't make this harder for me." she said nearly crying.
"Cyndi, don't do this. I'll take the baby if it's too hard for you to handle."
"It's not that...I can't....Shaun I just can't have it. It's too hard."

"Whatever. Everybody's up here at the hospital to say their goodbyes. I was hopin' you'd stop by, but I guess not. Why don't you just come to his room & forget about...."
"Shaun, stop. I have to do this." she replied softly.
"How can you be so heartless?"
"I'm not heartless. You have to understand." she cried.
"I guess I never will." he said hanging up. She sobbed softly for a moment before getting out of the car.


He's just 2 floors down. I could just....
"Cyndi...We're ready for you." Jamillah replied as she walked into the room. Cyndi sighed in disappointment & fusrtation.
"Are you sure you really wanna do this?' Jamillah asked walking over to her. "Yeah." she said aking a breath as she got up & got on the gurny as an orderly came into the room.
"You'll feel better after this." Jamillah said as the orderly rolled her out & she followed. Cyndi layed back as they rolled her down the narrow hallway that had a white & blue pattern.

They finally made it to the operating room & she switched over onto the operating table. She layed back in the cold room & stared up at the bright lights above her. She looked around & saw two nurses & the surgeon. She took a breath because she was afraid.
"Were gonna administer the sleeping gas & you're gona be out. The proceedure takes about 15 minutes but you'll be out for awhile. Don't worry...this is done all the time." the doctor explained as he put the mask to her face. Cyndi....please...dont.she thought she heard Marshall's voice say as she closed her eyes.
"Mommy...why can't daddy come home?" Hailie asked as she watched her mother get dressed.
"Baby, I told you. Daddy was in a bad accident & he can't wake up." Kim said as she turned to her little girls.
"Is that why he never came to our play?" Lainnie asked sad.
"Yes." Kim said softly as she felt pain rip through her heart. She hated seeing them in pain. She sat beside them on the bed & picked Whitney up.

"Why can't we go see him today?" Hai said nearly crying.
"Because daddy wouldn't want you to see him like that."
"But it's not fair." Lainnie cried.
"I know. I promise when I come home...everything'll be better."
"But daddy's never coming home because he's sick. How can things be better?" Hai cried.

"I know...but it will be." Kim said as she began to cry. She realized her girls had grown up. They weren't stupid they knew they'd never see their father again.
"I wanna go see daddy!!" Hailie yelled. Ever since the day Kim told them about the accident they'd been in a rut. She didn't know how to make it better.

"Hai you can't. I'm sorry. I gotta go ok?" she said kissing her forehead.
"Just tell daddy I love him ok?" Hai asked wiping her face dry.
"Me too." Lainnie requested. "I will." Kim said kissing them & leaving. She
had left them their Aunt. Kim walked outside & got into a black stretch limo.

"Everything ok?" Naji asked kissing her.
"Fine." she said as tears fell from her eyes.
"I know it's hard to let him go but it's for the best." he said kissing her.
"I know. " she sniffled because she didn't wanna let him go.
"Did she go?" Kim inquired.

"Of course." Naji replied wrapping his arms around her.
"I need you to stay with me after this. I can't be alone."
"But..I thought we were gonna move." he replied.
"I can't...I need to stay here for him,for awhile. I loved him Naji." she cried. "I know. I know. It's ok." he said kissing her.

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PostSubject: Re: *What Hurts the Most* NC 17 9-11-06 (Emfic)   Mon Mar 16, 2009 9:46 pm

Hours Later:

"How we suppose to go on without Em?" Kon asked as they sat around his hospital room.
"We're gonna have to." Swift replied.
"So...we doin' a tribute for him at the V.M.A.'s?" Proof inquired.
"We could. He was suppose to perform with Anarchy & that's a bust."
"I can't belive this shit." Anarchy replied as Kim walked into the room.
"Hey guys." she said as she crumbled a worn out piece of tissue she was using for her tears.
"Hey..are you ok?" Shaun ask going over to comfort her.
"Yeah." she sniffled as Naji walked into the room.

"Where's Cyndi?" Antwan asked.
"She had somethin' to take care of, she might not make it." he said as he took off his coat & sat down.
"I can't belive she really went through with it & she's not even gonna come see her best friend off." Shaun mumbled as Kim walked over to Marshall's bedside & grabbed his hand.
"Baby..." she cried. "I love you." she finished as Nathan walked into the room. He walked over to the bed & looked down at his older brother... his hero. He didn't have any words to say. How could he say goodbye to the person who'd always taken care of him. He was like his father.

"Are you ready Mrs. Mathers?" the doctor asked as he walked into the room with a priest.
"I...I...yes." she sobbed as the priest walked over & prayed over him. Shaun went over & grabbed her as they gave him his last rights.
"I can't...I can't stay for this." Nate said as he began to cry. His blonde haired girlfriend rushed over to him & helped him out of the room. His mother had been by earlier to say her goodbye. She couldn't bare to see them pull the plug.

"Mrs. Mathers..would you like me to...."
"Yes..." she sobbed softly as Shaun continued to hold her. The dorctor went over to the switch as everyone practically held their breath.
"Wait..." they heard a voice say & they turned around to see Cyndi standing in the doorway. She slowly walked in as she began to cry. She walked over to his bed & grabbed his hand as she looked down at him.
"Kim don't..." she said as she looked pu to her.
"He's gone Cyndi." Kim cried as they stared at each other from across his hospital bed.

"He could always pull through." she said as she wiped the tear from her eyes. "No. They said he's..."
"They could be wrong. Run another test....this isn't right."
"I've done everything I can!! You don't know the pain I feel since this happend!! I want nothing more than to be with him again. We were suppose to get married!!" Kim screamed.
"How dare you say I don't know the pain you feel? I love him the same way you do if not more." she protested.

"Cyndi..." Naji said grabbing her. He knew she had to be upset from what
she'd been through.
"He's not gone yet. Just give him some more time. That's all I ask." Cyndi pleaded.
"Fuck you & get out!! You don't know the anguish I feel watching his little girls everyday, to know that I'm letting their father suffer. You haven't been here. You don't know. He's already had 3....God, 3 surgeries in the past 5 days!!"

"And he's still fighting!!" Cyndi screamed.
"Stop it...." Naji replied trying to pull Cyndi out of the room.
" have no right to do this." she said pulling away from him.
"I have every right." Kim sobbed.
" don't. You're leagally not his wife anymore. You haven't married him again."

"That's you're fault." she snapped.
"Whatever. You're not his next of kin...his mother is & since she's not fit enough to make this decision..his brother is & he's too young to deal with this." Cyndi snapped.
"How could you stand here & do this?" Kim snapped.
"Because my best friend deserves to live." she said sturly as the doctor looked over the records. "She's right." he replied.

"I'll fight you on this." Kim replied.
"You should be fgihting to keep him alive." Cyndi snapped.
"I have!! I'm already going through enough. I love him...I don't want to see him suffer." she cried as she walked out of the room. Cyndi felt the same but she just couldn't let him go. Not after what happend that day.
I hope I did the right thing.She thought as she stared at Marshall & everyone stared at her in disbelief.

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PostSubject: Re: *What Hurts the Most* NC 17 9-11-06 (Emfic)   Wed Mar 18, 2009 9:44 am

omg so good marshall has to wake up
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PostSubject: Re: *What Hurts the Most* NC 17 9-11-06 (Emfic)   Wed Mar 18, 2009 10:17 am

"What did you do that for?!!" Naji yelled as he pulled Cyndi to the side.
"Naji..." "Cyndi..can we please talk?!!" Shaun yelled as he pulled her toward the hallway. "What?" she asked staring at him as they stood in the hall. "You have alot of fuckin' nerve!!" he snapped.
"What?" she asked in disbelief.
"How dare you stand here & pull that shit?!!"
"It's not his time to die!!" she snapped.
"I feel the same way..but we have to let him go." he replied angrily. She couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"He has been suffering everyday. We just have to be strong enough to let him go." he said trying to make her understand.
"Never...Kim...." she said softly.
"You're such a fuckin' hypocrite. How dare you say she's wrong when you killed his baby today?" he said angrily.
"Shaun..." she replied as they suddenly heard a flatline coming from Marshall's room. He can't die...I just saved his life!! Cyndi thought as she ran into the room.

"What happend?!!" she yelled as she rushed over to his bedside.
I don't just went flat!!" Kon yelled as Marshall started gagging on his tube.
"What the hell is going on in here?!!" the doctor yelled as he rushed into the room. He checked his equiptment & saw it was off.
"How did this get turned off!!" he yelled.
Kim stood in the doorway & sobbed as the doctor slowly removed the tube from Marshall & he spit up a ton of blood.
"Everyone out!!" he snapped as he buzzed for a nurse, but no one responded. Everyone left the room & Cyndi closed the door.

"I can help..." she said as she stared down at Marshall as he startred convulsing. This is all my fault. she thougt as she stared at him.
" down the hall & grab..."
"I know..I know!!" she yelled as she jetted out of the room & grabbed the essintals. Everyone else stood around devestated. Antwan stared over at Naji because there was something about him that rubbed him the wrong way. Cyndi rushed back into the room & closed the door.

"This is all her fault!!" Kim yelled as she cried hysterically & Shaun grabbed her. "He shouldn't have to suffer like this." she said as she buried her face into his chest & Naji watched. He wanted to grab Kim but he knew that would look suspicious.
"Everthing's gonna be ok." Shaun replied, but he had a feeling it wasn't.

Cyndi pumped oxygen into Marshall but he wasn't responding. He was gone. There was nothing but a flatline.
"I can't get a pulse." the doctor replied giving up.
"You have to keep trying." Cyndi said as she started to cry.
"Cyndi...." "NO!!" she screamed as she started C.P.R. but there was just a flatline. "You can't die...."
Cyndi walked into the back of the church after walking through a crowd of fans. She wiped the tears dry from her face but more immediatly followed.
She slowly walked down the aisle as she stared at all the familar faces. In the fron of the church was her best friend. She was dressed in all black & she let her long black hair flow down because that's how he liked it.
She stood in the front & stared down at his body. She began to sob immensly as Naji grabbed her.

"I failed you." she said softly, she was heart broken.
"Let's go...." Naji said trying to pull her to her seat.
"No...." she sobbed softly.
"I said let's go!!" he snapped & she turned to leave. me..... she thought she heard Marshall's voice say. She turned around & stared at the casket. "Marshall?" she asked running back to it as all their friends watched & cried.
"Cyndi..he's dead." Naji said grabbing her.
"No...he just asked me to help him!!" she cried as Shaun got up & helped Naji pull her away from the casket.

Cyndi....she heard his voice say again.
"Marshall!!" she screamed as Kim had them close the casket.

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PostSubject: Re: *What Hurts the Most* NC 17 9-11-06 (Emfic)   Wed Mar 18, 2009 11:30 am

is marshall alive? I love you cheers
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PostSubject: Re: *What Hurts the Most* NC 17 9-11-06 (Emfic)   Wed Mar 18, 2009 12:11 pm

Here's u're answer. Laughing

"Marshall!!" Cyndi screamed as she opened her eyes & jumped up.
"Relax..relax..he's right here." Antwan replied grabbing her & showing he that Marshall was still lying in his hospital bed. He could feel she was breathing heavily in fright as he held her. The room was dim & it was late.
"He was..he was..he was dead." she cried.
"You had a bad dream." he replied softly as he continued to hold her.

Hours Earlier:

Cyndi pumped oxygen into Marshall but he wasn't responding. He was gone. There was nothing but a flatline.
"I can't get a pulse." the doctor replied giving up.
"You have to keep trying." Cyndi said as she started to cry.
"Cyndi...." "NO!!" she screamed as she started C.P.R. but there was just a flatline. "You can't die...." Cyndi replied as some orderly's burst into the room & they rolled him up to the O.R.

"This is your fault!!" Kim yelled as Cyndi walked into the room.
"He's gonna be ok." Cyndi said not so sure of herself.
"He's never gonna be the same!! You're making him suffer."
"I'm saving his life." Cyndi snapped as Kim burst into tears & all the boys tried to console her.
"What the fuck is wrong with you?!!" Naji yelled grabbing Cyndi & pushing her into a corner.
"I'm saving my best friend." she said scarce.
"That's not you're job!!" Naji snapped as he pushed her up against the wall.

"Get off of her." Antwan said going over to them.
"Mind ya fuckin' buisness!!" Naji snapped.
"Make me." Antwan snapped.
"Both of you stop." Cyndi pleaded.
"You shut the fuck up!!" Naji yelled turning back to her.
"Don't fuckin' talk to her like that." Anwan snapped.
"Are you gonna stop me?" Naji snapped.
"I'll do more then that." Antwan snapped back.
"Not here...we're not gonna do this here." Shaun said standing in the middle of them. Naji looked over to Kim as she sobbed.

"I saw you faggot." Antwan replied.
"You saw me what?" Naji inquired as he turned to him.
"Turn the fuckin' plug off."
"You ain't see me do anything." Naji protested.
"Naji wouldn't do that." Cyndi protested.
"I saw him." Antwan snapped as Shaun held him back.
"Fuck you!! I didn't do shit!!" Naji yelled as security walked down the hall.
"You all are gonna have to leave." he replied.

"Cyndi let's go!!" Naji said grabbing her arm tightly & he twisted it.
"Owww...I can't leave." she said pulling free of his grip.
"You..." Naji stopped as he loked over at Kim & she gesturted to just let her stay. She wanted Naji to go home with her.

"Fine." he said storming off & so did everyone else. They all had mixed feelings. They didn't wanna see Marshall suffer yet they were happy he he was still alive. Even though he was hangin' on by a thread. Antwan decided to stay with Cyndi because he knew she was upset. He didn't wanna leave her alone. They'd gone back into Marshall's room & she fell asleep as Antwan held her. She'd had a long, hard day.


"When'd they bring him back in?" she inquired.
"'Bout an half an hour ago." he responded.
"Did they say how he was doing?" she replied.
"Same. Little brain activity....Cyndi...maybe...he's better off."
"I just can't let him go yet." she said trying to hold back tears.
I know it's selfish...but I haven't made my peace. I feel so guilty.
"This isn't you're fault you know." Antwan said as he kissed her forehead.
It's like he read my thoughts. she thought as she looked up at him.
"You just have to be strong. Everything'll work itself out." he replied.
Marshsll said that to me.
"I just can't let him go. Not yet." she replied as she grabbed his hand.
"He's really dying Naji & that bitch won't let him go." Kim cried as Naji held her. They were lying in her bedroom on her bed.
"I know." he said as he softly caressed her head.
"I want him here too." she cried softly. Naji sighed because he loved Kim. He knew she loved him too, but she seemed to love Marshall more. They'd been messing around on & off for years. They'd fallen in love in highschool.


"Are you ever gonna leave Cyndi?" Kim asked as she kissed Naji behind the bleachers. "Are you ever gonna leave that geek?" he smirked.
"I like Marshall. I don't know why." she smiled as he groped her.
"And I love Cyndi. She doesn't want me anymore because of that faggot of yours." he said angrily.
"You love her?" Kim said disgusted.
"Yeah." he answered.
"Well then I love Mashall." she replied.
"Yeah right. You love me & you know it. I love you too." he said kissing her. "I think Mashall has a thing for that bitch. I just fuckin' turned 18 & he won't even touch me." Kim snapped.

"Of course he does, but he'll never have her. I don't care if we're old & gray. I'll marry her before he does." he said as he leaned his head back.
"I though you were gonna marry me." she said as she pushed him.
"I will, watch." he said kissing her.
"How can you marry both of us?" she said angrily.
"I'm just sayin' if it ever came close to them getting together. I'll stop it."
"Same here. I just wanna be with you." she said as she unbuckled his belt.
"You're such a bad girl..I like that about you." he smiled as he took her shirt off. I do too." she smiled.

Years Later:

"Naji...I'm pregnant." Kim said scared as she ast on his bed.
"Is it mine?" he asked as he sat beside her & pulled her hair back.
"I don't know." she said nearly crying.
"Does he know?" he inquired.
"Not yet." she said as she looked at him.
"Ok well....are you gonna have it?"
"Yes." she replied awaitnig his reaction.
"Ok...I'll help you take care of it with you if you like."

"I want you to. I just don't know what to do." she cried as he held her.
"Leave him." he said kissing her.
"I want to...I just can't." she cried. "I love him...and you."
"Fine...then stay with him." he said as he made her lay with him. She continuosly cried as he held her.
"It's ok...don't worry about it." he replied.


"Everything's gonna be fine. Don't worry about it." he said kissing her.
"I love you." she said looking him in the eyes.
"I love you too." he said kissing her. She really loved him because he was always there & he always understood her.
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PostSubject: Re: *What Hurts the Most* NC 17 9-11-06 (Emfic)   Wed Mar 18, 2009 4:14 pm

damn kim and Naji
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PostSubject: Re: *What Hurts the Most* NC 17 9-11-06 (Emfic)   Wed Mar 18, 2009 10:06 pm

"Marshall...please wake up." Cyndi whispered as she sat in a chair & held his hand. Days had passed & he still was the same. Antwan watched t.v. as he sat in the right corner of the dimly lit room. Naji had been up to see her everyday & he never bothered her about leaving. He just kissed her & told her he loved her before leaving. His friends had rarely visted him because they couldn't bare to see the pain he was forced to live through.

"Tommorow's the V.M.A.'s...I was wondering if you'd like to be my date." Antwan said turning towards her.
"I...I can't leave him." she replied looking up.
"He's not gonna know you're gone." he mumbled.
"I'm suppose to go to Naji game tomorrow."
"Yeah, but you told him no."
"Antwan..." she replied but he cut her off.
"Please? I've been up here everyday with you & I haven't had time to get a date."
She sighed & replied, "Fine." and he smiled.

"I asked you to stay away from my husband." Kim said angrily as she walked into the room.
"You asked me to do alot of things that I don't listen to." Cyndi snapped as she looked up tp her.
"Well you're gonna listen to this one. I want time with him alone before he goes." she replied staring down at her.
"You're still talking about that. You don't have the authority to let him go."
"Yes I do. A judge saw fit that I'm his next of kin. I have the court order." she said handing her a piece of paper & Cyndi read it quickily.
"You can't do this!!" Cyndi yelled as she jumped out of the chair.

"I already gave the order to the doctors." she snapped.
"Kim.." Cyndi replied but Kim cut her off.
"Look Cyndi...I love him too. More than anything, but they say it's for the best." she said as she stared down at him.
"Well, what do you think?" Cyndi asked upset.
"I want him to come back to me & our girls. I wanna hold him in my arms & hear him say that he loves me, but that won't happen."
"It could...just don't give up." Cyndi pleaded.
"I don't wanna fight with you about this anymore. It only making it harder." she said as she burst into tears.

"Cyndi please...just let him go. Don't make him suffer anymore." Kim sobbed.
"You can't kill him." Cyndi said pushing past her & storming down to the head of her chair board.
"Dr. Carter you can't let her kill him!!" Cyndi yelled storming into his office. He was sitting at his desk looking at paper work.
"Cyndi...there's nothing I can do. He's not breathing on his own. The machine is the only thing keeping him alive." he said looking up to her.
"I don't care!! He could always come around. There is still a little brain activity!!" she screamed.
"You know & I know, that there's a slim chance..." he said taking his reading glasses off.

"But there is a chance." she said sturnly.
"Yes, but Cyndi...the trauma....."
"There's a chance!!" she screamed.
"Ok...I'll give him two days... that's all I can guarentee. She is benificiary. I can not fight her. You gonna have to undeerstand." he replied.
I can't let them kill him.... she thought.
"Fine." she said storming out angrily.

"He has two days." cyndi said angrily as she walked back into his room.
" was suppose..."
"Two days...two days & you can do what you want." Cyndi said angrily.
"Fine." Kim crired as Antwan watched. "I don't want you here."
"I'm staying.." " caused enough pain. I just wanna be alone with my husband." Kim snapped.
"I'm not leav....." "Cyndi...come on. Let her have her time." Ant said grabbing her hand & pulling her out of the door.

"She can't just..." "You need rest. You've been exaushted." Ant replied.
"Fine." she sighed because she did need her rest.
"You can get ready for tomorrow night. We're doin' somethin' for Em." he said as they walked to the elevator. He gave her ride home.
"So you're not gonna go to the game tomorrow?" Naji asked angrily.
"I can't...I have to stay with Marshall."
"Cyndi...he's dead!! I deserve your time!!" Naji yelled as he packed his bags & she stared at him.
"It's nice to know that you care." she said sarcastically.
"I'm your fuckin' fiance' & I deserve your fuckin' respect!!" he yelled as he jumped up & grabbed her.

"You're hurting me...." she said angrily.
"I don't give a fuck!! You are mine...I'm not gonna stress that again. If I have to you will be punished." he said staring her in the eyes.
Punished? What am I a child? she thought as she stared at the fury in his eyes.

"Do you hear me?!!" he yelled pushing her up against the wall & she hit her head. "Yes." she said as a tear ecaped her eye. She tried to choke back her fear, but he was a big guy.
"You can fuckin' stay here until he dies. When he's will do everything I ask." he replied letting her go & she stared at him as he went back & continued to pack.

"Come here Cyndi..." he sighed, but she just stared at him.
"Seriously come here." he said looking up to her, so she slowly walked over & stood over him.
"I'm sorry." he said pulling her on his lap.
Sorry? He always does this. He just flips back & forth.

"It's fine." she lied as she looked down into her lap.
"It's not fine. I..." he wanted to tell her the truth. "I'm a jerk." he sighed.
"You're not a jerk. You're just stressed." she said kissing him, but he pulled away. They hadn't been affectionate from each other since they both started dating. He was giving his love to Kim & she had given hers to Marshall. "Just forget this happend." he said pushing her off of him.

"Don't you love me?" she asked. She noticed how cold he'd been toward her. In a way she was relieved...but she wanted to be loved from somewhere. Since Marshall was gone she hadn't felt it & she didn't wanna be in a loveless marriage. But who could she turn to? She felt like she didn't deserve it because of what happend to Marshall.

"What kind of question is that?" he asked getting up & walking to her.
"Of course I do." he said kissing her. I just love Kim more.
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PostSubject: Re: *What Hurts the Most* NC 17 9-11-06 (Emfic)   Thu Mar 19, 2009 10:31 pm

can't wait till next update cheers lol! Razz Very Happy I love you
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PostSubject: Re: *What Hurts the Most* NC 17 9-11-06 (Emfic)   Thu Mar 19, 2009 11:11 pm

The Next Night:

Cyndi stared at herself in the mirror & fixed her make-up. She thought about the first time she'd been to an award show with Marshall.


"You look beautiful." Marshall said speechless as Cyndi opened her door.
"What ever." she smiled.
" really do." he said staring her up & down. He was just dressed in some sweats as usual.
"You make me look bad." he smiled embarassed.
"You always look bad." she smiled.
"Shut up." he chuckled. "You ready?" he smiled as he extended his hand to her. "Yes." she smiled as she grabbed it & they headed out. He stared at her as they walked because she looked stunning.

"Why didn't you take Kim?" she inquired as they got outside.
"Kim at an Award Show? Never. She'd cause so much trouble." he smiled as they got in a limo.
"I really can't belive you're a real rapper." she smiled as the limo pulled off. "Well belive it baby & you're always gonna be with me." he smiled as he stared at her & she blushed.
"I love Cyndi, you're always here for me." he smiled.
"I'm sure you do." she chucked.
"I'm serious." he replied as they pulled up to the red carpet & got out. They met up with Dre before going inside.


I never really told him I loved him. she thought as her doorbell rung. She walked out of the bathroom, through the livingroom & opened the door. Antwan was standing there in a pair of sweats.

"Wow..." Antwan said speechless staring at her.
"What?' she asked looking down at herself as if something was wrong with her gown.
"You" he smiled.
"Oh." she said looking up at him.
"Umm...are know..ready?" he asked still eyeing her.
"Yeah, just let me grab my purse." she said grabbing a small black purse off her counter & they left.

"You make me feel like I shoulda dressed up." he said as they got outside to his ferrari. She smiled until she saw the car.
"We're driving this?" she asked speechless.
"I'm driving this. You're relaxin' in the passenger seat." he smiled as he hit the alarm button, then they hopped in.
"Wow." she said as he started it & they pulled off.
"....Now follow us & our glocks as we roll, down
wit our revolvers down that road where it ends I don't even know..
Kamaki..Welcolm to K.A. Road!! And were gone!!" Anarchy yelled as he ended his chorus & everyone roared. D12 came out & joined Anarchy on stage. They payed a tribute to Marshall, by playing clipse of just about everything he ever did & everybody cheered. They spoke a few words, then exited the stage.

After the Show:

"That was a rush." Antwan smiled as he walked over to Cyndi with his 4 awards. He handed her 2 & they headed toward his car.
"Yo Anarchy, thanks for lettin' us come up on stage wit you." Shaun said running over to him.
"No problem. Me & were cool. That's why I joined with Shady/Aftermath."
"Hi Cyndi." Shaun replied looking at her angrily.
"Hi." she said softly. She knew he was still angry about the whole baby situation. Antwan just looked at both of them.

" goin' to the after party?" Shaun asked.
"I'll meet you guys up there. I wanna take Cyndi home." he replied.
"Kool." he said running back to the other guys.
"You didn't have to do that." she replied.
"Yeah, I did. You're tired." he said as they got in the car & they pulled off.
"Thanks." Cyndi said gloomy as they walked into her apartment.
"No problem. Are you gonna be ok alone?" he asked because he knew Naji wouldn't be back til the next morning. She had been upset since the tribute they'd done for Marshall. That was like giving confirmation that he was gone. "Fine." she said softly.

"Seriously?" he said as he walked over to her & made her looke at him.
"I..Tomorrow...I don't know what to do." she said nearly crying.
"Everything's gonna be fine." he said trying to comfort her. She looked up to him & kissed him. I shouldn't be kissing him He kised her back as he ran her hands down her body.
"'re getting married." he replied pulling away. She sighed & looked down because she felt pathetic.

He kissed her passionatly because he wanted her. She was beautiful. He unzipped her dress & pulled it off. She pushed him to the wall & pulled down his sweatpants. He picked her up & looked up to her as he walked her to the couch & layed her down. He got ontop of her & began to make love to her.
The Next Morning:

Cyndi walked into the room & saw Kim asleep by Marshall's bedside. Cyndi was suppose to work but she took off to be by Marshall's side. She sighed Dr. Carter walked into the room. Kim opened her eyes & saw both of them standing in the room.
"Is it time?" she asked as she sat up.
"Yes." he replied as an orderly came in to take the body down to the morgue. Jamillah walked into the room because she was suppose to be the nurse on call. Cyndi sighed & walked over to his bedside as Antwan & Shaun walked into the room.

"Marshall...." Cyndi sighed as she grabbed his hand.
"It's time." Dr Carter replied as he looked at his watch & turned off the switch. The heart monitor flatlined as Kim & Cyndi sobbed.
"time of Death is 9:45 a.m." he replied as Jamillah wrote it on his chart.
As he unhooked the tube from Marshall the heart monitor started to slowly beep.
"Did you turn that on by accident?" Dr. Carter asked as he turned to Jamillah.
"No." she replied as she put the chart down. Cyndi leaned over Marshall & tried to hear if he was breathing.
"Hand me an oxygen mask." she said frantically, so Jamillah grabbed it & handed it to her. She placed it over his mouth & it slowly began to fog up with his breath.
"He's breathing." she smiled as she kissed his cheek. "He's breathing."
They pushed everyone into the hall & they examined him.
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PostSubject: Re: *What Hurts the Most* NC 17 9-11-06 (Emfic)   Sun Mar 22, 2009 9:54 pm

can't wait till next update
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PostSubject: Re: *What Hurts the Most* NC 17 9-11-06 (Emfic)   Mon Mar 23, 2009 12:09 pm

Now you know I couldn't kill him off that easily. Thank you ShadysLady for leaving feed's an update:

Two Weeks Later:

Cyndi walked into Marshall's room & checked his vitals. They had began to get stronger but he still wasn't responding to anything. She had decided to go back to work to keep from fighting with Naji. He'd come home & got mad about her going to the V.M.A's with Antwan instead of going to his basketball game. She was wearing her white nurses gown & her hair was pinned up.

"Still nothin'?" Jamillah asked as she walked into the room.
"No." Cyndi sighed in disappointment.
"He'll come around." she said trying to reassure her.
"I know. He came this far." she replied as they walked out of the room.
"I'm tired." Cyndi yawned as they got to the desk.
"You should be, you been workin overtime like everyday. I thought you & Naji were moving." Jamillah replied as Cyndi sat behind the desk.

"I did too, but he changed his mind. We just live together."
"So when's the wedding?" Jamillah asked as she grabbed a sheet.
"Um...we haven't really discussed it yet." Cyndi replied.
And I'm glad. she thought as she leaned back in the chair.
"Well, you better give me an ivitation. I wanna help you with the plans."
"Please don't rush it." Cyndi smiled as Antwan walked up to the desk.

"Hey." he smiled as she sat up.
"I just get to see all the celebrities fuckin' wit' you." Jamillah chuckled as she headed down the hall.
"Shut up." she smiled as she stared at Antwan. He was dressed in a black & gray sweatsuit. "Hi." she replied.
"I haven't seen you in awhile." he said string at her.
"Been busy." she replied.

"I can see. It's not because of what happend that night is it?" he inquired.
"Oh " she said looking down.
"I don't want things to be weird between us ok?" he replied.
"They're not." she looked up & smiled.
" you wanna go out tonight? Just as friends." he said.
Naji's never home & I don't wanna be alone... "Yeah."
"I'll be back to pick you up." he smiled as he kissed her cheek.
"You aren't really gonna marry her are you?!!" Kim yelled at Naji. They were at her house while the girls were at school.
"You were gonna marry fag boy." he snapped.
"Because I love him!! You don't love her!!"
"Yes, I do!! I love you more but you keep fuckin' around!!" he yelled furiously as they stared at each other.
"Naji...I love you..."
"Then leave him & marry me." he said grabbing her hands.

"I can't just leave him. He's..."
"He's not me. You always say you love me more. Show me...marry me."
"I can't." she said snatching away from him.
"Why?!! Me & you..we share a child...." he said rubbing her stomach.
"Don't go there. I have a child with him too." she replied.
"Ok...I'm through. I'm marrying Cyndi." he said angrily.
"You can't!! You said you loved me more!!" she screamed.
"You said the same thing. I do love Cyndi. You're the reason I been treatin' her like shit & I refuse to do it anymore." he said turning to leave.
"Don't...I love you Naji. I wanna get married." she said kissing him.
Cyndi closed the book she was reading to Marshall. She sighed & grabbed his hand. Her shift had been over for about two hours & she'd sat with him. "I wanna be able to tell you I love you..because I do." she said leaning over & kissing him on the lips. She sighed as she sat back in her seat & stared at him.

"What are you gonna do if he doesn't ever wake up?" she heard Antwan's voice ask as she turned to look at him.
"I don't know. I work here, so I'll be up here everday." she sighed.
"I can tell." he said walking into the room.
"You ready?" he inquired as he looked down at her.
"Yeah." she replied as she got up & they left.

After dinner:

"That was fun." Antwan said as he rolled down her block.
"Yeah. I should getting home." she replied as she looked out of her window. It was dark out & kinda chilly. He pulled into her driveway & didn't see Naji car parked out front.
" & Naji..are you guys ok?" he asked turning off the car.
"Yeah." she said not looking at him.
"Seriously." he said making her look at him.

"Fine." she said angrily as she opened the car door to get out, but he grabbed her arm & she grunted in pain.
"What happend to your arm?" he asked spotting a bruise.
"Nothing." she said sitting back in her seat.
"That doesn't look like nothing happend." he said angrily.
"It was an accident. I fell." she lied.
"Cyndi..." "Thanks for the ride." she said getting out & running into the house. He sighed as he started the car & pulled off.
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PostSubject: Re: *What Hurts the Most* NC 17 9-11-06 (Emfic)   Mon Mar 23, 2009 2:02 pm

If I was in Cyndi's position, not only Naji's ass would be already in jail with a huge lawsuit on its way but he'd be trashed all over the media too. Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: *What Hurts the Most* NC 17 9-11-06 (Emfic)   Mon Mar 23, 2009 7:39 pm

ima kick naji's ass
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PostSubject: Re: *What Hurts the Most* NC 17 9-11-06 (Emfic)   Mon Mar 23, 2009 11:35 pm

Thank you Zoe & Shadyslady for your feedback. You know Cyndi is gonna take care of her Marshmellow . LOL I hope you guys are gonna enjoy this update. I know the last one was blah huh? Ok here it is:

Cyndi woke up t othe sound of her alarm clock. She looked over to her left & she was still alone. Naji had never come home. She turned off her alarm clock & sat up as she stretched & yawned. She got up & went into the bathroom to take a shower. She took her sheer white gown off & stepped into the warm shower. The warm water felt lovely as it ran over her. She had bruises all over from her back to her arms. She looked down at herself & rubbed her stomach as she began to cry. I'm so stupid she thought as she sobbed.
"I love you." Kim smiled as she layed in Naji's arms.
"I love you too." Naji replied as he twirled her wedding ring on her finger.
"I can't belive we really did it." she smiled as she looked up at him.
They'd got hitched in Vegas the day before. They flew straight there & arranged everything quickily. The girls had stayed at home with Nathan.

" soon as we get home I want you to put her out & we'll move in together." Kim replied as she kissed him.
"I want the girls to come too." he replied.
"Of course they're coming. They love you." she said kissing him, then she frowned. "What's wrong?" he asked as she sat up.
"I just wish Marshall was here for the girls." she sighed.
"Kim...if he doesn't pull through I know I'm not their father, but I am gonna help you." he replied as he sat up & rubbed her back.

"I know but I want him to see them grow up." she replied & he sighed.
"Everythings gonna be fine." he said as he kissed her.
"I hope so." she replied as she leaned back into his arms.
Cyndi sat beside Marshall & opened the book that she had continuously read for him. She'd been reading for about 10 minutes & she'd grown tired. She'd had a long hard day & she was exhausted. She grabbed Marshall's hand & put her head down on the hospital bed as she sighed once again. His heart monitor was extremly slow. His breathing was shallow. She'd got up & checked his machines. She sighed because he was most likely to be a vegetable. He'd gotten a little stronger but his brain activity was still low. Suddenly his heart monitor started to race.

Marshall's finger jumped as his eyes began to flutter. She turned around to see him struggling slightly. She rushed over to his bedside &as he opened his eyes. He stared at the ceiling as he began to breath heavily.
"Marshall?" he heard her voice say sorta distorted. He looked over at her as his heart beat raced quickily.
"Marshall...listen to me...breath in & out slowly." she replied when he couldn't catch his breath she grabbed an oxygen mask & placed it over his face. "Breath slowly." she said as he stared at her in fright. After a couple of minutes he calmed down & she removed the mask. He stared at her as she caressed his head.

"We thought you would never wake up." she smiled.
"Where am I?' he asked as he kept his eyes on her.
"The hospital. Marshall...I'm just so glad you're awake. Now I can tell you...." she replied.
"Who are you?" he asked confused.
"What?" she asked heartbroken.
"Do I know you?" he inquired as he stared at her.
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PostSubject: Re: *What Hurts the Most* NC 17 9-11-06 (Emfic)   Tue Mar 24, 2009 9:57 pm

omg marshall needs to remember her so thta they can be together
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PostSubject: Re: *What Hurts the Most* NC 17 9-11-06 (Emfic)   Tue Mar 24, 2009 10:49 pm

"Marshall..." Cyndi said speechless.
"Is name?" he said in between taking a breath. It was still hard for him to breath. He tried to sit up but he couldn't. His body was heavy. He could move his arms, so he rubbed his head & flinched in pain because he had stitches on the left side of his head. He tried to sit up once again but couldn't.
"What's....wrong with me? Why can't I move?!!" he yelled.
"Please calm were in an accident." she said as she buzzed for a doctor.

"What are you doing?!!" he yelled frantically as he began to struggle to breath. He doesn't remember anything.she thought as she stared at him. A doctor rushed into the room to see a very awake Marshall & that shocked him.

"Don't hurt me ok?" Marshall pleaded.
"Calm down Mr. Mathers." Dr. Carter replied as he went over to examine him. "What's going on?" Marshall asked as he stared at both of them.
Cyndi stepped out of the room as Dr. Carter explained everything to him. She couldn't bare the fact hat he didn't remember her. She sat in a chair & took a deep breath to calm her nerves.
I have to make him remember. she thought as she stared at the marble floor in the hospital.

"What's wrong?" Jamillah asked as she walked passed with a cart.
"He's awake." Cyndi said upset.
"Then you should be happy." she smiled as she stared down at her.
"He doesn't remember anything." she said as she looked up to her.
"Oh..well atleast he's awake. That's the best thing right now. We can see the damage that was done to his brain & possibly fix it.

"You're right. He's bound to remember right? I mean he can't have abnesia forever right?" Cyndi said trying to look on the bright side of things. He'd come this far what's to stop a full recovery?
"It's clinically possible that they can have it for the rest of their lives. I mean people..."
"Jamillah!!" Cyndi snapped.
"Sorry. He'll remember." she smiled as she walked toward her patients room. Cyndi sighed as she pulled out her cell phone.
"Hello?" Kim said grabbing her phone as Naji kissed her neck.
"'s me." she heard Cyndi's voice say on the other end.
"What do you want?" she asked angrily. She was sick of Cyndi. She had been sick of her since the day she met her with Marshall.
"Look, I didn't call to argue. It's about Marshall." she sighed.
"Oh my God!! What's wrong!!" she yelled pushing Naji off ohf her & jumping up. "Did he die?!!" she nearly cried.
"No...he's awake." she heard her reply & she hung up.

She stood in the center of the hotel room, shocked. Naji got up & walked to her. "Did he...." he said rubbing her back. He didn't need to finish the sentence because he knew she knew what he meant.
"No...he's awake." she said turning to him. Her heart was shredding because she felt like she abandoned him at his lowest point.
"Awake?" Naji replied. "Yes." she answered.
"Good. We can tell him about us." he replied kissing her but she didn't return the affection. "What's wrong?" he asked.

"We have to go now." she said turning around & grabbing her stuff.
"What's the rush? He'll be there when we get back." he said watching her run around like a chicken with it's head cut off.
"No...I wanna be there now!!" she yelled as she threw everything into her suitcase. He sighed because he knew more drama was to follow.
Cyndi walked back into Marshall's room as Dr. Carter walked out. Marshall stared at her & she stared at him.
"I see you got feeling back." she smiled.
"Yeah...still weak though." he said softly as he thought about what the doctor told him. "You'll get stronger." she said trying to encourage him.
"So I been in here for damn near a month huh?" he said looking over at the window & looking at the world. I wonder what it's like out there. he thought as he heard her speak.
"Yes. You were..." "Gonna die?" he asked turning back to her.
"I wasn't gonna say that. You were a fighter." she replied softly.

"Doctor say's I was gonna die. Something about a piece of glass in my chest & some kind of head injury." he said looking down.
"Yeah...your left lung collapsed. They fixed it. It's not 100% but..."
"It works." he smiled. "That's why it hurts huh?" he said looking down at his chest. It was still bandaged up. "I guess." she replied. She could hear the timid sound in his voice. He didn't trust her...she knew he wasn't gonna trust anyone for awhile.

" work here?" he asked uneasy as she walked over to him.
"Yeah." she smiled as he flinched when she tried to fluff his pillow.
"It's ok. I won't hurt you." she smiled. I would never hurt you.
"Do you you personally know me?" he asked as he stared into her eyes. "Yes." she replied. Her eyes triggered something in his head.

'You're a slut!!' he heard his voice yell. He closed his eyes & tried to remember but all he could see was them arguing. No words..just him yelling at her.
"Marshall?" she asked concerned as he opened his eyes.
"Get away from me!!" he yelled pushing her away.
"What' wrong?!" she asked hurt by his actions.
"Stay away from me!!" he yelled as he pulled out his I.V.'s. He began to hyperventilate as she tried to help him.
"Marshall you can't do that!!" she screamed as she grabbed him.

"Get off of me!! I don't trust you!! I want out of here!!" he yelled as he shoved her & she fell to the floor. He stared down at her as she looked up at him in fright. He didn't mean to push her that hard, he was just afraid. She buzzed for help as he ran out into the hall. He saw the guards down the hall, so he ran the other other way. They chased him down the hall & grabbed him because he had a shortness of breath.

"Let me go!!" he yelled as he saw Cyndi walk into the hallway.
"Marshall calm down!!" she relled as they dragged him back to the room & held him down on the bed. "Marshall...."
"Stay away from me!!" he yelled as Dr. Carter rushed into the room & injected him with a sedative & he slowly blacked out.
"What happend?!!" Dr Carter yelled.
"I think he had a memory." she said staring over at him.
"Did you pressure him? YOu know how dangerous that is!!" he snapped.
"I didn't!! I swear!! He just flipped out." she tried to explain.

"Fine. You are no longer his nurse."
"But..." "I can't jepordize my patient." he said walking out as Jamillah came into the room & reinserted his I.V.'s, then she cleaned the blood off the floor & changed his sheet. He hates me. she thought as she stared at him sleep.

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PostSubject: Re: *What Hurts the Most* NC 17 9-11-06 (Emfic)   Wed Mar 25, 2009 4:58 pm

Marshall hurt cyndi deep
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PostSubject: Re: *What Hurts the Most* NC 17 9-11-06 (Emfic)   Wed Mar 25, 2009 5:19 pm

Hours passed & Kim finally arrived at the hospital with Naji. She rushed down the hall & into his room, to see Marshall asleep. She rushed to his bedside & grabbed his hand.
"Marshall..." she said softly as she caressed his face with her ther hand. he slowly opened his eyes & jumped.
"It's ok. It's me." she smiled as he sat up.
"Who are you?" he asked staring at her.
"What?" she asked staring at him.
"Who are you?" he repeated, she didn't say a word, she just stared at him.

"Naji..what are you doin' here?" Cyndi asked as he walked up to the nurses desk.
"Can't I come to see my girl?" he asked as he grabbed her hand & pulled her from around the desk.
"Of course you can." she smiled as she hugged him.
"Did you put on a little weight?" he asked letting her go & looking her up & down. "No." she replied.
"Yeah, you did. Lose it." he snapped.
"Naji..." "So, I hear your friend's awake." he replied.
"'d you...."
"Word travels fast. Besides I saw Kim." he replied.

"You saw Kim?" she asked.
"Yeah. She's in there with him now."
"Oh God..." she said rushing down the hall to his room. She didn't want him to have another episode. Naji followed her, as they got to the room, she saw them talking & Dr. Carter.

"'re my wife?" he asked staring at Kim.
"Yes...well we were suppose to get married again." she replied.
"Why did we get divor....." he stopped when he saw Cyndi at the door.
"Get her away from me!!" he yelled frantic as he heart began to race. Kim got up & went into the hall with Cyndi as Dr. Carter spoke to Marshall.

"What's going on with him?" she asked Cyndi. She hadn't had time to speak to the doctor yet.
"He has brain damage." she sighed.
"Is he ever gonna recover?" she asked concerned.
"I don't know." she replied staring Kim in the eyes as Dr. Carter walked into the hall & walked to them.

Kim stared at Naji then she looked down at the ring on her finger. She was torn between both of them.
"Is there anything I can do to jog his memory?" she asked Dr. Carter as she looked up to Cyndi.
"Just take him to familar places. Talk to him about things you've done." Dr. Carter replied.
"Why doesn't he want you around him Cyndi?" she asked kinda happy because she hated them being best friends.
"I don't know." she sighed.

"I bet you don't." she replied sacastically.
"Kim don't start with me." Cyndi snapped. She wasn't in the mood today.
Naji looked over at Kim because he knew she was n't gona leave his side.
She stared at him as Cyndi heard a bell go off at the nurses station, so she went to check it. Dr. Carter went back into Marshall's room.

" have to tell him about us." Naji said as he walked over to her.
"I can't. We have to break this off." she replied staring at him.
"What?!! You're fuckin' pregnant with my child & we're married!!" he yelled under his breath.
"Naji we have to get an annulment." she said softly.
"What?!! No!!" he snapped.
"God gave me a second chance with him. I can't blow it. I told you I love him. We can build a new life. He doesn't know about my past." she replied.
He stared at her in disbelief.
"You have to understand." she replied.

"I don't have to do anything!! You're married to me!!": he snapped.
"I know..Naji..."
"We can start over scott free without him being angry." he replied.
"I don't want that. I want him...." she said looking away.
"But you married me." he said angrily.
"Naji...." "Fuck you Kim." he said hurt as he walked away.

"Naji what's wrong?" Cyndi asked walking over to him.
"Leave me the fuck alone!!" he yelled as he pushed her. He was angry & hurt by the fact that he always came second to Marshall.
"What did I do?" she asked as she stumbled into into the desk.
"Just leave me the fuck alone!!" he yelled again as he went down to the elevator.

Kim went back into the Marshall's room & stared at him.
I'm not gonna screw up this time. she thought as she walked over to tell him how much he loved her.

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PostSubject: Re: *What Hurts the Most* NC 17 9-11-06 (Emfic)   Wed Mar 25, 2009 8:31 pm

I hate kim and Naji although i feel sorry that kim hurt him
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PostSubject: Re: *What Hurts the Most* NC 17 9-11-06 (Emfic)   Thu Mar 26, 2009 10:14 am

A Few Days Later:

Cyndi sat at her desk as she saw Kim leave Marshall's room. It was late & she was gonna be off work in a couple of minutes. The day had past slowly to her because she couldn't be with her best friend who she'd been in love with. She'd done so much to help him & she couldn't even be around him. Everyone had been up the hospital to see him & she was the only one denied access. She sighed as she got up & crept to his room. He was asleep. She stood by his doorway & as she was about to go inside someone grabbed her arm.

"What are you doing?" Kim asked angrily.
"Going to see my best friend." Cyndi snapped as she pulled free of her grip. "Stay away from my husband. You're the reason he's here. Don't you get it yet? For God sakes he doesn't wanna see you!!" she yelled & he turned over.
"Fuck off Kim ok? I've taken enough shit from you for years & out of respect for Marshall I barely said anything." Cyndi snapped.
"Exscuse me?" Kim asked fustrated.

"You heard me. I'm fed up with your shit. If I wanna see my best friend I will." she said clearly as she headed into the room.
" won't." Kim snapped as she pulled her away from the room.
"Bitch!!' Cyndi yelled as she smacked Kim.
"You slut!!" she yelled as she went to hit her but Cyndi moved & a security guard came up to them.
"What is the problem?!!" he asked.
"This slut won't stay away from my husband!!" Kim growled.
"I don't have time for this." Cyndi snapped as she stormed off.
"Hussy." Kim mumbled as she rubbed her cheek & went back kinto the room. Marshall was still asleep, so she sat down.

"I love you Cyndi." Marshall moaned in his sleep.
"I know he didn't just say what I think he said." Kim grumbled.
"Cyndi..don't leave me." he replied softly.
"Marshall." she replied as she shook him. She remembered the doctor saying he could recall things from dreaming & that was one thing she could live without. She hated Cyndi. She'd known that she as pregnant with his child & she hated it. Since she got rid of it, she was gonna let ride seein' as how she was with child & it was Naji's.

"Marshall." she replied again as he opened his eyes.
"Yeah?" he asked as he saw Kim.
"What were you dreamin' about baby?' she asked.
"I don't remember. Why?' he asked as he stared at her through the dark. There was little light shinig into the room.
"No reason. It just sounded like you were having a nightmare." she replied. "A what?" he asked.
"Bad dream." she said kissing him.
"" he clearified as he closed his eyes & drifted back to sleep.
Cyndi sat in her car & thought about what happend the night of the crash, when she suddenly heard a rap on her window. SHe looked up to see Antwan. She unlocked the passenger door & he got in.
"Hey." he smiled, but she frowned.
"What's wrong?" he asked.
"Marshall hates me. He won't see me & it's my fault. The last memory he probably has of us is arguing. We argued so bad the night we crashed." she said as she grabbed her steering wheel.
"I'm sure he's not gonna hate you forever." he replied as he rubbed her cheek.

"Yes he is. All I had to do was tell him." she replied.
"Tell him what?" he asked.
"Nothing." she smiled fakely.
"You can talk to me you know?" he insisted.
"I know. I just...I'm have to much to deal with." she replied softly as she stared down into her lap.
"Like?" he said still trying to probe her.
"You wouldn't understand."
"How would you know if you don't tell me?" he asked as he saw a bruise on her neck.

"Does Naji hit you?" he asked angrily. He was against any man putting his hands on a woman.
"No." she protested as she closed her coat.
"Then what happend to you?" he inquired. He knew she was lying.
"Why do you care?" she snapped.
"Because you're my friend." he reassured her.
"I hurt my true friend. That hurts me the most & I can't even tell him the truth about things. I can't make things right." she aid as a tear escaped her eye & she wiped it quickily. She was tired of crying.

"Then tell him, no matter if he wants to talk or not. He has to hear you." he replied.
"No...I want Marshall to understand. That person in there isn't Marshall & it's my fault." she replied.
I think I understand what Marshall meant in my dream now.
"It's not your fault. The other car swerved into your lane." Ant replied.
"He would've saw it if we weren't arguing." she replied looking at him.
"As long as you feel that way you will never get over this."
"I don't care. I have to remember how I ruined my best friends life." Antwan sighed as he opened the car door.
"It's not your fault." he replied kissing her & getting out.
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PostSubject: Re: *What Hurts the Most* NC 17 9-11-06 (Emfic)   Thu Mar 26, 2009 5:33 pm

yeah marshall's remeberin cyndi
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PostSubject: Re: *What Hurts the Most* NC 17 9-11-06 (Emfic)   Sat Mar 28, 2009 8:37 pm

Marshall struggled to walk to the nurse on the other end of the room. He'd started therapy a few days earlier & he hated it because it took alot out of him. It strained him emotionally & physically to keep himself from nearly keeling over. Kim was holding his hand as he took a couple of steps. He was standing on a blue mat incase he toppled over. His strength was slowly returning to him, but not his memory.
"I can't do this." he replied fustrated as his chest began to ache.
"You ran down the hall to escape. I think you can walk to the end of the room." Kim chuckled as she held a tight grip on him.
"That was different." he smiled.
"Come on Marshall...." Jamillah replied. She was assigned to be his nurse.

He sighed as he took a couple more steps & got another shooting pain in his chest.
"I can't!!" he yelled flustered.
"Fine." Kim said as she helped him to his wheelchair. He sat down & Jamillah sighed because he'd been giving up everyday. He was still as stubborn as ever. Kim looked at her watch & sighed.
"I gotta get goin'." she replied.
"So early?" he asked dissapointed as Jamillah walked out of the room.
"Yeah. I gotta go get the girls from school." she replied kissing him.
"Ok." he sighed as he watched her walk out of the therapy room. He realized he was alone & he sighed as he waited for Jamillah to come back.

I gotta start walkin'. he thought as he stared down at the blue mat. He knew that was the only way they were gonna let him go home. He grabbed the rail to his left & slowly pulled himself up. He let the rail support most of his body weight as he started to take slow steps. He made it all the way to the center s his heart began to beat excessivly.He started to take in huge breaths of air as his chest started to tighten on him. He panicked & dropped to the floor as Cyndi walked into the room.
"Marshall..." she said rushing over & keeling down to him.
"Breath in & out slowly." she replied & he did. He started to calm down as he stared at her & felt something.

"Thanks." he replied as she helped him up, slowly.
"No problem." She smiled slightly. "What were you trying to do?"
"Walk to the end of the beam." he sighed disappointed in himself.
"Would you like me to help you?" she asked staring him in the eyes.
He started at her & was hesitant, but something about him was telling him to trtust her. "Yeah." he replied as he held on to her tight. She smiled as she slowly walked him toward the end of the mat. Jamillah walked in & smiled at the fact that he was walking & Cyndi was helping him.
"We're married!!" Naji yelled angrily as he & Kim stood face to face.
"I want to get an annulment." she said as she looked away from him.
"And I suppose to just let that clown raise my baby?' he asked walking over & kissing her. She folded because she loved Naji. The problem was, she loved Marshall a tad bit more.

"Yes." she sighed. She really wish there was another way to work things out. "Never." he protested.
"Naji..." "You know what? Fuck it. I'll send you an invitation to my wedding." he said turning to leave.
"What?!! You can't marry her!!" Kim yelled furious.
"Why? You wanna marry him." he replied angrily.

"Naji...that's different." she replied angrily.
"No, it's not. I do love Cyndi." he replied.
"Not like you love me." she snapped.
"Yeah, but apparently, I can't have you." he replied angrily.
"Why do you have to be so difficult?" she asked with a frown.
"Me?" he asked confused. "I can't believe you." he replied walking out & slamming the door behind him. She sighed as she rubbed her growing belly.
Hours Later:

Naji walked into his home & saw Cyndi packing her suitcase.
"Are you going somewhere?" he asked as he slammed the door. He stormed ovre to her & she stared up at him.
"Home." she replied.
"Home?" he asked angrily as he stared down at her. "You are home."
"No, Naji...." he grabbed her suitcase & tossed it on the floor & everything in it fell out. "You're trying to leave me?!!" he yelled as he pushed her.
"Naji...please stop..." she pleaded as he walked over to her. He grabbed her & grabbed her throat. He began to sqeeze it as she cried. He was fed up with people leaving him.

"You're not going anywhere he replied as he backed her to the balcony. She grabbed his hand & tried to remove it because she could barely breath. Her face had turned red & tears were flowing down her cheeks.
"You're never gonna leave me do you here me?!! You're mines until death!!" he yelled as he pushed her ontp the balcony.
"Are you gonna leave me?" he asked as he wrapped his arms around her & held her near the edge. "No Naji..." she cried.

"I thought not." he said kissing her neck from behind. The wind was lightly blowing passed them. The sky was a dark blue, but lit by the city lights. He held her as he stared out into the night. He was torn inside & he wasn't about to ler another woman walk out of his life. Not unless he made her go & if he did that, no one was ever gonna have her.
"We're gonna get married soon ok?" he said turning her to him & she had tear filled eyes. She was truly afraid of him.

"Yes." she sniffled. "Good." he smiled as he kissed her & she flinched.
He looked at her & she looked at the floor.
"I thought I told you to lose weight." he snapped.
"I haven't gained any weight." she said as tears streamed down her cheeks. He stared at her & grew angry with her reply. He sized her up once more & noticed she looked chubby like Kim & Kim was pregnant. It suddenly made sense to him.

"You bitch!!" he yelled grabbing her.

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*What Hurts the Most* NC 17 9-11-06 (Emfic)
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